WIN Ruben Neves Merchandise from Art of Football

When we look back on this mesmerising season in the years to come we’ll treasure so many moments, but perhaps few more so than that Ruben Neves wonder goal against Derby.

To commemorate that strike our friends at Art of Football have produced a collection of t-shirts, sweaters and prints, which you can view online here.

And they’ve kindly offered us one t-shirt and one print to giveaway to a lucky Wolves Blog reader.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, simply leave a comment below completing the following sentence:

‘My favourite moment of the season…’

Try to keep it clean.

The comment with the most up votes at 10am on Friday 27th April wins and will be announced in the preview for the Sheff Weds game.

Some competition terms…

  • I can get this shipped internationally so open to anyone who wants to enter.
  • One comment (or entry) per person.
  • Competition prize is a tshirt featuring the above design, available in black, white, dark navy or grey with sizes from S to XXL. For more information about the product go here. The winner will also receive an A4 unframed print, which can be viewed here.

Best of luck guys and girls.

To view the full range of Wolves products from Art of Football go here. As a special offer to Wolves supporters, they’ve temporarily reduced the cost of the Ruben Neves tees by £5.


  1. Olly Bryant says:

    When Preston fans sang to us “We only cost 10 grand” then we went three up and sang back to them “You only cost 10 grand”. First time my son was in the North Bank with me.


  2. My favourite moment of the season was when we beat Bristol City at their place.


  3. basherbaz says:

    My favourite moment of the season (is yet to come) will be Saturday 28th to see them receive the Championship Trophy, will have tears in my eyes. Thanks to Fosun, Nuno and all the players and staff for a fantastic season – Wolves Aye We


  4. Anthony Dorsett says:

    My favourite moment of the season has to be the aftermath of Ruben’s wonder goal against Derby. The initial raw of the crowd and then the spooky quiet as everyone in the stadium tried to comprehend what they had just witnessed.


  5. steppenwolfe says:

    My favourite moment will be when Carl Ikeme lifts the trophy and goes onto make a complete recovery.


    • Thomas says:

      Sorry mate. Completely let this slip. You were the clear winner and I’ll be in touch via email shortly to arrange delivery of your prize. Look out for my message.


  6. steve ganderton says:

    my favourite moment of the season was when Connor Coady got the ball to take the penalty against Bolton, the roar was deafening


  7. Rhys Hart says:

    My favourite part of this season was the great Volly Neves scored against Derby, because as he was flicking it up I remember thinking, what is he doing? Then when he hit it I was like No,No Nooooooo and the Molineux lit up.
    The best goal I have ever witnessed in my life


  8. My favourite moment was watching the pre-season friendly with Leicester. As I watched Vardy, Okazaki, Mahrez et al running around like headless chickens trying to get the ball off us, I realised this was going to be a very, very special season.


  9. Andy wilkes says:

    Was neves wonder goal itself couldn’t believe the control & flick up then the seconds that lasted a lifetime till the net bulged and then the jubilation on the south bank at what we had witnessed I just knew it was special that feeling will last a lifetime .


  10. Sevlow says:

    My favourite moment of the season was realising that my daughter is a Jonah and that if she came to watch the Wolves with me we always lost. I have now put her on a banning order. That is the main reason we have won the league this year.


  11. Willisham Wolf says:

    My favourite moment of the season was the realisation, at the Middlesboro’ game, that Wolves were playing a style and brand of football I’d never previously seen at Molineux in 50 years, and that the next 10 months would be the most rewarding I could remember. I’m sure the clouds parted, and the sun shone to the accompaniment of a host of angels.


    • Robin Attfield says:

      My favourite moment was after seeing some early cross field passing in the first game of the season, unknown and unheralded Leo Bonatini I accepted a Middlesbrough gift and so coolly despatched the first goal of the season and I thought I trust in Nuno and this could be a great season. It has been.


  12. Dorset Wolf says:

    My favourite moment was all of it, brilliant .
    Wolves Aye We


  13. He's called Nevz says:

    My favourite moment when Nuno sent to the stands @Bristol and his reaction when we scored.


  14. Bedford Wolf says:

    My favourite moment of the season was Nuno’s reaction and celebrations in the home director’s box when Ryan Bennett headed in the last gasp winner at Bristol City. I just knew then at that moment that this man not only understood what we are all about but that he was actually one of us. Brilliant!


  15. Cannock wolf says:

    My favourite moment was the look of sheer joy and amazement on mu grandson’s face when Ruben Neves scored THAT goal against Derby – Absolutely priceless!!!!


  16. Shane Hodgkiss says:

    my favourite moment of the season is watching the s**t get relagated while we look like barca


  17. Twixfix says:

    My favourite moment of the season was when I found out that our fellow blogger BROMPTON WOLF had placed a £1000 bet on Wolves to be champions of the division this year. A bet placed when we had just suffered Dull as Dishwater Jackett and Limp Lamebert’s efforts to establish Wolves as a football force.

    Result .. in at 14:1 and a drink for me at Nero and Rosso’s.


  18. Val hever says:

    Walking out of Derby away and saying we would win the league by 10 points never was I so convinced that it was our year


  19. StuWolf says:

    My favourite moment/s were, hugging the breath out of Jen de Wolf and Lilian Twixfix after Cardiff missed a 92nd minute penalty, followed 90 seconds later by another miss by the team that were supposedly our threat to winning the league. My heart almost stopped with the sheer orgasmic palpitation causing joy I witnessed in those 91 seconds.
    I witnessed scenes reminiscent of my time as a Wolves fan in my teens in the 60’s.


  20. Peakwolf says:

    My favourite moment of the season was the moment I found a sports bar in Tenerife just as Ruben the Great scored that other cracker against the Blades, bringing a shaft of brilliant light to a cold, wet holiday.


  21. Stephen Paterson says:

    The first match of the season at home to Boro when the new style and formation was laid out for us to see. I then knew something special was going on.


  22. Burbage Wolf says:

    My favourite moment is watching my 6 year old fall in love with football and Wolves – priceless!


  23. kiwiwolf says:

    How can anything “Out Favorite” that wonder strike from Ruben Neves and witnessing it while eating my breakfast here in New Zealand, nearly choked on my toast!.


  24. Ferris says:

    My favourite moment of the season simply has to be the euphoria of the final minutes of Cardiff away. It was a precedent in football


  25. Jordan P says:

    My favourite moment of the season was blubbering in front of my Mrs when that Brentford goal went in and trying to explain to her the significance whilst wiping snot from my nose like a pre-pubescent teen when Take That split up.


  26. AmberWolf says:

    In terms of the football away victories at Bristol, Cardiff and Middlesbrough were all tough hard fought and showed our class and belief. Equally reading the comments from my fellow fans on here always brightens my day whether they be funny, serious or something in between and has brought me joy before and after most games…………..

    But nothing, nothing at all can compete with Neves’s goal against Derby………. it was the open mouths and the intake of breath of the crowd as they realised he had scored, and then the roar of the pack. Spine tingling


  27. Clive still on Cloud Nine says:

    My fave moment has yet to come.

    It will be the priceless look on the faces of my fellow bloggers when I walk into the Sunderland hotel bar wearing the prize t shirt.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      My fave moment has yet to come.

      It will be the priceless look on Clive’s face when he walks into the Sunderland hotel bar and realises that we have all booked in somewhere else.



    …Not having to sit through a boring sequence of 0-0 draws like we did under Mr Jackett (second season) and Mr Lambert . I could have been doing something far more interesting like spotting how many different types of worm there are in my garden or taking those annoying stickers off apples. Thank God we now have something to get excited about at The Golden Palace ! FWAW.


  29. Clive still on Cloud Nine says:

    I find it very interesting that Chalkie The Cheat, aka Brompto, hasn’t had a go at winning the prize.
    Is it because he hasn’t yet worked out how to add to his like button more than once?


  30. Brompton Wolf says:

    Waiting an hour before deadline and then going to like everyone elses. I don’t like competitions anymore.

    Just read this on another site which made me chuckle:

    “The EFL investigation has unearthed some significant findings.

    Wolves were found to have limitless ambition, a clear strategy and there was evidence that they had actually checked that some of their signings were any good before spending millions on loan and transfer fees.

    A spokesman for Tony Xia claimed that he is considering further action as this is not a fit and proper way to run a football club.

    A spokesman for Cardiff City who wishes to remain nameless told reporters to fuck off repepatedly.”


  31. MelbWolf says:

    The moment Mrs MelbWolf gave me the go-ahead to book tickets to England to see my beloved Wolves in the PL at Molineux for the first time in my life. Have supported Wolves from afar since 1977 and only saw them once as a lad in Australia. Look forward to seeing you all there next season



    My favourite moment of the season was Nuno’s wild celebration after we scored the winning goal in the dying seconds against Bristol City and then two of their stuffy directors trying to stop his slightly over the top antics in the directors box so MR SHI had to quickly usher him out the door… brilliant.


  33. Clive still on Cloud Nine says:

    Anyway, never mind all this, a certain person has been very quiet since the weekend, our very own Thomas, aka Dustin Hoffman, Marathon Man.
    How did you get on,Thomas?
    Did you find your way to London?
    Did you start?
    Did you get past the first bar?
    Or, are you still running?
    Please let us know, we are desperate for info.
    Brompto has promised to buy you a pint for every mile you completed.


    • Thomas says:

      I’ve been in the recovery position since Sunday Clive old boy.

      I did finish – just about.

      If you scroll down slightly on this page I’ve posted a summary:

      But to re-iterate, thank you ever so much to everyone on the blog who donated to my efforts. £2.3k raised for WhizzKidz is incredible. I was blown away by the support and truth be told, in the melting heat, I needed that boost to get me to the finish!


      • Brompton Wolf says:

        Well done mate. Don’t fret about your time, it’s totally respectable. I have only run two Londons and I knocked 20 minutes off my first one, and it was not anything as hot as yours. Enjoy the memory, pain fades and your desire to do another already speaks volumes.

        Respect mate.


  34. So many!
    Some odd ones.
    Warnocks face when he would not shake nunos hand!
    The tweet from that Leeds owner.

    Mainly just being in the mol. The atmosphere!!!


  35. RickRack (Keep calm & drink Banks's) Wolves says:

    Having the same level of excitement (lite yedded and worried it wud bost!) as watching my first goals at the Mol when I was about 12 yrs old. Now at the age of 53, that moment after not the 1st but the 2nd peno didn’t go in at Carduff. At that exact moment (21.43 hrs on 06/04/18) I knew, I really really knew that we would be champions. Priceless (yes, he’d already left for the US)


  36. Johnok says:

    My favourite moment, was when Ruddy saved that peno at Cardiff,and when they missed the second peno,
    With the look of daggers on Warnocks face when Nuno went to shake his hand,I was rolling around on the floor in bits.I’ll never forget that.UTW.


  37. My favourite moment was during the cup game against Man City. Pep had downplayed the importance of the game and said that his players didn’t really care about the game.
    Then, after 90 minutes (I think), he was scribbling instructions and gesticulating towards his players trying to explain what he wanted them to do.
    He seemed shocked at what had happened and was worried that we could win.
    It was a great moment because it showed that Wolves could take on anybody in the world on a given day.


  38. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    Waking up on Sunday 22nd April with a mother of all headaches following the Bolton trip.

    It was then I realised it was….not all a dream.

    Oh joy oh bliss – our beloved Wolves Champions!!

    All I now wish for is to see Carl on the green baize tomorrow.




  39. robc306 says:

    I was there. Would love the t shirt!


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