A travesty and an insult

Billy Wright’s omission from the Football Association’s 150 year commemorative crest is an insult to one of the all time greats of our national game.

Billy Wright

Naturally I, like every other Wolves supporter, am heavily biased towards an icon of our club’s proud history.

But when you strip away the emotion and leave only the facts, I’m confident every football fan would agree that Wright’s exclusion from the crest is abhorrent.

These are some of those facts:

BillyPictured: Portsmouth win the FA Cup in 2008 with a team that subsequently leads them towards financial ruin.

Not pictured: Billy Wright becomes the first player in the entire world to win 100 caps for his country.

Pictured: Howard Wilkinson joins the FA.

Not pictured: Billy Wright leads his country out as captain for the 90th time, a record that has never been surpassed and only equalled by the great Bobby Moore.

Pictured: Don Revie becomes England manager. He fails to qualify the national side for a single major tournament, a feat only matched by Steve McClaren.

Not pictured: Billy Wright captains his country in three consecutive World Cup finals (1950, 1954 and 1958).

I could go on.

I haven’t even mentioned that Wright made 650 appearances for club and country and was never once sent off or even cautioned by a referee.

Surely then, in an era when the FA are struggling to clean up our game, he should be carried front and center, not shoved to one side?

If you agree, please do take a moment to add your name to the online petition started by Wolves supporter Chris Ward. You can go there directly by clicking here. There’s also a dedicated Facebook page that’s been setup here.

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