Bloggers on Tour – Sunderland 2018

Another weekend – another Bloggers’ Ballbash.

First in Wolverhampton with all the prematch celebrations prior to the Sheffield Wednesday game and finally in bloody Sunderland of all places.

A fair few hardened bloggers managed the trip and there were a fair few more Wolves fans staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. The bar was a sea of Old Gold and black – with the occasional skin tight white catsuit. (Blogging censorship prevents me from including a picture of it here).

And the Italian Kitchen where we dined on Saturday evening also had a good number of like minded individuals determined to enjoy their stay ‘oop north.

In time honoured tradition, I, theDOOGooder (the Steven Spielberg of Wiltshire) and my entire film production company were present and have created another masterpiece which is almost certainly going to be nominated for several prestigious awards.

I will not attempt to name all the usual suspects who attended. You know who you are and can probably, almost, remember that you were there.

I’ll keep this short but I just want to put on record what a pleasure it has been to spend quality time chatting on the blog and in the flesh with all of you lot over a few seasons now.

It seems strange to think that not many years ago I had never heard of The Wolves Blog and certainly didn’t know any of the people who contributed to it.

And even stranger to think that I might well have been standing next to some of you when we were watching The Doog, Waggy, Mike Bailey, Frank Munro, King John Richards, Bully and all the other great names, plying their trade on the mud bath that was the pitch at the old Molineux.

And now, thanks to Thomas, Ben and all the other people who keep this great forum going, I am proud to count many of you as friends.

Now we stand on the threshold of a new era for our great club. Not many people, especially me, thought that we would see this sort of football in our lifetime.

To all of you Wolves fans out there, in the UK and around the globe…

This is our time.

We’ve just boarded the Premier ride in the fairground.

Hold tight and enjoy the trip.


  1. Bedford Wolf (400-1 to win the Premier League) says:

    As one of the cheap seat ‘oiks I have only two things to say.

    Firstly I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say about the way the Blog has brought new friends into my life and, like many on here, I have gone from attending games and not knowing or speaking to a soul to someone who now rarely if ever goes to a game without seeing or being with several people I know.

    Secondly – who ARE you?



  2. Dorset Wolf says:

    Thanks for sharing the vid sorry to all who went all that way for such a poor result, the blog has been brilliant for us you do feel not so much on your own looking forward to next season .
    Thanks again to Doog and Sue for introducing us to the blog full of brilliant Wolves people.
    Have a good summer all.
    The Future Is Bright the Future is Wolves And Fosun.


  3. I don’t wish to sound like a yes man, but I concur with all I’ve just read. I wasn’t at the aforementioned Ballbash, but it seemed to be the very motliest of our motley crew who assembled there, thus ensuring the very best of times.
    It’s been a fantastic season and I’ve attended more games than I ever have. Next year, I feel, could be just as good and we are, so I understand, joint 7th favourites to win the whole thing. Has a newly promoted team ever been so fancied?
    Bring it on, I say.
    See y’all next year.


  4. Bedford Wolf (400-1 to win the Premier League) says:

    Had to share this with you all.

    A business colleague of mine is a huge Sheffield Wednesday fan but is also best mates with someone ‘high up’ at Wolves – I know who it is but am not allowed to say, sorry. Anyway courtesy of his high up friend my colleague was in the Director’s box for the recent Wolves v Sheff Wed game and the hospitality continued on to the next day as well.

    Here is what my colleague sent me;

    It certainly sounds like you’ve got some big plans going forward and most of the players are due bumper pay rises. My friend is flying out to Shanghai today with a few other members for a “season review” with Fosun and discussing budgets for next season.

    I was lucky enough to spend some time with Nuno the following day discussing all aspects of football. Quite possibly the most down to earth Manager I’ve ever met – he just loves talking football. He also really likes your ‘favourite’ player, Forestieri and another one of our players, Adam Reach. My mate confirmed they had both been on your list earlier in the season, although thankfully for us, you’re no longer shopping in Poundland.

    I did also make a point of thanking Nuno on behalf of all Wednesday fans for what happened with Warnock – he found it very funny when I explained why we all call him Colin.

    The Forestieri reference is that my colleague knows I hate Forestieri after his theatrics to get Sako sent off whilst he was at Watford.

    Interesting stuff eh?



    • Is it Laurie Dalrymple?


    • StuWolf says:

      Bedders, Twixfix
      I went into the ticket office today, they are starting to notify the “existing” Away Season Ticket holders today that they need to renew. After that and when they have taken up the option, any not renewed and a new allocation yet to be decided on or announced will go on sale.
      Just updating you and Twix as I’m on it…..


      • Bedford Wolf (400-1 to win the Premier League) says:

        Cheers Stu.

        Will await further instructions.


      • Twixfix says:

        Cheers Stuey …. nice to know the Ticketmaster is on the case … thanks..


  5. Clive says:

    There is a rumour going round that because of the popularity of my pink shirt, it has been adopted as our official away strip for next season, complete with logo and ” Far Cough w.b”

    Of course, the official, original shirts are only available from me, for the modest fee of $25.00, plus shipping.
    Orders to : Ripoff Merchandizing,
    c/o Clive from Houston.

    A marvelous weekend spent with wonderful friends, and the post game seagulls just shading the stadium entertainment of the day.

    So who’s house did Brompto rent for the day?



    “….Premier League-bound Wolves are the most-improved club with their 99 points being 70.7 per cent more than their 58 last season….”

    If we continue at this rate of improvement next year, we should get around 170 points. Good enough for The Champions League, I would think.


  7. Twixfix says:

    Cheap seat oiuk here … aka Twixfix.

    Another epic Mark and Sue … dog knows how you do the filming … but I can’t remember you pointing your Sony 8mm towards me throughput the weekend.

    I do recall following Chris and his google map crap on a tour around Sunderland hell holes at 10 o’clock at night having left the Italian Kitchen with you all .. and everything else seems a blur.

    I do recall RickRack though and also some bloke called Cliff from Houston wearing a hideous PINK polo neck shirt …with Far Cough
    WBA on it.

    Fabulous weekend mate culminating In meeting Mrs Brompton, but not finding his tent…. great work you Two… always a pleasure… x


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Cheers Mike!

      I’d like to think that we all might do it again soon.

      But not in Sunderland next time eh?


      • Twixfix says:

        Lovely evening and a great location.. overlooking the ground from the bedroom window… but yes I agree Mark… Sunderland …especially for yourselves was a journey of biblical proportions!…and with considerable cost !

        I did speak to Clive about it and we both were of the opinion that the last HOME game should be the event date….how do you feel about that.

        Anyway knowing our fate we’d probably get Newcastle or Brighton away in the last Prem match.


        • theDOOGooder says:

          Last home game is fine by me.

          That gives us more chance of getting a few guest celebrity speakers.


  8. RickRack (I 8 Albion) Wolves says:

    Doog, a little late back on THE Blog, a great wikend & nice to meet up with all the bloggeratzi.
    Not sure who the fat chap was greeting CfH with a clip round ear (Stu u asked I delivered) & a little peck.
    In fair a great wik end spoilt only by a poor performance when so many had invested money & time to support the ode gold.
    My 1st part-time bloggers ball-bash but it woo be mi last
    FWAW FOwb


    • theDOOGooder says:

      You ARE late aren’t you!

      Did you go hme from Sunderland the pretty way?

      Good meeting you and your mate. See you next season.


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