Wolves 1 Leyton Orient 1

If you create 90% of the chances but score just 50% of the goals, it’s obvious where the game got away.

Wolves Leyton Orient

The numbers don’t lie. Wolves registered three times as many shots, forced six more corners and enjoyed the majority share of possession.

Yet after an hour of almost total domination, the league leaders were still only trailing by Ethan Ebanks-Landell’s superb early goal.

Cue a quickly taken free kick, a fabulous ball across goal and a player actually attacking the back post for a tap-in.

The high-flying visitors, with the only real chance they created all afternoon, ceasing the initiative with the sort of ruthless finishing their opponents simply couldn’t muster.

Kevin McDonald was perhaps most wasteful, cantering clean through on goal but seeing a tame effort palmed away with an absence of gold shirts hanging around for the loose ball.

Jake Cassidy and the lively Michael Jacobs were equally wasteful as Wolves pummeled away to no avail.

Leigh Griffiths, again on a watching brief, wasn’t introduced to the game until after the O’s had taken the wind from the sails. He was ineffective but surrounded by tired legs, starved of any service.

If Kenny Jackett believes Cassidy’s graft and hold up play are adequate enough reasons to keep our top scorer on the sidelines, I respectfully disagree.

But whichever side you fall on that particular argument it’s clear what should be at the very top of the manger’s January shopping list.

Because today, like too many performance of late, could only be described as one thing – a missed opportunity.


  1. BobbaWolf says:

    Griffiths used to play up front on his own for Hibs. He has to start the next game. It’s absolutely baffling that he isn’t playing him.

    KJ getting a lot right, but his stubbornness to stick with Cassidy is just plain odd.


    • paul featherstone says:

      WHY is Jackett playing 1 up front, and for all you lot slagging Cassidy off, he up there on his own even the best of stikers need somone to play off. The packed midfield were not supporting him. No matter who you stick up front if there up there on there own and the midfield’s not supporting them we are going to struggle. Its been proven time and time again using 1 striker up front and we struggle, we not away looking snatch a win on the counter attack we are at home we should be playing with no fear Its as if Jackett is to scarred to lose espeacilly at home.
      reminds me of the McCarthy, Deano era wher confustion and error rains among the players as the what there being asked to do.


      • Jez Woodley says:

        Paul I can’t agree – Jacket’s 5 in midfield + lone striker yielded the best performance I have seen in a long time – it all went to pot when he reverted to 4:4:2 after the the Orient equaliser, when he tried to make the most of Griffiths’s ability to mess up tired defenders. The first 60 mins saw some great quick passing football, the only thing missing was someone to get on the end on the numerous chances created. We were not struggling. I also disagree that the midfield were not supporting Cassidy, yes they were , with Jakobs, McDonald, Ebanks Lendal especially, bombing forwards in support. I like Cassidy, he looks the part, and I’m sure he will come good, but unfortunately at the moment he plays like a man with no conviction. The lack of self belief is obvious in his body language. Which gives Jacket a problem, does he persevere, in the hope that it will turn for Cassidy, or does he take him out of the firing line? Which will be the most beneficial for all concerned, but especially Cassidy? I would stick with him for now, but I do think that we have to acknowledge that someone else up front probably would have made a difference on Sunday …


        • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

          One game doesn’t make a season how many goals scored in that 60 minutes 1


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Perhaps Jackett wants to play a striker with aerial abilities which can convert high crosses? It’s good for Cassidys development. Most of us rate Griff higher than Cassidy though. Judging from the commentators of the game we played real fast flowing football – again. If we’re playing better football in 4-5-1 so be it. Stick with it. Doyle doesn’t score a lot of goals anyway. Switch Jacobs to left and Sako in the middle and we’ll score goals 🙂 Cheers


      • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

        It’s no good playing better football if we are drawing or losing if Jackett thinks 4 5 1 is the way forward then he needs to tell the midfield players to shift there arses and support the lone striker who ever that may be. But to me it’s a negative system because the lone striker is always going to be waiting for support to arrive and put a defender on him even the best strikers struggle to lose there marker. With a lone striker when ever they get the ball they have there back to goal they have to hold it up and wait for support.


  2. Hamlet says:

    There is a difference between today and previous results – we played very very well, pressed Orient hard and they barely had a sniff in the first half but the second goal just wouldn’t come! Very very frustrating, two points lost definitely even though a draw isn’t disastrous!

    I say next game only replace Cassidy for Griffiths and then see if we can’t score more goals with our top scorer!


    • paul featherstone says:

      The problem is whoever you put up front if they are on there own they are going to struggle playing 4. 5. 1 is a defencive formation its not geared to scoring goals. Griffiths, Doyle or Siggi it makes no difference theyve all played up front on there own and struggled to make an impact so why is jackett flogging a dead horse one word in fact three FEAR OF LOSING.


      • Hamlet says:

        Trust me, with the way we played yesterday there was no fear of losing at all! We were breathing down their necks before they equalised! personally I’d look towards getting someone better than Edwards!


  3. Wight wolf says:

    I didn’t get to the match today but followed it on the net. It was driving me mad not to be able to see why we couldn’t deliver the killer goal. I assume Griffiths has left his heart in Edinburgh and that is why he is warming the bench and from the lack of the mentions of Sako’s name he isn’t the force he used to be? Anyway all very disappointing and just to make things even worse that was leg 5 of a successful 5 leg acca down the toilet.
    New striker in the January sales please.


    • Sako was brilliant on Sunday, we lost the points because of Jackets striker selection. I put more into the game than Cassidy, and I was sat in the BW upper. People on here are saying that a lone striker as no chance, well Cassidy had plenty of chances but could not hit the target, 1 chance he had a gaping goal, all he had to do was hit the target from within the 6yd box. The lad may make a striker in 5 years time, but he certainly isn’t a striker now. He would struggle to make a Sunday League Team. The rest of the team were good to watch until Edwards replaced Price then it all went pair shaped. We don’t need to buy a striker in January, we just need to play the SPLs Golden Boot Winner of last season and Wolves top scorer.


      • Wightwolf says:

        Thanks for allaying my fears about Sako. Still can’t help feeling there has got to be a good reason why Griffiths is warming the bench. A couple of years back I thought it would have been a good idea if MM had bought Kev Phillips, if for no other reason that to stop him scoring goals against us, now I think he might well be a good addition to the squad as a mentor to the young strikers.


  4. After watching the game today,I was impressed by our passing and build up play but the end result was missing. Other days it goes in. We’ll be in the mix at the end of season. Progress is happening,as always not to the liking of everyone.


  5. coriolanus says:

    Disappointing imo, what concerns me is that KJ and Griffiths may have had a falling out? If that is the case then surely it is best to sell him on and we can hopefully get other strikers in or amI being naive?


  6. Shready says:

    I think Griffiths has had a fall out with Jacket, something definitely ain’t right there. As for the game best they have played in the first half all season, but just get that killer second goal, and for that I blame team selection.
    Auto promotion ain’t guaranteed this season, and that worries me, because as we all know, Morgan will not spend, because the wage bill still needs reducing.
    We are short of two quality players, a striker and attacking mid fielder to get us promotion. Lets hope in January Morgan does give Kenny the money to get these players, but I won’t be holding my breath…


  7. US Wolf says:

    Shocking choice to play Cassidy in place of Griffiths. Don’t need to pull out the stat sheet.
    And Doyler?
    Once again we spur a golden opportunity. Now we sit 3rd I think.
    I like Jackett, but am surprised at some recent team selections.
    We have had a poor return from the Christmas home games.
    Morgan it’s time to get your wallet out and hit the January sales.


  8. timberwolf says:

    We shouldn’t be surprised with the result when the manager persists with a striker who isn’t good enough for the Nationwide. More and more Cassidy reminds me of Keogh – it’s not his fault the manager keeps picking him, but he doesn’t help himself by missing at least one guilt-edged scoring opportunity every game.

    It’s now 0 goals in 24 games for Cassidy. That’s shocking. By comparison McAlinden is 1 in 5 games and he actually looks like scoring. Ebanks-Landell has scored 2 in 7 games FFS!

    This isn’t rocket-science, we need a striker! How many more points will Jackett lose by persisting with this no-hoper?

    BTW Keogh scored 23 goals in 128 appearances, positively Gerd Muller-like compared to Cassidy.


  9. London wolves loyal says:

    Well I must be on my own , I thought Cassidy had a good game , although I would have played griffiths from the off as I think he would have scored a couple of the first half chances , but to to make him a scapegoat is unfair . He played well . I thought we were fantastic first half and orient could not get near us . They know and we know we are the best team in this league , we should have won but we did nt . Jacobs missed chances , Sako missed chances , Cassidy missed chances as did McDonald , but come on was that not the best passing football we ve seen under k j ? Fabulous stuff . I thought things started to deteriate when jack price went off and Edwards came on . What gems we have in Henry , Jacobs , price , and even Sako today gave us his all . 2 points lost maybe but a great performance in front of 28000 . Well done wolves


  10. Brizzie says:

    OMG it seems only a couple of weeks ago that I foolishly felt we had built an acceptable safety net in terms of points between our automatic promotion position and third place. Suddenly it is now us who are in third position! The rest of the season was never going to be easy but to fritter away our advantage so simply is disheartening, frustrating and annoying.

    I become increasingly confused over KJ’s team selection and tactics. His blind faith in Cassidy etc – to be honest I can’t carry on with putting my frustrations down in this blog as it’s spoiling my evening

    I continue to have no faith or confidence in the ownership or running of our once great and respected club.

    Happy new year to all us long- suffering fans.


  11. I have too agree i think there must be a problem between Jackett and Griffo. Just dont get Cassidy’s sudden promotion to lone striker when no one in the club has scored less goals. Three weeks ago we were 8 points clear of 3rd place now we are… in 3rd place.


  12. I thought it was an excellent performance from Wolves and 28,000 plus fans, not a saleable seat left, was fantastic for league1.

    Cassidy did’nt play badly, but we lack the stiker who can get in the box & put those enticing crosses in the back of the net.

    The 2nd half one was amazing in front of the South Bank, there were at least a couple who could’ve put the ball in the net but the chance was spurned.

    McDonald, Price, and Jacobs were very good indeed, with McDonald the pick, he shields & holds onto the ball so well. He missed a golden opportunity to seal the points for us when he should’ve scored, and made a few bad passes in the 2nd half, but for me this guy is our key to success this season. He’s so easy in possession.

    Also special mention for Ebanks-Landell, what a sweet right foot he has got! Finely struck goal,he gets forward well, he nearly scored again in the 2nd half, just firing over the bar.

    Make no mistake we were the better side by more than a country mile, keener on the ball, more slick in possession, but we just do not have the killer instinct to put the game way.

    It always happens when you don’t take your chances & don’t capitalise on greater possession, the opposition equalize.

    But I’m optimistic after that performance, the midfield are clicking, we just need much more composure to score the 2nd & 3rd goals to kill the other team off.


  13. Hedge End Wolfie says:

    Leigh Griffiths- loads of goals last year in a really Mickey mouse league? I would question The old firms capability in the Championship, the rest not even league 1. Andy Thompson on the radio today could not believe the profligacy in front of goal. Oh for a Bully or even someone half as good.


  14. Twixfix says:

    Cracking game and deserving of more than 1 point BUT if we can’t put teams to the sword when we take a lead then we will struggle to stay the course. Like at Rotherham last week and today we failed to kill teams off with that vital 2nd goal.I was disappointed that Griffiths didnt start but IMO Cassidy did ok apart from his follow up miss. But Thomas you’re absolutely right the stats reflect a get dominant Wolves performance. But .. Only 1 point for our labours. We def need to add to the squad up front .. Hope Morgan doesn’t waste the opportunity to do so.


  15. wwwebs says:

    We only have one goal-scoring striker at the club. To switch to a 4-5-1 formation at this point is understandable. To not play Griffiths is baffling. My guess is that LG has a bad attitude and KJ thinks he’s teaching him a lesson. It’s like having Mick back. We could be top tonight but we’re third. Congratulations Kenny. That’ll teach him!


  16. The optimist strikes back.
    Half way through the season we are one point from top place and goal difference from second place. Apparently our performance today showed we can outplay the stiffest competition and win but for the lack of finishing. Final verdicts on the team and the management are reserved for the end of the season.
    I continue to hold the positive position. Support your team. Live the dream.


  17. long beach wolves says:

    is anyone else alarmed that we have not won a game against anyone in the top 6


  18. Fatjack says:

    Time to make a bid for Jay Emmanuel-Thomas.


  19. Danny Velinski says:

    It was the proverbial game of two halves. In the first half we played the beautiful game passing and moving attacking Orient with pace and purpose. Chances were created chances were squandered but it was a pleasure to watch, playing 5 midfielders gave Jacobs MacDonald and Sako more opportunities to create and attack with Price hoovering up in front of the back four. Landell was given licence to roam up the right more like a wing back than a full back. Orient looked ordinary.
    In the second half Edwards replaced Price. Dozy defending of a quickly taken free kick meant Orient drew level. Heads dropped and we abandoned the passing game for hit and hope. In the long term there may be benefits to keeping Doyle and Griffiths warming the bench while Cassidy works at improving his self confidence but in the short term it seems perverse. I thought Cassidy looked tired after nearly two games as the lone striker. Even his attempt at the hand of God was rather limp and of course missed the goal. This was 2 points lost. January will be an interesting month, who stays who goes, who comes in. I hope we continue to play how we played in the first half whoever KJ picks.


    • Dave H says:

      Totally agree , first half we had Price who with Mcdonald bossed the show; second half, no Price, replaced by Edwards (who would have got my starting vote before kick off ) who was anonymous all the rhythm and fluidity lost .
      Totally gutted, we battered them for 45 minutes, what a show and what an atmosphere and what a lack of finishing – should have been a least 3-0 up at half time.
      We need a another striker and possibly a midfielder now Price is out for three weeks,



  20. johnok says:

    KJ got it wrong for me today by not playing our strongest side,and even with a depleted strike force if you can call it that,we should have won by a country mile, thats if our players had taken their chances when it was easier to score than miss the target ,that brings me to Cassidy he should have wrapped it up in the fist half but he didn’t and after that miss it affected his game imo,but KJ couldn’t see it,and I would have fetched him off at half time and put our TOP scorer on to do the business.somethings a bit strange to me,,Another strange thing was when KJ put Doyler on who never warmed up prior to coming on,so imo itsKJ’s bollock we didn’t win this game today…Iwould sell Doyler and get a big f##k off striker + a pacey midfielder.I thought sako had a great game today.my motm.UTW.Morgan get spending.


  21. Sheffieldwolf says:

    I wouldn’t mind a bet on the fact that moxey has already sorted a deal for griffiths and jackett is just protecting the investment. Can be only reason to leave out the top scorer for biggest game so far having rested him last game.

    I doubt we will be seeing much more of sako either


  22. A first half display that had us purring but once again we were unable to build a comfortable lead. If we play like that for the rest of the season then we’ll go up, bit that’s easier said than done. And someone tell KJ Cassidy’s not good enough.


  23. Ledbury Lupus says:

    Kenny waiting for Cassidy to come good reminds me of Mick’ s stubborn faith in Wardy; unfortunately we cannot afford to wait, we need to be playing with an in form striker or it’s likely to be the playoffs at best. Surely there were two objectives for Wolves this Christmas, to improve our goal difference significantly by beating Crewe by some margin and to swap places with Orient; due in my opinion to poor team selection KJ has failed on both fronts and now faces the next game without any strikers being in form or full of confidence.
    This afternoon was so frustrating but also so like Wolves to come up short when it really matters. I would love to go to Wembley with Wolves and gamble on a playoff final success but not with the current strike force as I’m sure it would lead to disappointment.


  24. Enjoyed reading the varied comments including all the positivity. I like 4-5-1 but the 1 has got to be good. Playing well and not winning is comfort but small comfort what tends to follow is that you dont play so well and you lose. Even the capacity gate of 28,500 irritates wasnt that the capacity before we built a new stand. Morgan said he wanted to leave a legacy then i guess that must be the restaurant at the back.


  25. thehistorymakers says:

    we outplayed the team that has been on top or near it all year.

    We had to rebuild from the bottom.We were shot away before Kenny came.2 years of awful football and decision makings.

    The players Kenny have brought in for very little money are often MOM.Hes using young players.

    Kenny knows who are going in January and he knows who is coming in.

    You are doing great Kenny .48 points in the first half of the season.Now lets show them what wearing the old gold means.




  26. Think that shows that Edwards should be no where near our team, ever. Appalling footballer.

    We should have been out of sight by half time, had we started with Griffiths it may have been a different story. Cassidy played quite well, but offers no goal threat. I feel for him, his lack of confidence in front of goal is very sad and you can see how desperate he is.

    Jacobs behind the forward is the way forward IMO. And how good was Sako? Whoever he faced one v one he tore apart, and two passes he did we’re sensational.


  27. Ade In China says:

    I would have played any of our strikers before Cassidy, even the young lad Eusebio. Why he started a striker who has only scored sparingly against the League leaders in a game where we had to put down a marker only Kenny can know.
    In the first half we were having a lot of shots, so what if our best finisher were there to convert them.
    This really was 2 points lost in my opinion.
    That said, 3rd in the league and 1 point behind the leaders by the half-way point of the season is OK, but I can’t help but think we could have been doing a bit better were it not for some odd choices from the manager.


  28. GoWolves says:

    What scares me more than the team selection or the wasted opportunities, is Kenny Jackett’s post-match interview where he categorically emphasised his belief in Cassidy and his team selection. To get it wrong and in hind-sight admit it and vow to fix it is one thing. But to insist you were right when the stats and (most) everyone else say different is worrying. Hopefully he will have a change of mind when he reviews the game in private.

    Look, a point off the top is a great position to be and we still have it all to play for and win this league. But we need to stop complicating things. I honestly believe the way we played today that had Griffo and Doyle started in a 4-4-2 we would have won. Comfortably. Why complicate it? Cassidy is not the striker he was touted to be. I don’t believe this “he just needs a goal” nonsense. That’s what everyone said about Proudlock, Branch, Keogh, … if they are *good* strikers then by definition they will score goals – REGULARLY! Cassidy has had plenty of chances now. And so has Doyle. In my view, get a striker to partner Griffiths come January who can score regularly in this division and job done.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to all. Like I said, although disappointing not to win today, a point off top is not a bad place to be in and I have no doubt we’ll be top again soon.



    • Martin says:

      “I honestly believe the way we played today that had Griffo and Doyle started in a 4-4-2 we would have won.”
      That’s the whole point GoWolves.When we played 4-4-2, we didn’t play like that(and we were not scoring many goals either). All the talk then was about how our midfield was weak and needed strengthening.
      KJ saw the problem and yesterday’s performance suggests he’s on the way to sorting it. The problem is,numerically, you CAN’T have that system and two up front.
      We played great but didn’t take our chances. Another day we would have scored 2 or 3 and everyone would be applauding the team selection.
      And i can see why Griffiths doesn’t start in this formation, certainly not as the 1. He’s way too small and wouldn’t provide the outlet and would never win the high balls. Why Cassidy though ahead of Doyle or McAlinden, i don’t necessarily understand.


      • GoWolves says:

        Respectfully, Martin, I see it differently (and this is the great thing about this blog, after all, that fans can offer different perspectives).

        In my view, there are many reasons why the team has not performed well in the past, both at 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 by the way, such as picking odd selections, or some of the players not being bothered to play. Be honest, does Sako always play as well as he did today? 🙂

        I do admit, however, that I was in fact one of those who pointed out that our midfield needed strengthening (you may go back to some of the early blogs from when the season had just started in fact to find evidence of this). But stuffing the midfield with 5 and leaving a lone striker up front to hope for the best is not the only (or best) way to try to solve this in my view (especially if you want to win). It is only a way to compensate for quality in my view, as McCarthy did many times in the Prem. I think another way is to have players who are strong enough that their quality prevails. We still, in my view, need an Alex Rae type of midfielder who fights and scraps and scores. Our midfield, in my view, is not chipping in enough goals (heck there were 5 of them on the field today and none of them found the net!).

        I also don’t buy the argument that on another day we would have scored 2 or 3. The fact is, unfortunately, that we haven’t scored 3 for many games even against opposition we should have done so very easily. The lack of goals today wasn’t a one-off, was it, but a pattern we have seen for a few games now, so I don’t put it down to luck.

        Look, there is not much wrong here, and we are in a great position to be half way through the season, to be a point off top. At the beginning of the season I would have settled for this position in a heartbeat! I am just saying that playing Cassidy alone up front was not in my opinion the right tactic today (or last week, …), and I hope KJ will reconsider his forward formation and choice of striker. We’ll see 🙂

        Happy New Year, and here’s to starting off 2014 in winning style.


        • Martin says:

          Debate is what this blog is all about GoWolves and i certainly appreciate and respect your (very polite!) riposte.
          I admit i didn’t see the game, but the reports suggest that we outplayed a team with an 8-3-1 away record and over 2 goals a game. And i do think that on another day we would have secured the win.
          I agree, KJ was compensating for lack of quality. What else can he do until the window opens and he can improve it?
          I desperately want to see Griffiths in a dominant side with an effective (goal scoring) partner up front. Hopefully that will be addressed in January.
          In the meantime, KJ put out a team that should have won, Orient were lucky to get a point and we are still right in the mix.
          Nice debating with you and a happy New Year.


      • 4231 is certainly the way forward, we need a forward who can play it though. Cassidy battled away and gave orient defenders a tough time but equally didn’t look like scoring. Maybe Siggy?

        Jacobs was excellent behind the forward offering a link between midfield and attack. It went t pieces because Edwards came on, Price was doing an excellent job in midfield.


        • Martin says:

          I think Siggy’s got the lot really; physique, pace, power and skill. But he just doesn’t influence the game. He hardly ever wins a ball in the air. I’ve given up on him.
          And why did Price come off? Not another migraine?


          • This is very much the problem really, he doesn’t boss defenders or run at them nearly enough like he could do.

            Price was down injured from a heavy tackle about 5 minutes before half time, think it was that. He is a cracking player, all about technique and awareness. Gives me faith that we have produced a player like him, has to be given time to develop.


          • Steppenwolfe says:

            I’m a bit of a fan of the Sig too although he hasn’t played well enough to warrant his inclusion. He HAS got the lot apart from a bit of confidence. I don’t think it helps by not having him in the squad one week, first choice next and then out of the squad again. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him leave. KJ talks about having players who can run in behind the defence and Sig can do this IF we have midfielders who play this sort of ball. From the little I’ve seen he isn’t getting this sort of service and that’s somehting to sort on the training field. Against better teams who will pressure us he will be a great outlet – you daren’t press too high against that sort of pace.

            Sig aside, not sure why Cassidy is getting such a prolonged run out. Friffiths has scored twice as many as anyone else we have, (not sure how many Cassidy has scored), so why on earth is he on the bench so often??

            Felt Saturday was 2 points dropped while Orient probably look at it as a point gained.


  29. Steve showcase says:

    We played well without our main front man and if we had of played Griffith’s from the start then I feel we would be top of the league again..however,with the pack behinds us (or with us) the scenario of ‘play off place’ could be our worst nightmare as we can all imagine..
    Dropping points (and loosing at home to MK dons) could potentially put us in peril ….the pressure could now be on…….

    Our support today must inspire KJ..
    -for his reference we are capable to take 10000 away too….!


  30. Hertford says:

    We know that Cassidy CAN score goals at this level. Griffiths is proving so as well. Doyle is an international and I suspect Siggy is Championship quality at the very least. Doubtless all four will appear prolific by comparison if we move them on, as have others. Sadly, the problems are more deep rooted than our misfiring in front of goal. I foresee many years out in the wilderness again regardless of who we blame.


  31. First game I’ve actually been to in ages and was mightily impressed on the whole with the first half. McDonald was a different class in the middle of the park, with Price an excellent partner. Some nice passing moves by Jacobs and Henry, and even Sako looked up for it.

    No doubt where our weakness was though. I never felt Cassidy provided a genuine threat and our build up play broke down all to easily at the business end of the pitch.

    Quite what happened in the second half, I don’t know. It was long balls that meant Cassidy was isolated and McDonald’s influence on the game went up in a puff of smoke.

    From that first half I’d definitely say we’ve got the team to go up, but I don’t have too much confidence if Kenny continues to play Cassidy as a lone striker.

    I even heard someone on the way out talking of rumours that Leon Clarke could be on his way back. Not sure where they’ve come from.

    And on a different note…I swear I saw Kevin Nolan near Asda as I came away. I’m not even kidding (all I’m not suggesting he was there to put his name to a contract).


  32. On the bench was a youngster with a big reputation for scoring called Bancessi.
    I think that Brendan Rodgers would have brought him on.
    I think he is more likely to score than our other strikers.
    Griffiths would prefer to be in Scotland.
    Siggy is out of favour, perhaps on his way to Copenhagen.
    Doyle cannot score.
    Cassidy was playing…
    Sounds like we played well first half with Price and bad with Edwards 2nd half…
    I’d like to see more of Price, Bancessi, Landell, Baath, Evans.
    Imo, we need the enthusiasm of youth to re ignite the club so it’s Price every week ahead of Edwards and give that Bancessi a go……


  33. VexRob says:

    Highlights courtesy of Sky Bet.


  34. Border Wolf says:

    Annoying that we can’t finish teams off while we’re ahead, also that the nice safety cushion of points has now vanished!

    Like some are saying maybe Cassidy does just need a goal – problem is we can’t afford to hang around waiting while he finds the back of the net. We need an out & out striker either to stand alone or to partner Griffiths. And no I couldn’t understand why Griffiths didn’t start either!

    Let’s go into 2014 with some confidence & start finishing off this league once & for all starting with Tranmere!



  35. Clive from Houston says:

    A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all fellow bloggers!
    January will, for me, be one of the biggest months ever in Wolves history.
    We have an owner and his lapdog who have been pretty much silent all season.
    We have a coach who has baffled us with recent team selections.
    The team is in a fabulous position half way through the season.
    I feel that several deals have already been agreed, and there will be significant ins and outs before 1.31.2014
    If said trades occur, and they result in vast improvements on the pitch, and we get automatic promotion, then this January will have been pivotal in our history.
    If the changes produce no improvements and we do not go up, then the month will have been a total disaster, and I foresee many years in the wastelands of lower league football.
    Morgan, this is the last real chance you have to get it right. You have missed opportunities and cocked up so many times before, surely even you can see and learn from your mistakes.
    Keep the fat greedy groveling slimey turd greasel if you must, but open the checkbook (U.S. spelling, before I get complaints!) and bring in some much needed reinforcements, who can get us out of this shithole of a league, and possibly the one above as well.
    With regards to the game Saturday.
    We might not have beaten them, but we didn’t lose either.
    We are still very much a work in progress, while they have been together for a while, so I am still optimistic as to the rest of the season.
    I cannot comment on individual performances coz I don’t get to see the games, but on the face of it, it seems Cassidy is doing a Ward.
    But, as I said, I think deals have been done, and we must play the waiting game.
    My New Year resolution?
    To be playing league games against the shit in season 2014/2015


  36. NY Wolf says:

    Happy and prosperous New Year to all you Wolfies out there.

    Been quiet of late, but so far so good. I have to agree we are dropping points we will need later and are not the power house i think we should be. I am not ready to seconnd guess the manager yet, obviously he is doing what he thinks is right. I am a little worried he is clearly having to toe the two Ms line and talk things up, he can not change.

    By biggest point today is directed against the two Ms, on Sunday the fans delivered a massive level of support and commitment, demonstrating what could be delivered every week, with a good product and good commercial promotion. It was Fans 10- Management 0. Come on you two cant you see the huge comercial opportunity and pent up demand that is the Wolves.


  37. NY Wolf says:

    For those of us raised on the old scoring machines of the past, this is tough to hear.
    Soccer is a realtively simple game but revolves around putting the ball in the net. back when it did not matter who the opposition was, with a Doug, Richards or Bully you were always in the game, they were capable of putting two chances away, bang bang. We really need to rediscover a lack of fear at home and convert chances. Personally i have always been a beleiver in having a settled front line. Today the difference between scoring and not scoring is so little that to play well strikers have to play regularly and be really game fit. OK theire comes a time when someone has to be dropped if they are not scoring, but choose who you have faith in and play em. Surely Griffiths deserves a settled run. Maybe he is the only one but you can not mix n match strikers at the quality level we have.


  38. Mark Davies says:

    Cassisdy plays because he is the only forward with something like the required height and physique to play against the big centre halves in this division. Doyle doesn`t have those attributes and hardly scores either, – even at this level and Griffiths may have the goals but is so lightweight that what is the point of 2 wingers banging in crosses to a midget.
    There are rumours Griffiths is going back north, and with four young children its clear where his heart may be. If the club buy a tall, physical mobile striker from the lower leagues then fine, but get Jacobs signed up as well, the pace and movement in our 5 man midfield was a sign of the future for me, and it was rivetting watching. It may have been disappointing not to win on sunday, but we are still in a good place, and as others have said in this blog, gates of 28000 are there for the club if the owner and ceo can grab the moment in January.


  39. Stourbridge Wolf says:

    If we re-sign Leon Clarke I will officially give up! As for Phillips – maybe 10 years ago – has Steve Claridge written all over it (except he won’t get to keep Bull and Keane on the bench!)


  40. Hertford says:

    I agree with you Stourbridge. Leon Clarke only scores goals now because he DOESN’T play for Wolves. Call me old fashioned but in general, the demise of twin strike force in favour of tippy tappy has killed my enjoyment of the game and currently we are good at neither. I will always cherish the Richards + 1 days as I doubt they’ll ever return.


  41. I felt we lost our shape when Price went. He and McDonald stuck together and to task brilliantly in the first half. With the best five midfielders we have I can understand why KJ wants to play a 4231. Feel for Cassidy. He’s obviously got goals in him at this level but it’s not happening. Excited about Ebanks Landell… There were mistakes to go with the goal. Yet he looks pretty well organised and like he’ll improve. If the second half curling dink had gone in….!


  42. Steve showcase says:

    Just a New Year’s Eve comment ..It seems the Wolves blog mafia here are getting restless..Mr M know doubt reads this and it seems that we expect him to buy us out of this crap league or at least make sure with two players …we all blame him for putting us down here ..the transfer window will see if he has listened and gives KJ a leg up..I hope he comments here sometime…HNY to all ..


  43. We need to bring in a new striker and the chances are we wont be getting someone scoring regularly in the Premier or the Championship. I think Kenny Jacket has got to win promotion this season and i am happy to reserve judgement on some of his actions while the outcome remains in the balance.


  44. London wolves loyal says:

    Let’s make a list of Cassidy type ‘ not good enough and. Never will be s ‘ You know the score…… Steve Bruce ain’t good enough to manage wolves ,,,, Sam volkes. He s not good enough … Keith Andrews ,,,, not good enough him . Piss off naylor your shit , but you look ok in that Celtic shirt playing champions league Oh and what’s his face at Norwich that winger … He s shit ….


  45. I thought Leon Clarke had more potential than was generally recognised at the time. At last that seems to have come to some fruition. On the debate on formation and style i find passing football easier on the eye as long as you have some pacey players who can break forward quickly and score !


  46. theDOOGooder says:

    I think everything that can be said has been said on the Orient game – several times.
    Here’s my two pence worth.
    If we play like that every week, we will end up top of the league.
    New striker or no new striker.
    The worrying thing is that we don’t play like that every week.
    We don’t seem to be able to get up for games against the so-called smaller clubs.

    Every Wolverhampton Wanderers player should make their New Year’s resolution….

    “I will consistently give of my best in every game”.

    And then stick to it!


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