Bradford City Vs Wolves Preview

I don’t have many positive memories from matches against Bradford.

Bradford pic

A trip to Valley Parade in 1997 ended in painful defeat, scuppering hopes of a top two finish under Mark McGhee.

A year or so later the Bantams were down at Molineux, recording a 3-2 win to secure automatic promotion to the Premier League, as Wolves missed out on the play-offs.

It’s safe to say plenty of water has traveled under the bridge since those days, but we’re back at it again now as both teams look set to be amongst the promotion contenders.


After a marvelous run to the League Cup final last season, Bradford could have been forgiven for stumbling towards a midtable League Two finish.

But they put together enough results from their games in hand to eek into the play-offs before overwhelming Northampton 3-0 in their second Wembley appearance of the season to earn a well deserved promotion.

They’ve carried that momentum on again and look as determined as any club to remain amongst the front-runners.

A credible draw at Preston in midweek ended a mini-slump, which saw them lose back-to-back games against Crawley and Tranmere.

They start this game in 5th place, seven points behind Wolves and having played a game more. They’ll be keen to close that gap and claim another (mini) scalp.

Leading scorer Nahki Wells has returned from injury and could feature. He has 8 league goals already so will be one to keep an eye out for.


It’s a big blow losing Matt Doherty, even if it’s just for this match. He’s been fantastic this season and brought dynamism to the right flank that we’ll desperately miss in his absence. I expect Richard Stearman will deputise.

Wolves Bradford team

I think Kenny Jackett will reinstate Kevin Doyle. He wisely added an extra midfielder to prevent Oldham dictating the play with their passing in midweek, but I get the sense Bradford will offer a more direct, physical threat.

That will mean our centre backs will have to do plenty of defending, but we should have the luxury of playing two strikers. Hopefully Doyle will have benefited from the enforced break.

The odds

Wolves are again just about favourites to come out on top at 5/4. Bradford are available at 12/5 and the draw is 5/2.

Leigh Griffiths is the man most fancied to open the scoring at 4/1. Nahki Wells is 9/2 and former Wolves man Kyel Reid is 14/1 to get the first goal.

Full odds are available here.


There was only one person who didn’t think we’d beat Oldham in midweek (I won’t name and shame) so everyone picked up points.

Of the 59 that registered a correct prediction, 17 also got the 2-0 scoreline for a double. Well done to all of them.

I shall endeavour to update the table after I hit publish on this post.

This is going to be a very tough game and probably the biggest threat yet to our unbeaten away record.

I think Wolves will score but I think Bradford will too. I fancy a draw and I wouldn’t be unhappy with that outcome.


Up The Wolves.


  1. Pritchy says:

    1-1… Tough game..


  2. johnhpayne says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this match as a test of our true quality. Nakhi Wells will be a threat, Kyel Reid too, but I’m hoping that we’ll be at full strength, and, still improving, we can get on the attack and come out on top in what will be a tough test.
    I’ll not dare to hope for my usual 3-0, they may well score, so let’s go
    Wolves 3 Bradford 1.


  3. Fraser says:

    1-2 Wolverhampton


  4. 1-1 I reckon. Bradford look like being a decent enough side.


  5. 2-1 to Wolves.

    Increasingly confident – even though our big money buys have mostly gone splat other investments seem to have provided something of a safety net.


  6. Thomas says:

    Actually, I forgot one brilliant memory against Bradford:

    bully 300


  7. MrAussieWolf says:

    I heard somewhere this week that we have only conceded 1 goal from our last 6 games (please correct me if i’m wrong). A fantastic stat given our torrid defensive displays over the last two seasons. The physical presence of Nahki Wells will give the gallant Danny Batth a whole new challenge but I’m backing our centre back to come out on top.
    I reckon Griffiths will get one and we’ll nick it.
    Bradford 0-1 Wolves


  8. woodywolf says:

    0 – 1 Wolves. Prefer to see to Foley at right back though


  9. DancesWithWolves says:

    I’ll go with most comments here. Tough game but we should edge it by a goal. 0-1 or 1-2. A draw would not be too bad but we have the makings of a side able to grind out wins over the course of a full season. I’d say the pressure is more on Orient and Peterborough now, as we’re still breathing hotly down their necks.


  10. Yorkshire Wolf says:

    I fancy us to grab three points here but it won’t be comfortable, I’ll go for Bradford 1 – 2 Wolves. With our winner coming in the last 5 minutes.


  11. long beach wolves says:

    i think we might just edbe this 2-1


  12. Steppenwolfe says:

    Got a little catching up to do on prediction table – also I’m not sure about this one.
    Going Bradford 2 Wolves 1


  13. Ade In China says:

    I think Bradford will be more challenging than recent oponents and I’m not naive enough to make the mistake of thinking we’ll walk this division. However optimism has served me well thi season so I’ll go for a 2-1 win to Wolves. Make it happen guys!


  14. The Newt says:

    Bradford like Coventry will be our toughest test this season so far. I’d prefer Foley to Stearman at right back but KJ obvioulsy has Stearman in mind as next in line for that position and I think it would be wise to bring Doyle back as a withdrawn striker with his experience and intelligence. Not sure who of the midfield three I would drop though. Price looks the best at the minute but not much to choose between McDonald & Evans.

    I’m going for an optimistic draw

    Bradford 1 – Wolves 1



  15. vicsmith says:

    I’m going with my head and not my heart and say a 1-0 win for Bradford. Please God let me be wrong!


  16. GeorgeyBoy says:

    An away win here will really show our title credentials..can we do it? Yeah why not, filled with reserves of optimism this season. 2-1 to the wolves for me please Thomas


  17. Northern Wolf says:

    Tough game, especially away. I’d like to see us keep the formation we had last week. We bossed the game, and I think before that we were a little lackluster against coventry…

    1-1 draw.


  18. Tony E says:

    I think there could be a few goals in this game. Wolves to win 3 – 2.


  19. ferris says:

    Bradford 1 2 wolves. A tough game but we’ll come out on top. Griffiths and macca to score


  20. Sheffieldwolf says:

    1-1 draw keep the points rolling but a tough fixture


  21. Number 9 says:

    I disagree with putting foley in the team. He’s looked poor for a year now. Stearman isn’t that bad he just tends to make 1 big mistake per game. I’m going with 2-1 wolvo


  22. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    I would like to see Foley at right back rather than Stearman.

    Bradford 1-1 Wolves


  23. Kowloon Wolf says:

    A 0-0 thriller. Tight.


  24. Hamlet says:

    1-0 Wolves – edge it out and another clean sheet!


  25. SuffolkWolf85 says:

    Bradford 1-2 Wolves

    I think we will concede and it will be tough, but I think we will come out on top again. We have a knack for it at the minute


  26. London wolves loyal says:

    FOR GOD SAKE DANNY SIGN !!!! You are one of us ! Wolves to win one nil


  27. robin says:

    Bradford 0 Wolves 3…


  28. theDOOGooder says:

    Big test this.
    But it seems that the Jackett Class of ’13 is starting to believe that it can handle this sort of match.
    I’m going back to my standard default prediction.

    3-1 to the lads.



  29. NY Wolf says:

    Heart over head again for 2-1 win for me babies. Bradford 1 Wolves 2
    Bath plays a blinder


  30. Linden says:

    Talking to a Bradford fan on Wednesday who said they have been playing well even though recent results haven’t been brilliant.

    Wolves to nick a tough one.

    Bradford 0-1 Wolves


  31. Banbury Wolves says:

    Tough game, think we might get done here, no points this weekend I am afraid (hope I am wrong).

    Bradford 2 – 1 Wolves



  32. Peakwolf says:

    Oh dear, I’ve dropped off the pace after missing making the prediction in midweek. Game in hand, with no chance of a point! But it’s a long season. I’ll go for 2-2 as I did for Coventry, but both teams will have to be better at creating chances from the pretty passing than they were on that day, if that’s to be the score.


  33. Finsbury Park Wolf says:

    Sorry to be negative but we can’t win every game and I suspect a defeat here. Bradford 1-0 Wolves.


  34. Border Wolf says:

    This is going to be a tough one, suspect it might be a draw but I’ll stay positive.

    Bradford 1-2 Wolves


  35. US Wolf says:

    As most acknowledge, as tough a test as we have been faced so far.
    The boys in gold are riding high though, and I think we should have enough to preserve our unbeaten away record.
    Another blinder from Karl Kleene Sheetz Ikeme and the best defense in this league.

    Bradford 0, Wolves 2


  36. Bradford 1-2 Wolves

    Nahki Wells -what a gr8 name!


  37. BobbaWolf says:

    Given the scalps they took in th cup last season, they’ll be we’ll up for this one.

    Reckon we’ll fight and scrap to a 1-1 draw.


  38. GoWolves says:

    As many have already said here, this will be our toughest test so far. But I think it is time for Wolves to show they really have what it takes to beat the top guys too, not just the guys at the bottom. After all, that’s what a team worthy of promotion has to do. Add to that the need to keep winning to capitalize on Leyton Orient’s slip mid-week, which is a chance they won’t want to let slip, I think they will deliver.

    Time for the boys to show they are men!

    Bradford 0 – 1 Wolves

    Go Wolves!!!


  39. Erick1011 says:

    Bradford are a peculiar side. One week they get spanked by the minnows of the league, the other they’re playing at their best against the better sides.

    I think tomorrow it will be the latter. 2-2 and another point towards our record-breaking tally.


  40. johnok says:

    Another clean sheet for me,I’m going for another 0-2, should be a good test though.UTW


  41. Bullyisagod says:

    Learned my lesson after predicting defeat against Oldham: Wolves 2 Bradford 0


  42. Sutton wolf says:

    We’ll score 2 late goals to win 2-1 wolves


  43. Wightwolf says:

    For the 1st time this season I feel very apprehensive about this game. Hope the boys prove me wrong but its Bradford 2 – 0 Wolves for me.


  44. dave h says:

    1-0 to the Wolves



  45. Uk wolves says:

    2-0 to the Wolves, Come on !!!!


  46. A very tough game expected. I’ll say 2-2.


  47. robc306 says:

    This will be a tough test, but I am sure we are up to the task.

    Hope KJ does go 4-4-2, as we have been good on break in away games so far.

    Optimistic for Bradford 1 Wolves 2


  48. Chris in Dublin says:

    A fifth away win on the trot. Bradford 0-1 Wolves


  49. Adrian says:

    The Wolves machine to keep on rolling!!
    Bradford 0 Wolves 1.


  50. trenchmanmick says:

    Wolves to keep up the good work.

    Bradford 1 Wolves 2


  51. mick the wolf says:

    A big crowd expected and i think bradford will raise their game Ill be happy with a 2-2 draw


  52. Ash K says:

    I love the optimism in the predictions above, but sadly, that isn’t my nature. We will lose some games this season, and I think this may be one of them.
    Bradford 1 – Wolves 0


  53. goldcoastkiddywolf says:

    Bradford 0-1 Wolves


  54. Clive from Houston says:

    It is Clivemas today and I am nothing but positive.
    We have had our defeat for the season, so its onwards and upwards, to the top of the league.
    Everyone else is a-quakin’ in their boots coz the Wolverhampton steamroller is just starting to gain momentum.
    Bradford 1 Wolves 5
    Jesus, I’m turning into a happy clapper!!
    Pass the medicine, in the can with Boddingtons on it!


    • Happy Texmas! Oh the Holly and the Clivey!


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Belated Happy Clivemas old boy!
      I tried to pour a can of Bod into the computer so I could email you a suitable present but there was a large flash, everything went black and I ended up with a sticky mess all over the keyboard.

      No smutty comment from you, Martin, thank you very much!


      • Telford Wolf says:

        SIGH!!!! You mean you haven’t you trained Mrs DOOGoder to clean any sticking mess up, whether it is on the keyboard, or anywhere else for that matter?


    • Telford Wolf says:

      A happy clapper? You??? Never!!!!!!

      All the best mate – and nexct time I’m in Strangeways, I’ll see if they will especially export some Boddies for you!!


  55. Ledbury Lupus says:

    Goals at both ends due to our enforced weakened defence, 2-2,


  56. Wolf in the Hudd says:

    Bradford 1-2 Wolves

    Difficult game, but one I hope we can grind a result out of. Here’s hoping the boys prove me wrong though and hammer them :-)


  57. Steve Howl says:

    Bradford City 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2


  58. JazzWolf says:

    Bradford 0 Wolves 2


  59. japan wolf says:

    Hard to call – think it might be a scrappy draw but will go for a late win

    Bradford 0 Wolves 1


  60. slider says:

    I’m going for a hard fought draw 1-1. Bradford goal on 40, Wolves on around the hour mark.


  61. Perth Wolves says:

    Bradford 1 Wolves 2. Jammy, but who cares


  62. Martin says:

    I agree with many that this is going to be a real test. City proved last year in cup matches that they’ve got another gear against the better teams and i rate Phil Parkinson as a top manager.
    I’m still hopeful we’ll get something though so 1-1 draw.


  63. SG wolf says:

    3-2 to wolves is my hunch.


  64. AZWolf says:

    2-1 Wolves win. Doyle and Sako to score.


  65. AJ WOLF says:

    Wolves 3-1 Bradford for me please


  66. Tough game to call. Bradford have as good home form as the Wolves. I will go for a tense draw. Wolves 1 Bradford 1 .


  67. AlfWhite says:

    Happy Clivemas Clive.

    Bantams 2 Wolves 2


  68. (Formerly Sir) Fred of Paisley says:

    A real test that I think we will pass…just about! 2-1 Wolves win.


  69. Twixfix says:

    Bradford are one of those teams that raise their game (even higher) for potential scalps ie Wolves.. Whilst we have the ammo to fend them off I think today will be a tough one, finding goal chances a rarity and having to defend like trojans. Weather conditions will also be a factor, unfortunately I see it as ‘ one of those days’ Bradford 1-0 Wolves. (would love to be wrong result wise tho’)


  70. Robertsbridgewolf says:

    I can’t bring myself to be negative . I expect a very tough game and am fearful of a negative result . However I see no reason to expect defeat !!
    Bradford 0 Wolverhampton 1


  71. sevlow says:

    Difficult match but I am confident that Wolves will be up to it. I am going for Bradford 1-2 Wolves, Doyle to get a late winner.


    Peace & Love to all


  72. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 1 Bradford 0
    They shall not pass hopefully the motto of our defence not our midfield


  73. Vexrob says:

    Goals in this. 2-3 wolves win.


  74. Telford Wolf says:

    With the others dropping points (which was always going to happen at some time), and since we are starting to get going, I predict a 2-1 victory to us – but with the normal torrid last 10 minutes when we easily throw points away!!


  75. Wolfman Steve says:

    2-0 to the Wolves. Come on me babbies!!


  76. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    im going to plump for 1-1 draw.


  77. ALERT!!!!
    Jamie o’hara inspecting pitch with rest of squad.


  78. Wolves4ever says:

    Just heard ohara on the bench! FFS!
    Bradford 1 wolves 1


  79. Newelly says:

    Bradford 1 v 1 Wolves – Missed another prediction game midweek, as was away, so need to pick up points again. O’Hara to come on and score ;)


  80. SOIAW says:

    I missed predicting the last 2, catch-up time!

    Bradford 1 Wolves 2


    • Peakwolf says:

      And a very prescient last minute prediction it was too! Wish I could have been so accurate after also missing the midweek game! Great performances from Ikeme, Batth and Doyle (brilliant early substitution) and several other good ones. Sako poor for second Saturday running. Professional job holding off Bradford pressure and their impressive support.


      • Yeah, just a gut feeling.. sounded like bringing Doyle on clamped down on their long ball forward from the back and gave us the long ball out option too. Henry is doing well while Sako falters but I’ll take him to come back into form very soon


  81. Clive from Houston says:

    Clivemas yesterday, three priceless points at Bradford, and the shit get stuffed as well!
    Oh what a lovely weekend this is!!!!
    The moronic grin is getting bigger!


  82. Bradford 1-2 Wolves


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