1. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Ecstatic. I have no words.

    To those who are going to Molineux tomorrow I say celebrate well. I will be there for Sheffield Wednesday, by which time we will no doubt be Champions.


  2. Mark G Davies says:

    Surreal afternoon, Brentford played far better than Fulham and had 2 dreadful refereeing errors go against them first half. Fully deserved equaliser in the fifth minute of added time, cue manic celebrations in the Davies household in Nottingham.
    What a manager, what a team he has put together, what a fabulous style of football all season too date. As for Neves surely he can walk on water, value £100m of anybodys money. Unless he goes to Real Madrid of Barcelona he came achieve everything at Wolves, so lets sort out the prem next season.
    Enjoy tonight, and lets get the three points tomorrow to go up as champions. We are premiership Wolves!!!!


  3. Johnok says:

    Congratulations Wolves,a much deserved promotion to the premiership.
    What a roller coaster ride it’s been.
    Thankyou Nuno for bringing us the football we’ve craved.
    And a big Thankyou to Fosun for making it all possible and your investment in Wolverhampton Wanderers, and our city, and long may it continue.
    Let us now win our remaining games and win the Championship with flying colours and top 100 points.UTW.


  4. DancesWithWolves says:

    Nuno, our best ever signing.


    • There are very few events in life that trigger uncontrollable emotions, getting married the birth of a child even the death of a loved one……….well there’s one more Wolves getting promoted to the Premier League…….and yes it’s up there with the birth of my daughter and the passing of my father……love tears joy but no sadness this time joy all the way.

      Thanks so many to thank with out missing out anyone all ill say is you ALL know who you are.

      God Bless each and everyone of you …….THE PACK IS BACk…….TO STAY this time…!


  5. Clemens says:

    Not bad is it. Not bad! UTW


  6. London wolves loyal says:

    Well done all at wolves
    Well done wolves fans
    Going to wipe the floor with some of these so called Bertie big bollocks next season
    Fucking going to show you right up . Best blame Mendes while you can


  7. This has made a grey day in Chicago feel like the brightest of summer afternoons. Thank you wolves, Neves, Nuno and Fosun. And also brentford! See you in the premier league



    Fuckin marvellous. Fuckin marvellous. My old man who is completely fucked following a nasty stroke 2 years ago will be absolutely ecstatic. I can guarantee that. Will be going up to see him tomorrow. This bloke was there Honved and all that. Used to walk 4 miles to the Molineux and back. No doubt when I walk through the door he will have a massive ‘clive’ shit eating grin on his face. I am so fuckin glad he is still about to see a Wolves resurgence. WOLVES AY WE!


  9. Shready says:

    Found this on it.
    A farewell letter to Sandwell San Marino


    1 week ago

    Dear Sandwell San Marino

    We were quite rightly ridiculed when you lot thrashed us 1 -5, the result which precipitated Wo1ve5 downward spiral. And you were right to gloat when you pipped us to promotion having been 12 points clear. And I don’t blame you for a giggle at our expense when you beat us in the play offs. I bet it was fucking hilarious when you beat us in the cup and took our seats for a pie and a pint. And fair play for the fly over banner when we were relegated – top gloating.

    Let’s face it. We have been some shambles from boardroom to bootroom.

    Hands up. You have been better than us for the last decade and us Wolves fans have had to put up with more than our fair share of insults and jokes. It would be fair to say that we haven’t taken it well.

    But we’ve deserved it – our leaders have been appalling and made bad decision after bad decision. Fans have turned against each other, forums and Twitter populated with grumpy middle aged men with a new platform upon which to complain about the team / tactics / board / fans. The bile and spite amongst us has been painful – but you loved it.

    You revelled in the gloating as we tumbled through the divisions – a rudderless, useless, Dean Saunders in a fezz shambles of a club. We have suffered in an undignified rage, unable to compete as you held your position amongst the footballing elite, all the time reminding us of our new place in the league ladder. We had no comeback to the jibes, jokes and outright hostility demonstrated in Black Country workplaces by you lot – we couldn’t have laid a John Osbourne glove on you.

    For us, the Thrush mascot had never been more appropriate.

    But, I’m sorry to say boys, those days are disappearing fast.

    Actually, stop for a minute. I’m not sorry. Not sorry at all.

    Sit back and stew over your faggots and pays. Be bitter over your flat pint of Ansell’s Bitter. Cry into your beer boys.

    Gather in your locals, social and working men’s clubs to whinge and moan about your new absent Chinese saviour who only turns up for the games against teams he couldn’t afford to buy. Oh, and while you’re there, don’t forget to blame TP for everything.

    When you’ve done whinging and the beer kicks in, dream about the glory days of Big Ron, Len Cantello and Richard Sneekes. Recall the great Derek Statham and remember how he should have been picked for England. Lament over the loss of The King Jeff, the great striker who ended his career by humiliating himself by singing cabaret to Bulbhead Skinner.

    (Pity you can’t brag about “one of yer owun” Lee Hughes any more ay it? A thug turned Baggy hero, turned murderer, turned bankrupt. What a lovely bloke! In contrast to our record breaking hero who still lives in the town, works as an ambassador for the club and raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity)

    And when the beer has taken over and melancholy replaces both reality and kid yourself that you were ever going to be anything other than a mid-table, irritating provincial club who had nothing and will achieve less.

    Whilst you’re at it, I hope you suffer for every single minute of the rest of the season, doomed in the knowledge that this is only the start of your decline.

    Doomed in the knowledge that while you stew in the lower league(s), we will be taking your place. And some.

    Doomed in the knowledge that future Black Country kids will choose us over you.

    Doomed in the knowledge that your day in the sun is over, and the Chinese Rot has set in.

    And at the same time, I hope you squirm when you here about our latest heroic victory as we march on to replace you.

    I hope you’re in utter dismay as your season grinds to an undignified halt, topped off with dressing room brawls, terrace in-fighting and boardroom protests.

    Oh, and more player indiscipline please. Let’s see more pictures of drunken heroes in nightclubs the night before a game.


    I hope you agonize over next year’s fixture list when you have Saturday away at Barnsley, followed by Wednesday away at Shrewsbury. Then the big one – live on Sky versus Wigan.

    (You probably won’t be playing the Zulus as they’re even more shit than you are)
    Most of all, I hope you will handle the fall from footballing grace in the same undignified way that we did. It’s funny now how many Baggies fans have suddenly lost their memory regarding the amount of mickey taking they did when we were in their position. All of a sudden, there seems to be a lot of false humility – a great deal of holier than thou “I never took the piss out of you when you were in our position” comments on social media and in the pubs and workplaces.

    And let’s not forget that back in THAT Megson season, dear old Adrian Chiles, with his face like a puddle of ladyboy jizz and his sneering contempt of Wolves, was given a national platform to air his petty local ridicule on Radio 5 Live and used it to his own personal advantage.

    Oh, but of course, we aren’t even your rivals now, are we? That would be your fellow Birmingham clubs. Silly me for forgetting that convenient little excuse.

    The Thrush mascot has never been more appropriate.

    I wish you the worst of luck for the rest of your miserable season.

    And fuck me laughing, you’ve only gone and followed our blueprint of sacking the manager at an utterly pointless stage of the season, having no-one to replace him and then appointing a middle-aged, middle of the road journeyman who’s only major influence over the team is the choice of which colour highlight pen to use on the tactics board (For Terry Connor, see Big Dave)

    So, while you still have a few games left to try to save your season, just remember the Lord’s Your Shepherd and keep on boinging.

    Let’s hear it one last time boys. Sing it loud and proud with a tear in your eye…

    “We know who we are
    We know who we aaaaaare….”

    Yes, we know who you are.

    You’re Sandwell San Marino – we know who you are.

    Slump aside Baggies. It’s our turn now.

    Kind regards

    Wolf On The Common


    • vicsmith says:

      Well that is absolutely priceless. So well written and so glad you got it ALL of your chest (and ours too), Now to email my Arsenal loving brother in Malta to start our family battle for next year. 🙂


  10. slider says:

    So fitting that the last goal we scored was this one…

    The wonderkid from Wolvo kicked the door right open and we just went straight through it.



  11. wolf says:

    We are back brilliant just been having a meal in the city with Malta Wolves and Norway Wolves so bloody proud.What a season .
    Nuno had a dream.


  12. As I predicted in the summer. You people worry too much.


  13. Hello
    Its good to be back. Good to be back!
    Its good to be back. Good to be back!

    When you go will you send back
    A letter from the championship?
    Take a look up the rail track
    From Wigan to QPR

    Hawthorns no more
    St Andrews no more
    Oakwell no more


  14. wwwebs says:

    Is this thing on?


  15. Steve showcase says:

    Life changing Experiance down to Steve Morgan selling the club.Period.Do we owe him thanks for buggering off?

    Thanks to Fosun sticking to their plan Mendes particularly..Nuno particularly..
    Thanks to Neves who prob beats Coady to Wolves player of the year…..

    I spoke to Stu Wolf when Fosun acquired the club building from the back and pumping money into the team..We both said it could be a dream come true..
    It is.

    How we go on from here into the PL is anyone’s guess but I expect a marquee
    Striker and I would predict a £100M spend if we are to be in the champions league..

    Why not?


  16. GoWolves says:

    Congratulations to all associated with Wolves for promotion, and soon it will also be for being Champions. I am thrilled to see this achievement.

    But most of all, I am really excited because I truly believe this time we will make it stick, and not just up for a brief season, getting stuffed every game like before.

    This time we’re up to stay.

    Go Wolves!!


  17. Clive still on Cloud Nine says:

    Well, there we are then.


    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Clive, your almost speechless, never thought I’d see the day. Wolves are we !!


    • ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

      Yes, I agree with Witley. I thought my post was short on words.

      Happy days!

      See you on the 28th mate.


  18. Marney says:

    You just know god is a wolves fan when he gives us days like this


  19. Bedford Wolf (4 points to go!) says:

    WE ARE WOLVES !!!!!

    Now for the title.

    OUT OF DARKNESS COMETH LIGHT – and this time it’s a massive great shining beacon that’s gonna burn above all else for years and years to come.

    Watch out the so called elite ‘big 6’ – we are coming for YOU!


  20. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Going to make this short and sweet
    TOP FOUR BEWARE????????


  21. Colin from Cardiff says:

    Feck it, feck it, feck it. That ignorant Portuguese coach with the fancy name has no class. He only goes and gets promoted in front of us without shaking my hand. We were waiting for him on the motorway back from Norwich. If that’s the way they do it in Portugal, I can tell him it’s not the British way. I’m not taking any apologies. I’m staying away from my office tonight in case he turns up. Don’t want to see him until he learns some manners. No fecking class.


  22. someblokeontinterweb says:

    Anyone think we would be here if Lampit, was still manager or many others from the bunch of recent clowns, take your pick.


  23. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    I had a terrible night, just couldn’t get to sleep. For fecks’ sake I’m 65, not a kid at Christmas.


  24. Border Wolf says:

    We did it! Found this on posted on the BBC site by a Wolves fan to shut up all those moaning at what we’ve spent – says it all!

    “Player. Ruddy cost free, value 5m. Doherty 100k, value 10m, Douglas 1m, value 10m, Bennett free, value 8m, Coady 2m, value 12m, Boly loan, value 15m, Saiss 3m value 18m, Neves 15m, value 55m, Cavaleiro 7m value 20m, Jota loan, value 20m Costa 13m value 18m.

    Outlay cost 41m
    Asset value 191m

    That is what Fosun do. That’s why the EPL elite are bricking it”

    I think that sums it up!




    An enjoyable afternoon awaits. Part time! Hope the pubs are well stocked with beer and The Liquidator is blaring out loud and proud. Congratulations to everyone at the club. Jeff Laurie Nuno the players. Congratulations to the fans. We deserve it. Congratulations to everyone who runs and contributes to this blog. We deserve it. We have waited a long time for the Sunshine to come. This time it feels different. No longer looking at the fixtures and wondering where the 38 points are coming from. We are aiming higher than that. Jeff has already told us. For now sit back and enjoy the remaining fixtures. Oh and Sandwell are on telly at 4pm.Man Utd away. Good luck with that. Your next trip to the North West may well be Wigan Athletic. Enjoy.


  26. someblokeontinterweb says:

    If you have not seen this article please read it, I had a tear in my eye at the end and the cheeseiest of cheessy grins on my old fizz og.


  27. wwwebs says:

    Since September I’ve been telling everyone with even a passing interest in football that Wolves 2017/18 are the best team I’ve ever seen in the 2nd division. What was harder to explain was how difficult it was for a Wolves fan to say, let alone believe that. In a way, I’ve known since then that promotion was the inevitable outcome but you have to say Cardiff and Fulham have pushed us all the way. Hold onto a lead with 9 men, go 1 up against nearest title contenders then concede 2 injury time penalties and have them both missed and win the game, score the goal of the season, have your promotion rivals concede an equaliser 3 mins and 59 seconds into 4 minutes of injury time to clinch promotion with 4 games spare (and that’s just the last 2 weeks). In my 40 years supporting Wolves this has been the best owner, best manager, best football played and best team by some distance. It’s almost a relief that the best team I’ve seen in this division and best Wolves team I’ve seen in my life has got what they and us long suffering fans so richly deserve. This side should win the league with over 100 points. It would be a travesty if that doesn’t happen. Imagine a triumphant Wolves at a fearless Molineux! In fact, you don’t have to imagine. Just BELIEVE. COYW


  28. sevlow says:

    In all my 65 years on this planet…… 🙂

    Words are just words. Colin et all have been spouting shite all season. Jealousy is an awful thing.
    At the start of the season we heard shite spouted by shite people. “How will they cope on a cold wet night in the winter away to Barnsly/Leeds etc etc”.

    Well fcuk them all……..

    Now it would be much appreciated if we can go up as champions as I managed to get them at 14/1 to do exactly that. A nice windfall that would help towards my recent amp purchase for my HiFi. So confident was I that I bought it anyway… 🙂

    Onwards and upwards



    • Brompton Wolf says:

      I said to a fellow blogger that I also had a bet but at 16/1.

      I since realised that it is only like yours, that is 14/1

      I am happy though as I had a really decent bonus at work last yesr and took the bet at 1K.

      Now THAT is the best bet I have ever done …….. even though I have been nervous ALL season and am still nervous as we are not there yet …….. and I refused a cash out of 10K last week.

      Am I mad? No …….. I believe.


      • sevlow says:

        Yes we managed to get a good price for the Wolves. Mine was a little bit less than yours £20


      • RickRack (yes we’re there) Wolves says:

        Fekin El Bromp,
        You have big bollox & deserve you wonderful riches, in the knowledge that you backed what lies in your heart but I think a little like Fosun it was a very calculated investment.
        I had a couple of wagers BN (before Nuno)
        1 = Wolves promoted @ 5/1 & The shite relegated @ 6/1 – pay £210.00 and cash out is currently £209.33
        2 = Wolves Champions @ 16/1 & again the shite – pay out £595.00
        So long as they come in I’ll pay for next years season ticket & hopefully AST courtesy of OUR CLUB & the shite
        Any surplus goes back onto another Wolves bet next season as I reckon it’ll be calculated investment
        Thank you Fosun, Jeff, Laurie, Nuno, the Team, the 12th man, bloggers, et all


  29. Brompton Wolf says:

    This made me smile, so thought I would share with those or may not have seen it.


  30. Newark Wolves says:

    Is it embarrassing to admit that you are 52 years old and your wife has to put her arms around you because you are in tears over a football team ? Well that is what happened last night when the final whistle went at Craven Cottage. I tried so hard to hide it but I think Sue knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, like all of us, means so much to me. It has been a big part of my life and the bad times have usually outwayed the good ones – until now. This is only the beginning and I can’t wait for the next chapter. What a team and what a manager and if Jeff and Laurie read this blog, thank you both for being a big part of this success story. Part of all this is tinged with a little sadness as when the fixtures come out next season there will be no trip to The Shitty Ground in Nottingham, just Anfield, Old Trafford, The Emirates et al ! Have a great rest of the weekend bloggers starting with a win against Blues. Upwards and onwards because this WAS the year.


  31. SGWolf says:

    Getting all emotional here. After 6 years we are finally back to the promised land!

    Was an hour late to the party because the Fulham match ended at 5am Singapore time and I woke up at 6 to the wonderful news. Teared up on the spot.

    I came from education institutions where the students understandbly supported the established ‘big’ clubs (Barca, United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea) when I was already a Wolves fan in Middle School and got a lot of stick for it.

    Went to High school and didn’t even get stick because many hadn’t even heard of the Mighty Wolves as I followed updates on Twitter, the E&S and this great blog (Thanks Ben and Thomas) on our endeavors in League One!

    I got a lot of congratulatory matches today from football (Premier League) fans in the country that have been keeping an eye on Wolves (Neves) and the Championship after my incessant waxing to them about how excellent we have been this season. Oh what a night to watch (stream) the derby live on sky! Been watching every game I could find really. That’s as much as I can do to follow Wolves.

    Probably the only young person in the country (I’m 21) cheering the club on and what a season this has been. The pack is back and hopefully next season it’s my turn to take the piss after all these 11 years!

    Thanks Nuno, Jeff, Fosun. Thanks bloggers for keeping me updated. Hopefully I’ll muster up the cash to see the mighty wolves play in the Golden palace someday.


  32. Bedford Wolf (4 points to go!) says:

    Should I cash out?

    I did £25 at 16-1 back last May for us to win the league which pays me £425. Have the chance to ‘cash out’ now and take £420.75.

    Nah. I’ll hold on. That extra £4.25 will feel all the better!



  33. Clive still on Cloud Nine says:

    Today was soured for me by the sight of that scouse twat morgan, with the brass face to wear a Wolves scarf, sitting next to Jeff.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Yeah, but I bet he was pissed off to see what he could have achieved if he had a brain.


      • Clive still on Cloud Nine says:

        Yeah, but what the fuck was he doing there in the first place??


        • All that hate inside you isn’t good for your health.
          Let him watch and then go home and kick himself for not doing it. That is, assuming he is self-aware enough.
          At least he was smart enough to realize his time had passed and he wasn’t the right owner for the job. Maybe Fosun are just trying to be gracious and well mannered.


        • DancesWithWolves says:

          Maybe to collect the extra £15mil he’s supposed to get on promotion? Not sure how long that clause was valid for. He said he would give it to charity anyway.



    Great win today…COYW.


  35. Barry Bucknell says:

    I’ve just watched the Baggies’ match.

    They beat some team in red and white who were doing their best to play a possession based controlling game but just ended up looking like the poor-man’s Wolverhampton Wanderers.


  36. wolfman jack says:

    There will be a great quiz question in a few years time;
    ‘Who scored the goal that ensured Wolves promotion in 2017/18 ?’
    I doubt that many will come up with Neil Maupay…


  37. kiwiwolf says:

    Amazing to get up Sunday Morning here in New Zealand and tune in to bein Sport. Who is being featured, 5 best goals, review of the playing staff and a 5 minute discussion at the start of Fanzone…why its Wolverhampton Wanderers…..already feeling at home.


  38. basherbaz says:

    Jeff must really learn to keep better company – was almost sick to see him, in Mr Warnock’s words “just Fuc- off Just Fu-K off” (Glory Hunter of the worst kind)

    The mol’x will not be large enough for the crowds in the Prem, we need to have a greater capacity more quickly.

    How can we not have enough Sunderland tickets ? they will have plenty of space in their barn ?

    Can we have an updated prediction league ? for the final 3 game run in.

    Congrats to AshK for getting one right.

    Wolves Aye we, In Nuno we trust.

    We are “Premier League” we are “Premier League”


  39. basherbaz says:

    Tuned in to see the Albion Stuffed, well if that is the best united can do with the money they spend no problems for us next season – sterile football even I could see the where their next pass was going so no wonder the Albion could cope.

    Sessengnon typical London bias we all no Ruben was the best


  40. Cannock wolf says:

    OODCL – OODCL – OODCL ’nuff said.


  41. Lowves says:

    Now to take the “P”…………..and replace it with a “C”


  42. Lowves says:

    According to Mr Pimple in the program should hear about the late bird season tickets this week!
    Wonder how much they are going up?


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