Note of thanks from Houston

Now that the euphoria of Nunohampton Wanderers marvelous season has faded, and before the transfer window opens, bringing every player on the planet to our doors, allegedly, I would like to say a huge thank you.

To all of you.

Every last one of you on our wonderful blog.

You all know of the devastation we suffered here in Houston, caused by Hurricane Harvey, and subsequent trials and tribulations we had to endure, but in the last year we also lost a grandson and Marla’s sister.

It is one hell of a coincidence that our misfortunes took place at the same time as the best footballing season seen at The Molineux in a generation, and this is a large part of what has kept me going.

That, and the brilliant support, comments, fund raising and piss taking by you lot.

I know there are some out there who have other problems and issues, for which you have my undying sympathy, and I can only speak for myself, but I would not wish this last year of mine on anyone, not even someone from Sandwell.

So a humungous thank you to every one of you, our title winning team’s liquid football and your superb camaraderie and love.

To misquote Tiny Tim….

Dog bless you one and all.

Clive and Marla from Houston


  1. Bedford Wolf (C H A M P I O N S !) says:

    I have only two things to say.

    Firstly as you are without question one of the nicest people it has ever been my good fortune to meet I am truly honoured to count you as a friend. Your messages of support, your cards and goodies – boy that Texan flag/blanket came in handy when the Beast From The East struck! – and your match day banter have brightened up both mine and Julie’s lives. Every day I am reminded of you (in a very butch, macho and manly way of course) by the two Texan fridge magnets that sit snugly next to a couple of Wolves fridge magnets on our fridge (surprisingly). Long may it continue fine sir. Maybe one day we may get to meet Marla? Come on, if we win the Premier or qualify for the Champions League then she MUST make an appearance.

    Secondly, who ARE you?



  2. dorset wolf says:

    God bless you and your family Clive we hope to have the honour of meeting you one day.


  3. Pity I couldn’t catch up with you while you were over Clive. Maybe next year after we thump Citeh 5-1 at the Mol in the last match, clinching the PL title and giving Clive from Houston his 20th correct score on the prediction league. 🙂
    Enjoy the summer buddy, and look forward to meeting up again before too long.


  4. Robin says:

    It was 2008 I had just come out of open heart surgery and was recovering from the drama of fate saving me in Delhi India.
    I lay in bed cruising the Internet and saw the football results
    We had beaten Forest 5-1.
    I knew I would survive after that.
    Trying to get info on the victory led me to click on Wolves blog for the first time.
    Not so well known then.
    The comment I read was by some guy called Clive from Houston and ever since his 5-1 prediction takes me back to the day I had my life saved!
    It cheered me up like his posts often do…
    Not sure of a 5-1 victory in the Premier league but everybody knows, Nuno knows.
    Have a great summer everyone.


  5. StuWolf says:

    Dear Amanda,
    Your comments and vitriol on previous posts almost saw the end of this great blog and almost brought many on here to giving up and moving to other blogs, why you did it Dog only knows, it was pathetic, childish and very Sandwell like. Many on here thought you were actually a decent person worthy of a shout and just a misunderstood individual whose grammar and spelling lacked belief,but most of us knew the truth. You were a Sandwell shadow dweller, an inbred troll intent on spoiling our blog and causing a division, but alas for you……..

    What’s that you say?
    It’s not Amanda!

    It’s who?
    Clive of India,
    What? Who you calling a deaf punt?

    Oh Clive from Hastings, no wrong again, for Dogs sake speak up.

    Oh, Sherbet,

    Clive from Houston,
    Who the feck is he?

    Oh him, the bloke in the Pink dayglow shirt in the posy box in the corner at Sunderland, one of those sandwich and spritzer supporters who can’t face the cold North East weather. Him.

    Naw, he’s got it easy over in cowboy land, he’s got two cars dozens of Dogs and enough water to carry Houston through a thousand year drought, and that wife of his, wow, Iv’e seen pictures of her, he must be mega rich to get that lucky.

    Well done that man, one of the biggest pussycats Iv’e ever met, lovely bloke, dubious taste in shirts but a decent egg.
    Creeksouth road, the clue is in the name, a Creek about 30 inches deep, but one day last year flooded the State, it brought out the measure of Clive, humble, reserved, got on with it, knuckled down and got stuck in putting his life and home back together. Houston Lobo got a site together and the bloggers showed what they thought of Clive and raised funds to help out in the manner of the blog at it’s finest.
    I know from private conversations with Clive first hand, some of the other traumatic life events he went through and applaud his stoic stiff upper pocket (lip).

    A genuine man, a guy I call my friend and a crap prediction league participant.

    Long live Clive hang on in there mate, Pink shirts are making a comeback, (in Delhi)

    Love from Jen de Wolf and I, to you and the beautiful Marla.

    WB f’d o


  6. DancesWithWolves says:

    And a high five for you Clive, deep in the heart of Texas. They don’t make hearts any bigger than your’s anywhere.


  7. Hong Kong wolf says:

    Wolves are going up,
    Premier League here we come,
    Can’t wait for the Blog predictor to start
    And predict a score of five one
    From Hong Kong to Houston
    Our fan base is far and wide,
    And what a pleasure it is,
    To watch a Nuno side.


  8. basherbaz says:

    Best wishes to you Clive, in life s–t happens but it is how you deal with it that is important.
    We are all part of the Wolves pack and we are back – Wolves Ay We


  9. Jazzwolf says:

    And Dog bless you and yours Clive.

    I think I’ve found your defining adjective – along, the lines of “The unsinkable Molly Brown”. I think we should refer to you as “The irrepressible Clive from Houston”. According to my dictionary irrepressible = not to be put down or kept under, which seems to be a spot on description of you.

    Thanks for your presence on the blog and thanks for keeping your head above the water – quite literally at times – through your difficult year. Here’s hoping it’s onwards and upwards for the next one – in every way.



    Hurricane Harvey ay gonna beat a bloke from the Black Country. Rioght ay it Clive. CFH 5 HH 1


  11. Twixfix says:

    There’s a conspiracy theory going on here … and that’s the real cause of your flood and ingress of water was down to some dodgy plumbing performed by lobo Wolf.

    I mean how can a drop of water from Ms Harvey cause the amount of damage you’ve had us believe….. nah a crap plumber more like…. I bet you were pissed up drinking IPA and forgot to turn the stop cock off.

    There’s only one way I’m going to believe this is to hear it from Marla herself … in person … at the next Premier League Bloggers Ballbash……

    All this to one side …it’s something I wouldn’t fancy myself … so here’s hoping that all your kitchen units fit well and plumb and that we can finally say … f##k you Harvey …yo aye gunna beat me…

    Such a pleasure having you sleep over in Twixfix Towers last week mate and hope to see you …AND MARLA SOON ….XX


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