Shrewsbury Town Vs Wolves Preview

Tuesday wasn’t a pleasant experience.


And the most disappointing aspect was that Walsall didn’t have to play particularly well for the win.

A home defeat had been coming but to lose without creating a single chance from open play was very poor.

But we move on and it will be fascinating to see how both Kenny Jackett and his young team respond to the first major setback of the season.

When you’re chasing promotion the key is to not let one bad result become the start of a run. We know from last season how quickly things can turn sour.


Graham Turner will be satisfied with his team’s start to the season, sitting comfortably in midtable on eight points.

The Shrews finished 16th last season, but comfortably avoided the drop. I wonder if their ambitions stretch further this season?

They’re yet to lose at the New Meadow in the league with a win and two draws from their three homes matches.

I’ll hold my hand up and admit complete ignorance on their playing squad. Looking down their teamsheets I don’t spot any immediately familiar names.

But young forward Tom Bradshaw has three goals to his name so far and will definitely be one to watch out for.

I do know that they’re a very young, inexperienced side, so it’s important Wolves get on top of them early and ask questions.


I’d like to see a return to 442 for this one. I think KJ has over complicated matters of late, trying to find a solution to our gaping midfield. But with two strikers and two proper wide men we’ve already seen we can put teams on the back foot. This would be my XI:

Wolves team for Shrewsbury

That team solves a major problem we encountered on Tuesday, namely: a chronic lack of width.

I’d like to see Sako playing properly in front of Golbourne, not tucked inside. The full back seemed reluctant to try and make a yard for a cross so we can’t rely on him to put decent balls into the box. I also don’t want to see Sako playing all his football on the halfway line. We want him in the final third.

Ismail must play. Yes, he’s lightweight and gets caught in possession, but every other option has so far failed. I also believe that with an investment of games, Zeli will rapidly improve.

Two strikers please Kenny. Any two will do from Doyle/Griffiths/Siggy but play them both properly up front.

The odds

I guess Wolves will be favourites in most games this season and theme continues in this time. They’re at evens to get a win.

Shrewsbury are 3/1 and the draw is available at 13/5.

Kevin McDonald is decent odds for the first goal at 14/1. He’s a lovely footballer to watch and I’d love to see him getting forward more. I could not believe he was taken off against Walsall. Lunacy.

All odds are available from here.


Walsall winning on Tuesday made my life a lot easier, as only 5 people scored points in the PL.

Tettenhall Wolf, BobbaWolf, TwixFix, AmberWolf and Rich all thought Wolves would come a cropper, but none got the scoreline correct, so it’s singles all round.

I’ll sit on the fence and plump for a draw this time. I’d like to see us bounce back with a convincing win, but I just wonder how much confidence has been shaken of late.


Up The Wolves.


  1. goldcoastkiddywolf says:

    Wish I could be their to clap and cheer a big thankyou to Graham Turner for my most treasured Wolves moments and favourite players. And then watch our boys pick up a 0-1 win to get us back on track.


    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      If the ” TINKER ” man (Jacketts own words) plays 4 5 1 then we’re heading for a defeat. I carnt for the life of me understand Jackett playing that system has he not learnt anything from the last three managers. McCarthy, Stale and most disastrously of all Saunders played 4 5 1 that’s why we are in League One for god sake. I blogged no end of times last season saying we should have have 2 up front, if we had we’d probably still be in Championship. And here we are again it’s like ground hog day. Kenny we are not Man Utd, Man City or Arsenal we don’t have the players with the ability, skill for that system and as for rotating the squad why change a wining settled team if you want to give the fridge players game time put them in the reserves that’s what the reserves is for. I do fear this will fall on deaf ears until it is plainly obvious that’s it not working and we are talking of making the play offs. Drop Doyle and as for playing him as a lone striker here’s a fact in all the games he’s played up front on his own he hasn’t scrored. We have Sigg playing on the wing and Cassidy not even warming the bench what must these lads be thinking, I tell you what there thinking NOTHING CHANGED and I would agree with them.


  2. Yorkshire Wolf says:

    We need to go back to 4-4-2, We need show a bit of fight and character, Most importantly we need to put in a good performance. Whilst the loss on Tuesday night was disappointing it had been coming, My head say’s a 1-1 draw is on the cards here but my heart tells me we’ll nick this one 0-1.

    Therefore I’m going to predict Shrewsbury Town 0 – 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers, And just on another side note, Those calling for the ”Hollywood” to be reintroduced into the first team need their heads examining.


  3. Sevlow says:

    The defeat on Tuesday was on the cards considering the previous games, where we somehow played poorly but still won. Important to get back to wining and Shrewsbury, whilst no push overs, are nothing special.

    Looking at the squad I would like to see Ricketts back at left back with Stearman into the centre at Golbourne’s expense.

    Sako is one of those hot and cold players. Sometimes he is outstanding other times he disappears for long periods of the game. He is , for me, a luxury player and far to inconsistent. Having said that he can turn a game so I understand why KJ normally plays him for the full 90 mins.

    I agree that Zeli needs to be on the right and he will improve with games. Doyle and Griffiths are good together up front and look to be a decent pairing.

    Going to go for Wolves 2 – 0 Shrewsbuy

    Onwards and upwards !




    0-0. Hope I’m wrong, attack, attack, attack and we could get a hat load it’s about putting them on the back foot and using some experience to get on top of them. Ismail and Sako interchanging was good, Sako is probably the best player and needs some room to be free in the final third. Stale played him like that for a few games and he scored and assisted.
    With Doyle it’s like back to the bad times of Mick, meaning, we all know he should be the no10 and someone infont of him.


  5. Shrewsbury another tough game……oh dear did i really just say that. They have already drawn a lot of games this season and have only really been turned over by Orient. I want to take the prediction league seriously this season and i am afraid going 2-1 to them ( hopefully i have just secured us a victory ! )


  6. GoWolves says:

    I think this game will be a big test for wolves and a reflection for the potential for the rest of the season because with this game they will show their ability to bounce back after disappointment or not. If they are to win this division they need to show they can brush off the last result. We will see.
    Shrewsbury 1-2 Wolves


    • stephenpenn says:

      A good football team doesn’t lose two on the trot – according to Kenny. And thinking about that he is right as he always seems to be with his comments. It is all relative but a top four side in the premiership would hardly ever lose twice in consecutive games .


  7. Robertsbridgewolf says:

    Whatever else happens tomorrow , l want a clean sheet at the back and some width in attack . I’ll go along with KJ allowing the young midfield players time to learn …but agree that McDonald must be left on the park to mentor them . For lords sake whoever is the managers favourites play Griffiths every game -all game!- if fit . I want to be cautious -perhaps a draw at best , however

    Shrewsbury 0 Wolverhampton 2 .


  8. Mark Davies says:

    Ever the optimist, I`m sure, maybe just hopeful the lads can bounce back. Mind you I hate early kick offs, so I`m going with a 2-1 win, as why not !!


  9. Kowloon Wolf says:

    Shrewsbury 0-0 Wolves


  10. Martin says:

    1-1 draw for me.


  11. I’d hope for a reaction after Tuesday. Shrewsbury seem to have dug out some decent results against teams that have run us close though, and can count themselves unlucky not to have won on a few occasions. Maybe down to lack of experience to hold onto the lead. They’ve got a good record at home as well. I’ll plump for 1-1 draw.


  12. AJ Wolf says:

    Completely agree with the preview – width is a necessity. The distinct lack of options for wide men worries me slightly.

    Shrewsbury 0 – 2 Wolves


  13. The Newt says:

    It will be very interesting to see how we bounce back from our first defeat and another local derby is the ideal fixture to get back on track. No team will ever win every game and 16 points from 7 games is a good return. More of a concern is the few wobbly performances but I’m hopeful once the players and KJ get more settled then performances will pick up.

    A return to 4-4-2 is a must for me with Sako on the left and either Ismail or Sigurdarson on the right. Griffiths with either Doyle or Sigurdarson up top and McDonald & Davis in the middle which means Evans unluckily on the bench. Defence as it is.

    Shrewsbury 1 – Wolves 2

    And let’s give Graham Turner our appreciation for everything he did for us in his time our manager. Top bloke!



  14. japan wolf says:

    Shrewsbury 1 – Wolves 1



  15. Clive from Houston says:

    Before the season started we would all have been extremely happy to think we would be third, with 16 points, after 7 games.
    Let’s remember, we have a bunch of young new players, still finding out about themselves and the massive expectations of success – starved fans.
    We have a new manager who is still trying to find his best team line up, and we have a couple of players who thought they would be somewhere else this season, and are still coming to grips with third division football.
    All this adds up to the fact that we have not seen the best out of this crew, but despite that, we have a very respectable position.
    We should wait at least until Christmas before we start to press any buttons of panic.
    I cannot get my head round Shrewsbury and Walsall as local derbies to get excited about, no disrespect to them.
    We should all be eternally grateful to Graham Turner for the man who’s goals single handedly saved our club years ago, and I’m sure the travelling fans will acknowledge him.
    For me, once again, a no brainer.
    Shrews 1 Wufflers 5
    On a side note, Scooped has booked a trip to visit the Houston Wolves shrine, so any donations to this little Texas corner of Molineux will be gratefully accepted!


  16. Stearman for Ricketts for me. I still don’t know why a partnership that had not been part of a losing game has been idly abandoned? It is on a par with Mick McCarthy’s axing of Chris Iwelumo at Christmas in 2008 when he’d plundered 15 goals, to be replaced by Keogh! Well, not quite. Nothing’s as stupid as that.
    All that said, a 2-0 win to Wolves.
    If Griffiths is benched again then I will scream.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Totally agree Ben.
      Stearman has to play.
      Also agree about Griffiths.
      I only hope that it’s not the start of him being a ‘bad boy’ again.
      There doesn’t seem to be any other valid reason why he shouldn’t be the first name on the team sheet as far as I’m concerned.

      I hope he does play, we don’t want you doing a ‘Violet Elizabeth Bott’ now, do we.


  17. ferris says:

    Shrewsbury 1 – 3 Wolves, back on track!


  18. Ooga Booga says:

    Shrewsbury 1 – 2 Wolves


  19. Ade In China says:

    I’ll predict an immediate improvement and a 2-0 win to Wolves!
    Come on lads, make it come true!


  20. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    I think we’ll scrape through. Would rather see Foley as a proper holding midfielder rather than Davis. But highly unlikely to happen, I think. Totally agree that Ismail must play and Sako must play as a proper winger rather than floating here there and everywhere.

    Shrewsbury 1-2 Wolves


  21. Steve L Biles says:

    Clean sheet ………. please. Shrewsbury 0 – 3 Wolves. And ……. make everyone smile again.



  22. mick the wolf says:

    Current form is poor, so its a boring 1-1 for me


  23. stephenpenn says:

    I dont like Jamie O’Hara , but I know I wouldn’t like a lot of football players. Why isn’t O’Hara playing ? Just one match would see what his attitude was like. Or did he fire insults at Morgan and Moxey. That would explain matters and nothing much else does. We are not told the reasons so it won’t be purely football related. Well if he was rude to the top guys then these guys have to accept that our midfield need strengthening. The responsibility is to get things right on the field, not carry out personal vendettas. Mr Jackett seems to have his hands tied behind his back and that is not fair on him or us.


  24. AmberWolf says:

    If we are going to be stay with the race for promotion we have to learn our lessons quickly, we all kind of think the way to go is 442, stretch the opposition with wingers and score goals. Think we will head back in that direction, hence the more positive outlook this time

    Shrewsbury 0 – 1 Wolves


  25. Pritchy says:

    1-1 I am afraid… We will come good… In kenny we trust…


  26. john payne says:

    Good to have the 1 o’clock kick off – get it over with – I can’t believe Wolves are not capable of going to Shrewsbury and winning comfortably, if the best team is played in the best formation.
    I’m going for a win by 2 goals or more, let’s say:

    Wolves to win 3- 0


  27. Wight wolf says:

    I think we got the lesson we deserved on Tuesday and will learn from it.
    Shrews 0 – 1 Wolves.


  28. Can someone summarize what O’Hara did or said that was so bad? Was it the verbal altercation in the parking lot or did he refuse to play Solbakken’s new style? Did he try to get him fired? Did he just choose the wrong friends in the dressing room?
    Was it that he thought he could still play in the Premier League?


    • Someone on here did recently comment that he has ‘played like dogshit for 2 years’. A bit pithy perhaps but i cant argue.


  29. vicsmith says:

    Please God let there be a positive reaction from Wolves. Ever the optimist I am going for a 3-0 win to Wolves (though my brain says a draw).


  30. Border Wolf says:

    As I’m on the Shropshire/Powys border and 20 mins from Shrewsbury I need a good win on this one. I’ve got friends supporting Shrewsbury so bragging rights are at stake here! I would hope the lads will come back fighting and lets hope back to a 4-4-2!

    Shrews 0 – 2 Wolves.


  31. MichiganWolf says:

    2-1 Wolves

    Sorry Graham. But can’t wait to see the reception you get when you visit Molineux!


  32. AZWolf says:

    2-1 to Wolves! Bounce back game.


  33. Linden says:

    Don’t fancy us here I am afraid.

    1-0 Shrewsbury


  34. theDOOGooder says:

    I’m going with my Walsall prediction.

    3-1 to the Wolves.

    If I keep doing it long enough I’m bound to be right eventually!


  35. Uk wolves says:

    2-0 to the Wolves and Griffiths to prove a point !


  36. Shrewsbury 0 Wolves 2
    Agree about going back to the original defence.
    Griffiths & Ziggy up front for me.


  37. johnok says:

    I’m hoping for a bounce back after the defeat by Walsall,hope he reverts back to 4-4-2 with the right player’s on board I the right positions with that change in midfield I hope?.
    2-0 UTW.


  38. Steppenwolfe says:

    Shrewsbury 1 Wolves 2
    Back on track and with a better performance.


  39. Sheffieldwolf says:

    1-1 steady the ship after Tuesday.


  40. TrenchmanMick says:

    Town don’t lose many and I think they will beat us.

    Shrewsbury 2 Wolves 1


  41. graziano says:

    Hope we play 4 4 2 we must win this one and I think we will, I’m going for 2-1 to Wolves.


  42. Banbury Wolves says:

    Shrews 1 – 2 Wolves



  43. Bullyisagod says:

    Shrewsbury 0 Wolves 1


  44. Call me boring but I am predicting Wolves 3 Shrewsbury 1 again! Can’t see a clean sheet but can see a nervous last 10 minutes. What’s new?


  45. As much as I hate how the ‘Molineux Factor’ is exaggerated, we certainly seem a lot more comfortable on the road at the moment. Back to winning ways. Shrews 0-2 Wolves.


  46. dave h says:

    Agree with your line up Thomas with the exception of Goldbourne, he may still be settling in but has done little to impress so far.
    1-0 Wolves, got to bounce back after Tuesday.


  47. Adrian says:

    Hopefully we can get back to winning ways, otherwise, it could start to get a bit depressing.
    Shrewsbury 0 Wolves 1. I hope!!!


  48. Exeter Wolf says:

    Need to stay positive. Hopefully the midweek loss was a blessing in disguise and gave us a good kick up the backside.
    Shrewsbury 0-2 Wolves


  49. Sutton wolf says:

    got it totally wrong in the week but I will go for 2-2 on saturday


  50. BobbaWolf says:

    I think we’ll get a response after the Walsall defeat.

    Tight 2-1 win to Wolves. Come on me babbies!!!


  51. Haywood Wolf says:

    3-0 wolves – optimistic!


  52. woodywolf says:

    Walsall were very well organised from the start and Shrewsbury will be as well. I would agree on the starting 11 but should like to know what Sako’s role is, the trouble is I don’t think he or the manager knows either. He looked lost on Tuesday and we’re not playing to his strengths. Agree on Golbourne, he seems scared to go the by line and cross.

    We should have enough tomorrow and need to get back to winning ways right away. Win 3 -1.


  53. US Wolf says:

    Can’t comment on the Walsall game as I only saw the highlights.
    Was surprised however, as were many, at the team changes.

    Back to winning formations please KJ.

    If Griffiths starts, as I hope he will, possibly with the Sigmeister………..

    Shrews 1 Wolves 3

    Come on me Babbies!!!


  54. Ledbury Lupus says:

    Shrewsbury 1 Wolves 2, Griffiths cannot score if he doesn’t play, the longer he plays the greater the likelihood of him scoring, simples.


  55. Shready says:

    Shrewsbury 0 Wolves 4
    Hoping for a good reaction from Wolves after the loss to Walsall…


  56. Steve Howl says:

    The honeymoon may be over but there’s still time for a big make-up bonk!
    Shrewsbury 1 Wolves 4


  57. Peakwolf says:

    Good to read a lot of appreciation for Graham Turner. Hopefully we’ll put Tuesday night behind us and quickly dominate in this next derby game. Surely we have that bit more strength and experience, don’t we?? Nervously going for a 2-0 win to Wolves.


  58. Wolf in the Hudd says:

    Shrewsbury 0-3 Wolves


  59. Telford Wolf says:

    After waffling on about head and heart tripe for the last match, what do I know??

    2-1 win to us, Griff will have a pint to make!


  60. slider says:

    I expect there will be many more than 1500 wulfs painting the town gold and black, hopefully we can behave ourselves. Whatever the result no one will ever forget what GT did for us.

    I think this one will appear close for long periods but in the end I think Sako, Ismail and Griffiths will provide the magic and make the difference. 3-1 to Wolves.


  61. robc306 says:

    Big game for us, answer haven’t played well in last 3 games. How will we respond to our first league defeat?

    Midfield is the problem for me. The mix is wrong. Sako, McDonald & Ismail are good for me, but Davis needs replacing – by who? Not sure we’ve got anyone in the club. It’s O’hara or loan player.

    Think positive – Shrewsbury 0 Wolves 2


  62. Northern Wolf says:

    Instant bounce back – 2-0 Wolves!


  63. JazzWolf says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but think we won’t get back on the winning trail easily … Shrewsbury 2 Wolves 1.


  64. Shrews 1-0wolves

    Not good


  65. SG wolf says:

    3-2 to wolves. I think we’ll come back at the death.


  66. Shrews 1 – Wolves 2. May not be impressive, but simply must get the job done.


  67. Newelly says:

    Shrewsbury 0 v 2 Wolves


  68. Chris in Dublin says:

    I’ll go for a 1-4 away win. Lessons learned and a positive performance.


  69. whitestone wolf says:

    I’m not very good at this predicting lark.

    I’ll go 1-1 and hope to be wrong again (as long as we win)


  70. danny velinski says:

    Wolves 2 Shrews 0


  71. SuffolkWolf1985 says:

    I think we may still have too much for them, but it wont be a smooth win

    Shrewsbury 1 – 2 Wolves


  72. MrAussieWolf says:

    No need to worry just yet. Kenny will motivate the boys and we will bounce back with a 3-1 win. UTW


  73. Sleachy says:

    2-1 the lads

    too hungover to expand


  74. AlfWhite says:

    The fact that those two are still pulling the strings, means that my hangover from
    the last two seasons is unrelenting.
    I sincerely hope we can put another run together. But we are woefully short of a settled team and
    just not strong enough in midfield.
    The wily Turner will probe on this weakness………
    Shrews 2 Wolves 2


  75. Tony E says:

    Shrewsbury are going to be up for this one so it’s likely to be a tough game. I’m going to let mmy heart rule my head on this and go for Wolves to win 2 – 1.


  76. I like your suggested team. I think KJ is using games to look at different systems too, to see what the team can do, and he now knows diamonds don’t always work. For me, Stearman< Ismail and Griff should be back in and Ricketts back to LB, oush Golbourne into LM as per Port Vale cos Sako isn't doing enough. I'm assuming this happens and so:

    Shrews 1 – Wolves 2


  77. dorsetwolf says:

    Just a blip in the week(I hope)service will be resumed this afternoon.
    2_0 Wolves.

    COME ON YOU WOLVES.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  78. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    1-1 draw is what im going for


  79. CrazyPete says:

    1-2 wolves. Here’s hoping


  80. vexrob says:

    0. – 2 to wolves


  81. theDOOGooder says:

    1-0 That’ll do me!
    Well done the lads.


  82. suttonwolf says:

    Another performance where we rode our luck and were just slightly the better side to secure the three points. Maybe another two to three games of gelling together and we will look more dominant but my instinct tells me we are probably a couple of players short (a dominant midfielder and some real wing threat a la kightly or jarvis) of what will be needed in this league to ensure automatic promotion. If I were KJ I’d go into the loan market sooner rather than later as it’s always better to do this from a position of strength than when we have a sticky patch. UTW


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