Wolves Vs Crewe Alexandra Preview

Looking back to this time last season, I was highly optimistic about our immediate prospects.


Wolves had just beaten Blackpool away and had two winnable home fixtures to look forward to over the Christmas break.

What followed was a 3-0 pummeling from Peterborough, followed up by the most dour 2-0 defeat you’ll ever see against Mick McCarthy’s Ipswich.

Suffice to say, I’m keeping my expectations in check this time as we once again enter back-to-back Molineux festivity.


It’s been a tough old season for Crewe and they come into this match in 23rd position, just two points off the foot of the table.

The Railwaymen have comfortably conceded more goals than any other side in League One (45) and share the lowest goals scored tally with Sheffield United (18).

They’ve lost 7 of their 10 away matches so far this season and scored just 7 goals against 25 conceded. I don’t need to paint it any clearer then – Wolves must win this one.

However, Steve Davis’ men are unbeaten in their last three matches and have claimed a few scalps already this season – most notably a 2-0 away win at Preston.


Kevin McDonald returns after his one match suspension and I sincerely hope he makes an immediate return to the side. After dropping Leigh Griffiths in favour of Bjorn Sigurdarson last weekend, it will also be intriguing to see which forward partnership start this time.

Wolves Crewe

That would probably be my eleven, assuming Matt Doherty is still out. He’s been a massive miss in my opinion, particularly in an attacking sense down the right flank. Ricketts is more dependable than impressive in the final third.

The odds

No surprise to see Wolves are red hot favourites to win this one at 4/11. Crewe are 17/2 and the draw is 10/3.

You have to go a long way down the first goalscorer’s coupon to find any Crewe name. Even ‘No Goalscorer’ (12/1) is ahead of Chuks Aneke who is 14/1.

Suffice to say then, if you’re a pessimist this is the game to be betting on. All odds are available from here.


No great surprise that nobody predicted a 3-3 at Rotherham. But 14 people did plump for a draw to pick up a point each. Well done to all.

This is one of those matches where everyone will predict a win apart from a handful of resistors who say ‘we always end the opposition’s bad runs’.

I laugh in their faces and predict a thumping victory – 5-1.

Up The Wolves

* p.s. I’m aware this prediction flagrantly goes against the guarded approach I claimed to be adopting, but foolish confidence grew as I looked at those Crewe stats :)


  1. Dave H says:

    2-0 to the Wolves


  2. Telford Wolf says:

    Morning everyone – wow, I’m the first to leave a comment – everyone else must be opening pressies stil. or suffering hangovers!!

    5 – 1 you say Thomas? I thought it was only Clive (fcuk the Albion) from Houston who predicted that scoreline.

    I’m going for a 3 – 1 win to us!! I can’t see us scoring 4 at the minute, and I think we’ll still have a moment of madness and give them a glimmer of hope!!

    Have a great day everyone!!!


  3. Hoping for a solid, if not spectacular win.
    Wolves 2 – Crewe 0


  4. Steve showcase says:

    Here we go then..an apparent easy one,and then an apparent difficult one with Orient..this one should be 3-0 but I’ll give them a goal..typical of us at the back perhaps.. so 3-1 Wolves..


  5. Steppenwolfe says:

    Wolves 4 Crewe 0
    An easy 3 points and I don’t want to hear that Crewe will raise their game. Even if they do we can raise ours to a much higher level – or at least ought to be able to. COYW.


  6. Golden Wolfie says:

    After the Rotherham game, confidence will be high. For me, it’s a 2-1 win. With how we’re playing defensively I can hardly see a clean sheet. But it should be a reasonably comfortable performance.


  7. theDOOGooder says:

    I’m out in my studio listening to The Wind in the Willows and avoiding the mother-in-law.
    Just got time to predict before I go back in to start imbibing.

    Wolves 4-1 Crewe


  8. US Wolf says:

    Merry Christmas and may Santana bring us a sack full.

    Wolves 4 Railway men 0


  9. Twixfix says:

    Can’t see anything other than a comfortable 3 – 0 to to wolves.. I’m thinking I might get a turkey burger for lunch.pop


  10. Steve Howl says:

    Merry Wolverchristmas to all. Wolves 1 Crewe 0.


  11. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    Must win. Must dominate the play. I don’t think we’ll Sigurdarson tomorrow. He was dire against Rotherham.

    Wolves 2-0 Crewe


  12. woodywolf says:

    Can’t lose tomorrow so we will. Wolves 0 Crewe 1


  13. JazzWolf says:

    We might of course come unstuck here but it seems very unlikely so I’ll go for
    Wolves 5 Crewe 2.


  14. robertsbridgewolf says:

    I agree totally with your team Thomas . I suspect that KJ will too . What must not happen is that the team think this is a gimme . They did against MK Dons and look what happened .

    KJ must play our top scorers , he must leave them on until the job is well and truly done . If a rocket is needed at half time then deliver it , but put the players back out to respond .

    A very happy crimbo evening to all , enjoy the remaining hours and let’s match units to points !

    Through my rose tinted eyeballs , a tricky but ok

    Wolves 2 Crewe 1


  15. I’m going for 4-2 to us….


  16. Ledbury Lupus says:

    Defence will have had a few words from KJ after letting three through on Saturday so expect things to be back to normal with another clean sheet tomorrow. This should be a game when our forwards can find their confidence but unfortunately that’s never been the way Wolves do things, always doing things the hard way if possible. Despite Kenny’s reservations that everyone raises their game when they come to the Molineux, this must be three points and hopefully a chance to improve our goal difference compared with Orient.
    Christmas wishes to all fellow bloggers, in keeping with the best traditions, the turkey has been delivered to the table with a pair of Wolves oven gloves!
    Let’s have a rerun of the opening game with a 4-0 to Wolves


  17. whitestone wolf says:

    Wolves 2-0 Crewe

    Need to win this one, awful Christmas & New Year last season let’s hope for better tidings this year


  18. Border Wolf says:

    Comfortable win & a nice clean sheet.

    Wolves 2 – 0 Crewe


  19. AmberWolf says:

    Yeah, lets be negative we’re going to take it too easy, abd they will gain confidence and sneak a jammy win while we hit the bar, post, keepers unbelievable saves, and defenders throwing bodies on the line to keep the ball out.

    Wolves 0 – 1 Crewe


  20. Wight Wolf says:

    I hope Doyler has read the previous post and realises it is time to actually score 1 or 3. A comfortable
    3-0 for me.


  21. johnhpayne says:

    Wolves 3 Crewe 0


  22. goldcoastkiddywolf says:

    Really hoping to see Matt Doherty back as I imagine he’ll need a good few games before we will see him playing back to his previous form. A nice steady 2.0 win for me.


  23. ferris says:

    Wolves 2 0 Crewe. I’ll be abit more cautious. After our recent form I can’t see a goal fest. But a win is vital tomorrow so 2 nil will do nicely


  24. Tony E says:

    I dred these sort of games. I know that on paper Wolves should win this one easily but … Oh, go on then, it’s Christmas. Wolves to win 3-0. – Merry Christmas everyone.


  25. BobbaWolf says:

    3-0 win to the mighty Wolves.

    If we don’t win this one I’ll be seriously concerned.


  26. Wolves 3-1 Crewe
    Sako,Doyle, griffiths


  27. GeorgeyBoy says:

    I’ve had a few glasses of wine, whiskey, port, champagne and other festive drinks and my alcohol-filled safe fancies something a little bit out of the ordinary tomorrow. 7-1 to the Wolves please Thomas. (Griffo x 3, Henry x2, McDonald, Sako) WHY THE HELL NOT.



  28. mick the wolf says:

    Can’t remember us winning many on boxing day, but I have a good feeling about this so 3-1 wolves and bring on orient


  29. AJ Wolf says:

    Wolves 1 – 0 Crewe for me please


  30. timberwolf says:

    A must win home game so the obvious prediction is a score draw.

    1-1more misery for the masses and excuses from KJ


  31. japan wolf says:

    Can’t see us losing this. Merry Christmas all!

    Wolves 3 crewe 0


  32. Usual Christmas.
    Ate too much, didn’t drink enough.
    Usual presents.
    Socks and underpants .
    Wife had the usual headache.
    Usual prediction.
    Wolves 3 Crewe Alexandra 1 .


  33. MrAussieWolf says:

    Currently at the MCG watching the cricket.
    Wolves 3-1 Crewe
    Come on England!


  34. Predictor says:

    Easy win
    Wolves 2-0 Crewe


  35. Wolves4ever says:

    Wolves 2 crewe 0


  36. Finsbury Park Wolf says:

    A very disappointing and unsettling 0-1 reversal which will have everyone panicking prior to the arrival of Orient, whom we’ll thrash.


  37. GoWolves says:

    Wolves 3 – 0 Crewe


  38. Erick1011 says:

    4-0 to Wolves and a top of the league will do!


  39. robc306 says:

    Best day of Christmas – don’t spoil it Wolves!

    Come on midfield, time to stand & deliver.

    Wolves 3 Crewe 0


  40. Chris in Dublin says:

    Merry Christmas Ben, Thomas and all. Thanks for your continued hard work on this excellent blog.
    I predict skin of our teeth stuff. Wolves to scrape a 3-2 victory in the 93rd.


  41. Someones ship comes home 5-1 to WWFC.


  42. Will be very disappointed if Edwards starts, he offers so little yet every manager seems to love him. Bizarre.

    I think it’s the last 5 games he’s started in centre midfield in a 442 and we have won one of them. Hardly coincidence


  43. 3-1 to the Wolves. Come on!


  44. Linden says:

    We never do well on Boxing day.

    Wolves 0 – Crewe 0


  45. Sutton wolf says:

    I hope we have our best result of the season but I’ll go for a 2-0 win and be happy


  46. Sleachy says:

    I had a ticket for this game, but then my mrs was let down by her family for Christmas so I stepped in and brought her home to the midlands, so she didn’t have to spend the day alone.
    Now I have to drive her back to work in Bristol instead of going to what would’ve been my 2nd game of the season.
    Ah well, brownie points are off the scale at the moment.
    Hopefully the lads will put in a performance to make up for me not being there and we’ll whip em 4-0. That’d be nice.

    Merry Christmas brothers and sisters xx


  47. Must win. Wolves 2-0 Crewe


  48. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 3 Crewe 0

    Doyle Hat trick although he may score them indirectly
    When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?


  49. vicsmith says:

    Going for a 3-0 win for Wolves and hopefully back on track.


  50. Martin says:

    If we can’t win this one i will start worrying. Think it may be more, but will go for 2-0.


  51. trenchmanmick says:

    It has to be time to start another unbeaten run.
    Wolves 2 Crewe 0


  52. Clive from Houston says:

    Mornin’ all.
    Late start so no waffling,
    Wolves 6 them 0
    easy peasy japanezy lemon squeezy.


  53. Ade In China says:

    I’ll predict a 2-0 win to Wolves!


  54. Peakwolf says:

    Boxing Day. Not good. Team on a losing streak. Not good. Must win game. Not good. Dried up strike force. Not good. But despite all that, we can’t not win. Can we? And I’m now so desperate for points after my own losing streak that I’ll overcome all my pessimism and go for a 4-1 win. Mainly because that score doesn’t figure quite as heavily above!! And now I’ll wait to turn on at half time and get that recently returned sinking feeling!
    Wolves 4 Crewe 1.
    And just to stir up CfH and a few others, our Xmas present Jody Craddock print of MM is now awaiting its frame and place on the study wall!


  55. Sheffieldwolf says:

    It’s the Christmas spirit I’ll go 6-1 to a sako and McDonald inspired wolves


  56. Steve L Biles says:

    Nice clean sheet and a couple of goals will do.

    Wolves 2 Crewe 0



  57. SF wolf says:

    Wolves 6-1 them~!


  58. AlfWhite says:

    Wolves 2 Crewe 2.


  59. S**T just seen the team and ive predicted 5-1 !!!


  60. Playing a weakened team because the O’s are coming on sunday ? Didnt see that one coming.


  61. Shready says:

    Playing a weakened team, what a load of bollocks, lack of respect shown to Crewe. We better get this win as Jacket is starting to piss me off with some of his team selections lately.


  62. Northern Wolf says:

    Wolves 2 – Crewe 1


  63. I’m going for a sobering 1-1, after we trail nearly all match…


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