Cardiff City 2 Wolves 0

What’s Callum Wilson, Scott Dann, Bakary Sako, Chris Wood and even Sammy Ameobi got in common?

Wolves Cardiff

They all glistened for their respective clubs yesterday and could have been playing for Wolves – not to mention £12.5 million man Nathaniel Clyne – but for a refusal to meet their wage demands. Allegedly.

As it is, our inferior imitation of last season’s side suffers a second successive defeat to signal the arrival of some choppy waters, following two years of joyously serene progress.

If it wasn’t so self-inflicted it wouldn’t be so damned annoying.

With a year to replace Bakary Sako and a summer to find an experienced centre-half, we turn a blind eye and hope for the best.

In the excruciating world of Wolves, faint hope supersedes hard cash with a cyclical strategy along the lines of the following:

Don’t spend on wages. Play young kids. Hope they do well. Hope we go up. Sell best player if we fail. Stick with the kids. Hope they do well. Hope we go up. Sell best player if we fail. Don’t spend on wages. Stick with young kids, repeat ad nauseam.

When a League One squad player, in the shade of Michael Jacobs for much of 2013/14, is playing in a number 10 role behind Afobe, then you know you’ve got problems.

And for the first time in an otherwise glorious tenure under Jackett, some of them have been brought about by himself.

Whilst impossible to quantify, the unflappable Ikeme might not have made that gaffe for Cardiff’s opener had he not have been treated so shoddily beforehand.

The footballing gods, awoken from a two year slumber, acknowledged the tomfoolery by setting the stage for Kenwyn Jones’ opener like only they know how.

Like Guedioura’s thunderbolt for Forest and Mark Davies’ equaliser at the South Bank under Solbakken, they rarely ever forget.

Dropping Golbourne and Dicko was also puzzling in the extreme.

So we cling to faint hope as our route to salvation.

We hope Hause, Iorfa, Ojo and Ebanks-Landell will play like seasoned pros.

We hope Dave Edwards will magically morph into a devilish number 10.

We then hope that Sammy Ameobi won’t score past us having tried to bring him to Wolverhampton, knowing full well what would eventually happen. Those pesky footballing gods again.

As we languish in 17th place in this embryonic league, the Charlton game now assumes meaty proportions, however early the season might be.

In the absence of hard cash to strengthen this side, I can only hope for a win.

The gaffer


  1. Ade In China says:

    Seeing Callum Wilson on MOTD. How did we NOT go for him instead of Leon Clark?
    Bakary Sako looked wonderful for Palace, but to be fair he gave his all for us so I’m not bitter about him leaving.
    As for us, still early days. I’m pressing no panic buttons yet.


    • admant says:

      Kenny Jackett came out and said he was not worth the money.

      no need for panic buttons – there are shitter teams than us – but you gotta be on medication to think this lot can push for promotion

      afobe the centre of nuemours high rollers’ attention, what odds he decides to jump ship when it become abundently clear in January that we are not promotion material ?

      i love that statement above “Don’t spend on wages. Play young kids. Hope they do well. Hope we go up. Sell best player if we fail. Stick with the kids. Hope they do well. Hope we go up. Sell best player if we fail. Don’t spend on wages. Stick with young kids, repeat ad nauseam.” If it would fit on a t-shirt I would wear it to the next game


  2. Thomas says:

    Definitely one of the worst performances of the Jackett era. We created next to nothing, constantly gave the ball away and looked vulnerable defensively throughout.

    You could argue, as Kenny did in his post match summary, their goals came from a mistake (from Ikeme) and a set piece, but they were always in the ascendancy.

    I couldn’t believe how little we offered in the second half. The ball never left our defensive third of the pitch until they scored again.

    Changing the system and playing two wingers didn’t work either.

    Ojo was far too timid and weak on the ball and van La Parra although marginally better still wasn’t affecting the game enough.

    Edwards seems to be copping a lot of flack when he was actually the only player on the pitch who even came close to making something happen. Yes, he’s leggy, isn’t blessed with great control and will frustrate when we’re chasing the game and don’t have a rhythm, but he certainly wasn’t the reason we lost.

    Afobe hardly touched the ball for the first hour. Although Don Goodman constantly said he shouldn’t be dropping deep, the reality is we need him to make the play, as he did so often against Hull and QPR, as well as scoring the goals. We’re that reliant on him.

    Hause and Ebanks-Landell really toiled. Could we try Iorfa in the middle and bring Doherty in at full back? It’s not too late to bring in some more experience at the back either, which is surely being considered now? Batth would have improved us yesterday.

    I don’t think it’s quite panic stations yet because we’ve seen enough in patches against Hull and QPR to suggest there’s the semblance of a decent team. I think Kenny’s next step should be to restore the midfield diamond, play the two strikers and consider another reshuffle at the back. I imagine that’s what he’ll do.

    Oh, and one completely unrelated point – their midfielder should have been sent off in the first half. After pulling Afobe back for his first yellow card, he then cut down one of our midfielders seconds after Coady was booked for an identical challenge. I don’t want to see players getting sent off blah, blah, blah but the referee completely bottled that one. He then headed the ball down for their second goal. Surprised more wasn’t made of that.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt says:

      We could turn Iorfa into one hell of a central defender, but then we would lose one important piece of our attacking wing force. Doherty is a decent alternative though.

      I’m not sure what went wrong, if it was poor distribution or too little movement, our typical direct style of football was nonexistent. Instead we played toothless continental football.

      The good news: Wallace scored one goal for u-21 and is ready for first team football. Bakary on the other hand will probably never again be ready for our first team (I hope i’m wrong on this one).


  3. We played scintillating football at times on Wednesday but were far too open so Kenny attempted to kill the game and hope to snatch a goal. Sadly it never looked like happening, Afobe was isolated and did his best to make something happen on his own. My fears about the back four are growing by the game. Iorfa, Hause and EEL all show promise but are raw and inexperienced. For me there is only room for one in the team, playing all three and hoping Stearman will babysit is suicidal. In fairness, while we were awful Cardiff weren’t much better. It was a 0-0 game but they stuck a couple of high balls in the air and struck gold. Big game against Charlton next week, who look a decent side.


  4. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    I’ve read a lot about Kenny out are these people joking? The man has worked miracles since taking over so I can forgive him our poor start. His decisions yesterday were baffling but I was pleased to see he was big enough to admit his mistake and reinstall ikeme. The back four is crying out for someone with some experience. I wrote on another article we have to much inexperience at the back and will keep getting punished. I’d certainly have left goldbourne in and for me iofara is the best of the kids. So it’s stearman plus one other at the moment as there’s little to choose between the options available. I think we can get back on track and I trust Kenny to get us back up there where we all expect us to be. I think I can forgive a few bad days at the office for what’s been a pretty good 2 seasons under his leadership.


    • Steppenwolfe says:

      In fairness I think a lot of people on here were calling out for an experienced centre back last season when it became clear that Ricketts was not going to be offered a contract. Fair enough, Sams best days were behind him but Iorfa, Hause, EBL need an old head to talk then through games and to pass on their experience. They have bags of potential bit at times this season have looked out of their depth against the better and more experienced players. Lescott could be the answer in more ways than one. Our youngsters could learn a lot from him.
      Someone pointed out on another forum that Bristol City had tried to buy Gray from Brentford for £9M. While he ended up going to Burnley for that amount the question asked was along the lines of could you see us offering that sort of money for a player? The answer is an unequivocal NO. Surely we have more financial muscle than Bristol City or is it simply that they have more ambition that us and are prepared to invest to gain promotion. We’ve been trying to do it on the cheap for years – chickens are coming home to roost. Pun intended.
      We had a golden opportunity to go up earlier in the year but the lack of investment, in an experienced centre back especially, cost us dearly. I think we will still be moaning about a lack of investment when we are wallowing in mid table next spring. Worst still, if there is a decent offer for Afobe and no hope of promotion in sight, there will be a good chance we’ll take it. The only thing we are getting from our power brokers is sustained mediocrity.


  5. They call him ben 10 says:

    I think it’s time to panic,coz you know that if they don’t sign any players now,it will be @january sales by which time our season could be over and Ben 10 on his way.Stearman can’t jump or won’t jump is what my take on the game .


  6. robin says:

    Ben, you are overly polite…
    This was the worst performance I have witnessed.
    We were crap.
    Creativity was obviously politically incorrect.
    Were we capable of making an incisive forward pass?
    Not one in 90 minutes.
    Call that a football team?

    Some things I noted.
    McDonald has no longer got his heart with Wolves….
    ‘Brave’, ‘honest’, he’s everywhere’ David Edwards is a crap footballer!
    Why is Coady better than Price? – He was useless –
    Can he make a forward pass, along with ‘honest’ Dave?
    Every time we got the ball it went backwards…
    We are relegation fodder.
    Division one here we come.
    We are cheap.
    McDonald should have been rewarded for his loyalty, not told he was asking for too much money…
    To paraphrase Hamlet:
    “There’s something rotten in the state of Molineux.”


    • Hamlet says:

      I’m glad that my wisdom is good enough for you to repeat 😛


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      If the central midfielders, McDonald and Coady, don’t deliver we have players which can: Evans, Price and Wallace to mention a few. I think Jackett will have to try out different combinations to find the right formula. It might take some time. Luckily for us the league is evener than ever, so we’re not very far behind the top teams. Maybe McDonald and Coady are too similar, as none of them are box-to-box players. Two sitting midfielders are perhaps one to much? Coady or McDonald plus Edwards and Wallace are perhaps a stronger and more dynamic force.


  7. colin says:

    It was someway short of bad. It was badly bad. My take is going to be a mess of observations but it was a mess.Coady looked anonymous or am i missing something. How many midfield players have we bought who fit this description ? Maybe Ikeme doesnt come for that ball if he hadnt been under so much pressure for his place. I am not really in the buy a team camp it didnt work at Leicester under Sven and its not working at Derby. The popular ‘lack of investment’ buys Kenny a few weeks to put it right thats just how it works.


    • Steppenwolfe says:

      Agree about the surfeit of midfielders. The odd thing is we’ve loaned out Evans who is young and has bags of potential but have hung onto Saville and Rowe. I know who I would rather have in the squad. Fingers crossed that Wallace measures up. Early days to judge Cody and Ojo but hope there is better to come.
      I’m more worried that 4 games in and we don’t appear to know what system we arec playing . . . . and there was the goalkeeping debacle.


  8. Ollie says:

    Ben, I normally find myself agreeing whole heartedly with nearly all of what you say however I really must take issue with your reference to Dave Edwards as a ‘League One squad player’. I feel Edwards takes a lot of totally unjustified criticism from wolves fans when in my opinion, had it not been for a horrendous record with injuries which I hope is now in the past, he would have been prised away by a Premiership team long ago.

    As for the decision to drop Dickinson, I think Kenny made the correct call as I really don’t think Dicko has been on the pace this season. I was at the Hull game and he really didn’t have any impact on that match and from listening to the commentary, was equally ineffective in the before being pulled off at half time. I also think we needed him as our sole striking option on the bench.

    You also imply that we could have kept hold of Sako had we been prepared to meet his wage demands. I’m am a huge critic of Jez Moxey but even I wouldn’t blame him for Sako’s departure. We would almost certainly had to offer him crazy money, not only to compete with a PL salary but to also compensate him for not following his dream of testing himself at the top level.

    I fully agree that we must add an experienced head at the back and still need a high quality winger. I am very much undecided on Ojo and can’t emphasise enough how sick I am of RVLP who seems to be given endless chances and continuously fails to impress!

    All in all, it has obviously been a highly disappointing start to the season but I don’t think things are anywhere near as desperate as you suggest.

    Just what to add what a fantastic blog this is and how much I enjoy reading it and appreciate the time and effort that you guys put into producing it!


    • robin says:

      You must have been watching a different Dave Edwards to the one I saw yesterday.
      In the first half, Ojo made a decentish pass into the box.
      ‘Honest’ Dave dashed in and popped it well wide….
      If he had left it Afobe would have hit the back of the net.
      He was absolutely useless.
      I hope he never plays again for Wolves.


  9. theDOOGooder says:

    Ikeme is crap!

    Martinez would certainly have not gone for that long ball. Why was he dropped?

    Well, you’ve got to see the funny side haven’t you…

    …Haven’t you?

    Another bad day at the office but I don’t think many bloggers can blame Kenny Jackett.

    Most of us called for Ikeme… most of us called for extra width… most of us called for EBanks Landell in place of Iorfa in the middle… most of us called for early substitutions if things were going badly… and quite a few said that Dicko was off the pace and should be rested.

    Tried that, it didn’t work.

    I think, if anything, it proved that KJ’s diamond formation is the most effective way we can play unless we get a class winger to replace Sako.

    So was he right all the time?

    It’s much too early to call for anybody’s head or press the panic button – there are the usual bizarre results happening in this division.

    I won’t be following Pferdepferdepferdepferde off to Chelsea quite yet – well they’re worse than we are at the moment!

    A couple of points, Dave Edwards is NOT a crap footballer and Karl Ikeme is most certainly NOT a crap goalkeeper.

    We all have off days, I think there have been enough glimpses of what we can do to make me think things will improve.

    But one thing is clear…

    Our defence is NOT good enough for this division. The youngsters may well prove their worth in future but, God, we could really do with an experienced defender with the ability to organise the back four.

    Anybody know if Sam Ricketts is available?


  10. Well, if this is what the team does against relegated teams, think how bad they will do in the Premier League.
    Are we going to be happy with 30 points in a full season?

    Does anyone really think that this current team lineup, as the core of a Premier League team will be anything but cannon fodder?


  11. No apologies for posting this twice, but the picture at the top bears out what I saw yesterday, a comedy of errors.

    In no defence of any particular person because to defend anyone after yesterdays performance would be a crime, but, Stearman clearly went for the ball and attempted to head it. Then EBL decided to clatter into his back and knock him into touch. Ikeme had a mind block and attempted to come for a lost cause but fortunately punched EBL in the jaw, the only good point out of the fiasco.

    Truely the worst performance turned in by a Wolves team for many a year, i don’t recall anything as bad as that for a long, long time.

    Brompton, I am cancelling our coffee at Bolton, after that display Jen de Wolf and I are going to London a day early as we fly out to Vegas for 2 weeks on the Sunday, so had enough of being embarrassed by half hearted players with no drive or ambition and a manager who takes the only bloke with an ounce of idea off and leaves EBL on who consistantly passed the ball to Cardiff players.
    Don’t know what to think, players looked downbeat and defeated, it’s only the 5th game.
    If we had won 3-0 yeaterday we would have been 4th not 17th.
    Defenders please Kenny:-(((



    • GoWolves says:

      Stuwolf, if you wander off the Vegas strip and find yourself anywhere in the San DIego vicinity let me know. 🙂
      P.S. If you win big can you please buy the club, fire greasel, and take over?


    • Brompton Wolf says:


      I haven’t purchased my ticket for the Bolton game yet. So, it looks like there will be three less fans at the match.


      • Ok buddy, of all the reasons for dipping out letting you down was not one of them, (sloppy and mushy or what)


        • Brompton Wolf says:

          Not let me down at all mate. I was thinking about reducing the matches I attend anyway. Appaling play has confirmed that lol. I will wait and see what happens in the next few weeks before I decide on attending on a fairly regular basis again. I will however continue to support them from afar, as I am Wolves Ay I.

          Just looked up some fixtures and the distance they are aware from me:

          Rotherham – 83 miles
          Sheff Wed – 81 miles
          Huddersfield – 73 miles
          Boro – 29.5 miles
          Burnley – 70 miles
          Hull – 97 miles
          Leeds – 57.5 miles

          Closer than Molineux (152 miles) so I may be going to those. Of course, I may change my mind, and defintely plan on being at the Sat 7 May Home game v Sheff Wed with the rest of the bloggers.


          • Clive from Houston says:

            What do they say about fans and fair weather???!!!


            • Brompton Wolf says:

              Dunno mate, what do they say?

              Not going to say “you can talk”, as I totally respect you purchasing a flight ticket and sorting accommodation for your annual trip. If I was living in the States would I do that? Probably not. Hmmmmmmmm, probably would really lol.

              Mind you, if you “pretended” you were going to a match each week and put the cost of the match ticket in a jar, it would pay for your flight over anyway – fekin cheapskate, fair weather support after all.


  12. Andrew from Atlanta says:

    For once, I actually was able to see the game on the internet on Anytime I’m able to see the Wolves play (its very hard in the States guys) we play crappy and lose. So, I pledge to thee, no more games will be watched live on the internet or anywhere else.. LOL.

    Absolutely, appalling defending. Lanes were wide open freely for Cardiff to pass the ball and control most of the game. I hope we plug the gaps quickly and start to play to our potential.
    Cardiff stuffed us good yesterday. Now 5 goals in two games, mhmmm (ok both teams relegated I get it) I’m just concerned early in the season that we have not done enough to bring in a quality defender / s with serious experience. Anyway, not panicking but……….


  13. Hamlet says:

    The only decent thing I saw any Wolves player do yesterday was Hause preventing Jones getting a second goal (inevitably injuring him in the process so that Ameobi could score their second) but that was nothing short of shocking really, a beyond awful performance!

    I’ll call it a bad day at the office for now but if in the next two league games we see this sort of ‘performance’ then I’ll start to worry. We have seen in earlier games that this Wolves side can play good football but we can’t afford another November-type horrid run if we want promotion. 17th now but I’m not overly concerned at how the league table looks until…let’s say ten games in.


  14. theDOOGooder says:

    It seems that Norwich are offering to treble Afobe’s wages and Newcastle have made an offer for him now.

    £8 million seems to be the sum bandied about by the press.

    The club have made a statement that he’s not for sale – but a £6 million profit in 6 months?

    That would pay Moxey’s salary for twelve years (perish the thought).

    Will the two Ms be able to resist?


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Every player is for sale…………………especially at The Mol.
      If Afobe goes for x million, then they wont have to worry about promotion or relegation, the yearly profit is in the bank, sorry, offshore account.


  15. Clive from Houston says:

    The definition of a fool is one who keeps doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.
    We are lumbered with two fools at The Mol, no prizes for guessing their names.
    For the past four (at least) seasons they have spent no money, borrowed a few players, and expected the academy kids to show up and take over the world.
    Only once in my memory has that happened in footballing history, and that was Man Utd with Beckham and Co.
    Sure, a kid or two, sprinkled about the leagues, has blossomed, but never a compete team.
    That is what our beloved leaders want, a team full of academy kids, who cost basically nothing, to storm this division.
    Aint gonna happen.
    Yes, play the kids, but not all at the same time.
    We need some steel, some grit and a FUCKIN’ LEADER!!!
    A Mike Bailey, Paul Ince, Jody Craddock, Denis Irwin, Emlyn Hughes type. Someone who will lead by example, and put the boot in when necessary.
    We aint gonna get out of this division in an upwards direction by playing pretty, pretty, tappy tappy football all the time. We need more experience, especially at the back, and more bottle.
    As said before, we can all see it, and I assume KJ can, so why cant those two???
    So now the radical proposal. Not mine, unashamedly stolen from one of my spies over there!!
    Being as the two morons obviously don’t want promotion to all that money, it is clear that they are raking in handsome profits from all the sources associated with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, like the building concerns.
    But, if they did want promotion to the crock of gold Prem, without risking too much money on new players, why not sack KJ and bring in Sam Allardyce?
    He’s out of work, a local lad and Wolves fan, and has a history of producing pigs ear football teams out of silk purses. In other words, wheeling and dealing without spending much, and getting tough, gritty teams together.
    What has happened to the likes of Bolton, Blackburn, West Ham etc since he left them?
    I am not saying I agree with this drastic train of thought, but it’s out there.
    OH, and a lovely score from sandwell crem this morning!!


    • GoWolves says:

      I would take Big Sam over KJ any day of the week. But I think he is too smart to take the job with the conditions and limitations M&M want to impose on their managers micro-managing who they buy, etc. You can’t box if your hands are tied behind your back! That’s why we got KJ in the first place. Another cheap buy who agreed to their terms.

      Sadly, until we get rid of M&M (and mostly Moxey) I don’t think even Alex Ferguson reborn could help us. They really are the handcuffs on the team’s progress. But yes, if Big Sam is available, he would definitely be a step up … perhaps he might even thump the two clowns one if nothing else 🙂


      • theDOOGooder says:

        So, the Jackett out call has started.

        Sam Allardyce won’t come to Wolves.

        Anyway the manager we need, the one most likely to get a mediocre team promoted, is the one currently top of our league.

        And I think we know what happened to him in his last position.


      • someblokeontinterweb says:

        Dudley boy through an through


  16. Steve showcase says:

    One of your best blogs Ben slightly short of scathing…

    I said I would book in to the funny farm if we played EBL and the physiatrist says I most definitely have repetitive football OCD.

    The O for obsession is ‘an unpleasant thought or urge that repeatedly enters a persons mind causing feelings of anxiety disgust or unease’ …I’ve got that..

    My compulsive disorder is based on the defensive attributes and choice of players in our defence and the lack of a New no5…….apparently……

    We all suffer watching our team and the expectantcy that we are potential top runners this season is (was) backed by the press and the bookies.

    KJ is letting us all down. I know MMs have as well but KJs all change strategy is unsettling for the team and the results…we never have the same team week to week or first half to second it’s as if we are continuously experimenting…or rather as Claridge says recently we don’t know what we are doing…

    My take was that we needed to achieve stability with the right players and build confidence and go for it..

    Our midfield and attack give or take Sakos spot is incredibly strong but as I’ve said before if we give away goals
    (6 in three games) then not only is it an uphill battle to pull back but now we have a problem with morale.

    We also have a problem with the goalie spot..Dicko falling out with KJ..
    MacDonald is unhappy..We have bloody massive problems in our half back line and we answer that by playing EBL who is so badley trained he becomes a virtual player for the opposition…just crazy crazy crazy..

    I would beg on my knees gladly for a class no 5 to partner DB when he is back..
    It cannot be that difficult to see all this is it?
    My greatest concern also is that Afobe gets picked off at £12M+ because ‘he wants PL football’

    Some one has to take the blame and make a decision NOW to f…king stop us conceding !!!!!.I repeat myself yet again..

    If we can do that, we have the quality to score goals that will get us promoted by scoring 1 2 or even by 3
    a game..

    This is all in your hands KJ stand up be counted.. buy another defender and lead us back to form.

    Don’t do nothing.


  17. GoWolves says:

    Bottom line is that this club refuses to pay today’s wages. Period. It’s been said above by many already and I’ve said it for years. That’s why we miss out on so many players.

    The summer was again wasted. They knew they were going to need to replace Sako since last year and we basically still have no replacement for him. For KJ to say he is still looking for the right formation is downright unacceptable, sorry. What the heck was he doing in pre-season?

    I wouldn’t pin this one on Ikeme. When you’re on the back foot and under pressure for 90mins, one way or another, someone somewhere will make mistakes. That’s why you need to keep teams under pressure … so they make mistakes. Duh!

    This loss was down to something greater than just one player … sounded to me that the team just didn’t work yesterday. Formation, experience, morale, fight … none present. That is worrisome. I still think individually we have good players to compete in this division. Yesterday we just didn’t compete. Experience is much needed. An Irwin-esque defender is much needed. But as usual we leave it late because we’re cheap, and all the good ones have been cherry picked. So we’ll probably go waste some money now to just do the motions and pretend we’re addressing the problem and buy or loan another Leon Clarke …

    This could be the season for us, but they’re going to fek it up, aren’t they. Still plenty of time to fix it. M&M … wake up! Show some passion for the club you have been mishandling for years!



  18. Steve showcase says:

    Houston.. I’ve just read your bit re big Sam who is a Wolves fan and would see the bleeding obvious and stop up the back too..

    My West Ham mate says that there are rumours..

    I’ll join this..if KJ repeatedly chops and changes.. ignores the defensive problem staring even a 5 year old wolves fan in the face then I’m with yer.. sack him.

    Allardyce is strong and experienced
    and would get hold of our problems by the scruff of the neck..
    Sunderland are sniffing there though..

    That was a brave call fence man ..I’m with you all the way..
    We are mercenary Wolves am we…


    • Clive from Houston says:

      I specifically said ” I am not saying I agree with sacking KJ”
      I am NOT calling for his head, just that the thought, by others, is out there, and is surely a topic for discussion.


      • Brompton Wolf says:

        I understood you mate. I am sure our Kenny will deliver, he has so far, and as I said in a previous post DO NOT PANIC. I know you are not, but some fans seem to be. I am content to see what pans out, it is early days, we have played crap, and I am sure Kenny realises that and I will be interested to see what is done about it. I may however have a different view on this if we have not “sorted it out” by Sat 3 Oct.


  19. Peakwolf says:

    Multiple choice question…..
    Extract from a newspaper report – “(sport/team) has seemed, at times, to be something to be endured rather than enjoyed. A game played by embattled players, watched by bitter fans, written about by miserable journalists, run by unpopular administrators.”
    Does this relate to:
    (a) Wolves in the Connor/Solbakken/Saunders era
    (b) English cricket
    (c) Wolves if the current problems aren’t sorted, with clear signs already emerging
    (d) all three?

    The complete lifelessness of yesterday’s performance was utterly depressing and takes some explaining. But has the Dangerous Dave of the end of last season really now become overnight dross? I don’t think so.


  20. wolfman jack says:

    Well, when the passing game isn’t working we look seriously ugly. I got the impression that, the first 15 minutes apart, the team simply couldn’t readjust to 4-2-3-1 yesterday from the ‘diamond’ they’ve been playing – result chaos.
    My first thought is the Dicko statistic: Playing him gives 2.1 pts/match, not playing him gives 0.6 pts/match. It was very obvious yesterday that Afobe carries a different kind of threat from Dicko, one that can’t be realised without service – and there wasn’t any. Likewise, no point in playing Ojo and RvLP unless you give them the ball in space.
    I’m not joining the clamour to go out and make an expensive signing. We have talented players, we’ve been through tough times before (last November anyone ?) and KJ usually comes up with the solution. Anyway, I look back at the money wasted under – inter alia – Turner, McGhee, Lee, Taylor and I’d rather we didn’t go down that path again. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that.
    As for Cardiff, decidedly average – hard to believe they were in the Prem not so long ago.


    • Allen says:

      Yep dropping Dicko poor decision, the early season form is not that of Championship contenders. Rather we are looking, with every game getting worse, to be an impersonation of the previous tragic era under the previous 3 Managers.

      KJ looks uneasy and he knows there is no easy answers. Agree with all that’s on here apart from the Dave Edwards slating. He should not have been in that role Afobe should have, and Dicko should have been uptop.

      I am going tomorrow night, just hope he tries Enobakhare, and one or two others who can earn the right to make an impact on the first team.

      Can’t see Afobe staying not with some of the interest being shown. Early days as yet but the faith is slipping that we can make it out of this league anytime soon.

      I would like to see Doherty given a go at right back again, but I really don’t think KJ can risk chopping and changing too much. He’s made some bad calls lately, and the team selection against the ‘bluebirds’ smacked of panic.

      Without Dicko the opposition have one less problem to deal with thus they can get at our porous backline even more.

      I hope we can come through this and start playing puposeful and winning football again. If not then its a crap season awaiting the Molineux faithfull.

      But onwards and upwards. Lets have some steadiness and good team selection, then just hope the players put fire in their bellies and play for the fans, give us something to boast about and feel good about.


  21. Twixfix says:

    Let’s not beat about the bush here .. this has to be the promotion season .. it’s Bob TB and Greasels stated goal. … SO FIRSTLY …. BOLLOX TO ALL HIS WORK IN PROGRESS CRAP … thats just a crass expression for ‘it’s not my fault stuff’
    Yesterday showed me a number of key issues ….

    1) The alarming lack of drive and interest from a number of players
    2) The fact that the academy lads aren’t ready for this kind of challenge
    3) KJ admitting to all of us that he hasn’t found the right formulae .. Heavens above how long does he want.
    4) MORGAN and MOXEY have STILL got their heads up their ARSES regards wages and potential new player’s purchase value

    This ( point 4) is a serious issue with me.

    After yesterday it won’t surprise me if they sell AFOBE … he must be well hacked off. No support, no tactics , no clue.

    McDonald plays as though he can’t wait to go and overall the team are playing WITHOUT any commitment or determination whatsoever. (Agree with STUWOLF comments)

    This is serious folks and because Jackett is such a YES man to the two nutters in charge … our outlook is really gloomy …

    Just can’t see any longer term improvement

    Great report Ben … should have been more critical …NO MORE THAN WAS DESERVED …


  22. trenchmanmick says:

    I just don’t get the ‘Dave Edwards hate campaign’,I really don’t.He was the one player showing some sort of urgency throughout the game.He’s the one who chases lost causes.He’s the one who made the rest of them look slow and cumbersome.He’s the one player who actually came closest to SCORING !!!!!!!!!


    • robin says:

      Yes he showed urgency, but it was ineffective urgency.
      He can make a good back pass.
      It’s not a Dave Edwards hate campaign.
      But if you go onto a football pitch to play football, pass the ball forward once or twice.
      Hope he proves me wrong and scores in the next match.
      However Saturday he was Crap, with a capital C. !


      • Allen says:

        Yeh but that’s one game, Edwards has done well this season and he’s one I’d have in the team anyday over the current players we have in his midfield, wide or central roles. I would have played him instead of RVLP on Saturday .

        It is never down to one player really, but the whole team ethos. I think without Sako we are looking less of a threat all over the pitch because with the daimond formation the full backs do not seem to have the wherwithal or the confidence to go forward like they used to or should do using this formation.

        He changed it against Cardiff to no avail. He needs steadiness now, so only give players their head in the first team if they really do deserve it.

        I do so hope this is just nothing more than a minor blip on the road to success for Wolves.


        • robin says:

          It was the last game played.
          He was useless.
          He might have been good before but, to me, it does not excuse his performance against Cardiff….


  23. They call him ben 10 says:

    If anyone needs sacking maybe they should start with Mountain(gkcoach) Edwards(defence coach)


  24. Wolves4ever says:

    Would anyone take Joey barton on a free?



    The only good thing to happen this weekend was Smethwick Rovers losin to Chelsea. Good grief. Wolves. England cricket/rugby. Think the Mol will be behind the team come rain or shine saturday. But a few more poor results could see a return to the damaging negativity of a couple yrs back. With the grousome twosome once again in the spotlight. Any chance Man City’s owners can buy us up ?


  26. Woodywolf says:

    Our worst performance in three years. Notice Morgan betraying his roots again sitting next to Ian Rush?


  27. Johnok53 says:

    First and foremost, I totally agree with what you posted Ben.
    I think KJ is a decent enough manager at this level,but I don’t see him being a manager in the prem,saying that I think he’s done a fantastic job at wolves but with the 2 Ms he’s fighting a losing battle IMO.
    Morgan won’t invest and Poxey is pulling the strings so no wonder KJ is banging his head between a rock and hard place knowing deep down he’s gotta use what he’s got.
    Like everyone else I think we need an experienced fullback-captain in to steady the ship,then I think we will be OK,but as I’ve said I don’t think KJ will be able to manage in the prem.
    As for the big Sam he won’t be coming here he’s got bigger clubs to manage than us,much to my dismay.
    I’ve always liked him and perhaps his style of football will suit the Ms…UTW.


    • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

      All this clamour for an experienced defender to organise the defence begs the question why did Kenny let Sam Ricketts go.

      He did an excellent job in Div 1 playing that role.

      Presumably he fell out with KJ or most likely Kenny didn’t think he could hack it in the Chump given his advancing years.

      We’ll never know.

      C’mon Morgan put your hand in your pocket!



  28. whitestone wolf says:

    I agree with Trenchmanmick, why criticise Edwards when VLP has done nothing in a Wolves shirt. How many great chances did he miss last season? Certainly more than quality crosses he delivered. His corner just after Jones was injured was awful with everyone running near post and the ball overhit by 15 yards.

    I think KJ has his hands tied and he suggested post match that he didn’t expect any more signings. Morgan needs to show ambition and get some experience in now.


  29. Linden says:

    Let’s not get distracted here by blaming KJ, Dave Edwards, KMac et al. The position this club finds itself in is solely down to the owner and chief executive for their lack of understanding of what is required to produce a club capable of sustaining a place in the premier league. KJ has done a good job so far in bringing us back to a decent championship team but he has done it with his hands tied behind his back and blindfolded. The young and hungry strategy coming from the top is now preventing any further progress. We will continue to find the odd player like Afobe who could be sold at a profit to keep the accounts looking healthy but if it is progress and ambition you are looking for then I am afraid you won’t find it in the Molineux boardroom.


  30. colin says:

    At this time I am still 100% behind Kenny. He turned the team around and there is a lot to like. He spoke openly to the fans about his ideas on changes in formation which is highly unusual and has probably made a rod for his own back. He doesnt have favourites and will introduce new elements into the team like utilising pace etc. Does he bond with the players enough for a top level manager ? thats my only doubt but for what he has done so far lets give him the chance.


  31. sevlow says:

    I had to record the match and started watching it at 9pm. I was eager for the Wolves to get a result at Cardiff.
    Seeing the team, I was looking forward to see how Ojo would perform on his first start for the club, Ikeme back in goal and Ebanks-Landell in defence, Goulbourne out and Hause in the left back position.

    Well KJ obviously reads this blog because he took on board our extensive and obviously much experienced meanderings on how a football team should be managed.

    Game underway and for at least 10 minutes we looked good, well maybe sort of ok.

    The next 80 minutes was probably the worst collective display of ‘football’ that I have had the misfortune to witness from players in a Wolves shirt.

    The result was a complete shambles.

    I have no other words, oh wait – FIASCO – ‘a complete failure, especially a ludicrous or humiliating one’.

    For example – “his plans turned into a fiasco”


  32. trenchmanmick says:

    I felt I had to comment on all this BS concerning ‘Big Sam’.Those of you who truly believe he would even think of working in The Championship,put on those pointy hats and go and stand in the corner.
    P S .And while you’re about it,write out a hundred lines; I must not be a f***ing idiot.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Check your facts, Trenchy, Big Sam managed both Bolton and West Ham in the second division….where we are now.


      • trenchmanmick says:

        Quite correct Clive,but do you seriously think he would consider it now especially at Molineux where the streets are paved with gold ? Big Sam has moved on and The Toon Army’s calling.


  33. trenchmanmick says:

    Clive,did you spot my deliberate mistake? Toon Army ? I meant Black Cats.Mixed my Tyne with my Wear.I’ll now go and stand in the corner with my pointy hat on.


  34. Clive from Houston says:

    I am not calling for kj to be sacked.
    All I said was someone has made a case for his removal and the installation of Big Sam…..discussion??
    The two pricks I want to see gone are greasel and blob the builder.

    FO wb


    • Cotswold Wolf says:

      Watched the game on TV as again reluctant to leave my Cotswold Idyll for the Wales capital. After the first five minutes mostly watched from behind the settee and peering through my fingers just like I used to when Dr Who was on. Much as I love reading what you guys say it has taken me till now to look up your reactions.

      Seemed like the players had met for the first time in the car park. Hard to believe I was watching the same team I had praised so extravagantly on this site just a few games ago. So what has changed. Dicko dropped, Afobe playing to deep for a striker and a back five chopped and changed for nearly every game.

      As I have suggested before if Afobe wants/needs to play deep he should do so in the Sako role. Dicko, even slightly of the pace has to start every game with Dangerous Dave retained in number 10 spot. The back four could be protected by someone with playing the style of Paul Ince. So I will risk the torrents of abuse the last time I suggested Joey Barton and repeat he could work for us. (This is a man trying to put behind him his troubled childhood and youth). I see one or two regular posters on this site are also putting his name forward.

      As for Big Sam, attractive an idea as it is, 1) he will have been payed more for being on MOTD and Sky this weekend than M and M will pay him for a month and 2) he won’t work for two guys who want to micro manage transfer policy and think it’s a good idea to invade the dressing room when it all goes tits up.

      And we need to stick by KJ. He’s not suddenly a bad manager but something has gone badly wrong with squad and my guess is that money and wages are the root cause. Its the top that needs sorting – not the middle manager. To paraphrase a well known saying: there’s no such thing as a bad squad, just a bad owner and a bad CEO.


  35. Well then guys and girls. I woke up in a good mood this morning and full of the joys of spring and the World does’nt look as bad as it did a few days ago.

    Kenny out, Hmmmm

    I’m disappointed, but not that much. I’m prepared to give him a little more, he entertained well me the last couple of seasons and none of us get everything right, after all I decided to gre married and look how that turned out. 🙂

    I’m with GoWolves on the big Sam issue, why would he come and work with a pair of knobs like M&M, he may be a Dudley lad but they’re not all bonkers. (Just kidding all you Dudley boys)

    We need a Joey Barton, Curtis Davies, or someone of similar ilk, you’ve now all caught up with Steve Showcase and I on that and let’s hope the two numbskies in the Golden towers can see it, without a defence, we’re up shit creek without a Golden parachute never mind a paddle.

    Remember guys and girls it could be worse, we could be stripey carrier bag fans sitting at the bottom of the golden tit, Tee Hee Hee.(smug look or what).
    Anyone going to the Barnet game tomorrow?
    Anyone even care??

    On a survey taken at Molineux this weekend, Stats show that 6 out every 7 Dwarfs attending the Molineux just are’nt Happy.

    Onwards and who knows where it will lead????

    StuWolf, Confused.Com


    • admant says:

      yeah – the kenny out brigade are way off the mark. the man consistently produces minor miracles on a shoe string budget. He has earmarked some pretty talented prospects who – as mentioned above – who have already gone on to prove their worth, but the fat bastards running the show have declined his requests.

      Kenny clearly earmarked Ameobi as our attacking force in midfield to replace Sako, and it is clear for all to see, without the creatiity and movement that force creates our talented striker/s up front have fuck all to work with.

      Our squad was NOT strengthened in the close, what the fuck le fondre was brought in for i dont know, if any “big spend” was brought in it needed desperately to be the LM.

      steve morgan and his tight fisted approach to running a football club might be the safest way for him to keep the money rolling in, but we dont watch football to see his stocks rise, we watch football to see our club give its all to be as succesful as it can be. Stoke and WBA are great examples how steady progress can be made if the ambition is there.

      Last year I bleated on about the need to get promoted or Sako would go … This year it is Afobes turn … instead of repeating Bens lovely quote on top I will instead add lyrics by Del Amitri :
      “Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all, the needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing a long like before …”


  36. I’m on the Eagles track this morning.

    Iv’e got a Peaceful easy feeling.and I know he (Kenny) won’t let me down.

    Life just keeps getting better and better.

    Half full glass again.



  37. When I was picking up my sponsor money for the Lands End to John O’Groats bike ride from my sister her neighbour came round and gave me a signed football from the eighties. It has Mel Eves, Phil Parkes, Martin Patching and a shed load more names I can’t decipher, if anyone wants to start a mad type offer for it I would be happy to take offers and would gladly send it to the highest bidder, it is a Mitre ball and has obviously been standing in some place for all that time, it is slightly discoloured but is in fact a unused ball.

    Anyone interested? Then make me an offer and I will happily send you a piece of nostalgia from the eighties. I will stop the bidding on Friday 12pm if that’s ok.

    I hope depression has’nt set too far in. All in the aid of the Wolves DSA (disabled supporters association)

    Optomitically yours, half glass.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      I will start – £20.00.

      Have you not thought about putting this on e-bay? The more you get the better, as it is all for the DSA.


      • Thanks mucker,

        Time is the problem, jetting off to the sunshine is the factor.

        £20 it is then, a good opening offer.



        • Brompton Wolf says:

          Delay the “sell by” date mate. Stick it on e-bay for a fortnight and see what happens when you get back. Stick a minimum on it and it may be a surprise when you return.


  38. theDOOGooder says:

    “He was absolutely useless.
    I hope he never plays again for Wolves.”

    So says one of our regular bloggers about Dave Edwards – and there are one or two others who seem to think that he is about as much use as a one legged man at an arse kicking party.

    One thing that really annoys me is criticism for the sake of it and with no good reason.

    If you don’t like the bloke, fair enough, just say so.

    But don’t come out with views that don’t hold up under any sort of scrutiny.

    I’ve just done a bit of research on the contribution that Dangerous Dave has made to the team this season.

    It didn’t take long.

    According to the official website stats he is third for ‘shots on target’, behind Afobe & Dicko – second for ‘goals scored’ and equal top for ‘assists’.

    And he hasn’t been booked.

    Before anyone suggests it, he is not my love child and there is definitely nothing going on between us.

    I just like to give credit fairly and where it’s due.


    • sevlow says:

      Agree Doog – Dave does a very good job for us.
      Football fans are fickle



    • I believe my views on Edwards hold up under scrutiny Doog.
      You clearly rate him. I don’t. That’s not to say he can’t play an important role in the squad, but to seriously think we achieve anything in the Championship with Edwards in the team week on week, is ludicrous, in my opinion.
      Here’s some stats for you, which would indicate that David Edwards was a squad player in League One (not an idle,unfair accusation, but a fact). It will hopefully prove that I am not being unfair ‘for the sake of it.’ (Why in God’s name would I do that?!)
      David Edwards started 22 games in League One. Michael Jacobs started 28 who has since been sold.
      Edwards also started just 14 games in 2012/13. Clearly we can debate the managerial acumen of both Solbakken and Saunders, but with a club spiralling into League One with a history-defining double relegation, wouldn’t Edwards have played more than 14 games in a bid to reverse our fortunes if he was really that good?
      I could go back to 2008/09 when he started just 23 games as we won the Championship, when Karl Henry was preferred, who everybody hates. Now that’s unfair!
      I am not doing this due to an obsession with Edwards, but to prove that my view stands up to scrutiny.
      Clearly a number of managers have retained faith in him, which says enough about his value to the squad, but to suggest he is anything more integral than that is absurd.
      He is one paced, one dimensional, hard working, infectious, all in one player.
      My opinion, as I hope these statistics assist with, is that we will never get promoted while Dave Edwards occupies so much time in our first team.
      Far be it from me to think he’s as much use as a one-legged man at an arse kicking party, but I humbly believe we should aspire for better IF we ever want to get out of this division from hell.
      Which, incidentally, I would suggest that we don’t.


      • Clive from Houston says:

        Benny Boy, how the hell are you??!!
        I humbly beg to disagree with your last comment.
        WE all want to get out of this division from sandwell, it’s those two muppets who apparently do not.


      • Brompton Wolf says:


        I hear what you are saying, and it is a matter of opinion really. I can’t be arsed looking up stats too deeply, but just in relation to Karl Henry and Dave Edwards I offer the following:

        Dave Edwards – Appearances 214 Goals 27
        Karl Henry – Appearances 250 Goals 6

        I know there is a lot more to a midfielder than scoring goals, but these stats alone show that Edwards has been of much more use to Wolves than Henry has in terms of goals scored from midfield. In my opinion I thought he was much better than Henry, he played much more forward and the majority of his passing was to the front rather than to the back or sideways.

        I do agree with some things you say, there are better players out there, but they are not at our club, and whilst we have him, I think Edwards is good for us.

        I know you were not just talking about him and Henry, but I did a comparision because his name was mentioned.

        Hope all is well in the Ben household mate and look forward to grabbing a chat over a beer before season end.


      • theDOOGooder says:

        I’m not having a pop at you Ben.

        Your statistics are as accurate as mine.

        Interpretation is where the trouble always kicks off (pun intended).
        Try the Bible or the Koran for instance.

        A player can not pick himself – The number of starts he makes depends entirely on whether the manager fancies him or not, or whether he fits in to the formation that the head coach wants to adopt. He has certainly been used as a squad player over the years possibly as much because of his versatility as his limitations.

        For him to figure so well in the stats lists might well say more about the strength – or lack of it – of the rest of the squad than it says about him.

        I certainly don’t see him as God’s gift and he has nowhere near the talent of some members of the squad but what I see in him is someone who scores important goals, makes assists and always gives it everything…

        …and in a team that on occasions has the look of a bunch of misfits that don’t seem to have much backbone or passion, that counts for a lot.

        As for your last point – it’s a horrible thought but I think you may be right.


        • Brompton Wolf says:

          Yeah I agree – It’s interpretation.

          Did you know that Moses had a Motorbike? It says so in the Bible. I read that “you could hear his triumph all over the land”

          Also Adam and Eve had 3 sons (Cain Abel and Septh). The Bible states that “Cain killed Abel and took upon him a wife”. Where did the wife come from? Incest from the beginning?

          See – everything is based on how it is interpreted. I mean, I have even heard that some bloggers have called Clive a Pussycat.

          Are people smiling yet?


          • Brompto, it’s how you interpreted that one.

            I called him a Pussy.

            Iv’e just read in the Express and Lie, that a lunstic ran amok in the Wolves Shop at the molineux this morning. He ran in the shop attacked and raped the cleaner and ran off before they could apprehend him..
            Headlines in this afternoons paper will be:-

            Nut, Screws, Washer and Bolts.

            Boom boom, who said, “it’s only Clive that delivers bad jokes”

            James Henry to Charlton looks like being back on.


            • Brompton Wolf says:


              At least the rest of the bloggers can’t say we don’t try to get people smiling in the face of adversity.


    • robin says:

      Were we watching the same game Doogooder?
      Who cares about statistics!
      Really, have you time to try and avoid reality that much?
      On Sunday Dave Edwards was useless.
      Afterwards I did hope he never plays for Wolves again.
      Obviously he will and if he scores and we win I will praise him.
      Nevertheless, I am entitled to react as I wish!
      And next time you don’t agree with one of my comments, have the balls to mention me by name, rather than a supercilious ‘regular blogger.’…….


      • theDOOGooder says:

        Robin, I have never seen you as a supercilious regular blogger.

        Just one with different opinions than mine.

        It would be a dull old blog if we all agreed about everything wouldn’t it.

        And the next time I don’t agree with one of your comments I will try and pluck up the courage to mention your name.



  39. On a spur note.

    Just been in to pick up my Iibrary tickets for tomorrows game against the mighty Bee’s (Barnet)

    The bloke in front of me was told there’s only been 5000 sold up to now. Needless to say, me and Jen de Wolf ain’t feckin going to that one either, beat a hasty retreat, voting with my feet Moxey, listen and take note Morgan.


  40. What a flippin shambles. Our star player leaves, (and boy didn`t he look at home in the premiership?) so we sign a loan flying winger and don`t give him the ball.
    Vqn Parra is far more effective as an impact player from the bench, Dicko is sulking because his mate has gone for the money, while big mac doesn`t look interested at all. KJ wants to build a side around Afobe, well why didn`t the two M`s go and build a side around Sako.
    I`m with Ben on Edwards, I like him, but he lacks pace and quality, while he might run around all day, its chasing the ball mostly and to no great purpose, and he can`t go past players so using him wide has not and will never work. He has always prospered arriving late from midfield into the box, and on Sat did this but just didn`t, again, didn`t finish.
    If I thought watching 11 players mess it up was bad enough, then watching our national rugby side getting bulldozed by the bloody French was just as bad.
    Thank good ness for Lewis H and Jess EH on Sunday to put a smile on our faces.
    Brompton has a very good point about distance, time and commitment in return for shoddy performances, its very disappointing, and while I`ll use my season ticket on Saturday, |I“m not driving an hour and a half each way for a loss and more of what I saw this weekend. Hope KJ can sort it out despite having his hands tied behind his back by the owner.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Thanks Mark. We both know, as do many many other bloggers, that we will support our Club, whenever we can, but my support will now be primarily at away fixtures that are closer to me.
      Having said that, I will probably end up driving an hour and a half each way to most of those away fixtures, but it’s better than 3 hours. Things may change though, if we start playing football!!


      • Clive from Houston says:

        When did you learn to drive, and have you got a separate tent to park in, on the side of the M62?


        • Brompton Wolf says:

          I haven’t. But the police here have not yet managed to nick me. As for the tent …….
          got a few spare ones from the ex military sales, all I need now is fence to put around it. Known anyone who sells fences?



    Thing is we are stuck with it forever. I was there at the shite in 83 when 2 danny creanie screamers saw us win 3-1. I was there at the infamous seaside tours torquay southend scarboro in 86/87. I was there when bully got the last minute winner at the shite 1989. I was there at PNE league 1 with 5000 others. I will be there because Wolves is in the blood and will never be taken away. I will be there when M and M have gone. You will be there too. Just got back from watchin arsenal lpool at litten tree wolvo and it was full of plastic fans. Made me realise what wolves means to me. Sorry to get all emotional.


  42. Steve showcase says:

    Shite wi fi here in Rhodes we should run up 5 against Barnet but Charlton is going to be very significant game very much so..
    Does anybody know the state of play on DB?


    • admant says:

      whilst i think kenny probably envisaged a good cup run at season start , this his been a catastrophic week not just in terms of results but for the reasons we’ve all discussed above not to mention the circling vultures who can seemingly smell a fresh Afobesaur kill

      Thus, I see Kenny putting out a B team and Barnet winning 2-3 – even the first team cant defend for shit – and to be honest he’d take a loss rather than force a replay in the big smoke

      i think kenny has bigger fish to fry than a cup run. after just a few little games i think its there for all to see, no sako replacement means no promotion push. Yes there wil be outrage when Afobe gets sold, but us saps will suck it up and all be back for 2016/17.

      Thank You Beetroot and Pieman, again.


      • Steve showcase says:

        I hear you..but even at £10M moxey hasn’t the bottle to authorise an Afobe sale he would be torn limb from limb..but he needs protecting from depression as in we must stop conceding and negating his efforts..

        The Mms I’m certain now run the club /team/player influence and even they are not stupid..I genuinely feel that if they were forced to buy a defender then they would ..I’m def trying to force it as everyone knows
        Danny Batth also seems to be out for a long time perhaps the op didn’t work as well as they hoped? It’s all very quiet…


        • Tipton Exile says:

          Notice that reports in various places say the Shit are willin to let Lescott go. Worth a punt surely, even on loan


          • admant says:

            i was having similar “friends reunited” thoughts about Jarvis … do you think they would both came back and play for free which is about the only scenario i see that Beetroot and Pieman would go for.


  43. colin says:

    Just had a look for the big spenders at the top of the league all i can see is Ole ‘Mcdickhead’ and Chris Houghton.


  44. Steve Bull is playing 80 minutes tonight in the Barnet game, if he passes muster then he’s getting signed up for the forseeable future.

    As nice as tne thought is, I’m afraid Nostalgia is a thing of the past. We’ve got more of the same to look forward to I fear, if the numbskies at the top won’t see reason then we’re buggered.



  45. Brompton Wolf says:

    I wonder where I have read this recently? Good on you Ben, getting the word out further than here may (!) help in the two Ms realising what they need to do.


  46. Shready says:

    The Express and Stir are saying Norwich have made an improved offer for Afobe, I hope Moxey says no but I’m starting to get worried about this.
    It won’t take long before Afobe gets unsettled and his agent starts seeing the Dollar signs, this transfere window still open when the season has just started is bloody stupid and it’s really pissing me off.


  47. Been on my hols since the first game and was a bit sore at missing this important part of the season. But it’s been unremitting bad news since I’ve been gone, so I’m quite pleased to be out of it to be honest. This is the first time I’ve been able to catch up with events since the QPR debacle.
    Hopefully, when I get home at the weekend, my calming influence and lucky rabbits foot will come into play and normal service will be resumed…… Hopefully.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      So it’s your fault that we are playing so badly? Get back now. And don’t forget the rabbit’s foot.


  48. Paul in Sorretto says:

    Dave Edwards is one player that has improved in my eyes I wasn’t he greatest fan but when played in the right position behind the front two that’s where he’s most effective

    Playing him on any other position and he ineffective the goal he scored against Villa he made a run from just outside the box got to the near post to finish that what he best at

    This is the probl with Jackett at the moment he’s player people out of position to accommodate other players and it’s not working

    Two things that could improve things straight away sort McDonald out pay him what he worth note what he’s worth and get a seasoned pro at the back

    As for Afobe who could blame him if he goes I won’t for one it’s been a pleasure to watch him why should he stay if the powers that be promised him the world ie Premier football and gave him an Atlas..!


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