Wolves 0 Wigan Athletic 1

Anyone reading the programme notes of Kevin Thelwell and Danny Batth who didn’t know better would think Wolves are a club riding an upward trajectory towards the upper echelons of the Championship.

According to Thelwell, ‘there is a feeling that everything is coming together and that there are promising and exciting times ahead’.

Batth, on the other hand, believes that Saturday’s defeat to Newcastle showed that ‘there was very little between us and them’ and that ‘we all came away from the game thinking that we are not too far away from where we want to be’.

I pride myself on being a positive thinker but the posturing of our Sporting Director and Captain, regardless of tonight’s result, is delusional.

Wolves are 18th in the table on merit and are in real danger of sinking further if they don’t learn to raise their game against opposition of Wigan’s ilk.

No disrespect to the Latics, but they were begging to be beaten tonight.

From the get go it was clear to see why Warren Joyce’s men have been entrenched in the bottom three for much of the season and yet we rarely pressured them.

In a similar vein to our showing at Burton Albion, our default tactic was to either hit long balls to an isolated frontman or play sidewards passes within our own half.

All too easy for the opposition, with only teenagers Bright Enobakhare and Connor Ronan attempting to drive play forward.

As the game dragged on, you could sense the familiar feeling of impending doom engulfing the terraces. We all knew what was coming.

And yet when Jake Buxton bundled in the winner late on, you can’t help but be apoplectic. How can a team self implode with such regularity?

The reality is that these sort of games simply expose the truth that Thelwell, Batth and co. are seemingly in denial of – we’re just not that good.

Morgan and Moxey’s reign of frugality left us with a spirited but ultimately limited and unexperienced squad that staved off relegation only by retaining togetherness and through the unpopular but ultimately effective tactical manoeuvrings of Kenny Jackett.

Rather than improve that group in the summer, Fosun empowered them by commissioning an agent led recruitment drive that saw us add an eclectic mix of nobodies of which only two – Bodvarsson and Costa – have thus far proved to be of any use.

What we’re seeing now is the results of such lax mismanagement – a team that is worse than the one that cantered to the League One title three seasons ago and indeed in real risk of taking us back there come the season’s end.

To perform with such brazen indifference tonight was an insult to the opposition and the fans, many of whom abandoned their better halves on Valentine’s night to endure proceedings.

If this season’s not to end in disaster, it simply cannot happen again.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks for handling this one mate. I didn’t have the strength. Agree with each and every point. A total disaster.

    The positives were definitely Ronan and to a slightly lesser extent Enobakhare. What’s so exciting about Ronan is that he delivers end product with some fabulous balls into the box and last night that rasping shot from distance. Bright is obviously a tremendous talent but has to make better decisions when he works his way into good positions. Those two players interchanging quick passes with Costa made us look decent for about 30 seconds in either half.

    There were so many negatives I can’t even begin to list the highlights, but I’ll pick on Carl Ikeme for some of the worst distribution from a goalkeeper I’ve ever seen. He also frustrated the hell out of me by holding onto the ball too long, which contributed to our plodding approach to attacking play. There was never any pace or tempo.

    I’d happily take a 21st place finish and a Wembley appearance in the cup so still trying to retain some form of optimism ahead of Saturday, but can only foresee total annihilation.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Sherwin Seedorf scores the winning goal :))))) The guy was scouted while he was playing in the Nike academy. How good he is compared to Ronan or Enobakhare is difficult to say, but given he was on the NIKE academy, an academy for highly gifted players, he can’t be too far behind. Nice signing.


  2. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    Dear oh dear, you can’t help but have a sense of ground hog day, its like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel only for it to be switched off just when you get near to it, I don’t think we will go down but we need to ship quite a few out summer transfer window and bring in 3-4 quality players. Most importantly a finisher.


    • Larry Talbot says:

      That light in the tunnel is on the front of an express train to the third division, mate. By the time we get a finisher our season could be finished.


  3. I know I said this after the home game against Sheffield Wednesday, (and before that against Blackburn under Jackett and Peterborough / Ipswich under Solbakken), but that was the worst game I have ever seen.
    It was the continual failure to do the basics that I couldn’t believe. Passing the ball in front of a team-mate, rather than behind. Passing the ball with pace, rather than slow, turgid balls with no intent.
    But moreover, our absolute refusal to commit men forward, or even attack from set-plays. Is Lambert conceding that the squad is so bad that he can’t play a 4-4-2 and get at a woeful team in 23rd place at home?

    So we’d get a set piece about 50 yards from goal and pass it 2yds sideways. The ball then gets moved, painfully slowly, around the middle of the park for 5mins and we’ll give the ball away or commit a foul. So we waste 5 mins to get nowhere. So, so passive. And we’re playing a team in 23rd position!
    The most glaring example of this was winning a corner in the first half after 30mins or so. The natives finally rouse from their slumber to get behind the lads…and we play it short, only to get tackled, to then give an immediate free kick away.
    Wigan, on the otherhand, get one corner at the end of the game, load the box, win a header and it’s in the back of the net.

    The failure to do the very basics, whilst never committing any men forward to even attempt to win the game was frightening.
    More frightening still is the fact that we are still giving wretched, one dimensional players new contracts, when they are patently not good enough to keep us in the league, let alone assist with a promotion charge. They failed under Jackett. They failed under Zenga. And now they are on the brink of taking us down under Lambert.

    David Edwards was an average squad player in league one (playing less games than Michael Jacobs). He patently wasn’t good enough then, otherwise he’d have been a first teamer when we walked that league with 100+ points. He never will be good enough. Sure, the odd goal here and there and commitment is unquestionable, but even getting the ball on the half turn, getting it down, checking his shoulders, is beyond him. It is Penn Colts stuff. New contract!

    Lee Evans,like Edwards, is a one paced, non-descript midfielder who simply isn’t mobile enough – nor consistent enough – to ever build a team around. New contract!

    Danny Batth, while generally impressive last night and immeasurably better in recent games, is part of a collective back four that concedes too often from set plays and struggles with lousy distribution. New contract!

    Nouha Dicko, a striker who is so impotent, he now no longer attacks the six yard box for crosses (see Newcastle at home when Weimann stood one up on a plate for him to nod into an empty net, but opted instead to occupy the 18yd box), operates in any meaningful areas of the pitch and is now a yard slower following injury. New contract!

    These decisions are simply unacceptable. Worse still that they are not even accountable. Who next, George Saville on a 4yr deal?
    How can’t Romain Saiss get a game? What became of Kevin McDonald.

    If you’re slow, immobile, deferential, one-dimensional and are identical to any of the other losers in the squad, you’ll get rewarded with a new deal.

    I thought things were changing with Fosun’s takeover. The only thing that has changed is the level of despair I feel when watching those same plodders bastardising the Beautiful Game.

    Questions need answering, and fast, starting with Kevin Thelwell.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Well said Ben – agree almost 100% with you (and its very rare for me to ever agree with anyone!). Baffling decisions left right and centre both in terms of who we have given new deals to and positions we have chosen not to strengthen. I still believe we have the nucleus of a very good squad for next season with players like Ikeme (on his day he can be brilliant), Hause, Iorfa (played in the correct position), Saiss, Ronan, Oniangue, Costa, Cavaleiro, Enobakhare, Graham etc but clearly we have major shortcomings in the heart of the defence and in attack and these need to be addressed in the Summer. For me the likes of Batth, Stearman, Price, Edwards, Evans and Saville – to name just 6 – are not good enough and never will be. Like Henry and Wallace they need to be moved on and replaced with quality players.

      My one big worry though is that from what we have seen thus far Paul Lambert thinks Evans and Saville are better than Saiss and Oniangue. That really worries me!


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Edwards deserved a new contract, in my view. Handing new contracts to players like Evans or Saville are more problematic. They play a role in our campaign this season. Next season we’d want to strengthen and then they move further down the pecking line. Bad planning.


    • Brilliant blog Ben………..brillant save me an hour…cheers !


    • Jackomac says:

      And yet when playing against prem league teams, excepting Ikeme and Baath, they were motivated and mobile enough to impose a style of play that frustrated and demoralised the opposition long before the final whistle. It seems like the whole squad except the kids are so mentally weak that as soon as you mention the phrase must win game they dissolve into shell shocked impotent wrecks. If you add the pressure of playing at home they can barely function. Other than recommend a complete course of electro aversion therapy I can only offer the ancient football pundits mantra that goals change games and psychology. We decided not to enter the competitive haggling for Rhodes Winnall Grabban (loan) Nugent Gallagher Wells Matty Taylor Hogan Armstrong (Barnsley unlikely I know) Clough etc. But we did sign Weimann he has scored goals before he is a striker he did score in open play against pool. I don’t believe we have many other options.


    • johnok says:

      Painfully Ben we have the remnants from a previous regime still pulling the strings and a coach who imo is no better than anyone else who’s had the privilege of coaching our club.

      Great and to the point post Ben.
      I’d sack him before its to late, and before i get a slating, there’s loads of out of work coaches out there i;e. G Rowett , Pardew,Frank de boer,Roberto Mancini,Rui Barros,Jorge Valdano.to say the least.We can afford them if we want the prem league.


    • Larry Talbot says:

      The Who used to perform a song called ‘Won’t get fooled again’ at the end of their gigs, I reckon it should take the place of Hi-ho Silver Lining, it’s a damn sight more appropriate for Molineux.


    • nige3367 says:

      Agree entirely Ben. What is the point of playing one striker up front at home against a team like Wigan.
      Every team has worked us out and now doubles up on Costa but with 2 strikers that would leave empty spaces for them to exploit..
      I just don’t get Lamberts tactics Its not Rocket Science 4-2-3-1 is good if you have the players to do it and we don’t… has to be 4-4-2 at home..


  4. Agree with the above. The new contracts are baffling in light of performances over the last year.

    PL has his hands tied right now and can only really be judged from the summer onwards if he is backed in the transfer market.

    However, we are woefully short of quality and are in relegation trouble.

    The fact we lack a striker who can score is a real problem and cause for concern.

    Tne lack of creativity is also a real issue.

    I’d like to see Williamson brought in if fit as we desperately need a leader and experience.

    Saiss also looked good and is a better bet then Saville and Evans who should be sold.

    Ronan should be given a go in the No. 10 role.

    I like Bright but he isn’t scoring or creating goals and he’s had a chance now.

    Get Chelsea out the way as it’s becoming a distraction. If we were safe and mid table we could relax but the priority has to be staying in the league and PL needs to get results quickly.


  5. Mosman Wolf says:

    I was watching the score on the internet and the longer the it remained 0-0 I just knew that we would get beaten by a late goal – happens too frequently.

    I too don’t know why we don’t play two up front in games like this.

    Given that the strikers are having trouble scoring maybe half a goal each would give us 1.


  6. sevlow says:

    Another home game and another defeat. Our FA cup victories promised so much but has delivered nothing but frustration, dismay, anger and a real threat of sliding out of this division.

    PL has a massive job on his hands to get the right blend of the undoubted talent we have and get them on track.

    If we play like we are then Saturday’s game against Chelsea could be very embarrassing indeed.

    Squeaky bum time at the Mol


  7. LedburyLupus says:

    Firstly to update a stat I posted after the Burton game, thats ten points now we’ve dropped after the 86th minute so far this season.
    Secondly, and more importantly, how dare PL and the majority of the players treat this important match like a pre-season friendly. To find the time and expenditure to make the 100 mile round trip to Wolverhampton three times this week takes considerable effort on my behalf, in return I don’t expect the team to win every game but I do expect them to try and I expect at least to be entertained.
    How dare PL put out such a miss-match of players and how dare they play so lethargically in front of the most faithful. This is surely yet another all time low at the Molineux and one can only hope we are not totally humiliated at the weekend.


    • johnok says:

      Well said Ledbury L. I think PL Is taking the proverbial out of us fans.
      He blames the players,Rightly so but he picks the players.


  8. I think you are wrong Rasmin relative to Fosun & the hasty summer recruitments.
    Only Bod & Costa are not “an eclectic mix of nobodies?”
    Firstly, the best we have played, attacking wise, is when Caveilero & Costa have played on the wings. Teams cannot double up on either of them, so to me Caveilero, potentially, is as good as Costa.
    Saiss, also, has great potential.
    Edwards has been overplayed & overrated.
    Burgoyne is better than Ikeme.
    Dicko, half the player he was.
    Like many a footballer after a long lay off, he has lost it.
    Zyro & Graham are not potential saviours either, for the same reason.
    Our problems will not be solved, or addressed, till the end of the season; whichever league we are in.
    The cup exploits have not helped us in the Championship.
    I hope Chelsea knock us out, so the players have just survival to concentrate on.
    But being ‘bi-polar’ about the team won’t help anyone.
    Dreadful performance but onward and upwards with luck!


    • Ben Rasmin says:

      Each to their own robin. Personally I think Cav is horribly overrated – the irony of people lambasting Bright for not releasing the ball quicker was not lost on me, given that most of them drool over our biggest culprit for doing so on a regular basis. Can’t recall a game where he genuinely stood out, other than perhaps QPR away.

      I take your point about Saiss and confess to being a fan but the reality is that the guy, AFCON or no AFCON, hasn’t been able to establish himself ahead of Edwards, Evans, Saville et al. There must be a reason for that.

      Not sure what the bipolar remark refers to but the above is a genuine assessment of our current state of affairs which is in keeping with the majority of my posts on here. Always appreciative of the feedback though.

      Let’s hope we’re all smiling come Saturday evening.


      • The ‘Bi-Polar part’ is not aimed at you, but Wolves fans, (myself included), in general.
        After a defeat we are doomed to relegation, after a win we are looking at the play-offs!
        Nevertheless I am sure our best results, league wise, during Lambert’s time have been when both Cav & Costa have played.
        Lambert must have an idea as to how to get out of the division and one can only deduce, from his actions so far, that ‘Mendez flair’ is not a part of it.
        Relegated or not, I am sure Costa will go to Everton in the summer.
        Cav will also go.
        This will fund a re build, Lambert style, for next season.
        For me, the worst thing that has happened in the past two games was the kick in the head to Jack Price.
        If he had stayed on the pitch, we would have beaten Burton.
        Also think we would have beaten Wigan if he had played.
        He and Saiss, ( he will go in the summer as well), are our best midfielders.
        The rest, Edwards included, are stars in Division One.


        • Ben Rasmin says:

          Apologies robin, I misinterpreted your comment. I guess when the team performs in such a Jekkyl and Hyde fashion it’s only natural that we react in a similar vein.

          I agree at this point in time that Cav is probably the best option to play opposite Costa but not convinced he is suitable for this division. Would also expect him to be moved on in the summer. Then again Sako recovered from an underwhelming debut season and went on to become one of the best players we’ve had in recent years, perhaps Lambert could have a similar effect on Cav.

          Agree entirely regarding Jack Price, along with Costa he is our most important player. The rest of the midfielders, Saiss aside, just don’t cut it. Evans was woeful last night. I hate to round on any one particular player after such a collectively bad performance but his inability to do the basics was at times deeply concerning. That new deal looks most generous.

          I have enough faith in Lambert to think he can turn this around and improve us next season but we’ve got to do better against teams of Wigan’s ilk if we’re going to steer away from the bottom three. Fortunately for us the teams around us keep on losing so if that sequence continues we should be just about safe!


  9. theDOOGooder says:

    It’s a real conundrum.

    Nobody can say that our squad is not good enough for this division.

    Well, they can but they’d be wrong.

    We have beaten two Premier League clubs away from home, and neither of those results were flukes.

    We have beaten Newcastle away from home. That was no fluke either.

    So why are we staring the distinct possibility of relegation full square in the face?

    Wrong tactics?

    Not playing a settled team?

    Too big a squad?

    Playing 4-4-1-1 when we should be playing 1-1-3-6 or whatever the latest thinking is?

    No motivation?

    Muddled thinking?

    Lack of concentration over the full 90+ minutes?

    Probably all of these play a part in our sad plight.

    I’m afraid to say that it is down to the manager to solve whatever problems we have – and solve them quickly!

    We are all armchair managers and, because Wolves have such a big squad, we could all pick what we feel is our best team (and we do!) and the resulting elevens would be totally different.

    Paul Lambert has the unenviable task of picking a best eleven from the myriad players at his disposal and, unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have a clue as to who those eleven players are.

    Whatever position we are in, we’re stuck with it until the Summer so we’ve got to make the best of a bad situation.

    The players we have are perfectly capable of stringing a series of good results together but, if it doesn’t happen soon, Mr Lambert is going to go the way of Mr Zenga, Mr Jackett, Mr Saunders and all the rest.

    Maybe I’ve got my rose tinted glasses on but I seem to remember when I first started watching the Wolves we had eleven players who would virtually pick themselves.

    They all knew what to do. No special tactics for each team we were playing against.

    Phil Parkes would throw the ball out to Parkin or Munro. they would pass it to Mike Bailey who would give it to Waggy. The little magician would then beat a few players before putting the ball in the box for the Doog or King John to have a pop at goal.

    Maybe I’m just getting old.

    Shut up Amanda!


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      It didn’t sound, by the reports, like the players played like Paul Lambert wants them to.


    • Incognito says:

      Let’s reminisce more about that team of the 70s, passion, skill and a real connection to the fans. Stark contrast to today. For me it’s years and years of having folk at the club who are interested in what’s in it for them rather than our once great and proud club. We fans need to hold onto that spirit. We somehow need to convey a message to the owners that we want progression not stagnation with the likes Edwards, etc. We need to ask why Saiss is being frozen out, the hacks are not asking!


  10. Mark G Davies says:

    As others have said, who the hell has agreed a four and a half year contract for Evans, too slow, too cumbersome, he is n`t mobile enough to play pass and move at any level. I just despair. May have played ok at Bradford last year, but that’s his level, he simply isn`t good enough for the championship or higher.
    It seems if Costa & Edwards don`t fire we are screwed. In hindsight as no other club could have signed Costa during his loan, maybe we should have delayed his signing to the close season and instead of splashing the cash (I admit I was suckered into be overjoyed when the deal was done) on one player, we should have brought in 3 or 4 other players to make sure we at least stay in this division.
    No height, no physicality, no pace and our best two players were the kids as others have said. In fact the corner they scored from was the one dead ball Ikeme should have come for last night. Simply not good enough, god help us on Saturday, could be 3 home defeats in a week and no goals scored. Mmm……..

    Maybe if I renew my season ticket on the early bird, the ticket office could extend it to a four and a half year duration



    Interesting stats. When WZ was sacked we had 17 points from 16 games. If we lose to Blues PL record will be 18 points from 16 games. Progress ? Just throwing that in to the mix !


  12. wolfman jack says:

    Last 3 Legue games played – 1 goal, from a penalty. Tells you everything you need to know. Are we now so obsessed with trying to keep a clean sheet that we are afraid to send players forward ?


  13. Paul cooks left peg says:

    A very pissed off wolves fan I am
    Couple of questions for you all
    How many penalties have we had this season?
    How many late goals have we scored this season( late= +85 mins)
    How many late bloody goals have we conceded this season and last
    How many ex players have bloody scored v us over the last 2/3 seasons
    You are probably wondering y I am bring this up but I was just sitting here looking out of a seventh floor windows watching the rain and thinking what a load of shite we are,at the moment
    We used to moan about Morgan/moxey not splashing the cash and we then spend 28/29 million and we are bloody 18 th
    Even if we win 10 out of the rest of season I will still.be,pissed off with us
    Still.love,the,club but very very very pissed off
    Just stuck a tenner to beat Chelsea Saturday


  14. Paul cooks left peg says:

    Answers on a post card!


  15. Twixfix says:

    I’m annoyed, frustrated, worried and that was while I was watching the worst load of footballing crap I’ve ever witnessed at Molineux.
    Even some of the games under Clipboard were more exciting from an effort and attitude point of view.

    Things were even more compounded when I got home at 10:45 to see that we had lost !!!!….. yes at 0-0 it became all too much.

    I agree with most of the deserved stinging criticism of such an inept and woeful display by the majority of personnel on view.

    For me Conor Ronan stood out BUT not like the saviour a lot seem to be hailing him…for sure the effort was there but sometimes his physicality just made it a little more difficult against sturdy opposition.

    Enobakari continues to promise much YET actually deliver so little is frustrating….he’s not yet the finished article and I think it unfair to rely on him to unlock defences.

    Tactically we were abysmal…I mean ..come on ..Wigan !!!!

    I pointed out to Scooped during the game the 30 metre gap between Boddy and the 3 behind him….what feckin chance does that give him ..other than to be lambasted for not scoring….the system we currently adopt with the present personnel simply isn’t working..

    Not sure who leads Div 3 ..but there’s a blooming good chance we’ll be playing them next year on this performance and it’s projection..


    • Newark Wolves says:

      Doncaster are top of League 2, just up the A1 from Newark, about a 20 minute drive and Mansfield are in the play off places – another 20 minute drive from Newark so not all doom and gloom. Unfortunately so are Plymouth, Carlisle, Portsmouth and Exeter so perhaps we need to stay in this division.


      • Twixfix says:

        No travelling there then mate…lol ..Doncaster will be better than a home game…

        Are you going Sat…the DOOG and his lady are in the APV on sat from 3pm ..hope to see you there ..


        • Newark Wolves says:

          Mike, please don’t tell anyone this but no, I won’t be there on Saturday 🙁 as I didn’t expect us to get to the 5th round of the feckin cup. Instead, me and Susan will be in a hotel in Leeds and then at Leeds Arena to see The Pet Shop Boys in concert. Like I said, don’t let any of the bloggers know please………………………!


          • Twixfix says:

            Have to say Mrs Twix and Myself saw The |Pet Shop Boys in Manchester a couple of years ago ….Absolutely brilliant….


            • Newark Wolves says:

              I will be honest Mike, me and Susan saw them at Wollaton Park in Nottingham a few years back and they were amazing but I have to say that I would sooner be at The Mol on Saturday. Like I said on an earlier post, I love Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.


              • Bedford Wolf says:

                Pet Shop Boys over the mighty Wolverhampton Wanderers against the league leaders in the FA Cup? Call yourself Wolves fans? Lol

                P.s. Will Paul be at the game?


  16. Wasn’t at the game or with the wife I was at work and that busy that I didn’t see the result until it was all over.

    I take the point about we are worse off than this time last season, but we shouldn’t be and that’s the amazing fact considering the wealth of our owners. It’s as if nothing has changed but everything changed except the most important thing results.

    A big part of the blame lys with Fosun the lack of presents of someone at the club day in day out is amazing they’ve invested millions yet left the running of the club to basicly the same people who ran the club for the previous owner and that where the statements of fantasy spring from, people like Batth and Therwelll STIL here and believing there own BULL SHIT, and players ie Evans constantly coming out with rubbish.

    As I’ve blogged many a time now Fosun should have changed ALL the personnel from tea lady to chief when they took over because they are are so in trenched in myths and make believe everthing rosy when its so clearly NOT…………Jeff get your arse back here NOW how do you expect your investment to come good if you don’t manage properly……oh and sack the board……Therwell and the M.D Moxeys lieutenant.


  17. The Newt says:

    Good write up Rasmin – some very well made points.

    I feel since Lambert took over there has been genuine progress and we are better now than the first half of the season but I have to admit this last week has battered my confidence in a nice comfortable mid table finish. Losing to Newcastle I can just about stomach as they are the best team in the league but to lose against both Burton and Wigan by two late goals that could have seen us get a couple of draws (which in itself is hardly brilliant results) is a real sickener and shows a real naivety from players with the experience to do much better. Ironically the best players last night were the two young lads Bright and Ronan.

    It’s clear we are not good enough by a long chalk to challenge at the top. We can’t close games out, we can’t bully other teams and unless Doherty, Edwards or Costa pop up with a goal we can’t score either. One goal from a striker (Mason) since August!! Only the Wolves can spend around £30m in two windows and end up worse than before.

    Fingers crossed we can stay up and then surely an overhaul of the squad is needed. I don’t believe in slagging off individuals but I think we’ve shown too many players too much loyalty for too long now.

    Out of darkness…


    • Newt, agree I think a few in the board room have been shown to much loyalty as well. It’s not just the playing side that needs fresh blood the boardroom does as well Fosun need to get some REAL football people in or people who now how to run a bussiness like a football club.

      There’s still to much dead wood at the club in all the key roles.


  18. Clive from Houston says:

    Come on people!
    Get real!
    Did any one honestly expect a different result?
    We lose to Burton and Newcastle, mighty Wigan come calling, and we think we are gonna take ’em to the cleaners?
    This is Wolves we support, not one of the biggies from the Prem, of course we are going to make life difficult and as frustrating as hell.
    We do have two major pluses in our favor, however.
    1. We are not shit fans.
    2. We are not fickle USA sports fans, who change allegiance at the drop of a hot dog.
    The good thing about playing Chelsea on Saturday is that it will define our season one way or another.
    Win, and we will have solid dreams about Wemberlee, with the bonus of all players striving to be in the final.
    Lose, and we can concentrate 100% on the league, without the cup distractions.
    That’s my theory anyway!!

    The truth is we are shit, we have a manager who doesn’t seem to have a clue, and we are all getting ulcers from sheer frustration.

    Relegation or not, Wemberlee or not, we will all be here next season, bitching and moaning about everything under the sun.
    That’s why : Wolves Ay We.


  19. StuWolf says:

    A lot of people on the blog have said “our season is over in terms of any chance of the top six, we should consolidate and stregnthen for next year and a run at promotion”.

    Well in my opinion, we need a huge clearout in the summer, I said this when we were losing games and I said it when we were winning games on that rare occasion in January. These players are simply not good enough, I have said it for ages and I still believe it. I watch the games on a regular basis, (every feckin one home and away, including the U23’s tonight at Telford) but I don’t see a good team I see a very lucky team. To be fair things have to go our way sometimes that’s the law of averages, but if we take for example our last splendid win at Barnsley on a cold, dismal, misty night we were poor at best, very lucky and only the skill of Conor Ronan providing all three of the easy goals that we scored.

    We are average, we are pathetic at times and lucky when not, this needs an overhaul to make us into a side that can challenge for anything. We played a Liverpool side in turmoil and a Stoke side that didn’t turn up or even attempt to give it a good go. When we played Newcastle away we were lucky again because the fat Spanish waiter picked a poor side and got stung.

    But, I am Wolves through and through, I support the 11 that turn up until they start letting me and the side down, then, I reserve the right to moan. But, I shall be there tonight, there on Saturday and prey that PL can turn things around, because at the end of the day, “it goes dark” life goes on and it’s just a game of football.

    How pissed off are we!

    As a footnote,

    I believe Ikeme is half our problem too, for me, Burgoyne is looking the better of the two, this holding the ball when players are running into space and screaming at him to give them the ball but he refuses is really doing my feckin head in. If we truly have a mountain to climb then someone should be climbing all over Pat Mountain (the goalie coach) come on Doog get a grip of the fecker.

    Rant over.

    Come on the Babbies, (Ronan, Bright, Gibbs-White and Donovan Wilson in the wings)


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Stu I am in total agreement with you about Ikeme’s absolutely criminally bad distribution.

      If you care to go through my blogging history it’s something I’ve been banging on about on and off for ages.

      For all of the ‘it was much better in the old days’ that some of us of a certain age keep on about, I never really rated Phil Parkes as a very good goalkeeper when it came to shot stopping, but his distribution was, in the main, excellent. He would more often than not prefer a short throw to a player in space instead of hoofing the ball aimlessly upfield or into touch.

      This could well be because we had players then who were confident and able to carry the ball out of defence.

      What worries me is that Ikeme has been doing the aimless business for as long as I’ve been watching him so, presumably, someone must be either telling him that’s OK or not kicking his (rather perfectly formed, ask the PMDG’er) backside into next week until he stops.

      I’ll have a word after the Chelsea game and put him right.


      • Jackomac says:

        It’s the number of times Ikeme kicks straight into touch that kills me. I am starting to believe its intentional because we win so few headers and it avoids the ball coming straight back.


  20. StuWolf says:

    Just so you don’t think I have a bias towards Ronan, me and 17,000+ fans see it too.



  21. Newark Wolves says:

    Now,last week with Valentine’s day fast approaching I gave Susan a choice.It is half term (we both work in schools) so I said “you pick the place and I will sort the hotel”. Anywhere she wanted – Paris, Rome, Barcelona……………………………………or Wolverhampton ? And yes, she chose the latter ! Nice hotel, nice restaurant, meet up with some bloggers and then 90 minutes of entertaining football. Well I got the first three right but oh my god that was shite. The only consolation was the tickets being free on the MyWolves deal. Half empty stadium with little atmosphere and even the South Bank were very subdued. The Wigan fans all came in the same taxi so there was no chance of them making any noise either. We left after the goal went in and there were thousands of other fans doing the same. I have to say that that was one of, if not the worst games of football I have seen in a long long time.Driving back to Newark this morning I was thinking, why do we do it ? Why do we spend a fortune to watch what we saw last night ? Is it really all worth it ? And I came to the conclusion that, yes, it is.I love supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. It is just like a rollercoaster, sometimes you just want to get off for a bit. Upward and onwards to Saturday. Nobody will give us a prayer against Chelski but I have a feeling that they will completely underestimate us and it could be one hell of a shock.Anyway, it could be worse, we could support the local shit (Forest).


  22. We can all speculate as to where it’s all gone wrong. This player, that player, this system, that system. None of us know and it’s becoming obvious that Lambo doesn’t know either, otherwise he’d fix it pronto if he has, within the squad, that which he needs to do so.
    Jon Dadi ain’t scored for months but does that make him a s$!t striker, or are we just not playing a system that gives him the opportunities to score. The same can apply to all the outfield players. We’ve seen them all have good games and do good things but sometimes, like last night, it seems we can hardly put two passes together. Have they all become s”!t together?
    My theory: Too many changes. Our players at times seem like strangers to each other. Like no one knows where his teammates will be. No fluency. It’s hard while you’re losing to resist the calls to switch players in and out, but we desperately need a settled first eleven who can grow a little togetherness, especially in the back four.
    Saying that, I’ve really enjoyed our exploits in the cup and I’m not completely writing off our chances against the best team in the land, unless they play their best eleven, that is.


  23. spikeyboy says:

    come on people its blatantly obvious that just about every wolves player on that pitch last night had not one eye but both eyes on the chelsea game, and that includes the bloody manager
    we will be well beaten by them and then we can get back to concentrating on what really matters .
    roll on next week.


  24. Steve Showcase says:

    Probably the best and most accurate summation you’ve ever written Rasmin..

    It just can’t be wrong to say it how it is with the new regime and Fosun’s money behind us..
    Why do we here and at the club walk away from the obvious and don’t just say it?

    We are simply not good enough ..Thelwell – his attitude and player opinions are frankly a complete and utter liability..PL is in danger of being sucked into the same groove.(particularly by endorsing new contracts i.e. Evens / Dicko – or are we going to sell them?)

    We have (at least) six players who are not good enough and should be disposed of inc our Captain…
    Our defence is perilous, our midfield is doubtful, and other than Bod and Costa we need at least 2 strikers..
    This season is almost in crisis and nxt season we (have) to spend…like £50M.
    This result must surely go with all the other f#*k ups..
    PL must be pulling his hair out but is he being influenced?


  25. During a restless night I woke up at 4am and tried to find some reasoning for why we for the larger part are such a poor side. I know it’s not just one simple thing but am I seeing what others fail to see or am I just wrong? The issue I have is last nights central defenders. Individually they are quite poor footballers in my opinion, together they are an accident waiting to happen. Last night’s pairing, our worst in my humble opinion are far too ponderous on the ball and lack the basic technical ability to either play the ball out to our left or right backs or to carry the ball forward with purpose to draw players towards them opening space for our midfielders to develop any dominance in midfield and hence in turn to successfully create any attacking momentum. All too often the lazy 50 50 punt forward is the prefered option. That’s why the few times we attack with any purpose it is nearly always predictably down the wings and usually down the side that our one true quality player Helda Costa is operating. We never run with any purpose at the heart of the opositions central defence which would asks questions of a defender drawing them in and making them have to make a decision. This is why we never seem to have players in place to shoot from outside the box. It’s quite simple to see why we see so few shots on goal. This is week in week out you can usually count on one hand how many attempts we have on goal. This malaise with our central defenders makes us one paced and predictable. To their credit their best games are nearly always away from home when we have less possesion and have to defend with a seige mentality blocking shots and heading the ball out where their commitment is 100% and is beyond question. Maybe we should be using this pairing away from home and central defenders more comfortsble on the ball when playing at home. It’s not their fault really as they are playing to the limit of their ability but it is just not good enough at this level in my opinion. The second issue I have with many of the team in general is that there is not enough running into space off the ball making us easy to defend against. I was always taught that the very best players move when they are not in possession creating themselves both time and space, we are particularly poor in this respect. Watching last night’s turgid affair was reminiscent of the last half a dozen games at the tail end of last season. I still think we we have enough quality to avoid the drop but relegation is not beyond the realms of possibility. The only plus point last night was the performance of Conner Ronan, he looks like a quality player in the making and should be given more game time. He already looks head and shoulders above some of our first team regulars. Last night has really dampened my appetite for Saturdays cup tie so at the moment in the words of one of my favourite musicians  of the 70’s “I don’t want to go to Chelsea”.


  26. Re: contracts I’d love to know who rubber stamps them. Have they not considered how these players have been performing…..I mean Evans out on loan at a third tier club for the best part of a season and even before that was never a regular under the previous managers and……….4 year contract it’s comical.

    To me this is where the problem lys these players now know come what may, whatever League the club is in they’ve still got there juicy contract. Dicko, Batth and Evans who next Saville.

    This is why we Fosun need to recruit there own people and do away with people like Therwell they need to take a hands on role in the day to day running of the club……..it’s no good thinking the people that are there know what they are doing because they don’t…..they’ve been to comfortable to long .


    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Scratching backs comes to mind when we are dishing out contracts, new brooms needed, squiky clean ones please.


  27. Danny Velinski says:

    Wigan play football so excremental that the right thing to do would be to pick it up and put it in a small plastic bag but Wolves decided to organise their own dirty protest. Last night’s game was smeared all over the Molineux. The smell still lingered in the air as I drove around the ring road this morning. Paul Lambert may be angry and disappointed but presumably he has take some responsibility for the North Korean missile tactics as Batth, Stearman and Ikeme continued launch misguided assaults into the Wigan half in the hope of scaring them into surrender. Lee Evans played like a man who wants to spend the next three and a half years on loan to Rotherham. Weimann and Marshall looked like impulse buys that when you bring them home are going to occupy a draw until the local cubs come collecting for a jumble sale. Ronan looks ready to move to a big club like Huddersfield or Brighton who may just appreciate his desire to play football.
    Paul Lambert seems on course to be the next Scotland manager were every game is served with deep fried disappointment and despair.


  28. Sutton Coldfield Wolf says:

    In the past two years of significant under achievement you have to look for the constant themes vs. those themes that have changed. The good news is the ownership has changed, the ceo has changed and the manager(s) has changed. So what has remained constant and underpins why we have not progressed? thelwell, Edwards as coach, Daley as fitness coach and a nucleus of under achieving players e.g Batth, Edwards, ikeme, stearman, coady, dicko, price et al. Remove the inhibitors to progress and you will have progress. Persist with what has failed to deliver today into tomorrow and you will end up with exactly the same result. Unfortunately the wolves culture that has become ingrained In the club is one where we have become scared to take the risks to become truly successful, instead we have a play it safe, be cautious mentality, hence the signing of utterly ordinary players on long term contracts because it is ” better the devil you know”. Come on lambert and fishnet show some balls and start the revolution. I’d rather die trying than wondering!


  29. Sutton Coldfield Wolf says:

    Fishnet should read fosun but if we have to do that to be successful, let’s just do whatever it takes……..?



    I remember going to Notts County away on Boxing Day 1985 and we lost 4-0 and it was freezing cold. Two days later we played Derby County at Molineux and lost 4-0. Needless to say the end of that season we went down to division 4. So yes last night was abysmal and turgid but I have seen worse. But back in the day we had no money and shit players. At least they used to put some effort in. Only Wolves can spend nearly £30 million on players and get worse. Those days back in July seem such a long time ago. 4th richest club in UK. The next Man City. I agree with some bloggers who say there is a common denominator to the never ending failures. These people have been around the club for a substantial period of time. May be it is time for Fosun to get ruthless. Rid the club of the staleness that seems to pervade in certain corridors. I really want PL to get it right but there seem to be vested interests at play. Just like under Stale. Is he un the Champions League with Copenhagen now ? Never stood a chance here. Take heed PL. Take heed.



    Interesting post I read on Molineux Mix earlier. Comparing the points ratio of the last 14 games under KJ. The games under WZ and the games under PL. All very similar numbers of games (14 or 15). The points ratio’s all exactly the same. 1.21 per game. Three different managers. Same bunch of players used for the most part.


  32. StuWolf says:

    The start of the rumours on who we are after in the summer, strangely enough Mendes is in the mix still.



    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Nice to register that we’re moving forward as a club despite poor results :)))) Cheers


  33. Larry Talbot says:

    Somebody please tell me that the contract offer for Dicko is a wind up!?


  34. Thought we would be playing better football than this under PL even with the same players. Noticed we were beginning to over play it back to Ikeme for the big boot upfield against Newcastle. The movement and the passing just isnt good enough. A couple of midfield players with all the bells and whistles who can both create and negate would help. Dont think dispensing with the midfield altogether or just bringing in Saiss is really going put things right in the modern game. This season we have relied to exclusively on wide players to unlock defences. Pity we never saw Macdonald playing with
    the likes of Costa. On another note a dip in league form often comes with a good cup run for a team in our position.


  35. Steve Fowler says:

    Not to take anything away from the consistently excellent blogs that Thomas selflessly writes on here, but ‘hats off’, Rasmin; that is one of the best blogs I can remember reading for a long time – completely spot on, as I far as I’m concerned, with everything you have written.


  36. Wigan play football so excremental that the right thing to do would be to pick it up and put it in a small plastic bag but Wolves decided to organise their own dirty protest. Last night’s game was smeared all over the Molineux. The smell still lingered in the air as I drove around the ring road this morning. Paul Lambert may be angry and disappointed but presumably he has take some responsibility for the North Korean missile tactics as Batth, Stearman and Ikeme continued launch misguided assaults into the Wigan half in the hope of scaring them into surrender. Lee Evans played like a man who wants to spend the next three and a half years on loan to Rotherham. Weimann and Marshall looked like impulse buys that when you bring them home are going to occupy a draw until the local cubs come collecting for a jumble sale. Ronan looks ready to move to a big club like Huddersfield or Brighton who may just appreciate his desire to play football.
    Paul Lambert seems on course to be the next Scotland manager were every game is served with deep fried disappointment and despair.

    this is the best ive read for ages,pure comedy gold pmsl danny.but i know it sounds harsh to some but what you write is o so very true,a decent cup run and the odd decent win but in reality the vast majority of our players are past there sell by date,going nowhere fast soon,this lot would get the greatist of managers the tin tack thats for sure.good reas danny.


  37. I’ve seen some comments on here about the FA Cup being an unwelcome distraction this week. Unwelcome? It is only because of the cup us fans have had something to get excited about this season. Obviously we don’t want to go down, but those days against Stoke and Liverpool are unbeatable, just incredible moments what being a fan is all about and actually give us a reason to forget about our troubles in the league.
    We’re a side which has been underachieving in the second tier for the best part of 30 years. Three or four extra games in the cup are not going change anything drastically. Thank god for the FA Cup. It’s the only thing keeping our season alive. Enjoy it while it lasts!


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