Wolves Blog Postcard

Wolves Blog Postcard

For a bit of fun, we decided to send a postcard around the world to all the Wolves supporters who follow the blog. At each port of call we’re getting a guest post and a picture from the recipients. This page will be the home of the postcard, with links to all the articles and the map charting it’s progress and current location.

Wolves Blog Postcard update


Stop #1 – Houston, Texas, USA – Clive from Houston

Stop #2 – St. Albert, Alberta, Canada – Jed

Stop #3 – San Francisco, California, USA – Andy

Stop #4 – La Reina, Santiago, Chile – Colm

Stop #5 – Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia – Ashley

Stop #6 – Pissouri, Cyprus (via Wales) – Martin

Stop #7 – Melksham, Wiltshire – Mark

Get the postcard

If you’d like to put your name down to receive the Wolves Blog Postcard, you can do so by getting in touch via the contact form or directly via email. Please be aware, by putting your name down to receive the postcard, you accept the responsibility of positing it on to the next recipient and all costs associated.