Wolves Vs Port Vale Preview

Molineux has been a pleasant environment to inhabit this season.

Port Vale Wolves

This despite less than impressive early performances, which yielded points but gave little confidence.

In particular wins over the likes of Crawley and Swindon, who dominated those matches for vast periods, were considered welcome bonuses.

But in the last five or six home matches Wolves have been much more comfortable, stretching opposition with their improved brand of possession football.

Kenny Jackett heads into tomorrow’s game boasting 12 Molineux league victories from his 17 matches in charge, with just the disappointing losses against Walsall and MK Dons blotting a formidable record.

Port Vale

Port_Vale_logo.svgIt was a fairly even match up at Vale Park back in August until Wolves took the lead and eventually cantered away to a comfortable 3-1 win.

Tellingly, four of the Wolves players involved prominently that afternoon (Griffiths, Doyle, Sigurdarson and Ismail) have either left permanently or been sent away on loan. Two others (Davis and Forde) barely get a look in. It’s been a fast evolution for the team this year.

Micky Adams is doing a splendid job at Vale Park, especially when you consider that the club nearly went under just two years ago.

He’s managed to get them out of League Two and sitting comfortably inside the top half of League One. The play-offs are probably not quite within their reach but progress must be pleasing for all concerned.

Our old friend Lee Hughes is of course no longer at the club after leaving in the January transfer window. That will take some of the spice out of a fixture that is tentatively referred to as a derby.

Their away record is pretty poor with 10 defeats from their 16 matches to date. They have won 5 but having conceded 27 goals on their travels (7 more than Wolves have let in overall) it’s clear they can be got at.


It would be surprising if Kenny Jackett made any changes to the team that saw off Brentford last weekend. Every player is justifying their place on current performances so who could he possibly sacrifice?

Wolves team for Port Vale

With the stacked up midweek fixtures to come in March, fringe players like Dave Edwards, Lee Evans, Matt Doherty and hopefully Leon Clarke should all get considerable game time.

Whilst decent strength in depth exists to cover injuries, you wonder whether the loss of a key figure like Kevin McDonald or Nouha Dicko could be catered for?

The odds

Wolves are red hot favourites to win this one at 1/2. Port Vale are a generous 7/1 and the draw is 10/3.

Tom Pope is the visitors most likely first goalscorer at 10/1 and with 9 league goals this season, he could be a decent insurance bet.

Nouha Dicko has gone a couple of games without scoring, so if you fancy him to end the drought with tomorrow’s opener, he’s 15/4. All odds available here.

The gaffer


46 of you believers correctly thought we’d win at Brentford last week. Only Dalmation Wolf was audacious enough to go all out for the 3-0 win though. A well deserved double haul for him (or her).

The pessimist inside me is tempted to predict a reality check after last weekend’s dizzy heights. But I’ve realised I haven’t shown enough faith in my predictions this year.

I think we have a splendid manager and a good set of players. On our day we’d beat anyone in this league and probably most of the teams in the league above.

4-1 for me tomorrow.

Up The Wolves


  1. 2-0 to Wolves, has to be!


  2. I have to say as well re: injuries & fixture pile-ups, how good was Matt Doherty before his absence? I’d love to see him back in the side ASAP, but who would he replace?


  3. AmberW01f says:

    This is my old mans team, we have to win and we will.

    I expect us to show sky high confidence along with our growing skill and class, goals coming from all areas of the pitch

    Wolves 5-0 Port Vale


  4. ferris says:

    Wolves 2 port vale 0 I don’t think wolves will get out of 2nd gear tomorrow but wont need to. Two up by half time will see us take 3 points. Thomas I agree with what you said at the end there that we’ll beat any team in the league and most of the teams in the championship on our day. Its going to be an interesting summer if we go up


  5. It feels like Kenny has found ‘his’ team. When you think about the turnaround he’s managed since the start of the season, you’ve got to give him huge credit. Especially in the way he’s gone about his business, with a real sense of quiet dignity, but no lack of purpose or focus. It makes it especially pleasing to see his signings paying off and doing the business. That said, I’ve got to keep the faith and opt for another 3-0 win.


  6. My natural pessimism is draining away. Sooner or later, we will concede a goal, but should still have enough to win.
    Wolves 2 – PV 1


  7. Finsbury Park Wolf says:

    Wolves 3 – 0 Vale. The march to the title continues unabated but due to the fixture pile-up we won’t be going all out for the whole match. Secure a comfortable lead and sit back in the second half.


  8. Graham from Horsham says:

    Looking forward to travelling up from Sussex tomorrow to see the lads in action. It seems every time I go up something disappointing happens. Therefore I predict our clean sheets come to an end. However, that said, l’ll go for 3-1 to the lads. Hope I’m wrong and it is 3-0.


  9. goldcoastkiddywolf says:

    It’s going to be very interesting to see if and how Leon Clark forces his way into this team once he’s fit. But I do feel he’ll give us a different dimension from the bench if our game plan is not working. I’m going for a tight 1-0 win (Dicko)


  10. Stuart says:

    With regard to earlier comments on Wolves slow start and struggling against lesser teams,
    We were a work in progress and we are now seeing the fruits of KJ labours. I agree with Thomas
    also, can’t see any team we have to worry about now, we are firing on all four.
    Onwards & Upwards.


  11. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    Let’s crack on. Give a really good home performance with goals to boot.

    Wolves 4-0 Port Vale


  12. The Newt says:

    Wolves 2 – Port Vale 1

    Perhaps when we score the whole squad could celebrate with a Lee Hughes style dance as a farewell thank you for the goals Leigh Griffiths scored in the first half of the season…?


  13. Steppenwolfe says:

    Wolves 4 – Port Vale 0
    Back 4 looking good and we are scoring.


  14. Steve showcase says:

    The way things are it should be 5-0 but local Derby blah blah blah ..5-1..
    Sako2 Jacobs 2 Dicko 1…there goal a rebound off the ref..


  15. gibwolf says:

    i think its going to be 6-0, bye.


  16. Time to put a team to the sword and after a superb run recently its going to be a very impressive 6 -1


  17. Clive from Houston says:

    You lot may laugh, but one of my fave programs over here is Wheeler Dealers.
    Yes, over the top and cringe worthy sometimes, but it is a good analogy for The Wolves.
    Jackett found a piece of shit wreck of a football team, but saw potential.
    At the beginning of the season he took it out for a test drive, and realized how much unseen stuff needed fixing, and immediately discarded unwanted baggage and bling.
    He then spent time tinkering with the insides of the team, switching new parts around until they fitted.
    The next test drive was over Christmas, when a few glitches were found and fixed with the addition of a few new basic parts.
    Now the engine is purring smoothly, the front wings are sparkling and the rear end is solid.
    Of course, us Wolves fans know all too well that the wheels can come off at any time, but I think we have a footballing Ed Chinna in Kenny Jackett, and his sensible and down to earth approach has steered us perfectly this season, and nothing can stop what has become a juggernaut.
    Do you need to ask?
    Wolves 5 Whoever we are playing 1
    And shall we spare a moment for those misguided souls down at the sandwell crem, having a manager who, if they keep him, is on course to beat our own unlamented clipboard’s winless record?
    Fuck ’em!!


    • Telford Wolf says:

      Isn’t it an interesting coincidence, that that lot down the road, despite who the manager is, are run by an Accountant, and since the accountant replaced the Director of Footy, have played shit.

      I don’t know whether to be flattered they are copying us from the last two seasons, or laughing my ass off that they are stupid enough to copy us!!


  18. plum wolf says:

    I think we are meeting a Port Vale team who are out of form and have some injuries to worry about. That said, I am sure that they will raise their game against Wolves to try and make a point to their fans. However, on our current form I predict a 3-0 win again for Wolves and an entertaining game for all the fans tomorrow.


  19. Ade In China says:

    My last chance to see Wolves on my last full day in Blighty, so of course I’ll be predicting a win! 2-0 if you please!


  20. vicsmith says:

    Full of confidence now – a 4-0 win for the Wolves. Sako and Dicko among the scorers.


  21. slider says:

    2-1 to the gold n black


  22. theDOOGooder says:

    A team that just couldn’t hack it
    Employed a new team coach named Jackett
    The whole club was poxy
    But he pleased Mr Moxey
    Turning it round without spending a packet.

    What once would have seemed like pure fiction
    I can now state without contradiction
    When Saturday comes
    We’ll hammer those bums
    And 4-0 is my given prediction.

    “Boom! Boom! Mr Derek!”

    4-0 to the men in old gold.


  23. sevlow says:

    What else but a Wolves win ? We are in form they are rubbish. It all points to us taking all 3 points from this fixture. It has to be Wolves and they will win by a comfortable 3-1. Dicko to net 2 with Jacobs continuing his cracking goal scoring form.



  24. Kentish Lad says:

    I love reading your section Clive- thanks for the chuckles this dreary morning!

    I’m gonna say 4-0. Our defence has been amazing and I’m standing by them. It’s time to start scoring for fun now- we made our mark last week.

    C’mon lads


  25. Border Wolf says:

    Wolves 3 – 0 Port Vale for me please, ta!

    Come on lads let’s finish this thing!



  26. Mark Davies says:

    After the dizzy heights of last Saturdays result, its difficult for anyone – including tomorrows opposition perhaps – to see anything but a home win.
    I`m confident the manager will get his team in the right frame of mind for this game, and if the players are up for it and win, not bothered about the score – just the 3 points. However predictions are required so for me 3-0 win, and a happy train home to Chesterfield. Come on you Wolves !!


  27. NY Wolf says:

    2-0 to Wolves for me.


  28. Tony E says:

    I’ve just listened to Kenny’s pre-match comments (thanks Thomas). It’s great to have a manager who sounds as if he’s in control and knows what he’s doing. I can’t see us losing this one. Wolves to win 3-0.


  29. Yorkshire Wolf says:

    I’m expecting another Wolves win, We are and should be better than Vale in all areas and I expect that to show tomorrow. Wolves 4-0 Port Vale


  30. Hungry Wolves… 4… Vale of Tears… 0….


  31. Always ready to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative so this week, believing in our rock solid defence, I am not giving the opposition the customary goal. Wolves 3 Port Vale 0


  32. Peakwolf says:

    Trying to keep up on hols in Cape Town! Very English weather today, but hoping to go to Newlands for the Test Match tmw, while Wolves win 4-1! Will also cast a thought back to Wembley 40yrs ago – and we’re building a good base to get back there.


  33. Martin says:

    It is hard to forsee anything other than another Wolves win. So 3-0.


  34. Clive from Houston says:

    Wembley 40 years ago this week.
    How many on here are going to say they were there?
    Will it be the 5 million who reckon they were at Chorley?
    (I was definitely NOT at Chorley!)
    I was at Wembley with Big Mark Davies, wearing a gold and black jester outfit with jingling bells, , complete with old gold and black top hat.
    I can be seen ( vaguely ) in one of the pix somewhere of the end at which JR scored the winner, amongst the massed throng of Wolves fans.
    Second time in my life when I cried after a game. The first was when we lost to Leeds in the semi two years before.
    Mark and I sat in his car for an hour in the multi story after the match, chanting and singing with the rest of us stuck in the jam.
    After, we went into London, and I had me hat nicked by a bunch of Spurms fans, who were jealous that we supported a real team.
    Happy, happy day!!


  35. GoWolves says:

    Wolves 3 – 1 Vale


  36. Clemens says:

    Wolves 3-0 Port Vale



  37. Mark Davies says:

    Yes I was there with my mate Clive, and to see your team win at Wembley for the first time was as good as it gets for a football supporter. Probably neither of us needed reminding it was 40 years ago though, makes us both almost old farts.
    I still have the LP (long playing record for the youngsters) of the match with I think the commentary by Hugh Johns. Fortunately as technology has moved on I acquired the video, then the cd, and as I`m currently reading Waggys Tales, it brought back many happy memories of the Wembley trip. Just a reminder of course, if any was needed, of what a great club we still support, with a fantastic history, and of course long suffering fans !!


    • Telford Wolf says:

      I must be a boring old fart as well.

      Hugh Johns, Star Soccer, 3pm , Sunday afternoon on ATV (the home of Tinga & Tucka with Aunty Jean Morton)


  38. Chris in Dublin says:

    I reckon we can overcome a scare and still get 3 points and keep a clean sheet. 1-0 to us after banging on the door for 85 mins.


  39. Paul featherstone says:

    I think it will be tight for the first 30 min: I expect Vale to park the bus or as Jose said play 19th century football I think will will break them down and go on to win.

    As for my official prediction I’m sticking to my winning formula a lose, but a win if you get my drift.

    Alas I’m working so will have one eye on my computer screen checking our progress. COME ON ME BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  40. Dalmation Wolf says:

    Nice to get a mention in the “Predictions” paragraph (it’s her strangely enough). Not so sure about this one. All good runs come to an end sometime, ask Brentford. However, I can’t see it happening here, but I do think the goals against column will get a mention. 4-1 home win for me, I don’t care who scores.


  41. JazzWolf says:

    Surely this is an opportunity to move the goal difference forward – let’s say

    Wolves 4 Part Vole 0

    Yes I was at Wembley in 1974 – standout memory Gary Pierce coming good and Bill McGarry hugging him at the end. When you look at the MC forward line with Lee, Bell Marsh etc the win was really something.

    Incidentally I was also at Wembley in 1960 – standing in the Blackburn end.


  42. Sheffieldwolf says:

    2-0 wolves let’s keep the run going


  43. AJ Wolf says:

    Wolves 2 – 0 Port Vale for me please


  44. Dave H says:

    Not sure they are going to park the bus and stifle the game or we are going to rip them to shreds.

    Half way house 3-0 to the Wolves



  45. BobbaWolf says:

    4-0 wolves demolition.

    Sako hat trick and Danny Batth bullet header.


  46. robc306 says:

    Can remember many happy days against Port Vale in the Bully era.

    Not seen them at Molineux for over 10 years, so looking forward to a good victory tomorrow. Hope to see the same starting 11. Liking Sako & Dicko linking up well.

    Wolves 3 Port Vale 0


  47. Bullyisagod says:

    Wolves 3 Port Vale 1


  48. US Wolf says:

    It’s hard to see anything other than a relatively convincing win tomorrow.

    Wolves 4 Vale 0


  49. Wight Wolf says:

    Well yes 40 years ago a 22 year old version of me was there having a grand day out. I won’t be there tomorrow but I can smell a 3-1 victory in the air.


  50. johnok says:

    Can’t see nothing else but another win,so I’m going for 3-1win to me babbie’s
    Just gotta keep it going right until the last kick…UTW.


  51. Hamlet says:

    4-0 Wolves – each of the scorers to mimic that awful Lee Hughes celebration after every goal – Leigh might as well leave some sort of legacy!

    Is he still at the club though?


  52. mick the wolf says:

    Shame no Hughes he made the away game fun. Expect an easy 3-1 win tomorrow


  53. whitestone wolf says:

    I’ll be missing my first mid season home game for about 20 years (missed 2 first games of season due to family holidays in that time) so I think we’ll play well and score lots of goals. I certainly hope so to send Are back to China in a good mood.

    Wolves 5-0 Port Vale


  54. I know where Dalmation Wolf is coming from it wont all go according to plan every match but 3-0 to WWFC. The tendancy to give the opposition a goal in our predictions has cost many a lot of points this season if i have counted correctly we have kept 15 clean sheets so far. Considering many were targeting Stearman as the weak link in the club he has had a good season and i am a bit puzzled by his contract situation.

    I was there in 74 incredible support – for the lap of honour there was even a large group of cheering wolves fans left in the other end. One of my mates bought the LP and we used to sit listening to it in his front room. To be fair women and wine were still around the corner. All of us probably need to get out more (or not !).


    • US Wolf says:

      I didn’t make the 74 final…….I was only 5.
      I was there in 1980 however at the tender age of 9, sat under the twin towers.

      But my cousin, who is older than me and went in 74, gave me and my brothers the LP album of the commentary, and we used to listen to it over and over.

      Sadly I don’t know where that piece of vinyl history is now, but I can still picture it and remember my excitement at turning the record over for the second half, and the commentary of the winning goal.


      • Clive from Houston says:

        Not wanting to be pedantic, but if you were 5 in 1974, how come you were only 9 in 1980?
        were you ill for two years??!!


        • US Wolf says:

          I apologize profusely Clive from Houston, that doesn’t quite add up does it.

          A gold star for pulling me up, which I appreciate. I was just commenting quickly and didn’t really think too much about the mathematical detail down to months, weeks and days, just the rough ages……..

          So here goes………I was born in 69 so said aged 5 for 1974. I was in fact a December Child so with the match being played on March 2nd 1974, was probably closer to 5 years 3 months and some days.

          The 1980 League Cup win over Forest was played on March 15th 1980, ando I said 9. I was in fact a little over 10 now I have sat and thought about it.

          Either way, I was there, and enjoyed every minute and have some very fond memories.

          I was a December 6


          • US Wolf says:

            Don’t know where the “I was a December 6” came from. Must have entered it off the screed before I posted. Was probably going to say December 69


  55. johnhpayne says:

    I thought losing to Gillingham was also more than a bit disappointing !

    Tomorrow surely Dicko will score and we’lll probably win

    Wolves 5 Port Vale 0


  56. Steve Howl says:

    Wolves 2 Port Vale 1


  57. Telford Wolf says:

    3 – 0 to us, although we should score more.

    Cant quite bring myself to predict Clive’s 5-1 though.

    No, easy 3-0 to us


  58. Sg wolf says:

    2-0 comfy win at home. Id take it as long as we conserve energy


  59. Twixfix says:

    Sending this from Queenstown, NZ .. might lose connection so from Twixfix and Mrs Twixfix it’s Wolves 3-1 Port Vale … thanks lads.


  60. perth wolves says:

    Wolves 4 Port Vale 0 Yahoo!


  61. Wolves 3:0 Port Vale


  62. japan wolf says:

    Should be a stroll…..

    Wolves 3 – 1 Vale


  63. MrAussieWolf says:

    Still astounded how someone managed to predict 3-0 vs Brentford! Top effort.
    Can’t see anything but a win.
    Wolves 4-0 Port Vale


  64. London wolves loyal says:

    King kenny !! When he speaks he is so respectful about the wolves and our history . When he talks about the team , his vision is crystal clear . He is full of common sense and simple but effective tactics . .. Solid defence , a passing midfield and strikers with pace and power . He has got good young players playing as hard as they can to be in the team . I F..king love him 5 v 1 wolves


  65. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 3 Vale 0


  66. Erick1011 says:

    Fourth game for me today.
    After attending three matches, notching up 9 points, and conceding no goals, I’m confident that I’m a lucky charm 😉

    3-0 to Wolves!



  67. dorsetwolf says:

    Can`t see anything other than a win,any score will do .

    2-0 to us.

    COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S.At Wembley in `74.Like now it was a great day to be a Wolves fanatic.


  68. (Formerly Sir) Fred of Paisley says:

    Think Vale will try and park the bus…but to no avail…Wolves 3-0 winners…UTW


  69. Wolfman Steve says:

    2-0 to Wolves. Just getting ready to go to the match. Come on me babbies!!!!


  70. DancesWithWolves says:

    I’ll gladly take a narrow win for Wolves right now for the three points. However on goal difference we’re dead level with leaders Orient, but we’re in second place ‘cos the O’s have scored more goals than us. I’d hate to miss out on the title or even automatic promotion because of goal difference or goals scored. Fill your boots lads, whenever and wherever you can. I’m going for 3-0 today as I’m sure KJ is telling them what I’ve said above!


  71. At Molineux 2-0 to the Wolves is becoming a bit of a theme, so I’ll go with that.


  72. Predictor says:

    Wolves 2-1 port vale



  73. Phil Shrews says:

    Agreed, Dances with Wolves, as If we were to finish level on points… We would have to lose our 2 games in hand, leaving us with at least a 2 goal deficit compared to our current figures against LO.

    So keep the 2 and 3 goal games with odd game of more goals and we’ll be alright!

    Not making a prediction, but I’m confident of very few losses (if any) between now and the end of the season.


  74. GeorgeyBoy says:

    1-0 to the Wolves for me please Thomas! UTW


  75. trenchmanmick says:

    Yes I was at Wembley…both times.Was a big Cloughie fan but boy did I cheer when Andy Gray put that ball in the net.
    It has to be a Wolves win,but ‘local ‘ derbies being what they are,I’ll go for ………………………………

    Wolves 1 Port Vale 0


  76. Banbury Wolves says:

    Comfortable afternoon I reckon, good gate will improve the atmosphere as well.

    Wolves 3 – 0 Port Vale



  77. linden says:

    Stroll in the park.

    Wolves 3 – 0 Port Vale


  78. Shaf says:

    3-1 wolves go marching on


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