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No smoke without fire

While I am not one for engaging in salacious tittle-tattle, I have enough faith in one or two contacts to report on the ongoing rumours surrounding the club’s ownership.

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The Express & Star didn’t appear unduly excited by reports that Spaniard Julen Lopetegui will be our next coach, reporting that the club has ‘categorically rubbished’ the link, as well as talk of a new Chinese billionaire owner in Robin Li.

Far from categorically rubbishing claims myself, I am told that there is such mileage in both rumours that an announcement will be made as soon as next week on both scores.

Indeed, respected Spanish football journalist, broadcaster and author Guillem Balague has just tweeted to say Lopetegui will be installed ‘sometime next week if all is agreed’, before going on to give an account of the way his teams like to play. Exciting times.

In addition, Spanish newspapers Marca and AS are both reporting news of an imminent Lopetegui arrival and they seldom pin their colours to a mast unless they’re sure of the source.

One of my two sources has been saying that a big change was imminent for months, going on alleged information from inside the club.

Then, on June 19, I received a message adding some more meat to the bones, from the second source.

It stated: ‘Richard Skirrow and Rita Purewall from the accounts department met at a London hotel with a Chinese businessman called Mr Li. The accounts department have been putting together information for him. These were extra projections which is ‘out of the ordinary’ and they were told that it’s nearly at an end.’

Following on from this, I have just received a message off my first source who was so adamant that big changes would be made.

He has just tweeted: ‘Definitely true. Both announcements could be made next week.’

The only discrepancy in the two rumours from my contacts is that both, at completely different times of the year, claimed that David Moyes would be our next manager.

That we are supposedly about to sign up an ex-Porto manager of some repute instead might perversely add credence to the Moyes claim. I.E we are genuinely looking at a big name to move us forward. Maybe just not the name of the Scotsman.

We shall see what happens in the coming days. But with the cat being let out of the bag by more than one source, I thought it only right to share what I have been told in recent weeks.

With that in mind – and the credibility of the people I have been speaking to – there is more than a hint of truth in these accounts. An announcement expected next week, I am told.

Give us a new blog

As the comments on Ben’s minutes gradually slide downhill from witty pertinence – mine of course lol – through slight irrelevance, to downright ridiculous – I’ll leave you to decide whose contributions fit the last two descriptions – the shouts have got louder.

No specific reason for using this picture

No specific reason for using this picture

This last thread has celebrated its month long vigil on the Wolves Blog and seen:- us out of Europe, my pond officially opened by the Twixfixes, a fat tart headlining Glastonbury (not Mr Moxey), nice Mr Cameron resigning, Little Jimmy Krankie threatening another referendum, half the shadow cabinet throwing their toys out of the pram and Jeremy Corbyn… well… doing absolutely bugger all as always.

We desperately need ‘Something Wolves’ to talk about and pick apart.

The trouble is, pretty much the same as with most close seasons or transfer windows, there’s NOTHING happening.

We’re linked with this player and have shown interest in that player and we’re having trouble getting a work permit for the other. We’re being bought by this multi gazillionaire and that ex rock star is interested in having his two pennyworth.


Give us a break!!

Or rather don’t give us a break, give us something to talk about, something to look forward to, something to give us hope that next season isn’t going to be a Groundhog Day of this last one.

I was on the blower to Scooped the other evening, and I said to him that we needed a new blog and he replied that Thomas and Ben were up to their necks in work and until there’s some concrete news about the Club they can’t afford the time to come up with an idea for one just for the sake of it.

I understand where they are coming from.

He also said “You want a new blog, why not write one yourself?”. That’s not an exact quote, I’ve left out a few expletives.

So I had a think and tried to come up with a few ideas.

How about picking eleven ex Wolves players who are representing their countries in the Euros and seeing if they would beat the present team?

I started off with Hennessy, Vokes, Ward, Edwards, Keane, then then I thought “Well, Edwards is already part of our team, how can he play against himself?” Then I got bored and wandered off to look at my lovely pond.

Then I thought of what’s the worst form of torture we could all come up with for certain portly CEOs.

But I guess it’s obvious. Having to watch the Wolves next season if we don’t get some new players.

In the end, I knocked it on the head.

But I think Scooped was right.

It’s not easy coming up with ideas for new blogs.

If you lot want a new thread, one of you come up with an idea!