Wolves Vs Sheffield United Preview

You can’t mention Sheffield United to a Wolves fan without entering into a conversation about Cardiff.

Sheffield United

But that unforgettable, wondrous, magical day was the exception to the rule that are no easy games against the Blades.

In fact, over the years they’ve been a barometer against which I’ve judged many a Wolves side.

For instance, it was only after we went to Brammall Lane and won 3-1 in 2008 that I truly believed we could go on and win the league.

Spearheaded by James Beattie, they outplayed us in the return fixture with Wolves lucky to emerge with a 1-1 draw. And thanks to various promotions and relegations since, that was the last time the teams locked horns.

Sheffield Utd

Strange times for the Blades right now. On the one hand, results have been dire and they’re languishing third from bottom of League One.

They’ve lost their last 5 matches and have only managed 5 league goals all season.

Yet new foreign owners and the promise of significant investment suggests happier days are just around the corner.

They’ve already drafted in the likes of Marlon King, Leeds winger Ryan Hall and Stoke midfielder Florent Cuvelier in the hope of steadying the ship.

David Weir will be feeling the heat but no doubt looking at this fixture as an opportunity to start afresh.


I think we’ve already scored one significant victory over United this season by poaching Kevin McDonald. He’s easily the most complete central midfielder we have and I think we’re still to see the very best of him. Who he plays alongside tomorrow will be interesting with David Davis suspended. I think the team will be:

Wolves team vs Sheffield Utd

I think Dave Edwards might get the nod in midfield with Kenny Jackett hoping experience can plug the gaping holes. His injury record has been obscene, which is a shame because I think he could be a useful player at this level.

I find it impossible to second guess the manager on who he’ll pick up front. It could be any combination of our first choice three. Jake Cassidy bagged a hat-trick in a behind closed doors friendly against Sheffield United earlier in the week, so maybe even he could force his way in?

Hopefully we’ll play with two wingers and have a really good go at a team that’s struggling to find it’s feet.

The odds

No surprise given the league table that Wolves are favourites for the win at 10/11. A Sheffield United win is available at 7/2. The draw is 13/5.

Marlon King is a fairly generous 13/2 to get the first goal or you can get 4/1 on Leigh Griffiths to make a return to the scoresheet.

Matt Doherty is always a decent first goalscorer bet given that he gets forward for set pieces and isn’t afraid to attack the opposition’s box. At 25/1, it could be worth a flutter.

All odds are available here.


61 of you thought we’d beat Shrewsbury last weekend, but only 7 got the 1-0 scoreline correct.

Well done to goldcoastkiddywolf, Yorkshire Wolf, AmberWolf, Wight Wolf, Bullyisagod, dave h and Adrian for doubling up. It’s a single for everyone else.

I wonder if United are as bad as their results suggest? Can they really be that poor?

I’m expecting a close game, but I’ll back us for the win.


Up The Wolves.


  1. martin says:

    Just leaving for the match, a day early i know. 3-0


    • An interesting aside.
      Down the poor end of Portobello Road this morning.
      Amongst some old books and photos scattered on the pavement my eye is caught by a notebook..
      “WOLVES for 1958 – 59” written over a faded picture of Malcolm Finlayson…
      Bought it…
      An incredible hand written document listing every game, result, scorer, attendance…
      For instance:
      “European Cup 1st leg) Wed, November 12th 1958…Wolves (0) 2 v Schalke (1) 2…
      (Broadbent 2) (Siebert, Koslowski) Attendance 42,000 ”
      It belongs in the Museum and was as stated in pencil :
      “Compiled by Wentworth a loyal Wolves Fan for the season”…..


      • Forgot to add picture of each player and beneath their biography:

        “Norman Deeley (Right Wing)
        Born Wednesbury
        School boy International 1948
        Chosen for World Cup Party
        Made debut in 1951
        Height 5′ 4
        Weight 10st 2lbs
        Scored 23 goals from the outside right position last season…..”

        I’ll shut up about it now and get back to Div 3, but quite a find !


        • Telford Wolf says:

          Too good to go into the Museum, keep it yourself mate!!!

          Btw, my Dad sat next to Norman Deeley at school!


        • JazzWolf says:

          Does anyone else remember Norman Deeley running down the right wing towards the South Bank pursued by large fullback. He stopped hoping the back would run past him but the back scooped him up as he went past and they ended up on the track with ND like a small child in the arms of the back. Then everybody had a good laugh including the referee …. now the back would be banned for bringing the game into disrepute.


          • In this little book, is the author, David Wentworth’s hand written Cup Final Report.
            I quote it below.

            “WOLVES 3 BLACKBURN 0”

            “The game at Wembley wasn’t quite up to expectations but it was fairly even when “after Blackburn’s goal had survived several onslaughts a crossed ball by Stobart was “deflected by McGrath past his own keeper as Deeley raced in. Shortly after tragedy “struck Whelan breaking his leg in a collision with Deeley.
            “Wolves came back stronger after the interval and a great cross shot by Deeley found “the net via the far post with Blackburn appealing for offside. Murray netted twice but “offside was given both times. Then a mistake by Woods let Deeley through who “made no mistake with a great rising shot.”


  2. Peakwolf says:

    A bit of a mind battle between the v difficult Sheffield Utd we remember and the one that is currently struggling. Which one will turn up? Can we really believe and accept they’re not currently that good? Will we keep flirting with disaster only to pull the points out if the fire? I reckon this is the time when Sheffield Utd should really not be a problem! More famous last words?! Wolves to win, 3-1.


  3. Border Wolf says:

    Hoping for a good solid performance.

    Wolves 2 – Sheffield United 0



  4. AJ Wolf says:

    Wolves 1 – 0 Sheffield for me please


  5. MrAussieWolf says:

    I love it when we play Sheffield United, especially when we thump them!
    Wolves 2-0 Sheffield United


  6. Jon Sidwell says:

    Wolves 2 Sheffield Utd 1 (Griffiths, Sako)


  7. Pritchy says:

    2-0 to wolves. Lets have a go..


  8. Wolves 0 United 0


  9. robc306 says:

    We have had many battles against the Blades over the years, and like us, they have been through all the divisions. Fondly recall the last minute Bully winner at Bramall Lane in the 90’s.

    Expect a battle, but we should have enough to win this one.

    About time we dipped into Loan market for midfielder. Want to see Ismail start tomorrow.

    Wolves 2 Sheff Utd 1


  10. Sleachy says:

    Wolves 3 Sheff 0

    We’ll go in at the break leading 3-0 after goals from Kennedy, Blake and Miller, but still not dare to let ourselves believe we might actually win this one.

    A penalty for the Blades early in the second half will have the home support holding their breath and hiding their eyes, but a great save from Matt Murray will preserve the clean sheet.

    Approximately 30 hazy drunken minutes of singing later they’ll show Sir Jack on the big screens, he’ll give us the thumbs up, and we’ll all go absolutely bonkers.

    Was that really 10 years ago?



    • Clive from Houston says:

      I was in Miami Airport checking in for the flight back to Houston that day.
      As I was standing patiently waiting to hand my ticket and bags to the gorgeous young lady at the desk, my cell phone rings, and my brother on the other end informs me we are winning 2 – 0.
      My involuntary scream of “YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!! nearly got me arrested.
      Just as we were taxiing to the take off runway, and right before the “switch off all electronic devices” message, my phone went off again, with the final score coming through.
      Both fists automatically raised in joy, and an accompanying “Come On You Wolves” from further back in the plane, from my American friend, whom I had brainwashed about The Wolves over the course of a 5 day deep sea fishing trip in the Keys.
      Happy Days indeed!!!
      A repeat of that scoreline will do me nicely, thank you very much.
      Wufflers 3 Them 0


  11. vicsmith says:

    Going for something a bit different from the others. A 4-1 win for Wolves against Sheffield Utd. Can be done with Griff, Doyle and Sako – and later a quickie from Siggy. UTW.


  12. mick the wolf says:

    Agree we should be looking in the loan market for a midfielder as i seem to have more chance of playing than O hara. Playing Edwards would show real attacking intent so i say 3-1 wolves


  13. DiabloWolf says:

    Gonna batter ’em. Wolves 5 – 0 Sheff Utd.


  14. (Formerly Sir) Fred of Paisley says:

    Think this will be a tougher game than the current table suggests…2-1 to Wolves…


  15. The Newt says:

    Foley in the middle instead of Edwards as without Davis he is the closest we have a holding midfielder. Tackling is not part of Edwards’s game. Running around a lot, popping up with the odd goal and getting injured – yes, but tackling – no.

    I also think Sigurdarson will start at the expense of Doyle.

    Wolves 2 – Sheff Utd 1



  16. Ade In China says:

    Let’s keep racking up the points ~ I’ll plump for a 2-0 win to Wolves.


  17. ferris says:

    Tough one this. Wolves 2 – 2 Sheffield utd


  18. Kowloon Wolf says:

    I’ll guess wildly at a draw, shock horror.


  19. Steve showcase says:

    Wolves 2 Blades 1 ..I just hope that when we go a goal up we keep possession and take control..the last 15mins will be a test..


  20. Tony E says:

    I’d feel a lot happier if we’d looked more convincing in the last few games. Still, I think Wolves should be able to beat this Sheffield Utd side. Their confidence has to be low after their recent run of results and, with Wolves at home, I’ll go for Wolves to win 3-1.


  21. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    Hmmm. Tough one to call. Could be just about any score.

    Can Edwards or McDonald do the holding role? I’m not convinced. Would rather see McDonald and Foley.

    Wolves 2-2 Sheff Utd


  22. AmberWolf says:

    Right, here we go again, a team thats lost the last 5 and has some potential but hasnt show it yet, we’re top 3 they’re bottom 3, we all know its a banana skin and we wont deserve it but we will lose

    Wolves 1-2 Sheffield Utd


  23. theDOOGooder says:

    I’m predicting 3-1 to the Wolves (again).

    See you later Martin.
    Tell Rupert to get the drinks in!


  24. AlfWhite says:

    My first game since the shambles of last season.
    Expecting a win….Oh dear….
    Wolves 3 Blades 1


  25. Ad Mant says:

    our goals seem to have dried up so if neil collins doesnt score, it will be 0-0


    • Telford Wolf says:

      Sigh, don’t be stupid, suggesting Neil Collins.

      It’s the Polish midget Frankowski who we want to score for us!!


  26. japan wolf says:

    Tough one to call, but have to go for a win
    Wolves 2 Sheffield 1


  27. Wolfman Jack says:

    How many times have we gone into matches like this expecting a comfortable win and ended up being disappointed ? Let’s face it, this is what Wolves regularly do ! Only question is, ‘How disappointing’ ? Draw or defeat ? I’ll go Wolves 0 – 1 Blunts.
    PS – Gotta be Foley in the ‘holding’ role if only ‘cos none of the others can tackle.


  28. Tempted to say a close shave but 3-1 to the old gold.


  29. Yorkshire Wolf says:

    26th May 2003, Was the greatest day in all my life of being a Wolves supporter. The day was just magical all around, I’ve still got my ticket stub !.

    28th September 2013, See’s two sides who’s fortunes have taken a turn for the worst over the last few years, Sheffield United are still a good side despite what the form tables may say and three points a Molineux could be enough to kick start their own season.

    All that to one side, Despite the victories (Walsall aside), Our overall performances have really not been good enough, We can Ill afford to be outplayed at Molineux again and hopefully KJ has made that perfectly clear.

    I’ll be optimistic, I think we’ll put in a fine performance and see off Sheffield United we’ve certainly got a set of players that can achieve that on paper at least. Final score at the doors Wolverhampton Wanderers 3 – 0 Sheffield United.


  30. US Wolf says:

    A banana skin indeed,……..But not for Full Metal.
    We should have too much for them, and Big Mac will be eager to do well.

    I was at Cardiff when it happened before………….

    Wolverhampton Wanderers 3, Sheffield United 0.


  31. Chris in Dublin says:

    Last time I predicted a 3-2 win I was right. Since then, not so much. So that’s what I’ll plump for.


  32. woodywolf says:

    The Blades have lost their last 5 so who would bet against it being 6. Me! Away banker.
    Lose 1-2.


  33. Telford Wolf says:

    2-1 win to us, with us holding on for dear life the last 20 mins (again)!!


  34. dorsetwolf says:

    Blades have to win soon.

    But not this week.

    2_0 to us.

    COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. Steppenwolfe says:

    Going for an emphatic WOLVES 4 SHEFF UNT 0


  36. Sheffieldwolf says:

    First home game of the season for me and it’s got a bit of an edge as the gf is a united fan. I think wolves have the edge at the mo so 3-1 home win


  37. dave h says:

    Hope Edwards gives us a bit more authority in midfield, hope Goldbourne is replaced by Rickets at left back, in my opinion a more attacking option- Stearman back as centre back.

    Wolves to win 2-0



  38. graziano says:

    I’ve got an uneasy feeling about this one, never liked Utd except the Cardiff game, I’m going for 1 – 1 so come on Wolves send us home happy.


  39. Exeter Wolf says:

    Wolves 3-0 Sheffield United


  40. Sutton wolf says:

    It’s going to be 3-1 wolves


  41. john payne says:

    Wolves 3 Utd. 0


  42. BobbaWolf says:

    Tight 1-0 win to the wanderers.

    Griffiths to score late on.


  43. Number 9 says:

    3-2 wolves I hope


  44. Steve Sheff says:

    Gonna be another tight one i think. 2-1 to Wolves.


  45. Wight Wolf says:

    Another shaky one I fear. Wolves 3 Blades 2


  46. Bullyisagod says:

    1 -1 draw for me


  47. JazzWolf says:

    I do not have the best memories of the opposition so am going for Wolves 2 Sheffield Utd 3 ……. I hope I’m wrong.


  48. johnok says:

    Can’t help thinking this match is a tough one to call,we seem to be nervous at home for some reason,
    We need to get midfield sorted out then perhaps we can get back to scoring a few more goals
    at home.would like to think O’Hara could have a roll to play but KJ seems adamant he hasn’t. well if not what about Danny Murphy he could do a job for us.
    I’m going for a 2-1 wolves.UTW


  49. AZWolf says:

    I am going for a 2-0 Wolves win myself.


  50. Wolves4ever says:

    Wolves 2 sheff 1


  51. Erick1011 says:

    I think we’ll finally see a very one sided Wolves game.
    4-1 to Wolves 😉


  52. Linden says:

    We are riding our luck at the moment.

    Wolves 1 – 1 Sheffield Utd


  53. Ledbury Lupus says:

    It’s time for a confident home performance, another nervous display will confirm the concerns voiced by many on this blog in recent weeks. We really should have what it takes to win against a team in the relegation zone, if not, it’s time for a rethink with regard to tactics and players. I don’t want another Walsall experience and thus expecting a 2-0 result to Wolves, anything less will indicate underachievement.


  54. Shready says:

    1 – 1 draw not an easy game to call….


  55. slider says:

    I’ll be in Blackpool riding the big one. But enough about the missus.. I predict the blades may be sharper than we thought, Wolves 1 Sheffields 2.


  56. whitestone wolf says:

    Wolves 2-1, Edwards to start centre mid, Siggi up front.

    Neill Collins mistake to give Siggi a goal.


  57. Steve Howl says:

    Wanderers 2 Blades 2
    A first home draw.


  58. Banbury Wolves says:

    Wolves 2-1 Sheff Utd



  59. Trenchmanmick says:

    Seems like I’ve gone all negative but I think they’ll scrape a draw.
    Wolves 1 Sheffield Utd 1


  60. Finsbury Park Wolf says:

    Wolves 2 – 1 Sheffield Utd. I’ll settle for a struggling win and expect Griffiths to score at least 1 of them.


  61. Perth Wolves says:

    Wolves 3 Sheff Utd 1


  62. Northern Wolf says:

    1-0 to Wolves. We appear to have stopped scoring as freely as I would have hoped, but hopefully a good defence and a bad blades side keeps us in it.


  63. GeorgeyBoy says:

    2-0 to the Wolves please Thomas

    McDonald and Griffiths from the spot



  64. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 2 Utd 0
    and just to make my comment longer


  65. SG wolf says:

    3-1 to us. How are SHU doing this bad?


  66. Return to form
    Wolves 4-1 shef utd
    Doyle griffiths sako McDonald


  67. Hoping for an improved performance as well as a win
    Wolves 2 – SU 1


  68. SuffolkWolf1985 says:

    Wolves 2-1 Sheff Utd

    I cant see a clean sheet with our midfield, but we somehow keep getting results


  69. Predictor says:

    Unlucky strike this time?

    Wolves 0 – 1 Sheffield Utd


  70. Wolfman Steve says:

    I’m really looking forward to this match. The last one myself and my daughters went to was the 4-0 thrashing of Gillingham – what an afternoon that was! It was great to see all the smiling faces at the Molineux. Hopefully the lads will turn in another performance like that today, we can only hope and in fact I think we are due a performance like that again, so: 3-1 to the Wolves. Come on me babbies!!


  71. goldcoastkiddywolf says:

    …WWFC 1 – SU 0……


  72. I fancy us, just. Wolves 3-2 Sheff Utd


  73. Twixfix says:

    Back down to earth today …. Wolves 1-1 Sheff utd.


  74. Accentuate the positive! Wolves 3 Sheffield United 1


  75. Adrian says:

    Wolves 2 sheff utd 1.


  76. Robertsbridgewolf says:

    All the way through reading others thoughts I’ve been backing the one all draw . However , sat with a few beers in sunny Wolverhampton I’m going

    Wolverhampton 2 Sheffield U 0


  77. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    looks like an attacking line up. I fancy us to win 3-0


  78. GoWolves says:

    Wolves 2 – 1 Sheffield


  79. Harry Green says:

    Bloody hell! Half time and the BBC are showing Wolves as only having had one shot on goal? And that was in the last minute of time added on!

    And Walsall aren’t doing us any favours at Orient.

    I hope the manager is reading the riot act!


  80. Rob in London says:

    It seems Kenny was as frustrated with the players as the fans. Whatever he said at half-time clearly did the trick; a good 2-0 win at home, coupled with Walsall’s draw at Orient, makes this bloody a good weekend for the Wolves.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Except for that freak result from OT……………………but according to the reports it was well deserved………………….bastards.
      Why didn’t McCarthy go out to attack them when we were at OT a few years ago?
      It can be done, and just to stir the shit, again, that’s when he should have been sacked, not 2 1/2 years later.
      Anyway, fuckin’ good result for us again today.
      Spirits soaring high in Texas today.


  81. dorsetwolf says:

    It`s so easy with hindsight,let`s think about now and the future.

    COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Clive from Houston says:

      If you really have nothing to do one day, you could check back through this blog’s history, and find the date when I started the one man campaign to get him out, and I think you will find it was not long after that OT game, where he played 10 reserves.
      It wasnt hindsight then.
      Anyway, as you say, its all water under the bridge now.
      Let’s not only revel in our win yesterday but kudos to the Villa.
      Anytime one of the “bought” clubs get stuffed, I am extremely pleased.
      Pity Chelsea got a point.


  82. Look on the bright side at least he didnt play Wardessi.


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