Wolves Vs Chelsea Preview

You never want to fight with a long term love on Valentine’s Day but Tuesday was a serious test of our relationship.

Wolves have served up some considerable dollops in our near 30 years together but that performance was right up there with the very worst.

It feels almost perverse that Molineux will be jam packed at the weekend after such trauma but hopefully this showpiece will expunge some of the memory.

We’re just two games from Wembley and even though this is a mammoth task, I’m not throwing in the towel yet.


What can you say about Chelsea and Antonio Conte this season that hasn’t already been said?

I thought the Premier League title would be more hotly contested than ever before with six teams in the running, but the Blues are walking away with it.

They’re eight points clear of Man City in second and look far more robust than any of their competitors.

Changing the system, signing N’Golo Kante and coaxing the best out of genuine superstars like Hazard and Costa have probably been the key elements.

I’m not expecting those players to start. Going off the team they put out against Brentford in the previous round players like Zouma, Ake, Chalobah and Loftus-Cheek are likely starters.

Conte may field a stronger side given we’re now a stage deeper in the competition and they’re away from home, but I don’t think it will be anything close to first choice.

I’d like to see Hazard, Costa and Kante play live, but I’d like to win even more and I’m not sure both are possible.


Does Paul Lambert turn to the XI that saw off Liverpool or tear everything up and start again after Wigan? This is my best guess at where he’ll land:

I think he’ll want three spoilers in midfield as we saw at Anfield and that could mean a first FA Cup start this season for Jack Price. We missed him on Tuesday.

Hause is probably a cast-iron starter and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Williamson thrown straight in again. If not him, probably Stearman.

Connor Ronan should start after being the only decent player on the pitch against Wigan but I think Paul Lambert might turn to Weimann.

But this is all total guesswork. Every single player is probably interchangeable. Costa and Doherty are the only two I’d be shocked to see left out.


I think Burnley showed the way against Chelsea at the weekend. Bank up, frustrate and break quickly when the opportunity presents itself.

In essence we’ve got to repeat what we did against Liverpool. I know we’re at home and that changes the dynamic, but we can’t leave spaces in midfield.

It would be foolish to predict anything other than a loss, but I hope the lads can defy expectations again and secure a famous win.


Up The Wolves!

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  1. Paul cooks left peg says:

    Easy 3 0 win we,are playing brilliant at the moment full.of confidence, free flowing football everyone playing to there potential
    No mistakes at the back, forwards scoring for fun! Hang on a minute that’s the new wolves caliber advert.
    All I hope is that me show lots of commitment play well.do our best, and hopefully the crowd can play it’s part, it will be nice so see molineux packed. We all hope ay!


  2. Paul cooks left peg says:

    Sorry all carlsberg


  3. Tipton Exile says:

    Doubt if we will get within 5 of them, but we can always live in deluded hope.


  4. Bedford Wolf says:

    Realistically I think we will lose 0-3. Hopefully its nothing too much worse than that though if we play the sort of team that I fear we will and if Chelsea are in the mood then it could be a lot worse. Stoke and Liverpool were amazing results and performances but this Chelsea side are on another level.

    I am pretty sure that PL will send out a ‘workmanlike’ side with a midfield heavy on commitment and effort but devoid of quality and flair. Expect therefore to see Evans, Saville and Edwards as a central three. Lots of running around and closing down but an absence of much else. As a result our front three will be starved of service and be expected to plough a lonely field. Chelsea’s 343 system will also be too much for our players to comprehend I fear. I just hope that we manage to achieve 30% possession as that in itself will be a small triumph.

    If I were picking the team I would take the view that we have nothing to lose and so we should go for it, match up their system and try to unsettle them with some skill and creativity. Something like this;

    Stearman Williamson Hause
    Coady Saiss Ronan Doherty
    Costa Bodvarsson Enobakhare


    • Cotswold Wolf says:

      Like your idea Bedford of matching their set-up. Variation on that theme: go for 3-5-2. Back three to have Williamson at centre with Saiss in the middle of midfielders and Costa and Bod up front.. Don’t think it will give us chance of winning but if you’re going to lose go down fighting.


  5. pauluswolf says:

    After the debacle of Tues. night and defeat to an extremely poor Wigan side I really have very little to say. For me it is a 2hr drive to the Mol. and with terrible fog on the way back didn’t get home until midnight. I have to seriously question whether I renew the season tickets. At one stage I was in the Thelwell camp and thinking we are only a classy 20+ goal a season striker short of being real promotion candidates for perhaps next season, but with this abysmal showing – just like Burton – one really has to question the ability and conviction of our playing staff. They have a duty to us their supporters and the sacrifices and commitment which we show to them week in, week out.
    For me the Chelsea match is a mere interlude, for sure we will be beaten but hopefully give a reasonable account of ourselves. The real matches come afterwards as we are now in a real relegation fight -make no mistake about it.


  6. We’ve been crap recently in the league but, ever hopeful as I am, I’m putting it down to the distractions of the cup.
    I really gave us no hope against Stoke but I was a little less surprised by our victory over Liverpool. No one in their right mind would give us a chance in this one.
    But we’ve seen what we can do when our minds are in the right place and the Chelsea lads will have watched our Wigan debacle with unrestrained glee. Complacency will be their watchword. They’ve only got to turn up. Kinda like us against Wigan.
    I’m hoping John Terry plays just so I can have the pleasure of watching him take an early bath after hauling down young Connor ’cause he has no other way of stopping him.

    We can do this gentlemen. We can. Believe.

    Wolves 2 v 1 Chelsea.


  7. Brompton Wolf says:


    I really don’t know if we are going to be beat by 3, 4, 5 or 6 on Saturday. But what I am sure of is that we are going to be beat.

    I also don’t particularly care if/when we do, as we can then look out sorting ourselves out in the league. After all, we are in a relegation battle are we not?

    Anyway, my prediction is:

    Wolves: 0
    Chelsea: 6


  8. Clive from Houston says:

    Most of the Chelsea players have probably never even heard of Wolverhampton, let alone played there.
    That will be their undoing.
    I watched Barcelona and Arsenal get absolutely creamed this week and I reckon the Chelsea boys will be just as cocky and complacent, and we will turn them over.
    For once we will get a homer ref, who wont stand for any Prem cry baby petulance, and with forty million screaming voices, suitably alcohol lubricated, roaring us on, Abramovitch’s bitches will be put to the sword.
    5-1 to me babbies
    I shall have me lucky Wolves shirt on as usual and be glued to the tv in sunny Texas
    Whats the forecast for ‘Ampton, Sat pm?


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      I like your belief, I like it a lot. But …………. dreams do not often turn to reality.

      See you in May my friend.


  9. Franko says:

    Please,please Mr Lambert don’t select Saville or Evans, both are absolutely hopeless in my opinion.I read an article in the E&S saying that Saiss is being left out because his other midfielders are playing so well, and he needs to fight for his place.Does he watch the game as the fans do?.I know he should know the players far better than we do but really!

    To offer Evans a new three and a half year contract is an absolute joke which speaks volumes about the clubs lack of ambition, in contrast to the Costa permanent signing.

    As for the Wolves team to face Chelsea team I would like to see:

    Ikeme,Coady,Williamson,Hause,Doherty,Price,Saiss,Ronnan (played as a number 10 roll behind the striker)Costa,Bodvarsson and Weimann.

    I had some doubt about Weimann and I would like to have selected an in form Edwards but his last two games have been awfull.I think Rowan playing at number 10 behind Jon Dadi could well pay off and this would allow him to play forward and have a few shots.



    • StuWolf says:

      That’s the position Conor Ronan usually occupies to great effect in the U23’s. My apologies for quoting the same article, your post was not up when I started my rant, but we both believe in the same thing.



  10. StuWolf says:

    An Amanda style cut and paste I know, but I hope we haven’t got too much of this PL – PR bullshit to come in the future. FFS “the lads have been performing well”
    What planet is he feckin on…
    This is what he stated today in one of the rags,

    Lambert has also confirmed that Romain Saiss is part of his plans.

    The Moroccan recently returned from to African Cup of Nations after playing 4 times in the competition.

    The gaffer says that Saiss is a good player and that he will get his chance to stake his claim for a place in the side.

    “Everybody has been playing well and Romain has come back from the African Cup of Nations where he played a few games.

    “It’s tough because the lads who have been here, have been performing and deserve to be in the side.

    “Romain’s a good player but he just has to bide his time the way other people have done.

    “He’s very much part of it but I can only pick so many.

    “There’s a lot of competition. And it’s difficult to drop him back into it. We’ve got a lot of games coming up – his time will come.

    “But I’ve got to be fair to the lads that have got us this far as well, the lads who’ve performed.”

    Read more at http://www.wolves.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/gaffer-ronan-thriving-3578912.aspx#j32fzXKeibxXvkmm.99


  11. basherbaz says:

    Well Clive it’s forecast to be Dry 9 deg C and 10mph south westerly – so no excuses there then.
    Think we will give a really good account of ourselves and will win 2 -1
    Wonder if Williamson fit because from the report of the U23 game v Stoke Wed 25th he was subbed in the 46th min ?


  12. I’m working again so cannot attend. Chelsea are where we dream of Fosun taking us 20 years or less they were heading for secound tier football crowds as low as 18,000 and now look at them.

    They have an owner yes with money ( so have we just as much ) but there the similaritys end because Abromavich is driven, ruthless, ambious and actually has a hansd on approach to running the club attends nearly all the games and doesn’t settle for secound best.

    He get people in pays them well but if they don’t match up, there out no matter the cost………now that’s the sort of owner I thought we were getting with Fosun……how wrong was I…!


    • Patience Paul. Patience.


      • wolfman jack says:

        Patience indeed. Except when Jack Hayward took over he was busy making promises that he was going to take us back up there with the Arsenals, Liverpools and Man. Uniteds. And how many years ago was that ???

        The fact that a club this size has not been able to establish itself in the Premier League for more than (a total of) 4 seasons screams ‘incompetence’ at management/boardroom level.

        Nothing against them (indeed huge respect) but when relatively less well-supported clubs like Watford, Fulham, Bolton, Charlton, Coventry, Swansea, Wigan, Stoke, Southampton, Middlesboro’, Leicester, Hull, Palace, Norwich, Ipswich, B’ham, Blackburn, QPR and even the old Wimbledon have spent more seasons piling up the cash from the ‘Greed League’ than we have you have to ask if the club is really motivated to succeed or just going through the motions ?


        • I think, because of the financial cock-ups we endured pre-Sir Jack, owners since have been so risk averse it has held us back compared to many smaller outfits. We are still mired in the results of this excessive thriftiness and it will take Fosun a while to kick start their revolution completely.


          • wolfman jack says:

            Fair comment, but Hayward bought the club in 1990. That is 26 years during which we have been unable even to establish ourselves as a consistently strong Championship club despite all the resources that have been thrown at the problem. I know that ‘money doesn’t buy success’, but the regular application of resources over such a long period of time should surely have produced SOME progress ? Furthermore clubs such as Charlton (no ground), Stoke (no roof), Fulham (went broke) had all gone through critical financial situations which did not suppress, let alone break, their ambition. Is this all down to Moxey’s caution ?
            Like you, I have some faith in Fosun. However, if we are not careful Lambert will be spending the summer building a team to climb out of League 1 (again) instead of one to challenge for the Premier league.


            • Wolf man I agree. When you look a Chelsea and Man City there owners have just kept on pouring money in until they reached there goal they built infrastructure traing grounds, Chealsea are about to redevelop Stamford Bridge to the tune of £300 million or more Mancity have spent a similar amount on there facilities.

              There owners yes threw money at it until they got the results they wanted, with all respect to Sir Jack he didn’t he pulled plug when Jones finally got us to the Premier in 2003 and then when relegation followed lost interest. Morgan came along had instant success and thought he needn’t invest either and relegation followed again all be the third season and now Fosun.

              There an investment company so there expecting money back, does Ambravich expect money back or the owners of Man City no and that’s why Fosun will not go all out because they to will get to appoint where they will think its not worth it anymore and do you know why……..because unlike Ambramavich and City owners there no willing to succeed at any cost and most important of all there are not fans or have any real attached to our great club.


  13. DancesWithWolves says:

    I can only think the pitiful non-performance against mighty Wigan was a cunning ploy by Paul Lambert to lull Chelsea into thinking we’re useless. A sort of Blackadder type strategy, reverse psychology. I don’t think Lambert needed to try very much!

    Saturday could go one of many ways. I was at Stamford Bridge when we went down 6-0 in the League Cup the season after we were relegated from the PL. It could be 6-0 again on Saturday. To Chelsea I mean! On the other hand they must think we’re a bunch of tossers, like the Bum of the Month as in the old days of heavyweight boxing in the USA. Didn’t one of those bums, Buster Douglas, knock Mike Tyson out at odds of 42-1 against?

    Can’t make up my mind if we’re going to thrash the Blues 2-1 or 1-0 on Saturday. I’ll consult BetVictor to maximise my winnings.

    What’s the odds on being FA Cup finalists at Wembley AND relegated? Hands up anyone who thought Wembley for us this season was for the playoffs?


  14. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    I have to salute the optimistic thoughts of some on here, I simply can’t see anything other than a loss, I wish I could be more positive but it’s a real struggle right now.


    • basherbaz says:

      Well that’s what a Wolves fan is wildly optimistic on any game (worked out against Liverpool and Stoke, so why not Chelsea ?) but deep down we have a pessimistic streak we never admit to.



    Can we have the Wolves of December and January back please. W 7 D 2 L 3. NOT the Feb flops !


  16. I suppose Jeff and may be one or two others will roll up for the Chelsea game with there scarfs on having photo taken with fans……………where were you Tuesday against Wigan…….a Jeff Fosun.

    Part time owners.


  17. Twixfix says:

    When I went to Stoke …I thought we’d lose…
    When I went to Liverpool … I was convinced we’d lose….
    ….. and now Chelsea at home in the FA CUP round 5.

    I just know this is going to be our year for TWO reasons …

    1.. I shall miss Wembley because I will be in Kiwi Land and
    2.. I shall be wearing my other LUCKY PANTS from Calvin Klein..which incidentally I bought recently with Donald Trump (and Clive) in mind…
    Can’t say why ..who on this planet would think we will be Chelski ….there are dark forces about and I think we will pull off a massive shock..and be in the Hat on Monday….

    Good Luck Boys


  18. I’m with you Twixy … we’re going to maul that flashy shit to death !
    It’s eleven against eleven in the fa cup for fucks sake … and this is a game I would pick Saville to start so it’s ….
    ( is that your arse or mrs Twix again ? )


    • Clive from Houston says:

      That’s his face, he always talks shit!!!!!


    • Twixfix says:

      You’re right on that Matt …eleven v eleven….it’s who does it on the day….and I genuinely believe it’s going to be our day…
      The DOOGooder and his missus plus others are meeting in the APV from 3pm if you’re about.
      Have a safe journey mate..


      • London wolves loyal says:

        I ll try and drop by . Had to buy two lots of train tickets for this one due to being told late on that I’d got a job to do before I can set off so I ve now got to get a later train rendering my travel with. London wolves useless . Anyway … should still be in plenty of time for a pint or two .. might be with a couple of Chelsea lads ( no Colours .. do you think they ll be ok for a pint in there ? )


  19. Steve Showcase says:

    This match for me is what Fosun is all about – to be associated in a match where the club really belongs and in this case taking on the prem leaders..What an atmosphere it will be.

    I hope they get used to it as it will take actually more than another £50M to get us back up there again in the PL playing similar teams..

    This match – typical Wolves..I can see them winning this and then loosing the nxt match again in our shitty league..
    I doubt Chelsea will put out loads of £500k a week players but I think they will play it as a practice match..
    I just hope Lambert doesn’t do the same as the quarter finals in the FA cup sounds good..
    Dicko to score if he plays if not Steers off a corner..
    1-0 …the Alamo at the back has returned..


    • someblokeontinterweb says:

      Steve, I think you are missing a 0 off, because in reality we need a total player overhaul but in my opinion we need to do it by buying in proven quality to be match winners and let the youngsters learn their trade by training and playing with them.

      Following my earlier post if P.L. thinks that we have been performing well then he is not the man for this job.


  20. Mark G Davies says:

    I`m driving over from Chesterfield for the second time this week, this occasion I`m expecting us to lose – heavily. I agree we may have tried to lull the opposition into a false sense of security by being absolutely crap in the last 2 home matches and maybe the players were saving themselves for the cup, we are only playing Chelsea of course.
    Maybe we can play say 14 players to make a game of it, but the ref won`t let us. At least Fosun can have a really close look at where we aspire to be, and consider Abramovich`s spend to create this premiership leading side, petty cash for our Chinese owners perhaps.
    All you can ask for is that we give it a go, don`t be embarrassed by the opposition super stars,
    and limit the score to a not too embarrassing 2-0. I`d drive home happy with that, and even happier with some passion, commitment, effort, tenacity, desire, hard work and not too many yellow cards. Oh to be wrong and dream of a wolves win. Mmmmm………………..


  21. Jazzwolf says:

    I’m just glad to see us this far into the FA Cup trail after many years of 3rd round exits at the hands of teams of all standards. This is the cup – let’s just enjoy it for what it’s worth. My memories of Chelsea include being at Stamford Bridge when we lost 6-0 (Jimmy Greaves 5 I think) …. but also being at Molineux when we won 6-1 (Jimmy Murray 5 I think). So who knows what will happen, I certainly don’t think a win is out of the question.

    In one game anything can happen …. I just hope it isn’t a draw – I also remember Crewe holding Spurs to a draw at Gresty Road only to lose 13-2 at White Hart Lane (Greaves was in that one as well). If we are going to get through to the next round it will have to be at home, the likely result of a replay is too horrible to contemplate.

    Best wishes to all, enjoy the moment.


    • Steppenwolfe says:

      Chr*st Jazz, you’re going back a bit. Can remember Greaves scoring 5 – I cried.


      • Jazzwolf says:

        You’re right, I am going back a bit – A couple of pints in the Waggon & Horses (7.5p/pint) and walk up to the South Bank (admission 10p) …… interesting to compare the ratio admission:pint these days rather more than 4:3 I think!


  22. Newark Wolves says:

    I can remember the last time we played Chelsea in the FA Cup. It was the quarter final on the 13th of March 1994. We just lost 1-0 to a Gavin Peacock goal. Since then we have played them 9 times. In the 10 games we scored 4 times and they have scored………………………………30 ! We lost every game apart from the 1-0 win at the Mol on the 5th of January 2011. So, the law of averages says that it is our turn. Yes, I have had a Guinness or two but this is our year. As it says in The London Standard, they will rest their big guns – and come unstuck. I am having a tenner on our boys to win 1-0.


  23. Steppenwolfe says:

    Sadly I can’t see us getting close but who knows – stranger things happen at sea – pity we aren’t playing there. Could be a tonking. 1 – 4



    The coach carrying Chelsea’s assorment of stars will become utterly confused as it attempts to find its way around Wolverhamptons ring road. The driver is a cousin of Roman Abramovic and only speaks Russian so the road signs mean as much to him as the traffic light systems in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia mean to me Any way, they end up in Stafford. BT Sport insist on the game kicking off at 5.30pm. Chelsea line up in a 0-0-0-0 formation and despite this still manage to go 1-0 in the 33rd minute when a rare forward pass from Lee Evans bounces off Stearmans arse and rebounds past a stunned Ikeme in to the empty net. Wolves pour forward but a lack of creativity means they can’t get the elusive equaliser. UNTIL a mazy run by Costa in the 75th munute finally brings a goal after he twice rounds the referee on the way to goal. 1-1. Minutes later 4 of the Chelsea team arrive by taxi and immediately pour forward but a brave rearguard by Wolves, who revert to 4-6-0 means they hold out for a replay at the Bridge. Draw 1-1.



    Thanks Sutton. Sad thing is i’m not even pissed.


  26. john Payne says:

    I really really think Edwards should be left out. If Williamson is fit he must play. Hope too we can find some creative play from midfield and have two up front, Dicko or Bright and Bodvarson.
    We can only win if Chelsea put out a weakened team, and we catch them early with a surprise goal or two.
    I expect us to lose anyway, but will stick with my 3-0 prediction.


  27. RickRack Wolves says:

    2 comments for the price of one COGOF
    1) League – it’s been a few seasons since we saw this level of incompetence and 0 points from the last possible 9 isn’t acceptable – please make a change to the system – no delivery to strikers = no goals – no settled side = no telepathy between players – still in the cup & beating 2 x top teams makes us feel that we can beat the world – FO – reality is we could be 20th in League before Chelski come to town….. we are in a relegation battle now!
    2) Cup – great support, effort, results and not by fluke either – we’re here on merit and we are serious underdogs on Saturday – the result is not what this game is about, being passionate, playing to the best of their ability + some is the prerequisite – put your shirt on and play for the pride of Wolverhampton and you know there will only be positive comments on here!


  28. theDOOGooder says:

    I have no idea what team PL will put out and even less of an idea which eleven Chelsea will field.

    Whatever the combinations are, we are in for a spanking.

    Aren’t we?

    Nevertheless I’ve put a tenner on Wolves to win and another tenner on Wolves to draw.

    Either result will mean I’m quids in.

    And the twenty quid I’ve spent is only part of the £180+ winnings I got for betting on us beating Liverpool.

    Everyone said we didn’t stand a chance against the reds and everyone KNOWS we don’t stand a chance against the blues.

    But funny things happen in a two horse race.

    See you all on Saturday.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      See you in APV tomorrow mate. Am leaving here around 1100, so should be there around 1500. I can now dine with you and Sue after the match if you are okay with that.


  29. kiwiwolf says:

    Difficult to predict for me having only the occasional televised games to go on but with our recent home form we could be in for a real thumping. All depends on what team Chelsea put out,
    Can’t see our defenders getting far enough forward to score this time, lets hope Costa shines for us.

    0-4…..or more…but hopefully not many more.


  30. nige3367 says:

    Really don’t know what some of you guys are on… but i’ll have some..
    Were you at the game on Tuesday ??

    I will clap the lads off if they manage to keep it down to 3 or 4..
    That will be a good performance..

    Wolves 0-20 Chelski


  31. nige3367 says:

    Just been watching a video of Dicko Afobe Sako… Destroying championship defences to almost get us to the play offs..
    Seems so long ago….
    Then Morgan ripped it all up and we have to start again.
    Still he has given £200 Million to Charity.. What a great Bloke (Sarcasm)
    That’s the money he made from Wolverhampton in his time here…
    Suppose its gone to good causes but it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth when he could of took us all the way..


  32. Exiledwolf says:

    I cannot believe that Lambert is happy about Wolves’ recent performances, so his explanation as to why Saiss is not getting a look-in is most perplexing. Well, that’s my gripe over.

    Here’s hoping that Fosun enjoy the big game experience on Saturday and that it gives them the appetite for more. I’m so hoping that Wolves bring their ‘A’ game and that they give a good account of themselves. The pessimist in me will be happy if we don’t get spanked. I was at Molineux in January 2011 when we beat Chelsea 1-0 and can only dream of Wolves repeating that result. My sensible head says 0-2 to Chelsea.

    Go for it Wolves.


  33. Clive from Houston says:

    All genuine football fans welcome on our blog and to any meeting as far as I’m concerned.
    Especially stripey ones
    Then we can laugh at you.
    Be interesting to get feedback off real Chelsea supporters as to their emotions over the Ambramovic era, and if they ever feel the bubble is going to burst.


  34. theDOOGooder says:

    Did anyone see the programme about the Russian football hooligans on BBC2 last night?

    What a bunch of evil tossers!

    Knocking seven shades of sh1t out of our nice fans in Marseilles. How dare they.

    Seriously though, it’s a bit of a worry.

    Although the last bit where they held the inter-firm fight in the field reminded me of that classic Monty Python sketch:-

    ‘The Batley Townswomans Guild presents the Battle of Pearl Harbour’.


    • StuWolf says:

      Complete and utter morons, nothing more, nothing less,

      Jeremy Kyleski would have a field day with those numpties. What made me smile (sick I know) but when any of the Engerrrrrland fans fought back the Russian tossers ran away.

      Not very tuff then after all that training. Bullies and morons.


  35. Sutton Coldfield Wolf says:

    I did watch it. I was in Marseille for the England v Russia game and missed the attack on the bar tabac by only a few minutes. We had to take cover as some of the Russians went past us making their exit once the police came in with tear gas to disperse the trouble. My advice to anyone English or not is to not go to the Russian World Cup under any circumstances. I’ve been to Russia in the last 2 years and it is no place for a foreigner to feel safe. You will at best be treated with disdain by the authorities and the inhabitants and in the context of the World Cup you will be a sitting duck target for attack. I do not exaggerate when I say what happened in Marseille was not football hooliganism it was at least tacitly endorsed , state sponsored and organised paramilitary attack. You will take your life in your hands if you go there as in their own backyard what happened in Marseille will be a tea party in comparison.


  36. And the Lord said let the Eleventh plague be a plague of Wolves that run through your house until the timbers rot and the road becometh a river. 2-1 and the harlots tarried.


  37. sevlow says:

    Not expecting much from this game, but then I did not when we played Stoke and Liverpool. However Chelsea are much harder opponents.
    Having said that, this is the FA cup and we all know that upsets do and can happen, well we have upset two premier league teams, can we do a third?
    If we do go down I want us to do it in style – all guns blazing and all out attacking football.

    I expect the same starting eleven from the Liverpool game, don’t see any reason to change it.

    Chelsea to win, I just hope we can keep it down to under 6

    Let’s embrace this game and show the football world we have the potential to live with the big boys again.


  38. If this season has proved anything it is that the FA Cup can still matter. The greatest moments of our season have been the two cup games, where we were magnificent.
    After the tripe served up last season and the majority of this, without our mini cup run we might all be bordering on suicide.
    I’m looking forward to the occasion and the full house but I can’t see us getting a result. But I live in hope. 1-4


  39. StuWolf says:

    My name is StuWolf, I’a married and a father of two boys, it’s been three days since my last defeat. I’m here because I need help and want the group to work me through my trials and help me fight off the demons. I am trying to stay clean with the help of the Emirates FA Cup, with only the odd forray into the Championship letting me down.

    Thank you for your support and the counselling here is second to none, I feel comfortable alongside such hardened individuals, but I’m afraid my will is not as strong as some but definitely better than others. I have had a relapse and started dreaming again. I have tried to fight these dreams off with the new and improved Lambert theory which is reducing my “Zenga syndrome” to a manageable level, and I have got my self down to Four games a week, (Newcastle, Wigan, U23’s and Chelsea). Now I am starting to believe in myself again, I have stopped the self harming and calmed my tremors from Tuesday already, Iv’e steadied my resolve for the next encounter and further self inflicted exposure to the object of my downfall, the dreaded Footy.

    The many case studies in this group have helped me considerably and reading through them time and time again I have found a common goal, neigh a pattern, we are over exposed and vulnerable to a rare form of PR Bullshit found in our bowels, right down in the very depths of the Molineux management.

    Now, in an effort at changing my viewing habits and after many thousands of hours being spoon fed copious amounts of dire Footy at Molineux I am embarking on life style changes, I want to find a cure for this dibilitating disease, I have trawlled the Tinternet for a name and a cure. To my great delight, I stumbled across a disease which mirrors my affliction called “Stupidus Wolvesfanicus twatitus” and to my great astonishment I am not unique, in fact it is quite a widespread disease around the World. I have found examples of it in New Zealand, Norway, Saudi, Bulgaria, Cyprus even Feckin Wales FFS Wales?

    I have made contact with some guy called Clive who claims his wife suffers from CFH over in the USA and although he is far more advanced than me or any others in our group, I have noticed similarities to my complaint, (the constant rambling on, the strange use of the Black Country language and the repetetive 5-1, 5-1, 5-1, 5-1) seems to be a side effect of the “Wolvesamwe” treatment he gets.

    So take heart bloggers, We are not alone in our delusions, aspirations for greatness and undying lust for points twice a week. There is treatment out there, we just need to believe in ourselves and look at the alternatives (The Stripey Shite) to prove the grass is not always greener at other places.

    Keep the faith, life is about taking risks, turning corners and grasping nettles.

    So my fellow sufferers, allow yourselves an odd lapse, dare to dream, let your heart enjoy a flutter and let your thoughts fly to that great treatment centre in North London, Wemberrrrley, where many hearts have been broken and others restored to life, where ambitions and dreams have been fulfilled beyond the medical professions wildest imagination. Where that rare breed “Stupidicus Wolvesfanicus Twaticus” has never seen a defeat (in my lifetime anyway)

    Dare to Dream lads and lasses we love you one and all, there is a cure out there, Chelsea have it and it’s called scoring goals.

    So, for me it’s 1-0 to Me Babbies tomorrow, with Ronan driving home a goal from the spot after John Terry hacks down Bodvarrson.

    FFS Nurse what are you doing, the doctor said, “Prick my Boil”

    Onwards and Upwards guys……..

    I feel so much


  40. Bedford Wolf says:

    I will be in APV from about 3pm on Saturday if anyone else fancies a pre-match meet up and chat. Twixfix? Brompton? Stuwolf? London Wolves Loyal? Anyone?

    Will be going to the game with an open mind. Hoping we win but expecting to lose. Just hope we play well, show what we are made of and don’t just lie down and roll over. Will be pleased if PL picks an adventurous 4231 (or even 343 or 352) with Ronan, Saiss and Enobakhare to the fore though expect him to go with a ‘workmanlike’ 433 with Evans, Saville and Edwards.

    Anyone else remember the 7-1 win against Chelsea in the 1970’s? That was of course in the old days when football was real and where the best team with the best manager would come out on top before the likes of the dodgy Russian took them over and laundered, oops sorry, spent his ‘well earned’ billions on buying them success. Sad state of affairs nowadays when money rules over talent. You only have to look at the Russian World Cup, as mentioned on other posts here, which was clearly bought by people like Abramovich from the odious corrupt snake Blatter and his cronies.


    p.s. out of sheer madness I have done a weekend double on Millwall (my local team from where I was born) to beat Leicester and us to beat Chelski at 28-1.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      See you there Dave.


    • Newark Wolves says:

      Dave, I did exactly the same. I put a fiver on a Wolves / Millwall double but mine was only 20-1 unfortunately but hey, £100 towards my hotel in London for the cup final.


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      I’ve backed Huddersfield to beat Man Shitty at 7-1 and us to beat the Russian at 9-1. If either comes in, I’m ahead. I did fancy Millwall to beat Leicester but I think Leicester will finally wake up and win.


  41. Wight Wolf says:

    This is clearly a game where we need to rest our poor tired out players and give the reserves a chance. Saiss, Burgoyne, Williamson and Ronan to name a few. Just for the sake of some continuity Doherty, Costa and Bodvarson to keep their places. After all it’s traditional to rest a few players for the FA cup cos we fans don’t give a shit about it do we! Why would want all that bother of going to Wembley again after all it’s only been about 40 years and I’m still resting myself trying to get over exertions of that trip.


  42. Mitchwednesbury says:

    A rout
    Wolves 0
    Chelsea 4


  43. Brompton Wolf says:


    W e all probably believe that we know our Club, but how well we know
    I t can be a matter for discussion. So, for those youngsters amongst us please
    L et me help in either updating your knowledge or giving you some new facts.
    L et me start with a brief history.

    W olves were founded in 1877 as St. Luke’s by John Baynton and John Brodie,
    E xemplary pupils of St Luke’s Church School, who had been given a football

    B y their headmaster. On 13 January 1877, St Luke’s played their first-
    E ver game against a reserve side from Stafford, later merging with local cricket

    A nd football club The Wanderers to form Wolverhampton Wanderers in 1879.

    F rom initially playing on two different pitches in the town, they moved to a more
    O bliging venue on Dudley Road in 1881, before lifting their first trophy in 1884
    R esulting in them winning the Wrekin Cup, and also playing their first-ever FA
    C up tie.
    E ventually becoming professional, the club were nominated to become one of

    T welve founder members of the Football League in 1888, and they played the first
    O nly Football League match ever staged (against Aston Villa). The season ended

    B y attaining third place, and they reached their first FA Cup Final, which
    E nded in them losing 0–3 to Preston North End, the first “Double” winners.

    R elocating for a final time to Molineux came at the conclusion of the campaign.
    E verton’s 1-0 loss to Wolves saw them lift the FA Cup for the first time in 1893.
    C ome 1908, and a 2nd triumph; 2 years after dropping into the 2nd Division.
    K eeping their place in the division was hard and they were relegated in 1923,
    O nly staying in the 3rd Division (North) for one season though.
    N ow managed by Major Frank Buckley, Wolves regained their top-flight status
    E ight years later, after winning the 2nd Division title. With the Major, the team
    D id establish themselves as one of the leading club sides in England before WW II.

    W hen football resumed, they had another final day failure in the 1st Division: As
    I n 1938, victory in the last match against Liverpool would have won the
    T itle, but they lost 1–2 instead. Stan Cullis also played
    H is last game in this match and later became manager. He led Wolves

    O n to a well deserved first major honour in 41 years by lifting the FA Cup.
    R eading through our history, the 1950s were by far our most successful period.

    W olves were league champions for the first time in 1953–54, beating WBA late
    I n the season. Two more titles were won in 1957–58 and 1958–59, as Wolves
    L ooked at cementing their position as the premier team in English football,
    L ikened for both their domestic success as well as their staging of high-profile,

    W ell watched “floodlit friendlies” against top club sides from around the world.
    E nthralling and perhaps the most famed of these saw Wolves defeat a Honvéd

    S ide that included members of the Hungarian national team who had beaten
    E ngland twice. The media proclaimed Wolves “Champions of the World”. The
    E ditor of L’Équipe was spurred on by this to propose the creation of the now called

    U EFA Champions League (then called the European Cup), which Wolves were
    S oon to become one of the first English clubs to participate in.

    L ooking back, although the decade opened with a fourth FA Cup victory
    A nd almost the first double of the 20th century, the 1960s saw Wolves
    N ot playing so well and an eventual decline saw Stan Cullis sacked in 1964.
    G iving that it was in a season that ended with relegation and the club’s first
    U psetting spell outside the top division in more than 30 years, it was expected.
    I t only lasted two seasons though, as we were promoted in 1967 as runners-up.
    S o, during the close season in 1967, we played a mini season in North America,
    H appily taking part in a fledgling United Soccer Association league which
    I mported clubs from Europe and South America. playing as the LA Wolves.
    N ever giving up, they won the Western Division and ultimately the championship
    G aining the title by defeating the Eastern Division champions Washington Whips.

    I n returning to the top flight under Bill McGarry, a fourth place finish in 1971 saw us
    N ow qualifying for the newly created UEFA Cup. En route to the UEFA Cup final,

    T he Wolves defeated the likes of Juventus and Ferencváros before losing to Tottenham
    H otspur 2–3 on aggregate; a 1–2 home defeat in the first leg proving decisive.
    E ventually lifting silverware two years later, we won the League Cup by beating Man

    C ity 2–1 in the final. Relegated again in 1976, Wolves bounced straight back
    H aving secured 2nd Division champions status under manager John Barnwell,
    A ndy Gray scored the goal of the 1980 League Cup Final, to beat Forest.
    M ultimillion-pound rebuild of the Molineux St Stand took place in 1979,
    P art of the reason for the club’s near-financial ruin as difficulties
    I n repaying loans taken out led to relegation in 1982. The club was
    O nly “saved” from liquidation when Derek Dougan provided the
    N ecessary funding to purchase the club. This takeover
    S aw immediate promotion back to the 1st Division, but the Bhattis failed to
    H elp by lack of investment into the club which soon saw things unravel and
    I ndeed the club suffered 3 consecutive relegations and possible wind-up. The
    P urchase of the club’s stadium in 1986 by the City Council and a local

    F irm of developers paid off the club’s debts in return for planning permission to
    O rganise development of the land adjacent to the stadium. The new season saw
    R eality set in as Wolves’ undertook their first-ever campaign in the 4th Division.

    E ventually guided by new manager Graham Turner and the goals of Steve Bull, the
    Team reached the final of the inaugural play-offs but were totally humiliated and
    E mbarrased by Aldershot. However, the final two seasons of the decade saw Wolves
    R eally play well and achieve both the 4th and 3rd Division championship, and the
    N otable achievement of winning the Football League Trophy at Wembley in 1988.
    I n 1990, lifelong fan Sir Jack Hayward purchased the club and immediately funded
    T he extensive redevelopment of the by-now dilapidated Molineux stadium.
    Y ou all know that work was completed in 1993, and Sir Jack tuned his investment to

    W orking on its playing staff in an attempt to win promotion to the Premier League.
    H ope alone did not help and despite this substantial spending neither Graham Taylor
    O r Mark McGhee could fulfil this, both leading the team to play-off defeats.

    K eeping on going, another Manager was sought and Dave Jones was appointed the
    N ew manager who secured promotion in the play-off final in 2003 when they
    O utplayed Sheffield United, beating them 3-0 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.
    W hat followed was not expected though as our stay in the Premiership was very
    S hort lived and we were immediately relegated to the newly retitled Championshp.

    W ith former England Manager Glenn Hoddle failing to bring a return, a replacement
    H ad to be brought in. The rebuilding of the squad by Mick McArthy helped the club
    A nd an unexpected play-off finish was achieved.
    T he club was bought by Steve Morgan in 2007, and just over two years later

    W olves returned to the Premier League as Championship champions. Two seasons
    I n the top flight saw us battle relegation before 2011-12 saw Mick McArthy
    L eave for pastures new. His successor and previous assistant Terry Connor also
    L eft after failing to avoid relegation and Norwegian Ståle Solbakken was appointed.

    H aving become the club’s first overseas manager his reign only lasted 6 months and
    A poor run of results saw him replaced by Dean Saunders in January 2013. Saunders
    P roved to be a manager who could not provide the necessary direction and his
    P erformance resulted in both relegation to League One as well as his own dismissal.
    E ventually, in May 2013 in the retitled position of head coach, Kenny Jackett was the
    N ew Wolves manager who led the team back to the Championship in his first season

    A nd achieving a new club record points total of 103 in winning League One.
    S urprisingly things seem to be going well, especially when we hear some news

    W ith Steve Morgan selling the Club to Fosun Group for an undisclosed amount and
    E ven Jez Moxey stepping down from his role as CEO, on 29 July 2016 it was

    A nnounced that Kenny Jackett’s contract had been terminated and a new
    M anager, namely Walter Zenga was appointed the following day.

    W olverhampton Wanderers and Benfica formed an informal partnership after the take-
    O ver of Fosun, and through Agent Jorge Mendes, three current Benfica
    L ads and two former Benfica lads moved from their respective clubs to Wolves. A
    V olume of poor results saw Walter Zenga axed on 5th November 2016 and we
    E mployed Paul Lamber as the new Head Coach, somewhat surprisingly as we
    S at in 19th position in the League

    A s we all know we are where we are today and are far too inconsistent for both me and
    Y ou fellow bloggers to really say where we will be next season.

    W ill we be in the Championship? Hopefully. Will we be in the Premiership?
    E ventually, but not this season in my opinion. After all, We Am Wolves Ay We.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      You just gotta get out more, Brompto.


    • Twixfix says:

      Whatever your symptoms might appear to be …I suggest you go straight to A&E to get the doctors to see you as an urgent case…!!


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      I am going to test you tomorrow and get you to recite that entire post word for word in the APV. OK? You have been warned! lol


      • Brompton Wolf says:

        No mate I never said it was from my head. I used Wiki to help the less informed lol. I can’t remember what I did yesterday, let alone try to remember al that. Besides I hadn’t done a “Left Line” for sometime so thought it was overdue lol.


        • StuWolf says:

          Feckin class write up all the same mate, almost as good as the guy who came on and told us all about Zenga.

          But, you should really consider joining our therapy sessions.


    • RickRack Wolves says:

      I ope this “Stupidus Wolvesfanicus twatitus” that StuWolf has ain’t infection across the tinterweb – cus Brompton Wolf defo has it too.

      But the cure is in sight & all WAW fanatical’s should be devoid of the symptoms by 7.20pm ish tomoz….




      • StuWolf says:

        Your’e talking our language rickrack.

        My mate had a roof rack once, but it fell off his car on the way to Painton.

        The police did him for having a rack off on the hard shoulder.
        Yes…. I know, straight red


  44. We are useless & I hope we lose.
    Most weeks I feel the opposite & we lose.
    A victory will be a miracle & harm our chances of Championship survival.
    Thus an inevitable victory.
    Wolves 3
    Chelsea 1
    Bright with a hat-trick….


  45. StuWolf says:

    Now this I like the sound of, posted on FaceBook today, I do hope in my heart of hearts this one is true.

    Wolves Fanzone
    54 mins ·
    I have it on very good authority that Fosun are absolutely fuming at what is going on at Wolves and all their anger will soon be heading towards Kevin Thelwells door…he has been the one who has been advising Fosun on everything…the defender we were looking to buy Mirandha…Thelwell advised against him telling Fosun we do not need him as we have Thelwells mate Stearman..Thelwell has a click with all of the old guard i am told Oniangue did not want to go…Saiss is being kept out of the team due to the click…Fosun have said next season they will do everything to get Prem football and once there are looking to turn Wolves into the best in the Premiership /\_/\


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Beggars belief how Thelwell has survived. Along with Morgan, Moxey and Jackett he was the fourth ‘muppeteer’ and clearly needed to go. How can someone who has never played professional football be seen as the font of all knowledge when it comes to advising on player recruitment?


    • johnok says:

      Hope your right StuWolf, Fosun are embarrassed by all whats happened in the league this term.
      Cup run great but its the gravy train they want.


      • StuWolf says:

        My mate who gives me snippets from the Molineux told me this a few weeks before the Stoke and Liverpool game, so I believe this could well be Kosher. If we are to lose tomorrow, a big loss would start a cascading cull methinks. Lambert told the team after one of their pathetic dismal performances, “Fosun are deadly serious and would sack the lot and start again and that included him”.


        • nige3367 says:

          In that case lets hope we lose 0-20
          bring on the cull !!!


          • spikeyboy says:

            100% agree but maybe not 20…..
            Truth is Fosun are a very serious outfit and want to be at the forefront of Chinese football growth. they chose wolves because we were small enough (and cheap enough) to be grown into the image they require and i am pretty damn sure what we are at the moment is nowhere near what they want.
            The riches available in Chinese football are immense and Fosun will not be left behind so i wouldnt be at all surprised to see a major re think and re vamp come the close season because what we have right now has to be embarrassing them.
            I think many heads will roll come June and Thelwells should be first if he is responsible for those ludicrous contracts being handed out like confetti to players who will never make it in the premier league or even the upper championship.
            Winning today would be a huge bonus for us long suffering fans but would simply serve to paper over the cracks of what is still a mess that needs a bloody good sort out.


  46. wolfman jack says:

    I sat in a bar in Mojacar, Spain watching on SKY when Dave Jones’ freshly promoted hopefuls were destroyed 0-5 at Molineux by the Russian criminal’s outfit. I’m hoping we do a little better tomorrow, but I’m not putting money on it.


  47. Our best hope is that we can goad one or two of their players to over-react and we play a 9 or 10 man side.
    Nothing illegal, mind you, just aggressive attacking or challenging.
    Realistically, if we keep it to losing only by 2 or 3 goals and play in an entertaining way so that we look pleasing on television, then maybe we can hold our heads up high.
    I just hope this is not a showcase for Costa so that he is bought up in the summer.


  48. Do Chelsea really have a player called LeftArse-Cheek ?

    I expected nothing against Stoke. Even less against Liverpool. I’m shit scared of what might happen against Chelsea….but what the fek do I know!!!

    Nothing to lose but our pride.

    There is light at the end of the ….season (I hope).


  49. Quietly Confident in Houston says:

    They aint supermen, they pull their trousers on one leg at a time, same as us.
    Nothing to fear, on any given Saturday, they can be beaten.
    They have had so much success recently, they will be blasé and cocksure.
    All we have to do is tell David-Luis…………….World Cup semi final, and he will lose the plot entirely!!
    Quietly Confident Clive has spoke.


    • I’m with you there Clive. I may have clotted cream for brains but it ain’t curdled yet and I can see one hell of an upset on the cards if they think for one second they’ve only got to turn up.


  50. Johnok says:

    Depending on what team PL puts out will depend on how many we lose by,(sorry to be a defeatist).
    Realistically it’s been great having a cup run for a change,Chelsea are a formidable outfit no matter what eleven he puts out, hoping he puts a weaker side out after what he saw on Tuesday night will give us a outside chance of not getting a doing.so I’m going for us to lose 1-4 I hate to say.UTW.


  51. Who was there when we hammered Chelsea……7.1 ?



    I think only David Luis hair should be allowed to play for Chelsea. And in goal. They can also have one outfield player. And that is Kerry Dixon. With Ron ‘Chopper’Harris on the bench. And that is that. And Roman Abramovic can only watch the game from the top of Mander House with binoculars.Enjoy the game bloggers. If you can! Just drink beer and everything will be ok. It always is…….


  53. Incognito says:

    I called Tim Spiers (or Britney as some call him) the other day. He basically admitted he was just a mouthpiece for the club! Our conversation centred on the continued absence of Saiss from the squad. According to Britney, there’s no need to probe Herr Lambert about Saiss and why the “main man” thinks he has to fight for his place as the midfield are doing so well? No need to question our Paulo, to ask in what way he thinks our midfield sloggers are doing well given poor results of late? No need to question the Lamb man why a player who cost £4m, just back from successfully representing his country getting a goal to boot, playing against some top players, a versatile player (in old money a utility player) able to slot into defence or midfield and someone who has played some half decent games for us, albeit not on a regular basis, cannot even make the bench of a struggling Champo side!!!? According to Britney, Saiss plays for Morocco for god sake. I kid you not he dissed him big time on that front! I mean does Britney look like he’s ever kicked a ball. Or does he look like he was the last one picked in the school yard kickabouts? I’ll let you decide…According to Britney, it’s not his job to find out why Saiss has been marginalised. Or rather, when I said journalists are meant to probe, to try to find the truth (I know too much All the President’s Men), unearth stories, etc. his response was I knew nothing about football, which may be true. It seems our Britney wants an easy life. One thing though that was revealing was when I mentioned the £4m we paid for him and that price tag alone for me meant the boy has to be given a fair chance by PL. Britney’s response was he was bought in by the previous regime. I asked what he meant by previous regime. I asked wasn’t it sanctioned by Thelwell welly well? Britney went all quiet. I asked him if he was saying that Saiss was bought without the agreement of our DoF? Again nothing from Britney. His silence spoke volumes for me. At that point I became 100% certain that Saiss is not being given a fair chance because he is not “one of Thelwell’s”. Saiss is not being picked because of footballing reasons. It’s because of the politics at the club! The same politics that are stagnating our once great and proud club. The club who spawned the 30s team managed by The Major with a goal scoring machine called Dennis. The 50s and Stan Cullis, Our Billy and the greats of that era. The talent of the 60s with Ted Farmer, Hinton and Knowles and what could have been if Stan had not been sacked so prematurely. The 70s oh the 70s oh oh the 70s. The decade that made me the Wolves fan I am today. Bleeding the old gold and black. Dougan, Richards, Bailey, Hibbitt, Waggy and Frank (god rest their souls). And so many more to mention – Daley, Carr. Carr! Oh yes Willie Carr he whose debut will be fondly remembered tomorrow. Tomorrow when all the sh!t at the club just now, will be forgotten. When hopefully Steve Bull, the man who single handed restored pride to our great club, will be able to look down from the seats of power, onto the pitch where he scored so many goals, and maybe just maybe witness a victory against all odds, that may just restore some pride again. I very much hope so. But that Saiss thing is bugging me. Saddens me that all that history, that legacy, currently in the hands on someone’s who best interests clearly are not Wolverhampton Wanderers aka The Wolves! Come on the old gold n black!


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Very interesting. I think the same can be said about Oniangue who to me looked more than decent and yet gets shipped out on loan leaving us with the likes of Evans and Saville. Don’t make sense to me unless…….


  54. Bedford Wolf says:

    New formation for tomorrow: 3-7-7-4

    Ikeme Burgoyne Lonergan
    Coady Iorfa Williamson Batth Hause Stearman Doherty
    Costa Price Evans Saville Edwards Ronan Saiss
    Bodvarsson Enobakhare Weimann Gladon

    And it’ll be 0-0 till the 93rd minute when we get a corner and all three keepers come up for it – Lonergan flicks it on at the near post for Ikeme lurking at the back post who heads it back across goal where Burgoyne is waiting to supply a bullet header past a stranded Begovic. We win!


    • StuWolf says:

      You’re feckin mad.

      I mean WTF? Bhatt….
      Great formation, but drop Bhatt


    • RickRack Wolves says:

      Bedford why miss out Dicko?

      If we play 3 7 7 5 with Dicko playing in the hole, he can pull Divad Bluise out into the hole too & crete a oasis for our other 4 forwards & 6 midfielders playing in a hexadecimal firmation – of course leaving saville to protect the 7 backs from humiliAtion



      • Bedford Wolf says:

        Dicko is on the bench with Mason, Graham and Zyro.


        • RickRack Wolves says:

          Soz, didn’t know we could still use the bench!

          Alternate option would be to go 2 7 7 4 then & drop Dicko to bench as you say and then play both Ikeme & Burgoyne in goal – & if we play in translucent vomit green no one will notice how many players we have & the new 4K tele’s won’t be able to pick the pantone colour as it is invisible to 4K teles (and half of the Wolves players that sometimes play in them)

          got a good feeling about today though, just had a packet of calms instead of mi porridge & will have a valium sandwich before supping some banks’s in The Stile – reckon I’ll be oblivious to the score until tomoz when I see Number 6 playing Number 4!

          Number 4 = Sutton (after the beat Arseholenul & Whenger gets the sack)

          Number 6 = Wolves (aka The Mighty Wanderers)

          The eight ball numbers for the quarter-final ties will be as follows:
          1 Burnley or Lincoln
          2 Fulham or Tottenham
          3 Blackburn or Man United
          4 Sutton or Arsenal
          5 Middlesbrough or Oxford United
          6 Wolves or Chelsea
          7 Huddersfield or Man City
          8 Millwall or Leicester

          When was the last time all prem clubs avoided each other?

          When was the last time all Prem got knocked out at this stage?

          And the betting on BET365 for that is 20,167,055 / 1 – that’s getting a £1 off me and if it comes in I’ll buy a pint for everyone that’s at the match against Brum Scum (less the Brum Scum fans of course)


  55. Marney says:

    6 am here and the first thing I read is stu and bromton , funny stuff guys , setting the tone for what could be a great day , then I break the handle off my new birthday cup ! Not sure what that mean but whatever happens at the mol today, I’m sure the blog will be entertaining in the morning, have a great day all you lucky people who will be there 2 1 to the mighty wolves
    The strength is in the pack


  56. We-ll spring an unlikely 4-0 win over them. John Terry og and a Jon Dadi hat trick. Just you watch.


  57. Marney says:

    Just putting it out there early doors, if we get to Wembley does anybody know anybody who might know somebody who can get me a couple of tickets, preferably in the winning enclosure ( wolves end)?


  58. Marin wolf says:

    Big blog to go through and some epic posts ( u know who u r)
    Meantime its L ish , as inLLL and another L on the cards from Chelski

    But who knows? Thought we’d be seen off by Stoke and Reds
    So anything is possible. However geordies put 2 men on Costa and our game was up, if you see what I mean, and that ruse won’t have escaped Lahndon boys.

    Think there’ll be early goal
    If it’s wanderers then maybe we hang on for 2-1
    If it’s not then 1-4



  59. DancesWithWolves says:

    Helder Costa to nutmeg John Terry and score. Terry then nuts Costa and gets sent off. Game over.

    What’s the odds on there being two Costas at Chelsea next season?


  60. Here’s a nice little video you may, or may not, have seen.



  61. Marney says:

    Cheers stu ,
    And you never know , just watched Lincoln do burnley away !! Don’t ya love the cup
    The feckin strength of the feckin wolf is in the feckin pack , get the feck in there !


  62. Dream over………….what now just a relegation battle to look forward to..!


  63. nige3367 says:

    The lads did us proud today…
    Cant ask for anymore but we are desperate for someone who can get in the 6 yard box to put the ball away.

    I want to know where all those people came from… I had to queue for the bog at half time..
    Where were all those people Tuesday night..
    When we complain about the team lets remember it works both ways..


  64. StuWolf says:

    What a great game of footy to watch for both sets of fans, met up with the guys in the PVH before the game, Twix and his good lady Lilian, DooGooder and the luvverly Sue, Beford Wolf and the man who shall be called Brompton. Great also to mix it with some really nice Chelsea fans in the bar, (couldn’t have done that in the 70’s & 80’s), progress.

    Broke up a fight in the Northbank concourse after the game, right pair of Plonkers, WTF, great entertainment and they try to kick seven bells out of each other. Whole team played well, a few of Coady’s passes went astray but he made up for the errors with grit and determination.

    After the game, popped ito the PVH to say cheerio and bloody hell, LA Wolf was there all the way from the good ol US of A and he tells us he’s bought a season ticket because he’s got in at Wolverhampton Uni, well done that boy.

    Not going to wax lyrical about the game, just to say 100% effort from everyone, Chelsea are class but we gave them a run, missed the second goal as I was talking to my Grandson, but by all accounts it were a fluke. As Clive says “they all count one they cross that line”

    Dream over, work to be done, no excuses now, we know they can play a bit.

    Onwards and Upwards please.

    Great day.


  65. Clive from Houston says:

    I am sorry, but I must have watched a different game.
    At times I thought we had brought back Ward the amount of room Moses had on their right wing.
    We had no penetration through the middle, and Edwards, Price and Saville scurried around like headless chickens not able to string three passes together.
    Only Costa and Hause played anywhere near good enough.
    And Saville should never pull on a Wolves shirt again for that miss…..criminal.
    True, we should have had a penalty, and what would the outcome have been if we had gone in 2-0 up.
    We’ll never know.
    Not too disheartened, we didn’t get mauled, but just nowhere near good enough.
    I am NOT looking forward to the next few games, we could soon be in the bottom three and staring the big R squarely in the face.
    Saunders, get your shit together!!!


    • nige3367 says:

      I watched Burnley draw 1-1 with Chelski last week and Ward didn’t give Moses all that much room.. !!


    • someblokeontinterweb says:

      Clive, I know he had plenty of room but Moses did not stop running especially in the first half. There is a lot of truth in what you say we’re seriously lacking in quality.

      If we stay up or go down Helda Costa will be gone IMHO, he’s just too good for the Championship, London or Manchester will come calling, and on what he has shown so far he would not be a bench warmer.

      So the next 3 games are all cup finals as far as we are concerned, or all 6 pointers however you want to shape it they are all must wins.



    Agree with Clive. Although we gave everything sadly Chelsea went up a gear and quite comfortable. Three home games in a row. No goals. Probably 3 clear cut chances in all 3. Down to 19th. Need 5 wins. Where are the goals coming from. Hope PL can sort it. Blues horrendous run is next up on Fri.


  67. Sevlow says:

    Clive WTF? Seriously you need to clean your glasses or if you don’t wear glasses, get your eyes tested.



  68. Agree with Clive and Stu…
    Relatively speaking, we put in a great performance.
    On the other hand Hause & Helda were are class act.


  69. Clive from Houston says:

    You gotta call it like you see it, and I saw effort but very little skill or quality
    Wish it were different, but there ya go.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Spot on Clive. Price, Saville and Edwards are full of effort and commitment but are sadly lacking in the skill, flair, quality and creativity departments.


      • nige3367 says:

        We know all this that’s why we are where we are.. 19th in the championship…
        What were you expecting…
        Get a reality Check people…
        We were playing the best there is at the moment 0-2

        Good Performance..


        • Bedford Wolf says:

          nige3367 – not moaning (see my post) but I believe that Saiss, Oniangue and Ronan are infinitely better than Price, Saville and Edwards (and Evans!) and yet we seem to play the latter to our continuing detriment.


  70. Bedford Wolf says:

    As Jasper Carrot once said as an imaginary Villa fan when doing a spoof football radio phone-in “Well Tone, Andy Gray hit this one ball, if it’d gone in the net it’d been a goal”.

    Well if Saville had managed to hit the barn door staring him in the face rather than the doorframe or indeed if the Premier League referee had given us a penalty against his chums then who knows.

    I thought the players did us proud and have no real complaints against any of them as they did their best within the limits of their ability though admittedly for some those limits are pretty minuscule. I agree with Clive’s assessment of our central midfield. For me 5 of tonight’s team shouldn’t come anywhere near the starting eleven again and certainly not next season.

    I do wonder how we’d have fared if Cavaleiro, Dicko and Graham had been fit or if we’d signed a decent centre back and striker in January like we should have done or if Saiss and Oniangue hadn’t been sidelined at the apparent behest of the inept Thelwell or if PL hadn’t felt the need to sacrifice quality, flair and creativity in midfield to play three ‘honest workers’ instead – certainly we would have been far stronger I believe.

    League games now come thick and fast – perhaps we should treat every game as a Cup tie.


  71. nige3367 says:

    Fucking hell more people moaning on here cos we lost 0-2 to the best in the land than were moaning about losing to Wigan…
    Perhaps its because most of them didn’t see the game against Wigan… ??


    • Not moaning about losing to Chelsea far from it and no I didn’t go today or Tuesday I was working I work shift.

      But you cannot expect fans not to moan when we can beat Liverppol one week at there place and I was there and then loose and not just loose it was the manner of the defeat more than anything same against Burton.

      So what are you saying nige3367 we should cheer come what may………when I don’t do my job properly and by the way I work in the public sector I get critised. Are then saying we should cocoon the players in a bubble of and imaginary world where really we are top of the league and not in danger of relegation……I think that would be even more detrimental than having a moan……so the fans should of clapped them of against Wigan then..


  72. Clive from Houston says:

    30000 fans there today, from both teams.
    Be nice to see a similar turn out for the bluenoses game.
    Come on chaps, we need the twelvth man more than ever now.
    Must say, I was highly impressed with the quality and quantity of the Wolves fans today, non stop support.
    Brought tears to my eyes, as did some of our play but not for the same reasons!!


  73. Steve Showcase says:

    Great first half reminded me of the Richards Dougan days ..Saville showed why he didn’t make the grade at Chelsea..what a miss.

    Lambert must keep us up..then we’ll see fosuns commitment for nxt season..


  74. Bullisgod says:

    Wolves are 25-1 to go down so the bookies obviously think it is unlikely. I wish I shsred their confidence.
    We need a few goals so are boys have something to defend, 0-0 with 5 mins to go and we all
    know whats going to happen!


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