Tranmere Rovers Vs Wolves Preview

Wolves might have slipped to third after Sunday, but if you offered me the same 48 points over the second half of the season, I would gratefully accept.

Wolves Tranmere

A 90+ tally must be the ultimate aim and if Wolves achieve that, it’s difficult to envisage promotion being anything but a certainty.

Two highly winnable away matches kick us off, starting at Tranmere tomorrow before the televised game at Gillingham on Friday evening.

The reverse fixture at Molineux a month or so back was probably the most comfortable victory of the season. Only two goals were scored but it could have been ten and the visitors rarely troubled our goal.

It’s difficult to believe things will be that straightforward at Prenton Park.


Ronnie Moore’s side have the second worst home record in the league, with just two wins from their ten matches to date. They’ve already been beaten five times on their own patch.

Since losing at Molineux at the end of November, they’ve won two and lost three, most recently finding themselves on the wrong end of a 3-1 defeat at Bramall Lane.

According to the BBC preview, Tranmere are facing a defensive crisis ahead of this match with two of their first choice back four ruled out.

The danger man is definitely veteran striker Ryan Lowe, who has 14 goals to his name already this season. We didn’t see much of him at Molineux as he struggled to make inroads as the lone forward.


There were mixed views on Kenny Jackett’s team selection for Sunday. I agree that we played great football in that first half, but we didn’t get enough bodies into the box and when we did, the chances went begging.

Wolves team for Tranmere

The one major positive for me was Jacobs playing in that central role, tucked in behind the striker. His ability to move at speed with the ball was a real feature of our play. I hope we keep him.

I would definitely play Griffiths from the start. We need goals and he’s the only striker that scores. It’s that simple.

I’m always open to other people’s views and many have stated they thought Cassidy did well in the last two matches. I personally did not. Everyone sees a different game though.

Kenny could rotate any number of other players into the team including: Evans, Davis (where’s he gone?), Doyle, Sigurdarson, McAlinden or Golbourne (if fit). Plenty of options then for the manager to explore.

The odds

Wolves are the favourites for the win at 3/4. Tranmere are 4/1. The draw is 3/1.

You can get odds of 6/1 if you think this will be the game that Jake Cassidy finally breaks his duck for Wolves as the first goalscorer.

All odds can be found here.


10 people correctly opted for the draw against Orient. A trio of those also got the 1-1 scoreline to double up their points tally.

Well done to Predictor, Ash K and GoWolves.

Heart and head says we should win this one so it has to be a Wolves victory. Don’t give anything silly away and we should ease through comfortably.

2-0 to the visitors.

Up The Wolves


  1. Ade In China says:

    I’ll join Thomas in predicting a 2-0 win for Wolves!
    Could we please play Griffiths…why he’s nailed to the bench is a mystery to me!



    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      If he plays 1 up front whoever that is we will lose. Happy New Year hoping I’m wrong 3. 1 to the Mere


      • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

        Everyones assuming Jacketts playing 4 5 1. How about 4 4 2 Griffiths and Cassidy, I now how revolutionary is that wow amazing 2 strikers up front


  2. I would play Davis away from home, but it will be Edwards again. We will miss Price big time.

    1-0 Wolves, Griffo winner


  3. BobbaWolf says:

    3-0 win and Cassidy hat-trick at his old stomping ground!


  4. Griffiths HAS to start.

    I still believe the whole reason we didn’t kill off Orient in the first half on sunday was Cassidy’s poor positioning skills in the box. Time and time again he was just 2 steps away from where he needed to be. He’s a talented lad and I think he could do well as a lone striker in time, but for the Orient game we needed Griffiths. He’s the most naturally talented striker at the club and I don’t have a clue why he’s warming the bench.

    Jacobs was a revelation in behind the striker and seemed to fade when moved back onto the wing. For me, he stays in that little hole for the considerable future. My man of the match against orient.

    I’ll plump for a 2-0 win.

    Up the wolves.


  5. sevlow says:

    Definite win for the Wolves – 3-1

    I expect Cassidy to start and don’t see much change from the team that started on Sunday, except a replacement for Price, possibly Evans.



  6. Should win… but we are wolves, so anything is possible…
    Hoping for a strong start to the new year: Tranmere 1 – Wolves 3
    Happy New Year and wishing everyone a great 2014


  7. Erick1011 says:

    I think it’s time for a big win. 5-0 to Wolves!


  8. John De Wolf says:

    I’d like to see Evans come in for Price and Griffiths/Doyle/Sigg/Macalinden start instead of Cassidy who isn’t scoring. Just look at the stats! We are struggling to kill teams off and it’s because we don’t score enough. This need to be addressed quickly. We need to win as despite being joint second we have slipped on recent weeks and other teams have caught up.


  9. Chris in Dublin says:

    We should win this, but we should have won against the Os too. A complacency-fueled 2-1 defeat for me.

    Hope I’m wrong. Happy New Year to all.


  10. Yorkshire Wolf says:

    I’m confident we’ll go up, We have a decent squad that’s undoubtedly the best in this division. That said I do worry about us killing games off and taking our chances, Leyton Orient should feel fortunate to have taken a point off us on Sunday.

    I really want to predict a Wolves win and I’m going to, But I don’t think it’ll be easy and I’m sure we won’t keep a clean sheet. Tranmere are poor at home and I’m going for a high scoring encounter here.

    Tranmere 2 – 3 Wolves, For the love of god please start Leigh Griffiths, Judging by other posts on this blog It seems I’m not the only Wolves fan baffled by his omission from the starting 11.


  11. 2-1 to WWFC. M&M fly out for a winter break (back in Feb).


  12. Tony E says:

    Wolves to win 1-0. We’ve got two games in two days now so that could mean some squad rotation. It’s anyone’s guess what team will start tomorrow.


  13. Never have two away games appeared so winnable, which makes me worried. Tranmere 1-3 Wolves


  14. MrAussieWolf says:

    Wolves 3-0 Tranmere
    Happy New Year everyone 🙂


  15. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    Big mention for Ebanks-Landell’s (in my opinion) man of the match performance against Orient (he’s here, he’s there, he’s ****ing everywhere!).

    As for tomorrow. Must win.

    Tranmere 0-2 Wolves


  16. Stourbridge Wolf says:

    Happy memories of Tranmere when we got in for free as so many wolves fans turned up they just opened the gates (standing behind the goal).

    The score that day 1:1, the scoters Bully and Aldo (who else!).

    Remember the toilet facilities were so poor everyone was just p*ssing at the top of the stand. Spent the second half stood in a foot of yellow(ish) steam! Happy days!

    As for tomorrow I reckon a one nil win!


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Who’s going to be the scoter tomorrow SW?
      Sorry about that.
      I make so many errors myself, it’s comforting to see someone else do it!


  17. johnok says:

    Can’t see any other result but a win ,so I’m going for 2-0,hoping he plays his strongest side
    because its three points needed to get us back on top hoping results go our way.

    Lets hope morgan gives KJ the funds to get the required players in to make that final push for promotion… UTW.


  18. Happy New Year to you all.

    Whoever Kenny picks tomorrow the team will be too strong for the opposition.
    Always optimistic and therefore Wolves 3 Tranmere 1.


  19. Mark Davies says:

    Can`t see anything else but a victory here, and particularly as I`ve got a ticket, I`m hoping for at least three goals and a comfortable victory. So its 3-1 for me, and Cassidy to get one of them. Happy days.


  20. Steve Howl says:

    Very hopeful for a big win. Tranmere 0 Wolves 3. A Cassidy hat-trick would be great, though to be honest I hope he isn’t playing, from the start at least.


  21. Dave H says:

    If we play like the first 45 min against the Orient we will slaughter them; not sure what KJ’s team selection will be so will opt for a 2-0 win to The Wolves.

    Happy New Year everyone


  22. GoWolves says:

    Hey,who knows, the Tranmere coach may decide to leave their top scorer Lowe on the bench and play an unproven player who hasn’t scored a single goal in 23 matches alone up front in a crucial game! It’s a worrying possibility!

    Hoping KJ does not possess the same streak of stubbornness as MM, and that he is way too clever than to try a failed experiment twice:

    Preston 0-3 Wolves

    Go Wolves!


  23. vicsmith says:

    Maybe part of the predictions shuld be which formation KJ will choose as well as scores 🙂
    Let’s go for a solid 2-0 win for Wolves.


  24. Steve showcase says:

    Really should be 2 or 3 to us with a few misses… 0-2 to Wolves..we need this big time..


  25. US Wolf says:

    Time for a big win.
    Tranmere 1 wolves 4

    Come on me Babbies.


  26. JazzWolf says:

    Frankly nothing would surprise me, but it’s difficult to justify forecasting anything except a win. Will this be the day those near misses go the right side of the post for a change? Assuming it is then I’ll go for Tranmere 1 Wolves 4. But hey! never mind the prediction league, I’d settle for three points by any margin.


  27. japan wolf says:

    Back to winning ways. Happy New Year!

    Tranmere 0 – Wolves 1


  28. Predictor says:


    Tranmere 1 – Wolves 1


  29. theDOOGooder says:

    If Kuddly Ken is going to start Cassidy in any game this season, it should really be this one.
    But please God he doesn’t.

    It’s got to be Griffiths….. Hasn’t it?

    3-1 to The men in old gold.

    And a hearty Happy New Year to all contributors and followers of the most entertaining blog I have had the pleasure to be part of.


  30. ferris says:

    Tranmere 0 wolves 4 start the year off with a bang. Edwards Griffiths (2) Henry


  31. timberwolf says:

    2-2. Think we’ve found our level, which is scratching-out a playoff place amongst heavyweights like Rotherham and Swindon.


  32. Telford Wolf says:

    In the absence of Clive I feel like predicting a 5 – 1, but then you’ll think I’ve been on the New Year sherry early.

    Boringly predictable, I’m going for my normal 2 – 1 to us!!


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Whaddya mean, absence of moi?
      I’ve been mixing, and partaking of, the margaritas for tonight, and I got started at 4.30 this evening!
      Mrs ClivefromHouston and I wiil probably collapse into bed around 9, only to be woken as usual by the neighbor’s fireworks. Still, its only tonight…and the next few nights until the idiots have run out of money!
      Tranmere 1 Us 5, and this time I know I’m gonna be right!
      A very Merry New Year to all of y’all, friend and foe alike.


      • Telford Wolf says:

        Sorry Clive for insulting you in your absence.

        However, are you going saft?

        Quote: “Merry New Year to,….. friend and foe alike”

        Surely not including our friends in stripes in that?


  33. johnhpayne says:

    Wolves 4 Tranmere 0, even if Cassidy plays, others can score the goals.


  34. goldcoastkiddywolf says:

    Great that Henry switches over to a permanent signing, fingers crossed Jacobs ends up the same. I’ve been wondering with Sako’s lack of form prior to the last match and our lack of goals, wouldn’t it be worth chucking him in as a centre forward and seeing if it sparks him in to life?
    Tranmere 0 Wolves 1 ( Sako )


  35. Ledbury Lupus says:

    Surely an opportunity to make up for the points dropped on Sunday and also a chance to address our weaker goal difference. Taking the frequency of games over Christmas and KJ’s unfathomable squad selection into consideration, I won’t be surprised who might start tomorrow. However third place is not good enough for a team with our resources so it’s time to live up to expectations and start winning a few games easily and confidently.
    Tranmere 1 Wolves 3


  36. Twixfix says:

    I’m expecting Tranmere to be putting up some stubborn resistance tomorrow. I think that Cassidy will start and score! He’ll be desperate to put one away. Comfortable win 1-3 to Wolves. Happy New year all…


  37. whitestone wolf says:

    I predicted a defeat on Sunday and when I heard the team news I was convinced we would lose but I thought they played well with no one in the box to put the chances away so Griffith’s must start tomorrow .

    In the hope we have a goalscorer on the pitch, I’m going for Tranmere 0-2 Wolves


  38. colin says:

    ….minutes into the window and apparently Celtic have bid for Griffo,we are after Nakhi Wells and Doyles headsgone ! Happy new year.


  39. Sheffieldwolf says:

    Wolves 3-0. I can’t see tranmere improving after last week


  40. Tranmere 1-2 wolves


  41. Sg wolf says:

    Them 0 us 3! 🙂 happy new year!


  42. Wolves4ever says:

    Wolves 1 tranmere 0


  43. johnhpayne says:

    So, now we know, Griffiths scoring abilty is wanted elsewhere if not by Mr Jackett. It’s been apparent for a few weeks that there’s been something wrong there. If Celtic want him enough I expect Wolves will take the money, but I doubt whether we can persuade Nakhi Wells to come, or whether we would outbid Championship teams. This is why KJ has been hoping to promote Cassidy’s talents.
    The transfer window is a worrying time and I fear for the eventual squad if we lose Sako and perhaps Doyle too.
    Let’s win the next two comfortably meanwhile anyway; hoping that all this unrest won’t bring us down to our Mk Dons performance.


  44. CroatianWolf says:

    Cmon wolves! 🙂


  45. timberwolf says:

    Orson Welles maybe, Nakhi Wells I doubt it.

    Not five minutes into the transfer window and our leading scorer is being linked with a move away from the club. Might explain why KJ has been bigging-up Cassidy so much as it looks like he’ll be leading the line for Wolves for the rest of the season. Just the kind of unsettling news we don’t need.

    Can I change my prediction?

    Them 2 Us 1.


  46. Martin says:

    Don’t think King Kenny will change the formation after Saturday’s performance, so will probably stick with Cassidy against his old side.
    Looks like Griffiths may be off to Celtic and will be bringing in a big striker to replace him.
    What i’m excited by is that we now have 4 youth players excelling in the first team: Doherty, Ebanks-Landell, Baath and Price. And KJ’s only been here 6 months. This has allowed us to address the financial loss of our double dip depression while still building a useful team for the future.
    Meanwhile, Bolton who are still in the Championship, announce debts of £163m.
    I trust in what KJ is doing. The club’s going in the right direction for me.
    Oh yeah, i nearly forgot, Cassidy to score in a 1-2 win.


  47. Sutton wolf says:

    Hope we play with 2 strikers today and I’ll go for a 3-0 win come on u wolves


  48. Dalmation Wolf says:

    Would love to see Cassidy get a brace. 0-4 for me today. Feeling positive for a change.


  49. Border Wolf says:

    I think he has to start Griffiths as we really need to start finishing these teams off! I would go with 4-4-2 & try for a decent up front strike partnership

    Mr Border Wolf says it’ll be a 3 goal victory to us but I’m not so sure as we don’t get the ball in the damn net enough for my liking. So I’ll go:-

    Tranmere 0 – Wolves 2

    Happy New Year to all fellow bloggers & let’s finish on top.



  50. Tranmere 0:2 Wolves. Happy New year everyone.


  51. Peakwolf says:

    If we could play like we did for the first half and more on Sunday AND put the chances away, we’d be nailed on Champs. Big ‘if’ there though. Injury to Price, team rotation because of the seasonal pile-up of fixtures and the normal tinkering suggest that the team won’t be the same. Sako’s had a good day, so may not repeat it – unless he’s playing for his transfer. And if Cassidy is ever going to get off the mark, this should be the one. He put himself about well on Sunday, but failed in his main role, despite two gilt-edged chances. Conditions could be pretty foul too. I’m rambling and getting no closer to certainty!! Once again, got to win. Tranmere 1 Wolves 3.


  52. AlfWhite says:

    Tranmere 2 Wolves 4
    Transfer window….can someone remind Pieman we need players coming in as well as going out.


  53. Bagsy says:

    2-0 to Wolves. Happy New Year to all on the blog.


  54. robc306 says:

    Got a feeling we’ll be Top of League tonight.

    Tranmere 0 Wolves 2

    Also forecast that both Griffiths &Doyle will leave with two new strikers coming in. That’s K Phillips + one other.

    Happy New Year.


  55. Brizzie says:

    Just to wish all fellow Wolves fans a Happy New Year.


  56. Wightwolf says:

    There had to be reasons why Griffiths wasn’t playing and now we all know some of it. Life goes on and so will we. A 3-1 win for us.


  57. Steppenwolfe says:

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year and hoping that at this time next year we will have hopes of promotion from the Championshipn to the Prem.
    Trannies 0 Wolves 2


  58. Steve L Biles says:

    Tranmere 0 Wolves 1



  59. trenchmanmick says:

    Play the same as the other day and we should win by a couple of goals,but will they ?
    Tranmere 1 Wolves 3


  60. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 2 Tranmere 0


  61. sevlow says:

    Ikeme, Ebanks-Landell, Batth, Stearman, Ricketts, Jacobs, McDonald, Edwards, Sako, Griffiths, Cassidy.  SUBS: Hennessey, Elokobi, Golbourne, Evans, Davis, Sigurdarson, Doyle.


  62. GeorgeyBoy says:

    Not feeling particularly confident about this one gotta be honest. 1-0 to Tranmere


  63. robertsbridgewolf says:

    Good team , come on you wolves !!

    Tranmere 0 Wolves 3


  64. Telford Wolf says:

    Orient match postponed then – all good news!!!


  65. Steve L Biles says:

    Tranmere 1 Wolves 1



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