Welcome Björn

Just when I was getting used to adding the semi-ligature to Ståle, Björn Bergmann Sigurðarson signs on the dotted line – umlauts and all.

£2.4 million is the reported fee, which is a sizable wad for any Championship side to invest, particularly in a 21-year-old with no experience of the English game.

Still, I’m excited.

Whether it’s the YouTube saturation or the fact we’ve been starved of any real variety up front since Chris Iwelumo left, I’m not quite sure.

Either way, I like the look of this kid.

Above and beyond anything else, he’s direct, which again can only be a good thing in a Wolves team that has too often been anything but in forward positions.

A raw talent could be the order of the day and he’ll be an unknown quantity come the first game of the season. Perhaps that too can work in our favour?

You have to treat these video clips with a pinch of salt though. I remember seeing similar compilations of both Mujangi Bia and Guedioura a few seasons back. It was the former who caught the eye and seemed the most promising signing, but the latter ended up having a far, far greater impact.

The truth is, until they pull on the gold shirt and step out on the pitch you just never really know what you’re going to get from a foreign import.

And speaking of foreign imports, another player we’ve been strongly linked with is Real Sociedad defender Vadim Demidov. That deal is reportedly close to completion. He’s apparently a ‘footballing’ center half, which again points to Solbakken’s obvious desire to play out of defence.

Could we see a continental twist to the spine of the starting XI come August including De Vries, Demidov, Milijas and Sigurðarson? Quite a contrast from what we’ve had in recent years.

Finally, a note about the new official site.

I applaud the club for attempting to update the image. It definitely needed a facelift. However, they’ve launched prematurely and it’s riddled with bugs. Far too slow to load, still too chaotic and some of the links simply don’t work.

As I write this I still haven’t been able to see the complete story about the Sigurðarson signing, which is very poor given that it went live on the site nearly an hour ago.

Hopefully all of this will be ironed out in due course. With all the comings and goings that are likely to occur before the start of the season, fans are hungry for the information. The club have a duty to deliver it.

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