QPR 1 Wolves 2

Money doesn’t always buy happiness.

Just ask Mark Hughes.

On a day that his club’s open cheque book was supposed to see their stock rising, it was Wolves who cashed in to get out of the red.

Stupidity, in all its glory

In fact, the victory owed much to the implosion of their marquee investment, Djibril Cisse taking Johnson by the neck before hopping into an early bath.

It was a definite sending off – no arguments please.

As Karl Henry will testify, raising hands (or studs) off the ball simply isn’t tolerated.

Just don’t do it.

A man up but a goal down, the pressure was thrust onto Wolves and Mick McCarthy to grab hold of the lifejacket that was so charitably slung overboard.

Sink or swim.

Thankfully, they just about made it to the shore.

Kevin Doyle turned the tide, feeding Matt Jarvis for the equaliser before slotting home the winner in composed style.

He needed that.

Mick too should bank credit for swift action on a day his head threatened to roll. Removing Stearman and slotting Foley into the back four was certainly a wise move to make.

That said I wasn’t overly enamoured with his initial team selection. We were setup to defend from the off and with no Kightly or Hammill in the squad, I feared the consequences of conceding an early goal.

So when Zamora slotted home a well worked opener that saw the wall come crumbling down, things seemed decidedly bleak.

There’s no doubting players and manager needed the break that Cisse’s handbags provided. Without that moment of madness, I don’t believe for a second we would have won.

Not that we should care.

Restricted view (courtesy of Putney Wolf)

Self-destruction has been Wolves’ forte this season so if the stupidity of the opposition is the stroke of luck we need to get our heads above water, so be it.

Speaking of new signings, Sebastian Bassong was correctly given his debut and although Zamora outmuscled him to toe poke them into the lead, I thought the on-loan Spurs man acquitted himself well.

I’m a bigger fan of Berra than most but the pace off the ball and composure on it that Bassong brought to the back four were notable.

Still, his selection couldn’t prevent a late onslaught as Adel Taarabt threatened to cruelly snatch the game away from us.

Credit Wayne Hennessey for a wonderful fingertip save to keep the Moroccan at bay. If he might have done better for the goal, that more than made amends.

It was a result that made amends.

It also proved however bankrupt our prospects may seem, it would be premature to foreclose on this season just yet.

You might just pay the price.


  1. Sheffieldwolf says:

    Mm got away with it today. I’m with You foley in midfield with stearman at right back was stupid and would have cost us the game if it hadn’t have been for cisse. Still three points are three points bring on the Shit.


  2. Haywood Wolf says:

    So MM scrapes by again. This is delaying the inevitable. Still chuffed with the win but I reserve commendations on our master tacticians.


  3. Well Mick clearly feels that Foley is a better right winger than Hunt, so hopefully this means he’ll stop playing Hunt every week. He can still be good for tough games or as a squad player, just not every game. The fact that he pushes Jarvis to the right side makes it even worse.

    I think we really missed Kightly (or Hammill if you want) today, but Doyle was excellent. Lucky that Cisse made the offense, but we have had so much bad luck with red cards this season that I really don’t care. Frimpong has gotten quite a beating since he joined us 🙂


  4. Clemens says:

    I was banging my head against the wall when I saw the starting XI. Foley can’t play in that position and with Zubar out, he is also the best full back available. Why keep changing that fragile back four? And Edwards as a playmaker was puzzling. He was the only decent outfield player against LFC playing in that gap between midfield and Fletcher. He does that ever so well with his great runs from deep but Mick also put him in another position today that shackled him in midfield with O’Hara in front of him. Why?

    Mick got it all wrong but thanks to Cissé we got the points.

    I refuse to give McCarthy any credit for this. It is like the game against Swansea. In that game, it was 70 minutes before he corrected his own mistakes and the game turned. Today it was ‘only’ 45. To me, this is not brilliant.

    Yes, his substitutions changed the game but they should never have been made had he just managed to set the team up properly in the first place.

    But hey! We won and it was a fantastic result. The players did brillantly and I am so happy for Doyle that he finally got a goal and paired that with a fantastic performance. Jarvis was unplayable in the second half and Bassong looks like a great addition. Hennessey has become one of the best keepers in the Premier League – his saves are worth a lot of points this season.


    By the way, does anyone know what Hammill has done to piss off McCarthy so much that he is not even on the bench even when we don’t have any right wingers?


    • Have I missed the ‘My subs changed the game, I am the greatest manager in the world’ speech from McCarthy ala Swansea?


      • Hamlet says:

        His subs did have a part in winning the game though – no matter what you think of him, you can’t deny that!

        As for the Swansea game, that was an isolated case and hopefully it will never happen again!


        • Wolfman Jack says:

          Apparently he’s given the credit for the substitutions to Clipboard Connor.


        • His subs changed the game as did Cisse. But the point is, like Swansea, the initial team selection was crazy meaning that he had to atone for his error.


  5. pass and move says:

    Not only a big win for us but Bolton Blackburn and Wigan looked piss poor today – 35 points to stay up ? By the way did you see Swansea’s second goal against wba ( 19 passes, 6 sideways,6 backwards – my kind of goal !)


  6. I liked the enforced line up.
    Is Frimpong badly injured?
    We played well second half with Doyle and Jarvis excellent.
    Could 4-3-3 be a good option for us?
    A great day for us but can we be consistent.
    WBA are not in the best of form and after the boost of a win can we build on it?
    This is when you need good, calm management ?
    Happy with the win……


    • We don’t keep the the ball well enough to play 4-3-3. We couldn’t even keep the ball at 2-1 with a man advantage and were lucky to hold on.

      The shape wouldn’t work in my view.


  7. Well-written Thomas, like your review!
    I thought Mick’s team selection was negative and had we gone through the game 11 versus 11 I could have seen them scoring more and us not scoring as we barely threatened until they’d gone down to 10.

    Yes, of course a win is great, and I hope that this can be the start of a run of decent results, however I really hope that Mick sees sense and stops picking very negative teams. Going to QPR and trying to grind out a draw (which I think he was doing), was a very bad idea.

    They were unlucky, we were lucky – 3 points in the bag. I’m happy with that, but still remain unconvinced that Mick is doing a good job.
    Awaiting the next match eagerly…


  8. Bassong looked excellent – however I’ve been really disappointed with Milijas in the last 2 matches. Doyle was excellent, but so was Fletcher. It is nice to have the option and cover should one get injured. Zubar is our best right back, Foley second, Stearman third. The only advantage Stearman provides is with his height, against a big physical team maybe he has a place, but certainly not last night. The key difference for me is that we now have some depth in the squad, we can lose a few players to injury and not be critically weakened.

    Any news on Frimpong?

    QPR is the most important game of the season for me as my best mate is an Rs fan. Excellent bragging rights.


    • colin says:

      Frimpong having a scan on knee monday he has had injury problems before – must agree on Kevin Doyle i have never ever heard him moan and its great to see him showing some form again.


  9. We were thrown a lifeline and took advantage, Wigan were also thrown one today and didn’t. Most important game of the season in a weeks time. Time to drag them into the mire with us.


  10. mikewright says:

    much needed win, it goes without saying.
    but the the most pleasing aspect? seeing Kevin Doyle providing some skill, composure and ingenuity that has been sorely missed.
    Kightley and Frimpong et al are not, on their own, likely to be the saviours. Doyle is.
    Doyle and Fletcher are,arguably, the two classiest players on the books. and , in my opinion, should be played together in a 4-4-2. This sends out all the right messages as to how we can and should play. Playing 4-5-1 screams ‘we’ve come to scrap for a point’ and is no longer an answer to the plight we’re in. Surely we’re better than that and far more capable of winning games.
    lucky in many respects yesterday, but lets hope MM uses it as a platform for much much better things.
    We’ll see.


  11. Hamlet says:

    Doyle coming back with an assist and a goal was the best part of yesterday – we certainly needed it! And if Doyle really has come back to form then perhaps we can start playing 4-4-2 again, and if Kightly is back from his (hopefully not serious) back injury and if Frimpong’s injury isn’t serious then I can see no reason why we can’t beat West Brom!

    Feels so nice to win for once!


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Please stop swearing on this site, Hamsterlet.
      The expression is : W… B…, or the shit.
      Thank you.


      • sleachy says:

        quite right Clive, the following are also acceptable:
        the unmentionables
        them lot down the road
        sandwell town
        the boggies
        the tescos


  12. Grace says:

    I, like most here wasn’t happy with the starting line up (that’s an understatement!!!)

    But you know what there are so many positives to take from yesterday.

    Coming from behind to win

    Doyles performance

    Bassongs performance

    McCarthy being positive with his subs & actually realising he got wrong initially & doing something about it!!

    Matt Jarvis back his old self, might have something to do with the chat I had with him on a train to London this week 😉

    Also the way we saw the game out & defended in the last 15 mins

    What we need next is a clean sheet & no better time to do it than next week, do that & we’ll beat the Steptoes!!!
    Then we can start to talk about survival




    • Another positive about the substitutions was that they were made early. Doyle was given 45 mins to make an impact, not late on with the game slipping away.


  13. Mark G Davies says:

    A win is always very pleasing and given our situation even more so. However every report says we were seriously out played when both teams had 11 men, is it the tactics or too many of MM`s team are not good enough. Well we know Doyle, Flether and Jarvis can cut the mustard at this level, not too many others unfortunately.
    At least we can hold our heads up high this week, just pleased its not Swansea the next game. Noticed that chap bought from hearts wasn`t even on the bench, what was the point of buying him then.


    • Hamlet says:

      Jonnson is a developing up-and-coming player, according to Moxey… that’s along the lines of what he wanted if I remember – star signing, up-and-coming talent and talented youngster (Bassong, Jonnson, Frimpong)


      • Adam B says:

        Jonsson is more than three years older than Frimpong though. And he’s played 200 games as a professional. I’d be amazed if he is ever a proven Premier League player. Poor signing.


        • Hamlet says:

          Based on what? All three games Jonnson has been in have been overall poor team performances – though he was responsible for one of Liverpool’s goals!

          And yes – Frimpong is better than Jonnson – some just have the natural talent!

          My opinion of Jonnson by the way is that he’s solid and nothing more – but my point is he hasn’t had enough games with us for fans to get a proper evaluation on him.


          • Adam B says:

            My comments are based on the fact that I don’t believe a guy who is 23, and a senior international who has played loads of football, is going to improve lots. Yes I am basing that on three games – probably three games more than Moxey is basing his ‘up-and-coming talent’ claim on, to be honest.
            If I’m wrong I’ll hold my hands up but I suspect he is a Championship player at best – which is incidentally what most Hearts fans who have seen him play a lot believe too.


            • Let’s also forget no matter what we think of the 3 Ms, Frimpong is well beyond our wage and transfer budget.

              Players can improve (see S.Ward, who has improved incredibly in the last 3 years) no matter how old in my view, whether they will under the guidance of McCarthy, Connor etc. is yet to be seen.


  14. Please Mick play Doyle, SEB & Fletcher in the same team, along with JOH they are our quality players. With them we would offer more of a threat & give our always overstretched midfield & defence a breather. The rate of saves Hennessey has made this season will have him past his best in a few years time!

    You need to invest confidence in the midfield players & defence with the 3 above as outlets we will have far more chance of carrying the game to the opposition. Fans are baffled why Jonsson, Forde, Foley right mids, Stears right back are played when Doyle is on the bench. Or maybe it is just me as I am an unashamed Doyle fan. Hammill also deserves a place on the bench, the games I have seen him he always offers a threat, although perhaps he does lack the full Prem quality as yet. But with games under his belt & if given belief he could be a real force.


  15. Why is it when we have an injury does Mick feel he has to mess about with the team rather than using a direct replacement. I refer of course to the moving of Foley to midfield and bringing in Stearman at right back who clearly isn’t good enough a this level in my opinion. Mick seems too loyal to some of our Championship players and it is costing us dearly. Also what sort of message does this send out to Adam Hammill who never gets an oportunity to start. I feel that Hammills attacking instincts are at odds with Micks cautious approach. That said great win yesterday. Feel sorry for Many Frimpong and hope his injury is not to bad as he will be a big lose. I now feel positive that if Mick selects the right team next Sunday we will beat WBA.


  16. Rob in London says:

    Great result, but Mick’s team selection was pathetic. Why did Foley start on the right when we have Kightly and Hammil in the squad? And why stick Stearman at right-back when he clearly can’t play there?

    Awful tactics from a woefully inept manager. We were terrible when it was eleven against eleven, and not much better for the rest of the first half after Cisse was sent off. The fact that some fans booed the team off at the break summed up how bad we were first half. I still think we’ll go down with McNugget in charge!

    On the plus side, Doyle was brilliant when he came on, creating the first goal and scoring the second.

    Mick out, Morgan out, Moxey out!


  17. Wolves since 79 says:

    YES YES YES YES YES COME ON ME BABIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Am I the only Wolves fan happy with the result ? Yeah it aint all perfect down at the MOL but life is to short to be bitching about MIC THE DICK and this in perfect team. Lets all just enjoy this win for F**K SAKE heaven knows we dont get many of em. WOLVES TO STAY UP MICK RELEVIED OF HIS DUTIES AT THE END OF THE SEASON. WE CAN ALL HAVE A DREAM AY. UP THE FAKKIN WOLVES LETS AV EM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Putney Wolf says:

    After going to the Chelsea and Spurs games I felt I was due a win! Apart from the awful seat (which I abandoned as soon I got there) I had a great time! We were crap in the first half, dismay at Foley at right mid and Stears at right back. Sending off did us a massive favour and the second half was fantastic! Bit nervy at the end as we are unable to play keep ball but a great win.

    I’ve never been to Loftus road before and I have to say, what an awful stadium. Many league one stadiums are better! It was a massive crush at the bar, restricted view was a joke and their fans were silent. But who cares, WE ARE THE WOLVES!


    • sleachy says:

      I was sat in with the QPR fans and can definitely say they weren’t silent. That said, I only heard a couple of songs from our lot, and know from experience we would have sung more than twice. Maybe something to do with the stadium design prevents sound travelling between the fans?

      perhaps we could implement this at the new mol, sound proof the away fans so we don’t have to listen to delilah or b***g b***g b*****s b*****s ever again!


  19. These are the days.... says:

    I’m happy with the result. Not elated. We beat 10 men and rightly so. Our mate Joey Barton tweeted that it would have (well he said “of” the thick cunt) been a cricket score 11 v 11 and I know where he was coming from.

    Now for the real test.

    Great for Doyle, nice to see Bassong. I really do want some clarity on the Hamill situation.

    Just an explanation would be nice….. Not even nice, just polite. Leigh Griffiths again?


  20. shready says:

    Will we ever get rid of MM, glad we won, but he pulls one out of the bag everytime I’m close to getting my wish of the idiot getting the sack.
    Lucky win nothing else.


    • Kind of agree,but 1st is Wolves winning,however or when,we’ll take it. The alternative to Mick? Is there anyone who can do a better job with little money.


  21. geordiewolf says:

    Come on me babbies.

    I still love them. But we were overrun in midfield again. Very poor performance first half.
    I hope we have enough to stay in PL. We have some really good premier players but Connor is definately only Championship coach at best. Come on 3Ms see it many of us here can. The problem is you get paid to have the privelege of us paying to watch you.

    Back home for the most vitriolic derby next week then I can have a lie in to watch me babbies. Roll on 25 Feb!!!!


  22. bemused wolf says:

    It was Sean Derry who was the catalyst for our win. His dreadful tackle on Stearman led to the substitution by Doyle at half time and a couple of minutes after his challenge Roger Johnson went in hard on Cisse. Have been saying for some time that it makes no sense to bring on Ebanks Blake instead of Doyle. This was apparent on Tuesday and yesterday. Would Doyle have come on if Stearman hadn,t taken that knock ? I Doubt it. Mick got lucky last season when he was forced to bring Fletcher back into the team through injuries and may well have struck lucky again. Doyle everytime over EBanks Blake. Surely everyone can see this ?


  23. Clive from Houston says:

    3 points is 3 points.
    There is no such thing as a bad win, like there are only good goals.
    Interesting that we get a win without two of the love children, Berra and Henry.
    Will McIdiot put Henry straight back in the side when his ban is over, even if we win our next 2 games?
    I don’t care how badly we play, or how lucky we are, or how many poor decisions go against our opponents, as long as we win. I would much prefer to win ugly than to lose being pretty, or unluckily.
    The stats will show the results, not the way victory was achieved.
    Whatever happens, whether we win all our remaining games ( fat chance) or lose them all, it was a good win yesterday, but the McDickhead must still go ASAP.


    • Putney wolf says:

      Henry was suspended for our last win at Sunderland too… But he’ll be straight into the team.


    • Clive I love your Comments. You really do have a wise old head on you.. I couldn’t agree more with these comments. No one will turn their nose up at 3 points however they come about.
      Weather it be Luck or Judgement yesterday was a welcome 3 points. although I would imagine it was the former..



  24. alf white says:

    Pleased with win and Doyle finding his form. Only problem is next week the team will be picked by the same man assisted by that master tactician Clipboard.
    Quality at the top required. ASAP.


  25. johnok says:

    Good post as usual Thomas,pretty much has been said about the match and performance,
    Thought Bassong played well you can tell he’s got ability and a proper LB.
    as said great to see Doyler get his goal and assist, always thought he should play in that position but what do i know.
    McIdiots first team selection was crap as usual and its only by luck we managed to win.
    Still a big fight on our hands to stay up though but still think with the right man at the helm
    we CAN STAY UP,But the trouble now is that because we won they will think all is well but we
    know its only superficial as long as we have McIdiot in charge.ITS NOT TO LATE IF WE GET RID.


  26. well we got we wished for, no more heroic losses but a shit win and i’ll take it everytime we get it. foley pushed to right mid and stearman at the back makes no sense to me unless hammil AND kights were injured but if they weren’t then i’d be at a loss. still 3 points UTW!!!


  27. It seems some on here don’t want us to win as it will keep McCarthy in the job. Cisse’s moment of madness helped us massively and maybe that’s the stroke of luck we need. Hopefully this is our turning point, our Palace moment in the Championship winning season and not a false dawn. Massive game up next against Albion who, ominously, only win away.


  28. Wolves since 79 says:

    Lets av em !!!!! We can beat the A****N the players just need to believe in themselves. That win should do theirs and the supporter’s confidence no end of good. THE WOLVES ARE STAYING UP THEWOLVES ARE STAYING UP AND NOW YA GONA BELIEVE US. COME ON ME BABIES 2-0 WOLVES AND MASSIVE GOLD AND BLACK ARMY PISS UP AFTER. BRING IN THE CONGA !!! Got to dash missed me last batch of valium think I might be having a hyper. UP THE FAKKIN WOLVES YE HA


  29. The Wanderer says:

    One swallow doesn’t make a summer and this win makes no difference.

    Shocking team choice, Johnson out, Stearman out, Foley to RB, Hammill on R Wing, inept first 45 minutes with no cutting edge.

    Enjoy the moment – that’s all it is – normal service awaits next week. 0-2 by half-time – if a bookie somewhere will take this bet let me know – easiest money I’ll make this month.

    BTW Kevin Doyle – well played; great to have you back.


  30. I have a theory…..
    Maybe Mick is too proud to quit…
    He wants Morgan to relive him of his duties and sack him.
    He Knows he is not good enough at this level but is too proud to admit to it and wants someone to put him out of his misery….

    C’mon morgan do the right thing… After all Mick could do wonders at somewhere like Notts Forest, and he may take some of the dead wood with him..


  31. Morph says:

    Bagged myself another 3 points in the prediction league! Casual optimism pays off!

    This was the first game I haven’t watched in weeks… and it’s the one we win. Currently on the fence about whether to watch the Albion game…


  32. thai wolf says:

    Great article as usual.
    On the plus
    Bassong looks good
    Kightly back from injury for next game?
    Doyle looking like hes coming into a bit of form

    On the minus
    Why does he not play Players in correct positions – Foley at left back

    Next game.
    For next weeks game i hope Bassong at CD, Kightly at left wing, Doyle in attacking midfield,.
    Hope Frimpong is fit for the next match.
    Woudnt it be great to beat those girls blouses from up the road and really drag them into the relegation battle, their fixture list looks quite tough as well.

    For the season.
    Dont forget how woeful Blackburn, Wigan and Bolton are playing.
    With a full squad and MM choosing the right teams playing in the correct positions i think we will stay up- 2 big ifs.
    Team for the season (maybe Berra in CD and Bassong at left back?)
    O Hara
    Doyle (attacking midfiled, not 2 up front)

    Up the Wolves


    • Is O’Hara mobile enough (even with Frimpong) to play in a 4 man midfield. To be honest, I reall like that side but with Edwards rather than O’Hara, with JOH, SEB making an impact off the bench.


  33. Interesting in the Guardian that McCarthy has given Connor credit for bringing Doyle on and playing 4-3-3. Talking point ahoy (is Connor underrated, shouldn’t this have been McCarthy’s idea…)


    • Clive from Houston says:

      What do you call McCarthy, Moxey and Conner standing together?
      A thicket!!
      All totally useless, should be gone with yesterday’s chip paper.


  34. Haywood Wolf says:

    Mm and tv have absolutely been out of their depth in this league. Mm had previous with Sunderland. Why of why do we have to put up with shit performance after shit performance only to pick up wins in lucky or bizarre fashion. i just have zero confidence that we can legitimately outplay or out fox any other team. Would love a win against the shit but can see us losing 3-1 or something equally galling.


  35. alf white says:

    These latest comments by MM praising Clipboards idea of bringing Doyle on and shifting Foley back are laughable. This is part of the job isn’t it?
    Mick will not resign, he is stubborn and thick skinned-a bit like the Captain of the Titanic.
    Just shows how starved we have been for any kind of performance when 1 win can bring out some of the comments on t his blog. Whilst the loathsome Poxey spins away.
    Love to beat the Shits. UTW.


  36. Sam 2.0 says:

    I literally just joined twitter (just to finally see what all the fuss is about) and this is the first thing I read on Sky Sports News

    ‘On-loan Wolves midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong out for rest of season with ruptured cruciate ligament. More on #SSN’

    Not good at all. He looked sharp, talented and had a point to prove with his performances.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      So what is plan B for Mc Loan Arranger and his faithful sidekick, Clipboard Tonto?
      Stick Ward with sat nav in midfield, Elokobi to left back, Berra restored to the heart of the defense, to give Bassong a break on the bench, and Hunt to deliver telling rapier like crosses for Fatty Blake to get on the end of.
      As previously suggested on this blog, to pin the hopes for our season on the back of an 18 year old Arsenal wannabe is sheer, unadulterated idiocy, par for the course from this regime.
      Now, that particular chicken has come home to roost in the open barn.
      Hodgson down in the sandwell slums must be rubbing his hands in delight, and the only way we will not lose on Sunday is to turn off the underground heating, and get the match postponed.
      What, we don’t have underground heating?
      Oh yeah, it would interfere with moxey’s bonus calculations.


  37. Mark G Davies says:

    Watched the QPR goal again on MOD 2 last night and where was Ward when SRP laid off the pass for the goal, standing too far off as usual as he is too slow and inept for this league.
    That win will count for nothing if we don`t keep winning, and Frimpong`s loss is a real blow, maybe he`s made MM realise what players need to play in this league. Pace and athleticism, which rules out almost all our defenders then, and as Clive says, the baggies are really shite at home, but they have the pace to get results on the road.
    Theres no point in sticking Mijas in to fill the gap left by Henry and Frimpong, he is just too much of a carthorse. I wonder how MM will deal with this problem, where`s our Algerian, oh of course he`s over at Forest because he decked MM`s lovechild. Pity he didn`t deck MM as well, might have been the only way to get rid of our useless manager.


  38. Sam 2.0 says:

    well i think we may play 4-4-2 with doyle getting a run with feltch after his good performance.

    Ok then people, according to internet rumours *and we know what they are like, but lets run with this* Roy Keane is looking for a way back into management, would you consider him? Also Roy over at tesco bag palace may lose his job if we beat them this weekend. You you consider him? Discuss . . . . .

    **I don’t endorse any of these suggestions jsut throwing some names out as there hasn’t been much choice of late


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