Shrewsbury Town 0 Wolves 1

Football matches are so often decided by the finest of margins.

Wolves Shrewsbury

And with the exception of Tuesday night’s defeat, Wolves have developed the rather useful knack of gaining the edge.

Shrewsbury must wonder quite how Curtis Main failed to convert from underneath the crossbar as the home side seemed destined to break the deadlock.

Had the on loan Middlesbrough striker been less charitable, Wolves would almost certainly be nursing morale-sapping, back-to-back defeats.

But where Main failed from a yard, Sako succeeded from 12 to ensure his side continued to hang on the coattails of the early pacesetters.

Was it a penalty?

Without the benefit of Sky technology, only Jon Taylor probably knows. He remains defiant (via Twitter):

Jon Taylor Tweet

Correct or not though, it’s pleasing that Wolves were able to force the decision by continuing to push forward late on.

Matt Doherty deserves the plaudits for his powerful, goal-bound header that forced Taylor into action. He’s deceptively strong in the air and always shows an appetite to get on the end of things.

Bjorn Sigurdarson is another aerial threat and he was unlucky to see a smart header come back off the post from an inch perfect Scott Golbourne cross.

Sako too was unlucky, forcing a smart save with an instinctive shot from the edge of the area to once again demonstrate the importance of getting him into the right areas.

The confident manner in which he dispatched the spot-kick shouldn’t be ignored either. Unlike many, I find it impossible to be critical of a player that always tries to make something happen, even when it goes spectacularly wrong.

Carl Ikeme was again central to the action with a succession of smart saves and neat handling to earn his third cleansheet of the season.

Given Shrewsbury’s dominance in periods, some would call this ‘smash and grab’ while others might suggest it was the perfect away performance.

Me? I’m just happy with the result, regardless of the margin.

Video highlights


  1. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    yes first in. from the highlights looked a really good game how they missed the open goal god knows but 3 poimts is all that matters. I think we are still some way from the finished article but having the points on the board we have I think everyone would of taken that at the start of the season. Well done lads


    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      4 4 2 stick with it now we ride or luck again. Perterbough won with 10 men against a decent MK Dons I’m not convinced, still how they missed an open goal if that had gone in. We’re still not functioning smoothly but we look more solid and a far bigger threat playing 4 4 2 and although the front 2 didn’t score they looked more dangerous the Doyle does.


  2. Kowloon Wolf says:

    By crikey, the Shrews player had the goal gaping; he must have been fully a whole yard out when he put the ball over the bar. Try as I might, I cannot stop laughing.

    Couldn’t make out the handball from the footage, but our boys mostly went up in unison and immediately – usually a pretty tell-tale sign.

    Well played the lads.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      I well remember, as I’m sure many old farts like me do, The Doog missing from exactly the same position, against whom I have no earthly idea!


      • Kowloon Wolf says:

        Hi Clive. Yes you are right; I hazily remember seeing that miss on TV a few times. Just quickly searched for it on YT and got nowhere. Well, that’s not quite true. I did find this 1969 classic:

        And there’s a nice interview with the Doog starting at around the 9-minute mark. I’d forgotten how articulate he was (with words, not just the football!)


  3. I’ll first say I didn’t go to last two games, but the recent blogs’ attention on Sako have been inconsistent. Per transfer window he was described as a player we should keep at all costs (I agree), after Walsall he was described as excrement, and now he is being praised for trying things even if they don’t work (again i agree). I thought the post Walsall analysis was poor, we all need to accept Sako isn’t going to deliver at this level for 46 games, but he’s a valuable player who needs to start every game when fit. No need to slate the guy when he has an off day, certainly not comparing him to faeces.


    • Thomas says:

      I’d point out the views you speak of on Sako were inconsistent because different people were writing them mate.

      I think Ben and I have our own opinions on the player, which can only be good for the blog by my reckoning as we get both sides of the argument.

      I’m with you Bazza in that I’m thrilled we kept him and believe he will be a key component to any success we have.

      Ben I believe isn’t quite as sure, pointing out (correctly) the wastefulness The Sak Man is often guilty of and the fact that we got a great result at Port Vale without him.

      Given the type of unpredictable player he is, I think there will always be a divided opinion. The way I see it is, if everything he tried came off or he didn’t make the odd mind-boggling decision he’d be playing for a club much better than us. Because when he does get it right, he’s capable of wonderful things.


  4. If you only concede 6 goals in 8 games you are going to pick up a fair few points. Much credit has to go to lkeme, Batth and the defence in general. On the post Walsall comment my own part was a play on words that was not aimed at any one individual but at the performance as a whole


  5. Ade In China says:

    A good win, and nice clean sheet!
    Lucky? Maybe with their epic miss, but we had chances as well as the Shrews. What a pen too!

    In other news, looks like bringing the mighty Roger Johnson into the team has done Wednesday a world of good:–match-report-Jesse-Lingard-scores-Blues-debut.html


    • Kowloon Wolf says:

      So, enjoying the typhoon, Ade?


      • Ade In China says:

        Hello mate!
        Well it IS very windy & a little wet over here in Shenzhen, I’ll give you that, but it’s no biggie at the mo. I thought the end of July was worse – how’s HK holding up?
        Laughed to see that some of the shoppers have panic bought as usual and stripped the supermarkets of meat!


        • Kowloon Wolf says:

          Yeah, supposed to be the worst storm for 35 years, but turned out to be a bit of a wet squib. Peeps here were not just panic buying meat, BTW. My wife (HK lass) bought an extra week’s supply of cat sand …

          Back to football (before Thomas kicks me off the blog): thanks for the Roger Johnson fail report. Not surprising, but I still enjoyed it. Could do with him having a couple of good games though, so that the loan gets extended!


  6. theDOOGooder says:

    Difficult to see if it was a penalty but in the words of the great Barry Davies:-
    “Frankly, who cares?”
    Three well earned points and hopefully three more next Saturday when Molineux will be graced by the presence of Sheffield Utd, myself, the present Mrs DG’er and Martin (in no particular order of importance).
    Onwards and upwards.

    Must remember to bring the tickets.


  7. Besides most of the common points that people will be raising I’d just like to say how good it is to see zeli in the team again. Definitely adds another dimension to the play with his trickery. Lovely little bit of skill early in that video to set sako up.

    Have to say I think that’s our strongest 11 and I’d stick with it in the hope,they gel together.

    Onwards and upwards!


  8. graziano says:

    Three away points a clean sheet maybe a bit lucky yet again but my feeling is that we will improve as the season progresses, sit tight and enjoy the ride.


  9. Border Wolf says:

    Delighted with the 3 points & even more so at the clean sheet. Lets look for a repeat at the weekend.


  10. johnok says:

    Great 3 points again away from home,Sako kept his nerve for the peno of which i’m glad.

    But whats going on with our midfield? they can’t seem to string two passes together by all accounts,davis n McDonald had a mare by all accounts.
    its about time KJ got it sorted or else,because we can’t get away with it every game,we need some quality sooner than later.
    We should be beating teams like shrewsbury with our second string.UTW.


  11. Ledbury Lupus says:

    Whilst there continues to be some concerns regarding weaknesses in recent performances, I think the club is in a far better position compared to last season. We may be in a lower division but most importantly we’re able to put 11 guys on the pitch each game who want to be there and seem to be proud to wear the shirt.
    It will be interesting to see if things are different with the enforced removal of Davis from next weekend’s team. The changes that will have to be made in midfield should bring about the experiment that many supporters are calling out for, hopefully it will answer a few questions both for KJ and the fans.


  12. Telford Wolf says:

    Could the enforced removal be a silver lining?

    While I can see the wisdom of having an unchanged side and not tinkering – as long as we don’t continue to play useless favourites (we’ve had enough of that!!) – maybe having to change and trying different things on the training pitch and then the real match, will throw up a combination or a different dimension.

    Btw, we’re almost half way to securing enough points so we don’t go down!!!


  13. TrenchmanMick says:

    I went to this game with my mate, a Town supporter.He predicted a Wolves win and I,the opposite.Town are,at the moment a better team than us.By that I mean they play better as a team.I have to disagree with other posters about Sako. I don’t rate him. Sigudarrson I rate.He’s a throw-back to the old sort of bustling centre-forward; a sort of Kevin Davies without the dirty play, if you like. But I have to mention McDonald. Who said he had a’ mare ? My mate(the Town supporter) said ‘ that McDonald,wish we had him,he’s good’.I thought he looked a league above anybody else on the park.We were quite close to the penalty incident and I don’t think it was.Still,we’ll accept them all day long.Onwards and upwards….hopefully.


  14. Clive from Houston says:

    What I liked most about this victory was the early kick off.
    I got to ponce around the whole day, from 8.30 in the morning, with a moronic grin all over me face!!
    I tell ya, nothing makes a wonderful day like a Wolves win.
    I even got to tell me old man the result before he knew it….and he is in Penn!!
    I’ve said it before, and no doubt I’ll bore the arses off y’all, and say it again, but you get nothing for dominating a match and losing 0 – 1.
    A win is a win is a win.
    Three more precious ( Gollum, Gollum ) points in the bag.


    • Steve L Biles says:


      An extract from the statement made by young Doherty:

      “You’d rather win games and not play well than play well and either lose or draw……..”

      See, you and me are not the only one’s thinking this way. Another 3 points to help us push on. Having said that, I do feel we need to perform better though, as we can only have so much luck before it starts to fall apart.



  15. dorsetwolf says:

    Reading some of the above,have we all been spoilt by the surfeit of wonderful star players we`ve had for the last five years.
    Lets not knock the odd player having a `mare.This is Div.1 it`smore about attitude and the will to win,I don`t think we`re doing too bad in that department.
    COME ON YOU WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Singa Wolf says:

    Thanks for the report and the video. Its getting tighter at the top 3. Let’s see who blinks first. And the Light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:5


  17. Linden says:

    The pessimist in me is saying we can’t keep winning when not playing well. At some point we have to start to play well as a team and I am a little nervous that that point isn’t going to arrive soon. The middle of the park looks like the Achilles heel to me – we give the ball away far too cheaply. Maybe the enforced suspension for Davis will do us a favour.


  18. Tubawolve says:

    A mixed bag of views here and all with points of view I can understand. At the moment I wait to hear what KJ has to say after each game, why? If he was saying we are playing well and deserve to win or we are playing fluid football and look a good side then frankly i’d be worried. He is a very sensible man who is calling it as most of the fans see it. He states we are a work in progress and we need to do a lot better in all areas of the game. Quite frankly given how we have been outplayed in a number of games this season I am amazed we have as many points as we do – I am also delighted.
    This luck we are having isn’t likely to run out either, it is what it is. How many times have we witnessed the opposition miss clear cut chances? They miss them because they play in league 1 and it is the level of most of the players. We are not playing great but picking up substantial points because the opposition don’t put teams away when they have the chance. I believe KJ will get it right, I believe he knows where we are failing and he is probably working on it as we blog. For every point we pick up playing as we are it is a step closer to promotion because I am pretty sure once this Wolves side gels and we have a couple of significant changes (in either form or personnel) no one will look forward to facing WWFC.
    Teams take time to gel and naturally changes are made along the way – lets keep positive, keep the faith and enjoy ours points tally when we all agree there is so much more to come.


    • A lot of interesting points made. In my own comment i gave credit to the defence but it is undeniable that Crawley,Swindon and Shrewsbury in particular squandered many chances. On KJ he has appeared very savy and fan conscious in his comments. I do think to some extent perhaps it may be a team effort with those who appointed him. Will performances improve and players gel – thats the big question. Orient,Peterborough and Preston look to be stiff competition for the automatic promotion places.


  19. VexRob says:

    I didn’t even realise it was a 1pm kick off so like an absolute numpty I posted my result prediction after the game had finished! Sorry about that Thomas.

    Top blogging guys. Enjoying the banter as always.


    • Telford Wolf says:

      so what was going to be your prediction bud?


      • VexRob says:

        I did post it in the preview responses. I said 2-0 to Wolves…. but you’ve made me think now, I’m now going to check it posted as I was doing it via a (potentially dodgy) mobile connection.


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