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Wolves 2 Man City 1

At 4.56pm, the grand old hands of the North Bank clock momentarily unlocked and the piercing shrill of a force 12 Molineux subsided.

For one nanosecond the world stood still – including David Edwards – as referee Mike Dean slowly, painfully and grudgingly pursed his lips to concede defeat.

A hurricane strength roar ended two months of frustration and at that precise moment, there was nowhere else in the world I would rather have been.

We’re back!

Man-of-the-match? Take your pick.

We can watch Match of the Day for the first time since August; we can fawn over Sarah Jane Mee (in particularly enticing blue number on Sky Sports); we can buy a six pack of Carling with a smile on our face and more importantly….we can believe again.

Forgive a possible over-reaction so soon after the event, but I can barely remember a more satisfying winning feeling in 25 years of watching the Wolves.

We were skilful, brave and utterly relentless in the face of adversity, as another bent referee did his damndest to cheat us out of what we thoroughly deserved.

Never mind the opposition’s endless pot of money on transfers and wages, we looked the genuine million dollar men as we outplayed and outfought City.

That has to rankle with their fans. So too the perplexing omission of Adam Johnson.

But enough of them. Mick McCarthy has, and will continue to have his critics, but his team bore all the hallmarks of what we love most in him. Honesty, endeavour and an indefatigable will to win.

With the odds stacked firmly against us, Adebayor scored from the spot after a Silva won a penalty for a piece of play that will never earn us a spot kick at the other end of the pitch.

This, coinciding with an impressive opening from City had most of us fearing for the worst, but we needn’t have worried.

Our 4-5-1 system looked as fluid as it has done all season with Hunt and Jarvis making it a genuine 4-3-3 set-up and we seized the upper hand.

After hitting the post from a corner, we equalised through the one player that glued our formation together so effectively – Milijas!

The classy Serb was the most refreshing sight of the afternoon, offering us bucket loads of quality that has been missing for so long this season.

His goal was the least we deserved, and we didn’t stop there.

Man City’s men bore a team who expected everything to land on their plate, as if we should be a bunch of sycophants that they are so used to seeing off the pitch.

How refreshing that we weren’t. Even more refreshing was the sight of us going for the second goal and getting it, through the much maligned Edwards.

The Shropshire lad has got more stick than most since returning to the team after his injury lay off, but I’d take a hundred of his ilk than one Bolletelli, who pissed and moaned round the pitch as if 200k wasn’t enough.

The goal was fully deserved and a fitting end product to the work of Doyle, who worked hard to help create the opening and revelled on his own up front.

The plus points were everywhere. In Jarvis, we have the outstanding Englishman never to play for his country and in Hunt, a genuine outlet on the other side to bring balance and attention away from our matchwinner

Henry fitted in well, Ward had his best game in a Wolves shirt and Berra and Stearman were just immense.

 Foley was another hero to shine, displaying all the understated class that made us all fall in love with him when he first joined us.

As one former Wolves boss once said: “The trouble with Wolves fans is that their highs are way too high and our lows are far too low.”

Maybe he’s right. But as I sit here with a beer in hand on Saturday night, I couldn’t care less!

Wolves Vs Man City Preview

Without a win since the opening day of the season, Wolves are in desperate need of some home comforts against big-spending Man City tomorrow.

And whilst we can take positives out of last weekend’s narrow defeat at Stamford Bridge, that’s still five defeats in the last six games, leaving us joint-bottom of the table.

Carlos Tevez scored twice in a 3-0 City win last season

Hardly cause for great optimism.

Of course City will be smarting too following that 3-0 home defeat to Arsenal in their last outing, putting a minor dent in their title-chasing ambitions. They’ll be without Carlos Tevez, a player who netted twice in this fixture last season and has seven Premier League goals to his name already. Even with the likes of Adebayor and Balotelli to come in, the scrappy Argentine will be missed.

For Wolves, Karl Henry returns to action following his three match ban and with our skipper certain to waltz back into the starting eleven, someone has to make way. Looking at Mick’s team selection for the midweek Carling Cup defeat at Old Trafford, I suspect the player to drop out will probably be David Jones.

Stephen Hunt must also be pushing for his first Premier League start, but I suspect Jelle van Damme might keep his place, with Mick McCarthy preferring the Belgian’s physical presence down the left flank.

That would mean a team of:



van Damme


With City almost certain to deploy a five-man midfield also, it could get pretty competitive in the middle of the park. Let’s just hope we come out on top.

Prediction League

Unsurprisingly, many of us correctly predicted that Chelsea would beat Wolves last weekend, but only one person got the score spot on, so congratulations to t’OM for picking up the maximum three points on offer.

I still lead the overall table though. So there.

If you want to join in the Prediction League, simply leave your forecast below and do the same for all official previews in future matches.

This weekend, I’m going for a Wolves win. We’re desperate for a big-result to ignite our season and City look vulnerable away from home. They’ve scored 12 goals this season and Carlos Tevez netted 7 of them. Without him in their side, I think this might be our day. 2-1 Wolves.

If you’re going to the match, have a great time and get behind the lads.

Up The Wolves.

A day with a legend

Mark Davies, illustrious Wolves Blog contributor, celebrated his 60th birthday last week and no, he is not the legend referred to in the title.

So, Scooped from Ludlow turned up, and Clive flew in from Houston, and Andrew, son of Mark, together with wife Nicola, also turned up unexpectedly, and there we all sat, in the hotel cocktail lounge, imbibing of various beverages when one of the hotel staff came in and asked Mark if he minds one more joining us for dinner.

Mark, being the obliging chap he is says “The more the merrier”, and in walks The Legend, Mr. Steven George Bull.

Mark meets legend

Of course we all knew he was arriving, except Mark, who for once was speechless, even if only momentarily.

After shaking hands with Mark, Bully asked where is John from Ludlow, and Clive who flew all the way from Texas.

He then proceeded to be the life and soul of the evening, telling football anecdotes, answering the usual “did you smack Lineker at Italia 90” and other obligatory questions.

He is extremely passionate and committed to his various charities and talked long and hard about his money making ventures for charity.

We had a wonderful evening, wining and dining, but that was only the appetizer for the following day.

After a nice early breakfast of all things fried and greasy, Mark, John, Bully and I proceeded to the local golf course, where we donned the oversized but striking gold and black shirts lovingly prepared back in Houston, in honor of Mark’s birthday.

Attire made in Houston

If Bully ever challenges you to a game of golf, beware. He is brilliant. A natural athlete, and the hardest hitter of a golf ball I’ve ever seen, and straight down the fairway as well.

We had a riot of a day.

Nothing was off limits, and we spent all day taking the piss out of each other, and laughing until we cried.

At one point, after being told I looked like a girl the way I played golf, I said to Mark and John, “ I never thought I would ever say this, but Bully, f*@# off!!”

Absolutely wonderful sense of humor, and a rapier wit. True Black Country at its best.

I am crap at golf, but all throughout the day, Bully was offering advice and tips to me, trying to help.

I bet other “superstars” would not be anywhere nearly as patient and helpful.

Happy 60th Mark

Mr. Bull is a man of many talents, and top of the list is his humility.

Not once did he brag about goals he’d scored or games he’d played in, just answered our questions quietly and calmly, as though scoring a record number of goals for one of the most famous teams in history was no big deal.

A couple of times other golfers came up and asked the significance of the gold shirts, and then…”Are you Steve Bull??’ and every time it was a quiet acknowledgment and back to the golf.

A very, very down to earth guy from the Black Country, with no airs or graces, who is so passionate about The Wolves, and the wonderful conversations throughout the day about the current team and other teams, will of course remain private.

At one point I asked him if he gets fed up with certain questions, and he said that when he is asked if he regrets not playing at the highest level (The Premier League) he answers by saying he did, he played and scored for England, and that is as high as it gets.

The golf finally finished, but Bully was in no rush to get away, we had a coffee in the clubhouse and then drove back to the hotel, where we sat and had sandwiches and more coffee, and Bully seemed genuinely reluctant to leave.

Bully and friends

He signed a picture for me with the words “Shit golfer, top man”

I am still walking on the clouds when I think about that day, one of the most memorable of my life. Not only meeting a legend, a footballing hero to thousands, but getting to know him slightly, and to have the piss royally taken out of me, in a wonderful way.

Steve Bull has gone even higher in my estimation, if that is possible. He is one of the best men I have ever had the pleasure and the privilege to meet.

Bully, thank you.

And thank you Mark for turning 60.