Wolves Vs Fulham Preview

Wolves head into Sunday’s Molineux curtain-raiser against Fulham knowing they have the opportunity to achieve something at the first attempt that took them 37 games last season – back to back wins.

Fletch's goal wasn't enough to get the win last season

Following the encouraging victory at Ewood Park, a home match against Martin Jol’s side must be seen as another great chance to put points on the board early doors.

Fulham are difficult side to beat, particularly on their own ground, but have never really been a significant force away from Craven Cottage.

They registered just 3 wins on their travels last season, the same as a Wolves side who had the second worst away record in the league.

They did however pick up 9 draws, which suggests they’re more than capable of digging in and making life difficult for the home side, something we know from experience following the 1-1 draw at Molineux in April.

Steven Fletcher gave Wolves the lead just prior to half-time in that match, but after Andy Johnson equalised with ten minutes to go, we were lucky to hold on for a point.

Much better is expected from Mick and the boys this time around.

The Team

I’d like to see us really go after Fulham in this match and playing 442, there’s certainly no reason we can’t do that. I’m expecting to see one change from the side that started at Ewood Park, with Kevin Foley coming in for Richard Stearman at full-back.

Hennessey, Foley, Berra, Johnson, Ward, Henry, O'Hara, Hunt, Jarvis, Doyle, Fletcher

I was hugely impressed with the way Wolves played in the second half against Blackburn. Both wide players had a major impact on the game and Hunt in particular really caught the eye with some clever touches and driving runs in-field.

The threat posed by those two players, along with O’Hara, Fletcher and Doyle was significant and looking at that eleven, creating chances and scoring goals shouldn’t really be a problem.

We’ll look to Roger Johnson to shackle the physical presence of Bobby Zamora and if we can prevent the big striker from holding the ball up, it should give us the ideal platform to go on the attack ourselves.

Prediction League

Thanks to everyone who took part in the opening day Prediction League. We had record numbers participating, which was wonderful to see. But if you missed out last week, it’s certainly not too late to join in the fun.

29 people correctly predicted Wolves would win and 15 of those got the score spot on too, picking up the maximum 3 points on offer. Well done to Erick Wolf, Hudds Wolf, Chad, Andrew N, Irish Wolf, dboy, Paul Foz, Hamlet, sleachy, Sam 2.0, Tipsy McStagger, Yoda, supersenna, CrazyPete and (of course) me, for setting the early pace.

This weekend I’ll once again back Wolves for the win.

There’s absolutely no reason to believe we can’t get the job done at home to Fulham and I think we will pick up those all important back-to-back wins.

Again, I think we’ll score a few but concede.

A hugely optimistic 3-1 to Wolves.

If you’re at Molineux on Sunday, lets really get behind the lads. Obviously this is the first and hopefully last home game of the season where supporters will be in just three of the stands, so we need to compensate for that.

Up The Wolves.


  1. Clive From Houston says:

    Can’t see us scoring more than four!!!!
    An early Ward hat trick followed by a Hennesey penalty in the last minute of stoppage time, ………….in the first half.
    Then after I wake up, I predict once again a 3 – 1 win, with us hanging on for dear life, as usual, just to give our manicurists a day off!!!


  2. Hamlet says:

    I’m going to predict a 2-1 victory for Wolves again…slightly less optimistic but I’m still expecting a win! :)


  3. andrewwfc says:

    Anyone remember when we last managed back-to-back victories at the start of a season?

    Having said that, I predict a european hangover for fulham, 2-1 wolves


  4. david porton says:

    im predicting a sluggish 1-0 win for wolves doyle the scorer :)


  5. The Wanderer says:

    A 2-0 home win and Wolves in dreamland!

    Fletcher brace making my 150-1 bet on him for the golden boot putting me in dreamland!


  6. El Plim says:

    4-2 to us. very low scoring weekend last week, when its norm prolific at beginning of season, so expecting some goals in front of th North ban……


  7. wolverine says:

    A very sensible 2-0 win for wolves with fletcher and doyle each getting a goal


  8. Gold Wolf Sven says:

    thats exactly the team i would put out, im expecting a 2-0 win fulham scored 3 tonight so i am hoping they have blown their load with regards to goals im thinking doyle to get off the mark and jarvis the other goal. COYW


  9. Mark Davies says:

    May be a bit of a reality check, with the pace of Zamora and Johnson stretching our centre halves, and two good quick wingers running at our full backs. If we retain our shape with Henry protecting our back four, I believe we have enough going forward to get a result, so despite the usual squaeky bum moments, I`ll go for the 2-1 win. Come on you wolves!!!


  10. sleachy says:

    You’ve all obviously realised the trick to this game is agree with Thomas.

    I reckon Zamora and Murphy will come out with a point to prove, and Jol will have them playing some nice tippy tappy stuff.

    We, on the other hand, will be raucously enjoying the first game of the season, making up for the empty stand, giving Frank Munro the send off he deserves, letting Murphy know what we think of him, and riding the wave of good feeling all the way to 3 lovely points.

    Wolves 2 – 0.
    Fletcher and Johnson


  11. MrAussieWolf says:

    I think it will be a nice 2-0 victory for the wolves, fletch and o’ hara to get us off and running at molineux


  12. Louie says:

    1-0 (Ward 98th min).

    My first home game since the Everton game, hope I’m not bad luck!!


  13. 2-1 to the home side. O’Hara and Jarvis on the scoresheet for Wolves and Dempsey scores a beauty in defeat.



  14. Kwolf says:

    Missed last weeks predictions :(
    I’m going for Wolves 2-0 Fulham


  15. Hudds Wolf says:

    I’m going to go for 2-1 Wolves again, I can see O’Hara getting one and Johnson from a set piece.
    I can’t see it being an easy game but, I’m hoping that early on in the season before the Fulham team are fully clued up on what Jol wants from them and they’re not quite 100% match fit following the Europa game tonight, we’ll get the result that we want.


  16. I’m already behind after missing last week. Wolves 2-1 Fulham


  17. Gudjon says:

    2-2 Doyle,OHara


  18. Kowloon Wolf says:

    Wolves 2-2 Fulham.


  19. Craig D says:

    Wolves 2-0, Fletch&O’Hara


  20. Erick Wolf says:

    I’ll back Wolves for the win again.
    2-1 and Hunt to score!


  21. new york wolf says:

    2-1 wolves sir steven fletcher and jamie o h. henry sent off late on for smashing danny murphy in the face lol


  22. Vijay b says:

    Im having a very optimistic moment! Think im getting a little carried away! 4-0 wolves! Fulham may b tired! Jet legged! We are going to kick on this season and push teams after watching the work rate and kightly in we cud score a few!


  23. Ash K says:

    22 predictions without anyone tipping a defeat?? Love the optimism. Must be infectious – I am going for Wolves 1-0


  24. Keithcolcol says:

    3-2 to the Wolves…..jarvis popping up and scoring in the last 5 mins (he is in the form of his life after all)


  25. 1-1 Dempsey early, O’Hara late.


  26. martin says:

    2-0 wolves, Danny Murphy sent off overreacting to very hostile reception on and off the pitch. Lovely.


  27. Andrew N says:

    Continuing with the positive outlook,
    Wolves 2- Fulham 0.


  28. These are the days says:

    I feel bad about this one but no way am I stopping the optimism

    Wolves 1
    Fulham 1

    Still want Danny Murphy’s head on a basket. Then on a stick.


  29. Wolves 1 Fulham 3. Sorry. Had to do it on the grounds that when I predicted similar results last season the opposite tended to happen.


  30. Bagsy says:

    I was foolishly pesimistic last week and have seen the error of my ways. 2-1 to Wolves.


  31. Tempted to stick with my theory for last season and say we will suffer a big fall after every high. With Fulham playing last night though I think the extra rest will come through so i’ll say 2-1 Wolves.


  32. Vladimir says:

    Pulled Schwarzer out of my starting team for this week’s fantasy league, that should be saying how optimistic I feel. 2-0 to Wolves. Fletcher and Doyle a goal each.


  33. I feel like wolves is gonna be the stronger of the two this season.

    Optimistic 2-0 from me.


  34. BAZZA (Selly Oak) says:

    I’m going 2-2! Can see their being goals but 6 points out of 6 seems too good to be true.


  35. Murts says:

    3-1 Wolves. Fletch&2, jarvo, hangeland


  36. PaulFoz says:

    1-0 Wolves Dreary match J O’H from a late set piece after an early missed penalty…haha


  37. Clemens says:

    I’ll once more go a 1-1 draw. And who else but Fletcher to score with a header.


  38. MichiganWolf says:

    I’ll go with 1-1 draw.


  39. Ade In China says:

    I think we’re likely to concede and usually I’d say my usual, “I’ll take a draw,” but after doing so well last week away I see no reason why we can’t grab a win at home, so I will also say 2 – 1 to the Wolves

    (and will be good to see the baggos go 0 for 2 as well!)


  40. Baltimore Wolves says:


    Fulham loves its draws, tough to believe they’ll only take 1 point from 2, especially with impressive mid-week form.. so I’m giving them 2 points from 2

    Dempsey and Doyle get the goals.


  41. Stourbridge Wolf says:

    Starting to fiddle the predictions league early doors again Thomas – disgraceful! (ha,ha,ha!)

    I’m going Wolve 1:0 Fulham – 34 points left to get!


  42. Tipsy McStagger says:

    I’ll go for a 2-1 win to the mighty Wolves.
    I feel we will always concede until we fix the LB situation, but our mids and forwards will create chances and score!


  43. WAKESTER says:

    ill go 3-1. they score first only 4 hunt 2 equal the score n fletch n henry 2 score others!!!!


  44. John I. says:

    2-1 Wolves win.


  45. robin says:

    One of the Friday stall holders in the Portobello Road is a Fulham supporter. They think we are going to be easy to beat and are optimistic about Jol and their team.
    My heart and head say we will win 3-1 but for the sake of fate I will go 0-1 to them!


  46. Amber Wolf says:

    Fulham are a much sterner test than Blackburn. I can see us scoring, but I cant see us keeping a clean sheet. 1-1 with Fletcher scoring first for us.


  47. Exeter Wolf says:

    Fletcher hat-trick!!! 3-0 to the Wolves!!!
    I’m suffering from ‘Early season over optimism syndrome’!!!


  48. vexrob says:

    Wolves to edge it 1 – 0. Hunt.


  49. superspenna says:

    Was going for another 2-1 to Wolves but as everyone and his dog have gone for this, I’m pushing the boat out to 3-1.

    Bring it on


  50. CrazyPete says:

    Duno if any1 came up with the answer 2 andrewwfc’s question of when we last won back 2 back games at the start of the season but I read earlier that it was 1998.
    Would turn the stats around but then again so would a loss seeing as it hasn’t happened since ’85! So not guna listen 2 them n go wiv my heart (not my head of course) and say 2-0 wolves. Fletch and hunt to score


  51. Irish Wolf says:

    2-0 wolves. Dont think we’ll keep the clean sheet but wud still like to see it happen so heres to hoping!!!!


  52. Philly Pete says:

    I predict another 2-1 win to Wolves. Goals by Doyle, Hunt and Dempsey.


  53. 2-0 wolves and hope Karl Henry, somehow, bags at least one of them and celebrates at the away end.


  54. 1-0 Fulham because I predicted a Wolves loss last week and i’m too scared to tempt fat this week.


  55. Oh, this is tough, i’ve changed my mind several times during the last few days about this one. I will go for a hard fought 1-1 draw for the sake of the prediction league with O’Hara getting the goal for Wolves. Come on though Wolves, I will love it if we win this match, love it!!


  56. I predict a one all draw.


  57. HongKongWolf says:

    It’s going to be a tough game for sure. I can’t settle on a score so i’m going to go with 1-0 home win


  58. Rob in Dubai says:

    I’ll go for 2-1 to Wolves with Fletcher on the score sheet.

    Interesting to see McCarthy’s quote regarding Danny Murphy’s apology for criticising our style of play last season. But I expect the cheeky Scouser will still get a ‘warm’ welcome from the Molineux masses, despite admitting his faux pas.


  59. thai wolf says:

    2 – 1 to wolves. Hunt and Fletcher to score.
    Bolton – Man City to draw and wolves top of the league!


  60. Sam 2.0 says:

    Maybe I’ve been drinking too early but I’m going for a 3-1 wolves win aswell. That would be a real confidence boost and give a few pundits and early shock. Some of them still had us in their predictions for the bottom 3.

    Hunt and fletch to get early goals and a johnson header to make sure of the points!


  61. Clive From Houston says:

    The Hoff is off!!!
    Obviously didn’t do enuff in his 4 minutes last week to keep a place in the squad.
    McDickwad didn’t read our blog then, where the consensus was to give him a chance.
    So now that a huge wage bill has been eliminated, can we go for Ronaldo, or Messi???


  62. Hamlet says:

    Bit off topic, but I’m starting to feel that the promoted teams aren’t gonna be that easy…QPR just managed to beat Everton 1-0 and it looks like Swansea found a brilliant replacement for De Vries in Vorm…

    This is gonna be an interesting Premier League indeed!


    • I agree mate, but with Blackburn looking as poor as many thought and wigan weaker without n’zogbia, it might not be so critical if the 3 promoted teams are competitive. Youve got to think that QPR will do well if they spend big. It definitely feels less daunting as a wolves fan compared to last season.
      BTW Ive been up since 7.30am and already counting the clock down. Cant bloody wait!


  63. JOHNOK says:

    I fancy us to carry on where we left off last week,2.1 to wolves.
    one change to the line up i would make is Zubar in at R/B if fit.


  64. Putney wolf says:

    Wolves 2 – fulham 1.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      Where have you been all week???


      • Putney wolf says:

        I’m in paxos! The island only has Internet in 2 places. I found the one bar that plays sport and got to watch the mauling wolves dished out! We are top of the league!


  65. Super Kev Doyle says:

    2-1 to the Wolves………


  66. HongKongWolf says:

    I don’t want to jinx anything…but we’re looking f*cking solid as a rock.


  67. HongKongWolf says:

    Ward has proved the critics wrong so far this season. What a great performance today and what a tackle on Dempsey!


  68. Kowloon Wolf says:

    Congrats Mick on your 100th Wolves win!

    Excellent performance – Hunt, O’Hara, and (yes) Ward in particular. There was more passing and movement than in any game last season. That was a not-too-shabby Fulham side, but we made them look very ordinary.

    We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!


  69. Clive from Houston says:

    Let’s all sing together something we haven’t been able to for many, many a year, probably before some of you lot were born….
    All together now…..
    “Wanderers, Wanderers, top of the league, Wanderers, top of the league”!!!!
    Haven’t seen the game yet, but fuckin’ brill result.
    Bet you’d take them points, eh, Hodgson?????


What do you think?

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