Brentford Vs Wolves Preview

I remember looking at the table back in September/October time and all but writing Brentford off.

Wolves Brentford

An outside bet for the play-offs I thought, but definitely not going to trouble the automatic places.

I’d wager I’m not the only one with egg on my face though.

Even the most optimistic amongst their own supporters couldn’t have predicted the mind boggling run that’s taken them from middle table also-rans to League One pace setters.

And what a pace they are setting. Not even a tidy five game winning streak from Wolves could usurp them from top spot as their unbeaten run (currently standing at 19) plunders on.


Brentford logoWhen Uwe Rosler left town to take up the vacancy at Wigan, I again thought the wheels would fall off. But with Mark Warburton at the helm, they’ve just kept on rolling.

The Bees have the second best home record in the league (Wolves having taken 2 more points, albeit from 2 more games), notching an intimidating 12 wins at Griffin Park already this season.

There are goals throughout their side with the likes of top scorer Clayton Donaldson (14), Marcello Trotta (11) and Adam Forshaw (7) all getting on the scoresheet regularly.

Donaldson in particular was a real handful for Wolves earlier in the season at Molineux. Anything played diagonally to him in the air caused our defence problems. I expect a similar challenge tomorrow.

Anyone who saw their three long range goals at Crewe last weekend will also know that you can’t stand off them either. These multiple threats are a big part of the reason they’re doing so well.


As good as Brentford are, I still believe Wolves have the better players and on their day should be able to enforce their game on the league leaders. I expect the same starting XI as last weekend:

Wolves team for Brentford

Lots of chances are being created and I think we’re all just waiting for an afternoon when everything clicks and the goals start flying in. We’ll have to be more ruthless tomorrow than we’ve been in recent weeks.

Getting the likes of Sako and Jacobs into the game can be trickier away from Molineux, but if the supply line to them is decent I can’t believe we won’t score at least once.

Another cleansheet from our imperious defence would also be welcome. I think a lot of the reason we’ve conceded so few goals isn’t just good defending, it’s because we look after the ball so much better these days and claim a greater share of the possession. Long may that continue.

The odds

For probably the first time this season, Wolves aren’t favourite for the victory. The bookmakers give it to the hosts, who are 6/4. Wolves are just outside at 2/1 and the draw is 12/5.

Marcello Trotta is the likeliest first scorer at 11/2, with Nouha Dicko not far off at 6/1. If you fancy Michael Jacobs to pick up where he left off last week, he’s 10/1 to open the scoring.

All odds can be found here.

The gaffer


Well done to all 67 of you who thought Wolves would overcome Notts County last week. 16 also got the 2-0 scoreline correct to double their weekly point intake.

Could go either way this week. The bookies make Brentford slight favourites, which is probably about right with home advantage and the run they’ve been on. But I quietly fancy our chances.

Sitting on the fence though, with a score draw prediction.


Up The Wolves!


  1. Steve showcase says:

    Here we go then ..the big one..this is KJs game of team and tactics..Perhaps a game of our goalie and defence too..1-2 to Wolves Jacobs, and a long ranger from Sako ..Dicko s goal disallowed…call me Mr positive..


  2. Fraser says:

    0-1 wolves price


  3. Hamlet says:

    Apparently the last time Brentford failed to score was in the stalemate game with us…let’s see if that can happen again! Nervy 0-1 win!


  4. Clive from Houston says:

    Brentford playing at home,
    19 game unbeaten run,
    Time for a reality check, little boys.
    Take pictures of the league table, coz this is as good as its gonna get for you. After Saturday, you will no longer be top, and your vague dreams of promotion will be just that, dreams.
    This is the banker away win of the season.
    No doubts, no problems, no worries.
    This is when Clive from Houston finally gets the score prediction spot on, and The Mighty Wufflers of Wufflerhampton romp to their biggest away win for many a year,
    5 – 1 to us.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Clive, I’ve been meaning to have a word with you for some time about your negative attitude.

      It’s depressing me, can you please do something about it?


  5. Sleachy says:

    As I just wrote on a Brentford blog, I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a Wolves fixture. I don’t care if it’s only the 3rd tier – I’m gripped!

    I’m also nervous, there’s a huge amount at stake here. Beat the bees in their own hive and the psychological repercussions should see us stroll through the rest of the season at the comfortable canter to which we have become accustomed. Lose and the reverse will be true, they’ll win the league and we’ll have to try and keep our noses in front of the chasing pack.

    That said, our ball retention at this level makes us look Barcelona-esque. Having seen those pass-masters ping the ball around The Etihad for fun on Tuesday night, Thomas’ words on not conceding through goals by not conceding possession ring especially true.

    If we are the Barca of League 1 then Brentford are surely the Citizens, with the fire-power and class to hurt us if given a chance. Given half a sniff I’m sure their forward line will severely test our excellent defensive record, so I’m glad that Ikeme has been restored to the back 5, and was given the opportunity to play himself in (albeit without really touching the ball!) last week, however harsh it was on poor McCarey.

    I’ve been predicting a big win for weeks, but we’ve failed to convert our superiority into cricket scores against the lower lights of the league. Hopefully a combination of a more conservative prediction and the high stakes involved tomorrow will see us hit them for 6!

    2-1 the lads.



  6. Mark Davies says:

    In every season there are defining moments, this game may well be one of them. I`m sure KJ will have his tactics and team selection spot on as always. Its time now for the players to give something back to the club, the manager, the supporters but mainly win this game for themselves. Why not a 3-1 victory and make a statement about who we are and how much they want to win this league and get promoted. We are wolves, go do it lads.


  7. vicsmith says:

    I think it will be tight so a 1-1 result for me.


  8. Kenny taken us from jackass to kickass 2-1 to WWFC.


  9. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    I feel it’s a game we should win with all that we are so lucky to have at Wolves.

    However, the only reason Notts County didn’t give us more trouble last week was due to them being absolutely hopeless.

    We are too wasteful to win.

    Brentford 2-1 Wolves


  10. theDOOGooder says:

    I have only just seen the highlights of the Crewe v Brentford game.
    I must admit that I was starting to worry about the reports of the ‘stunning’ long range goals.
    Having seen them though…. Come on!
    The first was pretty good, the goalie was unsighted but probably wouldn’t have got near it anyway.
    The second…. Well! I played in goal to a pretty average standard, and let’s just say that I would have been as sick as several very sick parrots from Sickfordshire to have let that one in.
    The third was not quite so bad but the keeper should really have done better.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!

    And on that basis I am changing my prediction from what was going to be a 2-2 draw to a narrow win for us.

    2-1 to the men in old gold.


    • Sleachy says:

      That parrot is not sick, it’s dead. I know a dead parrot when I see one. That parrot wouldn’t move if I put 10,000 volts through it. That parrot is no more, it has ceased to be.


  11. sevlow says:

    What should be a cracking game will no doubt turn into a nervous draw with neither team wanting to make any mistakes. Logic says then that this will be a draw. Bollox to logic! We are going to go there and win. So it’s Brentford 2 – 3 Wolves Batth, McDonald and a Sako net buster.



  12. mick the wolf says:

    I think we are playing some good stuff now. I like Jacobs roll and at last the real sako as returned. Time to law down a marker 2-1 wolves win


  13. Alex Grove says:

    I’d like to be optimistic but I think Brentford will cause us too many problems.
    2-0 to Brentford


  14. ferris says:

    Brentford 1 – 2 wolves can’t wait now


  15. AJ Wolf says:

    Brentford 2 – 3 Wolves for me please


  16. Erick1011 says:

    I think if Brentford go for our throats, it will play to our advantage and so I hope that we are ruthless today.

    I say 3-1 to Wolves 😀


  17. Border Wolf says:

    Bit stuck on this one as it could go either way, Brentford are on a roll and performing well. My other half is saying 2-3 to us with the winning goal coming in extra time.

    My heart says a win but my head says a draw so which to go for?? I think I’ll go with the old standby.

    Brentford 1 -2 Wolves

    Come On Wanderers!


  18. I can only be positive. What’s the point in worrying? It will all come good in the end.
    Brentford 1 Wolves 3


  19. US Wolf says:

    Got a good feeling about this one. Hard not to isn’t it.

    Time for us to stamp our authority on this league, and no better fixture to do it at.

    Wolves 4 Brentford 1


  20. I’m feeling confident. 1-0 to the Wolves. Bring it on.


  21. GoWolves says:

    Brentford 1 – 1 Wolves


  22. Peakwolf says:

    Ummm – we’ve had too many wins at a stroll and that’s not going to happen here, even though I have great faith in KJ. At the start of our current run I sacrificed a potential PL pt by predicting defeat (or maybe draw?) v Preston, in the hope that it would be the key to ending our poor run. It was clearly the sole reason for the turnaround so here’s to the same again – I’ll predict defeat and we’ll win. If not, I at least get a PL point. Win, win (well, unless it’s a draw!!). Brentford 2 Wolves 1. But please let’s have 6 in a row!


  23. Graham from Horsham says:

    I’ll go for a 3-1 win for us tomorrow.


  24. Clemens says:

    I am as well very impressed with Brentford. It feels like months ago I said to myself that this run can’t go on forever but there you go. I will go for a draw as well.


    And I will go for a bonus point and predict a scoreless first half…


  25. Finsbury Park Wolf says:

    Bees 0 – 2 Wolves, both scored in the first half hour with an hour of dogged resistance. Mostly looking forward to standing on a terrace again, it’s been a long time.


  26. Sg wolf says:

    3-1 to the mighty wolves


  27. Steppenwolfe says:

    Important game.
    Time for us to rise to the occasion.
    Brentford 1 Wolves 2


  28. We will score first, defend manfully, then sneak another, before half time.
    Brentford attack 2nd half & pull one back before Sako scores a third and Dicko rounds it off with the Fourth…..
    Brentford 1 Wolves 4….


  29. Martin says:

    Fantastic game, best 2 teams in the league battling out an entertaining draw. None of which will alter the final standings…..Brentford galant runners up, the mighty Wolves CHAMPIONS!


  30. robertsbridgewolf says:

    I’m encouraged by all the comments above . This is such a tricky game to call that I’m keeping with my recent approach of not leaving a prediction . Since then all has gone well for us !!

    No-one ,so far , has gone for the repeat stalemate we saw at the Mol’….were I to call it I might go that way …however there are plenty of goal s in both sides .
    As an exciting game to go to I can remember …echos of Villa away a few years ago when we all got nosebleeds at the summit of the Prem ??

    Up the Wolves – please let’s come away with a point at least [ However , I hope Clive gets his prediction right this time !! ]


  31. Biggest game of football in a few years, unfortunately I can only remember us losing must win important games, I am struggling not to think that way today. There will be goals, history tells me that Bentford will score them
    Bentford 2-0 Wolves


  32. I’ve been a silent creeper for a while Thomas, I read every post but let others provide the feedback. It’s challenging to post now as I never see a game as League 1 doesn’t exist in this part of the world 🙁


    • Sleachy says:

      As a fellow exiled Wanderer (albeit only as far as Bristol!), I’m pleased now that Wolves Player puts up highlights (well, the goals) from all the games.

      I find Twitter the best place to follow the game, updates faster than any website coverage and I can take it anywhere with me in my pocket – even following the game while ostensibly entertaining the other half!

      Does anybody know a good website for listening to coverage of the game? Home alone today, wouldn’t mind hearing every kick!


  33. BobbaWolf says:

    Tight 1-0 win to the mighty wanderers – come on me babbies!!!


  34. Ade In China says:

    Do I go with head or heart?
    I’m going to predict a loss (sorry) of 2-1, BUT my heart is hoping for at least 4 points from the next 2 games, and hope we could even get the 6. Really hope the boys prove me wrong, and even if they don’t I’m quite sure we can stay in a healthy position!


  35. Twixfix says:

    The first clash at the Mol provided a very absorbing but goal-less game. At the death Brentford could have sneaked it but for a couple of terrific Ikeme saves from long range Brentford efforts.
    Tomorrow will be much the same .. ding dong, high tempo and thrill a minute … BUT I’m convinced that this will be our day. 19 games unbeaten can be unwanted pressure in this game and I can see us picking off the Bees if they are chasing the game for a result.
    I’m predicting an incisive 1-3 to Wolves.


  36. whitestone wolf says:

    Think I’ll sit on the fence this week. I don’t think we’ll lose so Brentford 1-1 Wolves.


  37. Wight wolf says:

    I’m looking forward to this one and I just hope it lives up to the expectations. Should be a great game of
    football and I fancy a 1-1 draw.


  38. Sutton wolf says:

    If we create as many chances as last week we should win but I’ll go for a 2-1 win wolves


  39. Tony E says:

    I was tempted to predict a draw for this one but Clive’s positivity has inspired me. Wolves to win 1-0.


  40. Exeter Wolf says:

    Haven’t predicted in a while but I’m a regular blog reader.
    I fancy our chances this weekend. Lets show em’ who’s boss!
    Brentford 1-2 Wolves


  41. dorsetwolf says:

    19 games undefeated will not become 20.

    Close, but 1-0 to the boys from Wolverhampton.

    COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. Leigh Bucky says:

    I think we are capable of beating brentford by 2 or 3 goals… And i dont think tomorrow is the most important part of the season… I think March will decide our season. 6 of the 9 games are away from home, 1 of them being a local derby… If we can come out of march with 7 wins and 2 draws then i will be over the moon and think we will have enough to go on and win the league, but i always feel wolves are likely to beat both brentford and leyton away from home, yet slip up away to a team like crawley or crewe…

    Brentford 1-3 Wolves
    Sako, Dicko, Henry

    All our goals to come in the 2nd half after going a goal down in the 1st half…


  43. Bullyisagod says:

    My first game since Blackpool away in 2012. Am going with the same score: Brentford 1 – Wolves 2


  44. AlfWhite says:

    Brentford 2 Wolves 2.


  45. London wolves loyal says:

    We ve got good players in every position now and we are going there to win . And win we shall 2 nil


  46. johnok says:

    Don’t know why but I think we’el win this one tomorrow,I’m going for a 0-2 to me babbies.
    Just hope LC is gonna be fit to play some part in this table topper.UTW..


  47. SteveB says:

    Hope to see this fixture again next year.. I think everyone playing will be really up for this one – lets hope it finishes 11 v 11. All things being equal, I fancy us to win this one, but the first goal will be crucial, I think.


  48. Chris in Dublin says:

    If Ireland can beat Twenty20 world champs the Windies in their back yard, Wolves can surely beat the table topping West Londonies in theirs! Brentford 3 – 4 Wolves in an amazingly entertaining game.


  49. slider says:

    king kenny slices warburtons loafers record to pieces. Brentford 0 Wolves 2


  50. Brompton Wolf (Steve L Biles) says:

    Lots of goals, lots of nail biting. Brentford 3 Wolves 3

    A good away point. Hope I’m wrong and we take all three points though!



  51. johnhpayne says:

    I’m with SteveB in hoping no one gets sent off. It will be a real battle out there. I don’t know much about Brentford, except their impressive record; heard they have a little pitch which makes it more difficult for visitors. We have quality and still to score the goals that show just how good we can be. May this be the week, I’ll shave one goal off my usual prediction and go Brentford 0 Wolves 2


  52. Dalmation Wolf says:

    My usual pessimism isn’t there this week. I don’t know why, but I’ve actually got a good feeling about this one, I reckon the boys will do another Oldham, 0-3.


  53. Paul featherstone says:

    I not to bothered about winning the league as long as we go up automatically that’s all that matters, yes it would be nice to win the league but that comes second to going up
    As for tomorrow’s game I’m sticking to my winning formula which is to predict we lw
    We will lose. If we did it wouldn’t be the end of the world may be the title


  54. Wolves to win 2-1. Come on you wolves.


  55. Steve Howl says:

    Brentford 0 Wanderers 1


  56. Wolf in the Hudd says:

    Saw two shooting stars/asteroids flash across the sky last night, whilst walking the dog at daft o’clock, so two wishes later we have absolutely nothing to worry about. The other went on the Orient game, I’m off out again now so if its a clear night I’ll get some more in, any requests I’ve got Walsall down for one soon after the reverse earlier in the season.

    Bees 0-2 Wolves


  57. japan wolf says:

    Brentford 1 – 1 Wolves


    • pattaya wolf says:

      Looking forward to this game. Here is hoping for a match worthy of the top of the table clash. I think important for both teams not to lose, so I am going for the draw 2-2 and both teams to get promoted and PNE to win the play offs.


  58. Both teams will be fired up to win, but also not to lose. Hard to know if it will be “full-on” or cagey. Brentford 1 – Wolves 1. No-one thrilled, no-one devastated…


  59. MrAussieWolf says:

    1-1 draw would be on with me


  60. Dave H says:

    When they came to ours we played them off the park but did not get the result. If we play how we can play we can do the same on their turf.

    2-0 to the Wolves



  61. robc306 says:

    Expect a roller coaster today, with either team capable of finishing on top come 5pm.
    Wolves showed potential of brilliance last weekend, just some bits are not clicking at the moment.

    Like the early link up between Sako & Dicko – could be lethal, if Sako passes more!

    Hope to see same starting11 – going for a hopeful Brentford 1Wolves 2


  62. perth wolves says:

    I fancy 2-2 too. Clive from Houston I like your madness.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Not madness, well not this week anyway, this is as certain three points as it gets……………except when we play the shit next season.


  63. (Formerly Sir) Fred of Paisley says:

    This game will see KJs team step up…heading back to the championship 0-1 to the Wolves…



  64. I’m optimistic; Brentford have to lose sooner or later

    0-2 to Wolves


  65. JazzWolf says:

    I agree with the comments about Brentford’s goals at Crewe – by contrast we seem to have scored several from just outside the area with well aimed and reasonably weighted shots – Jacobs, McDonald e.g. Assuming the good skills as opposed to good luck will continue I’m going for Brentford 1 Wolves 3.


  66. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 2 Brentford 1


  67. Sheffieldwolf says:

    It’s a tough call both sides are in form and hav the players to win this league. That said there aren’t many players from that brentford side id swap with ours right now. It all depends on motivation and application if we do what we do well, keep possession and create chances we can win. Revert to defending to keep a point and we’ll lose.

    I’m going for an optimistic 2-1 wolves win. Come on wolves prove me right!


  68. trenchmanmick says:

    I see a stalemate.
    Brentford 0 Wolves 0


  69. Could go either way so I’ll sit on the fence. 1-1


  70. Telford Wolf says:

    Hmmmm, heart or head?

    1 – 1, and be happy with it!!!


  71. Brentford 1:1 Wolves


  72. Sleachy says:

    GET IN!!!!!!! WHAT A RESULT!!!!!!!!!!


  73. US Wolf says:

    Can’t wait force the report. Just finished listening live

    Come on me Babbies. Get in!!!


  74. Paul featherstone says:

    Fucking awesome absolutely awesome never in my most optimistic dreams did I think we would win 3.0 weekly done lads, Kenny the coaches, the coach driver the tea lady in fact anyone who works for the club, there’s one exception you know who you are, fucked it although it goes against the grain and you Moxey ……FUCKING AWESOME.


  75. Paul featherstone says:

    AWESOME………………….FUCKING AWESOME………get in there yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh


  76. Paul featherstone says:

    WHAYHA lets all have a sick la la la la knees up mother brown under the table you must go e I e I e I oh if I catch you bending I’ll saw your Kent’s right off, old south bank tune……..I’m in dream land. Lets all have a disco…………


  77. Paul featherstone says:

    My predicted text is shit…sorry


  78. Peakwolf says:

    I’ll have to predict the result I don’t want more often – did it for the Preston game to start this run and for this one to continue it. Both intentional of course!! It’ll bugger my chances in the PL, but what the hell?! They were buggered anyway. Magnificent result – KJ directs and the lads deliver. A real TEAM again.


  79. Paul i’ll have a point of wheat your drilling mate – cheers Up the Wolves !


  80. Incognito says:

    Couldn’t get a ticket and even tried Bees hospitality but they p!55ed me off so ended up at Arsenal watching them stuff Sunderland in the most sterile of football atmospheres I ever witnessed (despite 60k there) . Bet it was not like that at Brentford’s 11k! I hate football today with all the ticket restrictions! But what a great shout for The Wolves was let out on entering Arsenal tube station then again outside Bounds Green tube! Great result. King Kenny and his gold and black army!


  81. 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

    Let’s all have a disco la la la la, knees up mother brown, knees up mother brown under the table you must go e I e I e I oh, if I catch you bending I’ll saw your knees right of e I e I ei oh……….skin…..The South Bank..The South Bank .

    Stoped up last night to watch the goals all of which were class the build up play the finish……..superb


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