An ode to ‘The Doog’

A legend remembered

What’s his name??? Alexander Derek Dougan.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of ‘The Doog.’

For all of you who remember his home debut against Hull and the third goal of his hat-trick, check out the out the official Wolves website.

They have a video tribute to the great man and film of that wonderful third goal.

It was exactly as I remember, except from a different angle, as I was in the North Bank right behind the goal.

If you look really close, you can see me!

Watching the tribute brought tears to my eyes, as I’m sure it will to all fans of my age and older, who remember with love and affection our first true hero and God.

Long may you be in our hearts, Doog.

Written by Clive from Houston


  1. Thanks so much for the piece Clive. If there’s one sight I wish I could have seen, then it would have been the Doog and King John up front in tandem.
    They sounded frightening.
    The Doog must have been a player every other set of fans would have wished they had? A cult hero.
    Any modern day comparisons to The Doog? Would love to have seen him.


    • Clive From Houston says:

      It wasn’t just his skill on the ball and in the air, and his deceptively fast way of running, almost racehorse like, but the biggest asset he had was his charisma.
      He had us eating out of his hands.
      We would have done anything back then for the Doog, coz he would have, and did, do everything for The Wolves fans.
      A smile, a shrug of the shoulders, a slight waving of his hands upwards, all got 30,000 regulars singing and chanting his name.
      We would have walked a million miles for one of his goals………….
      Oh Doooouuugggaaaannn!!!!
      Here come the tears again!!


  2. Robin says:

    Fabulous footballer.
    His heart ruled his head, when it came to business though.
    Thanks for the wonderful moments.


  3. Mike Green says:

    Hi when Derek signed for Wolves he bought a house in Codsall, being his local butcher I got to know Derek very well over the years.
    In 1978 the wife and I were running an under 11 team in Shifnal who had won the Sunday league that year, I asked Derek if he would do the presentations at the prize giving, He said he had a PFA meeting in London that day but should be back in time and would love to do it, 7.30 and no Derek over the next hour I got fed up with people telling me they new he wouln’t come! at 8.30 a taxi arrived! Derek explained his train back from London had been delayed for two hours and that he had to take a taxi from W-ton station direct to Shifnal, and for what gain (NONE) other than the pleasure of giving pleasure to a bunch of young lads! amoung his other attributes he was a fine human being with time for other people.
    As regards the Bhatis I think he made some wrong decisions for what he felt at the time were the right reasons he truly wanted to be the saviour of Molineux
    Yes we were in the Cowshed that day a goal you could never forget.

    PS a couple of years earlier Derek Parkin did the Honours for us, a true unsung hero of Molineux! gutted to here about Norma.



  4. Mark G Davies says:

    Dougan – my boyhood hero, his name still etched on my old school desk, the phrase Doog is King still resonates with me and all true Wolves fans of that era.
    So many wonderful goals, in fact looking again at the clips on the wolves website, it reminded me of his deceptive pace, movement off the ball, quick feet for a big man, and what a wonderful header of the ball as well.
    Doog had all the attributes to have been a success in the premier league, and score loads of goals.


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