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A pre-emptive defence of Kenny Jackett

So suddenly we are all Phil Collins fans.


The howls of the Wolves unfaithful have been loud and not so proud. An Express and Star poll recently showed that Kenny Jackett could not even garner five per cent of the popular vote to become the next Wolves boss. One suspects Kenny Hibbitt would have fared better.

It will undoubtedly add to the feeling that once again supporters have been reduced to helpless bystanders to the latest Waterloo Road car crash. But let’s not pretend this appointment is the latest affront to reason.

They do say even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Admittedly, the saying does not document the harvesting habits of malevolent weasels. And, against the backdrop of assumed incompetence, any appointment would – and arguably should – be met with scepticism.

A bit like Groucho Marx and his membership habits, a manager who survives several interviews with Messrs Morgan and Moxey is one instinctively to be avoided. It is certainly the opposite of reassuring.

But Jackett deserves our support. At the very least, he doesn’t deserve animosity. While Stale Solbakken was an ambitious appointment with obvious pitfalls and the decisions to turn to Terry Connor and Dean Saunders were clear signs of a football club hell-bent on self-destruction, this doesn’t wreak of recklessness.

Other options may have offered more glamour. Perhaps there was a miracle cure from abroad or a bright young thing in the lower leagues. Clearly there was an arch self-publicist in Owen Coyle ready to sell dreams of passing football if only you’d be willing to overlook events in the Bolton area in recent years.

In contrast, Jackett appears an unassuming fellow who has built his reputation on quiet competence. While headline-grabbing highs have not been his forte, nothing in his CV suggests disaster imminent. And make no mistake, two seasons too late, Wolves are now in the crisis-aversion business.

For the gambler who is willing to stake ever more outlandish bets in the forlorn hope of clawing back his winnings, the appointment of Jackett might feel like an admission of defeat. In truth, it’s the first sign indication in a long time of this football club facing up to reality.

Wolves fans may have been through too much too soon to be anything other than pessimistic. But this is a baby step back towards normality after a maddening 18 months.

Perhaps the No Jacket Required fans among us would be better served listening to track three of that album: Long Long Way To Go.

History repeating

While most Wolves fans will remember ‘that’ infamous ‘We will not do an Albion’ promise in 2010, many might forget that Jez Moxey also said:


“In 2003-04, we were clearly not well equipped to deal with the challenges. We were promoted through the play-offs and we were five or six weeks behind the other teams.”

Quite how many weeks we will be behind teams in League One once Moxey eventually decides upon Dean Saunders’ successor is anyone’s guess?

It’s fair to assume that an indulgent sun tan from Jez’s ludicrously timed holiday will have faded by the time an announcement is made, up to a month after the play-offs ended.

Three weeks have passed since Saunders was sacked and the club today say they’re only half way through the process, ahead of an August 3 Big Kick-Off.

Taking Jez Moxey’s words on face value – which is not necessarily advisable – we will make an appointment around 40 days before the new season starts.

How long does the new man get to assess our leaden footed failures? How long to bring his own players in?

Who buys players in the meantime? Who decides who goes? Who will want to come under such circumstances? Will Thelwell impersonate Connor with a Frank Nouble signing between then and now?

Jez Moxey is at pains to ‘get this one right’ but contrives to make the same glaring error that has blighted his sorry reign for so long…

…Namely, that he using this entire process as a vehicle to cover his own backside in the event of the club getting it wrong again, using our half-cocked previous managerial debacles as some sort of yardstick to be grateful for today.

In this whole sorry goose chase, one thing has become clear and after 22 days and it isn’t even a manager to fill the hotseat.

Once this charade has finally run its course, the miserable conclusion to draw will be the very one we that were promised would never happen again.

No root and branch overhaul, no inquest and no heads to roll for two years of history defining, record breaking incompetence.

It’s shameful enough that redundancies are planned to remove the real DNA from the club to justify the buffoonery that made it a haemorrhaging laughing stock in the first place.

It’s worse still to let the very perpetrator concoct his own timescales and make his own appointment which, in the wonderful world of Wolves, will not even make a blind bit of difference anyway.

Prediction League final standings

Apologies for not getting round to this sooner. The fallout from relegation distracted me and then I totally forgot.

30 people correctly thought we’d lose at Brighton on the final day, but only 1 person got the 2-0 scoreline.

Congratulations to Predictor for scooping the maximum. It’s a single point for the other 29.

But most of all congratulations to Ash K for getting the point he needed to win the 2012/13 Prediction League. A prize will be winging it’s way over to him.

Well done to everyone who made the top 20, which is pretty good going:

Top 20 Prediction League

You can see the table in full by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone for taking part. The PL will be back again next year so please do join in.