Wolves Vs Portsmouth Predictions

OK, I’ll keep it short. What are your predictions for tomorrow?

Here are mine:

Can Doyle make it 3 in 3?

Can Doyle make it 3 in 3?

Predicted Starting XI





Predicted Score

Call me optimistic – 2-0 Wolves

Predicted First Scorer

Kevin Doyle

Those are my predictions. What are yours?


  1. I predict the same starting XI as you thomas (partly because i’ve read tonight’s express & star)

    I predict a 2-1 victory for Wolves with Doyle to score first


  2. Agreed, same starting 11. I was going to go for 2-0 but as Thomas stole that one I’ll be uber confident and go for 3-0. Keogh to score first (I know, I know) with Doyle and Kightly adding the others.


  3. Same XI as you Tom.

    3-1 Doyle, Keogh and Edwards.


  4. 1-0 will do me!

    Good stuff Thom, best Wolves site on the internet you’ve got here. The guys at the club/express and star should wake up to you soon, you over Nathan Lloyd any day.


  5. Sami Al-Jaber says:

    Sorry to be a pessimist but 1-1.
    We conceded 4 in Castillo’s absence in the second half last week, and I think he is a crucial player in the team. Having said that, the Edwards and Henry centre mid partnership has looked good this year, so fingers crossed my prediction is wrong.


  6. Sami – you could look at it two ways though, with castillo we likely to concede more but with edwards we’re likely to score more. In my opinion you have to be attack minded at home. It might be a case of lets score more than them!


  7. *That was concede less with castillo


  8. Richard says:

    From a Pompey fan – my head says 1-1 but my heart says 1-0 to Pompey. Dindane to get the goal.

    The prediction is based on the fact that things can’t get worse for us.. can they?

    Enjoy the game folks.


  9. 4-2 to Wolves. Halford header, Edwards scuffed shot, Doyle header, SEB solo effort off the bench.


  10. i predict we lose 1-0 to ANOTHER stupid goal in the first 15mins. whoops! that was dog shit today. our marauding team of 12months ago would beat the team we put out today. we are regressing. whereas burnley keep playing their best players of last season and their new signings (bikey, mears, fletcher), we are doing neither (milijas, zubar, hoff and kites / seb benched). wrong team, route 1 shit, and no direction. yes, we should have had a pen at least,but we didnt deserve to win. SEB needs a run now, and kites. to persist with the same 11 would be pig headed in the extreme. only berra, henry and doyle were good today.


  11. Hallam says:

    ben is right. we. were. SHITE.

    Today, one man stood out for me. Andrew Keogh. Not in a good way though. He was poor. Worse than poor. I can’t be bothered to go on about how dreadful we were in the first half, i’d rather cry.


  12. There was a whole host of bad performances, not just keogh. More as a team as a whole (except Doyle and Henry to an extent). Very disappointing. It’s spoilt my saturday evening.


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