Wolves Blog Quiz #1

With our early season optimism dampened by two miserable trips to the capital, the time is right for Wolves Blog to inflate everyone’s spirits with an exciting – if not thought provoking – new Wolves Blog feature.

The time has come to cheer everyone up with an official Wolves Blog quiz.

But be mindful…This isn’t any old quiz. It is actually a testament to how great our current squad and management team are because when you have a look at this motley crew, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that this lot are nowhere near Molineux today! (well, most of them, as we do like a couple in there!)

So the format is: We’ll do a quiz round every fortnight, starting today. There’ll be six rounds in total and at the end of it all, a winner will be announced.

Just email your answers to bennyboy.smallman@gmail.com before Monday October 4 and we’ll let you have the answers when we do the second round.

You can leave comments at the bottom of the blog if you like, perhaps to laugh at one or two of these players without revealing their names, obviously!

We have an excellent prize for the overall winner of the first ever Wolves Blog Quiz, so if your blood isn’t racing now, it never will be.

So here goes. This is the picture round, so all we need are the names for the six players. Email us the answers on the address above if you fancy a bit of a laugh.

I’ve put a comment next to each picture, which won’t be much use!

1. So bad, that manager Graham Turner sent him running up and down the South Bank as punishment.

2. Scorer of the best own goal I have ever seen while facing the South Bank without an opposition player within 30 yards of him.

3. One German in this picture wasn’t bad. The other has his tongue hanging out.

4. Not sure what is worse….this player, or the strip he’s wearing.

5. A fan behind us once shouted at this player ‘Change gear!’ It seemed to perfectly describe his running style.

6. For that hat-trick and some memorable Masters performances, we salute you.

Good luck and please remember, DO NOT leave answers to this quiz in the comments.