Wolves 2 Derby County 0

Golf fans will know there’s one certainty on day three of the Ryder Cup.

If Team USA are in the sand, that yankee will be chipping to within a few feet of the pin or straight in the hole.

You tell yourself it won’t happen, but the same outcome repeats itself again and again.

Derby must have had a similar sense of foreboding last night as Ruben Neves pulled out the driver.

If there was any doubt it would end up anywhere but the top corner, it dissipated in the instant it left his magical right foot.

This was a strike to define a season from a player who has just got better and better and better the longer he’s been out on the links.

That’s the reason he got my vote for Player of the Season.

I suspect Conor Coady will win the gong and if he does, it’s richly deserved, but for me, it belongs to our record signing.

Wolves are not a one man team but Neves is the most vital cog in the machine.

Married to that idea is the sheer weight of expectation he’s had to shoulder. As the league’s most expensive player it was very much a case of ‘be brilliant or be ripped apart’. There would never have been a middle ground.

The manner in which he played his way into this campaign and over the course of 40 odd games has gone on to completely dominate shows his maturity, his quality and, as illustrated by that trademark celebration, his sheer intelligence.

Truth be told, Derby with their deep-lying, one-paced midfield weren’t exactly well equipped to get near our star man.

They couldn’t even get near to Willy Boly as he executed his own inch perfect chip to present Diogo Jota the opener.

And after that early concession they barely threatened.

Gary Rowett was complimentary about the opposition afterwards but as brilliant as Wolves were, his side were dire.

We might not even need another point to secure promotion but with four games still left, reaching a century looks par for the course.


  1. theDOOGooder says:

    Last night, all who witnessed the game were transported to a state of ecstasy by the magic of a team of young footballers.

    The magic was conjured by the their collective efforts and masterminded by the DemiGod that is Nuno Espirito Santo.

    It doesn’t need me to say that the Wizard in Chief goes by the name of Ruben Neves.

    Potentially the best player to EVER wear the Old Gold and Black.

    And definitely, in my humble opinion, the scorer of the best goal that I’ve ever seen by one of our own.

    The merits of a ‘Best goal’ are measured by:-

    1) The build up
    2) The skill involved in execution
    3) The power and accuracy of the shot/header
    4) The match situation
    5) How far I jump up in the air, spilling my beer and shouting expletives
    6) How many Kleenex I need to mop up the tears rolling down my cheeks.

    Neves’ goal had all those qualities in spades.

    I feel so sorry for Diogo because, under normal circumstances, his goal would have fulfilled all those criteria but, in the end, will not be remembered because of that magic moment from a Magic Man.

    It was a real ‘I was there’ night.

    Well, I WAS there. Sat on my sofa, glued to the TV screen with a beer in one hand and the PMDG’er in the other.

    And I’ll be there on Sunday. In The Steve Bull this time, to see us confirm promotion.

    To quote Joe Gargery in Great Expectations:-

    “What larks!”.


    • Bedford Wolf (4 cup finals till promotion and the title) says:

      I sincerely hope you didn’t leave your sofa early before the final whistle!


    • Dorset Wolf says:

      hi Doog,
      Great post we are
      there on Sunday staying at the APV Saturday night, that goal unbelievable.
      Wolves Aye We


      • theDOOGooder says:

        Hi Dorset,
        We’re staying at APV Saturday and Sunday but won’t be around much Saturday night because we’re going to An Evening with Henry Blofeld in Stafford.
        Saw him in Bath a couple of months ago and the sides are still aching.
        See you at brekker on Sunday though and a celebratory pint afterwards if you’re around.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      – Best piece of art delivered by Maestro Neves so far. Suddenly his value raised to 50 mill. I mean it seriously. Can’t wait to see what kind of players Nuno brings in to strengthen further.


  2. Winchcombe Wolf says:

    My first match was Wolves 7 Portsmouth 0 on 27th December 1958. I thought that being a Wolves’ supporter was pretty cool. This year it will be 60 years as a Wolves fan. In truth for many of those years it’s been mostly a case of ‘out of light cometh darkness’, but not any more. In that time the only Wolves players with skills to compare with Neves were Peter Broadbent and Peter Knowles; both great and skilful players. But Riuben Neves is from another planet. That goal is the best that I have ever seen at the Molineux, bar none. Poor Jota’s exquisite goal looks shabby by comparison, and Ade Akinbiyi is a very distant memory!!


  3. AmberWolf says:

    Wow, just wow what a team, what players, and the goal was simply orgasmic.

    We didn’t beat Derby we humiliated them, they didn’t really have a chance, Ruddy could have sat watching the game with a cuppa leaning on the post for large parts.

    As for Nuno yes he had a dream, if you want such a t-shirt I came across this lot the other day looking for an image like StuWolf. Its nothing to do with me other than I ordered one of the shirts.

    Have a look https://wolfganggang.co.uk/


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Yeah. I think we should all get one for the last home match of the season.

      Mine is ordered.


    • Newark Wolves says:

      Thank you AmberWolf for putting a link on here to their site. Myself and Mrs Newark have just ordered ours. And anyone who was at the game on Wednesday, have a look at the Neves wonder goal “I was there” tee shirt, I had to buy that one as well.


  4. theDOOGooder says:

    Yesterday’s match and the present state of our fortunes have moved me, just like that weedy fop Fotherington-Thomas in ‘Down with Skool’, to poetic creativity.

    For the posh Wolves fans in the Billy Quiet and the hospitality suites I’ve composed a Haiku, and for the rest of us I’ve gone and dun a Limerick.

    First the Haiku:-

    The throngs watch, he casts his spell

    Ruben the magician… scores

    The sky weeps gold tears

    Now the Limerick:-

    The best goal I ever saw?
    By the Doog in the days of yore
    His debut hat trick
    But Neves trumped that trick
    And has left us baying for more

    Boom! Boom!


  5. Brompton Wolf says:

    “Nuno has a dream, to build a football team, Chinese owners and a wonderkid from Porto. Five at the back, pace in attack, we’re Wolverhampton and we’re on our way back”

    “We have Neves, Ruben Neves, I just don’t think you understand …….”

    These have been going around in my head all morning.

    Had to watch it from the pub, but someone said to me after all my screaming and the massive jaw aching grin on my face, that it looked like I was there. Well I wish I bloody well was, but the atmosphere was great in the pub too and no-one could hear the jukebox, ’cause I had the volume on full. Love our 12th man!!

    2 more points. Come on me babbies.

    I WILL be there on the last home game v Wednesday though, and at Sunderland.


  6. It was indeed an unbelievable moment in a season which seems to have been chock full of unbelievable moments. It was the intent that made it so great. From the second the ball came out from the corner, Ruben’s sole intention was to take up a shooting position. A deft flick of the ball into the air and a truly sumptuous strike. All parts of a whole, wonderful, event that will live long in the memory and was fit to grace any pitch in the world. The best goal ever scored by anybody anywhere…….probably.
    The whole team performance was superb though. Like an unstoppable juggernaut, we trundled over any feeble Derby attempts to stop us, and swept them aside with ease. I’m not sure whether we were just that good or Derby were completely inept, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt as they’re 5th in the table. We were absolutely different gravy.
    Bring on the Blues on Sunday. It’s all over bar the shouting.


  7. Golf metaphors, Dickens quotes & mighty fine poetry, but they’re naught compared to that goal!

    A mixture of disbelief when it went in & sheer ecstasy, how great was that?

    I just hope we do it against Blues, & they don’t piss on our parade. But this side now seem to be just shifting up a few gears, they looked supremely confident last night.

    Neves is such a player, there are many qualities he has but his work rate & his willingness to always be on the ball are. Beyond compare!

    A few friends have commented recently, not Wolves fans, that they hate the premier league because it’s based on money & the top 4 places are between 6 teams, while the rest try & avoid relegation.

    Well they have a point but it’s where you have to aim for and it’s the challenge & the quality of the football. Like last nights Wolves performance, it’s what I was hoping for last season. The only way is up!

    On Sunday afternoon the dream arrives we hope!


  8. Bedford Wolf (4 cup finals till promotion and the title) says:

    I think we need a bit of perspective here.

    Going into last night’s game Derby were 5th in the table.

    They were in good form having had back to back victories, both with clean sheets.

    They were desperate for points to cement and consolidate their place in the play-offs.

    They had the 3rd best away record in the Championship with only ourselves and Fulham, the top two teams, having picked up more points away from home than them.

    And yet they were dismissed almost nonchalantly. Like a Colussus swatting away a vaguely irritating fly.

    We are so good and so superior to anyone else in the Championship it is almost embarrassing. Almost.

    Meeting up with Ian & Sue (Newarks) and Mike & Lillian (Twixfixes) before the game – plus a brief bumping into London Wolves Loyal – made the tortuous journey up, complete with puncture, and the horrible rain, thick fog and roadworks beset journey home worth it.

    Well, that and Neves’s goal!



  9. Tipton Exile ( Keep the faith for Carl) says:

    I first went to the Wolves in May 1953 for the 2nd leg of the FA Youth Cup final, as a 9 year old, against Man Utd. We lost but I began a love affair that has continued ever since.
    I have seen all the greats since then from Billy Wright to Steve Bull, but never have I seen a player like Ruben Neves in a Wolves shirt.

    The man is an absolute genius I just hope and pray we can keep hold of him for a few years. The vultures are bound to be gathering. Fosun don’t need the money so tell em all to go forth and multiply. I thought Broadbent and Knowles were good but this guy is from another planet.
    Watching on the TV last night I could not believe what I had just witnessed, the skill factor is beyond belief.

    We will without any doubt hold our own in the premier league next season, we may even make the top 6 and the Europa League. In a couple of years the Champions league who knows. I just hope I live long enough to see it and enjoy it.

    All I can add is thankyou Fosun, thankyou Nuno you have made a 73 year old a very happy man.

    Onwards & Upwards and FO Dilly Dilly land.


    • I fully understand. My first visit to the Mol was back in 1947, and like you I have been a totally committed supporter ever since. All the ups and downs since have been just part of the journey, which has now culminated in a magnificent team playing to a quality and with an authority that I can barely comprehend. How wonderful it is to be a WOLVES supporter.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      I was -4 then. Just saying lol


  10. BeerWolf says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with your criteria for best goal but in merit 6 my Kleenex are required for a different form of cleaning up.


  11. Clive says:

    Just put my house, truck and wife on the market.
    Most people have one, or two at the most, “ I was there” moments in their lives.
    You lucky lot over there have just had three such moments in less than two weeks, and I want some of it!!
    Been walking round in a daze, with tears in my eyes and “ Ruben Neves” singing in my head since “that goal”.
    If Derby are a playoff side, and one of the best six in this division, then next season should be even better for us.
    On that performance, a few additions, and better protection from referees, a top four finish should be the least of our ambitions.

    Lovely to hear both sets of fans last night unite in a Neil Warnock appreciation song!

    Far Cough wb


  12. Twixfix says:

    We’re all talking of Neves’ and his wonder goal and even Timbo Spears gave him a TEN/TEN … but come on guys … I saw him try a raking 40 yarder with his LEFT FOOT … and it went straight to a Derby defender.

    All jokes aside …the Boy is a God … I have no doubt he’s loving his football at this club and learning his trade … and like Costa previously we all pray he stays for the long term to play in the Champions League with Wolves.

    Stuwolf said to me on Friday at Cardiff .. “ we can start looking forward to away days at the SAN CIRO, BARCA and REAL MADRID…. do you know what … this is a reality.

    Well done to all the boys for such a comprehensive walloping of a decent team and well done to GARY ROWETT for the very sporting and gracious comments.


  13. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Just before the game I was chatting to someone in Cardiff who lived in Stafford when young and used to go to Molineux. He just wrote a date: 3 September 1955. It just happens that the score that day was Cardiff 1- Wolves 9. I wasn’t around in those days (no, really) but I’d happily settle for just one from Neves, like that beauty last night.

    The pity is that the Jota goal was so well executed but it’s just forgotten.


  14. basherbaz says:

    Bliss – is being a Wolves supporter.
    We have witnessed the Goal of the season if not one of the best ever ?
    Rowett was class in his summary says we have 3/4 champions league players in our team and who could disagree.
    Wolves/Fosun/Nuno you are making us so proud – Thank You (got tears in my eyes just thinking about it).


  15. Old and Wise (JHP) says:

    Lest we forget – the great Wolves team of Peter Broadbent’s era, including maestros like Johnny Hancocks, Jimmy Mullen, Bert Williams, Ron Flowers, and, oh yes, Billy Wright with his 100 plus England caps, were playing with a leather ball that weighed as if of lead, on a diet of bread and dripping and wearing ill fitting old boots, and still became European Champions.
    Welcome to the new Wolves, Chinese, Portugese, and all, but they’ll have to be around a good while yet before equaling the achievements of those men.


  16. What can I say………..No really there aren’t words in the dictionary to even come near the genius the…..the..what can I say……….well as the say at they Oscars I have a few thank you’s. firstly GOD if there is a GOD and I’m seriously beginning to think so and at the risk of repeating myself.

    Secoundly Nuno and coaches thirdly Jeff and Fosun………and fourthly someone I never thought in a million years I’d be thanking and that’s…………Steve Morgan for finding Fosun…….this by no way means I forgive you Steve but hey I’m in a VERY, VERY GOOD mood…!


  17. robin says:

    Would love to see the Wolves Blog and replies when Neves arrived.
    It seems everyone knew then he was a ‘genius’ and the new Messi.
    But am not sure everyone was so convinced about him.
    Personally think Neves will be the fulcrum of our Premiership campaign.
    Never thought I’d see a goal like that in my lifetime.


    • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

      robin, I was thinking that myself – if the old blogs from the beginning of the season were looked at i’m sure there was plenty of criticism of Neves. They all took time to bed in.


  18. OK, I know this is going to be controversial and yes, it was a wonderful strike but….
    The reason the set up to the strike looked so unusual was that Ruben has absolutely no ability to handle the ball with his left foot. It is his glaring weakness.
    Anyone else would have stuck their left foot out and cushioned the ball and steered it to a place where they could strike it with their right foot.
    Since Ruben is incapable of doing that, he had to use his right foot to take the ball in an awkward position and get it into a position to kick it, again with his right foot.
    So he looks brilliant but it is all because of his weak left foot.
    I wonder why he doesn’t try to learn to use his left foot?


    • Clive still on Cloud Nine says:

      I think the answer is:
      Who cares?


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      The reason why he doesn’t learn to use his left foot is ………..

      He doesn’t need to when he can score goals like that.

      It was what they used to say about Bully. “His first touch is not good enough” but his second touch usually ended in the back of the net.

      On a serious side, he may just be no good with his left, or he may be learning, we don’t know, but he is only 21 and still has a lot to learn. But ……… I don’t bloody care, he is amazing already and can only get better.


      • Why wouldn’t someone try to better themselves. Yes he is great but he can be even better if he were to try to improve instead of being stuck in the mindset that he can’t use his left foot.
        Remember, he may be great but he isn’t the best midfielder in Portugal so there is room for improvement.


        • Brompton Wolf says:

          I just said all that in my last paragraph.

          He may well be trying in training with his left foot – we just don’t know. At 21 he is still learning and can only get better, and when he does …… wow!


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Anyway, why is it a weakness? I know a lot of top rate footballers who only have one good foot.

      You appear to always want to find a fault Timbo. Enjoy what we have mate, life is so much better.


    • RickRack (very nearly there) Wolves says:

      Are you really being serious? Are you trying to anti-analyse That Goal
      I cannot believe there are any negative comments following one of the most one sided games of football I’ve ever seen with the best goal scored in 2018
      And just for the record, if he had a similar left foot to that of his right, FIFA would probably make it illegal for us to play him.
      Just take in WWFC 2017/18 this is our year FFS


    • Dorset Wolf says:

      Hi Tim perhaps he has an ingrowing toe nail on his left foot thank god he plays for Wolves.
      In Nuno We Trust.


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      Tim, you cannot be serious. Maybe you believe every silver lining has a cloud? So ANYONE else would have used their left foot etc etc to cushion the ball so they could strike it with their right foot? And Neves only “looks” brilliant because of his weaker left foot? You cannot be serious. Talk about damned by faint praise. Even Colin from Cardiff would be gobsmacked by the Derby goal.


  19. If you can’t see the benefit of being able to use both feet, then you must be a spectator who never played the game.
    Ask any footballer who only have one good foot if they would prefer to be able to use the other foot better and I will guarantee you every single one of them would look at you like you were crazy for asking such a dumb question.


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Again, you misinterpret me. He may very well be training to use his other foot better, but he just may not be good with that foot. I agree totally with you, the use of two feet is better than one, that is obvious, but what I am saying is it is not necessarily a weakness if you can do what he does with just the one!

      Anyway I am bored of this now, so move on.


  20. Border Wolf says:

    OMG! What can you say after that performance? Amazing, brilliant, fantastic, inspiring … the list goes on. Jota scores yet another goal which was a blinder, then Neves follows it up with a shot out of this world.

    Mr Rowett was a gentlemen (take note Colin!) & I wish him & Derby all the luck in the playoffs, I hope he gets them up. He deserves it after the way Brum treated him.

    Bend it like Beckham? Just been replaced by Nail it like Neves!!

    I’ve a grin a mile wide and it’s not moving!!

    We are Wolves.


  21. Clive says:

    Of all the footballers I’ve seen, in my 66 years, I have never seen one with only one good foot.
    There have been a lot who favor one foot over the other, but never a club or a missing or a broken foot.
    And there a lot of words to describe Brompton, dumb aint one of them.
    Why do you have to knock and pick fault with one of the greatest talents ever seen in a Wolves shirt?
    Are you a typical, inverted snob of a Wolves fan, never happy unless wallowing in misery?
    Or a shit fan coming out from the dark side?
    Get over yourself and enjoy the liquid football being served up, it’s only going to get better!


    • Clive, I just find it amazing that people who are considered the best players in the world can go through all of these academies for years and years and not learn how to use both feet.
      When I wanted to try out for our high school soccer/football team, I thought I had better learn to kick with my left foot as well as my natural right foot. I assumed everyone else would be able to.
      I figured it out in an afternoon and ended up playing on the left side.
      So all of this talk of him trying to learn in practice is silly.
      I’m not saying he should be as good with his left foot as his right but you watch him and look specifically for situations where he would be better off making a simple pass with his left foot but instead, he does some much more complicated move with his right foot.
      Look for that and you will see why I can’t understand him not being taught 10 years ago or more when he joined the academy.
      In Canada, if you want to play hockey, you have to learn to skate. They teach you how to skate if you don’t already know how to. They make drills to improve your weaknesses in skating or teach you how to skate backwards or turn better to the left or right.
      It is baffling to me that something so fundamental to the game seems to be ignored all throughout Europe and the world, as though it is an impossible skill to learn.
      I’m completely serious here. When you see a situation where a pass would make sense and the player doesn’t make the pass, ask yourself if it might be because he can’t pass well with that foot. I see it all the time (Obviously, I don’t know for sure that that is the reason). Once you start noticing that, you will find it annoying, also.


    • There was a fieldgoal kicker called Dempsey. Has the NFL record at the time for longest field goal ever. He had a club foot, or something like that.



    • Brompton Wolf says:

      The majority on here agree with us, based on the number of likes Timbo is getting lol. Thanks for not calling me dumb.

      See you on the 28th buddy. I have a penguin for you, from my trip to Goa, as requested.


  22. wolfman jack says:

    As the game was drawing to a close last night I was thinking that I was disappointed in Derby, having expected a much stronger performance from them. But then I realised that they had tried everything they could. They had used their subs intelligently, Rowett says he changed tactics 4 times and still they couldn’t make an impact. What we saw was what Nuno has been preaching since he arrived – total control of the game, both when we have possesssion and when we don’t. It was a complete performance – probably the best I have seen from any Wolves team in terms of completely negating the opposition who, lets remember, have some highly rated players in their ranks.
    There have been times over the last couple of decades when I’ve watched Wolves and wondered why it appeared that the opposition had one or two men more than us on the pitch. Well, that situation has now been reversed – we look like the team with extra men, and how comforting is that ?


  23. Clive says:

    Why would Neves want to play hockey in Canada?
    I’m with Brompto with this….. bored.
    Thread over.
    Moving on ….


    • RickRack (very nearly there) Wolves says:

      One last comment then no more I promise.
      Ruben Neves with 1 x right foot or George Saville with both?
      I rest my case.


      • Brompton Wolf says:

        Nice one RickRack. See you at the Sheff Wed game. Looking forward to meeting you.


      • StuWolf says:

        I see youv’e spotted Saville’s major flaw.

        The twat had two right feet.


        • RickRack (very nearly there) Wolves says:

          Just goes to prove what I’ve said for a long time
          “I’d give my left arm to be ambidextrous”


  24. pauluswolf says:

    Well I was there with my son.
    Best goal I’ve seen at Molineux since Wagstaffe in the 5-1 drubbing of Arsenal in the snow having been 1-0 down at half time. When I was there as a kid with my now late father.
    For the kids on this site you can still find Waggies goal on you-tube.

    These are the days of miracle and wonder………..roll on Sunday and the final points for promotion.


  25. theDOOGooder says:

    I’ve just seen a picture that has proper put me off me lunch.

    He might be two footed but… Come on!

    That’s yer worse nightmare that is!


  26. Cannock wolf says:

    My 10 year old grandson will (God willing) in 20-30 years time be able to say to his children – ” I WAS THERE”. The look of joy and amazement in his face as Ruben scored will live with me forever!!
    It was a truly magical night and something definitely changed both in Molineux and in the surrounding streets. Complete strangers talked to each other – mostly with shit-faced grins on their faces, the singing continued down Cannock Road and into the Emerald Club, the replays on SKY Sports of the wonder goal —- it was a truly special moment. I know that lots of you couldn’t be there so I’m sorry if my comments are pissing you of slightly but I just wanted to convey how fantastic last night was. OODCL


    • Brompton Wolf says:


      No problem mate. I could not get down, but I am chuffed for all those who could. This is just a truly amazing time to be a Wolves fan.


  27. Croydon Wolves says:

    Neves fills me with confidence every time he touches the ball. I’ve never seen a central midfielder at Wolves with anything close to that kind of quality.

    We’ve conquered the league this season in large part because Neves achieves more alone than Saville, Edwards and Price/Evans collectively ever did as a midfield trio.

    By commanding the centre of the park he’s freed up our wing backs and forwards to cause misery for opposition defences.


  28. StuWolf says:

    Well, I cannot believe my feckin bad luck and good luck in the same evening. For Months I have been watching the league waiting for us to play Boro, (I was there) Cardiff, (I was there) and finally Derby. These were the three games we all looked at and thought oooh that’s a tall order.
    My mate had been up town and parked his car for our quick access away from the ground, Jen de Wolf had her 10 layers of winter gear on and lacing her snow boots up, then Mother nature decided to kick me squarely in the Gonads. I had an operation last wek and still managed to travel to Cardiff with me mucker Twixfix doing the driving, but that was because I was smacked out of my head on Co-Codamol and Anadin Ultra (recommended guys for any sort of pain).

    It is well documented what Co-Codamol does to the system, and my surgeon gave me just enough until Tuesday evening, so, by 19-00 last night my body says, “ hey ho, here we go” so I was confined to barracks and could not get to this game, I didn’t miss the shit weather, the poor viability or the cold. Luckily for all concerned I did not miss the game either, I watched it on Sky, the positive of all this is, I watched the Neves goal over and over and over again. Even when mother nature pulled my collar I took the Ipad to the pit of Misery and didn’t miss a second of this total domination of the game.

    To pauluswolf,
    You can see my avatar, my hero was Wagstaffe, and I say was, because that was a sic goal, beyond everything gone before in my 56 years at the Golden Palace.

    I was never a Tony Blair lover, but he was better than that woman Thatcher.

    But in the words of Tony Blair.

    “Things can only get better”

    Oh my Dog, I only hope I live long enough to share it with some of you wonderful people on this blog.

    Just read…

    Fosun have a new all inspiring logo.


    • pauluswolf says:

      Hi Stu,
      Yes I know your avatar -as a kid he was my favourite also.
      But Tony Blair (arsehole) had nothing to do with ‘things can only get better’ – the Labour party nicked the lyrics from D Ream whose only real claim to fame was the keyboard player was the famous physicist Brian Cox.
      Hope you are soon recovered from the op – be back for B’ham.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Hope you are back to full fettle in short order mate.

      We can’t have you going AWOL on the day we clinch promotion, can we?

      As for Blair and Thatcher –

      With Thatcher, at least what you saw was what you got whether you liked it or not. Although I have to say that most of it I didn’t like.

      With Blair, what you saw was what he wanted you to see but entirely opposite to what was going on in his odious, twisted little brain. A deviously hateful man!

      Ooops! Sorry. I forgot. No politics on the blog.

      It won’t happen again.


      • Brompton Wolf says:


        Have you got a room booked in the Hilton Garden Inn prior to the Sunderland match?

        I take it you will be at the Sheff Wed game on the 28th, so I will see you that weekend. I am in the Novotel with a few others (including Nuno and Neves and ……..)


    • RickRack (very nearly there) Wolves says:

      I have full sympathy with you
      Although I can’t complete with having an a operation I was proper crocked on a Tuesday due to a family stomach virus that my missus wouldn’t let me inflict on 28,000 of the 12th man & importantly not onto my bro-in-law (her bro) and the kids and “ode Geoff” as he’s about 120 yrs old. For me I was going to go irrespective of the fear of “follow-thrus”.
      So my sis-in-law came off the bench & went to witness first hand “that goal” and so far I ain’t had my ticket back – I could have to fight her for it on Sunday morning.
      Here’s to a swift return to action for us both on Sunday.
      ATB COMB FOwb


  29. Steve showcase says:

    If ever there was a moment that a Wolves fan can talk about in the future it was ‘that goal’ and it will live on for years..

    We floundered at Villa and the season and form went into Question but have we made a huge statement recently..

    This game and to me one of the most loathed opposition in the top three (Leeds WestBrom Derby) we outclassed them so much even their manager said we were too good..

    We are 11 points clear ………
    Neves is a genuine God..


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Nice one Steve. Are you managing to come up for the Sheff Wed game on the 28th. Would be great to see you again. I take it Sunderland will be a tad too far seeing as you have just opened.


  30. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    I know it’s the championship and not the prem but I am going to stick my neck on the line now and say one day ruben neves will become European footballer of the year he is that good, the only player who he plays like who I can think of is Alonso ex Liverpool player, and ruben will become better than he was and he wernt bad was he!


  31. StuWolf says:




    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Yahoo. We just spoke. Let me know if I have one mate before I commit when the window opens for me. Don’t want to use my freebie back ups unless I have to, as, as you said, don’t really want to sit with the home fans ….mind you, there wont be many lol.

      Looking forward to the piss up the night before. See you in the Hilton Garden Inn.


      • Bedford Wolf (4 cup finals till promotion and the title) says:

        Steve – unless I am reading it all wrong there isn’t even a date listed for me (season ticket holder with 1050 points) which suggests that they strongly suspect they will all be sold long before I get a look in so how will you as a ‘My Wolves’ member get a look in mate?


    • Bedford Wolf (4 cup finals till promotion and the title) says:

      Thanks Stu.

      That confirms that even as a loyal STH who has also been to away games at Brentford, Forest, Reading, Barnsley & Fulham this season I have zero chance of being able to get a ticket for the Sunderland game. That is unless they increase our allocation considerably which I understand the miserable so-and-so’s are saying they will not regardless.

      What a great shame. No last game of the season Bloggers weekend away for me then.

      Oh well at least I have only paid for the hotel so far and hadn’t booked trains.

      I hope all those who do get their have a great time.



  32. Newark Wolves says:

    Me and Sue have not been back that long after yet another shite journey from the West to the East Midlands, headlights on in the fog and rain all the way home. Can’t do many night matches but so so glad to be at this one. After Neves scored and the initial euphoria died down I looked around me and people were literally speechless. I don’t mind admitting that I welled up just a bit. I looked around at a packed Molineux – apart from the pathetic away support that is – and thought to myself, this is only the start. My team, the team I have supported since the 70’s – I know, I don’t look old enough, are going places. Premier League, Champions League, who knows where this journey will end.Derby weren’t great, in fact at one stage Sue said to me “they are not much better than Burton Albion” and I had to agree. BUT, they probably looked so poor because we were so good. What a time to be a supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. Loved meeting up with the Bedfordshire contingent and the Twixes and some others for the first time at the restaurant pre match and hope StuWolf feels better soon. I also want to say thank you to my lovely wife as even though I went to my first Wolves game in 1978, Sue supported Forest, sorry for using that word on the blog, before we met and last night was the 80th time that she has joined me to watch “me babbies”. Looking forward to the end of season get together at the Sheffield Wednesday game which should be a cracker.


  33. Dorset Wolf says:

    Look forward to meeting you Newark and Sue after Sheff Wed game.
    Dorset and Jill


  34. Newark Wolves says:

    Likewise mate, always nice to meet fellow Wolves fans.


  35. DancesWithWolves says:

    It’s all been said already. Even friends who never notice the Championship have messaged me about the Neves goal. And this was on a night when Juve and Real Madrid had a real ding dong of a game. I almost feel sorry for Jota. He scored a simply sublime goal, a nonchalant flick over the keeper. Sublime in it’s simplicity and execution. Then, along comes bloody Neves with that wondrous and outrageous goal from distance that just blew us all away (everyone except Tim above of course). Even Colin from Cardiff would describe it as world class (he’s an expert on class, as we know). And to think, Neves might not even get the Wolves player of the year award, the other contenders being so strong. Amazing, simply amazing.


  36. Dave Willis says:

    It’s interesting to see that last night’s events have prompted so many reflective posts, so now it’s my turn.

    My eldest is 26 now. Like so many sons (and daughters) he had no choice about the team he supported, despite being born in Milton Keynes and having never lived in Wolverhampton.

    Over the years his love for the team has even surpassed my own. Ask him the score of any game over the last 15 years and he will tell you the score, who scored and when, and what he was doing on that day if he were not at the match.

    Like all of us he has enjoyed some highlights, but to be honest more lowlights. Despite this and having to deal with a friendship group who followed their dads into supporting the likes of Arsenal, Spurs and Man Utd. his support has not wavered.

    So, for me last night, the emotion was one of immense pride, not because of the ease by which we beat a top five team, nor a goal that they cannot stop repeating on Sky Sports News….it was because of the joy on my Son’s face, which said ‘thanks Dad’ for making me a Wanderer.



    Shhhhhhhh.. Listen. The howl of The Wolf on the horizon. Closer. Ever closer. Forty years in the wilderness he returns. Stronger than ever. Hungrier than ever. Back to the lair. A place no longer vulnerable to attack. Strong and secure. Out of the darkness. In to the light. He returns. Home again. Ready to take on the elite invaders and see them off. He returns.This time a long stay. Rich pickings lie ahead of him. And the pack. He returns…………..


  38. These are the days says:

    Can’t add to much of that…..

    Just nice to hear the Derby fans agree that Neil Warnock, is indeed, a wanker.



  39. Sheffieldwolf says:

    Seriously this can’t be happening. Just a couple of years ago we were getting excited about the potential signing of Chris Wood.

    Neves is just class the fact that he’s not the only stand out performer this season is tribute to the side wolves has assembled. The guy could step into most of the top sides in Europe without breaking stride. Honestly if he’s the kind of signing we can make with a championship side it’s going to be a very interesting summer!


  40. BARDWolf says:

    Hopefully Wolves will win the league before President Trump presses the button and starts WW3.


  41. Newark Wolves says:

    As the curtain comes down on the season to end all seasons what a pity that the Sunderland ticket issue is starting to leave a sour taste. All of us in The Queens Cantonese last November including Clive on Stu’s speaker phone were looking forward to a fab, last day of the season knees up. We were sorting hotels and travel but to be honest I don’t think a single person present that night said “will we get tickets ?”. Sunderland, with the biggest stadium in The Championship, well for a few more days anyway, give us 2500 tickets ffs ! We have taken more away fans than that to Derby, QPR, Reading, Bristol City, Barnsley, Preston, Fulham, Villa, Cardiff and Bolton and look at how small some of those grounds are. Come on Sunderland, sort your shit out. I don’t want to go in the home end as I was at Molineux in 1999 when Bradford City clinched promotion to The Premier League and some of their innocent fans got attacked in the Steve Bull Upper. I have heard that we can’t have the lower tier as they don’t want a pitch invasion. Well, back to Molineux again a few years ago, Millwall getting relegated to League 1 were chanting “on the pitch”. A row of police soon appeared in front of them, sorted, not one tried to get on the pitch. Sue and I were at both night matches at Southampton and Manchester City but not for one minute do we expect to get tickets for Sunderland as we are not STH’s and all the best to anyone who does. I suppose that what I am really trying to say in all of this is – Sunderland, please, GIVE US MORE F*****G TICKETS FFS !


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Dont panick …. I have a good feeling that the allocated tickets wont sell.

      And if they do ….. I have a plan, not a good plan, but a plan nevertheless.


  42. Prawnie says:

    I just hope saint Neves stays one footed and rubbish to stop the likes of Citeh and Real Madrid (Yes they get mentioned in Wolves blogs now) comin a sniffin.


    • peterobbo says:

      And speaking of Real Madrid? The great Madrid side of the 1950s, the one that won 5 European Cups on the spin and featured Di Stefano, also featured arguably the most legendary one-footed player ever – the totally left-footed Ferenc Puskas, who was a key player in the famous Hungarian team that beat England 6-3 at Wembley and 7-1 in Budapest.

      It’s not whether you’ve got 2 feet that counts , is how good you are either with 2 or just the 1. Neves is further proof of it.


      • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

        That’s the same Puskas who played in the Hungarian team Honved, when Wolves beat them 3-2 on TV under floodlights in December 1954.
        There are loads of articles and TV clips online if you google Wolves and Honved.


        • peterobbo says:

          Certainly is. Ah those 1950s floodlight days. I was only a very young kid then – no really, honest!

          If this really exciting new era for our club can come close the the heights reached by the 50s greats then we’re in for one amazing ride folks.


      • sevlow says:

        Puskas – a truly brilliant player but had a rubbish right foot! 😉
        One of my all time favourites. A genius.


  43. sevlow says:

    The game took on a training match run-out. Derby were dizzy and confused and played off the pitch, and they are supposed to be a good side. Top display from our Wolves warriors.
    Firstly, a brilliant goal fro Jota. He is such a good player, his movement, both with and without the ball, is excellent.
    Secondly, Big Willy. With his recent play he is reminding me of a certain Franz Beckenbauer. Well Ok, maybe not quite at that level but boy is he a wonderful player. A defender who can play such accurate long passes with ease. Nice one Willy!
    All in it was a great performance.

    Oh, yeah. Neves scored a decent goal as well……… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Check out this variation on an old Beatles song, it’s great.



  44. Barry Bucknell says:

    Well the Neves situation is going to be interesting come the end of the season; there are going to be ‘big clubs’ trying to lure him away. As there will be for a few of our stars.

    Any player of this quality would normally have a greedy agent whispering in his ear that he could get so much more money with Man Utd/Man City/Chelsea etc.

    But, with ‘the greedy agent’ in our camp, and a best friend of Nuno, we should stand a better chance of keeping them.

    We’ve also got Afobe in the dressing room, a physical reminder that the grass isn’t always greener over the fence!

    If we do keep them, I think it will be down to Nuno who seems determined to create something very special out of, essentially, very little, and his ability to sell the dream to the players.

    I keep reminding myself that this is only the second division but the excitement for the future doesn’t stay grounded for long.


  45. someblokeontinterweb says:

    The big boys are bricking it already. They really are a bunch of sore losers.



  46. theDOOGooder says:

    If Loyal STH and away match attendee Bedders can’t get a ticket for Sunderland then I’m damn sure that me and the PMDG’er, who haven’t gone to any away matches haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance.

    Although, considering that all home matches are away matches for a lot of us bloggers, you’d think they’d take that into consideration.

    Perhaps we could earn ‘road miles’ points in future.

    Clive would do well for his one match a season!

    I’ll take my chance when it’s our turn to apply for tickets but fear the worst.

    If Sunderland don’t give us a bigger allocation then they are not only a useless football club but they’re bloody buggering stupid as well.

    I would think that it could be another 10K for MK if we had the chance.

    Next season, Sunderland will be desperate for any gate money they can get, why play their last game in the Championship in front of an empty stadium?

    Surely a Black Country pound is as good as T’Northern equivalent!


  47. StuWolf says:

    This is FAKE NEWS, it’s another pathetic example of the papers trying to sensationalize the quite innocent story, and an attempt at sour grapes by opposing fans to have another final poke at Wolves before we play Birmingham.

    So don’t believe the rubbish guys.

    A few weeks ago during the Leedsgate and Vilegate attempt, we were told that when promotion is certain, the PL automatically look into a teams affairs, this is done every single year to every single club and we are no exception. We are nothing special, the PL has no hidden agenda this is just governance and accountability.


    Name the last club that any league banned from gaining promotion for any reason, and there have been some right dodgy chairman taken their club to the money pit.

    The fact that the EFL have already inspected our books and dealings with Mendes should speak volumes

    We’re going up
    We’re going up
    We’re going, Wolves are going up..


  48. StuWolf says:


    I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but here is some news I did not anticipate.

    On the current showing Jen de Wolf and I will get tickets, Twixfix and Lilian will get tickets on Monday, Rik Rak is a possibility (not sure how many away games he’s done, but, after that there are major problems and they are throwing obstacles in our way left, right and centre.

    Brompton may have one solution which might work but we will have to hold our breath.

    The price of success and failure is a fine line.



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