Charlton Athletic Vs Wolves Preview

Whilst all eyes will be fixated on the teams below Wolves in the table, it’s still worth looking above.

Wolves Charlton

Take Burnley for example, just 3 points ahead of Wolves. They face Cardiff this weekend before traveling to Molineux next Saturday. If they’re to secure safety they’ll have to do it without Charlie Austin, the man who has literally scored half of their goals this season. He’s sidelined after appendix surgery.

Bottom 7Peterborough, above Wolves courtesy of a 3 goal swing, have two difficult away games to navigate against Derby and Crystal Palace, sandwiching a potentially mammoth home fixture against Sheffield Wednesday.

Neither the Owls or Blackburn are out of it either, despite having favourable fixtures and a game in hand respectively.

Then of course there’s Barnsley and Huddersfield.

Barnsley are at Forest this weekend before a home game against Hull. Huddersfield have it a tad easier with Millwall at home tomorrow before a visit to Bristol City the following weekend. They then play each other on the final day of the season. Yowza!

With all these variables to consider, calculating the required points tally becomes difficult. I just completed the Championship Predictor on the BBC site and had Wolves relegated on goal difference with 55 points (drawing tomorrow, winning against Burnley and losing at Brighton).

Two wins would do it. A win and two draws would almost certainly do it. A win and a draw might do it. Anything less and we’ve almost certainly had it.

Tomorrow might or might not be a good opportunity to get a result.

On one hand Charlton are unbeaten in 5 and safely ensconced in the top half. They’ve also won their last two home matches against Bolton and Leeds.

But they’re overall home record is abysmal. The worst in the league in fact, with just 6 wins and 9 defeats.


Guts were busted in dragging themselves over the line against Hull on Tuesday, so Dean Saunders must be contemplating change. I’m just not sure who he can rest. I’d like to see the same XI:

Wolves team for Charlton

But will he really do that? I doubt it. My concern is that if you remove the two players who’ll probably be struggling most (Doumbia and Hunt) you take away the essence of everything that was positive about Tuesday.

It’s a difficult situation. I don’t envy the manager.


9 people were brave enough to predict a win against Hull.

Well done in particular to Ben and slider, who also got the 1-0 scoreline correct. It’s 2 points for them and a single for the other 7.

I’m going for a draw tomorrow. No particular reason. Logic has long since left town.


Up The Wolves.


  1. Wight Wolf says:

    I suppose it really depends on which Wolves team turns up tomorrow. If the fighting one is out there playing then I will agree with you and can see us getting a point . So it’s a 1 – 1 for me.


  2. theDOOGooder says:

    I give up!
    I have not the slightest idea what will occur tomorrow.
    The one thing that I hope is that we put in a 90 minute performance which is something we seem to have a problem with.
    I am just about to toss a coin to see what to predict…. hang on a minute I’ll open my wallet and get a coin out.
    There we go.
    If it lands with Queen Victoria’s head up it’s a win, tails it’s a draw, on it’s edge it’s a defeat.

    Bugger! What are the chances of that happening?

    I think we’re going to lose – narrowly


    • Martin's G.P. says:

      Doog, i don’t know what i’d have done without your witty repartee during this annus horriblis( come to think of it, i remember Mrs Merton asking Lord Snowdon if he ever photographed the Queen’s).
      You’ve been a great addition to the blog mate. Oh, and send the cheque to the normal address thanks.


      • theDOOGooder says:

        Cheers Martin’s G.P.
        Cheque’s on it’s way.
        Give me your bank details and I’ll pay by BACS next time.


        • Martin says:

          God, i thought i’d got rid of that quack. I’ve just got back from Cyprus and he was obviously still on my uk PC. Still, he’s gone now. I think.


      • Telford Wolf says:

        After only discovering this blog recently, I’m wondering how I’m going to keep myse;f amused in the closed season without the banter off you chaps!!


    • oldgoldy1877 says:

      bloody nora!!! youve got money in your wallet! all ive got is dust and my wifes fingerprints….last time i saw coinage was the threepenny bit dougy mate!


    • 6 minutes for Cassidy ( Paul Featherstone) says:

      Your photo looks Victorian. I’m going against every bone in my body and go for a 1.0 win and to top it if Doylie to get it call me mad, hang on what’s that amerlance doing out side our house love, tell them I’m at work no, no no I’m ok really aarrrrrrhhhhh help !


  3. Steppenwolfe says:

    Could be anything.
    Charlton 2 Wolves 1 in the hope I’m wrong


  4. Bagsy says:

    I’m with Wight Wolf. It does seem like nobody really knows which Wolves will turn up. All too often this season we’ve seen wins against the likes of Leicester and Hull, only to be stuffed by Huddersfield.
    For no other reason than I predicted we’d lose to Hull, but we won, I’m going to go 2-1 to Charlton. Obviously, I couldn’t wish any more that I’m wrong.


  5. Martin B says:

    Charlton 0 Wolves 0

    Could do with a win as Burnley wont be safe when they play us as we thought they would be.


  6. US Wolf says:

    Stranger things have happened at sea.
    Charlton 1 Wolves 2


  7. slider says:

    flush with positivity

    Charlton 0 Wheelies 1 (Sig 67)


  8. Robertsbridgewolf says:

    Last time l reckoned there’d be changes it was after the Bristol win followed two days later at Birmingham . Saunders kept a winning team in place then . I fully expect the same tomorrow .
    Expect a similar bright start to the brum game , followed by a very nervy 2nd half as we tire .
    I’m keeping positive , Siggy to shine , cameo appearance from Sako late on ? and a goal .
    Charlton 1 Wolves 3 .


  9. Tettenhall Wolf says:

    Well, as Thomas says, there’s no logic to it. I guess I’m just filled with hope after Tuesday night…

    Charlton 0-2 Wolves

    (…stop laughing, you!!)


  10. Mark G Davies says:

    As I`m going to the game with my youngest lad, I`m expecting three points, and it will surely be another nail biting last ten minutes before the referee blows full time with Wolves leading 2-1. Maybe Henry can score another last minute goal for us.
    Interesting news about a young left back from Arsenal being looked at, I hope the list of soon to be released, and therefore young and hungry, pros from all the premier league clubs is on someones desk at Molineux, so we can pick a few quality free transfers for next season.


  11. Martin's G.P. says:

    Thomas, i did the championship predictor myself before the Huddersfield defeat and also had us being relegated on goal difference. Just ONE goal as well.
    All i know from years of these last few matches is expect the unexpected. Eric Steele, was it, scoring a last second goal with a header from a corner, for example. And it kept his team in the football league. Not bad for a goalie!
    I’m hoping Charlton’s frailty at home will help us get a draw, 1-1.


  12. robin says:

    Realistically, am nervous to even predict a result.
    We seem to do better when I think we won’t win.
    So my head without hope and assuming we will not beat the drop says.
    Charlton 3 Wolves 0…
    My emotion has the result reversed, but I will stick with the head, for my optimism has been truly crushed this season!


  13. Vladimir says:

    Heck, just a prediction (based on my last drops of enthusiasm) – don’t rush to the bookies.
    2-1 Wolves


  14. graziano says:

    Gut feeling, 1-1 come on Wolves prove me wrong, and win 2-0:)


  15. Lickeywolf says:

    Heart 2-1 wolves ….Head 3-1 Carlton.????


    • Incognito says:

      Heart fluttering, head fucked….Can’t go instead Barnet beckons, not Edgar Davids et al. Too nervous but gonna go 3-2 to the old gold n black!


  16. Twixfix says:

    We usually do well at the Valley and being positive tomorrow will be no different. Like others have said depends on which Wolves turn up. Im going for the winning one’s. Charlton 0 -2 Wolves. Fancy a drink Mrs Twixfix?


  17. oldgoldy1877 says:

    i asked santa for a big breasted blonde …….. alas didnt get it so whos to say i will get charlies – 1 woofs-2 ? worth a try- Dear santa. do it for us wee bloggers or i think rudolph will be mounted on a plaque in my drawing room !


  18. Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

    There’s a lot of if’s

    – If Doumbia performs like he did last match
    – If Doyle continue to score goals
    – If Siggy is involved more
    – If we avoid defensive mistakes
    we’ll have a chance to continue our brilliant form.

    a 1-2 victory to the wolves


    • dave h says:

      If Henry puts is foot in more often
      If the back four play like they did against Hull


      1-0 to the Wolves



  19. GoWolves says:

    Patient is out of the coma, but still on the sick bed, needing serious surgery.
    Charlton 1-0 Wolves

    Happy to be wrong, and see the patient’s speedy recovery continue :-)


  20. Hamlet says:

    another 1-0 Wolves win – why not?


  21. Raydewolf says:

    Sticking with a 3 game winning streak and a loss at Brighton for last 4 games. 1-0 wolves.


  22. johnok says:

    Tricky one this one after the win on tuesday.
    Charlton still have an outside chance of the playoffs is the big worry so could be a bit of a tough game.
    sod it i’m going for a 1-0 to the wolves,i’ll be there cheering them on .UTW.


  23. Norsk Wolf says:

    Can’t predict as I always get it wrong. Didn’t do one for the Hull game and we managed a rsesult. Instead I am going to predict a major upset at Hull with Bristol City winning which makes the Hull game at Barnsley a must win for them and ramps the pressure up on Barnsley. UTW


  24. colin says:

    Look Charlton should win this but there could be a shock. I will say 2-1 to them because i’m usually wrong so hopefully this result is now at the back of the queue.

    While i have have some sympathy with the view that all our players are crap i do think i can detect the green shoots recovery in the performance of some players in recent weeks. If we do get relegated apparently it triggers a bonus


  25. Looney tune says:

    My fellow work colleague asked why support a club like wolves (he is a Sandwell town fan) when they are facing relegation and only above the drop zone by goal difference. I replied
    1. Ask me where your team is in the premiership, I would not have a clue but you know where my team is.
    2. My season is not yet over and is getting more exciting by the week whilst you have mid table mediocrity
    3. The few successes we have had are nearly always when least expected and feel as good as a cup final win.
    To cut this short I said you have to be barking mad, have s strong marriage, have the Samaritans on rapid redial and be strong in constitution and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Result, can’t see them doing it this week, charlton 3-1 but love it when proved wrong.


  26. BobbaWolf says:

    I’m predicting a 2-1 defeat, because I did for the Hull game and we won.

    Come on me babbies!


  27. john payne says:

    I hope DS will start with the same team, and pull them off later if they tire; we have Foley, didn’t play to badly on Tuesday, and a couple more who can do aj ob on the day. We often play better away anyway, so if Charlton have a poor home record, let’s go for another clean sheet just to keep the goal diff healthy and 3-0 to Wolves.


  28. US Wolf says:

    So fuckin pissed off and needed to vent my anger somewhere, knowing this wasn”t really the place, but like the ticket office fiasco recently shows how poor service at our club is………….I am trying to give them money and I can’t!!!!!!!!!!!
    was just checking on my Wolves Player status for live commentary in the morning and my subscription has apparently expired despite being up-to-date with payments.
    Tried to renew 8 fucking times now with a variety of cards which are all bona-fide, and I keep getting failure messages and can’t make it work.
    Fuck you Moxey and your useless shite.
    I don’t really want to give you anything, but have just wasted an hour trying to do so.
    You don”t deserve shit.
    Fuck Wolves Player, I’ll get a Wolvo based buddy to text me you fucking useless cunt.


  29. Ledbury Lupus says:

    We go to Charlton full of optimism, just like before the Bolton game and within ten minutes it was all over. Let’s hope for a different approach on Saturday enabling us to at least make a game of it, though if the team is unchanged it will make for a difficult second half with some tired legs after Tuesday. Really difficult to predict so opting for a draw 1-1.


  30. sheffieldwolf says:

    Were unpredredictable to say the least at the moment. 1-0 to Charlton


  31. Telford Wolf says:

    After my earlier comment about big boobed blondes, I’m feeling in a good mood.

    2 – 1 victory, and things are looking up.

    While it does fill me with optimism, the biggest worry is the great escape can be used as an excuse to do nothing in the closed season…..


  32. Ash K says:

    Worried that we will be tired and flat and unable to recover if we concede first.
    Charlton 2 – Wolves 0


  33. Exeter Wolf says:

    I’m in the capital to run the marathon on Sunday. Only realised last night that I’m staying 2 miles away from the valley. So I’d best get my sorry ass down to watch the Wolves in the final stages of thier own marathon. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a ticket on the gates.
    Hopefully I’ll bring some luck, so I’ll be optimistic and predict a Wolves 3-1 win.


  34. Danny Velinski says:

    Wolves 2 Charlton 1


  35. Robc306 says:

    This could be the biggest game to come, as we need to bring something back with us. Not the Valley of death I hope. Would go with same team and hope they don’t run out of steam. The pressure will be immense for players as well as fans.

    I’d take a point. Charlton 1 Wolves 1

    Come on


  36. Chester Wolf says:

    I always get these wrong so charlton 2 Wolves 0


  37. I predict a 2-0 win. Can’t see us creating too many chances so I don’t know where this has come from. I just fancy a smash and grab!


  38. Banbury Wolves says:

    I think this will be a tough game, they still have a chance of the play offs although very slight, if we can nick the first goal I think we could win by a couple as we will just sit back and play on the break however, that’s me looking on the bright side….

    Charlton 1 – 1 Wolves



  39. Predictor says:

    Charlton 3 – 1 Wolves

    Sorry, Wolves away agains Charlton – Dean wouldn’t break the code


  40. goldcoastkiddywolf says:

    I’m going for 0 -1 Wolves win. I can’t back the prediction up with good reason.


  41. AlfWhite says:

    Having been at the Huddersfield game I was astonished that we beat Hull.
    Tricky game…..
    Addicks 2 Wolves 2


  42. carl Wolves says:

    3-2 wolves for no logical reason at all. Fair play to Alf and Ash who are top of the prediction league when we seem to be near impossible to predict!


  43. Wolves4ever says:

    Wolves 1 charlton 1


  44. Morph says:

    The fact that no ones jumped on the blog to comment after the game says it all really. Utterly miserable. What a nightmare of a season.


  45. theDOOGooder says:

    I take no pleasure in predicting the correct result and score.
    And that was my lucky penny!


  46. Wolves4ever says:

    Burnley draw with the champions and brighton put 6 past blackpool. Gutted


  47. mickey t says:

    We can only hope Burnleys season is over and Brighton play a weakened team after already clinching a play off place. Oh yes and we can manage to score more goals than both of them. Correct this is a nightmare.


  48. oldgoldy1877 says:

    just got back from the match and i am so miserable now….even more miserable than a depressed morrissey with depression. where do we go from here is anybodies guess. my fear is that we are dissintigrating fast. brilliant away support as usual but we looked anything but a championship side. :(


    • Steve Howl says:

      Heaven knows we’re all miserable now! One shot on target – were we as bad as it sounds? Batth on very late sounds like a positive move, don’t we need to win rather than look after a point?


      • oldgoldy1877 says:

        lots of huff and puff but not enough quality. 4 yellow cards shows the players put a shift in but just felt like we were never going to do it . to top it the all the charlton fans took the p–s by singing going down . there was a bit of trouble caused by the charlton fans near our end at the beginning and end which suprised me as that is so unusual at the valley. on to burnley .


  49. westozwolf says:

    It’s would be wonderful to be proven wrong, but can anyone else hear the fat lady – or in our case the fat man! – singing?


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