Wolves 0 Newcastle United 1

In summarising QPR’s home defeat to Huddersfield yesterday, Ian Holloway was only too happy to offer up his usual soundbite for the boys in the press office.

“Unfortunately, this league is about taking your chances, and we created more than enough. That’s what a venomous snake does to you. It bites you – and we got bitten twice.”

It’s fair to say Newcastle were less venomous more python-like in their performance, strangling the life out of any attack Wolves could muster and moving in for the kill when their punch-drunk opponents had run out of ideas.

We can probably feel hard done by in the sense that their goalscorer shouldn’t have been on the pitch to tap in his 44th minute winner.

Aleksandar Mitrovic had already been booked when he chose to ‘leave one’ on Carl Ikeme after the goalkeeper had taken possession. It was a definite second yellow if not a straight red in it’s own right.

But that doesn’t forgive what felt like a soft concession to the league leaders, which gave them something to hold onto in a game where they barely exited second gear.

Rafa Benitez is an outstanding coach and his team looked comfortable in their shape and nigh-on impossible to breakdown.

Helder Costa was tightly marked and barely involved, save for a few cute passes in the first half that almost opened things up.

And without the Portuguese winger conjuring any real moment of quality in the final third Wolves were far too one dimensional in and around the box.

Bright Enobokhare was enjoying a good game, quite often slaloming away from tackles and picking out good passes.

Once he was inexplicably taken off on the hour in favour of playing two up front things only got progressively worse.

Both Dicko and Bodvarsson offer moments of promise in their all round play, but neither look capable of finding the net with anything like the consistency required.

I just hope that not signing that natural finisher we’ve been crying out for this season won’t come back to bite us come May.

The general performance of the team wasn’t too bad. There was some good spells of possession and some decent incisive passes through the middle third of the pitch.

Jack Price was central to most of those good moments so it was disappointing to see him go off with an injury at half time. Lee Evans didn’t have the same influence.

But ultimately it’s those same frailties that continue to haunt us – the dreaded lapse in concentration when defending routine balls into the box and not nearly enough venom when circling our prey.


  1. basherbaz says:

    Quite agree Thomas Bright and Price had a good game, but not according to Tim Spiers !
    Why bright was taken off suprising and perhaps Ronan should have come on, Marshall needs match time but this was the wrong time to do it.
    We deserved the draw, so perhaps we will get the rub of the green against Wigan.


  2. Football is a simple game. The idea is to put the ball in the opposing team`s net, more often than they do in yours. It`s not how pretty you play. It`s all about how reliably you can score. But how can we ever hope to do this when we have no strike force. ?

    Bod and Dicko have now played for well over half a season without scoring a single goal between them. Pathetic. Worse, they do not remotely look as if they will score. How we would all swap a season full of Icelandic claps for just three or four scrambled goals.


  3. I thought, in general, it was a pretty good performance with some neat passing moves and largely solid enough defending. But we never really seemed to create the golden opportunity that our strikers obviously need before they can do that which they’re paid to do.
    Helder Costa, it’s true, was marked out of the game, with at least two defenders on his toes as soon as he had a sniff of the ball. The disappointing thing was that we were never able to exploit the space that this Costa overload would have left elsewhere.
    Newcastle are obviously a difficult side to break down with one of the best defences in the league and when we unluckily went a goal down just before half time, the writing was already on the wall.
    Most of our team played pretty well, but pretty well just ain’t good enough when you’re playing the top of the league. I ain’t too distraught though and won’t be, as long as we beat Wigan.


  4. Lorry1978 says:

    Very inept performance again tonight.
    There are three types of football player in the modern game –
    1 Those that make things happen
    2 Those that watch what happens
    3 Those that wonder what’s happened

    Wolves have too many number 3’s and not enough number 1’s. End of.


    • someblokeontinterweb says:

      Lorry, I’ve said this man many times, when we need to clear the lines the head tennis just goes anywhere, and then they ALWAYS look vulnerable.


  5. Agree on Bright, he looks a real player and did not look out of place against such quality opposition so it was a strange one to see him hauled off. I just wish he’d shoot a bit more when around the box.

    I look at Sheff Wed and see they have signed two quality Championship strikers in Rhodes and Winnall (putting to one side he was once our player for another day) and that’s exactly what we needed. And we’re supposed to have all the money.

    All in all it was a game that should have ended 0-0. We just lacking quality. Midfield was a little short with Price deep, meaning Edwards was tasked with bossing a midfield which he was never going to do.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      In my opinion he’s very good on the ball, but he plays with too little risk. When Jordan Graham returns I would seriously consider playing Costa in the middle.


  6. Larry Talbot says:

    From what I saw, the Wolves that huffed and puffed at Newcastle’s door found out it was the one made of bricks.

    As someone has pointed out, with two men on Costa, where was the exploitation of the gap?

    It didn’t take long to realise that Newcastle were a cut above us and that the game to win is against Wigan. Again I didn’t understand Lambert’s tactics. If there was any game to play the Saville/Evans hunter/killer role it was this one. They needed the win just as much as we did and if we could’ve thwarted them for just a little longer Benitez might possibly have settled for the honourable draw?

    Oh well, we had a bash I suppose. The lack of goal from the forwards(????) is a bigger worry every time they don’t net now. Without the threat of Dangerous and Costa I just can’t see us scoring. I do think that although I’d had a few, our delivery at dead-ball situations has improved, but only cos we can pack the box, but it’s the forwards…..I’m struggling to find a way of describing them without sounding negative, but it’s pointless swinging good crosses in when nobody is there to attack it or gets brushed off like an insipid case of fleas.

    At least we can hammer Wigan!!



    • We exploit the gap left by too many marking Costa, if we play Cav.
      He also is equally as creative a player.
      Not so sure about Weimann & Marshall.
      Like to see Bright start as the striker, as I think he would have a confidence in the 6 yard box.
      An ability, sadly lacking in both Bod & Dicko’s repertoire of skills.
      Also we need someone with vision in midfield, who can defend & make a forward pass that confuses the opposition defence.
      Coady played well.
      Let’s hope we avoid relegation!


      • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

        Weimann struggled to make an impact out wide and is probably better suited as a striker. We lack a Sako on the left. Imagine Sako (or Zyro when he returns) on the left, Costa in a central attacking midfielder role and Jordan Graham out right.


  7. It says a lot about our strikers that one of only two opertunitys fell to Stearman. We cannot keep playing the strikers we are playing or the system thery being told to play or both because its not working…..simples.

    Dicko is a million miles away from the player he was,it.s like watching an ageing boxer try to recapture former glories watching Dicko this season. He punching thin air at the moment and getting picked off by defenders. He either needs a rest or replacing.

    I know strikers go through bad patches but this is worst I’ve ever seen in all my years of supporting Wolves but Lambertt keeps putting him back in the ring game after game with the same result.


  8. Clive from Houston says:

    When I used to work for an employer, one of the basic tasks was at least do what you are paid to do.
    If I had performed as badly as our strikers have done, for so long, I would have been sacked a long time ago.
    I gotta be scathing about our manager and the forwards.
    It is almost criminal, or at least brainless, how he can pick not one, but two players who have not scored one goal between them for so long.
    Goal drought?
    It makes the Sahara look positively monsoonic.
    Have we no out and out strikers coming through the academy?
    Wigan are going to be just as tough to beat, and I fear if we lose to them, our season will go tits up very quickly, and we could end up in division three.
    It is said that any club can beat any other on any given day in this league.
    Our players do not seem aware of that.
    Get it fuckin’ sorted, Paul.
    Both you and Wolves are better than what we are currently having to endure.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Should there not be a full stop after your 5th word in your 1st sentence?


      • Clive from Houston says:

        Big words AND nearly correct grammar from the side of the M62.
        Things are looking up.
        Next you will be doing joined up writing, without crayons!!


        • Brompton Wolf says:

          Your geography is appalling, or should I say your hearing. I have told you numerous times that I live nowhere near the M62.



          • Clive from Houston says:

            You moved then?
            Where are you now, somewhere up the A1?
            Happy New Tent!!
            And stop posting on old blogs, you nit, it takes too long to find the thread to respond.


  9. Thought it was a good game & we played well. I thought Price excellent in the first half & he must’ve gone off injured.

    Lee Evans also played very well I thought, he’s a bigger physical presence than Price & hard in the tackle.

    But we lost! Following on from the Burton defeat that may mean Lambert has the potential to be Dean Saunders 2! Hope not but a killer winning instinct needs to be installed & the two strikers need intensive work to learn again how to score.

    Reading some of the reports on other sites it seems I went to a different game to a lot of the reporters. But to lose colours judgement.

    If we play like this & put the chances away we will win. But it has to happen soon.


  10. The Newt says:

    Newcastle are the best side in the league and I felt we held our own against them for large portions of the match although in fairness I had the feeling that if needed they had a couple more gears they could have moved through.

    Their goal sums up our bad luck with officials this season. How on earth was he still on the pitch and to rub salt in the wounds the bloke who set him up was coming back from an offside position. If these things even themselves out over a season we should be laughing from now until May…

    We’ve definitely improved under Lambert but we need two things. A couple of nasty bullies in the team – we’re far too nice and can’t see out games. And a striker who can score. Dicko, Bodvarsson, Bright, Mason, Weimann are all good supporting strikers but how we need a SEB or similar who can stick them away.

    Win against Wigan and we’re back on track.


  11. They won pug ugly just maintaning a rigid defensive shape and denying any space. The Ref was a perfect fit for them too lots of petty decisions to stem the flow of the game he bottled making the big one. We also resorted to playing too many long ariel balls that just made it easier for there defence to stay in the groove.

    At the moment we just seem to keep finding another way to lose. I dont think we will get drawn into a relegation scrap but in the Championship not going anywhere doesnt buy the coach much time. Anything it takes we need to get on a run.


  12. StuWolf says:

    I was at the same game as you mate, along with the 4200 Newcastle fans who sang their f’n chuffs off, who incidentally to a man said “they got hammered and were lucky to get 3 points from the game”, I mean, we wiped the floor with them at times. We actually had 53 % of the play, that hasn’t happened for a while, we had 1 yellow to their 5, again that hasn’t happened for a while. Bright had his best game in a Wolves shirt to date, When Evans came on I felt we were actually stronger in the middle than with Price. (Never thought I would ever say that about Evans after the Derby 5-1 away game two seasons ago)

    Where it went South is, we allowed Jonjo Shelvey the run of the middle in our half and allowed him to come deeper into our half than in the first 45 minutes. It was the Jonjo Shelvey show in the second half. For all his faults and stupidity, I wish he played for us.

    Whilst we did deserve something better than a goal scored by the guy who was a Tad lucky to still be on the pitch, But if we are truthful, Doherty could just of easily been red carded for a definite hand ball.IMO only.

    Enjoyed the game, sad we lost to such a poor defended goal, we are going in the right direction but just not sticking it away. Having Bodvarsson on the pitch offers so much more than Dicko at the moment but it will come. The season is surely over for us so consolidate, survive, re-group and buy wisely in the Summer.

    Put the razor blades out of reach, weem ok.

    FOwb ( when all else fails take the P out of the stripy folk)

    Talking of pure crass stupidity, WTF did Newcastle change their strip for yesterday? The game is bonkers.


  13. theDOOGooder says:

    I suppose that the best thing that could be said about yesterday’s performance is that there certainly didn’t look like there was virtually the whole of the division between the two clubs.

    We made Newcastle look pretty ordinary without being any better than ordinary ourselves.

    On another day, with another referee, we would have got at least a draw out of the game so I don’t think that there is too much reason to panic…. just yet.

    A reason to panic will present itself if we don’t beat Wigan in the week.

    Then, confidence will start to evaporate and our chances of beating Chelsea – and staying clear of the relegation zone – will reduce vastly.

    And if one of our forwards doesn’t find the net pretty soon we will start to struggle big time.


  14. sevlow says:

    Block out Costa and we are stuffed. That’s what happened yesterday. It worry’s me that so much of our game relies on one person performing. That’s no good at all.


  15. Reference Stu Wolf’s comments totally agree with you. It’s just if you look at say Molineux mix & even Tim Spiers who gave Evans 5(I think) you have to check your glasses!

    Was I paying attention? Hopefully the football Gods will reward us on Tuesday night. We just need to play with a bit more devil may care, & go for it. We have the skill level & quality to really step up but maybe not the belief & killer instinct.

    Evans & Price matched the geordie midfield but someone should have pressured Shelvey in their half.


  16. wolfman jack says:

    Strange game. Newcastle seemed to be showing us a lot of respect in the 1st half, but once they had scored we never looked like getting back into it, (albeit they didn’t ever really threaten a 2nd).
    Costa is being doubled, if not tripled,-up on and we either have to find ways to use the extra space, as indicated above, or ask him to go looking for the ball rather than staying out wide.
    Wigan is now a crunch game. Play as we did 1st half and we should be ok. But I can’t help thinking that a playmaker like Ronan, playing more centrally, might give our strikers the clear opportunities they are now lacking. Marshall doesn’t look capable of contributing much at the moment, and pehaps there should be places for Saiss on his return and Mason.


  17. StuWolf says:

    Just a bit of ammunition to fuel the “lack of strike force debate”

    If we could find striker…..


  18. Newark Wolves says:

    Well bloggers, I am as miffed as anyone about the result but lets just move on for a moment. Yes, we need to stay up and we might even get relegated but the omens say we will get to the cup final…………………………why ? you ask. The last team to get to the cup final and get relegated were Wigan…………..who do we play next ? Before that, Portsmouth in 2010 were relegated after playing Chelski in the final…………………………..who do we play next in the cup ? AND, before that, Middlesbrough lost in the 1997 final and then got relegated. Who did they play in the final ? Yep, Chelski, who we play next ! And, reading back what I just wrote, what a load of crap, but me and Susun will be at the Wigan game for a very rare night match so look forward to seeing some of you then. x


    • john Payne says:

      Brilliant research Newark – does that mean we need to lose to Chelsea – think so – honorable defeat then ‘concentrate on the league’ !


  19. Can’t expect to win games with your first attempt on goal in the 86 minute. Newcastle on the night no better than us but they can defend Poor goal to to give away, Poor substitute with Bright, one of our better players on the night. Let’s not get carried away with our cup results as our league form is poor and this is the priority. Yes PL we are a million miles from where you and the fans want to be,looking towards next season.But as Wolves supporters know it’s always next season.


  20. Brompton Wolf says:

    Just one word, which cost us the game.



  21. nige3367 says:

    I keep hearing from Lambert that he is happy with how the team is performing and we are playing well ???


    Playing well. having most possession, having shots on target means nothing.

    Winning and getting points is all that matters… as Newcastle proved.. Win Ugly is better than losing pretty


  22. On the striker issue. I know good strikers can make their own chances, but I don’t recall Bod or Nouha exactly missing a host of golden opportunities, so maybe the problem is with our creative players rather than the strikers per se. Against Newcastle, Nouha had that volley which would have been a wonder goal if it had gone in and the best chance fell to Stears. And that was it really. In other games, strikers seem to benefit from tap-ins.


  23. Bedford Wolf says:

    From yesterday – we deserved a draw, the referee was awful, Enobakhare was our best player, I was nowhere near as cold as I thought I’d be but that was probably due to the 17 layers of thermal clothing I had on and it was nice to meet up with Brompton, Stuwolf, Mr & Mrs Twixfix and London Wolves Loyal in APV before the game.

    For the future 1 – if we are to challenge for promotion next season Batth and Stearman have to be replaced as their type of do or die defending might have been great in 1977 but the game has moved on in the past 40 years and centre backs now need to be footballers, comfortable on the ball with good distribution. Batth’s long aimless chipped passes into the opposition half, or worse still when he puts the ball into touch, are not what we need. I know they are both committed and are local and both throw their bodies in the way for the cause but ultimately that just isn’t enough anymore. Williamson – if ever fit again -and Hause are better right now. We can’t rely on Williamson long term though and a new, ball playing, centre back must be a priority in the Summer.

    For the future 2 – I know they are both highly rated by many on here and I respect that but for me neither Price or Edwards are anywhere near good enough. Was shown again yesterday. I think both could be squad players but certainly not starters. Price is neat and tidy but doesn’t have either the stature or the range of passing required in that central defensive midfield role. Jackett realised that in League 1 and we continue to see it. He just doesn’t provide the impenetrable barrier to protect the defence that he is there to do. The issue with Edwards, and has been for a while, is where do you play him? He lacks the skill and flair to be an attacking midfielder and lacks the restraint and discipline necessary to be a holding midfielder. He is a free spirit whose non-stop running and knack of popping up to glance or bundle in a goal is commendable but perhaps from the bench when circumstances dictate. For me Saiss and Ronan (maybe Oniangue) are better options at the moment.


    • I’m in total agreement regarding Batth Stearman Price and Edwards. All have great attitude and commitment but ultimately not good enough if this team is to challenge for promotion.


      • john Payne says:

        Agreed; we respect those players who give 100% for the team, but have to be brutally honest about their shortcomings.
        What a pity we let Golborne and McDonald go -they’re the sort of players that create opportunities for the forwards.


  24. Clive from Houston says:

    Stu baby
    You know whats coming………..
    All the statistics about possession, shots, corners etc is basically bollocks.
    The ONLY one what matters is the one where we got a big fat zero.
    Goals scored.
    Dont give a shit about anything else.
    We score more than we let in, we win
    We dont, we go down, and out of the cup.
    Simple as Brompto.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Thanks mate. I am taking that as a compliment. You agreeing with anyone has to be considered so.

      Seriously. I would love to see Dicko start putting them away, but how long do we wait. I say, we don’t and get someone in who does.


  25. Johnok says:

    Thomas a good summation,we huffed and puffed all the way through the match,
    Didn’t think much of Newcastle,then again they had a depleted side out.
    I thought price had a good 45,but overall our midfield doesn’t offer much in the way quality going forward,bar costa who was closed out of the game for long periods.
    I’m a big fan of Dicko but perhaps he needs a change and put him on the wing and give the Daddy a go up front just for a change with Bright in behind him,(who for me played well and I couldn’t think why he was taken off). Overall I thought we were unlucky to lose and like everyone said their player should have gone before he scored the eventual winner.Dont think we should panic at the mo,but the Wigan game is enormous.UTW


  26. Steve Showcase says:

    Just conclusive now that we are just not good enough to be part of the top six..basically 6 players are just not good enough and 2 are in the half back line 2 are in the middle and two are up front which includes Dicko..
    Let’s face it.period. Almost good enough.. almost enough consistency..almost good enough defence ..almost good enough some strikers..
    Almost is not good enough .

    Rebuild for nxt season around key,good enough players..the Fosun money was almost heavenly but what a waste of resources give or take Costa and hopefully Lambert …

    KJ must be laughing in terms of our league position ..In terms of myself..I’m crying ..


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Yahoo. Stevie is actually agreeing with what I said at the beginning of the season. I knew you would come round to my way of thinking sooner or later.


  27. nige3367 says:

    Well I know it wasn’t exciting but we only lost 16 last season….
    We are already up to 13 this season…. and we are selling tickets like crazy…
    we have some good marketing people down the Molineux
    Progress…. ??


    • Had an awful lot of 0-0’s though.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Yes and last season we were all in imminent danger of passing away from terminal boredom – and if that didn’t kill us it would have been the absence of any hope or any future. At least its not been boring this season and we do now have hope and a future.


      • nige3367 says:

        I agree but I ALWAYS have hope… that is what keeps me going back game after game…even last season.
        Must Win Tomorrow..


  28. kiwiwolf says:

    Another game that exposed the fact that our attacking full back has scored more goals than both our “Strikers” combined, a desperate plight that was masked during the transfer window by the signing of Helder Costa. Seems strange that we solve the problem by giving a striker without a goal in NINETEEN games a new 4 year contract.


  29. London wolves loyal says:

    I thought we were good in the first half . We out played Newcastle. We should have been in front at half time and not a goal down . Second half however, did show us up and expose our weekness. I sort of agree with some of what’s been said by people like Bedford but not about all personnel mentioned
    I do think that as much as Dave Edwards has been a real hero this season , some times , we need a more creative player in that position. Costa was not enjoying one of his better days and we were absolutely stuffed . There’s a time and a place for that type of player and Saturday was not it . I have seen glimpses of Conor Ronan there and he’s been fantastic!!
    (Thought Bright was excellent by the way and Evans too )
    Can’t help but think that we have good strikers already at Wolves but they often seem so isolated for long periods of the game due to our failure to create.
    Nice to see you Bloggers and you Witley wanderers are always great to grab that quick last pint with . See you for a good few on Saturday Wanderers for the cup !
    Up the wolves


    • john Payne says:

      Like many I’m despairing of our strikers coming good, but they do make a lot of effort to get on the ball, and it may be that the lack of creative player/s in midfield is letting them down.
      WE’re stuck with the present squad now anyway and Pl has to conjure up a winning combination.


  30. Tipton Exile says:

    This game showed us that we do not have the skills or talent to be anywhere near the top six of this league.

    Love him or loathe him Sheedy was different class to anyone on in our team. He has the ability to see and execute some brilliant passes. We have nobody near to his level (Costa excepted). Their defensive pair of Lacelles and Clark are what we should aspire to.

    Until we can produce a performance like that of Newcastle and basically stifle the life out of a team once we have scored.

    Having said that I knew we had no chance when I saw the name of the Ref. He is not quite as bad as Mike Jones but not much better. How the Newcastle CF stayed on the pitch god alone knows. But that cannot excuse the fact that we need a complete rebuild around the one or two good players that we have.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Tipton – we definitely need something in the Sumer but a complete rebuild is perhaps a tad over-stated as is the assertion that we only have one or two good players. For me these 17 are all good players who, with some key additions, should be part of our squad for 2017/18; Ikeme, Burgoyne, Coady, Iorfa, Hause, Doherty, Saiss, Ronan, Oniangue, Costa, Marshall, Enobakhare, Cavaleiro, Graham, Dicko, Bodvarsson, Zyro


      • Dangerous Dave must be really shit if you prefer Marshall who’s barely kicked a ball for us.


        • Bedford Wolf says:

          No its not that, its more that Marshall, having only just been bought by Lambert, must be guaranteed to be in his thinking for next season whereas others may well be – like Edwards and Price etc – but are not necessarily guaranteed.


    • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

      Funny one that Tipton, because I thought he had a good game at Anfield, but he was woeful on Saturday. Maybe the numpties running the line didn’t help him too much.


      • Tipton Exile says:

        Don’t think it was the numpties on the line, just the usual cowardly refusal to send off a thug for a obviously dangerous foul on Ikeme. He could have been out for a while with a ruptured achilles after that assault. The ref must have seen it because he gave him and the Newcastle captain a talking to before playing on.


  31. Paul cooks left peg says:

    Read all.of the comments
    Agree,with most
    But it might seem really obvious of me to say this but yet again our,chances were from a midfielder and a defender
    I really am a fan of,dicko and bod but we.can’t keep saying they will.come good
    If I wasn’t performing at work my boss wouldn’t wait,for me to start performing end of the day they are there to put the ball in the net and they ain’t
    Wigan for me is now a six pointer we really must beat them
    Fans have got there eye on Chelsea but I think it’s distracting from our league formerof late. Wake,up wolvrs we need to beat wigan ttomorrow night.


  32. Paul cooks left peg says:

    Shit typing from last blog but in hurry
    I’ve had my rant now!


  33. Incognito says:

    Game lost even before we started. Midfield should be Saiss, Ronan, Price and one other if you want to play 4. Lambert’s continued exclusion of Saiss baffling.


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