Colchester United 0 Wolves 3

‘Judge us after 10 games’ suggested Kenny Jackett back in August.

Wolves Colchester

Some two months down the line it feels good to return a positive verdict.

Eight games won, just one defeat and only Peterborough’s fractionally superior tally keeps Wolves outside of the automatic promotion places.

The goals against column is looking rather splendid too, with Carl Ikeme having let in just a miserly six goals to date. Only QPR have conceded fewer in the entire Football League.

Here’s another telling stat: Wolves have yet to concede a goal in the first half in any of their league matches. Remarkable when you consider our goal seemed to have a powerful magnet connected it to it last season.

All of this despite playing one of the best attacking full-backs in the league. Matt Doherty was the architect of this victory, first with a slaloming run into the box to win the penalty, before a powerful sprint to the byline and clever cut back for the second.

Leigh Griffiths was the grateful recipient, calmly stroking in his sixth of the season before instinctively volleying home a superb seventh. Three of those goals might have come from the spot, but they still have to be converted.

Freddy Sears showed how hard this can be, failing from 12 yards in the final knockings, as Carl Ikeme put the seal on his fifth cleansheet of the season and third in consecutive games.

Nice to see Kevin Doyle doubling his tally, arriving in the box right on cue to convert James Henry’s smart center for the third.

Bakary Sako’s predictable absence saw Wolves make it six points and six goals from the two matches he’s failed to make it onto the bus this season. Evidence to support the notion we’re a more balanced team without him?

Perhaps so. Those that went to the game have suggested this was the most complete performance of the season to date.

And at Kenny’s magical 10 game marker that’s not a bad place to be.



  1. Midfield Wanderer says:

    First game I’ve seen live this season (London exile). More than pleasantly surprised. The side played positive football from the back (the two centre backs chesting the ball down before playing it forward evoked memories of Frank Munro). McDonald and Price controlled the midfield and Doyle dropped off, held the ball up and fed them. Henry had a good debut and there wasn’t a weakness in the team. The back four and keeper played as a unit, and when Wolves lost the ball they regained their shape quickly.

    My god, they were actually playing football that was good to watch. If this is a side in transition I can’t wait to watch the finished article. It seems that Jackett may have rediscovered the art of playing football. Long may it continue.


    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      Great win, great blog and a Doyle goal my HERO ! Well he will be if he keeps playing and scoring like this his moment was better got in the box just what a striker should be no one will be happier than me if he goes on a run I’d be more than happy to eat mt words. WELL DONE everyone.


  2. Yorkshire Wolf says:

    If someone had said we’d have picked up 25 points from our opening 10 games back in August I’d have bitten their hands off. Another strong performance from our lads yesterday, I’ve always said we need to take this league one game at a time but we’re doing well.

    Notts County in the JPT to come and I’d fancy us to get the job done, We follow that up with a tricky home tie against Coventry and then another home game against Oldham I’d fancy us to win all three, We’ll need to be looking at picking up over 90 points to get out of this division at the first time of asking.


  3. Border Wolf says:

    A solid performance, clean sheet & all 3 points. Can’t ask for more than that!

    Let’s keep it going now & get in the automatic spots.


  4. NY Wolf says:

    How good id it to see us winning again. Winning is habit forming. I am beginning to think Mr KJ is a man of some football substance.

    Its tight at the top but the top three seem to be easing away. Who will blink first?????????? I am convinnced our style and squad will see us through the winter slog.

    Come on me babies.


  5. Nippy Lobo says:

    Thanks, Thomas. Nice report!


  6. colin says:

    Seems like there were good performances all over the pitch and a good debut by James Henry. I wouldnt sell Wacko Sako but he may now have more competition for his place.


  7. Hamlet says:

    I could watch Ikeme’s penalty save celebration all day! Brilliant!


    • Thomas says:

      What I like is the bloke behind the goal whose flipping the V the whole time. See if you can pick him out from the main picture above. Like an adult Where’s Wally.


  8. Norsk Wolf says:

    The thing that strikes me about our latest manager is the common sense he speaks. I dreaded the post match comments from Deano (still can’t for the life of me understand why he was selected). If this team can stick it out until Christmas playing like this and scraping the odd lucky win as well then I think come new year the gel will have set and we should be ok. The acid test will be if we lose two on the bounce then it will be a case of keeping the confidence going. Judge us after 10……well the results and position speak for themselves…..but also the common sense of the manager and how he has managed the whole show including the moving of the Big Time Charlies into the U21’s UTW


  9. Banbury Wolves says:

    Very good performance, 3 goals, 3 points and a clean sheet to boot, you can’t be anything other than happy with that!…more and more impressed with KJ…have to say I didn’t want him but I will put my hand up and say I am being proven wrong on a weekly basis, and I am quite happy about that too…so in general, I am a very happy chappie at present, keep up the good work boys.



  10. Clive from Houston says:

    When are we going to stop thinking of our wins as lucky, and start really believing?
    Are the records of Orient and Peterbro lucky?
    Are their fans saying they are lucky?
    Probably not.
    Lets be realistic, we are third (by a whisker from 2nd) because we are winning, and the more we win, the more confidence our lads get, the more we can draw away from the pack, and the more other teams will look up to us, both mentally and in the reality of the league table.
    Facts do not lie, we ARE a good team, and we WILL get better.
    Of course, the die hard Wolves fans, those of the negative variety, will be saying “we aint played no one good yet”, meaning the two teams above us. But their fans will be saying the same, and they will as worried about us as some of us might be about them.
    Not me.
    I see this as our finest season and team for years, probably even better than 2009, when we hung on by the teeth of our skin for so long.
    25 points and not even 25% of the way thro the season.
    That augers well for over 100 points at this pace, and why not?
    Let the others be afraid, let them be very afraid.
    I for one am thoroughly enjoying our performances and results, long may it continue.
    The moronic grin is still on this happy Wulfrunian/Texan’s face!!!
    Oh, and FOWB


  11. Like many other fans I was initially underwhelmed by the appointment of Mr. Jacket. How wrong I was. How refreshing it is to watch our team, play attractive modern football instead of the kick and rush tactics of the last manager, and to see this style produce winning results, But,the major impact of the new management regime is that the team now actually believes in its ability to win. Winning breeds confidence — and confidence produces results.

    And, by way of a massive bonus, in Ikeme, we just happen to have one of the best keepers in the country


  12. Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

    Wolves played some good football. Saying that it’s due to the abcense of Sako is just ridiculous. I would rather say that if we bring in a quality wing on the right, it will strengthen us further. In the highlights Golbourne was only involved one time with a cross and almost everything we created came from the right side of the field. That’s not balance. With two quality wingers we’ll have a much stronger team.


  13. Sleachy says:

    I think it’s terrible.

    I predicted 3-0 against sheff utd and we win 2-0
    Then I predicted 2-0 against colchester and we bloody win 3-0



    • Wolf in da Hudd says:

      I predicted a 3-1 Wolves win against Colchester, all was going to plan until Ikeme saved their penalty. Its about time they were a little more supportive of us fans.

      Ikeme out!!


      • Sleachy says:

        what a selfish bastard he is. all this talk of rebuilding the relationship with the fans is so cheap when you see things like this.

        bring back terry connor


        • Steve L Biles says:

          Wow! I have never smiled so much for such a long time. Our funny quips have returned, banter is real banter and I am loving how all our fans are so much happier.

          This is what it should be like and I am enjoying it so much, long may it continue.



      • US Wolf says:

        I predicted a 3-0 win.
        The penalty save was superb.
        Ikeme knew I needed the prediction league points and his celebration, and that of the team was for me.

        Well done Karl and the rest of the lads.

        Jackett’s team-fanbase relationship is solid.

        Ikeme for President.


  14. London wolves loyal says:

    Did nt go yesterday as the wife had kindly arranged something else for me to do . I ve told her before that there is not romance on match days but they have selective hearing , and she did nt even take any notice of my sulking … Any way my point is that with this team we would be doing well in the championship


    • Clive from Houston says:

      And if we played the likes of Sunderland, Palace, Norwich, West Ham and the shit we’ed do well in the Prem as well!!!


  15. theDOOGooder says:

    I’m with Wolf in da Hudd. Ikeme has let us down big time.
    I needed that extra point to climb the Prediction League.
    I suppose a clean sheet almost makes up for it and some of our play was almost an echo of former glory days.
    Musn’t get too carried away – I think Coventry will be our biggest test so far – but if we continue in that vein we will certainly end the season in the top two.
    My only worry, and I’ve said this before, is that there is some scout from the Championship or even the Prem who has jotted down in his little black book the names Ikeme and Griffiths.

    Moxey will be sorely tested.

    And I’m not sure he will be able to resist.


  16. johnok says:

    Another great win lads,3 points and 3 more goals.
    As I said i’ll give him 10 games and 10 games gone so where do I stand,well he gets my vote
    he’s got them working hard and playing as a team at last so thumbs up from me and long may it continue to get us out of this third tier of football,Well done KJ LONG MAY IT LAST,UTW.


  17. Tony G says:

    I believe Henry was wearing No 7 and it was he who won the penalty and made the two assists.
    Doherty wears No 2. Easy to confuse with their look-alike hair and beards.


    • Sleachy says:

      the beeb had 3 assists for henry, i was a little confused when i read the above report


    • Thomas says:

      No Tony, it’s Doherty who got the assists. There was confusion but it’s clearly Doherty. You can see from the video above.

      He’s wearing number 2, which obviously resembles a 7 because of the design of the numbers. The BBC getting it wrong didn’t help matters but I can confirm it’s 100% Doherty.

      Don’t trust the BBC, trust Wolves Blog :)


      • Tony G says:

        It’s very easy to confuse the two but my take on it is that Henry who by-passes Doherty after the Colchester shot (Doherty clearly wearing No 2) and Henry goes down the wing and into the area to win the penalty. He takes up the right-sided midfield role for the other two goals. It’s an interesting conundrum and I guess all will be revealed on Monday.


        • Thomas says:

          Ha, this is funny.

          For a kick off, Henry has a blonde fringe and you can clearly see the bloke who wins the penalty does not.

          For the second goal, Henry actually jogs over to the byline to congratulate Doherty on the cross.

          I’ll eat my metaphorical hat if I’m wrong Tony.


      • Tony G says:

        Tom, you may well be correct. P’raps I’m just a “numpty”.


  18. mickey t says:

    Hopefully Moxey will be able to resist any enquiries about our players lets face it how many times in the last few years has he had such a sustained period without being mercilessly slagged off (me included) and deservedly so. He must be enjoying the way things are going at the moment and as for Morgan, he hasn’t had to visit the dressing room once. Long may it continue, if either of them start spouting their usual inane drivel we will know we have another crisis on our hands. UTW


  19. andrewwfc says:

    Good write up mate, had forgot about that judge me after 10 games quote. Doing so now, you have to say it has been a fantastic start.

    Great game yesterday. Henry looks a great acquisition, and as much as I was hoping this would be the year Ismail breaks through, he could be an essential part of our team this year.

    Two points regarding Sako. Firstly, most of the danger came down our right flank yesterday, so if anything we were overbalanced rather than more balanced! Secondly, Colchester were very poor (missing a lot of players through injury apparently), and Port Vale before them were pretty dire as well. Against the better teams in this division I think we need Sako’s creativity. Henry and Sako…the new Jarvis and KIghtly?!!


  20. Hertford says:

    This is so much better than our tortuous three years in the Prem where we were constantly on the ropes. I watch the so called lesser teams that are there now and they all seem to play with at least a modicum of self-belief that we never did. They have shots on goal for a start off.


    • SOIAW says:

      That’s cos we can compete in the transfer market for the best players AT THIS LEVEL, and KJ has brought some good ‘uns in. In the Premiership we only really made two decent signings (Doyle & Fletcher), the rest gambling with comparative peanuts in terms of wages offered etc


  21. Hertford says:

    Too true but what makes it worse is that so many players that we had then who seemingly weren’t even good enough for our bench are playing at a higher level now.


  22. SOIAW says:

    From a Colchester fan:

    At Bristol City, we were battered for the entire 45 minutes of the second half, and perhaps lucky not to concede five. Today, it was a much more even contest, but the class of Lee Griffiths and Kevin Doyle shone through twice. They don’t need any more invitations. Having seen Orient four times this season, I can comfortably predict that Wolves and Posh will occupy the automatic promotion spots. Their class in front of goal surpasses anything else that we have seen. 8 shots on target for the U’s, and merely 6 for Wanderers might suggest that we had our opportunities (and we did). But we were well beaten by THE class side in this league that have players that can finish the job with as much certainty as a demolition expert conducting a tooth extraction using dynamite. Devastating! – See more at:


  23. I hope Doyle gets his confidence back. I hope he does well on Friday.


  24. MrAussieWolf says:

    Oh how things have changed in only one week.
    I seem to recall the theme of the report of our previous outing vs Sheffield United was all about Bakary Sako and how he is vital for us if we want to return to the championship. This result begs to differ.
    I am not saying we should get rid of him. I am saying that we have other quality players (McDonald, Griffiths, Doherty, Batth) who are capable of leading a promotion charge.
    Long may this form continue, UTW


  25. martin says:

    Well done Thomas and thanks for the highlights video; a great help especially for those living outside of the uk.
    What i thought was the most telling thing in the whole game was Ikeme’s reaction to his penalty save. The game was pretty much over but he was extatic about preserving the clean sheet and the players celebrated like we’d won the cup.
    For me, this new attitude is the most important change under King Kenny. The players now put their bodies on the line to block shots; no more half hearted foot stuck out or the Ward turn your back and hope it hits you up the arse technique. They’ve got one mission every game, to score more than the opposition. And any goal they do concede is taken as an insult.
    Absolutely brilliant.
    Also loved the Colchester supporter’s opinion as in SOIAW above, ” Having seen Orient four times this season, I can comfortably predict that Wolves and Posh will occupy the automatic promotion spots. ”


  26. dorsetwolf says:

    Spot on Martin it`s great to see that attitude burning through the team.

    Another brill weekend,looking forward to keeping it going.

    COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. NY Wolf says:

    Mates, I see we are doing the one minute applause for one of my all time favorites tomorrow.
    I wish like hell I could be there to give Ron and Malcolm a cheer as well, but I dont care how big a pratt I look (Its not hard), I shall calibrate and wearing suitable Wolves gear I shall add my lonely solo applause to it. Stupid maybe but I can tell you fer sure there will be tears in my eyes.
    Any other ex pats up for it????

    Now let me check where i will be!!!

    Lets do it again for Peter tomorrow.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Does living in Wiltshire qualify me for the ex pats’ club?

      Well, I don’t care – at 7.45pm the present Mrs DG’er and myself will put our hands together and raise a glass (could get a bit messy) to one of the Wolves greats.

      Although I do think it’s a bit of a shame that they didn’t arrange it for the Coventry game.
      There would have been a big crowd and a lot of pre-match passion.

      It just seems a bit sad to do it in front of a mostly empty stadium with half of our first team missing.


      • NY Wolf says:

        Wiltshire qualifies DOOG.
        Yes i thought the same about the game selected, for me if they did it at every home game for the rest of the season it wouldnt be enough.

        Try to stop Moxey knocking but I am sure he had to go look him up on Google.

        Lets all raise one or two to Peter the great.


  28. Everything was good about Saturdays performance but the best thing of all was I had a fiver on 0-3 with William Hill.. 14-1 shot..

    Happy days are here again.


  29. NY Wolf says:

    I meant to toss in a hand grenade.

    Martin mentioned our old “friend” Ward…………..any one missed him????? lol

    From the limited amount I have been able to see and glean it does seem to me our team and defence is playing with more conviction since his departure. His presence on the field as left back was I think more damaging to morale and team spirit than even I thought. What was the point when they could run at us at will down our left. How many goals did we concede from there. Every time they ran at our left flank a goal was always on the cards. I still have nightmares about it. As a left back he never got turned much because he was never there they were usually already past him.

    Anyone heard how he is doing at Brighton cant reacall is it a loan or did we flog him. Please dont let him come back ever. Certainly not as a left back.


  30. Sleachy says:

    Just realised there’s no predictions for the game tonight as it’s not a real match, but balls to it i’ll tell you what i put on at the bookies and hopefully it’ll come off tonight!

    2-0 the lads, siggy to score first. 28/1. COME ON ME BABBIES!!!


    • john payne says:

      It’s difficult to forecast the scorecast with any confidence until we know the team. Apparently Jackett may well start Griffiths, and also give Cassidy a run out – even Macalinden.
      I reckon we’ll win by more than 2 whoever plays, but do agree we’ll keep another clean sheet.


    • Sleachy says:

      oh bugger. at least i got glasto tickets!


  31. That was probably one of the worst games of football I have ever seen.
    It shows just how far we have fallen..
    Notts county were shit…
    We were a lot worse.

    Another team who have come to Molineux this season and out played us.

    It doesn’t matter though its only the JPT A cup we should be walking away with this season along with the league..

    Jackett claims he knows this league ??

    Not well enough in my opinion.


  32. And for those who say sell Sako it Doesn’t matter….we are a better team without him.

    Missed him tonight if only for a pen…


  33. NY Wolf says:

    Buggar, I fancied a bit of silver this year.

    I guess we just cant get it up for the cup!


  34. AJ WOLF says:

    Jackett: “lads we could probably do without the extra games, who’s up for sticking one wide?”

    Conspiracy theory aside, does anyone else think Ebanks-Landell has graduated from the Christophe Berra school of man handling opposition players?

    Seriously though, worst game ever. Ethan was fantastic and Carl was as solid as ever. Everyone else should have a good look at themselves.


  35. Ledbury Lupus says:

    …….but I wanted to go to Wembley.
    Oh well there’s always next year because based on that performance Wolves won’t be getting out of this league any time soon.


    • Hamlet says:

      Based on the league tally from the last ten games we will ;) Don’t get me wrong, I watched that too, I should have just gone out for the night like I should be doing at uni but instead…

      Seriously though that performance was unforgivable and the penalties atrocious – I’m with AJ on this, them throwing the game is the only logical explanation to come to mind!


  36. colin says:

    Second half betterish. Ikeme usual brick wall. Ebanks-Landell interestingly good in last half hour. Penalties criminal. How did Cassidy manage to score any goals for Tranmere ? (needed post match refreshment has been taken ).


  37. Wolves4ever says:

    I didnt go to Colchester game, but the Notts County loss was how we have been playing for several weeks now. The poor performances have been masked by getting wins (and 3 points is all that matters). I would love to get to wembley to see wolves play (and win) as Cardiff 2003 was one of the greatest days. Hopefully last nights poor performance was just a blip and KJ can sort them out.


  38. Sevlow says:

    I have been in Turkey for the last 2 weeks and we have won, came back Monday and we lost on Tuesday. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    As I am obviously giving out bad Ju-Ju when I am in the UK I can only suggest you all club together and send me abroad for a few days before and after matches. Not been to France, Germany, Italy, Hawaii, Hong Kong etc

    P.S. I like to travel first class so dig deep.

    Love and peace to all



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