Our finest hour

Having never started a blog with a revelation, I thought now might be a good time to admit something for the first time.

WB Massive

Just one week ago, I was reluctantly ready to relinquish my Wolves Blog duties and file my final report through dewy eyes.

With an increasingly hectic business to manage, a marriage to maintain and my all-consuming son’s little football team to evolve, time has become a precious commodity, you see.

Thankfully, a get-together with some of the most fervent and passionate supporters on this site not only changed my mind, but told me to stop taking life so bloody seriously in the first place.

A disparate group of die-hard Wolves fans, who’s DNA might never be truly understood by a modern day football club, met at the Park View Hotel before the Carlisle game.

Having only ever conversed from the anonymity of my laptop, I honestly didn’t know what to expect when meeting theDOOGooder and co for the first time, who could quite easily feel underwhelmed by the company I offered upon arrival.

The experience itself was something I will genuinely treasure and one that has reaffirmed my love for Wolves Blog and our special club as a whole.

There was something quite surreal about listening to Lynx’s explanation for his random avatar, for example, which derived in part from his Lincolnshire home and the fact he has hideously furry ears.

Even more surreal was the fact I wanted to stroke his ears, along with his hand-made Lynx identity badge.

Then there was Colin, a guy who’s provided one or two contrasting views to my own during our most miserable of recent seasons, who made the effort to come along and have a beer and say hello. It meant a lot.

Brompton Wolf, a nutcase who even designed his own Wolves Blog T-shirt especially for the occasion, was as generous with his kind words as theDOOGooder was with his wallet, who insisted on buying me a beer.

And stuWolf, clad in new home shirt, briefly became the head of the harem as we formed a mini- circle to touch his glistening Puma cloth.

The Doog was the guy I noticed first, a blue-eyed beacon in the beer garden who had knitted proceedings together so effortlessly (and videotaped all for posterity).

Along came Sleachy, who owed his own Wolves Blog name to a bunch of university mates who mingled some Latin together with a slug. Not that this sounds remotely interesting.

Twixfix festooned us all with appropriate chocolate snacks and Clive from Houston – a man who quite possibly wiped my arse when I was in nappies – generally shimmered.

While I have known Clive as my dad’s (Scooped) best friend for as long as I can remember, I had never known him to be so generous.

Where I was expecting obligatory piss-take upon arrival (he did say I looked like a f**king pirate), I received a Texas shot-glass, a Houston Rockets car sticker and an appropriate piece of Texas Bullshit!

Everyone who met before kick-off – Mark Davies included – shared one common bond. My close friend Thomas Baugh created that common bond, so I must leave the last word to him, as he delicately negotiated my whiny threat to quit last week:

“Time is an issue for me also,” said Thomas. “When I started out, I was living up in Stoke, with nothing else to do in the week. It’s very different now.

“I’m sitting there adding points to the Prediction League table and I think ‘what the hell am I doing?’

“But I reconcile that against the fact that what we do brings genuine pleasure to people’s day-to-day lives. Even if it’s just 10 minutes in their coffee break, they value what we do.

“I’m always motivated by the untold messages from people all around the world saying how invaluable the blog is to them.

“People like Jerry, a disabled fan who hadn’t been to a game for years. Through the blog I was actually able to find someone to go and sit with him at MK Dons. As a consequence he was there for that amazing day. He’s also made a great friend in the process.

“Then there’s Chris, who has been on HMS Westminster for the last two years, reading our blogs from inside a steel tube somewhere out at sea. It’s bonkers.

“That’s what motivates me.”

To everyone in that sunny beer garden on Saturday and to anyone who has ever visited Wolves Blog, thank-you so much.

You’ll hear from me again soon!


  1. theDOOGooder says:

    Ben, you have perfectly put into words, as you always do incidentally, the importance of the Wolves Blog to all us sad bastards who, for whatever bizarre reason, have come to love the men from the Molineux.

    I don’t think that I have ever properly thanked you and Thomas for the pleasure you have given to me over the past year or so that I have been associated with the exclusive brotherhood that make up the Wolves Bloggers.

    If either of you ever have the slightest thought about packing it in I shall be up to Wolverhampton with a rather large baseball bat to try to persuade you to change your mind.

    I appreciate the amount of work that you both put in but, as you say, days like Saturday just seem to make it all worth while.

    I wish we could have spent more time chewing the fat but if we do this again I hope we’ll get the chance.

    We’re all part of something that is more than just a football club.

    “One life – live it
    One club – love it!”

    See you soon.


    • robin says:

      Brilliant video DOOGooder…
      My three favourite Wolves players I actually saw
      3…Jim McCalliog, saw him score a hat-trick against Villa in a cup game.
      2…The Doog
      1… Peter Knowles, a sublime player who would have eclipsed Hoddle at his peak, had the Jehovah Witnesses not got him.


      • theDOOGooder says:

        Not a bad shout Robin.
        I never really got to see much of Peter Knowles, but 30,000 Wolves fans can’t be wrong..
        McCalliog was a class act.
        And I think you know what I think about the Doog!


  2. AmberW01f says:


    I would like to add my thank you’s to the long list of appreciation you and the rest of those involved with this blog have received. This is my goto place for the previews before each game, and the match report following it, more so than the local papers or sports broadcasters websites.

    I think the level of journalism is a great credit to you all, and long may this site continue.

    Cant wait for next season to start now……… which is such a far cry from this time last year we have certainly come a long way.

    My hopes for the summer are the clearout of all those that don’t deserve to wear our famous colours again, and yet still keep coming back. And re-investment of any fees with the addition of some more Jackett / Thewell replacements to give us strength in depth and some more added quality if thats possible.

    Bring on the Championship, lets test ourselves again and prove we are better than any of us could hope or dream this time a year ago.


    • Thanks Doog. It really is nice to know there’s a few folk out there who like what we put together (I’d prefer not to call us all sad bastards!!! Lol!)
      It was great to meet you all too. You pulled a blinder getting everyone together. Maybe we can make it an annual thing and we can ramp it up a bit year by year? We could fly Kowloon Wolf in!
      I was probably being a bit precious about things when I was contemplating signing off. I do get a bit flighty sometimes, but I always come back round to the right way of thinking! And again, knowing that a few people appreciate it goes a long way.
      I was taken with the thought of you guys probably standing within a stone’s throw of one another on the old North Bank or South Bank, being brought together by a blog!
      I’m sure there will be a few features and items to pass the time over the summer too. It’ll be pre season before we know it. Hee hee!

      As ever, Up The Wolves! Thanks again Doog


      • theDOOGooder says:

        I forgot to mention that I love ‘the blue eyed beacon in the beer garden’ reference.

        One of the best mixed uses of metaphor and alliteration I’ve come across.

        Much better than ‘the sad old sozzled sod’ that normally comes my way.


    • Thanks Amber. Very kind. I am a qualified journalist believe it or not (most would say not!) Thomas is the broadsheet to my tabloid!
      Agree, can’t wait until next season. Wonder if we might see Kourtney House next season? Up the Wolves!


  3. Honey badger says:

    Hi Ben and blog
    I have never wrote to the blog before but have been following the reports for the last 3-4 years. Not sure why I never commented but feel I have to write today, don’t give up Ben this blog is the best wolves write up around, you and Thomas have certainly helped to make this season of the pitch just as exciting and incite-full. It’s been a pleasure to read the blog even through the previous seasons Saunders a new low, the banter is also great with Clive etc and the vid from the doogooder was a real highlight this year. I have never been more excited at being a wolves fan as I am now, which I’m sure is the case for most on here post 70s era. So you would be crazy to give it up!!! And sorely missed!!!


    • Thanks Honey Badger. That means a heck of a lot.
      I, too, have seldom felt more excited going forward either. Crazy isn’t it, after never feeling quite so apathetic as I did this time last year!
      We’ll keep on blogging over the summer no doubt, so I hope you can keep on reading.
      We also want to get a bit closer to the club, who appear to turn a blind eye to our very existence, but that is a topic for another time!
      Thanks again


  4. sevlow says:

    Jebus, what a bunch of dodgy looking characters ! 😉

    Enjoyed the video and good to see the faces behind this great blog – thanks again to Ben and Thomas for their outstanding work.

    You can all take a break now but I expect all of you to report back in the peak of fitness and raring to go !



  5. Kowloon Wolf says:

    Well done. Excellent. Everybody so articulate. Who’d have thunk it?
    1. Bull; 2. Munro; 3. Wagstaffe.


    • Will you fly over for the next one Kowloon?! Munro was that good mate? Everyone I’ve ever asked has said he was a phenomenal player. Come to think of it, that 1970s team boasted some talent didn’t it? Clive was saying that had Peter Knowles have hung around, we could have been reflecting on a title challenging side.


  6. Mark Davies says:

    Now this incredible season has finally finished, I`ve had my wolves scarf, whathouse top, wolves matchday boxers and wolves jacket washed and ironed (for the first time in years), and folded away with great care in my wardrobe, where they await next season.
    Looking forward, if Clive from Houston was to announce a visit at the end of next season, could we dare to believe it was to enjoy another promotion. Well why not!!
    So thanks to Thomas and Ben for having their passion for this splendid blog re-kindled by the motley group of bloggers who met on Saturday – a real inspiration to all of us who enjoyed our prematch meet.


  7. Steve showcase says:

    Ben..the blog is just warming up..if we do get ‘ up there’ nxt season then just think what the comments will be like in that era..
    We’ll all be on fire and the professional prose from your self ..well..we all seem to be writing better
    too..like what you do… (lol)


  8. Twixfix says:

    I can only repeat my previous praise to both yourself and Thomas. This current post, which includes the DOOGooder’s Video clip is sensational. I believe that collectively their is amazing talent and skill sets amongst us for all to see. This blog could ho from strength to strength, mark my words.
    The content, format and presentation is all top notch..
    Had a great time on Saturday meeting up with ‘ My Friends’ and as you say what a challenge for all Wolves Bloggers to get together at some point in time.
    Football wise, just think .. another TWO seasons like this and we’ll be watching Champions League football !!

    Thanks to Thomas, Ben and DOOGooder for compiling this read .. Brilliant.


  9. Honey badger says:

    My top 3
    1/ Ince
    Always loved him through out his career and could not believe our luck when he signed.
    2/ Dean Richards
    For scoring my favourite goal seen at the Mol, bullet header against that team that play in blue and white
    stripes with an inferiority complex! Think you know who I mean!
    3/ Muscat
    Hard as nails and could play a bit as well.
    Special mention to Jacobs with the goal against brentford, was like watching barca great team goal didnt get as much credit as it deserved.


  10. Dougie Singh says:

    Hi Ben & Blog
    Another first timer on here but again another avid reader of Wolves Blog – I can only echo the earlier thanks to both Ben and Thomas for the time and effort you guys put into it . I’ve Wolves followed Wolves since the mid 60s but don’t get up to Molineux as much as I would like these days. Sorry to have missed you guys on Saturday – my wife (going to her first ever football match!) and I booked Saturday night at A Park View but we didn’t get there until around 2.15pm.

    Enjoy the Summer and here’s to the new season!


    • Thanks Dougie. It is lovely to think there’s a few fans like you who’ve been reading over the years. We narrowly missed one another then! Here’s to next year! You too, have a great summer


  11. colin says:

    Thanks Ben you were one of the Bloggers i had to see. Whatever you do in the future i am sure it will be a success. Havent plucked up the courage to watch Doogs vid yet. A bit camera phobic my mind not unusually went blank. My top 3 would be Bull, Richards and Hibbitt.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Watch the video mate.
      You’ll love it! Love it! Love it!


    • Thanks Colin. Great to meet you again. I am like you – I can’t watch the video. Too embarrassed! Thomas consoles me with the line that Jonny Depp never watches his films back. Difference with me is that I look like an arse!
      Sorry Doog, I’d be cringing too much to watch myself. I’ve been told it is an excellent production though, so well done Spielberg


      • theDOOGooder says:

        I go to all that trouble and you can’t be arsed to watch it!

        Seriously though, if nothing else you should watch from around 5min 45sec to see Rupert from WhatHouse. One of our newest and most enthusiastic fans.


        • colin says:

          Watched the vid Doog yes i loved it. I rather hoped you were recording when i made my preliminary comments about playing against John Richards etc. I will be ready for you next time. Yes the PMGD is very charming. Ben you should watch it when you nearly get run over in the car park is quite amusing.


  12. mick the wolf says:

    As I’ve said before this is THE best wolves fan site and thats thanks to the wide variety of characters and the two main men Ben and Thomas . How you found and kept your enthusiasm over the last two or three years is remarkable but the reward as been the joy of this season and the positive vibe that means we can’t wait for August. Like everyone else I’n so glad you will still be leading us next season. Happy days.


    • Thanks Mick. Perversely enough, dropping down a league or two has probably made the blog more relevant. I.E. In the PL, there was blanket coverage / foreign streams / live games galore so everyone kept abreast of things more.
      Now, I guess we rely on sites like the blog to provide an account of the games if you can’t make them (we are never on TV are we? Orient aside)
      With this in mind, and all of these lovely comments, I’m sure we’ll be here for a long time to come!


  13. Brompton Wolf (Steve L Biles) says:

    P robably the best Saturday I have had for quite a long time!
    R ather than just turn up to the Mol and watch the game then go home it was
    E xciting to meet a group of Bloggers at theDOOGooders hotel prior to the match.
    M ost of you, if not all of you, I have chatted to sometime on the Blog, but it was brilliant
    I dentifying you all and confirming you are all absolutely nuts. But I knew that as
    E very Wolves fan must be nuts, because they certainly have put us under a lot of stress
    R eally. But, I love the Wolves, so deal with stress. Where else have you heard of
    S upporters talk about getting together before a match and that talk turn into reality?
    H ow many other clubs supporters have done this I don’t know, but I’ll bet not many,
    I f any at all. That is what this club is about. But it is not just about us. it is about the
    P ains that Ben and Thomas go through every match and beyond. This blog is awesome.

    H aving had such a good season with Kenny in charge pleases me no end. Whilst I do not
    E xpect it, I would not be surprised if we have another amazing season and put
    R eal pressure on the front runners. Who knows, we could be so amazing that we could
    E ven get promoted!

    W e all really like to dream, but dreams can turn to reality. I mean, who would have
    E ver dreamt that Clive from Houston was a pussycat really?

    C losing this soon, only a few Capital Letters to go! Just like to repeat what an
    O utstanding day Saturday was. I hope that another meet can take place and there
    M ay even be more of us turn up. I felt honoured to meet you all and hope the
    E vening was good for you all as I had to leave early to get home. See you next season.


  14. Steve showcase says:

    Munro was so good I be seen him more than once bounce the ball off the leg of the apposing player get the return then create a scoring chance for Richards.. He was king of the feint / dummy and could attack as well as defend..

    1.Bull 2.Munro 3.Richards or Waggy


  15. dorsetwolf says:

    Just a big thank you for the best blog site ever.

    It also got me in touch with a cousin I hadn`t seen or contacted for 40 years.

    Thanks again.


  16. StuWolf says:

    Ben & Thomas, I am not going to labour the point as the guys above have thanked you both for your efforts on this site, without doubt it is a huge part of our week, I know, I search the “Wolves news now” for your piece and really do enjoy the banter.

    I only recently within the last six Months joined the bloggers, having spent 33 years in the Emergency services and the last 12 running my own very successful Charity, I was always very wary of using social media sites, never had facebook, twitter, twatter or tweeter accounts and probably never will chirpy. chirpy tweet, tweet. But reading the “Wolves news now” and finding your Blog I enjoyed it and was instantly hooked from day one.
    looking from the outside at some of the other sites, they are frequented by some strange people indeed, not so this site. In all the time I have been following it, it has stayed within the boundaries, the language is mild compared with some sites and that tells me we are dealing with people who are enjoying being part of something good. From the minute I stepped on the terraces at the Mol, the banter from the Black Country was like Nectar from the Gods to me, the contributors to this Blog are from my era and that banter is still there. What is there not to like.

    Meeting with fellow bloggers on Saturday, although brief for me as I was there with my Grandchildren and her that should be obeyed, I really enjoyed the opportunity to put faces to the site names and look behind the masks. I had to leave all too quickly as my Grandchildren wanted to soak up the atmosphere around the ground and visit the Club shop, but I did what I wanted to do and met you guys. Next time I shall put aside more time and enjoy more of the foaming amber nectar.

    Recently I have suffered at the hands of narrow minded people as you are, Banging head and brick walls spring to mind. Your Blog site is great, let them get on with it. They can stop lot’s of things in this life, but the one thing they can’t ever stop is Enthusiasm. Keep up the great work.


    • Peakwolf says:

      Hear bloody hear! (other than the bit about the pre-match meet, which I wish I could have been at). The points about the blog are totalement spot on!


  17. Ade In China says:

    This has got to be one of my favourite blogs in a long time! Putting faces to the names that we all read comments from weekly is really cool, and I was perhaps a little too excited to see an appearance from the legend that is “Clive from Houston!”
    Wish I could have been there!
    Happy to hear that Ben has had a change of heart ~ thanks to both you and Thomas for the work put in!


  18. Steppenwolfe says:

    Just to echo the words of those more articulate than me – thanks Thomas and Ben.
    Thought the video was great.
    Great end to a great season.


  19. Clive from Houston says:

    When you travel abroad, one of the most oft asked questions is “when are you going home?”
    Well, on Saturday May 3rd, I was home.
    Home amongst old and new friends.
    Home talking football, not American throwball.
    And most of all, home….at The Molineux.
    It’s like Trigger’s Granddad’s broom, 14 new heads and 10 new handles, but it was his granddad’s.
    The Molineux bears no resemblance to The Mol of my youth, changed in every way, but it is My Molineux.
    Nothing will ever change that.
    The tears were welling up on several occasions throughout the day, as they are now as I write this drivel, but I don’t care, I’m too old to be embarrassed, and I love our club more than anything else in this world ( and my missus understands this, can you believe?)
    The events of the day have been captured by far better pix and prose than wot I can write, but I will add that the whole day was magical, the meet pre match, the wonderful party atmosphere the whole time at The Mol, the trophy presentation and lap of honour, and spare a thank you to those Carlisle fans who stayed behind and applauded our success when they could have slunk away in despair. Very sporting. Thanks, Guys.

    New friends.
    If we are honest, we have only a handful of good friends, so to meet online, and then face to face, people from all over the place with a common love, is amazing, and over the years I have come to regard you lot as friends.
    Yes, we may disagree, but isn’t that what friendship is, still friends afterwards?
    Thank you one and all for this marvelous blog, a beacon of sensibility and sanity through the smog of mediocre reporting and so called journalism.
    We have nothing to do all summer except watch (or not) those overpaid prima donnas poncing around, and losing, purporting to represent England.
    So, in closing, thank you everyone who made it to The Park View Hotel, thanks to the obviously long suffering Mrs DOOGooder, and most of all, thanks to all Wolves fans everywhere, for making us the best football club in the world.
    And of course, Fuck Off w.b.


  20. Bally says:

    Awesome mate,
    Looked like a really good day!
    Glad you’re keeping going, I know what you and Thomas have been doing certainly gave me something to look forward to every week when I was away. I really appreciate the time and effort you both put into it.
    Cheers guys


  21. StuWolf says:

    Need help here fellow bloggers.

    Since watching the video from Saturday, I have been going demented over the words or should I say gaps where words should be. Please forgive me younger bloggers, but humour an oldie who was there at Highfield Road on the day.
    Help me retain my sanity and take a trip down memory lane. “Another Wolves Golden Moment ”

    Sung to the tune of “the Red Baron”

    After the turn of the century
    In the clear blue skies over Coventry
    Came a thunderous sound like you’ve never heard
    Ten, Twenty,Thirty, Forty, Fifty or more
    Coventry supporters lying dead on the floor
    80 coppers died, trying to end that spree
    The day the NORTH BANK took Coventry

    Any assistance gratefully appreciated.


  22. robin says:

    I was in New Delhi 2008, just out from the ICU, after emergency Open Heart Surgery, that I stumbled across this blog.
    I think Clive was the first person to get a laugh out of me with a new aortic valve, and he’s still putting a smile on my face 6 years later. I doubt there is another blog with such comraderie, even when we were in the dark years, we all were able to keep a sense of humour.
    My finances don’t allow me to get to a football match otherwise, for sure, I’d have been there Saturday.
    Shall aim for next year.
    Also, Ben and Thomas, apart from creating the forum for us all, your reportage, especially this year with so little coverage of Div 1 has been stupendous and more looked forward to, than any Match of the Day.
    So,( like Clive, with a little tear in my eye), I shall scroll back up, inhale deeply and watch with gratitude the Doog’s video…
    May the future be bright for us all…..


  23. Border Wolf says:

    Ben I would just like to say that both you & Thomas do an outstanding job producing this blog, my heartfelt thanks goes out to you both.

    As I also have a business to run, a demanding 10 year old to deal with & husband to boot, I truly applaud both your efforts to find the extra time to produce it.

    As someone who can’t get to all the matches its a real boost to have this blog, plus the banter from fellow bloggers that goes with it.

    An outstanding blog & thank you.


  24. Bagsy says:

    Bloody hell Ben, I thought that car was aiming straight for you at the start of the video. Maybe the driver was especially put out by your love of Joleon. Maybe they were more of a John de Wolf fan?

    Good stuff though mate, I love reading your poetic prose on these blogs (your’s too Thomas, not to mention all the comments). Having had the pleasure of sitting opposite you in our Journal days and enjoying the banter while opening the batting with you for one glorious season with the mighty Bridgnorth CC 3rd XI, there’s no questioning your passion for the Wolves. That said, I think even a stranger who knows nothing about the game could tell where your love lies (in footballing terms anyway, sorry Rach!) just by reading a couple of lines of one of your brilliant blogs.

    I’m already looking forward to reading more of your wise words during the summer and to the start of another cracking season in August. I’ve even got my girlfriend on the case and now get a weekly prediction from her. Worringly, she’s better at this than I am and I’ve a suspicion she could have hit the top five in the prediction league had she actually submitted them.

    We’ll definitely have to hook up for a beer soon.

    Take it easy mate. Enjoy the summer and I hope to see you guys in the not-too-distant future.


  25. Benny says:

    Hi all.
    Just want to echo the sentiments of the wolves bloggers before me. I’ve been following this blog for about 4 years now and now finally want to put my predictions, thoughts and contribution to this amazing blog. I think you – Thomas and Ben deserve all the praise you get, with your predictions and match reports are a definate read esp for me living in Australia and having relied on this site to keep up with my beloved wolves. Haven’t been back home in 8 years now but when I do the Mol is one of the first places I want to show the kids and thou I’m too young to remember the 70’s from the late 80’s onwards I was hooked on wolves. Thank you for your dedication to the blog guys it’s been a great read from down under.


  26. US Wolf says:

    What more can be said……………

    My Heart sank when I started to read this blog at the very thought of the WolvesBlog discontinuing.

    Thanks Thomas,……..Thanks Ben,………….Thanks to all Wolves Bloggers wherever you are,….Thanks to Kenny Jackett and this and this remarkable, history making, record breaking team.

    An unbelievable season, way and above what any one of could have wished for this time last year.

    Enjoy this video if you haven’t seen it already. Think I’m on my 10th go now.


    Here’s to next season,……Come on Me Babbies,……………Wolves Ay We!!!!


  27. Jerryd says:


    I have said thanks to you and Thomas for the blog before, but now you know that everyone feels the same. Seeing the usual suspects on the vid was great and I am pleased to see how much I have in common with the DooGooder apart from wit ,and good looks. Similar if not the same vintage, same birthplace, I could go on. Thanks DG, though maybe Ridley Scott might be another suitable blog name too.

    I will certainly come to the next blogger’s bash, if I had read the postcard blog early enough I might have made last week.

    Onwards and upwards with the blog and the Wolves.


  28. theDOOGooder says:

    Cheers Jerryd
    I always knew you were a good looking geezer.
    And for me to be mentioned in the same breath as Ridley Scott…

    …would make Ridley very happy!


  29. lynx says:

    Greetings everybody from sunny Aquitaine in South East France. Suffering withdrawl symptoms already, need some footie action! Over here helping my nephew. Haven’t had time yet to read all the comments but will echo mighty thanks to Thomas and Ben for their sterling efforts running this Blog. Yes it’s true, the blog preserves sanity for exiled Wolves fans all over. This is the must read site.
    Thanks also to Doog for organising the “Meet” and to all the other Bloggers who attended and put up with my senseless comments. I enjoyed the day immensely and look forward to another occasion.


    • Twixfix says:

      It’s hard when you’re abroad .. keeping up to date .. we go a lot to Southern Brittany and have to use the local Casino to get free internet access. But it can be difficult at times.

      Still .. having a few ‘Verres de Vins’ or Stella 4’s helps ease the withdrawal symptons.

      Take it easy mate .. lovely to meet you and you’re good lady.


  30. Dalmatian Wolf says:

    Great video, great blog, looking forward very much to next season.

    My three favourites, not in any order, Dougan, Richards, Bailey. With honourable mentions to Bully, Knowles, Mutch, Phil Parkes, and any of the current squad. Best manager? Stan Cullis and Mr Jackett. I think what KJ has done this season is nothing short of miraculous.


  31. Clive from Houston says:

    Villa up for sale
    The shit fire another “manager”
    Who said the football season is over??!!
    The funny stuff has just begun, bring on the dancing horses!!


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Clive, you still there? I thought everyone had left until the new season. Glad a few of us still read this during close season. The guy who was with me on Saturday (there will only ever be one Saturday now), is biting his nails as Preston are still in with a chance of going up with us!!

      Have you booked your flight for the end of next Season yet ………… you know, for when we all gather to celebrate our promotion to the Prem!

      FOMWB – The clue is the letter M=Managerless.


      • Clive from Houston says:

        No, I aint booked nuffin yet, we could be up by Christmas or any time soon after!!
        I still have to complete my groveling to ‘er indoors for this year’s flight of fantasy, so keeping head well down for now!!
        Looking forward to pressure-less world cup bullshit, and fresh excuses for why England come home after 3 games!!



    Well I’m bored already. What am I to do for the next 3 months ? Perhaps I could apply for the vacant WBA managers job. “Dear Mr Peace. I know lot’s about footy including where you put the goalkeeper. I’m also jolly knowledgeable about pies and can muck in at half time in the refreshment kiosk. Don’t mind getting my hands dirty. Not at all. I also know that The Baggies play in stripy shirts and rather large shorts and have a sparrow on the badge, I think. The ground is somewhere near Smeterwick or something and has rather quaint floodlight pylons. I would like to continue the tradition of nice football. To achieve this I will expect the players to turn up for games with ribbons in their hair and not get too nasty on the park. I can use my extensive European knowledge to attract top players to the club and use Sandwell Valley as a place of beauty to make the players feel right at home. ( Except when in Carters Green, but we can shut the curtains on the coach). I envisage a 1-0-10 formation with the goalie able to double up as sweeper in a defensive stranglehold. The 10 strikers can always help out. A bit. And anyway, you can’t give the job to Keith cos he is a dingle and that would upset everyone. Including Mrs Skinner down the road and her dog, Norman. So can I have an interview please ? Promise I won’t spend too much money. Yours sincerely, The Cheeseburger of Death.”


  33. theDOOGooder says:

    The arse of the world
    SH1 TE


    We have decided to appoint managers on a 6 month non rolling contract from now on.

    You can have it for for the first 6 months.

    After that we are thinking of giving a foreign manager a chance.

    There’s a certain Mr C from a small town in Texas who has shown an interest.

    Lots of love


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      PMSL – Love it.

      Can’t wait for response from ‘Mr C from a small town in Texas’


  34. StuWolf says:

    ————-NEWS FLASH—————

    From WBA pressroom…….

    The lbody of former Peer, Lord Lucan, who was accused of murdering the family Nanny, has been found.

    The West Bromide Arsehole’s caretaker stumbled across his mascerated remains sitting inside the WBA trophy Room.

    Keith Downing is said to be worried that they may offer Lucan the vacant job due to his vastly superior knowledge of football.



  35. Clive from Houston says:

    “Tim Sherwood keen to start again as he is linked with West Brom job”
    Headline in electronic Express and Star.
    Some are just too easy, aren’t they??!!
    Well of course he will have to start again, as in kindergarden coaching, if he goes there!
    The dancing horses have been let out of their stables……………..


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      So ………………. you’re turning it down then?


      • Clive from Houston says:

        I must hold up my hand and admit I did send in an application.
        But, the rejection letter stated I was over qualified, since I had taught under fives, and they didn’t understand all the big words of one syllable or less, such as goal, and ball, and net.
        It also worried me that said rejection letter was written on a piece of cardboard, in crayon, and sent to me in a Tesco bag.
        They did admit, however, that they have finally found the major structural fault in their stadium, the seats are facing the wrong way, and that they fired their last “manager” for failing to take them into the Championship.
        On another topic, it seems that you lot over there are going to get a heat wave of 75 degrees!!
        Wow!, wish it could be that pleasantly cool here!
        Have a nice day, y’all
        I don’t need to sign off with my usual fowb, as it seems they are fucking themselves very nicely without my help!!!


    • lynx says:

      We all know what horses leave in the stables !
      It would take more than a Heracles to clean out the Augean stables in Sandwell. After all he had only 30 years of shit to dispose of. Expect a Greek appointment soon.


  36. Wolftone says:

    Great blog and video.

    I’ve been exiled in London and Wiltshire since leaving Wolverhampton in 1965 and it’s terrific to hear like-minded, and some like-aged, supporters views.

    Being a full-time carer my visits to Molineux are few nowadays but I managed to see Wolves three times this season and have loved every minute of our rapid, and unexpected,revival.

    Kenny Jackett’s influence has been superb and his team and backroom staff have given us all renewed hope.The Championship is a tough call but I have faith that with a bit of good fortune Kenny can build on this impressive start.

    My favourite Wolves players in my 55 year ordeal are:-Dave Wagstaffe, Frank Munro and of course Bully who appeared when we were at our lowest point and helped us to being the club we are today.

    Look forward to reading the blog next season in our village pub.

    Thanks for the hard work.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Welcome to the Wolves Blog pleasure park Wolftone.

      Tighten your seatbelt.

      I think we’re all in for a white knuckle ride!


  37. Wolftone says:

    Thanks DOOGooder.

    If you can’t handle white-knuckle you shouldn’t be a Wolves supporter…..at least it’s character building.

    It could be worse,my brother is a Blues supporter!


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