Wolves 2 Notts County 0

Notts County striker Jimmy Spencer gave his local rag the kind of sparkling soundbite every journalist dreams about last week.

Wovles Notts County

When asked about his side’s prospects ahead of their visit to Molineux, he nonchalantly replied ‘It’s a harder game this week, but Wolves aren’t Real Madrid, are they?’

I wonder if he thought about the comment yesterday as he exited the field after being substituted on the hour mark?

By that time Michael Jacobs had deservedly steered another game in the home side’s favour with two goals fit for Bernabeu consumption.

The first, a rising header after a slick passing move that resulted in Scott Golbourne lifting a perfectly weighted cross into his path.

The second, a thunderous low drive that exploited the tightest of spaces between goalkeeper and post following a brilliant interception and forward dash from Richard Stearman.

And two should really have been four or five.

The resurgent Bakary Sako twice channeled Roberto Carlos with missiles that only instinctive saves from the County keeper could repel.

Nouha Dicko, again impressive as the lone forward, was uncharacteristically wasteful when presented with a tap-in by his French compatriot.

James Henry too, intelligently darting in behind a static County defence couldn’t find the finish his smart run warranted.

All afternoon the chances flowed like Sangria as Wolves showed the far greater attacking menace in a match that wasn’t always one-way traffic.

Shaun Derry’s side took an equal share of the possession and spent the last twenty minutes camped inside the opposition’s half.

But whilst the hosts peppered the County goal with 18 shots, the away team could only muster one effort on target all afternoon.

And that’s the difference.

Kenny Jackett has cleverly engineered a Wolves side that play with both precision and purpose. It’s lovely to watch.

Still, Callum McGrefgor and Jack Grealish could have spoiled the party had either managed to hit the target with glorious chances in either half.

It’s unlikely Brentford will be as forgiving next week. But with Wolves playing their best football of the season, the Bees will have just as much to fear.

And it’s not like they’re Bayern Munich is it?



  1. theDOOGooder says:

    Oh! This is getting good isn’t it?
    Being hyper critical we should be converting more of our chances but we are playing some great football all around the pitch. Defence and midfield all contributing. Sako seems reborn since Dicko arrived. You could see in the Goal of the month video that they really spark off each other.

    Kenny Jackett deserves huge amounts of praise for what he’s done and a big bonus if he gets us up this season.
    I only pray that he can keep some of the big clubs away from our players.

    Next Saturday is going to be a humdinger and the way we are playing I wouldn’t put money on a home win.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      I rather prefer to win marginally on a day creating a superior amount of chances, than by winning “lucky ones” where we creates approximately similar amount of attempts as the opposition, as we used to do in the first half of the campaign.

      Praise to Jackett indeed. The way we play now convinces me that we’ll win the division. Up the wolves, to championship!


  2. US Wolf says:

    Thanks Thomas. Listened to the game and it sounded like we could have filled our boots yesterday.
    Watched the highlights earlier and 2 crackers from Jacobs. Get it?

    Bring on Brentford I say.


  3. Border Wolf says:

    Good game but with the number of shots we had the scoreline could have been higher! Handy that Orient drew as well.

    Gaining momentum now so yep bring it on! Let’s keep it going.



  4. Bilstonian says:

    Very impressive performance. Apart from the headline acts like. Jacobs and Sako, I really like the work Jack Price does in midfield. He always makes himself available, and when he gets the ball, he playes it quickly and simply without trying the Steven Gerrard type long killer pass that’s more likely to go to the opposition. He gets better with every game imo.

    The defence too is so impressive, and this is all to Jackett’s credit as it was the first aspect of the team he was keen to sort out when he got here. Batth and Stearman were quite superb yesterday.

    I think I’m right in saying that of the eleven that started, Stears is the only McCarthy signing now left, there were three academy recruits in the team, and Sako was signed by Solbakken. The other six players were signed by Jackett. Well done, KJ, it’s your team now mate.


  5. US Wolf says:

    Things really seem to be coming together now.

    Everything Jackett has done has impressed me.

    Blooding some of the youths, and quality young, hungry, astute signings.

    Long may it continue. Always proud to be a Wolves fan, but Kenny is quickly making it a pleasure again, after a couple if dross years.

    Come on me Babbies.

    Top spot is there for the taking next week.

    Hope it is a great day for all of us, and even more so for the loyal faithful who can, and do make the long trip South.


  6. Steve showcase says:

    If we get a result at Brentford (even if we don’t actually) I for one are starting to believe that we are now doing this and the Championship is beckoning en route to where we belong..
    I know this is league 1 but perhaps we have now had our punishment for bad management in the past and KJ is becoming popular with his style of play and tactics… no doubt if we do make the championship then we all know also that the fan following and support will be massive too…

    Is it too soon to say this? With results being predictable with also both London teams starting to slip up ..then nervously I can see a new era for Wolves and this is the start..

    Perfect result.. I’ll settle for a draw at Brentford and let’s go marching on..


  7. Nice allegory Thomas.
    Sako = Ronaldo, Jacobs = Bale…..
    Anyway, well done Kenny Jackett.
    He has improved both Sako and Stearman, (doff my cap to him for sticking with us).
    But think Price maybe the find of the season.
    On wards and upwards, WBA in the championship next year…..


  8. Paul Tamworth says:

    Another fantastic performance by wolves. Jacobs has like many others has been a master stroke by KJ and Therwell. I finally enjoy watching wolves again, the engine is now running at full pace and will knock all teams over that get in our way including Brentford next week. Loving it!


  9. Good performance all round from an exciting team, there are now so many exciting ball players to watch, Sako, Jacobs, Henry, Dicko, & McDonald.

    And in this game I was very impressed with the steadiness of Jack Price. He’s really settling well now & looks every inch a great foil for Super Mac.

    Special mention for 150th game for us from Stears, he was excellent & with Jack Price joint m.o.m. But wherever you looked on the pitch there was a good performance from a Wolves player.

    Happy times & Jackett has rescued a sinking & sick ship. I just hope it continues & we make the Championship. Our crowd of 18,000 yesterday bettered all of the Championship attendances yesterday. Underlining the potential that is there with our magnificent loyal fanbase.

    Maybe we can win over some Wolverhampton Man Utd fans! But seriously this is very good, hats off to KJ, what a difference a year makes. Last yr with Saunders in charge we drew 0-0 away at Derby.

    And what came later was even worse & humiliating, I’ll never forget Brighton away last season , but out of the ashes rises a fledgling phoenix. Onwards & upwards.


    • Incognito says:

      Anyone who was born and lives in Wolverhampton and supports any other team but the one in old gold n black can fVcK off especially those nobs who support Man U, Liverpool, etc.


  10. How can i put this differently interesting ? Kenny is making it look all so simple. Already shown he has got more tactical strings to his bow and is just as determind. And doesnt need the crutch of favouritism. I am already thinking of the assault on the championship – getting carried away ? Well why not its one of the benefits of being a fan. The championship is full of clubs in stasis. A football Hades of fallen reputations where more media hyped clubs than us swim in debt and play in front of rows of empty seats. Bring it on Kenny !


  11. Erick1011 says:

    Third Wolves game, third win, third clean sheet. 😉


  12. Was McGregor any better than what we got.


    • I think he looked very good but he did spurn a great chance. He was also very angry when substituted by Derry.

      But he looked a quality player, maybe though he would struggle to get in the team at the moment ‘cos the incumbents are playing so well.


  13. Ade In China says:

    I really enjoyed what was my first game for many a year! Thomas & myself remarked how KJ has built a proper ‘team’ now, and with the exception of Jack Price who I wasn’t sure justifies the hype, they did look very capable indeed!
    Had the strikers been more clinical we could have had several goals, and it was great to see the players often busting a gut to get to balls, Sacko and Dicko especially.
    Bring on the Championship!


    • Martin says:

      Surprised by your opinion on Price, Ade.
      Personally, i think he is an absolute gem. The ball he played in the clip, which put Sako through is typical of him.
      He’s come into the first team from nowhere and, aged 20, i think he’s got a massive future.
      Like most people, i’m hugely excited by the King Kenny revolution. And never forget, this is very early days with a very young squad. They can only improve.
      And with the fan base, the category 1 Acadamey and the financial stability, who knows how far the club can go.


    • Can’t agree with you on Price he played his role brilliantly. Covering well, & making the simple pass, also he was good positionally. It was his simple return ball to the marauding Stearman that led to Jacob’s second goal.

      Steady Eddie I liken him to, its just his beard makes him look a bit like an extra from Planet of the Apes, well it does from where I sit in the Billy Wright.


  14. Skrill says:

    Brilliant article, haha. Definitely the best one i’ve read yet, Brentford – watch out!


  15. Twixfix says:

    Believe me being away from the Golden Palace is hard on match days at the minute. I watched the BBC teletext update from 4am local time with my phone under the bed sheets .. Mrs Twixfix was not amused!! Reading this blog and seeing 2 mins and 03 secs is well .. orgasmic. .. especially now having reeled off 5 wins on the bounce .. well done lads. Just need to avoid defeat on Sat to put us well and truly on course to meet Sandwell Town next year. .. eh Clive.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Quite agree, Twixy.
      Although the shit didn’t play ( do they ever?) this weekend, it is nice to see them not win, thus putting more pressure on them and their new manager as fixtures pile up. He hasn’t got a win yet, has he?
      Anyway, on to much more important things.
      Would not be surprised to see the Brentford game called off due to waterlogged pitch or some such excuse. Them soft southerners must be quaking in their wellies at the thought of ten thousand Wolves fans descending on them!!
      As to the latest shut out, what more can be said?
      Shit eating grin now tattooed in place, and no reason to think we will lose against Brentford.
      They are on a 19 game unbeaten run. but don’t we usually interrupt other teams runs?
      Bring me back a hobbit, Twixy.


      • Twixfix says:

        I know I’m thick .. what the fuck’s a hobbit? … If it’s a biscuit I’ll bring you some Anzacs .. I won’t give them to Scooped though .. he eat the buggers.


        • Clive from Houston says:

          Lord of The Rings
          Holy Moley, you must be the only bloke on earth, except sandwell, who don’t know that the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies, plus the three Hobbit movies, were all shot on location in NZ?
          And there I was thinking you was smart!!
          Anyrode, a hobbit is a small furry creature with big feet what lives in a hole.
          And likes beer.


          • Twixfix says:

            Like I said .. thick man.
            I’ve never gone in for that stuff Clive .. sorry mate .. prefer to read Nuts or FHM.
            It’s a legacy of studying engineering at the Poly in the late 60’s (Boring old bastard) and watching all the arty-farty students from the Art college next block staying cool man.


            • theDOOGooder says:

              Still cool man!

              And you could watch the game for nothing from the roof.


              • Twixfix says:

                Like it DOOGooder .. it’s the one thing I got jealous over was the Art students watching the Woolies for nothing.
                All I could see from the labs on Stafford St was the people in the Wednesfield bus queue!
                Stay real cool my friend …


  16. Martin says:

    Good point about Jimmy Spencer, Thomas.
    I think Notts County showed conclusively that they’re not Wolverhampton Wanderers.


  17. The Newt says:

    Another good controlled performance and another good win although I’d love to see us give someone a proper tonking…Brentford next week perhaps?!
    Since the switch to 4-2-3-1 before Xmas the performaces have steadily improved even though the results at first didn’t come it was clearly worth it with the assured performances we are seeing now.
    Hopefully with a lot of clubs facing fixture congestion next month we can use our full squad to the best advantage and really gain some ground where other clubs with smaller squads might drop a few points.
    On a final note both Stearman and Price are out of contract in the summer. Surely both are deserving of new deals especially Price.



    • I agree this formation works wonders for us, This is why I cant understand the switch back to 442 when Clarke played.
      He simply doesn’t fit in for me. The 5 man midfield is the way to go it leaves 6 at the back and 4 raging forward, they also track back apart from Dicko when needed leaving 1 up front.
      The way forward no question.
      A word about that one ball Sako played through to Dicko 2nd half if anyone saw it, as good a ball as you will see from any team anywhere it was awesome, shame Dicko couldn’t finish.

      Confident of beating Brentford and winning this league at a canter.. Got money riding on it after all..


  18. 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

    Another 3 points in the bag and now for Brenford I don’t know about 10k for MK I think it would be 10k and more for Brenford is that right they’ve only given us 644 tickets that’s pathetic shows hoe scared they are of creating a decent atmosphere no matter 644 or 6 million the form and confidence of this team I don’t think it will matter they are well over due there poor run every team has through a season lets hope we’re the start of it .



    • john smith says:

      We (brentford) had our poor run at the start of the season when we were 11th at one point, including losing 4-0 away to bradford. but times have changed and the charge continues.


      • Clive from Houston says:

        Last charge of any note I recall was involving a Light Brigade…..and look what happened to them!!


      • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

        Nothing ever lasts forever just ask Man United fans. Sooner or later your run will come to and end. Perhaps it’s lasted so long in part due to a partisan crowd and the lack of away fans to provide a decent atmosphere I know it’s a small ground haing been there in the 80’s with Wolves when the away fans were given a decent ticket allocation.

        I also been to Man Utd and I’m not just saying this I’ve spoken to other fans from other clubs who have been there as well and the atmosphere is shit because the away fans are given hardly any tickets and stuck in the corner in the. Gods Newcastle is the same been there in the 80’s 4.1 to wolves Bull got all 4 a decent ticket allocation and great atmosphere now your 2 miles up in the gods shit atmosphere because there’s no banter between the fans.


  19. jake simms says:

    As a Brentford fan, I have to say that it looks extremely likely us and you will be the top 2, but despite your recent form I doubt you can interrupt the Bee’s 19 game unbeaten streak (16 wins, 3 draws,) and I am going for a 2-1 brentford win. Especially at griffin park, we don’t lose anymore, and our attack is currently unstoppable. I think the midfield battle will be key, but I haven’t seen a lot of Wolves so could one of you give me a quick unbiased review of the team and their strengths and weaknesses, cheers!


    • Thomas says:

      Hi Jake,

      Thanks for the contribution mate.

      I both admire and understand your confidence. How could you not be fancying your chances after such a monumental run? It’s the sort of streak a club probably only enjoys once every 10-20 years, if that. After last season’s misery, I don’t think anyone begrudges Brentford any glory. Good luck to you I say (after Saturday of course).

      What I would say is that if any team is going to get a win at your pad again this season, it’s most likely going to be Wolves. We are now, by League One standards at least, an excellent team filled with players far too good for this division.

      If you think midfield is going to be key, you should fear us because we’ve dominated the ball for long periods against everyone since mid-December, when the team finally got it’s act together. Kevin McDonald in particular has been immense.

      We will flood the midfield as we have done of late and with McDonald and young Jack Price anchoring, it gives the likes Bakary Sako, Michael Jacobs and Nouha Dicko license to go forward and do some real damage. Those three in particular have everything, pace, power and footballing ability. If you contain them you will win the game, but it’s a big ask.

      My concern isn’t being outplayed, as good as Brentford are, it’s about being out-muscled by the likes of big Clayton Donaldson. He was a real handful at Molineux earlier in the season and think he’ll be a factor again. If there is a weakness in the Wolves team, it could be the lack of a major physical presence at the back.

      Obviously if your lot score ridiculous goals as they did at Crewe at the weekend, there’s nothing any side can do to prevent that. So fingers crossed you’ve scored your share of 30 yard screamers already! 🙂

      I think it promises to be a wonderful game and however many Wolves fans make it through the turnstiles, expect that they’ll make themselves heard.

      My prediction is a score draw but if I had to back one team, regardless of Brentford’s unfathomable run, it would be mine. And remember, everything has to come to an end at some point my friend.


  20. johnok says:

    A fair and factual reply Thomas,i think all good things must come to an end and so why shouldn’t it be wolves who ends their fantastic run of games they’ve been on.

    One thing we must do, is take our chances with this game we can’t hang around because if we do we will get punished imo.

    Back to the game, another fantastic win with us dominating again without scoring a hatful of goals, surely its only a mater of time before we really hurt someone.

    Our midfield were majestic again with Jack Price dinking the ball about at will without breaking sweat what a great prospect as long as we can keep him fit.

    What a find in Jacobs scoring goals for fun now he’s got his eye in, (really impressive).

    Glad we kep’t Sako now he’s settled down think he’s gonna prove to be a real asset with his frightening pace and shots from anywhere,thought he was unlucky not to have scored on Saturday…Hope we get Leon fit for Saturday we will need his fire power.UTW.


  21. Shrews Wolf says:

    Brentfords last 5 games… they have succumbed to letting in a goal every game and have scored 10 goals.
    2 of those games have been draws and as anyone can work out.. The difference between a draw and a win or loss is just one goal… That is a very fine line.

    On the flip side, we have succumbed to a 1 goal over the last 5 games, with each game won my a 2 or 3 goal cusion, scoring 12 goals over that period.

    I appreciate that a 19 game unbeaten run is fantastic and I wish we were in that position, but with the odd goal separating the sides that have lost to Brentford or drawn, this would indicate a little luck be on this run and not emphatic victories.

    Stats are not always truly representative of a particular game but over a stretch of games they will even out to give a fuller picture.

    So right now… who should be the most confident team? The team that have drawn 2 and let in a goal every game or the team that have won the last 5 with 1 penalty against, more goals in the for column and lots of missed opportunities where we “could have / should have” won by more?

    Hope to playing Brentford next season in the championship… as most football fans think last season was just unfortunate for them and if they had have gone up last season… we would have been top right now.

    The next 90+ minutes has the potential to be a fantastic game for the neutrals… and although I hope we can continue our fine form, I agree with others that this game is not the defining game of the season if the worst score line were to be.


  22. GoWolves says:

    As said by many already, we should have scored more and won by a bigger margin. But it’s also easy to forget that back in October we couldn’t even beat these guys in the cup, so to have won so comfortably and be debating just how many more we should have scored has to be a good place to be.

    I think Wolves now has a team of players that are better than this division, and with some more confidence, will start to score more and bury some of the opposition here. They need to believe it. The question for me is not whether they are too good for this division, but whether they are good enough for the next. On Saturday they will have the chance to answer that when they play the high-flier of the moment. Will they have the hunger, nerve and team work to outplay Brentford? Time to take the safety off and fire away! Shock and awe, guys! Let’s stuff Brentford! 🙂

    On another note, what the heck is up with Kevin Doyle scoring again for QPR? He barely had any idea where the net was when he was playing for us this season in a division he should have dominated, and the minute he leaves he’s scoring every game? We should have cut his wages sooner if that’s what it took to motivate him!

    Go Wolves!


    • Martin says:

      I don’t know whether you saw either of the games Doyle scored in, but i did. Yes he scored in each, the first a header from all of 3 yards and the second a rebound off his knee from about a foot nearer.
      He doesn’t do half the work outside the box as he did for us but apart from that, nothing has changed.


  23. Shrews Wolf says:

    GoWolves… I agree with asking the question… What is going on with Doyle?
    I suspect our style of play was not fitting with his style or maybe he just needed the confidence and a change of scenery to find his shooting boots.
    Maybe if he does return, he will be able to put a few away for us in the Championship or if he continues this form, he will be worth a few extra quid if QPR decide to buy him. Glad he is scoring either way!

    With regard to your question of if we are good enough for the next division… maybe Doyle has inadvertently given you the answer… If he could not score for toffee in this division, then maybe the good football played by the majority of the teams in this division is harder to play against than the kick and hope by some of the teams we hope to play against next season. I would suspect if the players we have can finish the season in the manner we are playing now, then maybe just the odd adjustment will be needed to push to the next level.


  24. Mark Davies says:

    Somebody should put the passing and movement highlights and send out to the dinasaurs Messrs Mcarthy & co, and say this is how football should be played in the 20th century. Its not just the enjoyable football on the day, but the foundations of a football system that will stand us in good stead for years to come.
    At the moment it doesn’t get any better, a rock solid defence on Sat, against a pretty but pretty ineffective County side who huffed and puffed but couldn`t really break through, I`m not surprised the jocks are looking at McDonald for international duty, young Price has the pace and mobility needed and is a great asset for a youngster, and the playmakers, stolen from their previous clubs, are like a breath of fresh air.
    The goals are in the side, lets see if we can score a few on Saturday.


    • paul Featherstone says:

      Listen im a Yorkshire me born and bred in Barnsley so don’ t talk to me about passing the ball right. my fucking teams kick it as hard and and far as they can right. If you don’t like it you can fuck off what do you say Terry……yes boss anything you say boss more milk in your tea boss, i hope for for your sake this is Yorkshire Tea Terry !!!!!!!!!


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