Norwich City 3 Wolves 1

This wasn’t the first Carrow Road disaster for Carl Ikeme.

Those with decent recall will remember a 5-2 defeat in 2008 when our number one (then number two) dropped the ball into his own net and suffered a torrid evening as Wolves slumped to a rare defeat on their way to winning the title.

The key difference is that yesterday our goalie wasn’t to blame. Wes Hoolahan dived, plain and simple.

You only have to see it back once to observe he was halfway to the ground before making any sort of contact with Ikeme.

And whatever Paul Lambert wants to say about slow starts that was the pivotal moment that took this game away from us.

Yes, Wolves were sluggish and Norwich could have scored two or three before Helder Costa drew us level from the spot.

But with 15 minutes left, they hadn’t taken those chances, Wolves had woken up and were arguably the more likely to make the telling breakthrough.

None of this is to say on the overall balance of play Norwich didn’t merit the three points, just that the key decision went against us and that shouldn’t have been the case.

With all three substitutions used up by the 75 minute mark (quite unusual) Matt Doherty performed manfully between the sticks.

And he in particular was unfortunate to be on the losing side having defended well all afternoon and dragged his team back into the game with a wonderful run for a more obvious spot kick award.

The Portuguese contingent certainly know how to take a penalty. All three have been buried in the side netting or top corner. Long may that continue.

Sadly, in open play our better attacking players didn’t really fire. Mason, Costa, Bodvarsson and Cavaleiro in particular were all well below their usual standard.

Similarly Dicko and Enobakhare found it a struggle to get into the game after coming off the bench. Andreas Weimann did marginally better in a lively second half debut.

So an under par performance that could so easily have merited an unlikely result ahead of next weekend’s trip to Anfield.

Instead, we make the journey to Liverpool (pending appeal) without the man who played the biggest role in getting us there.

And that is most disappointing aspect of all.


  1. Twixfix says:

    Well done Thomas for saying exactly how it was ….I too have watched the replays over time and again …and Hoolahan is going down well before any contact and then …for good measure falls over Ikemes legs ..for greater effect.
    What really got to me though was ( I think Russell Martin) ..turning to the ref and just pointing to the penalty spot ..on which he was standing….. unsportsmanlike and disgusting.
    For sure this was the turning point and it took away the momentum that we had been enjoying at that point.
    It’s fair to say that overall we deserved nothing but that’s not the issue.
    Really poor refereeing and even worse simulation to gain an advantage……
    Don’t suppose the FA will see it that way…so it’s up to Anfield without our No 1 keeper….that said I’m sure those wearing the shirt next week will give their all……..
    Weatherspoons here we come…


  2. Lowves...we have the bread says:

    We only played like that yesterday (crap) to lull Liverpool into a false sense of security. We will go in for the kill at anfield on saturday.We have 27 coaches from the travel club going so the M6 will be busy on Saturday!


  3. Cotswold Wolf says:

    Did n’ t see the game so thank you Thomas for your useful and always fair insights. Sounds like some key players fell below their recent good form. Is it possible they, at some level had next week on their mind?

    Well done those of you who made the long trip to the land of Delia. Pity we could n’ t put one over Moxey.

    Have a great day at A field those lucky people who a ticket – hoping for a win but would take a good performance.


  4. Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

    Spot on summary Thomas.

    Norwich have gone backwards since they came to and impressed at the Mol earlier this season and I thought they were the better side in a scrappy encounter, where we initially struggled to get into the game and couldn’t get the ball under control to play any football.

    Norwich failed to take their chances and Helda’s brilliant pen got us back in the game from when we looked the most likely to score – cue calamity pen for them and the game was lost.

    Not the way I wanted to remember my first trip to Carrow Road, as the train journey took 9.5 hours! Highlight of the day for me was a couple of really good pints with my mate from Norwich and his season ticket holding cousins in a pub that served amazing steak and kidney suet pudding with superb chips and gravy!

    Stu if you read this – thanks for the photo and message to which I shall reply later.



  5. colin says:

    Although i made a bravura prediction i did see this coming. They have improved at home of late and its a fixture they seem to take more seriously than we do. We have
    only beaten them once in our last nine meetings. They usually find a way to mugg us off.

    When we are out of the cup whenever that might be the season could drag much like the last one did marooned in midtable or looking over our shoulder. Looks like PL isnt going to get spectacular backing but would still like to see re-building. We have laboured too long with some players who only seem able to take us around in circles – not consistent enough, determined enough or clever enough.


  6. I’m a big fan of Carl but as soon as you push someone over, whether warranted or not, you’re asking for trouble. I assume it was that he was sent off for rather than the foul, but i don’t know.
    Either way, Carl has got to use his head there. Even if the penalty goes in, 2-1 11v11 we still have a chance. 2-1 with 10 men and defender in goal and it was game over.

    We’ve just got to put this one behind us. It’s still going well under Lambert and and the sense of injustice will ensure there is no dent to the confidence.


  7. Shalom Cohen says:

    It’s rather simple really……a professional footballer should be professional. To be honest it’s not the most intelligent thing pushing an opposing player and expecting to get away with it. Yes, I gather Hoolahan dived. Totally unprofessional as well. Difference is, he stayed on the pitch. UTW.


  8. vexrob says:

    I’ll give my two pence worth on this. I was one of 1500 disgruntled Wolves fans to have made the trip to Norwich, a shorter journey for me luckily as I live in Bedfordshire.

    Anyway, neither team deserved to win yesterday. Norwich weren’t great, and we were so disappointing given our previous performances and away form! I’d say that Alex Neil set up the Norwich team just right, he’d done his homework on us and they stopped us playing. We weren’t terrible but we just rarely got anything going and we may just have to give some credit to Norwich on that one.

    Cav was flipping awful in the first half and rightly got subbed at half time. After his first few forays forward didn’t work out, he looked totally disinterested and very lazy, giving the ball away on countless occasions.

    Norwich’s first goal was just about being in the right place at the right time. And unfortunately, we offered Naismith too much time and space once the ball kindly fell to him.

    Iorfa struggled all game. He made a few decent headers, but every time he got the ball, it looked desperately like a ‘hoof it up in the air and hope’ tactic. I can’t quite understand bringing him in for Coady when Coady has impressed massively at right back recently. Hopefully, Coads is fresh for Anfield.

    Stears was solid and dependable but I want to see him playing next to Williamson as Batth just isn’t manning the defence as well as he should for a Captain.

    The midfield looked ok, but struggled to make the significant passes forward.

    A disappointing defeat and we never looked like scoring other than a great move to force the penalty. I thought Costa had put it over the bar at first but I was proper relieved when it nestled in the top of the net. From then, we looked a lot more decent going forward and were certainly the more likely to score without really creating any clear cut chances.

    Hoolihans pen decision was tough for the Carrow Road Wolves contingent as no-one really saw what happened, we were the other end of the ground! Gutted to hear he was already diving because that really took the wind out of our sails.

    None of the players really had a good game, it’s tough to pick one out but for my Stears comments above. Costa continued to shine I supposed though, but only just and because everyone else was very mediocre.

    With my optimism, I was hopeful of a charge towards the top six but after yesterday, I think we’ll end up in mid-table. We still have too much inconsistency in individual performances.

    Still, I’m excited about the Liverpool game. We’ll really raise our game I’m sure, and everyone will be well up for it.

    Up the Wolves!


    • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

      I’m totally with you vexrob.

      I also went yesterday (see above).

      Particularly agree on the Iorfa/Coady swap. I can’t understand how Iorfa’s form/performances have just got worse and worse after such an impressive start to his Wolves career (remember Fulham away? – I think it was his debut).

      The guy next to me at Carrow Road thought Iorfa’s head has been turned with Under 23s and rumours of a move to the Prem being bandied about. So sad to see how poor he is at the moment and a big challenge for Lambo and the coaching staff to get him back on track.

      Looking forward to Anfield, with or without Ikeme.



      • robin says:

        Perhaps Coady wasn’t playing as he might be part of the deal for Ben Marshall?
        The engine room of a team are the midfield duo and ours, despite their enthusiasm, are not quite creative enough.
        I think we miss Saiss.


  9. Didn’t go just Radio WM & it sounded a pretty thin performance. Steve Daley kept saying we were making our own problems.

    Couldn’t understand why Coady was dropped. Also why no Dicko & Bod together?

    But yes inconsistency our downfall. Channel 5’s analysis featured both Norwich’s & Villa’s non penalties. How many of those type of penalties have been denied us? Oh well it’s The Wolves.

    Hope Liverpool don’t sting us after their fall from grace yesterday. Looking forward to Anfield, all 8,000 plus tickets sold out. It’ll be noisy.


  10. johnok says:

    I think you got it spot on Thomas,its a shame Ikeme got the red card it was only a booking imo,
    as said the ref got coaxed into it and by looking at the replay got it wrong when Hoolahan dived.
    As for the the way they performed or didn’t,some of the blame must rest with PLs selections.
    why play Iorfa when Coady been playing well in that position.
    I can’t say to much because i wasn’t there but having spoke to my mate who goes H&A he said he couldn’t understand why PL made the changes we looked a bit disjointed.

    I hope the team turn up next week,or else wee’l get turned over after what happened to Liverpool yesterday.
    What ever happens i’m looking forward to the trip.
    It looks like williamson injured again.i hope PL gets someone in this week to shore up our defence.U.TW


  11. Newark Wolves says:

    Just got home and I have to say that I didn’t expect that. Been in the pubs in Norwich all weekend and before the game their fans were hoping, at best, for a draw. Afterwards, they weren’t ecstatic, I just think that they couldn’t believe that they had won. The sending off did change the game – and the Norwich fans agreed that Hoolahoop dived but Ikeme should have been more professional and twatted him when nobody was looking. Cav was rightly subbed as he was doing nothing and one or two others were way below the standard that we have become accustomed to lately. We really are crying out for a prolific goal scorer. I will admit that I have been getting carried away lately and thought that we would come away with a win and another clean sheet but hey, we move on. Upwards and onwards to Liverpool. Sue’s (Paul’s) sisters husband supports them so next weekend will be fun. As Forrest Gump once said – Wolves performances are like a box of chocolates, you just don’t know what you’re gonna get.
    Thanks for the picture Stu, at least people can see that I can do normal……………..ish 🙂


  12. Steve showcase says:

    Once we kicked off and played mostly in our half for 20 mins the writing could of been on the wall which it was in the end..
    PLs expression ‘on the front foot’ was more like we were decidedly ‘on the back foot’ which meant we were dependant on the DB / Steers partnership and the skills of our defence right hand side namely Iorfa ..

    Steers played typical 110% DB was dreaming and Iorfa looked like his usual stroll in the park..
    I predicted I would be saying where ffs was Williamson and I now know he was prob at Nuffield for his back..

    It’s back to square one for me unless we are on the attack as in when they hit the bar with a cracking shot DB didn’t suss the rebound and therefor their first goal..
    Ikeme kept us in it the first half inc a one handed save and quite frankly the second half looked daunting..
    I must say when we equalised with a fantastic Costa penalty I thought we could nick this but the Moxey / Steve Showcase curse kicked in and we lost Ikeme and that was that…
    Costa totally brilliant ,Ikeme when on the pitch great…Steers v good…Dicko useless..Iorfa not with it,DB a continuous liability..the fans out of sight..
    For all of you …you should be happy I’m not going to Liverpool I might continue the curse..
    If Williamson is really hocked again I give up on this season..absolutely tragic..but the chink of light…there is always (that) winger who could join us…
    Totally exasperated though…


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      I only watched a brief highlights of the game and it did not look good Steve. Just a couple of points though. Stearman may have played well but you cannot give more than 100%. And from what I saw when the ball came off the bar it fell in front of our No 2 who was ball watching – Doherty, not Batth.

      Hopefully we play better next week, as I am looking forward to joining the 8000+ at Liverpool.


  13. The Newt says:

    Good summary Thomas. All of our players seemed a notch below recent performances and in all fairness Norwich deserved the win even though we were the team in ascendency at the time of the sending off. I would say Doherty was our MOTM.

    Reading in one of today’s papers that the Scottish FA are trialling retrospective bans for “simulation” (a polite way of saying being a sneaky diving cheating bugger!) and our FA are watching with interest. I can see no reason not to introduce this and ban any player found guilty for at least 3 games then I’m sure it would soon stop.

    Anyhow I gather Ikeme was sent off for the push rather than the foul so any appeal would be worthless. I’m a big fan of Ikeme’s and think he is one of our best players but it was a silly thing for such an experienced player to do even in the heat of the moment. Looks like either Lonergan or Burgoyne between the sticks at Anfield.


  14. Clive from Houston says:

    How many times have we heard, when a team gets knocked out of the cup, that they are now concentrating on the league?
    Well, our league season is now fucked, so we are going to concentrate on the cup!
    Liverfool have a big semi final this week, are trailing by a goal, and so will need all their big guns playing.
    Mid next week they play Chelski, and will need all their big guns playing.
    In between they face, at Anfield, a lesser team from a lower division and will feel they can play their C team like wot they did, twice, against Plymouth.
    If they do, we will cream them.
    However, having watched their big guns capitulate against Swansea, I now aint so sure that their C team is better for us!!

    Either way, we are gonna give them a doing.
    I am 100% confident there will be no Merseyside FA Cup interest after January 28 th.

    As for the game yesterday, nothing has changed since PL took over.
    We need new and better players all over the pitch.
    Only two new faces in, noone of any note, and still relying on strikers who dont.
    There is no chance of a top ten finish let alone a play off place.
    To be brutal, we are going to do well to avoid relegation.
    And Steve, Sako is NOT the answer!

    And it really turns my tummy to see the shit where they are.



  15. JackoMac says:

    A couple of learning points for me. Firstly, when Williamson is fit he has to play but that may still be a way off unless we pull him in for cameo appearances in cup matches. Secondly we cannot play Iorfa without Williamson alongside him as he needs guidance. Or, Iorfa only wants to really play in the shop window games such as premier league cup matches but I hope that isn’t the case. Thirdly Coady actually helps a little to stabilise Batth.


  16. theDOOGooder says:

    I’ve watched the penalty incident many times on the box. Admittedly from just the one angle. Slowed down and freeze framed.

    I might be in a minority of one (well, two actually because the PMDG’er agrees with me) but I think it WAS a penalty.

    And I have to ask the question, why did Ikeme go in with his legs?

    He was asking for Hoolahan to go over him. He was going nowhere and if Karl had just gone down to his left with his arms covering the post, we would have been fine.

    And the resulting push was just plain stupid. Maybe he was angry at himself for making such a horlicks of the ‘tackle’.

    But it’s all very well for me to sit on my fat backside and criticise what goes on in the heat of battle.

    It is what it is. A loss and no points.

    We looked like we were in the ascendancy when we conceded the penalty and after that we were always fighting a losing battle.

    A play off place is a distant dream now so let’s win the Cup.

    After all, although we were pretty ordinary yesterday, Liverpool were awful.


  17. Clive from Houston says:

    I disagree entirely.
    I think your backside is quite slim.


  18. Steve showcase says:

    Clive…Re S***o ..they say American burgers makes you blind or is it something to do with your hands..?


    • Clive from Houston says:

      They only make you blind if you stick ’em over your eyeballs.

      What I do with my hands is none of your business, but they will be turned into pumping fists when we knock Liverfool out of the cup….at Anfield.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      If anyone of note in the football world agreed with you about Sako, he would be here now.

      He isn’t and wont be so get over it lol


  19. Admant says:

    some points
    • if true then williamson is too injury prone to be considered an option.
    • we speak of quality over quantity, but how can we have 5 strikers who have scored a sum total of one goal in 4 months
    • for some reason we balk at 2 million for ben marshall but couldnt hand over 7mil quick enough for ivan-a-clue

    its easy to be pissed after a disgraceful performance, so i keep reminding myself we were on a pretty good run of form beforehand, but for a squad seriously lacking confidence and quality all over the field im not sure a solitary loan signing Duckens fits the bill (sorry)

    2 signings please PL – one at the front and one at the back. That gives us a good few months to be the players in, and ship iorfa out.


  20. The most frustrating thing in my view is the lack of transfer activity………’s like ground hog day in that the owners have changed yet here were are two thirds the way through January and one loan signing and another one signed from the 2 nd tear of Indian football , I’m mean come on Fosun your an investment company for gods sake……so invest?

    The honey moon is over for me re: Fosun the lack of transfers activity this window seems to me they have panic, they panic buyed in the summer and it seems to me they’ve panic again only this time it the complete opersite in that they’ve closed the cheque book.

    I may be wrong they might be saving the money for the summer if they are its a massive risk as we are still to close to the bottom 3 for comfort or worse case we could be entering a period of under investment and our club up for sale again in the not to distance future.

    I know that might sound a bit hysterical but history has shown re: Morgan lack of investment only leads to mediocrity……or in Morgans case relegation…….I hope I’m wrong, prove me wrong Fosun by investing in the team…….NOW !


    • Nippy Lobo says:

      There may be a problem with the FFP (the Financial Foul Play rules). In the E&S the other day, PL seemed to be saying that we were in dangerous territory. If so, a points reduction either now or the beginning of next season is the last thing we need. Reading between the lines of what Lambert said, the wages are the major problem (rather than transfer fees). That would explain why we had to get rid of Ola John and Prince before we could hope to sign Weimann and Marshall. It’s possible that we made a major reckless mistake in the summer signing so many players without a careful consideration of our FFP position.
      Personally, I’m prepared to believe that Lambert will sort things out. He looks a very promising manager to me. I don’t think we will get a better one while we are in this division. Trust PL! UTW!


      • Bournmouth yes mighty Bournmouth broke the fair play rules got fined £5 Milton but baged £ ten times that and more by getting in the Premier League ……..that’s ambition….that’s then saying nothing going to stand in our way and look at them now.

        The Fair play rules are designed to keep the big boys in the Premier and to keep the rest out, but if you have an owner with balls and REAL ambition then you get round them.


        • Nippy Lobo says:

          I don’t want to get bogged down in a row about this, Paul, but I would like to make two points:
          1) Bournemouth got promoted very quickly and they were in the Prem by the time the Football League got around to acting. The League could do nothing but fine them.
          2) If Wolves looked likely to get promoted this season, I would agree with you; but to break the FFP rules and then get stuck in this division would mean we became liable to a points deduction.


          • The Newt says:

            I agree with you Nippy.

            It’s a big risk to break the FFP rules in case you don’t then get promoted but I don’t think the punishment is a points deduction though but a transfer embargo which would effectively end any slim hope we may have of signing Costa on a permanent basis or even on loan for another season.

            The other point is that we are all moaning on this post about Hoolahan cheating by diving but then want to disregard the FFP rules which is in itself cheating! I am probably in a minority of one but I would rather compete in this division playing by the rules than only be able to get promoted by cheating.


            • Nippy Lobo says:

              I admire your noble thoughts but, in the case of the Financial Foul Play rules, I’m so contemptuous of them that I find it very difficult to agree. They are blatantly designed to help the strong and rich and to hold back those who are trying to challenge them.
              Didn’t capitalism used to be about speculating to accumulate? If you speculated well, you prospered; if you failed, you fell. Now clubs are only allowed to invest a sum in proportion to their income. After the 2008 crash, spectacular failures were bailed out with billions (in the US, trillions) of taxpayers (that’s our) money.
              Something’s screwy here: in society and in football. I hate the FFP rules. Back to opportunity, a bit of risk, and genuine fair play!


    • Admant says:

      im with you Paul. Lambert came in saying the squad was in a mess. most of the players werent even chosen by Zenga, yet here we are approaching the close and tumble weed.

      We desperately need a striker, Jordan Rhodes i slikely to be available, even if they want 9 mil for him – we spunked SEVEN mil on Cavaleiro FFS !!

      Maybe as Nippy points out (get it) we are restricted under FFP, but then surely Lambert would have known this before taking the job on ? If so, his mandate was then to limp this bloated squad over the line ? Wow, what aspiration.

      As Clive pointed out The season is O*V*E*R if we cant use this time to strengthen the squad then quite frankly what is the point ? Like having an expensive car in the driveway but no MOT so we just leave it idling for four months …


    • I think it is panic buying during January, or as a manager, you have an absolute certainty.
      Fosun must have a long term plan.
      As China seems to be, financially, the place for footballers to go, maybe they see us as a ‘feeder’ club?
      Certainly we are better with them than Morgan/Moxey.
      We have potential and I am sure the major ins and outs will take place in the summer.
      Relative to this season I think the take over came too late and it was all a little desperado.
      Fosun realised this when they sacked Zenga and have a adopted a more conservative approach.
      If I owned the club, business wise, I’d buy, during January, only what the ‘head coach’ insisted on.
      Good luck against Liverpool.


      • Nippy Lobo says:

        Robin, probably China is not looking to us to feed them Stearman, Saville, etc. Maybe our stars in ten years time, but, as regards that particular worry, I’d relax for a decade!
        It’s much more likely that Fosun wants to take us to about 7th in the Premier League, and then sell us for an ENORMOUS profit.
        If that is the case, then I think we are very lucky to have got Paul Lambert. He is probably capable of achieving that ambition.
        You wrote: “Relative to this season I think the take over came too late and it was all a little desperado.” Excellently put. Right on!
        We shouldn’t forget we were 17th last season. Personally, ever since August I’ve thought that the best thing was to take two seasons building a team that will be good enough to survive with a flourish in the Prem. No more aiming to finish 4th from bottom in the Prem every season!
        Too much betting these days. Fans get hysterical too easily! Let’s keep cool!


        • robin says:

          I wasn’t thinking Stearman, Saville etc, more Ronan, Gibbs-White generation!
          I am sure Fosun’s ambition is to be competitive in the Premiership & not languishing 18th in the Championship.
          Also relative to FFP and 13m for Costa, surely the club are aware of the situation and would only buy, if it is within the law?
          I expect, though, if his form continues, come the summer he will move on for a tidy profit and supply crosses for Lukaku at Everton.
          Good luck to the lad.
          He has been the highlight of the season for every Wolves fan.


          • Nippy Lobo says:

            Yes, fascinating, Robin. Are we pushing the limits of the FFP rules or not? If we are, I guess we can buy Costa now and sell him in May just with clever accounting. If we manage to keep Costa in the summer, then we are probably not sailing too close to the wind. (Although I suppose we could keep him then if we offload a few players. We’ll definitely want to get rid of Gladon, and several of the loanees loans expire then, don’t they? I guess we could probably keep Helder if we can persuade him to stay—for that this season’s form from now on will probably be crucial. I wonder if we could dodge the FFP rules by paying £13m now and an extra payment to Benfica in the summer. ?)


  21. LedburyLupus says:

    Is it frustrating supporting any football team or is it just this way with Wolves?
    Season after season (apart from a few months in League 1) we seem to make life difficult for ourselves, over and over again. When was the last time we put a team to the sword?, how often do we actually succeed in a match that should be an easy win? why is it always one step forwards and two back? why do we lose key players just when they are in form or just when we cannot do without them? the first time for ages we had money to spend in the Summer and we even managed to mess that up as well. I guess the answer could be a combination of bad judgement and bad luck but more likely this is just ‘the Wolves way’, something a Wolves fan has to get used to. The plus side is that this situation makes the ‘good days’ even sweeter and lets look forward to one of those next weekend.
    An appropriate time to remember a few lines from the Wolves anthem (The Impossible Dream)
    …….”This is my quest
    To follow the Wolves
    No matter how hopeless
    No matter how far”…………


  22. Brompton Wolf says:

    Well, it is proven once again. No goals scored from open play. We need to buy a Striker urgently.


  23. London wolves loyal says:

    Is there any truth in the rumors that Williamson is injured again ?


    • colin says:

      Who is this Williamson the natives speak of ?


      • London wolves loyal says:

        Some people think he’s a myth.
        A story about a wolves back four and that when he appears we don’t concede a goal .
        Hmm .. urban myth , folk law , you might think … let me tell you (man that has been doing new things ). I drank heavily before the Stoke game and I did that wolves thing where I arrived at the ground had a look where my seat was and then retired to the bar with about 500 others for a long part of the first half . Second half we took to our seats, things were a bit blurred, but momentarily my vision cleared and guess what I saw, as plain as day … yes ! Urban myth himself . Mike Williamson plain as the nose on your face . Standing there , injury free and marshaling the back four like a lion .
        And guess what else ? Wolves didn’t let any goals in . He is a real person , honest !


  24. I guess the most disappointing thing is the comparison between this performance and those that preceded it. We can only hope that this was just a below par blip and will not become the new reality.
    I’d like to think that the players were distracted by the prospect of our upcoming trip to Anfield. Maybe they knew there would be Liverpool spies in the crowd and wanted to lull them into a false sense of security.
    Whatever the truth, we can only hope we can find our true form before next week when the eyes of the football world will be upon us.


  25. sevlow says:

    Yeh Holigan probably did dive but Ikeme should be above what he did in pushing him.
    So we lost and now we just get on with the next match and what a big match it is.

    The fact that Norwich were unable to take advantage of our substitute ‘goalkeeper’ was a big surprise to me but showed that we still took the fight to them.

    Onwards & Upwards


  26. Brompton Wolf says:

    So, what happens next?

    Well for me it is getting my drinking head on, and my vocal chords aligned. Northallerton Rail Station at 06.50, arriving at Liverpool Lime Street at 09.50. Down the hill to the Richard John Blacker (Wetherspoons) on the left hand side to meet up with Mr and Mrs Twixfix, Bedford Wolf, London Wolves Loyal and Stuwolf’s nephew Kevin. Breakfast and a coffee (or maybe a beer), then taxi to The Arkles for a few slurps and meeting up with StuWolf and Jen de Wolf.

    Going to enjoy this match that’s for sure, along with 8299 other Wolves fans.

    Bring it on.


  27. theDOOGooder says:

    Like Williamson, I think Cheeseburger, too, is a myth.

    In fact there have been more sightings of Williamson than the legend named after a popular junk food product.

    Some say he lurches through the woods in a furry costume and is only spotted from a great distance and photographed out of focus.

    Some say he just lurches.

    Some say that he is a figment of Amanda’s imagination and about as real as a pantomime dame.

    Some say that if you see him it presages a terrible disaster.

    So be careful all you bloggers heading for Anfield.

    You have been warned!



    Like Doogooder I think Cheeseburger is full of Mirth.

    In fact there were two signings of Williamson more than the leg end named after a junk Ford product.

    Some say he Lunches through the woods in a funky costume and is only spotted coming out of a Disco or photo-bombed coming out of Focus.

    Some say, he just Lunches.

    Some say he’s just a fig box of Amanda’s emancipation and about as real as the rear end of a pantomime hoss.

    Some say if you see him it cancels out your pre-existing diseases and inflicts you with far worse.

    So be careful you bloggers aiming for sore heads at Anfield.

    You will be Scorned, (by the new blog haters)


  29. Mark G Davies says:

    So if PL said to the players before the game that they were playing for their Anfield places, he must have been very disappointed in their attitude and response in starting so poorly, particularly with the rare chance to play at one of the UKs most iconic stadiums.
    We need some muscle and physicality in the team, as we re so lightweight when put under pressure, lets hope we can get players in providing these qualities, maybe for next season though.
    So to next Saturday, hope to join you fellow bloggers at Wetherspoons before the game, their breakfasts are legendary.. maybe PL should take the lads there for breakfast before the game.


  30. Wolves have lodged an appeal against Carl Ikeme’s red card in time for tonights FA 5pm deadline.
    Shit refereeing, so lets see what the FA do about it.

    I’m expecting Sweet FA

    But, you never know, who would have thought we would have played so listlessly as we did Saturday after the last few performances.



    Ha ha ha Stu and Doog. Pantomime horse lurching through the woods……. be afraid….be very afraid..


    • Clive from Houston says:

      As long as your first question, Cheesy, is not:
      ” Do you want flies with that?”


    • Cheesy,

      Was thinking of the link…..
      Pantomime hoss / the Arkle pub on Saturday. Hope to catch up with you guys on Saturday if I can find the pub. I will have my 12 year old Grandson with me, he’s like a whirling dervisher so I have to be careful in case he caused mayhem.


  32. Shalom Cohen says:

    Unfortunately, diving is anything but ‘unprofessional’.

    You’re quite right, of course. A sad state of affairs.


  33. Sky news and Wolvesnewsnow reporting we’ve approached Norwich for Striker Josh Murphy, He came off the bench in the second half. There’s ambition for you.


  34. Another day passes and no new arrivals you can quote the Fair Play rules so ok let’s look at the Fair play rules are they Fair to start with I so no there not fair not fair to clubs in the championship which doesn’t get the millions of pounds TV money the Premier League does.

    They are based on income ie you cannot spend what you don’t earn. So in you get far less income from TV revenue, why carnt you if you have a wealthy owner use that wealth to make up for the lack of revenue from such things as TV money.

    There a myth that the Fair play rules are there so clubs don’t borrow or spend what they don’t earn, which is ok I can understand that.

    But what if you have a wealthy owner such as Fosun why then are you not allowed to use there wealth to off set the lack of revenue from TV. It’s all designed to keep the big boys in the Premier League and make sure they keep most of the wealth generated by TV after all that’s why the Premier League was set up so the so called big clubs got most of the TV money.

    If the Premier League had there way there would be no relegation or promotion. I refere back to my earlier blogs re: Bournmouth they broke the Fair play rules because they knew how could they compete with Premier League Clubs income unless they become a Premier League club themselves so what did they do they broke the rules or lets say bent them out of shape but the benefits out waked the fine in fact they are know at les caple of competing with the bottom of of the Premier because there owner had ambition and nothing including the Fair play rules were going to get in his way………now look at them Jeff…Fosun.


    • Just one more point clubs like Man Utd have been in Premier since it started so are at a bigger advantage than lets say Wolves they’ve had all those years of TV money all those years to build up revenue streams Wolves have not so how is it Fair to say to Wolves with wealthy owners you cannot take advantage of that wealth because basically your in a league that generates less income than the one you aspire to…!



    Stu mate. I have no idea where that pub is but i think we are on the 7 53 train. So should be in lpool about 9 . Any way enough of all that. Did you know 951 years ago today it was 23rd January ?


    • Twixfix says:

      COD …. exit Lime St to the left, down the ramp towards the taxis, not the steps.
      The turn to yr right towards the traffic lights….cross the road and go down the hill….Weatherspoons is about 80 metres down this road on the LHS…I think Boots is the next retail business on the way down..


    • Cheesy,
      I do know you are wrong buddy.

      Many years ago we changed to the Gregorian calander, which by my calculations means that today was actually October 1st which coincidently is my Birthday, but because of the change of calanders means I don’t know how old I am now.

      Thank Christ for Brexit.

      Oh and by the way, being a loyal Scot, October 1st 951 years ago is the last time I bought a round of drinks in the Arkle, which due to the Druid alcohol embargo only sold water, cheap round or what.?



  36. Clive from Houston says:

    951 years ago the shit were still shit, and will be in another 951.



    Clive. Cor disagree wi that. Good lad.



    Doe get me started about brexit…


    • Clive from Houston says:

      You are not supposed to mention politics.
      All the Trump lovers and haters will crawl from under their respective rocks and try to cleverly chastise you. (See previous thread)
      But it dough werk coz they’m thick, ay they??
      Ha ha


  39. Brompton Wolf says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo. Noooooooooooooo. Just hearing that Costa is wanted by Premier league sides and that his loan “could” be cut short if the money being talked about is right for Benfica. Shit, shit and more shit. Not only because we could lose a player that is doing the business for us, but mainly because Steve Showcase will start his “Sako come back” campaign again.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      More proof that agents, especially Mendes, are eventually going to be the downfall of football, with their ever increasing influence, turning the heads of, lets face it, not so bright young men, with the lure of “untold riches”.
      Just like the dwarves in The Hobbit, only this time the lonely Mountain is China………who’s financial bubble may burst sooner rather than later.
      The answer then is to quickly reach the Prem, so we can keep our good players, which means buying now to get us to the Prem, where we can keep our best players!!
      Catch 22?????


      • someblokeontinterweb says:

        Clive my old mate, I can’t even think about the Premier it just seems beyond our Ken and a few others. If we are strangled by the FFP RULES it just highlights the problems. Finishing in the top half of the Championship will be miracle. Fosun need to outline their intentions and a realistic time frame so that us old hands can once again dream of a better and brighter future, that is not there at the moment.


  40. Clive from Houston says:

    So Lescott has joined Sunderland?
    That’s them relegated then!!!


  41. Brompton Wolf says:

    Lescott was good for us mate. Passed his best now, so I suppose Sunderland is right for him lol


  42. Sweet FA

    Ikeme’s 3 match ban has been reduced to a 2 match ban.

    Never sent off in his entire career, so much for Character witness.

    Sweet FA

    Nothing to do with giving a super rich Premiership club with huge audience potential a helping hand. Oh noooo.


  43. theDOOGooder says:

    Wolves sign Costa on a permanent basis for £13m ???!!!

    Am I dreaming or have I died and gone to Wolves heaven?


  44. Sutton Coldfield wolf says:

    If that is true it is the best piece of business wolves will have done in years. In a good team next year he will easily become a 20m plus player. Most gifted player at Wolves since Robbie Keane .


  45. nige3367 says:

    Here’s some Food for thought..
    Brighton win again tonight.
    We are 26 points behind automatic promotion places and we have only achieved 32 points all season..
    It would take double the amount of points we have now to be Top of the League…
    Those are frightening statistics and shows just how big a job Fosun and Lambert currently have..
    Amid all this we keep dishing out Contracts to players who just aren’t making the grade…
    Ambition ???


  46. I don’t want to piss on anyone’s chips and there is nothing more in this world I would love to be true. He is IMO, the greatest winger Iv’e seen at Molinuex since my hero and God Waggy. But the source is flakey to say the least. But Doog, Sutton & Brompton Please let it be true, this would Gel the fans more than any othere action the club has taken since Fosuns arrival.

    According to The Sun, Wolves have been eager to secure Costa’s signature on a permanent basis and have parted with £13m to do so.

    We’re not getting Norwich’s Josh Murphy as reported last night, as he’s signed a new 3 year contract today. Robinson from Villa for £3 million maybe?????


    • The Newt says:

      I hope we don’t pay Villa £3m for Robinson because he ran his contract down and left last summer and joined Preston for a tribunal fee! Now that really would be a waste of money!


      • Well spotted Newt,

        I was thinking about his Identical twin Brother and got confused, you have to make allowances for my age. I saw Villa in the report and assumed it was his twin brother.

        Back peddle, back peddle, back peddle


  47. Clive from Houston says:

    And true to form, we have extended Dicko’s contract.
    A bloke who at the moment has more chance scoring with Mrs Trump than for The Wolves!!
    I wonder if he was paid based on his scoring whether we would see an improvement?
    Couldnt be any worse than now.
    Oh, and lets bring back Sako, so he can run around and not score for us as well.


  48. Twixfix says:

    Brilliant nugget you’ve unearthed here DOOG.
    The more press it gets the quicker we’ll hear a denial or on the other hand …… I’m in heaven …I’m in heaven…


  49. Steve Showcase says:

    I agree that Costa is totally brilliant and if true PL is involved in the decision ..player of the year undoubtedly and almost as good as S***O too lol…
    Imagine him on the right and S***O on the left (Better not to even print his name now for fear of the Brompton / Houston Incoming )

    Striker and a No5 to go then..a cheap month..


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Love it, just love it. Have you planned your attendance at A Park View v Preston yet. Be good to catch up.


      • Clive from Houston says:

        Are we having another silly tie competition, or perhaps another article of clothing?
        Be interesting to see bloggers wearing underpants outside their trousers, pretending to be superheroes!!!
        Especially Amanda!!


  50. I’m afraid I cannot bring myself to believe these third party reports on Helder Costa’s future and will not until I see it confirmed on the club’s very own website. I been a Wolves fan for a very long time so I know the meaning of disappointment and I will not be leaving myself open to another massive dose.
    If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.


  51. Two bits of interesting news emerging, one last night the other this morning.

    One for me and Stevie Showcase……
    Mike Williamson has a slight groin strain, having been out for so long he has tweeked his groin. Lambert hopes he will be back in time for tne Burton game. Hallelujah, Hallelujha, Hallelujha.

    Second one I was told last night at Molineux at a meeting and it’s come out in the press this morning…..

    If the reports on Wolves buying Costa turn out to be true, then……..

    Reasons to feel cheerful part three


  52. Steve Showcase says:

    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah indeed indeed…just one more bit of good news to come though…….


  53. Paul cooks left peg says:

    If we buy costa it does show the commitment for fosum
    He would be a massive signing I reckon top3 best players outside the prem
    We go on about sacko how good he was this bloke is simply brilliant if cav could start settling down a bit he could be the same both got pace,with tricks


  54. Tipton Exile says:

    Looks like our prayers MIGHT be answered with regard to Costa.

    Prayer mats out chaps.


  55. vexrob says:

    Costa. This would be a massive boost for club and supporters! And with Prem clubs sniffing around, he’d show a huge sign of gratitude and loyalty to sign for us permanently. My prayer mat is well and truly laid out !

    And of a different note, here’s hoping anyone who is half decent in the Liverpool squad plays tonight and gets fatigued or injured for Saturday ! 🙂


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