Wolves 2 Sheffield United 0

First rule of Bakary Sako is: you do not doubt Bakary Sako.

Bakary Sako Wolves

The second rule of Bakary Sako is: you DO NOT doubt Bakary Sako.

Five goals, three assists and less than than a quarter of the season played, yet an utterly perplexing number still refuse to obey these simple guidelines.

You all have to admit it though: spectacularly good or eye-wateringly bad, Sako is the star of the show. The headline act. The man you came to see.

An hour of comedy yesterday, followed by a thrilling 30-minute conclusion made this most recent episode worthy of the ticket price alone.

In a game which saw him trip over his own laces, scuff a corner straight out of play and surrender possession more times than Sam Ricketts climbs shoulders, he was still quaffing the Man of the Match champers come 5 o’clock.

And that’s because the two telling contributions were his. A 50 yard gallop and inch perfect cross for Leigh Griffiths and an injury time missile that appropriately added his name to the credits.

I’ve said it before that moments are what make being a football fan worthwhile.

And it’s because of players like Sako who manufacture these moments that you remember what were otherwise drab and entirely forgettable fixtures.

Make no mistake about it, this was League One dross of the very highest order up until the opening goal.

The only thing that made it worth watching was wondering what our number 10 would do the next time he had the ball.

And whether it’s a sky high cross to nobody in particular or a wayward shot from the halfway line, I will always forgive him for trying.

Because if you don’t have players like him, what are you left with?

I’ll tell you: dull, predictable football. A goalkeeper and 10 robots all playing the percentages.

Thanks but no thanks.

I paid for a show.



  1. Banbury Wolves says:

    In first??…happy Saturday again, only spoiled by my coupon going down thanks to Manure losing to some team or another??…not a great start by all accounts but picked up after half time and normal service was resumed…despite KJ saying we are still a work in progress we are 3rd in the league with only one loss to our names…would love to see what we do when we are on top form!!

    As ever, UTW!!


    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      My fourth home game on the trot, next one will be in 3 weekends time thats the trouble with shift work f.cks up your social life but the reason why I’ve mentioned by working pattern is this. The 4 games I’ve seen 3 we’ve been really lucky 1 we lost and deserved to. My enforced break only serves to heighten by fear that the games in between will be no different if Jacckett doesn’t settle on a formation and the best 2 up front and most important of all try and get someone with some balls on loan in midfield. Midfield is we’re our main problem lys Edwards came in and ran round like a headless chicken I would not play Edwards again and here’s why yes I know what your going to say he’s just come back from injury, your right and there in lys the problem he’s injury prone and his bottle has gone as far as going in for those crunch 50 50 tackles he proved it on Saturday hes not a ball winning midfielder never has been and never will be. Jackett also needs to give Cassidy a chance not 10 minutes here and there, we got a proven goal scorer on our books at this level nearly a goal a game he averaged at Tranmere and Jacckett either has him on the bench or gives him ten minutes four more than Dean but still if I was him I would be thinking what do I have to do to get a chance if it was me Griffiths would star every game and then it would be down to Siggy or Cassidiy, Doyle well you know how I feel about Doyle he come on again and the amble around doing his usual little flicks, at one point he was in the middle gave it out to the wing and then instead of bollocking into the box like any goal hungry striker would do he just jogged slighting till by the time he got to the edge of the box the move had come to nothing and he was being passed by both sets of players as the keeper took a goal kick I could of got in the box quicker from my seat high up in the Stan Cullis stand I said to the bloke next to me having fore warned him ” do you see what I mean about Doyle, yea your right he said I’ve never noticed before ”


      • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

        So it looks like Henry for Sako if the club sell him now we can kiss promotion good bye he’s the most creative player we have and he’s joint top scorer and he’s also infuriating at the same time but if we cash in now then we are destined for the play offs at best. My argument if I was the club would be why go to Forest if it was a Premier club then fair play but stick with us and we be there ourselves next season. Some how I don’t thing the M and M will try that hard especially with £4,000,000 on the table but mark me words with Sako there’s always a chance of him getting us us out of the shit. Without him were just the same as any other team in League One.


        • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

          To all those who’ll say one man doesn’t make a team your right but Sako made one and scored one against Sheffield Utd that’s the difference he makes he shit the rest of the game but who cares.


  2. Wolfman Steve says:

    A good summary Thomas. The Express & Star online reckon that the Wolves were booed off at half time but from my seat in the Billy Wright stand it seemed apparent that it was the ref who was being booed. He made some outrageous decisions to the point where my daughter was asking me if it was conceivable that he had been bribed! Anyway the second half was loads better. When they went in at half time I was thinking that now was the time that Kenny Jackett needed to prove his mettle, and I think he did. So much more lively after the break with Goldbourne overlapping and Sako seemed to be even more determined to work some magic, which of course he did. He only needs to do something like that a couple of times a match and he’s worth his weight in gold.


  3. Andy Woggle says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. For the first 50 minutes or so ,Sako was nowhere to be seen. But to be fair neither were any others in our midfield. The amount of time Sheffield had on the ball in the first half, you’d think they had 16 players on the park..And then he goes and does exactly the reason that we NEED him on the field. A deadly assist followed by a rocket of a shot to kill the game.

    There were a group of lads behind me in the Southbank spending the entire afternoon slating and even BOOING Sako every time he got the ball. I had pointed out that you don’t hear a million Barcelona supporters bemoaning Messi’s lacking in tracking back or being useless in defence but to no avail (I’m not comparing the two by the way.Just an analogy)..But still the constant complaints whenever he was near the ball. Until of course, that shot. And then they were singing his name.

    Make your minds up.

    He can be inconsistent.He can’t ( or doesn’t) defend. But we need his goals.We need his assists.And we need his pace on the flanks

    I wasn’t at all happy with the first half yesterday. We looked asleep. But again, we win when were outplayed. And kept a clean sheet to boot.

    We’ll be alright



  4. Agree completely.
    We were dreadful, the only players I thought did well were Golbourne and Ikeme. Everyone else was mediocre or poor.
    But yet like you say, Sako produced 2 moments of magic and in the end that was enough.
    I’m not sure whether I’m encouraged by how many points we have considering how shite we’ve been or worried that we’ll get found out.
    Either way it’s still nice to watch the Wolves win again!


  5. theDOOGooder says:

    Nice one Thomas.
    We obviously watched the same game.
    And as I was there, I’ve added my match report.


    Anybody seen a hairdryer for sale on eBay recently?
    ‘One careful, elderly, recently retired owner who speaks in an almost unintelligible Scottish accent and has a nose like a Belisha Beacon’.
    Well I think Kenny Jackett must have snapped it up because whatever he did or said to the pathetic shower that were wearing the Old Gold and black in the first half certainly did the trick.
    Fergie, eat your heart out.
    I don’t know what the possession stats were in the first half were, but Barcelona…. sorry, Sheffield United, it’s just that we made them look like Barcelona, played the ball around like world beaters and we hoofed possession away like we were the Wolves side of last season.
    And it doesn’t get any worse than that.
    Sako was a liability, giving the ball away in dangerous areas on a regular basis.
    Doherty seemed only to want to pass any ball he received back to Ikeme.
    Siggy – who let’s face it is quite a big bugger – never got anywhere near winning any of the hopeless, long high balls that were booted aimlessly in his general direction. And Griffiths just never got a pass.
    Our midfield was non-existent…
    I could go on.
    But Oh!, how it all changed in the second half.
    Doyle came on for Siggy and immediately made a difference, holding the ball up and using it intelligently. The midfield – most notably our recruit from Sheffield United – started to pass the ball to players in gold shirts…and put under pressure, United started to look rather disunited.
    This is getting a bit lengthy so I’ll cut to the chase.
    Our first goal was a bit fortunate, their ‘keeper made a bit of a ‘Rough’ of it. But Griffiths did what any good striker does – put it away.
    We should have had a penalty just before the disallowed goal when a scintillating Griffith’s run ended with his shot quite clearly hitting the hand of a defender.
    Sako scored one of the best goals I have seen in my many years of visiting the shrine.
    If we play like we did in the first half we will end up nearer the bottom of the division than the top.
    Sako can be a liability.
    If we play like we did in the last half an hour we will be promoted.
    Griffiths is a class act and will score shedloads of goals given the right service.
    Ikeme is turning into the complete goalkeeper – his shot stopping and command of the area was superb yesterday. His distribution is something he needs to work on.
    Goldbourne has potential – his linking with Sako in the second half was excellent.
    Sako can be brilliant.
    In the words of the immortal Tony Soprano “What are you gonna do?”
    Also, the present Mrs DG’er again predicted the correct result and score.
    And finally, after the match, Martin myself and two rather tasty females repaired to the best hotel in Wolverhampton and ate and drank ourselves stupid.

    Don’t tell the wives!

    It’s great being a Wolves fan, isn’t it!!!

    PS. I always new that I should have been a football coach.
    I took some video footage of the game which is now on Youtube and gave Sako some very sage advice 3 minutes and 15 seconds into the film. He took it on board and a couple of minutes later scored an absolute screamer.


    “I thank you!”


    • Thanks Doog and Thomas for the video links.
      Very interesting to see McDonald before the corner is taken leading to Sako’s goal (Doog’s clip). He tells Sako where the gap will be and where he will deliver the ball – that is brilliant foresight and organisation, so when the ball gets headed out to McDonald, he doesn’t even look before laying the ball off into the perfect spot. (To be followed by a cracking shot!)


    • US Wolf says:

      Thanks for the clip DOOGooder.
      Also watched some of your other stuff on you tube. Particularly Johnny Marr.
      I was, and remain, a big fan of the Smiths and Marr’s guitar playing.
      I saw them several times at Wolverhampton Civic Hall.


      • theDOOGooder says:

        Cheers US Wolf!
        Good to see Marr back on the circuit. He can certainly still cut it.

        Smiths reunion anyone?


  6. I think we were poor and asleep first half which had me shouting at Jackett as he walked down the tunnel “sort em out” His face was like thunder when he went in for half time..

    He made the change of bringing Doyle on who was motm for me… he kept hold of the ball while the rest got forward and to be honest we owned the 2nd half completely… for me the result was never in doubt 2nd half such was our play..

    Sako… Yes I found myself calling him lazy at half time, poor balls and giving away possession. BUT… Like you say Thomas it could be a strike from him or an assist which wins us promotion and when he hits them like that its a match winner all the way. Can we afford to be without him ? I think possibly not…

    I thought Cassidy did ok too when he came on…

    I was there with my Brother in law who happens to be a lifelong Man City fan.. Not this fault he is from Manchester and has always been Blue… Interesting that his comment also at half time was “there’s no midfield mate” He came away at the end saying how much he enjoyed the 2nd half and “It shows what Wolves can do”….


    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      Doyle man of the match you’ve got to be joking he plays like a midfielder spends most of the time either on the wing or in the middle not up front where stickers are supposed to play he gets drawn out of position to easily and then instead of bollocking in the box has a leisurely stroll so when he eventually gets there its all over. He’s the worsed sticker we’ve ever had even worse the John Paskin and that’s saying something. Have you actually watched him his movement is static at best his shooting awfull he hit the corner flag against Walsall near enough. If I was you I’d get yourself down to specsavers 2 for 1 and need I mention his goal tally, how many. You said it yourself he kept hold of the ball while the rest got forward that’s his job to get forward get in the box, look up the definition of STRIKER !


  7. dave h says:

    Goldbourne’s best display in a Wolves shirt to date , however Wolves still struggle in the middle of the park.
    First half we showed little flair or imagination, side ways, backwards no penetration or supply to the front two. I hear WM Radio were claiming Jack Price had a good game, that was not my opinion, thought the game passed him by and was totally ineffective, Edwards did little better.
    Not sure what the solution is, Davies has the potential to be the ball winner, but often gives the ball away once he has won it.
    At the moment who do we play in the middle of the park with Mcdonald?


    • carl wolves says:

      I thought Price played really well in the second half when we actually started to pass through the midfield and not totally bypass it with hopeless long balls. Still don’t think we’ve got anything like the right shape and balance to the team yet. However, Jackett has had to totally rebuild the squad and we’re sitting pretty, joint second in the league having nowhere near clicked yet so I think on the whole things are looking very positive.


  8. Well – who cares if we played crap?! 3 points everytime for me – besides it could be worse, could be a Derby fan… UTW


  9. Declan says:

    Agree that Price was ‘totally ineffective & the game passed him by’ – in the first half (same for the rest of the team), but he played well 2nd half – made some telling passes.


  10. andrewwfc says:

    Good write up Tom, I will be sure to heed your words in future. We’d be a much less entertaining side without Sako in, that is for sure.

    Thought Doyle once again underlined just how important he is for us, he links up the play between midfield and attack and is vastly underrated by most Wolves fans. First name on the teamsheet for Colchester please!

    Regarding Price, started slowly and then he grew in to the game, looking much more impressive in the second half. To be honest, not sure you can ask much more of a 20 yr old making his full home debut!


  11. Declan says:

    Very true Andrew, think he shows great potential. And thought Price linked up well with Doherty, who seemed to get forward much more in the 2nd half.


  12. Had to follow this one with surreptious glances at my mobile phone which occurred about every 2 minutes so i didnt really get away with it. Thanks for some great reports and telling reactions (even Doogs worth a read). Considering the midfield has been misfiring bit surprised Jack Price has had to wait so long after playing well in the friendlies. While not playing that well as a team seems we have indivduals capable of match winning contribution.


  13. mick the wolf says:

    If you had watched Sako in the first half you would have given him free to forest but the shear fun and above all talent he produces when probably he and us least expect makes him worth his weight in gold. He makes us smile and its been so long since we have. If ever he becomes consistant we are as good as up.
    Also so good to see Doyle come on and look class and change the game, this is where we are lucky we have big players that change games even if overall we play average. I was also impressed with young Price he always wants the ball and trys to pass quickly and was always talking to those around him , looks very promising.


  14. Sheffieldwolf says:

    Have to agree with your analysis Thomas. Just as I was about to say to the missus that I’d be happy with a point considering how dire we’d been up steps the truly brilliant side of sako to grab the game by the scruff of the neck.

    Three points wolves got and three points I took home.

    1. Our midfield is lacking bite too often in the first half we lost ball cheaply and only McDonald was tackling back.

    2. How nice is it to be in a league where our mistakes don’t get punished! Where we can gift teams possession safe in the knowledge that there strikers won’t tear us a new one every time. Makes a pleasant change from the last two seasons!

    3. Not selling sako and griffiths might be the best transfer deal wolves have done in years. Kudos for Kenny jacket. If we can keep hold of them in January and they stay fit (and out of prison) we should secure promotion.

    Finally, it was a decent atmosphere at the ground although quiet at some points. But the small minority of idiots spoiled it in town after the game. We’ve won two nil is there any need to start a bleeding riot!


  15. Clive from Houston says:

    Once again, walked around all weekend with an inane grin on me face!!
    Nothing makes me bounce on air like another win.
    Cannot wait to get to work tomorrow and take the piss out of the unbeatable Houston Texans, who have now been stuffed twice in a row!!! It helps that they play in blue and white (with a bit of red thrown in )
    Saw the goals from both sides of the pitch, and big thanks to senor Doog for your wonderful contribution.
    Try screaming abuse a bit earlier in the game next time.
    I have to say Sako’s goal was fuckin’ brill!!! All goals are good goals, but when a screamer like that nearly rips a hole in the net, it brings goosebumps to the hairs on yer neck.
    Fabulous way to finish a game.
    Who’s next for the chopping block?


  16. Ade In China says:

    I have to say that it’s so nice to have that winning feeling back!
    Not since our promotion winning campaign of several years ago, and glimpses of our first season in the Prem have I been so excited!

    Am I the only one wondering what will happen come January? Surely we MUST keep Sako?


  17. Kowloon Wolf says:

    Well played the lads. A nice win, and it looked comfortable in the end, but we rode our luck in the first half (making this the latest in a string of performances where we’ve arguably had the lion’s share of Lady Luck).

    Super strike by Sako. That’s added another half a million to his price-tag then!


  18. Steve showcase says:

    It’s the points that will count at the end of the season but if we have a financially under nourished team then players like Sako become relevant..
    If he plays like a dick half the match then it’s down to coaching..sure we need him but the standard of football and all our criticisms reflect just where the Wolves are at the moment.
    Hanging on to our heritage by lack of re sources lack of real money with of course truely fantastic fans..
    We need either a wealthy new owner, a shit hot youth regime, or luck in buying at least 3 new players from the lower leages..

    Whoops loI…I forgot …we are in the lower leagues ….


  19. martin says:

    Thanks Thomas and Doog for the reports and video footage. Go along with all of that.
    Here’s my view on the game.
    Ikeme showed once again he’s just about the best keeper in this division and has got, according to the well practiced eye of the present Mrs DGer, the best bum as well.
    The back four was solid and Golbourne is developing nicely as an attacking threat down the left . Doherty for me though was poor; looks as if a break would do him good.
    The midfield was awful in the first half and the game passed by a very nervous Price. In the second he started to pull the strings from deep with a lovely eye for a pass and showed huge potential. McDonald was his usual class act.
    Up front Siggy got his chance and blew it big time. He’s got height, power and pace and a good level of skill but he didn’t use any of it. He needs a kick up the arse. As a result, the diminutive Griffiths didn’t have a chance. Give him the right man alongside( a la Toshack and Keegan for example) and he will score shed loads.
    Doyle changed the game and is vital. If only he could score goals.
    Sako was at his mercurial, enigmatic best. Mind boggling bad at times but his goal was sheer class and worth the admission fee alone.
    The positive is that we’re winning while this very young side is still learning the ropes. That bodes extremely well for the future.


  20. theDOOGooder says:

    The one thing that all of us here agree on is that it’s vital we keep our best players, and hopefully add a few, in the January window for us to have a chance of promotion.
    I am starting to get concerned that the performances that Ikeme is putting in will start to attract the attention of Championship – and Premiership if it comes to that – clubs.
    He’s sort of been under the radar up until now but good goalkeepers are like gold dust and the top two divisions aren’t exactly bulging with top class shot stoppers.
    I know that it’s his job but, without his saves this season, we could be third from bottom, not third from top.
    I worry that because we have Hennessey and McCarey in reserve, the two Ms will reason that we can afford to let him go.
    But quite frankly he’s a class above the other two and I would be much happier to see Hennessey go for a reasonable sum than lose the ability (and buns) of Ikeme.


  21. theDOOGooder says:

    An interesting development I’ve just read is that Strait is lining up a loan deal for a certain Mr Henry.
    Don’t panic Clive! – It’s the Millwall right winger and midfielder, James.
    Not a bad shout by the look of it.

    But we still need a proven ball winner.


  22. Yorkshire Wolf says:

    Babysteps !, We’re heading the right direction but I refuse to get carried away it’s just so refreshing to see us picking up yet another three points, We’ve bounced back from that shambolic home defeat against Walsall with back to back victories and that’s all you can ask for.

    Griffiths goal may well have had an element of luck about it but it’s pleasing to see him find the net again, We’ll need him to continue to plunder the goals for the remainder of the season, Sako’s strike was a joy to be hold, But I find him one of the most frustrating players I’ve seen one minute he’s a genius the next he’s falling over his laces.

    For now I’m enjoying the ride, This football club is putting a smile on supporters faces once again and after the last few years I think we’ll all take sitting in 3rd in League One currently.


  23. Brilliant Thomas. Not much point in me commenting as I would be repeating much of what you have said, obviously not as well put. The ultimate luxury player at his enigmatic best. Ridiculous to the sublime, but he won us the game. The only thing I’d say to Kenny is for god’s sake don’t start him so deep. If there’s one place you don’t want Sako it’s running across his own box with his down!


  24. BAZZA (Selly Oak) says:

    Thanks Thomas and for your response to my last question. Ben has gone quiet on Mr Sako, is he waiting for the next bad game? It will happen, could be the next match, hope we get a balanced reaction this time. #excrement.


  25. dorsetwolf says:

    Probably the best goal scored this weekend at any level.
    Overall we struggled to beat a team who are bottom of the league,but proves we have the right attitude and will to get in where it hurts(something we`ve lacked for donkeys years).
    A couple of quality loan players would really make a difference.

    COME ON YOU WOLVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Sako`s goal wasn`t bad either.


  26. Clive from Houston says:

    Over the last two seasons we lost a few games.
    After every loss came the blog, followed by usually well over 100 comments.
    This season, the blog is struggling to get to 40 comments after yet another win, and this with a team still coming to terms with it’s own identity and playing style.
    Where are the plaudits from those who derided and ridiculed for the past few years?
    I freely admit to manager/player/management bashing, but praise when due, the current incumbents (greasel aside) are doing the business, and I am enjoying watching us win again.
    Are the missing hordes so dumbstruck that their typing fingers are frozen, or are they the inverted snob variety, only “happy” when Wolves are losing?
    Come on, lads and lassies, lets enjoy it while we can, coz with my typical Wolves fan philosophy, it could all go tits up very soon!!


    • theDOOGooder says:

      You’ve driven them all away Clive!


    • Steve L Biles says:

      I noticed that too mate. When we were losing regularly, there were loads on here complaining to hell and some quite nasty comments too. I also get the feeling that they are only happy when they have something to complain about.

      Having said that, we aint playing well, but the points are still coming in. I can’t wait until we settle and play cracking football, we will then see the prediction league predictions be something like you’ve been saying now 5-0, etc lol

      UTW and because you forgot AGAIN ……. FOWB. Remember, you can swear like fuck now Clive as your mate has left the blog!!!


  27. theDOOGooder says:

    If nobody feels the need to comment on the Wolves at the moment, can we all spare a thought for Nigel Clough?
    He’s done a damn good job at Derby for years on virtually no budget at all, in fact he has been told by the owners to cut his existing budget right back.
    During his time there he has brought through a useful crop of youngsters.
    Now, when there is a chance of reaping the rewards of his work, he’s been given the push and replaced by Steve McBrolly!

    What is all that about?!


    • NY Wolf says:

      Totally agree, has learned his trade well, built Burton into League team, took over at Derby when a real mess. Stabilized them and slowly built a solid foundation. The guys there must be nut.


  28. NY Wolf says:

    OK so apparently we are not playing well all the time and have had some pretty ropy periods, but we are gathering the points. Buillding this kind of attitude and winning points when perhaps we shouldnt is the key to many succesful teams. Hats of and congratulations to KJ for this. Lets not forget all the games in the past 2/3 years when we deserved a point maybe a win and got nothing. Bad luck we called it but it isnt. Its a mind set. How many times have we seen Man U win when they shouldnt. It was one of Sie Alexs real strong points.

    Keep it going KJ the key to league football is and always has been picking up points you do not always deserve. Still early days for me but if we can keep this going during the Winter slog and i think we will, Championship here we come. For me a win is a win is a win.


  29. NY Wolf says:

    Terrible news today regarding one of my Schoolboy heroes.
    RIP Peter Broadbent, one of the greats and a legend as far as I am concerned. Condolences to your family and friends.
    God Bless you Peter.


  30. john payne says:

    The new signing seems to be sensible, don’t know what Ismail will think of it, but we just need to keep improving, and get more goals scored.
    The midfield is still a problem, altho apparently Kenny Jacket thinks Price was our best player last Saturday. That bears out his good form in pre season, so let’s hope he can keep it up. Edwards still anonymous even when he is fit – O’Hara played a blinder for the U21s against Reading – I’m prepared to give him a chance now, why not, we’re paying his wages and if he does well it will increase his value, so could be sold in January – win-win or what ?


  31. Steve L Biles says:

    I am only writing another post to keep Clive happy by trying to raise the overall
    N umber of posts to something reasonable.

    J ustifiably we are in the position we are in the league not due to our immense style of play
    A nd our fantastic football but mainly due to our tenacity and without a doubt a very large
    C hunk of good luck. Picking up the points we have is very pleasing and goes down to our
    K eeper being in good form. Some of the saves he has pulled off have been great. It is
    E ven more pleasing for me to be able to feel this way – I haven’t felt this good for quite some
    T ime now and being able to smile when I leave a match is great. My journey home usually
    T akes 3 hours and it is a good journey home now, unlike last season.

    W ithout a doubt we are moving forward. Ok, we are in the 3rd tier so we probably should be
    E xpecting to do well – but what has happened over the last few seasons maybe we shouldn’t.

    T o be quite honest, I was not expecting us to have this many points at this stage and I
    R eally thought we would be struggling to get used to a different pace and style of play.
    U nderstandably, we all want to achieve promotion straight away, but if we don’t I do not
    S ee that as a failing. I believe in our manager, I believe he will get us playing much better, I
    T rust him to balance out the side. It will take time and can not happen overnight.



  32. theDOOGooder says:

    Still trying to drum up some comment here.
    Did anyone see the under 21’s game last night and, if so, was Jamie O’Hara looking like he could add something to the first team?
    Do we think that he has learned a bit of humility and would we welcome him back if he decided to cut the crap and give his all for the cause?


    • NY Wolf says:

      Bloody good question Doog, Its one of those we have to leave to KJ and respect his judgement.

      We know O’Hara has character flaws, but we also know he can turn it on when he needs to get a conract and can’t be assed at other times.

      Part of me says lets get something out of him, the other parts says he is tainted goods and he is already gone. Would have to talk with they guy to decide.

      Maybe if he would throw in a paycut.


  33. Wolves4ever says:

    Too young to see Peter Broadbent play, but reading Martin Swain article in the Express and Star made me realise what an amazing player he must have been. My thoughts are with his family and friends


  34. dorsetwolf says:

    Sorry to lose you Peter,it wasn`t at the same time but you and Waggy would have worked well together and I`m sure you`ll be in the 1st team together up there.

    My sincere condolences go out to his family.

    Footballing memories to treasure forever.

    Thanks Peter.


  35. Incognito says:

    Just heard the very sad news that Peter Broadbent has passed away. Firstly sincere condolences to his family and friends. Will send flowers to Molineux. Not old enough to see that great team of the 59s that made Wolverhampton Wanderers FC such a proud and feared team. What I do remember is growing up in the 70s hearing dads tell of those wonderful players. Wright, Mullen, Flowrers, Clamp, Williams, and of course the very talented Peter Broadbent. They say he had a great left foot and was very skilful. Well Peter, god bless you and thanks for making me, Wolves, Wolverhampton and England so proud to have been associated with you a true footballing maestro! So very proud to be a Wolves fan and thank god the day I stepped on the terraces at Molineux, when I think of players like Peter, Waggy, Frank and Doog and all the other Wolves players who have passed away recently.


  36. colin says:

    I didnt see Peter Broadbent play but older members of the family always spoke of him with a glint in the eye.

    Trying to get to grips with the enigmatic goals on saturday could only get Doogs coverage. Still a bit fogged but the echoes of french new wave cinema and Guy deBords society of spectacle much appreciated.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Thanks for the crit Colin.
      I see myself more in the style of Bunuel, Cocteau and Man Ray; with a touch of Fellini thrown in for good measure.

      Some of the football I watched in the first half was certainly surreal enough to feature in one of their masterpieces.


  37. colin says:

    The debate on Doyle rumbles on. My support for him probably does him few favours but i want to raise several aspects. He isnt scoring enough goals and he is probably past his best but for 2 seasons he probably contributed as much as anyone to keeping us in the premier league. Also i clearly remember the antics of Henri Camara, a fans favourite, who when Wolves were relegated just point blank refused to play for the club again. I havent met Doyle myself but i have spoken to people who have and they say he is one of the most unassuming,modest and dedicated of footballers. In recent weeks i have considered offering Thomas a signed match worn shirt for a competition just to see how many fans would want it.


    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      He’s a lovely bloke I know people who have meet him my brother in law for one, but thats may be the problem hes not ruthless enough, im not bothered if if gives all his wages to kids charity as long as he does what he’s supposed to do on the pitch and he’s not .He’s not prolific enough he’s a striker, strikers are supposed to score goals ask yourself this why did Sunderland buy Fletcher because he is a proven goalscorer , Sunderland didnt buy him because he’s a nice bloke, as for keeping us in the Premier League again how many did he score ! Flecther kept us in the Premier League the last 2 seasons with his goals and that why he’s not here now. Sentiment is the scourge of this club it has been for years I refer to Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal one of the reasons why there so successful is they don’t get hung up on sentiment when your past your best or on the wane your out that’s it’s the club is bigger than any player that why Fergie was so successfull reputations counted for nothing and that’s how it should be.


      • Allen says:

        Game changer Doyle on Vital Wolves match report, man of the match in the B’ham Evening Mail, KJ also said Doyle changed the game holding the ball up and directing play. Most of the teams who come to Molineux either put three men on him or send him flying when he runs past them.

        Doyle is a quality player & for me is our greatest assett. I am so glad we have him. If he does’ nt play w’ell just have a repeat of the 1st half performance on Saturday.

        Like most players he has off days but consistently he gives his all for the team, helping out at the back, taking the ball from midfield & setting up goals. We would not have won games this season if he had not been playing. Sheff Utd the latest example.

        I really don’t know where your view of him is coming from but to me its inexplicable, I do not understand it, & we watch the same game!


        • Steve L Biles says:

          I have said so many times now – Doyle is an attacking midfielder NOT a striker.

          However, it is because he actually is a Striker by definition that causes all this anxiety. If he were listed as a Midfielder no-one would have a problem with him.

          I consider him a class act, but I do not consider him a Striker. He should play in front of the midfield and carry on doing as he is doing.

          I rate the man, but we should not utilise him as a Striker.

          Sorry about this rant, but that’s my opinion.



          • NY Wolf says:

            I agree Doyle is what I call a sniffer (no disrespect) he has always been at is best from a goal scoring perspective feeding of other strikers knock downs and scraps.
            I like his work rate and ethics but an out and out striker he is not. Mad mick sacrificed him in the lone striker role and in my opinion really hurt his game. He deserves a chance to earn his place with KJ


          • dave h says:

            Spot on, he would do a job just behind the front two, when he came on against Sheffield we started to show some purpose with his attacking from midfield.


  38. Banbury Wolves says:

    I see Forrest have come back sniffing around Sako, a rumoured 93 day loan followed buy a purchase when the window opens is all over twitter, lets hope KJ is allowed to make the decision on this without Greasel being allowed to rock the boat this season.

    Respects to Peter Broadbents family, I didn’t see him play but many, many people say he was a special player…if there are football leagues up there we must be sitting pretty at the moment!



    • Clive from Houston says:

      Mark Kendall, George Showell, Billy Wright, Stan Cullis, Bill Shorthouse, Peter Braodbent, Norman Deeley, Frank Munro, David Wagstaffe, Derek Dougan.
      Now those beloved ex players would give any team on earth a run for their money.
      Hope they are looking down and laughing at the present day antics of dickheads such as Torres.
      Apart from the occasional bloodrush to the Doog’s head, I don’t recall those listed above ever giving refs much grief.
      RIP and thanks for the memories, we will never see the likes of you again.


      • Tettenhall Wolf says:

        And that doesn’t even include Jimmy Mullen!!


      • NY Wolf says:

        Doog the absolute ultimate defenders nightmare I recal quite few occasions when i was down the front and up close and personal with the play, it was then you could really see his strengths in regular play. He was naturally gangly and all arms, elbows and knees, not used deliberately, it was just the way he was made. I used to imagine in my dreams how the hell I would try to defend against him.

        It is also my opinion that on corners and balls into the box he was fouled at least 50% of the time but they we rarely if ever given. I think Refs got immune to it and just thought “Oh its just Dougan”. Yet I never saw him dive or make more of it. Would love to have seen him in the modern era, there is no doubt he would have still scored plenty.


  39. theDOOGooder says:

    I don’t care what anybody says about Sako.
    When he can score goals like that one on Saturday, he HAS to stay at Wolves until January at the very least.
    He must NOT be allowed to go out on loan.
    If some team comes in with an offer that Moxey can’t refuse in the transfer window, then I suppose he will want to go, but letting our joint top scorer out on loan now would be madness.


  40. johnok says:

    God rest in peace our peter the great,never saw him play but growing up in the fifties heard some great things of what he used to do with the ball,don’t know if true but they said he’d beat a player then he’d sit on the ball,would have been great to witness that if true.
    Our hearts go out to his family on this sad occasion,He’s at peace now.


  41. robin says:

    Saw Peter Broadbent play fantastic midfielder.
    Looks as if Sako’s goal may have been his swan song.
    Seems he is definitely on his way to Forest, loan then permanent.
    Also interesting comment from Staale about Morgan.
    Jackett will have no say in the matter am sure.


  42. Harry Green says:

    Really sad to hear of Peter Broadbent’s death. I only saw him a few times (he was a little before even my time) but I remember him as a fantastic player.

    Which reminds me: does anyone else remember the chant on the North Bank back in the late 60s, with one half shouting “Peter Knowles” quickly followed by the other half shouting “Burnside”? They both seemed to be fighting over the No 10 shirt if recall correctly.

    Personally, although there’s no doubt he could be a bit of a prat, he certainly fancied himself as Yorkshire’s answer to George Best, Peter Knowles’ flair won every time. And, Dave Burnside starting his career at the Baggies never really endeared him to me.


    • Harry Green says:

      I see Dave Burnside finished his career as a UKIP candidate in Bristol – looks like his brief spell with Wolves did little to improve his taste in friends ;0)



    • NY Wolf says:

      “Give it to Knowles, we want Goooals”
      He had such presence on the ball, and arrogance. As you say he could be a prat but he was maturing nicely when he was lost to us.


      • Harry Green says:

        I once asked Peter Knowles for an autograph, I’d be about 9 or 10, after a pre-season training session. He had his arm around a very attractive young lady and he was a little dismissive, to say the least!! LOL

        Knowles’ autograph was one of the most difficult to get for some reason. His and Dave Wagstaffe’s. The Doog was a doddle; he’d sign all day.


        • NY Wolf says:

          Frankly this Sako nonsense is pissing me of.
          It is clear to see why Contracts are becoming meaningless. We want the players to totally honor them, but the clubs are just as bad. I thought it was made clear that he was going to be with us for the season. If we are now haggling with Forest over the price what the hell was that statement all about. Who is it that controls and administers Contract rules The Football League or who. I understand the world of economics, supply and demand, individuals rights but i respectfully submit the whole contract thing is a shambles. The prevailing wisdom seems that if a player wants out you may as well let him go for the right money. This is BS a contract is a contract not something to be flexed to suit. I really think this is one area where Soccer should look to the US NFL. There can be no press releases or team contact discussion or even speculation about liking another teams player. As far as the media is concerned it then becomes non news. Who is stirring up and leaking stuff about Sako, I think it is coming from Notts F or his agent. That is tapping and undermining the situation. He is a contracted Wolves player there should not be any contact or specualation.


        • Allen says:

          Yes I remember collecting all of the 70’s side’s autographs, and Peter Knowles would never sign my autograph book. In the end I got one autograph from him on a team picture to make it fully signed but that was either at his last game or training session.

          It was strange as all of the others would sign, no problem. Waggy was fine but he got you to queue up in a line first.

          Coming back from an away game at Spurs my 7yr old brother & me were cheeky enough to go into the train carriage with the players & they signed the books for us. They were very obliging, Hugh Curran & Phil Parkes stand out for me as friendly & taking the time to look at the pics & sign them! (and comment!)

          I don’t know what todays players are like, bet it could be tough getting Jamie O’Hara’s autograph at the moment.


  43. Have just seen the F. A. Centenary Tube Map where the stations on the London Underground Map have been renamed with past and present footballers. A quick search reveals three Wolves Greats included , Billy Wright, Ron Flowers, Bert Williams. thefa.com and b&b sport have details. Can anyone find any other Wolves names?


    • theDOOGooder says:

      I’ve spotted Bill Slater and Phil Parkes (but I don’t think they meant ours).
      Also, Jack Taylor, the famous Wolverhampton referee.
      Oh! And Joleon Lescott.

      There are some very strange names on a list of what I suppose are meant to be all time greats.


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