Wolves go Stale!

Definitely brave, arguably contradictory and quite possibly the most bizarre managerial appointment in our 135 year history.

In many ways, Stale Solbakken’s arrival at Molineux couldn’t be more appropriate, could it?

Stale Solbakken

While you can’t please all of the people all of the time, you can at least get every single fan talking with excitement, trepidation and emotion for the foreseeable future, which is already an infinitely more uplifting prospect than this season of shame.

If West Bromwich Albion unveiled a Norwegian of this ilk, many of us would wonder why we never think outside the box.

Unfortunately for Messrs Moxey and Morgan, too many self-inflicted slings and arrows have created more scepticism than acceptance, which is why the bunting and tic-a-tape will have to wait a while longer.

Not least when Terry Connor’s services appear to have been retained, in the most perplexing, infuriating decision which dilutes the element of revolution.

If a new broom has been used to sweep away the cobwebs of a prehistoric era, then why is the winless, deluded Connor anywhere near the coaching set up after everything he’s been associated with this season?

Such negativity is as good as engrained on a cynic like me, so it would do everyone better if I airbrushed the Connor bit and unconditionally got behind the overall decision.

Why not?! With five titles, silverware galore and a fluid, free thinking approach to the game, our new manager sounds more and more desirable with each passing minute.

An onus on effortless formation change to suit the needs of any game sounds far more exciting than the Hennessey hoofball we’ve become conditioned too, and will certainly give Dave Edwards and co something to contemplate.

Here's one for the cynics among you!

While he didn’t set the world alight at Cologne, few managers ever do in that graveyard seat, so all in all, the appointment gets a thumbs-up, albeit tentatively.

Let’s face it, nobody in the North East wanted Pardew anywhere near Newcastle, and acceptance of Brian McDermott was far from universal in Reading back in September.

All we can do is strap ourselves in for the ride, get behind the big man and enjoy!

If it results in us genuinely looking forward to a 3pm kick-off on a Saturday afternoon for the first time in an age, it will do for me.


  1. Chris Humphries says:

    Well, it is a surprise but we got to get behind the fella now – he does seems to be fiery – maybe the board think tc was too nice, the players seemed shocked on sky when they were told.
    at least we will have a song for the guy



    • robin says:

      Trying to imagine that in a Black Country accent!
      Seems he’s also a bit of a Mourhino!


    • You have not heard from me for a while and most if not all will have been glad about that. I did not think it could get any worse but every time i think that s it we have hit rock bottom TWIDDLE DEE AND TWIDDLE DUMB ie MORGARNA and POXEY do there Paul Daniells act a pull another one out the hat. MOXEY said he wanted to excite the fans well there one way Moxey ever going to excite me and that by either SHOOTING himself or better still resigning. Got to go and beat myself now with a stick while learning the Norwegine (carnt even spell it never mind say it) for ” YOU DON’T NO WHAT YOUR DOING”


  2. Thomas says:

    I agree, we should all get behind this bloke.

    Give him a chance.

    As Ben points out, the state we’ve found ourselves in, we need new thinking and a completely different approach. That would never have come about with TC in charge.

    Although I’ll probably be castrated for saying this, I can see the logic in keeping TC around. A foreign manager with no experience of the England’s second tier will surely benefit from someone whose been around the Championship.

    Stale strikes me as the sort of bloke who will want things doing his way, so I’d expect significant change, regardless of his backroom staff.

    Up The Wolves.


    • Wonderwolvesboy says:

      alt + 0229 = å
      alt + 0197 = Å

      My gift to you!


    • johnok says:

      was’nt that how McIdiot liked to do it ,and with Totally crap still there to keep a eye on things, for me Poxey will still have a say how things are going to done,money wise,transfer kitty.FOJM,FOTC.


    • The trouble is TC is still going to be there, what we need , alright so Stale has come from no where the bloke needs to bring in his own people not be en-doctored by TC lets not forget he was MICK’S first team coach what was needed was a complete clean sweep of all the coaching and scouting staff for the life of me i carnt believe this bloke is happy about having to keep TC long term its like a ugly fat bird its no good just having an arse lift she needs a face lift too if he going to have any chance he needs to have a free hand regarding his staff


  3. Another point I failed to make, which was well put by a friend…It could have been Megson or Bruce. I feel more excited about this appointment by the second bearing that in mind!
    Also moving forward, I’m going to have to work out how to put the little ‘o’ above Stale’s name too!!


    • Thomas says:

      Ståle Solbakken – copy and paste from Wikipedia mate. It’s the way forward.


    • Chris Humphries says:

      i think you’ll need some norwegien language pack Ben , i think in reality your right -we werent going to get an outstanding manager in england – otherwise they would have come already – this at least shows morgan is prepared to think outside the box. i was hoping that mass changes werent going to happen because its always difficult to catch up on the leaders – but i think thats what we will now see


  4. Chris Humphries says:

    yeh nice one :):)


  5. Tafkag says:

    It’ll be a genuine breath of fresh air and more importantly he’ll be looking at some of the shit in the squad with a fresh pair of eyes, rather than the usual ‘Well Wardy mows me lawn every Sunday so I can’t drop him can I” attitude we’ve gotten used to. He won’t be scared of signing technically gifted foreign players either, which is again a positive move from the “I don’t like Johnny Foreigner, he can’t be trusted attitude.

    Finally, he was was clinically dead for 7 minutes after a heart problem as a player, now I know the Championship is a tough old league, but if he can beat death, then Barnsley away shouldn’t hold any fear for him


  6. robin says:

    Finally this season and ironically, a day of optimism at Wolves.
    We do not know in which role TC will be retained, as from what I can gather Ståle, is very much his own man.
    As you point out Thomas, it makes sense to keep TC just to introduce the players.
    For me it is a courageous and exciting appointment, adding an extra spice to our summer activities.
    Be interesting to see if he keeps Ward…


  7. Clive from Houston says:

    Morgan is thinking outside the box!!
    Pity our players couldn’t do that all season!!
    Can’t get that little o above his name, the Tippex brush is too big.
    To be honest, like a lot of you, I’ve never heard of this bloke, which I think is a good thing.
    He has no track record in this country, and could just be a breath of fresh air.
    If he is his own man, then he will get rid of Connor.
    Let’s see how this pans out, and if he manages to survive until the beginning of the season, let’s get 100% behind him and give him all our support.
    Damn sight better appointment than most of the other names being bandied about.


    • The Wanderer says:

      I agree that TC’s days are numbered. Once Stale gets a sense of the team (on and off the pitch) that he has inhereted I’m sure we will still changes.

      Good appointment and looking forward to see which players have the loyalty and bottle to stay for a season and what we do to further strengthen the squad.


  8. Norsk Wolf says:

    Gratulerer Ståle og velkommen til Wolverhapmton Wanderers

    Congratulations Ståle and welcome to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    As a Brit living in Norway, Ståle seems quite respected in Scandanavia.

    For the å Ben when in Word just go to Insert then Symbols and you will find it in there

    Onwards and upwards


    • Bill NZ says:

      Norsk Wolf, do you know any Copenhagen supporters? If so could you ask them what kind of football he liked to play while he was manager as I’m sure we’d all like to know that! Cheers.


  9. Steppenwolfe says:

    I welcome this appointment. The guy has had success in Denmark and to a certain extent in the Champions League with an unfancied club. He was appointed national manager at Norway until Cologne bought out his contract. You rightly state that if the Albion had pulled this off we’d all be asking why we could never do something similar. Now we have and well done Morgan for doing so.
    TC – I’m not so sure about but, as Thomas correctly points out, there is a certain logic behind that move. That is the situation that exists at present – it may not continue to be the case if SS is unhappy about the way things are run on the training pitch. He appears to be his own man and I am sure will want to do things his own way.
    I’m looking forward to a bit of wheeling and dealing taking place. We are financially sound, have the basis of a decent squad by championship standards, don’t have to sell our best players and money is available to bring in new faces. I’ll settle for that after the last twelve months.
    I feel very positive about this appointment – much more positive than I would have been had it been TC, Bruce, Megson or Reid.


  10. Wey-Hey we're the Monkeys says:

    I’m not convinced we’d be thinking how inventive our noisy neighbours down the road would be if they did similar. We’d be too busy taking the piss, just as we were when they did little to strengthen their squad when they came up a year or two back… ;)

    Anyway, good luck to Mr Solbakken, the first image at the top of the blog post here makes him look as confused as the rest of us appear to be about his appointment.

    Let’s hope he proves to be more Mourinho than AVB – God knows we need it! At least we’ve kept Connor just in case it all goes Pete Tong….


    • sleachy says:

      he’s not confused, he’s flicking covert V’s, looks like he already knows a thing or two about our culture…


  11. sleachy says:

    I like it.

    I like that he’s won stuff, that he’s outspoken and started on pep guardiola, that he even picked a team to compete against barca, that he beat utd, that no-one’s ever heard of him, that he beat death, that i have no idea how to pronounce his name, that TC is defs not the boss next season, that we might get some foreigners who know what to do with a football other than kicking it hard and chasing it to the other end of the pitch, i can’t see what’s not to like really.

    give the guy a chance.


    • Norsk Wolf says:

      You would pronounce his first name phonetically as something like Stowla but with a slight exaggeration of the O so it sounds longer


  12. Gareth says:

    Brilliant. Credit where credit is due. Nobody can be sure that whoever we got in would be successful, no matter how strong their CV. I think bringing in a manager without baggage (as Clive said) is a good move, and I think his track record is good enough to give him a chance.

    Of course the main issue is not who is appointed, but how much backing is given to them? That remains to be seen.

    In the mean time, UTW, and roll on Ståle’s Gold and Black army! I’m very glad it’s not TC’s, Steve Bruce’s, Gary Megson’s etc…


  13. Clemens says:

    I will just copy/paste my comment on the other blog since this is where it belongs. I am confident that this is a good appointment.

    He has a reputation for wanting to play boring football but I don’t think that’s justified. Being a Dane living in Copenhagen, I have seen a lot of FC Copenhagen games and in his later years they played very attractive football. Also he managed to put his footprint on the team and he has had major role in building the football team which is now by far the best in Scandinavia – among other things beating Man U and Celtic and drawing with Barcelona in the CL group stages.

    My worry will be, however, that I don’t think he is very good at blooding the youngsters. I don’t know his track record in Cologne but at first glance, I don’t see this appointment as being very much in line with the young and hungry policy.

    But I still believe that this is a good appointment.

    And, may I add, he is a man who puts a lot of weight on discipline and players acting professionally. And he has a temper.

    Players lacking a displined approach to their jobs are already on their way out, I am sure. I won’t mention any so I haven’t forgotten any.


    • Clemens says:

      And we should applaud the board in making a quick decision of a new manager and actually appoint a manager with a decent track record – though experience is from outside the UK.


  14. Scooped says:

    Delighted we’ve made an appointment and that its one that signposts a radical change in direction.
    Love the Guardiola clip. He looks big and bolshy enough to sort things out so good luck to him.
    Plus he’s a slap head! He’s got no hair but we dont care!
    Just hope that Jez jeeps his fat gob shut in future & under Stale the club lets our football do the talking.
    Where’s that season ticket renewal form…..? Ben???


    • Twixfix says:

      Come on Scooped .. Mrs Twixfix and myself would love that .. and no further slap head jibes please, I think he’s in a strong position because if he’s of a bullish character .. he can tell fat Moxey to keep his fucking nose out of footballing matters.


  15. Clemens says:

    Are we stuck with TC? I was very confident that Ståle would bring in his own backroom staff – he was not allowed to do that in Cologne.

    The more I think of this appointment, the more right it becomes. He is tactically very astute and he will surely tighten up the defence which is top priority at the moment. When he took over FC Copenhagen in 2006 they were often accused of playing boring football but he never the less managed 3 out of 4 championships if I remember correctly. And the football improved immensely during his reign.


  16. colin says:

    Good honest appraisal which i completely agree with Ben – other names have been banded around long enough with few taking much interest they can all now go and take a running jump (an old fashioned expression).


  17. Morph says:

    It’s a nice change to be looking into the great unknown for once. A new season under a new manager, perhaps a new style of play. Can only be a positive move. As for TC still being around, it bothers me but not nearly as much as him holding the reins.


  18. These are the days.... says:

    Gut feeling….

    I don’t trust the board and I hate to say it but if them down the road would of appointed him I would of thought that they know something that we don’t.

    However, I’m excited by it. A bit of balls from Morgan this so I’m reasonably happy. Ofcourse he’ll get the support he needs from the fans and I’m sure he’s no mug.

    …..in short, I give him 12 months!! I hope I’m so so wrong.


  19. Clemens says:

    And may I also add…

    Ståle has balls!


  20. blur says:

    For the first time in ages us fans agree with something the board have done, lets get behind uncle fester even though i have never heard of him


  21. Rob in London says:

    It’s refreshing to see the board take action and appoint someone before the season’s end. Stale, as we all agree, is an unknown quantity when it comes to English football, but all we can do as fans is give him our full support.

    On another note, it’ll be interesting to see whether season ticket sales improve in the coming weeks and months, particularly if the new boss axes some of the dead wood.


    • The Wanderer says:

      I think the timing of the appointment is more about stimulating season ticket sales rather than anything else.

      That said, better that this is done and dusted and that he can have all of the summer to consider changes to the team and to get to know the players.

      Also, with him having experience in a number of European countries, I think this bodes well for the attraction and acquisition of international players.

      Happy Wolves fan :D


  22. Good luck to the new manager. I saw Roger Johnson smugly declaring he had never heard of Solbakken when interviewed this morning. Well here’s the news for you, he has never heard of you as he has been busy managing a Champions League team and winning trophies while you have been out your depth in the Premiership. On your way Rog you deluded donkey.


    • I thought it was a bit cocky for him to come out with that Dan. All he had to say was ‘ive heard good things’ or ‘we are all looking forward to learning from him’ etc etc.
      Maybe I’m nitpicking, but if i was asked about a new gaffer at my place, I’d be a bit more diplomatic!


      • BobbaWolf says:

        I hope he is the first player he ships out. Can’t stand the bloke.

        Great appointment in my eyes, as people have said at least it shows some desire for a real change in our approach. Better than some average English manager who has already been round the block a few times.


        • The Wanderer says:

          +1 there’s very little love lost between our ‘captain’ and us fans. Bring back King Karl as captain.


  23. Sheffieldwolf says:

    He looks a good appointment, experienced and a good knowledge of the continental game. I really hope he brings in his own staff so we can get rid of our bloody hoof it style and stat playing a bit more measured football.

    On an interesting note he tends to play his teams as highly compact defensive units preferring to allow opposition teams to attack the wings rather than play through the middle. I can’t see either Ward or Elokobi being strong enough to fit that sort of play and Berra will struggle to stay on if hes got to win headers without tugging shirts. Could suit captain Karl and the drunk though, no more chasing pacey players through the middle.

    Could well be Morgan’s first wonder stroke. Still would have rather seen the back of TC and his archaic coaching methods though. Maybe he can be given a role in the massive club shop or the new restaurant?


  24. Dave H says:

    Spot on to Morgan for getting the manager in now to sort the squad out also for the appointment itself.
    Never heard of him, by the looks of him he looks a character, hope he gets a good start, cant wait for next season

    Come on me babies!

    Dave H

    Alty Wolves


  25. Hamlet says:

    People have been saying that this guy’s briliant tactically – may be an overstatement that – and since that was what had been mssing under Mick and TC then I’m excited!

    Let’s see what he can do! Seems like Moxey + Morgan handled this a liot better than the last one!


  26. Dave Vincent says:

    Who knows how this will turn out. a completely untested prospect. Big gamble but he obviously impressed M&M at interview.

    Let’s get behind him for the season, even if things don’t immediately go to plan. It’s futile to ask this, but please no ‘Ståle out’ in November if we’re sitting in mid-table having just lost at home to Barnsley. If we’d had Martinez this season the usual idiots would have been shouting for his head all season, so please let’s stick with him and get behind him for the whole season.


    • Seriously Dave, what do you take us for? It’s equally futile to expect you to show some respect to some of the most downtrodden, insulted, patronised and lied to fans anywhere in England.

      And if we’d have had Martinez all season, we wouldn’t have:
      1. Kicked the ball from kick-off to Hennessey to hoof it long every game
      2. Given the ball away with the reckless abandon of a pub team
      3. Shown such muddled, confused thinking around team selection
      4. Loaned out superior players and name a squad of 24 players at the expense of them
      5. Spoken irationally and illogically before and after each game, making us look a laughing stock in the process.

      You sound more fickle than the ‘idiots’ you love to insult!


      • Geordiewolf says:

        Ben as always you are well respected. But I think some of Dave’s point may be valid. I don’t think we would ever appoint a manager with unanimous backing, and hence the dissent Dave may refer to.
        I agree totally with the inept football played and the table doesn’t lie.
        We didn’t get curbs and can assume why.
        Whilst backing the manager will not guarantee promotion, we should at least see what his style and plans will be and give him time.
        Anyway finishing top in any league (let alone 5 times) is no mean feat, so he knows how to assemble a good management team.
        Let us not vent the frustrations we may have with the CEO on the new manager.
        Anyway he’s got no hair and we don’t care!!
        Come sort out wolves Stale


        • Hi Geordie Wolf. I was merely replying to a post referring to the ‘usual idiots’ and a statement that it is futile to ask for patience if we’re struggling in November?
          At a time when we should all get behind him like you say, it seems strange that a fellow fan would want to incite and provoke with comments like those, wouldn’t you say?
          To reiterate, I am right behind him, as I believe, are 99 per cent of all Wolves fans.
          No ‘usual idiots’ here Geordie.
          But if anyone wants to start laying the boot into real Wolves fans for no justifiable reason, then expect me to say something!
          I don’t recall them singing Mick Out at any time of his terrible run, so I am scratching my head why they’d be calling for Stale to go in November.
          I just don’t understand why the very scenario was brought up in the first place.


          • Geordiewolf says:

            Exactly the reason why I say you are so well respected Ben. I think we agree it’s a good move and hopefully will be the evolution of our club! Bring on Europe in 4 years I say!

            Good luck Stale
            We are Wolves!!!!


            • I’ll drink to that Geordie! Thanks for kind words about being respected too. Not sure about that bit but I’ll take the plaudit!
              Good luck Stale!


      • Dave Vincent says:

        Ouch! Put your toys back in the pram, Ben – I was only making the point that bit of patience might pay off in the long term! And please be assured that I wasn’t referring to you with my ‘usual idiots’ comment. You really should try and cheer up a bit, though.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      How do you know we are playing Barnsley at home in November?
      Last I heard, fixtures don’t come out until June.
      For me, Martinez would have been the optimum managerial signing, but he’s destined for bigger and better things.
      The “usual idiots”, and I’m proud to be one, were calling for McDickwad’s head long before November….in fact some of us wanted him gone after the Old Trafford “bottle” job.


    • GoldCoast kiddy wolf says:

      I’ve been busy reading all the lads comments over the last 24 hrs and this is the best one by a mile.


  27. KWolf says:

    Can’t believe the distinct lack of ‘Stale’ related puns. Tut tut.
    I for one hope he brings in some fresh ideas, even if we just stop passing back to the GK from the kick off he’ll win me over.


  28. Mark G Davies says:

    Very clever. By having Moxey, the website and all the players talking up TC for the last few weeks, with the final realisation that TC was not getting the job, such is the relief about that that Morgan could have appointed Desparate Dan or Freddie Flinstone and he would have been welcomed with open arms.
    Only time will tell of course but good luck to the club for the appointment. Bad luck to the players, a hard nut is maybe going to sort them out at last. Whats Norwegian for FOWB?


  29. Neil says:

    In the current issue of When Saturday Comes, there’s a review of a book by the former Barnsley chairmain. When they were looking for a manager in the 1990s, they got a letter from someone saying “If you want to appoint an old manager who has failed elsewhere, then ignore this application.” They did ignore it, but the writer – Martin O’Neill – went on to better things. This is a similar appointment. Young, successful manager. It didn’t work out at Koln for him but reading around it there seems to have been a falling out with the director of football there, so he’s probably not completely to blame.

    Given the farce of replacing McCarthy, this has been a good move. He comes with no baggage, as any British manager who would be given the job would have done. Even keeping Connor on makes sense (if he does stay, but I doubt he’ll last much into the season) as it gives a bit of continuity while Solbakken finds his feet over here. He fell out with Joe Kinnear, so he’s not all bad.

    Ståle who? Weren’t Arsenal fans saying “Arsene who?” before Wenger was appointed?


    • Clemens says:

      And Spurs fans said “Christian who?”

      some may still do….

      But I agree with your blog. Fresh air in the dressing room is a good thing.


  30. old goldy says:

    lets get behind mr dead and donkey who is a number two…really hard to know what to think other than why is donkey still the coach? we needed to clear everyone from the decks whilst we had the chance to bring some new ideas . just being loyal cos he took all the crap when mick got the boot is not a good enough reason to stick with him….results and performances are what he needs to be judged on not cos its his ball and he will go home if hes not picked…..


  31. alf white says:

    Hopefully The Hard Man will sort out the shambles at the back.
    Hope he gets rid of Baldric.
    Moron and Hreaseball still on borrowed time.Good luck to Stale really hope he brings some fresh Scandinavian blood into the mix.
    There are some very good technical players in the Scando leagues, German leagues and the Dutch.
    With his contacts he should be able to freshen things up nicely.
    Think Stearman on his way too.


  32. Geordiewolf says:

    It’s a good move. He has a lot to prove! I know you are only ever as good as your last job, but remember woy hodgson was sacked from the scouse scum, and now is England manager! Good look to him.

    I wonder if his tactic is to keep TC experience to get us out of the championship. Then time to sweep clean!

    As you all know on here, My choice would have been to get rid of TC 2 seasons ago!

    He’s got no hair but we don’t care!


  33. Geordiewolf says:


    Last paragraph! Oh dear looks like Berra and Johnson will have a torrid time!
    Like his humour, he will need it with the fans vitriolic wit

    Come on me babbies


  34. Molly Gnu says:

    Well at least he should be able to get us a decent Christmas tree for Queen Square now!


  35. Rich says:

    I don’t know what to make of the appointment and right now I think relegation is as likely as promotion next season but it has generated some excitement for the first time in what seems like an age supporting Wolves. I’d much rather take this than the likes of Curbishley or Bruce who have gone, erm, stale. A word of caution though; the Championship is tough, and the inevitable foreign arrivals are going to have to settle fast. As I say, not sure what to think, but overall I’m positive.


  36. yosser6 says:

    Let’s just hope come Christmas we’re not all shouting
    Its all gone STALE SOLFUCKOFFBAKKEN to Norway. Just thought i’d get that in before anyone else does.

    Seriously, all we can do now is give him our backing and support the bloke. It may be a Morgan masterstroke or could turn in to yet another false dawn. Can’t really make a judgement at this early stage, but preferable to TC or Bruce.


  37. passandmove says:

    Glad we gone left field the managers of other clubs closer to home seem to have shown little interest in the job.If it doesnt work out it probably wont drag on for to long.If it does work out a fresh face will attract attention.


  38. johnok says:

    Well everyone seems pleased with the appointment so he gets my vote,only hope Totally Crap
    has nothing to do with the team or tactics in a coaching capacity.

    Lets hope he kicks some of these player’s into shape.ie johnson if he’s still here at the start of the season,and he gives the kids a chance.FOJM,FOTC.


  39. Cwmbranwulf says:

    It’s an adventurous decision into the unknown. How exciting is that ??
    Well for me it’s a far better appointment than trawling through the same old faces who have been or not been there for the past 5 – 10 years.
    Alternatively, this could leave WW with yet more egg on our faces, but somehow I don’t think so, provided he is given adequate support from the off.
    I hope he will be allowed to evaluate the existing squad properly and bring in whoever he thinks/knows can help him to succeed and of course he must be allowed to dump players he feels are not up to it.
    I just wonder where JM’s influence will begin and end.
    As ever UTW Keep the faith and believe.
    NB….W***n 2 Wolves 3 and B****n we’ll see you next season in the CH.


  40. Nick from Wolverhampton says:

    Well said young man, I agree with most of what you say there Ben. Don’t know nothing about him but I think it’s going to be good fun getting to know him. He looks like a mentalist. I love the clip of him frothing at the mouth while having a go at Guediora (spelling? – I mean the recently departed Barca coach). Can’t really comment much apart from obviously saying I wish him all the best and I’m happy M & M have gone for someone like him rather than one of the other predictable ‘safe’ options. Could be a step in the right direction for Wolves. Fingers crossed anyway.

    By the way Ben, there’s a gramatical error in your blog, can you spot it? Sorry, I hate it when people pick up on errors but as it’s so rare you make one, and I know how much it will annoy you, so I thought I’d mention it. And I know I can’t really talk but I was always more into Maths and Science at school, rather than English. English was for girls!

    FYI this is Nick Dalton, I’ve decided to change my name as I post a lot of rubbish when I’ve had a few too many beers and I’ve realised I don’t really want people reading it and knowing exactly who I am.


    • Don’t know Nico! A comma after the ‘and’ which wasn’t needed in the 3rd last par? You tell me big man. Glad you like the blog mate. Keep posting!


      • Nick from Wolverhampton says:

        “An onus on effortless formation change to suit the needs of any game sounds far more exciting than the Hennessey hoofball we’ve become conditioned too” no need for the second o on the end of to (last word). Shoddy work Smallman, sort it out.


  41. BobbaWolf says:

    Not sure if Johnson will get his head round a complex zonal marking system? Cologne had the worst defensive record in the division according to this. Bit worrying.



  42. theDOOGooder says:

    I never saw that one coming. A possible masterstroke from the men who we all love to hate.
    Look out Champions League, here we come!
    (I might be getting a little over-excited here but I am well chuffed.)


  43. shready says:

    I think this will work out well, I’m impressed with Morgan’s vision.
    Lets get 100% behind the new manager.
    After the last 9 months of a terrible season I more than welcome this change of direction by Wolves, the club I love.
    I’m feeling more positive and excited for the coming season.
    New Start
    New Dawn….


  44. IsawNeilMastersPlay says:

    Seems like a bold appointment. I have 2 concerns. Firstly, now to 1st July. Who’s gonna be doing the selling and buying(if any). And secondly, SS seems like the irresistable force, moxey the immovable object. How long before they clash! SS seems like no stranger to confontation


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