Aston Villa 4 Wolves 1

They wanted it more.

Hardly the most original sentiment to summarise a derby but one that neatly explains the result.

A scrappy old opener bundled over the line by sheer force of will following a Danny Batth error was eerily symbolic of everything to follow.

There was a brief window of opportunity after Wolves found the leveller when it looked like they might start twisting the knife.

But chances never really materialised, the passing became loose on a suspiciously poor Villa Park surface and the contest drifted away. There wasn’t anything like the focus or precision we saw at Elland Road days before.

Batth was repeatedly targeted and his inability to cope in and out of possession was so excruciatingly  obvious I’m still in a state of shock he wasn’t hooked at half time, particularly on a yellow card.

If Nuno was prepared to drop the dependable Ryan Bennett after one miscued pass at Fulham then surely the Wolves skipper is set for another stint on the sidelines following this horror show?

Bonatini should also fear the axe on Tuesday after another frustrating night of indecision in front of goal. Several times he could have pulled the trigger but instead opted for the extra touch that took the opportunity away. He also failed to occupy the centre halves meaning the ball repeatedly boomeranged back.

With one defender unable to play the ball out from defence and one center forward unable to make it stick when it came long, that didn’t afford Wolves significant margin for error.

Still, the ever industrious Ivan Cavaleiro came close to opening up their back four with the scores level in the first half but both Jota and the confidence shot Bonatini were too static or wasteful when receiving the pass.

Sloppy set piece marking, the aforementioned Batth frailty and a Villa team that grew in confidence as their opponents failed to land meaningful punches meant this ended up being the most routine of victories.

It’s a heavyweight blow and even with a healthy seven point buffer to absorb the impact, this felt like a watershed moment.

With the fixtures that remain and the quality Wolves possess, it alone cannot derail our top two ambitions.

But the response must now be swift and decisive.

Hold onto your hats.


  1. theDOOGooder says:

    That was the most depressing 45 minutes of football I’ve seen produced by a team in Old Gold since the days of Saunders, O’Hara, Johnson et al.

    First half, apart from the horrific ‘own goal’ by Batth we seemed to be easing our way to a comfortable three points.

    Second half, we looked like we had all been sitting on a bench in Salisbury for a couple of hours with a double dose of that evil rat Putin’s poison potion coursing though our veins.

    Fair play to Villa, they upped their game several gears while we got stuck in neutral.

    The referee didn’t help by missing two of the most obvious penalty decisions ever to be missed but, that aside, we were well and truly spanked.

    We have had the rub of the green for most of the season so it’s not surprising that decisions are going against us now.

    What with the second half capitulation, the apparent inability of any of our players to actually shoot the ball towards the bloody goal and the bizarre substitutions of Nuno, it was a very depressed DOOGooder that made his sad way up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire (not Old Gold) last night.

    There is an old saying in football:-

    When things are good – nothing is as good as you think it is
    When things are bad – nothing is as bad as you think it is.

    Actually, that’s not old, I just made it up.

    But it’s pretty true anyway.

    Most football fans tend to show Manic depressive tendencies.

    We’re up and down like the proverbial bride’s nightie.

    My particular bride’s nightie is still up just enough to keep this particular groom excited.

    It’s going to be a bloody exciting end to the season – much more interesting than being 13 points ahead. Isn’t it?

    Six points from the next two games and the bedroom attire will be right up over her head and we’ll all be gagging for it.

    Meanwhile I’m off for a pint of London Pride. Cheers all.

    PS. Sorry if I’ve offended anybody with my totally unecessary innuendo.

    PPS. I was walking in the park this morning and pondering why a frisbee seems to get bigger the longer you look at it…. then it hit me.


    • AmberWolf says:

      I said at the outset Batth was a liability and its doing me no favours to find out i was right. Using Mr DOOGooders analogy for Danny the nightie’s gone replaced by PJ’s and a dressing gown, he’sin the spare room and the main bedroom door is bolted shut. Sorry Danny but you’ve failed once to often, Bennett has to play the remaining games when available.

      Bonatini too is another for the chop, Costa should take his place I think.

      Other than that i’d like to forget this sorry mess and hope the next two games bring the fight and commitment we’re going to need for the next few weeks.

      I’m ignoring my brother least it should cause fratricide.


  2. What a kick in the balls, beaten 4-1 by mind the the gap, mind the gap Aston Villa.

    Listened to a good first half performance on WM then consulted the BBC scores in my Taxi on the way to Birmingham Symphony Hall to see Brit Floyd. 3-1! What’s happened?

    4-1 bloody hell have we really played that badly? From numerous reports 2 players had execrable evenings in Aston. I don’t have to name them! Their names are now legendary in this gut wrenching defeat.

    It’s still in our hands but I’d say we need 8 wins to be sure of finishing above Villa & Fulham both of whom are winning by rote at the moment.

    I can’t see those two losing again this season, so a return to early season dominance & strutting our stuff is required starting Tuesday night. 8 wins minimum but let’s go for 10 wins & 106 points. I’m sure we’re capable of it, if we’re not too humble.

    Looking forward to Tuesday night & a real quality league leaders performance.


  3. He's called Nevz says:

    History revealed that we haven’t done a double over Villa in a season since 1963,so this was one of the three defeats l envisaged the others being Cardiff and Middlesbrough.The growing concern about lack of goals,is equalled by the amount of chances created.The stats for this game will say that we had 60pc procession unfortunately most of that in our own half.Similar to Fulham away.So it seems that the top teams have found us out,and we don’t have an alternative plan this late in the season with the players available.How it might have been so different had we in January got a proven striker like Fulham did or Smith QPR,but we still got Afobe use him!!


  4. spikeyboy says:

    No it is not the end of the world it just feels like it.
    Actually we aren’t really much worse off than when we started on Saturday.
    3 points lost is one win and this week we will have 2 wins and 6 points.
    Nuno must hold his hands up to this one his team selection was undoubtedly wrong.
    He trusted in people he shouldn’t have and will learn I am sure.
    I truly expect nothing less than total destruction of our next 2 opponents and an emphatic statement based upon immense anger and frustration
    The gloves must now come off this is all out war !


    • I fairness your team didn’t no what hit them in the 2nd half and you hadnt an answer to stopping Jack Grieilish except fouling him every time he got the ball. Villa sent out a message to you and the rest who want promotion. Basically you’ve got to get past the Villa
      PS: See you next season in the premiership


      • Reckon you can make it thru the play-offs?


        • StuWolf says:

          We deserved your comments without a doubt.
          Your guys turned up the second half, our’s didn’t.
          Good luck for the next 10 games.
          Bragging rights shared this season.


          • StuWolf

            To be fair, you’ve had a very good season and bar u f&cking it up yourselfs will go up as champions. The big test, as you know, will be next season in the premiership. If we get 2nd spot and join u up there, and the scum brum get relegated and Albion get relegated, then it’s up to us to show that the West Midlands has at least 2 good teams


      • Steve showcase says:

        You’ll have to beat Fulham then….I doubt that..


        • The so called experts said we wouldnt beat you lot, Us, Fulham and Cardiff are the inform teams and we will beat both at Villa Park as we don’t loose many at home.


        • Steveshowcase
          We showed the rest of the league how to beat you, plus we have Super Jack Greilish who’s Villa born and bred so Fulham don’t scare us


  5. The drive back from Leeds seemed quicker than the return from Whitton such was the extent of the defeat.
    Deflated, rough around the edges & that was just the tyres on the coach!
    When we’ve lost this season I’ve been “miffed” but yesterday I have to say I was proper fukin pissed!
    But this road to the prem has many a twisted turn & yesterday was as bad as Spaghetti fekin Junction with road works.
    Going into the Whitton Arms with £2 entrance fee was the starter of a shit few hours in a carbuncle of Brum. Yes £2 to get in & no Band or DJ.
    Ode Big Fat Yed & his band of merry inbreds may have won the battle in Brum, but won’t win the War of the Chump
    So let’s ALL get over this one with 2 x games at um in next 6 days which could return the original Gap.
    Am I nervous no not yet, but wolves are now cut to 1/25 against on BET365 to be promoted with Veeela 1/1 & there’s very few poor bookies.
    I’m sure Nuno will make changes but if he doesn’t then he’ll still get my backing 100%
    COYW bounce back like we’ve done all season
    Fek the Veela
    Fek the shite
    Fek Colin & his cloggers


  6. chilts1 says:

    What a gentleman Nuno is to not mention or blame the lack of two blatant penalties ( can you imagine what the arrogant Mourinho would have to say ) in similar circumstances – having said that Wolves were, for for whatever off the pace – big time in the 2nd half and deserved to lose !

    Please don’t be too harsh on Danny Batth and Leo – Danny , local lad and such a servant to the club who will be absolutely devastated by his performance – as far as Leo just lost all confidence which is a shame as such a fabulous player beginning of season – obviously a confidence player whose nose has been put out of joint with the arrival of Mir and Afobe – simply needs an arm round the shoulder etc – still rate him highly, but agree time to take him out of firing line and keep for the final few games if necessary .
    A couple of good wins this week and were back on track I reckon – and if we start winning again no one catch us – simple as that !

    Come on you Wolves !!


    • micky says:

      just a comment regarding the 2 so called penalty appeals , ADOMAH a touch on the ball before the Wolves player went down and the second claim Snodgrass turned his back on the free kick , okay the ball struck his arm , but he hasn’t got eyes in the back of his head , so the Ref got these 2 decisions spot on , but one he did get wrong was for the Wolves goal , the player who crossed the ball was in an offside position before the ball reached him , but hey we Villa fans are not moaning about that , I hope we both get promoted to Prem for next season and let the rivalry continue UTV


      • Micky,
        Based on the 2 games played against Veeeeeeeela I’d give you 45 minutes in total being on top.
        But 4:1 doesn’t really tell the story does it?
        & if you really think Snotgrease didn’t give away a peno then you’re as deluded as your owner.
        You’s will however continue moaning about MENDES thou! Jealously is an ugly trait.


      • theDOOGooder says:

        I get it Micky.

        From now on, defensive walls can all fling their arms in the air to stop a shot As long as they turn their backs on the free kick.

        That should make things a bit easier for them.

        My understanding of the rules is that you can use your hands and arms to protect your body.

        What part of your body is two feet over your head?


  7. pauluswolf says:

    It should have been very obvious to Nuno that Danny Batth will never be a Premiership level player and that Bennett has played consistently well this season. Unless there is an injury we don’t know about he will surely be back in the side on Tuesday.
    I cannot see Reading causing us much concern, but it may well be that the away match against Cardiff will be the championship decider and I do have misgivings against Warnock’s teams physicality and underhand methods. Knowing our luck we will have the same biased referee again.
    That said, we are still in limbo with a goal scoring centre forward, something which I’m sure will be rectified in the close season. Until then Benik must start on Tuesday and get a full 90 mins.
    It looks as we still have a roller-coaster 10 games to go.


  8. Sniffgrass, greenish and big ed can forget it. Yes this was a throw back to times past from the moment the ref wrongly awarded the free kick that led to their 2nd goal. But it’s only a 35 minute glitch in the matrix, our football will reign superior over this league come the end of the season.
    Time to step on the gas and get to the line, Nuno knows it and so do the 50k customers attending the Mol this week. Let all get behind em, no Villans allowed, together we are stronger.


  9. StuWolf says:

    It’s difficult to come on the blog and make comment when it was on Sky for the whole World to see, last night was a blur, yesterday was an amazing day apart from 35 minutes of sheer WTF bitter tasting medicine. Someone made a comment last night that we were perhaps a tad Cocky of late, I would put myself in that bracket as I genuinely believed all the hype and loved putting some of these managers and their fans in their place. We were never going to win all our games, we had to lose to someone, well losing to the teams lying 3rd & 4th ain’t no disgrace.

    I still feel Cocky, I believe what Nuno says, I believe that we will go up, I believe we have a good last 10 game run in that Cardiff and Villa don’t. So chins up guys and girls, we’re going up, maybe now, not in the style we thought, but we are going to the PL.

    To set the record straight, I have never been a fan of Danny Batth, and that has never changed, but, I knew he was in the team for Leeds and Villa, the reason given was Bennett’s performance at Flum. But, please Nuno, don’t play him again until we are confirmed in the PL.

    A word on Diogo, he has looked off the game lately, but he’s sitting on 9 yellows and that would cost us 2 weeks without him, so IMO I think he has been holding part of his game back, if we get him through the Reading game all yellows are void after that, so he will be clear for the last 9 games run in to open up and display his undoubted talent.

    On to Reading and then Burton, if we don’t run riot in those two games, there’s an underlying issue we don’t know about.



    • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

      Good point about Diogo’s 9 yellows, Stu and I think that also applied to Saiss in the Fulham game(?)



  10. Wolves well beaten in 2nd half,Bruce got tactics spot on…Your style of play has been rumbled,if you get pressed and cant get the ball to your wing backs everything slows down and peters out,need a plan B as you are becoming easier to match and all other managers will try the same tactics …Interesting to see if your manager is as good as you lot think he is….Flat track bullies now sums you up,prob enough just to get you promoted tho……Grealish by a long way best player in this division .


    • You won the game
      You got 3 points.
      Still 7 behind.
      Only 10 games to play.
      The above is all true but Greaseless the best player in the Chump – fek off.
      He might be your best player but I the Chump! You need to change dem Claret Glasses


  11. Very good point Stu made on Diogo, I day know about the yellows. He has been kicked to hell this season and stood up manfully but it must take a toll.


    • StuWolf says:

      Yes I was told about Saiss, but when I went on the Wolves site to check he was on 4, so I‘m assuming as it was Saiss, it was his second lot this season.
      So tomorrow is crucial.
      I would still take a cautious Diogo over any of the options, he’s always got a goal in him.


  12. Hertford says:

    I got nothing against Bruce and he clearly does a good job but didn’t I read somewhere that he wouldn’t be celebrating “as if they have won the Championship” as seemingly our bench had done so at Molineux ?
    Jeez…..he must have forgotten all about that pledge.
    I’m pretty sure I saw him celebrate Baath’s booking too or at least the foul that led to it.
    Or does think they have just won the Championship ?
    Who says that they won’t ?
    Just the double standards thing i’m not a fan of.


  13. Greenish, slick, but still wet, like the villa park grass. Good luck tho, its only the play offs for you, Fulham have a boy with real class and we have more than one to be fair. Thats why we are going to the PL.


  14. Steve showcase says:

    When I saw fat face Bruce grinning like a Cheshire Cat I could only think one of the reasons was that we decided to play DB in fact worthy of him doing a David Brent dance such was the fact..Worth a goal he must of thought …in fact 2.

    They simply targeted the uncoordinated shirt pulling mishap of our ‘ defender’ and he duly delivered a typical plethora of f#*ck ups…What a mistake… Nuno.

    Bonatini is so far off form Benik Afobe must of thought WTF… that left Jota to get kicked off the park with Neves getting the treatment as well..

    Ref missed 2 blatant penalties and gave grealish enough favouritism to eventually get man of the match.

    Oh Wolves.. oh Nuno..bad old times and
    feelings coming back as in are we going to give it all away..
    Cardiff are playing like Man City.. Flum are almost the same and now we have Vile right up our arsoles as well..

    If it wasn’t for us playing 6 of our last 10 games at home against the bottom 8 I would say we are in trouble but we should win the nxt 2 to make a start in this messy shite that we are enduring in the run in..

    To say I’m nervous is like saying do bears shit in the wood?


  15. Marney says:

    I think you’ll find it’s you lot who have to get past us mate , we’ll played though , you did deserve it just as we did when we murdered you at home , I think our set up is a better fit for the premier ( younger more talented players playing decent footy) than perhaps Bruce or Warnock style but we will just have to see , and if you don’t make it through the playoffs we can give Grealish a place on our bench next season, so always a silver lining


  16. Marney says:

    It’s one thing knowing how a team plays and another being able to stop them , you guys were good enough and had to win to be honest so fair play but if it was really that simple, man city would never win a game would they!
    ( and no , I’m not comparing us th city)
    Nice having a few villains on the blog though so welcome, don’t remember hearing from you earlier in the season?


    • dave budden says:

      You have point but you do need another way to play better teams will negate your style……As for not being around earlier in the season very true but to be honest youve got to be able to give it and take it……All that mind the gap stuff!Different point your back three are awful,no mobility,Cant remember his name but isnt one of them supposed to be really good?None of them anywhere near an ageing john Terry….or Chester for that matter…Still i wish you well wxcept when you play the mighty Villa….


  17. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Still hurting from Saturday evening badly the most upsetting bit was they did seem to be more up for it than us, I didn’t get y we played like that after Leeds midweek, I know villa are a better team than Leeds but u must fight for everything in championship.
    The good thing is we have a quick game to put the villa game out of our minds and hopefully back to winning ways, is it me or have you noticed when the opposition score a goal v us lot they celebrate like they have won the world cup, champions league premier league and the ryder cup all in the same day, it’s starting to piss me off so we should all do the same, starting v reading tomorrow let’s get behind this great club and get back to the premier league and stick out fingers up to all of the league. Right must cracksman on at work now.


    • Jazzwolf says:

      The most stunning effect of celebrations I’ve ever seen was when most people thought they were getting out of hand. For example I remember Spurs beating Crewe 13-2 in the FA Cup and the BBC did a film of their goals and celebrations to the soundtrack of Sinatra singing “Embraceable You” . Stan Cullis banned Wolves from even congratulating scorers, his view was that they were being paid to score and shouldn’t celebrate any more than a plumber should after fitting s new ball-cock.
      The effect was devastating, especially in away games …. opposition supporters – yes we could stand/sit together in the bad old days – would think the goal had been disallowed until their team lined up to kick off again. Wolves fans could explain “Yes, we score regularly, it’s what we so, nothing special”.
      Jimmy Murray scored five against Chelsea at Molineux and the only person to congratulate him was Jimmy Greaves who shook his hand after the fifth.
      What about it Nuno – it’s nothing special, scoring is what we do – care to try the Cullis approach?


  18. Tipton Exile ( Keep the faith for Carl) says:

    I watched that on Sky, and when I saw the team sheet I said to the missus we got no chance. Batth FFS he is bloody useless, be ok on a rugby pitch but no good on a football pitch. then Bonatini, he seems to get more like a rabbit in headlights with every game he plays. No confidence left at all. He needs a good lie down in a dark room with a shrink to talk to.

    Please Nuno no more of those two useless planks until promotion is certain. Bring back Bennett for god’s sake. Saiss will never be a back 3 player in my opinion either.

    Onwards to Tuesday and Reading. If we loose to them I will be becoming very paranoid and dreaming of the shit all those years ago.


    • admant says:

      Thanks Tipton for saying exactly what I was gunna … saves me a post

      Costa Afobe Cav up front and neither Batth or Ruddy should be on the pitch tomorrow.


  19. sevlow says:

    Gutted! I mean I was on for maximum points in the prediction league and then they scored a fourth! Typical….

    We lost because of that second half performance when Villa were much better. No point moaning about referees and decisions going against us – it’s the same for all the teams out there, some you get, some you don’t.

    Next game is now bigger than the last. That theme will probably continue until the last game.

    Our destiny is in our hands.


  20. We’ve been beaten before, but rarely have we been quite so out-fought and out-played as we were in the second half. Hopefully it will give some of them a healthy dose of reality.
    Somehow, we have to get back up to speed by Tuesday or our whole season could be heading for the buffers. Which would be a shame, to say the least. If we can glean the maximum six points from the next two games, spirits will be lifted and the International break could give many of our heroes the chance to recharge for the final push.
    Get ’em down to Marbella, Nuno.


  21. spikeyboy says:

    Stu you have enlightened me !
    i have been mystified why diogo had gone so far off the boil over the last few weeks.
    Now its obvious.
    On Tuesday Nuno needs to play costa all game and leave diogo on the bench or at home or something like that.
    This 9 cards crap has got in his head and he is backing out of most of the tackles and rucks he would normally get stuck into.
    After being on a downer since Saturday evening i now feel invigorated and convinced that by next Saturday we shall have our own superstar back on top form.
    And as for that knob who thinks grealish is the best player in the league …. we will see come the awards at the end of the season and i will bet he is nowhere to be seen.


  22. basherbaz says:

    Well the best team won (and I hate saying that)

    Ruddy – should have saved the 4th, not an inspiping display again – 4

    Batth – If we played him for his height in their penalty box, he never got near a ball, defensivley Adomah had him beat all night, what was the third goal just running with the defender all about ?. Being wise after the event Bennett should have played – 2/10

    Coady – Played ok should be captain – 6/10

    Boly – This man is my favourite with Neves had OK game – 5/10

    Docherty – Did tremendous work OK – 6/10

    Neves – Brilliant as always – 7/10

    Ndiaye – hard work put himself about – 6/10

    Douglas – Ok – 6/10

    Cavaleiro – needs to control the ball when ball pinged at him lost count of the number of time it shot 4 yards away, not enough of the twinkle toes and as with all the forwards seems to have forgotten to SHOOT – 5/10

    Bonatini – well he is a goalscorer as his record shows (just not at the moment, looks tired) link up play ok as above must SHOOT – 4.5/10

    Jota – Looks jaded, as with all the front 3 earlier in the season they would have taken men on beaten them and SHOT – 5/10

    Saiss – 4.5/10 nothing to change game

    Afobe – 4.5/10 nothing to change game

    Costa – 4/10 nothing to change game (needs to learn how to stand up)

    Take it as one game, forget it and move on to the one’s we really now need to win, time to all pull together and be the 12th man at our next 2 home games COYW

    Speaking after the game, Nuno felt that the attitude was there within his team but felt it was mistakes that ultimately cost Wolves.
    “We were not good enough, we were not focussed enough,” Nuno began.
    “The first half was better but the second half, no. The whole game, we were not consistent, we were not solid and how we should be, and mistakes!
    “The goals that we conceded from set-pieces bothers me and I think we should look at that and make a good analysis like we always do. It is clearly poor defending from set-pieces.
    “These tough moments that we have, we have to organise our thoughts.
    “The attitude was there, the boys tried and sometimes you do things that you can avoid.”
    After the game, Nuno took a moment to thank the Wolves fans for their support despite the defeat.
    He said, “I’m not happy but a word to our fans: It’s a long season, the supporters have been fantastic – this moment is tough for everybody and them, especially because it is a midlands derby.
    “We need them and Tuesday is the next step. Let’s look at this game but let’s focus also.
    “It’s very fast, it’s a tough competition and on Tuesday we are back again with a game at home, the home factor is important in this competition.
    “There were a lot of teams that played five games in a row at home, that means a lot in this competition and hopefully we can prove that home.
    “At Molineux with our fans – show a better image and win the game – we need to win the game.”
    Wolves have the opportunity to get back on track on Tuesday evening as they face Reading at Molineux (7:45pm).
    Nuno said that it will be a good judge of his teams character to how his players respond on Tuesday.
    “This is the job we have to do, we have to do a better performance but firstly let’s look at this game – it’s a good moment to judge our character, said Nuno.
    “The most important is the next game and when you lose, we will find solutions.
    “The boys deserve the credit of knowing that days like this can happen bit we have to step forward and bounce back immediately.”


  23. Bedford Wolf (10 cup finals to go!) says:

    RIP the legendary Sir Ken Dodd.

    Part of my childhood. Loved his Sunday lunchtime radio show, used to listen to it with my Dad often whilst ‘helping’ him do some DIY around the home. My dear old Nan loved his singing. His song ‘Tears’ was the third biggest selling single in the UK of the 1960’s – only beaten by two Beatles singles.

    As he once said “What a beautiful day for knocking on the door of the Kremlin and asking is Lenin”.



    • sevlow says:

      Yes, sad news indeed. One of my all time favourites and a true genius. We will never see the like of him again.



  24. StuWolf says:

    RIP Sir Ken Dodd….
    Over the years we’ve had a few comedians come on this blog, some welcome, steveavfc, others not so welcome, Amanda cape. But we have to go a long way to find someone as good as Sir Ke Dodd what a bloke, still touring the clubs and venues at 90 years old.
    RIP lovely man, you lit up the World with silly banter, I will truly miss you.


  25. StuWolf says:

    Breaking news…

    Jeff Shi has been interviewed by Tim Spiers at the weekend, Tim Spiers has posted some of it on -“ wolvesnewsnow”,

    It makes for great reading, after all, we Wolves fans knew there would be Monday mornings like this no matter how well we played all season. Jeff Shi’s words should calm all the troubled breasts on here.

    He wants a 50,000 stadium, but only when the team is revamped and good enough to sustain our status in the PL.

    It will stay at Molineux, they’ve decided to expand, Lorry van Stinkle wanted a bigger capacity but the University building is in the way.

    Compton is being expanded, they’ve outgrown it, talks are already taking place with the council and the school there for more land.

    He expressed disappointment about Leeds and Villa comments and stated, “ we are purely, purely clean”

    On the Villa game, he said, “it’s only one game, we’ve lost before, we will lose again”.

    He has trust in Nuno, and he said, “after the game Nuno was so calm, as we know what we did wrong”

    Take a look later today, Tim Spiers is putting out the full interview later in the E&S.

    Keep the faith, it was only one game, lot’s to play for.



  26. theDOOGooder says:

    Doddy died diddy?
    Yes, Doddy dead
    ‘E didn’arf make me larf.
    When it came to quick fire patter
    Doddy was the daddy.
    Some of his live shows lasted longer than the Brexit negotiations!
    And were nearly as funny.
    RIP Doddy.

    Funny man.


  27. Marney says:

    Dave budden , fair play regarding give and take ,always happy to share a bit of banter , I suppose if you base your opinion on one game then I’d suggest you’re being a bit myopic, if I’d based your defence on the home game it would be that you are crap at the back but obviously your not , you have 15 clean sheets after all , that’s 3 less than the best in the league which happens to be us ! So I guess it’s fair to say we aren’t that bad , good luck to yourself for the run in too btw. It’s going to be interesting


  28. Well done Jeff I know you were trying not to get into a slanging match but some times you have to stand up to bullies and cheats you kept your council till the bullies had finish spurting the lies and now you’ve had your say ” Laughable ” indeed I’d also say ” PATHETIC ” Jeff ………..well done !



    Just had a look at Readings away record and they look a tough nut to crack. Could get a bit jittery down the Molineux tomorrow. Early goal required I feel. By us obviously.


  30. Deano says:

    Micky, you talk a load of crap mate, you say the ball was played for the first pen , neves also played the ball for the free kick which led to your second goal , and the hand ball the rules state if your arms in a unnatural position i.e. above your f#*king head and the ball strikes it , its hand ball doesn’t matter if your facing the ball got your back to it or looking anywhere else it’s hand ball


  31. Bedford Wolf (10 cup finals till promotion and the title) says:

    The Bedford abacus (borrowed from Bletchley Park) – enigma? who is? – is now predicting the following;

    Wolves need 16 more points to be Champions.

    With 7 of our remaining games against teams currently in the bottom 8 Wolves will get 24 points and finish on 100 points.

    The chasing three – Cardiff, Villa and Fulham – will all finish 9 points behind on 91.

    Cardiff and Villa have harder run-ins than us, Fulham have a similar run-in to us but have a game less to play.

    To stop us Cardiff would have to win at least 8 of their remaining 10, Villa would have to win at least 9 of their remaining 10 and Fulham would have to win all 9 of their remaining games – and even then they would all have to hope we falter.

    We should all cheer on Norwich who have to host Cardiff, Villa and Fulham yet. We should also cheer on Reading (after tomorrow obviously) as they have to go to Cardiff, Villa and Fulham.

    Promotion and the title will now be secured at Bolton on 21 April – ironically one of the very few of our remaining games that isn’t live on TV – yet!



  32. Clive from Houston says:

    I apologize up front, I am now going to do something I rarely do on this blog……swear.
    West Bromwich Albion.
    Said it.

    Mouth now sterilized with alcohol.
    We lost 1-4 away from home, yet, unsurprisingly, remained in the position we started in on Saturday morning.
    They lost 1-4 at home, and they stayed in their starting position.
    So, an obvious similarity, and endless debate material, good natured banter, and pure, hate filled comments, from other West Midland fans.
    However, there the comparison ends, as the two clubs are obviously going to trade places at the end of this season. ( no, Villa fans, we are not moving to sandwell, it means us getting promoted and them relegated )
    It amuses me to see all these comments by non Wolves supporters who have oozed out of the woodwork, yelling and squeaking about their “hero’s’ who, with one win,have apparently won everything.

    The words Life, Get and One spring to mind.

    Do your crowing at the end of the season, not when there is still almost a quarter of it left.
    We are still top, will still be top next weekend, and as Bedders quite rightly sez above, we have a pretty darned good run in, compared to others.
    If we don’t get promotion this year, it will be because we aint good enough, and won’t deserve it.
    If, on the other hand, as looks likely, we do get promoted, it will be because we are better than everyone else.
    At the start of the season, when Nuno was an unknown, we all had visions of Lambert/Jackett style struggling.
    I for one have really enjoyed this season enormously, and even if we falter, it’s been a darned good ride.
    Given the choice, which of you Villa fans out there would not trade places with us in a heartbeat?

    Time will tell, but it was another one struck off the wall, and our immediate rivals cannot all win their remaining matches.


  33. robin says:

    I agree Clive.
    For me, the biggest problem that has emerged is our lack of efforts on goal.
    We do not shoot enough.
    I think we had 3 shots on target all game.
    I’d bring back Saiss in midfield and Bennett or Miranda, in defence.
    I’d also find room for Afobe in attack.


  34. StuWolf says:

    Jeff Shi has announced today, “if promoted, then Wolves are booked for a pre-season tour of China”

    Now, that’s what I call an incentive for our players who deserve it and for the lardy arse one’s to get their shit together.

    Apparently we have a small but growing fanbase there, so if we can tap into chinese shirt sales, we could buy half of Birmingham and push the Nuno revolution to a new level.

    What’s not to like, these Chinese know how to release a story or two during a dull, shit filled Monday.

    Oh yes, and Tony The tiger from Villa announces they may buy a Bristol City full back? Now there’s ambition for you.


  35. The Cullis Dome says:

    Like all of us, I imagine, I’m a huge fan of Nuno’s for all he’s done for us in this his first season but even he is not infallible. First, as so many have said, reinstating Batth and second, making substitutions that just aren’t going to work: Saiss in defence when there are two centre backs on the bench; playing 2 strikers when you have taken off your 2 most creative players, Jota and Cav.

    For Reading, I’d go back to the Portuguese skill front three. Afobe to me looks heavy and slower than when he was with us before. Wish it had been Mitrovic in January. His recent goal against us reminded me of Bully.

    Another change I’d consider would be Norris for Ruddy, who looks a bit nervy and doesn’t control his 6yd box. This has knock-on effects on the back 3 I think.

    Let’s give Dave Edwards and the Iceman the welcome back they deserve, tomorrow!


  36. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Saturday’s game is history and instead I’m looking forward to the Reading match, confident that Nuno will have the boys back to their best. I’m also pleased to read Jeff’s reassurances that the team has the mentality to get the job done.

    As regards the Championship race, here’s a Wales Online article which includes the run-ins of the various contenders.


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