Wolves Vs Notts County Preview

I was at Meadow Lane back in November to see Wolves secure a narrow 1-0 victory.

Wolves Notts County

That was a period in the season when the performances weren’t particularly inspiring, but the results were still coming.

But it was actually a 20-minute spell in the second half of that game that I first started to feel truly encouraged about what Kenny Jackett was building.

McDonald started to get on the ball and dictate play,  Golbourne was bombing forward and the likes of Sako and Henry were creating chances for the forwards.

It certainly wasn’t a complete performance, but you could clearly see the intention for neat, possession-based football. We were just a few players short of doing it efficiently.

Fast forward to now and we have filled the holes and look a very good team, by League One standards at least.

Notts County

Notts_County_LogoFortunately, I didn’t go to the other fixture between these two sides, which was the Johnstones Paint Trophy stalemate at Molineux that ended in penalty shootout win for County.

Wolves were woeful that evening and would have lost the game in regulation time had it not been for a string of Carl Ikeme saves.

But that victory for County was a rare highlight of a disappointing first half of the season. They’ve changed manager since, brought in a shed load of loan signings and are now a completely different proposition.

Result have been mixed of late, including a 5-1 home defeat to Walsall, a narrow 4-3 loss against Peterborough, but most recently a solid 3-0 victory over Coventry.

The Magpies easily have the worst away record, with 12 defeats from 16 games to date and only 2 wins. They have firepower though, in the shape of midfielder and Wolves-target Callum McGregor, currently on loan from Celtic.


Carl Ikeme could feature tomorrow after returning from injury. I’d be happy to see him back between the sticks, but equally have confidence in Aaron McCarey, whose done little wrong in his clutch of appearances.

Wolves team for Crawley

Others that could come into contention for a start are James Henry, Lee Evans and Matt Doherty (I think he’s back in the squad). But I don’t the above eleven will be far off.

With so many games to come in March, the strength of the squad will be severely tested. Although we have the above options waiting in the wings, I’d worry if we lost the likes of McDonald and Dicko for any period of time. I’m sure KJ will be dipping into the loan market.

The gaffer

The odds

Wolves are strong favourites for the win at 9/20. County are a favourable 15/2. A £1 bet on any County win returns £8.50, so if you’re feeling pessimistic, this is a good game to put that insurance policy in place.

Nouha Dicko is the most likely first goalscorer at 15/4. The prolific (of late) Kevin McDonald is 7/1, while Callum McGregor is 11/1.

All odds are available from here.


No game last weekend so no PL points. I’ve updated the table so please do make sure you have the points you think you should have. Email me any errors via the contact page.

I don’t think County are as bad a team now as their overall position suggests. As Kenny said in his pre-match interview, they’ve used the loan market well and have some useful players.

Still, I think if Wolves play well, as they have been of late, I can only see one outcome.


Up The Wolves


  1. Brompton Wolf (Steve L Biles) says:

    Wolves 3 Notts County 0

    Another clean sheet and a fantastic passing game.

    Oh, and it’s great being first!!!



    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      I’ve just listened to Jackett interview and what’s so refreshing is his honesty and down to earth approach he’s not getting carried away just taking everything in his stride which compared to grumpy I’m a Yorkshire man me, McCarthy the uninspiring and confusing Stale and then there was the completely dullustioned and out of depth dribble from Saunders.

      I must admit Jacketts appointment hardly filled me with excitement but saying that we’ve had too much of the wrong excitement the last couple of years. What Jaccketts brought is stability and a calmness that was badly needed to repair all our nerves which have been shredded due to 2 relegations. This time our nerves are tingling for the right reasons because in the words of an old Kate Bush song Running up that Hill quote ” I just know something good is going to happen ”

      As for the game in sticking to my winning formula which not to predict a win, but we should even though we’ve had an enforce break that’s the only thing that could trip us up, complacency, but with Jackett I don’t think he would let that happen.


  2. Unstoppable force moveable object 3-0 to WWFC.


  3. theDOOGooder says:

    Good morning Thomas.

    I must say that I’m very pleased to have received the Wolves Blog Postcard.
    It’s a bonus for us expats in Wiltshire to be recognised at last.
    I will attempt to do it justice in due course, although with the run of games coming up I wouldn’t think it’s going to get much of a look in during the next few weeks.

    As far as the game on Saturday is concerned, we know how the lads can look a bit rusty after a lay off but my confidence is high at the moment and, with the form we’ve been showing of late , I expect a reasonably comfortable win.
    It would be a bonus if Clarke broke his duck to boot.

    3-1 to the men in old gold.


    • Thomas says:

      Morning mate.

      Glad you received the postcard safely. Considering it was seemingly lost in the back and beyond of Peru a few months ago, I’m pleased it’s now bouncing around locally.

      But to completely contradict that statement, I have a very special location for you to send it to next, which I won’t disclose publicly for the moment. But it’s a good one.

      Only issue is there might be a time pressure on this particular stop so would be cool if you could sign, take your pics and get it in the post again if that’s possible mate? There’s no rush to submit your post, it’s just that I want to make sure this guy receives the card itself.

      Any problems, ping me a message. I’ll be emailing you the address shortly.

      Foolish move to replicate my prediction. I haven’t got a scoreline correct all season 🙂


      • theDOOGooder says:

        I’ll do my best.
        Probably won’t be until after the weekend though as I’m going to be out of circulation for a couple of days.


  4. Hamlet says:

    Can’t look past a 2-0 victory or Mccarey in goal; he’s only conceded two goals so far; one was a penalty and he could do nothing for the Gills goal

    Of course the defence had a part to play in that as well!


  5. Steve showcase says:

    Back to normal ..come on Crewe and Preston too!…3 points a must ..should be 3-0 ..but..2-0 to Wolves…


  6. gibwolf says:

    6-0 and top spot in the league COYW


  7. Sleachy says:

    Happy Valentines Day fellow Wanderers! I will of course jump through various heart shaped hoops all weekend for my lovely girlfriend, but there’s no doubting who the real love of my life is. Luckily she’s working tomorrow afternoon so I can worry about the game without having to pretend to have a conversation with her.

    Interesting development in the life of Hollywood O’Hara this week: paying a ‘5 figure sum’ (half a week’s wages!) to cross the pond and get some very expensive personal training. He could’ve joined Fitness First in Wednesbury for £15 a month, so I hope he gets what he pays for.

    Mind you, if I lived with his Mrs, I’d pay double that to get away for 3 weeks.

    Most alarming of all is Jackett’s revelation that he is the least talented midfielder at the club, behind kids nearly a decade younger. Although it is devastating that we have to pay this fool hundreds of thousands of pounds, and that we once considered him to be our saviour, I do take Schadenfreude delight in watching his ego get such constant and public deflation. Hopefully another club will take him out of our misery soon.

    Anyway, the Magpies are in town tomorrow and (weather permitting) will fancy nicking a point or 3 from our shiny Gold stadium. Apparently their wingers are a bit handy, and with a new gaffer and some decent loan acquisitions, we could be in for a game.

    However, I hope that our players are chomping at the bit and come out playing in 6th gear right from the whistle. Just like when the much fancied Arsenal travelled to Anfield the other week, I hope an early blitzkrieg sets us up for a memorable win. You can keep your 5-1 Clive (and recent spate of prediction disciples), I’m saying 5-0 to the lads. You heard it here first.



  8. sevlow says:

    We are rearing to get on the pitch and overrun a team with the worst away record in the league. So it should be a stroll in the park for the Wolves, it is on paper anyway. Trouble is these types of games have a habit of biting you on the arse. I am, however, confident that Wolves will come out on top and as such I predict a 2-1 win to our glorious Wolves. Clarke and Batth to net for us.



  9. MrAussieWolf says:

    Would love to see a big win.
    Wolves 4-0 Notts County


  10. Yorkshire Wolf says:

    I’m hopeful of a big win, I think we can do it Wolves 4-0 Notts County.


  11. woodywolf says:

    A big win and big entertainment would be nice but don’t bank on it. 2 – 0 Wolves


  12. Erick1011 says:

    My second game at Molineux, and I think it’s going to be a big win for Wolves!



  13. Border Wolf says:

    Hoping for an easy win & some other teams to drop points.

    Wolves 2 – 0 County



  14. vicsmith says:

    Wolves to Win 3-0.


  15. I’m keeping a keen eye on things from here in South Africa. I’ve just been for a wander and there were some baboons on the path in front of me. Hopefully we won’t play like baboons and we’ll be on fire. 3-0 to the Wolves.


  16. Clive from Houston says:

    Been playing nostalgia on You Tube this week, Wolves 2 Coventry 0, FA Cup 6th round, with “Young” Johnny Richards scoring after 6 minutes, and various other victories from the past.
    Included was an extended version, with comments from Ken Hibbitt and Bobby Charlton (why him, I hear you ask) of Wolves 5 Arsenal ( then reigning double champions ) 1.
    5 -1
    Sound familiar?
    Yes, that’s how the score will look, in our favour, tomorrow.
    I gotta be right once this year, aint I???
    Happy Valentines Day to y’all, except them of blue persuasion.
    Roses are red,
    Shit is blue,
    My poems don’t rhyme,
    Fuck Off west brom.


  17. The Newt says:

    Interesting to see that KJ has pretty much nailed on his 18 man matchday squad with Elokobi, Foley, O’Hara, Davis and Forde all on the outside waiting for either injury or suspension to get them a place on the bench. It’s taken half a season which is understandable but the squad and the style of play are very much Jackett’s own now. Breaking with some of the old guard and promoting the kids looks like it could be a very wise decision.

    For the match I always hope for a big win but never expect it. We haven’t really stuffed anyone proper this season i don’t think?

    Wolves 2 – Notts County 1



  18. Mark Davies says:

    How can I follow that sheer poetry from my mate Clive !!
    Had a late start today and actually drove past Meadow Lane this morning as we drove through Nottingham heading for the M1. The flood lights were on, maybe they were practising picking the ball out of the net in real match conditions, and I`m sure they will be, I`m on for a not too comfortable 2-0 win.


  19. ferris says:

    Wolves 2 Notts County 0. If we play the way we have been I can’t see any slip ups tomorrow. Im sure the weather will make the job harder but I still think we’ll win. This is an important game to win to keep confidence high going into next week’s game


  20. Finsbury Park Wolf says:

    Wolves 4 – 0 Notts County. The march to the title continues apace.


  21. slider says:

    Bound to be a slippy surface so could be a few goals. Hopefully county won’t cope with all our attacking options. Wolves 3 County 2.


  22. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    Wolves 4-0 Notts County


  23. Tony E says:

    I can’t see this being an easy game. Notts County are fighting for survival and their new manager seems to have inspired them. Having said that I’m going for Wolves to win 2-1.


  24. japan wolf says:

    Looking forward to being back for a few games in March, hoping for some emphatic wins..

    Wolves 3 – 0 County


  25. Martin says:

    Think there are going to be goals in this. 3-1 win.


  26. AlfWhite says:

    Wolves 3 County 1


  27. Chris in Dublin says:

    Wolves to win 1-0. 3 points in the bag.


  28. JazzWolf says:

    Wolves to win 4-2 I think


  29. US Wolf says:

    They are definitely a different team to the one we faced earlier, but I still think we have sufficient strength to overpower them and increase our goal difference.

    Wolves 4, County 0


  30. BobbaWolf says:

    4-0 victory to the mighty wanderers!


  31. Dave H says:

    2-0 to the Wolves , need to continue where we left off.



  32. Twixfix says:

    I always put Notts C As one of those “difficult to beat/hard to play against” teams. I’ve no idea what the playing conditions will be .. so reluctantly this one will be a 1-1 … (awaits the backlash)


  33. johnok says:

    Iv’e said for some time we’re gonna give some team a bollocking, hoping it will be tomorrow afternoon when we win 5-1.UTW..


  34. GoWolves says:

    Wolves 3 – 0 Notts C.


  35. Ade In England (just for Feb) says:

    I’m going for a 2-0 win, and I’m threatening to actually go to this one…so I hope I don’t jinx it.
    If I prove to be a good luck charm I wonder if Wolves will fly me over business class to attend each home match next season (that would still be cheaper than O’Hara’s wages by far!)?


  36. I’m going with the 4-0 brigade and am optimistic!


  37. timberwolf says:

    Massive, massive banana skin against a Jekyll & Hyde team that already beat us at Molineux. Wolves are NEVER very good after a two week lay-off and Notts County will fear nothing.

    1-1 for me.


  38. Wolf in the Hudd says:

    Wolves 3-0 Juventus A

    Clarke, Dicko and Sako


  39. I can only be positive !
    Wolves 3 Notts County 1


  40. mick the wolf says:

    Time we started putting away our chances 4-1 wolves win


  41. johnhpayne says:

    Wolves 3 Notts County 0

    Hope Clarke will open his account, but Dicko to score first.


  42. bullyisagod says:

    Wolves 1 notts county 1


  43. whitestone wolf says:

    Think they will try to frustrate so hopefully a early goal will help.

    Let’s be positive Wolves 3-0 Notts County


  44. AJ WOLF says:

    Wolves 2 – 0 County for me please


  45. Sheffieldwolf says:

    I’d be happy with a scraped 1-0 win


  46. Wolves 2 – Notts C 1.


  47. robc306 says:

    Hope KJ picks same team as last game. Conditions may be difficult tomorrow.

    Can’t see anything but a home win.

    Wolves 2 Notts C 0


  48. goldcoastkiddywolf says:

    Wolves 2 Notts C 0


  49. Wolves 2:0 Notts Co


  50. Steve Howl says:



  51. Peakwolf says:

    3-1~ ~ to the Wanderers, 3-1 ~~ to the Wanderers……

    It’s late on a Friday.


  52. Sg wolf says:

    Wolves 3-1 notts county


  53. Graham from Horsham says:

    I think a 4-1 win for us today.


  54. Raydewolf says:

    1-1, will the post card ever make NYC ? Not worthy!


  55. Raydewolf says:

    but too many people kiss arse here. Many also I enjoy reading, but I have ceased to comment anymore. Take a note …. If you have nothing new / interesting to say don’t , hold back until you do. That will increase the comments and input back to what it was.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Dear Raydewolf
      Thank you for comment about you having ceased to comment (?!).


    • Clive from Houston says:

      But who is to say what is interesting?
      And how far back do you want to go to “what it was”
      And what what was, exactly?
      Comment on that, meanwhile we keep marching onwards and upwards.
      Roll on next week.


  56. perth wolves says:

    Wolves 3 – Notts County 1. A comfortable win after going 1 down early on…


  57. Sutton wolf says:

    Hopefully after another postponed match we’ll come out roaring and win 3-0


  58. Dalmation Wolf says:

    I’m a pessimist by nature so I fear a sluggish first half and a second half doing catchup. 1-1 is what my brain says but I’m still going to go for a 2-1, and ultimately, comfortable victory.


  59. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 3 County 0


  60. dorsetwolf says:

    Hope the break hasn`t stopped the recent run,

    2-0 to the golden boys.

    COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  61. Number 9 says:

    6-0 wolves. I’m just off to the bookies. Guaranteed


  62. (Formerly Sir) Fred of Paisley says:

    A complete performance today culminating with a 3-1 Wolves win. Clarke to get off the mark!



  63. Wightwolf says:

    It’s a home banker isn’t it? It must be, as we never slip up on games like this, do we?
    2-1 to us.


  64. GeorgeyBoy says:

    Run of results suggests we’ve got this in the bag. 4-0 to the wolves please!


  65. Andrew from Atlanta says:

    Hopefully, we wont play to their level as we normally get sloppy playing teams below us. I’ll say Wolves 1 – County 0


  66. Wolves 2 Notts County 0


  67. trenchmanmick says:

    If we are as good as we think we are, teams like this ought to brushed aside.

    Wolves 3 County 0


  68. Linden says:

    Should be a stroll in the park providing we are not too rusty.

    Wolves 3-0 Notts County


  69. Telford Wolf says:

    I’m sticking to my truted 2-1 victory.

    I would like to suggest more, but we always struggle after a lay off.

    Slightly off topic, have you seen how our friends in the stripes now have an accountant running the show, they are having sh*t resuts? Funny that. Makes me laugh anyway………


  70. sevlow says:

    WOLVES: Ikeme, Ricketts, Batth, Stearman, Golbourne, McDonald, Price, Jacobs, Henry, Sako, Dicko. SUBS: McCarey, Doherty, Elokobi, Ebanks-Landell, Evans, Keita, McAlinden.

    Ikeme back in goal, Henry replaces Clarke who has a heel injury

    Good to see Keita on the bench.



  71. Wolves 2-0 Notts


  72. suffolkWolf1985 says:

    Wolves 3-1 Notts


  73. Ade In China says:

    I was so happy to go and not be a jinx! Chuffed to see the win, get the right result in the prediction league, AND meet our very own Thomas and his dad! Good times!
    A pity not to see Leon Clarke in action, I’d have liked the opportunity to see if he’s actually any good for myself.


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