From dench to stench

Just when you thought Monday mornings couldn’t get more miserable…

Not fit enough…apparently

…Sixteenth in the league, a myriad of match reports to avoid and as you turn up the radio to drown out the noisy neighbours, you catch wind of another story you thought you’d never hear.

Emmanuel Frimpong has joined Charlton Athletic on loan.

From a glimmer of ‘Dench’ back to predictable stench as a player we deemed unfit joins a respected Premier League stalwart who thought otherwise.

When Jez Moxey said ‘it could get worse before it gets better,’ back in September, even he couldn’t have bargained for a mess like this?

At the very moment Wolves fans reach their lowest ebb, another piece of contradictory, confusing news is wafted up our noses like a Steve Morgan beer fart.

Whether the Arsenal reserve would have solved the answer to our endless on-field problems is debateable.

What is not is the baffling excuses peddled out to justify our reason not to bring back a player who – according to his twitter feed alone – wanted to ‘come home.’

That the manager argued David Davis’ case as a better midfield candidate is infuriating enough.

But worse still was the assertion that Frimpong wasn’t even fit in the first place – a baffling assertion when Chris Powell thought otherwise, as if his ‘busy Christmas period’ doesn’t apply to our quality laded squad full of winners?

Surely in the crude commercial terms that Steve Morgan exclusively operates in, a Frimpong return would have put a few extra bums on seats and at least neutralise the whiff of apathy that is already overpowering.

In footballing terms, we were told that Stale Solbakken watched 38 DVDs from last season , including Frimpong’s five game cameo.

If he still can’t see that playing 4-4-2 with these irreplaceable failures cannot work, then he’s far less revolutionary than we were once told. (The last game we won was with a 4-5-1 system which has been ditched ever since)

In short, Wolves fans have barely needed a lift more than now and for a number of reasons, Frimpong could have delivered.

Under Morgan’s age of ‘managed decline’, gates are dropping, hospitality tables sit empty and my mojito runneth over.

Let’s hope it refreshes my taste buds better in January than it does right now…