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Wolves 0 MK Dons 0

When the winter freeze sets in, you always hope that a game of football can warm the cockles.

MK Dons Edwards

There was no chance of that Saturday. Instead we were made to endure one of the most laborious outings in recent Molineux history.

For weeks we’ve been telling ourselves that this Wolves team are too good to go down.

Unfortunately, I think it’s time for us to collectively take our heads out of the sand and accept that there is a real chance we could spend the second half of the season attempting to stave off relegation.

As defeatist as that sounds, it’s hard to argue against when you consider just how bad the opposition were at the weekend.

With all due respect to the MK Dons, I can’t recall seeing a team worse than them for some time. Slicing an improbable number of passes out of play and failing to muster a meaningful attempt on goal until the final throes of the game, they were inept at best.

Unfortunately, we were only marginally better. Whilst we dominated possession and got plenty of balls into the box, we never really looked like scoring. And, with almost half of the season gone, that’s a real cause for concern.

Our cause isn’t being helped by Benik Afobe’s perplexing insistence on dropping deep. Whilst I appreciate he got a goal at Ipswich last week, his influence on the team has waned considerably.

He was so ineffective today that I was actually hoping Grant Holt would be bought on (If anyone can shed any light on why we’ve signed him then I’m all ears).

Admittedly, he was one of many players guilty of wastefulness today. The key difference between Afobe and the rest of our attacking contingent, however, is that we naturally expect so much more from a player who was attracting Premier League interest not too long ago. If he can’t turn his meandering form around soon then it’s hard to see where the goals are going to come from.

Questions must of course be asked of our manager, who is looking more beleaguered by the week. His decision to haul the impressive Jordan Graham off after an hour was as frustrating for both its predictably and lack of sense.

Kenny is beginning to resemble a manager bereft of ideas and, given the considerable amount of good he has done over his tenure, we can only hope that changes sooner rather than later.

There’s still plenty of time for our team of fledglings to put an end to this malaise but this result certainly raises doubts about their ability to do so.

Anything other than victory at Rotherham next week should not – and most likely will not – be tolerated.

Wolves Vs MK Dons Preview

If you were looking for a run of fixtures to help you start a winning run, you’d probably hand pick most of our upcoming opponents.

Mk Dons

MK Dons and Rotherham have both beaten us in recent years, but currently make up two thirds of the relegation zone.

Then there’s back-to-back home games against indifferent Forest and Leeds outfits, who like us have failed to discover any sort of consistency.

None will be easy but this is a pivotal fortnight and points must be accumulated to at the very least put distance between ourselves and those below us.

It’s now or never lads.

MK Dons

MK_DonsA lack of goals and a dismal away record are systematic of a struggling team and that reflects the Dons’ season to date.

They’ve lost five of their eight matches on the road, winning just once and with only 15 goals registered, they’re among the lowest scorers in the division.

After making a solid start it’s been a slippery slope ever since and with four defeats from their last six, Karl Robinson is finding it difficult to halt the slide.

In fairness, getting promoted and losing your best player is never a good combination and that’s exactly what happened with Dele Alli.

The manager said from the outset they’d be operating with one of the lowest budgets in the league and looking at their squad, that’s clearly the case.

There are familiar names like Church, Maynard and Potter, who’ve all played at this level but are either bang average or past their best. It looks like being a tough season.


I can’t really find too much fault with Kenny’s team selections in recent weeks. I think he’s putting out more or less the best XI he’s got.

Team for MK Dons

Although there are definite areas for improvement, those are all players I would trust to go out and do a decent job in this division.

I’m looking forward to getting a good look at Jordan Graham so hopefully Kenny retains faith with him after impressing at Portman Road.

There will be a temptation to restore the 442 after Adam Le Fondre’s cameo helped save a point, but hopefully that’s resisted. I think the 451 (or 4231 if you prefer) remains the best option.

The gaffer


I went to both League One games against MK Dons a few years back and although the away match will live long in the memory for all the right reasons, they well and truly tonked us at Molineux.

They’re one of those teams who have a habit of suddenly coming up with a performance, so if we’re not at the races it could be a long afternoon.

That said, they’re naff away from home so I would back us to get a long overdue Molineux victory if we play halfway decent.


Up The Wolves!

Have you seen this shirt?

I get quite a lot of messages from programme collectors, autograph hunters and people looking for various odds and ends relating to our great club.

Manhattan shirt

Most of the time, I invite them to use the open forum and post comments to see if anyone can help. But when I received this message from Craig, I felt it warranted a post.

So hideous is the shirt he wishes to add to his personal collection, I feel compelled to aid him in his quest. Here’s Craig’s note:

The reason I’m contacting you is that I’m a bit of a collector of Wolves shirts and my pride and joy is my original Scoreline 1989 home shirt (the year and season I was born). But I have nearly every seasons home kit from then onwards to 2015.

However, I’ve found a shirt that’s from the early 90’s, it’s not a kit but a lesiure shirt made by Bukta. It’s the Manhatan Skyline Shirt and for some reason I’ve fallen in love with it and would really like to purchase an original one.

You don’t know anyone who might have one and are willing to sell? I’ll give it a proper good home and will of course wear it with absolute pride. Just really struggling to find one for sale.

If you’re prepared to admit you have this garment hanging in your wardrobe and are willing to sell, leave a comment below or contact me directly and I’ll put you in touch with Craig.