Brentford 0 Wolves 3

Brentford’s admirable 19 game unbeaten run had led to suggestions that they’d ‘forgotten how to lose’.

Wolves Brentford

By 4.45pm yesterday afternoon, Wolves had dealt them a painful reminder.

And although the lop-sided scoreline might have raised an eyebrow, the result surprised nobody of an old-gold persuasion.

This sort of emphatic, statement-making performance has been bubbling to the surface for well over two months.

The fact that Kenny Jackett’s side were able to deliver it in arguably their greatest challenge to date just makes it all the more impressive.

Only James Henry knows if luck or judgment gave the visitors the lead, as his looping cross shot nestled in the corner of the net with the last kick of the first half.

But from that point on, all the characteristics that have made this Wolves side so successful in recent times strutted confidently to the fore.

They defended ‘stoutly’ (Kenny’s word not mine), broke away at pace and when opportunity presented itself, punished the opposition with ruthless efficiency.

The stability at the back has been there all season of course, ensuring that even when full throttle wasn’t fully engaged, the points were still being steadily accumulated.

But the arrival of Michael Jacobs and the switch to a more open, fluid formation, has added some much needed razzle-dazzle.

Nouha Dicko has been yet another shrewd addition, stretching defences with his powerful runs in behind, which create spaces for the likes of Jacobs, Sako and Henry to exploit.

And boy, are those three filling their boots.

Jacobs will deservedly grab the headlines for a second consecutive weekend, as his two excellent finishes took the game away from the league leaders.

But Bakary Sako was truly imperious, assisting both of those goals with the sort of quality that underlines just how vital it was for Wolves to retain his services.

The third goal in particular, which started with Scott Golbourne juggling the ball on the touchline before an outrageous Sako backheel opened the gates for the full-back to lay a cross into the patch of Jacobs, was a thing of beauty.

Had Barcelona scored it at the Etihad in midweek, it would still be getting dissected by studio hacks this morning.

In that respect, it was disappointing that nobody in the Brentford camp, including manager Mark Warburton, acknowledged the opposition’s performance.

Forgetting how to lose is one thing, forgetting how to be magnanimous in defeat is another.


  1. It was unbelievably difficult to conceal my delight in the home end terrace, but somehow I managed it. Almost jumped up when Jacobs beat the keeper to it for the second.

    Superb away performance, almost flawless. We kept the ball when necessary, broke when necessary and punished them for being so open at the back.

    Sako my MOTM, but the likes of Goulbourne ( it’s weird having a proper left back) , Price, and Batth deserve plaudits for doing excellent jobs in their positions.

    This is the cleverest and most confident wolves team I have ever seen. Here’s a swagger about them, the cockiness after the second with Jacobs, Dicko and Goulbourne to the home fans was excellent and right in front of me

    Agree it’s disappointing that no one at Brentford acknowledged what a good performance it was from us and that we were simply too good for them across the pitch and in the dugout. They are no way near out quality anyway


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Your self control is impressive Louie.
      I think I would have blown a gasket.
      Well done mate!


    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      One word Awersome. And the lack of credit from there manager to shows how emphatic a performance it was by Wolves the fact he couldn’t bring himself to give us credit says it all quote, ” we were good but not very good ” from there manager NO SHIT. We were better more creative we sat back and took all they could throw at us with ease and then broke on the counter attack classic away team tactics that Jackett employed and to awesome effect.

      It you haven’t gussed by now AWERSOME is my favourite word at the moment. I couldn’t wait to get the papers today read over and over again.

      As I said in my credit to the coaches, the coach driver, kit man, tea lady car park attendants everyone connected to Wolves and yes even M and M to finally getting the right man in Jackett.


  2. ferris says:

    Absolutely brilliant yesterday. Let’s hope we keep this up and go on to win the league. If we keep playing the way we have been there is no reason why we can’t


  3. theDOOGooder says:

    Oh! My sainted Aunt!
    Oh! My Hat!
    Oh! My (Kenny) Jackett!

    I haven’t felt like this since the present Mrs DOOGooder gave me a…

    Well, anyway.
    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

    I sank a couple of bottles of YT and rolled a special last night to celebrate.

    Bring on…….

    Well, anybody really!


    • HAARLEM WOLF says:



  4. Great feeling, I finally remember, for a Wolves team, to reach the expected heights, one hopes of them.
    We have a great team at the moment and your comparisons with Barcelona not amiss Thomas.
    Has anyone else noticed that the arrival of another Frenchman at the club, Dicko, has vastly improved Sako’s contribution? – Good psychology by cuddly kenny!
    Well done to every player for pulling us out of the mire this season….
    Onward and upwards….


  5. Plum Wolf says:

    What a superb performance by the whole team. So pleased to have been there amongst the Wolves fans to witness such a brilliant performance by everyone. Well done Kenny for bringing back exciting football and belief to the many long-suffering fans.
    The pitch did not help our lads but they overcame those difficulties in imperious style. Very difficult to pick out indidual players because the defence was resolute, the midfield full of enterprise and the frontmen all played their part in confounding the Brentford defence. Try as they did, Brentford just could not manage to overcome the tremendous spirit and belief which just oozed from every single Wolves player. Another clean sheet thanks to Ikeme now back where he belongs and three superb goals to remind Brentford not to underestimate this new era at Wolves.
    I agree that the Bees manager has been somewhat churlish in defeat, giving us no credit for playing them off the park, but who cares what he thinks. All that matters is that 0-3 score line which I must admit was even better than many Wolves fans would have expected before this game. I certainly didn’t see it coming.
    Looking forward now to more of the same as we go into a very busy fixture list. Can’t wait to see the game on Saturday against Port Vale. More of the same please. Well done KJ and every single member of the team! FWAW


  6. sevlow says:

    Fantastic result and that 3rd goal was just a brilliant piece of football and, as Thomas said, would have been repeated over and over on the tv had it been Manure or Chelski scoring it. Well, I correctly predicted the Wolves goals so I must be improving. I must admit that I never felt nervous about the game yesterday,in fact I was enveloped in a cloud of calm and serenity whilst watching Sky Soccer Saturday on my phone with my headphones on, whilst my 3 grandsons wrecked my house πŸ™‚

    Well done team and well done KJ !

    Really looking forward to Monday 21st April when we are on Sky for the away match with Orient.



    • Vexrob says:

      I know we deserve more praise in the media but credit to Sky Soorts News who gave that cracking move and Jacobs finish the goal of the day accolade. At least they picked out our brilliance!

      Shame on the BBC for showing all of 1 minute of league one’s top game on the Football League Show.

      I was following from my armchair and once 1-0 up and hearing about Brentford”s pressure, was surprisingly confident we’d hit them on the break.

      I was gutted not to be able to get tickets for the game. Tim Nash said there was a disco going on in the Wolves section. I bet it was awesome.

      Up the Wolves! No-one to fear now. Shame we haven’t got Orient again as I’d love to teach them a lesson also.


  7. sevlow says:

    P.S. big shout out for Sako’s contributions yesterday. That pass for the 2nd goal was sublime



  8. Clive from Houston says:

    Told you so !!!!!!!!!
    I friggin told you so!!
    Biggest away banker of the season!!
    Just poor finishing stopped my score prediction from being 100% accurate, but bollocks to that, we have now made the whole league shit scared of playing us, if they weren’t before!!
    Was bouncing of the grocery store walls, following the match on my iphone, the missus rolling her eyes in resigned indifference!!
    And to cap off a wonderful day, the shit STILL haven’t recorded a win under their new manager, with another spawny late goal salvaging an undeserved point.
    Looking more and more like six easy points next season as we bid farewell to the Chumpionship on our way to the fairy tale land of the Prem.
    Absolutely wonderful result.


    • Clive, I’ve ‘ sussed out while our regular predictions (5-1 and 3-1) aren’t coming off. We must stop giving the opposing teams a goal !
      I can see your big cheesy grin swept across the Atlantic on the current gales to add to thousands over here.
      Oh! and you forgot to add FOWB !!!


      • Clive from Houston says:

        its Sunday
        Not gonna swear, too much, today, as its dogs day!!
        Oh, alright then if you insist
        Fuck Off w b


  9. Mark Davies says:

    Was watching my lad play football on Saturday afternoon and it wasn`t until they gave the full times on Talk Sport radio, that I heard the Brentford 0 Wolves 3 score. Even though I predicted a 3-1 win on this blog, that was an moment of sheer ecstacy, shared I`m sure by the legions of Wolves fans everywhere.
    If Brentford can`t beat us, no-one can, now Kenny get the lads up for every single match left this season, lets go win this league.


  10. jerryd says:

    I always read the reglar bloggers, this is only my 3rd post. May I ask KJ to forgive me for initialy describing him as a safe
    pair of hands. KJ has done so well, a cool head, shrewd acquisitions and a respect for the club. The team is on fire, who knows, Clive from Houston may get his 5-1 soon.

    There’s no reason why we can’t secure promotion, confidence is now running through the team, which should help to keep

    Well done to everyone, superb. I am particularly glad that the mercurial genius of Sako ia still with us.


  11. Steve showcase says:

    Probably the most significant result for KJs reign and I’m also amazed that Brentford didn’t tip their cap to us ..perhaps they were all in

    If we do not get out of this league automatically (2 games in hand on Orient) then there is no justice..

    Batth Jacobs Goulbourne Dicko
    Sako Price are becoming this seasons legends and they are all good enough to shine in the championship..

    But we must keep going for now….Fantastic.


  12. Sleachy says:

    Just as I couldn’t recall the last time I’d been as excited for a Wolves game, nor can I remember the last time I felt this chuffed with a result. Maybe beating Man U, or the win at Anfield… Seems a lifetime ago.

    The difference is that although those previous lofty heights proved to be the peak of what we could achieve, these days it feels like anything’s possible again.

    I’ve no doubt we’ll go up this season. With a few more shrewd acquisitions in the summer I’ve little doubt we’ll be top 6 next season.

    Agree the BBC were astonishingly light in their coverage of the game, but one thing I did notice is how much sharper KJ seemed than all his L1 managerial counterparts.

    I wonder how far he can take us?


  13. Stuart Alves says:

    When KJ takes the likes of Kevin McDonald off and the lad simply walks off without a whimper of discontent only to be replaced by an equally good performance, it shows how far we have come in a short space of time under the boss. I take my hat off to KJ, he has put a smile back on the faces of long suffering Wolves fans. My wife and I were there yesterday, we took them apart let’s not beat about the bush here. We silenced the team, the crowd and our critics in a 3 goal Wolves fest.
    Thank you Kenny, I was one of your doubting Thomas’s. I whole heatedly apologise. My wife and I sit in front of you at Telford at the U21’s, feel free to kick my backside, you have made us proud again, your style of play is great to watch and the evidence is undeniable.
    It’s a great time to be a Wolves fan.


    • Well said Stuart.
      Am happy to eat my hat as a doubting Thomas after KJ’s appointment.
      Last time I felt so good about a victory I was living in Ibiza and Kenny Miller scored against Man Utd…..
      Another lifetime!


  14. US Wolf says:

    I listened to the match live on my front porch, and most of the neighbourhood must of known the score, with my 3 loud “Get In’s” and a couple of “come on me Babbies” echoed around the houses.

    I truly felt something like this coming yesterday. But to go to the league leaders home patch, the size and condition of which seemed less than perfect for our style of play, and to beat them so emphatically, was truly wonderful.

    Another clean sheet, three more impressive goals, three more points in the bag, and top spot secured, other than am alphabetical disadvantage.

    A great day it was for all members of the Gold and Black Family,…..Kenny’s Barmy Army are on the march, and yesterday showed that to all onlookers.

    Still floating high, and will be wearing my shirt again today at my son’s soccer game, with more pride than I have felt in a long time.

    Come on me Babbies.


  15. Shrews Wolf says:

    As KJ’s team not only dismantled Brentford on their home turf, but bringing their run an end in such a commanding yet not over theatrical way is testament to how KJ’s personality appears…. The football does the talking without loads of waffle rammed in as a filler… The football is good to watch and listening to pre and post match comments fills you with confidence that we have someone that is not a figurehead to try and come out with some bullshit or lame excuse of where we are at, there’s no beating of a drum to wind the opposition up either…

    As the topic of long runs has come about…. Out longest unbeaten run was 21 games (January – August 2005). With the games we have left till the season ends… Can we match that? If we can… then is it possible to create a few more records along the way?

    Longest winning run: 8 games (during 1915, 1967, 1987, 1988)… Can we make that 9? We’re only 3 away!

    Longest run of clean sheets: 8 games (August – October 1982)
    Well with this defence, this record could also be achievable !

    Points…. 92 (Division 3, 1988–89)… This has to be our record breaking season as we already know we will be requiring lates 90’s

    Any other records that I have missed that could be broken this season?

    Here’s to the next 15 games!


  16. Shrews Wolf says:

    Actually… Their is one other I missed…

    Goals against!
    Our lowest ever is 27, so with 15 games to go and aiming for a record 26, that would leave us to conceding a goal every 3 games, with 1 goal to take into account for a fluke shot.
    As we have conceded 1 out of the last 6 games, in theory we have a strong chance with achieving this “goal”.


  17. LedburyLupus says:

    After three years of colleagues sniggering at me wearing my various Wolves ties at work, the tide has finally turned; Wolves are no longer a laughing stock any more, in fact it’s time to take our football really seriously as other League 1 clubs are finding out.
    After so much humiliation, we can hold our heads up high again and look forward to a future filled with potential. It’s difficult to list any more positive statements after reading all of the above so I’ll throw in my only negative thought this weekend; it’s a real shame that so few supporters are getting to experience the excitement of away games this season. If you’re not an away season ticket holder, it’s really difficult to build up STH loyalty points if you cannot get tickets and if you you’ve only a 1000 loyalty points, you’re almost at the end of the queue. I realize WW cannot do anything about allocations in some of the smaller grounds so I guess the long distance Tuesday night matches will be the only option. Staying up to watch the 35 seconds of coverage on the BBC only emphasized the fact that most of us are missing out on something special.


  18. Stuart says:

    Well now that Norwich have beat Tottenham, that leaves that rabble down the road looking over their shoulders. Dare to Dream, could we be playing them again next season.
    That should dampen their enthusiasm a little.
    What goes round comes round!


  19. Ade In China says:

    Wow, am I glad to be wrong!
    Brilliant performance and it really sends out a message of intent to the rest of the League!


  20. johnok says:

    What a team,what a team KJ ‘s produced in his sort time as coach.
    I was a bit dubious at first when they appointed him, but now ” how wrong I was”
    Just gotta keep it going until we’re promoted then who knows what wonders he’ll achieve
    when we get back into the championshite.

    The team played very very well and they deserve all the plaudits but what a master stroke by our coach who brought the player’s in,and as for their so called coach he knows deep down we stuffed them good and proper..UTW Lets hope we’ll be playing the SHITE next season..


  21. Norsk Wolf says:

    I was actually complimenting the opposition on a forum but after reading some of it’s content I think they have a cheek to say Wolves hold too high an opinion of themselves. Coupled with their in your face attitude because they were taking a beating I really hope the wheels fall off again and they stay down in League 1. Their players today sounding off about it just being a blip and not one of them having the honesty to say they were beaten by the better team. Come on Orient and Preston beat them to the Championship……..a last day penalty miss would be a good one πŸ™‚


  22. a1wolf malta says:

    Full credit to Kenny….so quiet, he is building a team who are proud to be Wolves. That is what we want. Jacket on…well done boys.


  23. Twixfix says:

    Truly magnificent performance on Sat. I’m personally not surprised by the scoreline .. it’s often the way whereby teams on long unbeaten runs play with less and less confidence and more and more fear of losing that against a quality team like Wolves they were there to be picked off.
    I’m going to focus on that arsehole Warburton for his ungraciating comments and not having the courtesy to acknowledge defeat (on this occasion) by a better team on the day.
    Well Warburton .. you are a bad f@cking loser mate and you’re manner in defeat hopefully serves as massive spur to other teams to put one over you .. prick!
    I’m going to laugh my bollox off when Leyton Orient shove it up you …


  24. Stuart says:

    Never has it been so apt,

    “Out of the Darkness Cometh light”

    Has anyone else ever noticed , it’s also the logo of Tate & Lyle sugar, (How sweet is that) excuse the pun,


  25. Shrews Wolf says:

    Just listened to Warburtons post match comments… after reading Twixfix’s post.
    As quoted “I don’t think it should have been 3-0”.

    Well Mr Warburton, I don’t think our game against Notts County should have been 2-0 as that flattered them.., but it was!… and then I reviewed the stats of us having 8 shots on target to The Bees 2.

    A team that puts 8 shots in on target has a good chance of getting 2 or 3 goals, whereas a team that put in 2 shots (most shots on and off target were from long range) will not do as well!

    I was backing Brentford to go up this season due to the unfortunate way they missed out last season but I concur with Twixfix and Warburton can kiss my ring (just had a curry and few cans of Boddingtons to sweeten the deal).

    I now hope that Warburton has a miserable run as he is taking the glory from the previous managers groundwork…. Could be a bit like when Roy Hodgson finally did the right thing for his career by leaving the shit and taking up the England job, leaving a good nucleus that did well for a short period under the new manager, while playing the old Hodgson’s ways… Next season if the Bees do go up… Odds on to come back down and if they do not go up, then next season I see mid table obscurity.

    C’mon LO, you’ve been in pole position most of this season… Get some balls and push them into the play offs!… and then let’s see Walsall or Posh take out Brentford in the play off final…. (and no, I don’t hold a grudge!). πŸ˜‰


    • Twixfix says:

      Shrews wolf .. can I just add that one of the Brentford shots on target was from a free kick .. crikey if you take that out of the stats then they been nowhere the fucking goals..
      Another stat to aim at wanky Warburton is that ….THEY’RE ON A 1 GAME LOSING RUN .. LETS HOPE THAT ON SATURDAY THEY ADD TO IT!!!


    • Twixfix says:

      Edit .. they’ve been nowhere near the …


  26. Martin says:

    Has anyone else noticed King Kenny’s tactical genius which has resulted in Henry and, in particular Jacobs, ripping defences apart.
    What he obviously said was, ‘Sign two blokes who look almost exactly the same. Same height, same build, same mousy coloured hair. Oh and then get them to grow scruffy beards and silly hair cuts…short back and sides and all over the place on top…and they’ll be identical. No defender will know which one’s which.’
    You can imagine the Brentford defence yesterday,
    ‘You were supposed to be marking Jacobs.’
    ‘I was wasn’t I?’
    ‘No you were marking Henry, same as i was you dildo. That’s why Jacobs just scored you prick.’
    ‘You sure? I thought Henry scored.’
    ‘Fuck knows, both look the same to me.’
    The man’s a genius.


  27. theDOOGooder says:

    I definitely think you’re on to something here Martin.
    He’s got Stearman at it as well now, so when he starts a run from the back it’ll cause even more confusion.


  28. The goalkeeper says:

    Martin, that has to be comment of the season! Hahaha


  29. The Newt says:

    I have to admit I was feeling a bit nervous before the match but what a performance and what a result. Full credit to Jackett for the job he’s done so far.

    Now it’s time to finish the job and grab the top spot. Starting on Saturday by giving Port Vale a sound thrashing!!



  30. Midfield Wanderer says:

    Only the second away game I’ve been to this season and both 3-0 (perhaps I should go more often?). What was noticeable since the Colchester game is the team ethic that Jackett’s put together with everybody working for each other and the team. Not only has he got Sako to find his mojo again (before Xmas he’d gone seriously off the boil) but he’s also taught him how to track back effectively – or ‘defending from the front’ as modern coaching-speak would have it. There was a time when Sako tracked someone back into our own penalty area there was a collective holding of breath waiting for an injudicious challenge and a penalty to the opposition. Not so on Saturday – he tracked back diligently and only challenged when he could get the ball. Persuading him to stay may be one of Jackett’s shrewdest moves. He also played a superlative through ball for Jacobs first (made possible by Dicko’s superb run off the ball), and then played an outrageous back heel to set Golbourne into the penalty area to tee up the third.
    At the end all the Wanderers players made a big play of celebrating with the away support- but when they had all gone down the tunnel the last to leave the scene was Sako. As he left the pitch he spotted a young boy in a wheelchair, instinctively peeled off his shirt and gave it to the lad – not only a good player, but a player with a good heart.


  31. GoWolves says:

    Now we have proof we are indeed better than any other team in this division. With this will come belief, from fans and players alike. I must say my elation at the victory and the manner it was achieved in is (only) slightly tainted by a tinge of guilt that I did not have complete faith the team would pull it off ahead of the game and predicted a draw (shame on me :-)).

    I have been saying for a while that the team needed to “take the brakes off” and play with conviction, and this weekend they finally did just that, and showed what they can really do. This was a huge step in my opinion to now cement our name on that top spot knowing it is well in the capability of the team to just go on and take it. It is rightfully theirs!

    We once again have a set of players who actually want to play for the club. No more “I really only want to play in Scotland but will play for you if you make me” or “I’m really a premier league player you know” or “Play in Gillingham? Not me!” immature, adolescent, prima-donna mentalities from players who will never really achieve much in their careers because their attitudes limit them, but a set of players who actually get it, that by putting club first, they will all achieve more, because as a team, if the team wins, they all win!

    Well done Wolves “TEAM”!

    Go Wolves!!!


  32. London wolves loyal says:

    A few things I want to say , old goldbourne , and jack price less … What players we have there … And anyone who was clapping the wolves off at brentford on sat would have seen Sako doing the I’m not worthy bow to the wolves fans as he left the pitch , grinning from ear to ear , showing his delight at his own peformance in a wolves short . he is loving it at wolves no doubt . F…in fantastic display . NO TEAM IN THIS LEAGUE WILL BEAT US FROM NOW ON THIS SEASON , IN FACT I WILL BE SURPRISED IF ANYONE EVEN SCORES AGAINST US . If we were in the championship with this team , we would be around the play offs . We are going to wipe the floor with Albion next season on our way back to the prem . Thank you kenny . Everything happens for a reason . U T W AND FOWB


  33. Wolfman Steve says:

    I’ve been in Australia for a few weeks and following on ‘tinternet and twitter but I was back in time to listen to the Brentford match on the radio while decorating my hall, stairs and landing – jumping off the ladder holding a roller fully loaded with paint is not to be recommended. 3-0, would you believe it. Going to the match on Saturday with my daughter who still has never seen the Wolves beaten. She thinks it’s always been like this! Long may it continue. Come on me babbies


  34. It was a great team performance.
    We found the extra gears when we needed to.

    However it is 3 points and nothing more.

    We have 10 games in 36 days coming up. Imagine for a minute that 2 or 3 players get injured next week.
    Do we have the strength in depth ?

    Don’t get me wrong I am as happy and as impressed with Jackett as we all are but….
    He is right when he says we have not achieved anything yet. Feet firmly on the ground folks..
    March will be the break or make month, lots of football still to be played but over the next month he will have to rotate.. will we be able to maintain it ?

    I hope so….


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Apart from Orient, haven’t the rest of this division got the same number of games as we have?
      Surely they are just as susceptible to injuries as we are?
      No, we aint won nothing yet, but I would rather be looking down on them, knowing they are going to be pumped up when they play us, but also knowing that we now have a manager who seems to know which buttons to push to get excellent performances out of our team.
      And yes I use the word team and not players, as it appears we now are playing as a team, for the team, which very much includes us, the long suffering fans.
      This bloke Jackett, and the other bloke Thelwell have not made a single mistake.
      Not one.
      How long has it been since we could say that about management, or part of it?
      No matter what happens the rest of the season, we have been given hope again, and I for one believe in this chap.
      And we are playing some lovely footie to boot, which is more than can be said about most of the Prem, especially that shower of dogshit down the road at sandwell crem!!
      Far Cough w…b…


      • Twixfix says:

        Classic Clive .. I will certainly raise a glass to Hackett and to Thelwell too.. but Moxey .. well let’s see how the season pans out eh.. I’ve not forgiven him for the fuck’s ups over the last 2 years..
        Do you still want some Anzacs??


  35. Martin says:

    Couple of comments for Thomas.
    First, i’ve been meaning to say how much i like our new picture for the blog. Dear olf Griff’s had to be replaced now he’s gone and i think it absolutely encapsulates what the team, in fact the whole club, is about now under the magnificent leadership of King Kenny. The whole club as one and a success as aresult. Great choice mate.
    Second, what a great reply you made to the Brentford fan who came on to tell us that his team don’t lose anymore at home and that their forwards were unstoppable. You got it absolutely right. From the pathetic to the prophetic!


    • Thomas says:

      Ta Martin, much appreciated.

      The headline image for the blog is always tricky to choose, as you not only want a picture that represents the club at that moment in time, but also looks good within the design of the site. Hoping to swap it again at the end of the season to a nice team pic, with a trophy πŸ™‚

      Don’t give me too much credit for that Brentford comment, I did predict a score draw after all. I really fancied out chances at the weekend but chickened out of the bold forecast.

      However, I do think the Brentford fan was a bit naive in his comments. Despite their 19 game unbeaten marathon the teams were still neck and neck, yet he couldn’t fathom the idea that Wolves might conceivably go there and win. Seemed crazy, particularly when you consider that we’ve largely recruited players from the league above and had won our previous 5 matches without conceding a single goal from open play.


    • Twixfix says:

      I’m disappointed that the Brentford fan couldn’t have the balls to come back on having accepted defeat and acknowledge an excellent Wolves performance.


  36. theDOOGooder says:

    This is a great time to be a Wolves fan.
    We are all at varying stages of being carried away with the Kuddly Kenny Revolution.
    The next few games are absolutely critical but, like most of us, I think that we have the firepower, togetherness and ability to come through and gain promotion.
    Kenny Jackett has proved a lot of doubters wrong.

    …Long ball style, not proven at a big club, how far can he take us….
    etc. etc.

    Kenny Jackett has shown that he can build a team, on a limited budget, that plays good attractive football and is filled with characters who are willing to play for the club and each other.
    I also acknowledge the input that Kuddly Kevin Thelwell has contributed.
    He took a hell of a lot of stick on this blog when he was appointed but has certainly shown his worth over the last few months.

    In however many months time, in whichever division we are, there will come a time when we are not getting the results and things are not looking so rosy.
    It will be at that time that Morgan and Moxey will come into the frame again.
    They will have to dig deep into their War chest (Ha Ha!) to find the wherewithal to take us to the next level.
    At this point, Kenny Jackett will start to come under fire from the fans.
    “He’s taken us as far as he can”… “We need a manager proven at the top level”…

    When that happens, let’s all remember that Kenny has done what he has had to do.

    It will be the terrible two who have to prove that they can hack it at the top level.

    Are we confident that they can?


    • Clive from Houston says:

      The crunch will come at the end of the season, when quite a few of our players will have excelled for us, and therefore increased in value.
      Will greasel be able to, for the first time in his life, keep his sticky fingers off the balance sheets, and think about how the football side of the club can progress with the current crop of players coupled with some more astute signings? Or will he be unable to resist selling off our starlets for a quick, instant, small profit, and go groveling to bob the builder with his usual “look how good the books look, boss, give me my regular, undeserved bonus”
      And, mark my words, he is going to try and take full credit for this season’s success, however it finishes.
      The old adage about leopards and spots springs to mind.
      I for one will never trust that fat bastard, nor believe anything that spurts from his greasy orifice of a gob.
      And yes please, Twixfix, bring me back an obbit!


  37. Steve showcase says:

    As regards the back street mob I believe they could be satisfied that we will become a mid table championship club..period ….the return on investment would be superb..

    But most of us concider we are a premier league club,I for one would enjoy going back again to old Trafford or even risking life at say, Stamford bridge… I consider us a top 6 premier club again one day ..

    Will they borrow enough to buy us back or is KJ enough of a Messiah to keep us up there with our current re-sauces…I probably doubt that..unfortunately…


  38. Steve showcase says:

    Resources..too much HP.


  39. Clive from Houston says:

    “Stephen Ward: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s biggest flop to date.
    Stephen Ward, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest West End flop, was doomed from the start, says Dominic Cavendish”
    I could not believe my eyes when I saw this headline in the Electronic Telegraph.
    I just don’t know where to start with the comments, this has made my day!!
    Did McCarthy change his name to Lloyd Webber?
    Havent stopped loffin’ yet.


  40. Shrews Wolf says:

    Sorry to post this here as this is a Wolves blog… but have you seen what’s happening over at the shit? Players requesting a meeting as they do not feel his tactics are suiting the team… Reminds of an era closer to home that I have been blocking out with regard to player power.

    Appears Pepe is also having issues getting over his point with tactics! … Pepe can’t do pep talks… Class!

    With this revelation that the players have lost confidence in the manager… it’s odds on we’ll be playing them next season as other teams will be itching to take advantage.

    I can just see Jackets prematch team talk mext season, making these 2 league matches something for us fans to savour and help block out the the dark days!

    Out of darkness cometh light and I’m beaming right now!


    • putney wolf says:

      You could tell it was going to happen as soon as they took the Wolves approach of 3 weeks to appoint a manager, although they did actually appoint a manager…. It seems they didn’t replace Dan Ashworth very well. He deservedly got the plaudits for the replacement of Di Matteo with Hodgson and then Clarke, they always had a plan B. Which is the only thing I envied about them during our plight. They’re struggling big time, even Wolves had misplaced “unity” during our final season in the prem.


  41. London wolves loyal says:

    Good luck to Kevin foley at Blackpool .. A hard working good servant for wolves , who lost his confidence somewhat . I wish him well


  42. Shrews Wolf says:

    Agreed Putney Wolf… It does all stem from when Ashworth left the scene.

    With some if the issues being a language barrier, where he cannot get his tactics across very well…

    … well I heard on the grapevine that the translater that did a sterling job for the late great Mandella’s funeral is for hire and very cheap! πŸ˜‰


  43. Over the last couple of seasons our problem has been getting rid of players not keeping them. Loyalty has had little value as a commodity. However according to the rumour mill things could be about to change with interest growing in some of our players and even Kenny himself. We should be in a good position to keep them but it will be an interesting test of 2 M’s ambition and resolve.


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