Slack: Portsmouth 3 Wolves 1

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have looked forward to Match of the Day?

With the Blossom Hill chilling, the Chinese sizzling and the wife out of the way for the evening, everything was in place for a good old Saturday night in front of the box.

But because lowly, crisis-ridden Portsmouth ended up doing the double over us earlier in the day, I ended up watching the snooker instead.

View from the away end (click to expand)

Watching Graeme Dott and Mark Selby did at least remind me of the Wolves this season, as the prospect of seeing us on BBC1 proved too much to take.

The glib pair of non-entities were again doing what they do best…Sucking the life out of snooker with their no-personality, no-risk, no-break strategies.

But fair play to them. They use every last drop of talent they have and work their backsides off for 8 hours to make up for their shortcomings.

A bit like Mick’s men this season. We’ve been dour, difficult and one-dimensional of late, but we’re safe, and our loss on the south coast matters little.

The irony was that we created more chances in the 90 minutes than we have in the last six games put together.

And were it not for an inspired performance by David James, we could have won the game 7-3.

As it was, we were on the wrong end of a beating ourselves, through a handful of self-inflicted mistakes that we’ve not been used to seeing.

Some dodgy Elokobi defending accounted for Dindane’s opener, and we were criminally bad again moments after equalising through Doyle.

Utaka enjoyed too much time from a simple throw to make it 2-1, beating Hahnemann at his near post, before Michael Brown added some gloss to the scoreline to with a second half strike on the break.

In between which, SEB missed an absolute gilt edged sitter, while Foley shot straight at James when it looked easier to score.

SEB then fluffed his lines again after Brown had bagged, as we created more chances than most of April’s games put together.

But who cares?

I’d wager that we all do a little bit, purely because any defeat hurts in any context, and ruins our best laid plans for a Saturday night!

But most of us are still freezing page 324 on Ceefax and rejoicing at our Premier League preservation, so one ruined Saturday night matters little when there’s so many more to look forward to.

Maybe with Dindane, Yebda and Boeteng in Wolves shirts next season, the days of Dott and Selby will become a distant memory. Here’s bloody hoping!


  1. Thomas says:

    Disappointing that we didn’t at least get the draw I felt we deserved, but we didn’t make the most of our opportunities and paid the price.

    SEB in particular should hang his head in shame for missing two monumentally easy chances.

    Still, there were a few plusses.

    Doyle was back to his superb best, scoring one, hitting the post and forcing James into a full stretch save with an audacious bicycle kick.

    Mujangi-Bia was excellent in that first 45 and it’s a shame Mick felt he had to take him off, apparently due to cramp. I’d expect him to start against Sunderland and I hope he can drift into promising positions like he did yesterday. His pace and trickery were certainly an asset.


  2. Kwolf says:

    Blossom Hill? The snooker was boring? Tut tut. Apart from that good blog. Suprised at how poor USA was bur hey no big deal.


  3. Kowloon Wolf says:

    Doyle was immense, Mujangi’s trickery caught the eye (cracking though ball to put Doyle through just before half time too), and Jones’s left peg was on fire (who needs Milijas?)

    But the rest were well below average.

    Hopefully the defeat will curb the post-survival euphoria and serve to bring everyone back around to what needs to be done in the summer, namely bring in several new faces. If we want to “rape the dead”, then Dindane, Utaka (Pompey) and Hunt (Hull) are three to consider from the relegated clubs.


  4. Neil says:

    I think it was notable that Hahnemann didn’t give his gloves away at the end of the game – he obviously wasn’t happy with his performance.

    Can someone remind me who won Portsmouth’s player of the season? – they seemed quiet about it and didn’t make much of a fuss.


    • Thomas says:

      I hope he’s got a big trophy cabinet or at least a double wheelie bin. How many trophies did he actually take home? I lost count.


  5. Thomas says:

    Chant of the day (and there were some excellent ones from the Wolves end yesterday) had to be:

    “There’s only one Tina Turner”

    …directed of course at David James for another hairstyle disaster.


  6. Kwolf says:

    O’Hara won Pompey POTS. I didn’t know raping the dead was a well known expression but O’Hara and Dindane would be good but not cheap as they both aren’t Pompey players. I like the guy Wilson at the back. Apart from that the rest either aren’t good enough or aren’t MM type players eg- KP Boateng.


  7. Thomas says:

    Did anyone go to the Man Utd, Liverpool or Burnley away games?

    I’m looking for pictures from the away ends of those grounds so if anyone knows someone who might have them, can you let me know please?

    I’m putting a piece together.

    Cheers guys.


  8. Adam B says:

    Needless criticism of The Pocket Dynamo and The Jester from Leicester.

    I’m not impressed Ben.


    • come on adam…those two make watching stoke city positively exciting! to think jimmy white will never win the world championship while dott could win two makes me sick! no wonder higgins started throwing frames. anything to numb the pain of playing one of those two. i’d actually prefer to watch wba while eating shards of glass, in between rubbing nettles on my eyelids.


  9. Dazza In Brisbane says:

    If ever a game needed to prove our poor Blake is at this level…… hopefully, we can put him our of his PL misery and sell him back to the standard of football to which he is more accustomed


    • Kowloon Wolf says:

      Yes, he snatched at those chances. Waaaay too anxious. I felt real sorry for him. He’s obviously worked hard and he looks like he’s dropped some of the excess weight he was carrying earlier in the season. If one of those sitters had nestled in the back of the net we’d all be singing a totally different tune I’m sure.

      But I fear you are right. Let’s offload the poor guy. Besides, I cannot sit through another season having Baggies fans taunting me by giving him the witty and chillingly accurate nom de guerre: “E shoots-Blanks”


      • Dazza In Brisbane says:

        Good business to sell for a couple of million, add the kit deal money plus win on Sunday and we can afford another “Doyle”
        Am amazed that no-one has menetioned any of Brisbane Roar’s players… oh hang on…. no I’m not 🙂


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