Wolves Vs Barnet Preview

I was there in 1998.


2-1 down from the first leg (back when the League Cup was considered important enough to constitute two matches per round), Wolves smashed Barnet to dust inside a half empty Molineux to progress.

Bully netted his 18th (and final) hat-trick for the club and Robbie Keane executed one of the most audacious finishes you’ll ever see.

I actually put a bet on Wolves to win 5-0, but sadly it was only £1 and the odds were only 20/1. Still, not a bad earner.

After seeing us toil in Wales at the weekend and only narrowly progress past Newport, I’d happily accept a much narrower victory this time.


530px-Barnet_FC.svgThe Bees have endured a worse start than Wolves and currently sit 21st in League Two with just three points from their opening four matches.

However, after promotion from the conference last season, survival is probably an acceptable achievement.

They beat Millwall in extra time to progress beyond the first round and will be sniffing a bigger upset this time.

One familiar name from their teamsheet is Graham Stack, who had two loan spells at Wolves, but barely ever featured for the first team.

Martin Allen, now in his fourth spell as Barnet manager will have fond Molineux memories.

His Gillingham side were thrashed 4-0 in League One two years back and his luminous red trousers prompted chants of ‘Are you Santa in disguise?’ from the South Bank.


That was a train wreck of a performance in Cardiff. Kenny said it was an even game and while I agree there wasn’t a lot in it prior to their first goal, he’ll know we should be doing a lot better.

Wolves Barnet

There are noises about major changes to the side tonight, so who knows what sort of XI we’ll see given the personnel at Kenny’s disposal?

If the above team came to fruition that would be nine changes from the side that kicked off against Cardiff.

That doesn’t even include the likes of Tommy Rowe, Jordan Graham or young striker Bright Enobakhare who might also figure.

Personally I’d like to see more of the first team retained, regardless of recent stumbles. I want us to win and progress. Losing with a few decent individual displays isn’t my cup of cocoa.

The gaffer


Much like Newport, you’d hope that changes to the team don’t mean we come unstuck against lower league opposition.

But more ins and outs are predicted tonight and we barely scraped through in the last round despite playing the likes of Afobe, Dicko and Coady.

I do fear an upset but hope Kenny picks a sensible side that can get the job done.

I’ll go for a narrow win – 2-1.

Up The Wolves!


  1. Bagsy says:

    I’d like a decent cup run for a change, but still see this as a banana skin. Hopefully I’m wrong and some of the fringe players actually grab their chance. 2-1 Wolves.


  2. theDOOGooder says:

    This is going to be a really low key affair in a mostly empty Molineux so I hope the players Kenny brings in do themselves some justice.

    I will be very interested to see how Wallace does, he can only strengthen our squad if he’s fully fit and Saville deserves another shot at proving he wasn’t a waste of money.

    Talking of which, my heart goes out to Razak Boukari who has picked up another injury which is going to put him out for twelve months!

    This, surely, will mean the end of his career. Who’s going to risk taking him on with his injury record?

    You’ve got to feel for the lad.

    As far as tonight is concerned, I think we’ll get through. Just.

    I’ll go with Thomas and Bagsy 2-1.


  3. Steppenwolfe says:

    Poor quality opposition, home turf and lots of points to prove from those who get the chance to start. Places up for grabs. Going 5 – 0.


  4. Tipton Exile says:

    Probably be very quiet at the Mol tonight and tense, but surely we should be capable of putting out a side to beat Barnet.

    After the weekend God knows what team KJ will send out but they ought to win this one. Hopefully 3-0 to us.

    On a good note great to see Iorfa & Hause in the latest U21 squad announced this morning.


  5. Graham from Horsham says:

    A chance for some new blood. I think it will be our 1st clean sheet and a 3-0 win.


  6. admant says:

    as previously mentioned 2-3 loss … not bothered either the elephant in the room is more important.


  7. ferris says:

    0 – 0 Barnet to go through on pens. Wolves can’t really win tonight because if we play well and progress then nobody will batter an eye lid because that’s what we’re expected to do. If we lose then more doom and gloom and more pressure for Saturday. This is a banana skin tie, I hope for our confidence and embarrassment sakes we don’t slip up


  8. Steve showcase says:

    My statement to you all..if we concede against lowly Barnet then I rest my case.

    Should be 3-0 at least.,we need to restart as we mean to go on..

    If we play EBL then KJ must of hurt his head slipping down the stairs..

    We need to protect Afobe here and replace him if he is getting heavily marked..and let’s take no prisoners..


  9. AmberWolf says:

    we have got better results so far than we have deserved, keep that in mind……………

    Drop the diamond system it doesn’t work.

    Buy a decent winger and play football and attack with pace one of our strengths.

    Moxey get your fat finger coat your done, sod off and ruin some other club we’ve had enough of you.

    Morgan find some ambition and desire or pack your bags and go back to Merseyside we can do without those that aren’t 100% committed to our club, your not the Bahtti brothers, but you’ve not been good for us either.


  10. Brompton Wolf says:

    Not a problem. Our defence will play their hearts out and show it was just a blip, our strikers will play their hearts out and show it was just a blip, and the whole team will gel to smash Barnet into oblivion and be ready for Charlton on Saturday.

    Wolves 7

    Barnet 0



  11. You know what.

    I might just go and pay on the gate, memories are made of this. Happier times at the Molineux when you could pay on the Turnstiles. I wore a scarf too, cool dude.

    Nurse get my medication.



    • Brompton Wolf says:

      You just can’t keep away lol


    • BARDWolf says:

      Once you support the Wolves you can never go anywhere else.
      Hope you have a good night.

      You normally have your finger on the pulse on transfer news but HOT OF THE PRESS Saido Berahino’s doctor advised him to apply for a transfer before the crick in his neck became permanent..


      • That’s how good Gatheth Mouthgate is, he advised him that his England career would be in jepordy if he tried to move from the Shite
        That’s the same Mouthgate that stuck with Hairy Kane with Afobe warming the bench.



    • someblokeontinterweb says:

      Yes it was scarfes or scarves well before replica shirts. PS I still know where my scarf is.


  12. Just read, Georg Margreitter has signed for Nuremberg.

    At least that’s a club who should give him a fair trial.



  13. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    I’d like a full strength team out.
    1, We need to find some confidence
    2, Our first team need to learn to play together.
    3, I’d actually like a comfortable win for a change.
    4, This early I think it’d be good for fitness.

    If I was going to rest anyone it would be Afobe as if he gets injured I think we will struggle.
    Think we will win but God knows what team we will put out.


  14. GroveWolf says:

    I reckon it’ll be 2-1 after extra-time. We never do it the easy way do we?!


    • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

      Who knows how we’ll do with no idea of starting line up at the mo’?

      I’ll go 3-1 Wolves.



  15. wolfman jack says:

    I would have liked us to start with the same XI as Saturday if only to generate some confidence/understanding, but its not going to happen. If Henry plays he has to play right-side (Wallace on the left ?) as his only option when played on the left is to come inside. Also, we have to play 2 up top as Le Fondre needs to play off somebody, not as a lone striker. Maybe rest Afobe ?
    Wolves 3-1 Barnet.


  16. Twixfix says:

    Despite all the positional permutations and dreams of winning with ease I doubt that reality will follow suit. We are a bit Topsy Turvy at the moment with many key players underperforming and worryingly many players coming in, or on the fringes who frankly aren’t good enough ….even against such moderate opposition.

    I know I’m sounding gloomy but for me it’s the reality of it all.

    I’m genuinely worried that the window will close and BTB and Greasel will have hoodwinked us all YET AGAIN with the promise of QUALITY signings…..

    Forecast is that we’ll get through AET with penalties.


  17. Clive from Houston says:

    Back in the last century when I was a kid, I used to be really pissed off and mad when we lost. That used to last until Tuesday, when the prospect of seeing the lads win on the following match day took over my emotions and I was a clappy happer again.
    That optimism, I fear, will never go away and I always think we will win our next game, despite awful form and results. I dont care how bad we are, I will never predict a Wolves loss or draw.
    Therefore, 5-1 to the boys against Barnet.
    The above does not mean my disdain and all other words like that for greasel and blob has eased, far from it, but this is the prediction blog so I will leave them alone for the moment.
    FO wb


  18. vicsmith says:

    Should be at least 4-0. This game would be an ideal launch pad to boost morale. On the other hand, if we mess up it will hurt even more. Expect to start with an experimental team and have the Afobes and Dickos on standby for the last 30 mins just in case!


  19. On the basis that it couldn`t be any worse than Sunday, lets have some changes please. Lets see what Wallace has in the tank, and give Rowe and Saville some game time. Use this a warning to the underperforming first teamers that no-one has a divine right to their place, shape up or get shipped out, Afobe excepting of course.
    If he`s worth £8m now, wait until the end of the season when it will be more like £15m. If an old age Nugent can go for £4m, and Burnley sign that chap from Brentford for £9m , then not only has the world gone stark raving bonkers, but Afobe is worth a lot more than that.
    Might look at teletext later for the scores but if we don`t win handsomely I`ll be pissed. if its less than 5.


  20. Have none of you learned your lessons about predicting these blow-out games?


  21. whitestone wolf says:

    1-1, Martinez the hero of the penalty shoot out!


  22. Wolftone says:

    1-1 aet, lose on penalties.Not very optimistic at the moment after some very disappointing performances,and,let’s face it we can lose to anybody.


  23. trenchmanmick says:

    I’ve seen The Bees a number of times over the last few years-my daughters’ partner is a supporter-and believe me,if this lot beat us we may as well all sod off to the funny farm.


  24. sevlow says:

    Here is the team:
    Wolves: Martinez; Doherty, Ebanks-Landell (c), Hause, Deslandes; Wallace, Saville, Price, Ojo; Enobakhare, Le Fondre.
    Subs: Ikeme, Iorfa, Rowe, Ronan, Henry, Dicko, Afobe.

    I’m late with my prediction but now have an advantage as I know the team 🙂 🙂

    Well, Deslandes was a surprise but I was hoping Enobakhare would get a shot from the start.

    So it’s 4-1 to the Wolves then


  25. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 5 Barnet 1
    I will be there hoping for an I was there performance not a why was I there performance


  26. Johnok53 says:

    Hope we turn up tonight that’s all ,what ever way it goes.
    At least he’s giving some of the kids a chance tonight.
    I’ll give it a go.3_1 to the wolves.


  27. Vladimir says:

    With spare minute or so, I’m going for a win – 3-0.


  28. Clive from Houston says:

    Fuck me, we won, again!!
    Wer’e on our way to Wemberlee!!!


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Yeah, that team should start on Saturday then?

      Well done young lads. Shame about the goal conceded, you are all going to get a bollocking from Steve Showcase now.

      Waiting for the penalty shootouts to finish so I can find out who we have next lol


  29. Brompton Wolf says:

    We got Boro. Happy with that as it is only 20 mins up the road from my tent. Any bloggers need an overnight stop, let me know.


  30. trenchmanmick says:

    Went to the game tonight.Not too impressed with the performance but ‘a win………..’. I thought Saville ,Price and Doherty played well. Hey, we’re in the third round ! Scary, isn’t it ?


  31. Brompton Wolf says:

    “Wolves will not sell Afobe for anything less than £14m” Hmmmmmm, so whilst Norwiches bid of an alleged £8m has been turned down, my view is that we WILL sell him if a club wants to pay £14m. With Moxey’s eyes gleaming and his mouth salivating over a possible £12m profit, what are the odds on him leaving us? That will certainly show the true intentions of the club wont it?

    Anyway – bring on Charlton, Afobe will want to show he is worth lots more and will want to score loads (hopefully).


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