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Comings…and goings?

News of a rejected £10 million bid from Sunderland for Steven Fletcher comes as little surprise and it’s now surely a case of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ our prize asset heads for the exit.

Jez Moxey was quick to roll out the tried and tested company line, insisting our best players wouldn’t be leaving, but I think we’ve all been around the block enough times to know Fletch will be packing his bags the minute someone stumps up a decent wad of cash.

Funnily enough, when we signed the Scot two years ago, it followed our CEO stating only days previously that we had no interest in the player. And then voila!

I’m not having a dig by any means, this is how negotiations work. We had to keep other interested parties at bay back then and now we have to play all the same cloak and dagger games to get the asking price.

A stack of people on the BBC website seemed to think £10 million was a lot of money for Fletch, but I think when you look at his goals to game ratio in the Premier League, particularly when you consider the teams he’s played in, you can understand why Wolves are holding out for more.

In the right team, I have no doubt in my mind Fletch would easily surpass the 20 goal mark. My gut feeling is that he’ll eventually leave for a fee of £12-14 million with add-ons. Both Sunderland and Villa could feasibly find this cash and if Fulham allow Clint Dempsey to leave (probably to Liverpool when Carroll shifts) then I think they’ll also show their hand.

These are of course just my personal theories.

Meanwhile, new players continue to arrive. Welcome Tongo Doumbia.

Like all of you (I’m guessing) I know nothing of the midfielder, but if he can get up and down the pitch and put his foot in, then he’s a welcome addition to the squad.

We saw the impact Frimpong had last year in a short run of games and I’m assuming Doumbia is a player in the same mould. Looking forward to seeing what he’s about.

There’s no doubting we’re overloaded in the middle of the park at present. I count seven central midfielders (Henry, Milijas, O’Hara, Jonnson, Edwards, Davis and Dioumba). Even with Guedioura gone, surely at least one of these players will make way? It’ll be interesting to see who.

One player definitely on his way out is Sam Vokes. It looks like the striker is off to Burnley. Good luck to him there. He did fantastically well for us in the Championship winning season and he’ll always be fondly remembered for that.

But again, we’re overloaded up front and someone had to make way. He was always the likeliest candidate.

Walsall 0 Wolves 3

With so much talk of Stale Solbakken’s progressive approach to football, the biggest irony of our Walsall procession was the first meaningful moment of it.

All very serene at the Banks’s

A big boot from De Vries, a defensive blunder and a big uncompromising forward making no mistake with a crisp finish.

Not the most dynamic of deadlock breakers, but probably the most appropriate for the uncompromising Championship world that lies in wait.

Being easy on the eye will never be a priority in the land of the ‘Leccy League, so Frank Nouble’s no-nonsense finish was as relevant as it was refreshing.

The big man’s all round display was the overriding highlight of the afternoon, reminding us of what we so sorely missed at times during last season’s debacle.

Strong, pacey and a handful at all times, Nouble must be in with a serious shout for our league opener at Leeds if continues to impress.

In an uneventful first half befitting of a pre-season friendly, we learnt little else apart from a potential role for Adam Hammill this season, if his little cameo – and Stale response to it – was anything to go by.

His goal came courtesy of another defensive error, but his appetite appeared to be whetted and he showed far more on the left side of midfield than Forde, who switched to left back when Elokobi went off injured.

Kightly played central, behind Nouble, and looked as lean and mean as I can remember in another encouraging sign.

With defensive midfield pair of Jonsson and Davis behind him, not to mention an unfit O’Hara, he wasn’t given much to go on, mind.

A raft of second half changes gave the game a lift, with more encouraging signs.

  • Stephen Ward looked particularly impressive, setting up Doyle for the third
  • Doyle looked more like his old self
  • Roger Johnson looked committed to the cause and particularly vocal

In short, every player looked fit, healthy and more importantly happy.

With 20 days still left before the Leeds United curtain raiser, let’s hope they all stay that way!

Comment policy

Whilst the last few days have provided fantastic debate, I feel the need the clarify some of the rules about commenting on Wolves Blog.

Of course I don’t expect everyone to agree, I’d be disappointed if they did. But it’s the manner of some recent responses that concern me.

As you all know, I don’t modify comments before they appear below the articles. I want the conversation to flow quickly and freely as I believe it should on all football forums.

The only thing I have always asked is that people don’t abuse this system by directing offensive comments at other users of the blog.

I simply won’t tolerate it any longer.

I’ve trashed a number of comments from the below post, which I deem to have contravened this one very simple rule.

To be clear:

1. DO NOT make offensive, personal or abusive comments towards another commentator on the blog. Swear all you want, just don’t point it at others.

2. DO NOT question whether other commentators really support the club. This includes placing “fans” inside speech marks. Whether we all agree or not, I’m certain every person here supports the club.

From this point forward I want to make it abundantly clear that if you post a comment that goes against either of the above rules, both Ben and I reserve the right to modify or completely remove the comment without warning.

I hope you’ll all agree with our stance on this.

Thanks again for being part of the blog.

Up The Wolves.