Leeds United 0 Wolves 3

Given the circumstances, this must go down as the most impressive victory of the season.

Sure, Leeds were dire but Wolves exploited that weakness to the maximum and controlled the entire game.

If there were jitters after a series of results that saw the hunting pack pick up the trail it was only evident through wasteful finishing in a first half that could have yielded several more goals than the two that were eventually registered.

Quite how Diogo Jota left Elland Road without scoring is still anyones guess. Another horror miss was so nearly wiped from the memory with that sizzling strike that thundered back off the bar but his all round game was certainly much improved.

Similar can be said of Bonatini. No goals – again – but impressive link up play that contributed to a really slick team performance.

Indeed, Benik Afobe, who did find the net with the type of pacy run in behind we’ve been lacking, said afterwards that the gaffer is all about ‘shape’ and ‘the team’ and never has that been more evident than here.

This was reminiscent of the early season form, dominating the ball and zipping it around while the opposition feebly attempt to work out what’s going on.

It was also a timely reminder, just when it was needed, of why this side find themselves in such a preferable position coming around the final bend.

Ruben Neves will be back for the last big push and assuming his automatic inclusion at the weekend, one of Romain Saiss and Alfred N’Diaye are about to suffer some grave misfortune.

They were both excellent last night and made consistent contributions in both boxes as Wolves took sole ownership of the midfield.

Danny Batth was back in at the expense of the similarly unfortunate Ryan Bennett and made a solid contribution.

Sure the odd aimless hoof down field looks painfully out of place surrounded by such esteemed company, but he dealt with everything without the ball and assisted the pivotal second goal.

Willy Boly scored it and along with Coady, Doherty and Douglas (who deserves special mention for consistently reliable set piece delivery) made John Ruddy redundant as the keeper collected yet another cleansheet.

It’s onto Villa Park and the opportunity, particularly in this type of form, to put one foot in the Premier League.

Bring it on.


  1. theDOOGooder says:

    After last night’s performance I feel that a few quotes from notable literary and sporting figures are called for:-

    “Oh, to be alive in such an age, when miracles are everywhere, and every inch of common air throbs a tremendous prophecy, of greater marvels yet to be.”
    Walt Whitman

    “I am proud of the boys today. I am proud of the fans that came and sing all night”
    Nuno Espirito Santo

    “Bliss was it that dawn to be alive”
    William Wordsworth

    “Champions keep playing until they get it right”
    Billy Jean King

    “It’s all about work, to try and achieve something that we know that is impossible. It’s perfection… doesn’t exist but we want to achieve it”
    Nuno Espirito Santo

    “Get in!!! Get in!!!! Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    • AmberWolf says:

      Loving the last quote should be attributed to the common man or all Wolves supporters season 2017-18.


    • RickRack (Keep calm & drink Banks's) Wolves says:

      Thomas, great summation – bring it on – bring it fehookin on!

      Doog, one of the best opening blogs in many a happy game – fekin proper Wolves Ay We


  2. Clive from Houston says:

    Steve Bruce must have changed his trousers at least three times last night.
    I told y’all last week we were just catching our breath, letting the chasing losers think they had a chance to catch us, then Whammo!, Leeds get the snot knocked out of them. A more comprehensive, 90 minute thrashing I have rarely seen.
    Another three points, another match off the wall, and rumors of some bloke from Real Madrid willing to sit on our bench next season!
    Neves back for rest of season, and Diogo fired up again.
    If he plays on Saturday with the intensity from our first meeting, Bruce will need a truck load of adult nappies!
    Excellent, excellent result last night, you could almost see the head in hands, deer in the headlight stares of the rest of the championship managers.


  3. Bedford Wolf (11 cup finals till promotion and the title) says:


    Proud of the performance last night with football of a standard rarely if ever seen at this level before.

    Proud of the result which, let’s face it, could easily have been 6-0.

    Proud of our fans who despite only being 1,250 or so in number were the only fans you could hear throughout the game.

    Proud of our manager whose post-match interview on Sky was simply magical – what a man!

    Proud that our chairman isn’t a sad, pathetic, whingeing, sulking, cretinous embarrassment like Andrea Radirazzani of Leeds. What a prize plonker!


    p.s. Proud also that my 3-0 prediction was spot on (for a change!).


    • Witley Wanderer says:

      Thought you had typed, piss proud for a secound Bedders. Better keep an eye on your prediction for Saturday me thinks. XX


      • Witley Wanderer says:

        keep an eye, for dogs sake!


      • Bedford Wolf (11 cup finals till promotion and the title) says:

        Tut-tut! Do you really think I would use the language of the common guttersnipe? Perish the f***ing thought!



        • Common Guttersnipe says:

          We aye got much of a langwedge, but we gorra bostin football team, aye we?


  4. Terrific performance reminiscent of our early season champagne footie and certainly the best since Sheff Utd.
    Whether that’s down to us finding top gear again or the ample shortcomings of a poor Leeds team is debatable, but I would think a bit of both. Once the first one went in, the result was never in doubt and we could easily have been 5 up by half time.
    No one failed to perform. Our control was total. Jeez, I’m still buzzin’.
    Many won’t agree I’m sure, but knowing Nuno is loathe to change a winning team, I feel Neves may start on the bench on Saturday. I mean to say, which of N’Daiye and Saisse deserves to be dropped?
    Got home from the pub quite late last night, but I didn’t need to check. There was definitely more clucking coming from the chicken coop. 🙂


  5. Kendalwolf says:

    Afobe’s goal was reminiscent, to me, of Derek Dougan’s third goal against Hull in the run in to the end of the season we finished second to Coventry. I think there were only about ten games left and The Doog was reported as saying that he would only be playing that number of games in Division 2! He was of course proved to be right.


    • Clive from Houston says:

      How many doors does a chicken coop have?


      If it had four it would be a sedan!


      • Bedford Wolf (11 cup finals till promotion and the title) says:

        A sense of humour goes a long way I find.

        Last Saturday on the train into that London the ‘train manager’ gave out this announcement “Ladies and gentlemen, we will shortly be arriving at London St Pancras. Please make sure you take all your belongings with you. Thank you for travelling with East Midlands trains today. My name is Colin and I hope you have had a pleasant journey and will travel with us again. If you haven’t then my name is Stuart and you have been travelling with Virgin”.

        Then just now my mate sent me a message to say he’d walked past this sign at Seven Sisters station in North London;

        “Interested in time travel? If so meet here last Thursday at 745pm”.



  6. StuWolf says:

    To quote another who’s name escapes me,
    “You don’t quit when your’e losing,”
    “You quit when youv’e won”

    The stars are certainly aligned for us at this moment in time,

    Unlucky at Preston (dropped points), Desperately unlucky at Molinuex Vs Naarwich, (dropped points) lost to the best side we’ve played this season at Flum. Last night we got our shit together, be honest guys and gals, the footy was no different, the committment, the desire and the shape was. Again as someone pointed out, people on other sites complaining that we only scored 3, FFS, it was away from home, hostile albeit infantile crowd and on the back of our so called blip. If the lack of a cricket score is all we have to moan about, life is good.

    Well done all concerned last night, what better springboard than an easy 3 points at Leeds, to propel us into a really important game, which if we win will set us up for a fantastic run for the line.

    The footy Dogs have conspired to set all this up, Sky must be salivating at the thought of it.

    I’m going to be controversial here, Danny Batth should start on Saturday, his no-nonsense hard-hitting tackles and his prowess in the box may just fit somewhere in the stars alignment that gets us the 3 points in what is a 6 pointer game.
    Can’t wait to see the Veela fans when we step out onto the turf full of confidence with the Mega, Mega bonus of Neves playing alongside N’Diaye, what, with those two stroking passes out to the New and revitalised Batth and Douglas, Ooooh I’m getting all moist and tingly at the thought of it all unravelling.

    By the way, that was our 2nd 6 points taken from a team with the chance of it happening again on Saturday, we seem to rise to the thought of beating the so-called “big clubs” if we do, Reading and Burton seem nailed on favourites for the same fate. What a Month March would then be.

    I am smelling the P word boys and girls, this stage of our journey is almost complete, the next stage is the reward that awaits.

    To the Victor, the spoils and feckin richly deserved too.


    • AmberWolf says:

      Mr StuWolf Sir, I have to respectfully disagree with you re Danny Batth, he did well last night and his presence at corners is immense, but………… when you watch back the game as I’m sure you will have recorded it our Danny had hold of his opponents shirt in most aerial challenges, and if not that he is leaning over him hands on shoulders in the penalty box.

      The Ref we have appointed for the Villa game shows cards like pretty much no other in our league and has been particularly harsh on us over the last few seasons, so much so his bias is almost obvious to all. See the same game at Villa park last season if you need proof.

      Danny would therefore be a liability we don’t need I would go Bennett all day long and most of the night too.

      As for smelling the P word the toilets at Elland Rd aren’t the best are they !!!


      • StuWolf says:

        Hi AmberWolf,

        I cannot disagree with your observations of Danny, but what I saw last night was a player so far removed from the first team squad that for the first 30 minutes he shit a brick whenever he had the ball, gradually he settled in to the game and gave a good account of himself by DB standards. My rational for his inclusion on Saturday is, he can dish it out, he has to with his obvious shortcomings in skill, but, he can also take it better than most. Just the chap we need for the dirty hard tackling Veela troggs that will certainly give it out once we get hold of the game at their house, with their crowd and their ref. As long as he don’t get sent off, he can in my opinion provide us with the cannon fodder this game may need. I would rather he took a kick than Bennett or Vinagre.

        But, that’s only my thoughts for Veela, (and Cardiff by the way) cometh the hour, cometh the man. He’s only been red carded once previously in his entire career.


    • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

      Batth played well enough last night, and I was pleased for him to be given a game, but I thought Bennett was only rested, what with matches coming thick and fast Nuno knows what he’s doing.
      And altho Saiss and Alf both played well , they don’t always do so, and Neves is a class act we need to deal with the Villa. The ref is the one we have to fear most !


  7. Incredible performance .Cannot wait till the Villa game .It is set up perfectly .I would keep Bonatini in as his link up play and ability to pull defenders out of position creates so many opportunities .
    By the way whilst I understand the financial fair play issue I do not see what rule could be broken by having Mendes help us .Anuybody else know ?


    • theDOOGooder says:

      I think it’s the same rule that says that a whingeing schoolboy has to take his ball home when he’s losing.

      Yep! Just checked in my ‘Boys Own Pathetic Football Twats and Losers’ Annual and it’s that rule alright.


      • AmberWolf says:

        100% agree. Even the Leeds fans are saying shut the feck up, what an embarresment he is to the club and even the league, sore losers abound.


  8. Lowves says:

    Two things spoiled the evening for me, number 1 we didn’t score 10, and number 2 Beniks pathetic knee slide celebration after his superb taken goal!
    Hope Nuno takes him to one side for extra training to improve this weak aspect of his game because if we play like last night he is going to need it a lot for the rest of the season!
    Looking forward to doing the same on Saturday.


  9. basherbaz says:

    Now that was a performance we had been waiting for, hopefully we can do the same to aston vanilla/vile on Saturday. Big Willy never lost a ball all night and returned me £68 for £5 on betfair, class player. Seemed to me with Baath and Big Willy up for the corners we have more firepower, but Danny is prone to the odd foul !

    Can see Terry or Grealish being sent off on Sat. Terry because his legs will not keep up with our forwards and Grealish just because he is a little s–t and hopefully he will become frustrated (socks rolled down – what a toss-r)

    In Nuno we Trust


  10. Marney says:

    Well worth the 3 am alarm . What s nice dilemma our Nuno has now in picking the team for Saturday, bonitini played well but didn’t stick one in the onion bag ! Afobe stuck one in the bag but I’m not so sure that we play quite as well when he is on ! N’Diaye was motm and Saiss scored so will Neves be on the bench !!
    Bahht ( who I still worry about when he is rushed) or Bennett!!! Either way, one thing is for sure. We will have the best looking bench in the league by some distance, I see this as a free hit with our two home games coming up and we have just transferred all the pressure over to villa, bring it on , I’m off to watch a replay of Leeds falling apart again


  11. Jackomac says:

    You know things are going well with the squad when debates arise over selection in almost all areas of the team. Danny or Bennett? Two from three of Neves, Alf and Saiss? Two from four of Bonatini, Jota, Afobe and Costa? Particularly when the basis of debate is who has excelled the most not who should be dropped.

    Great save from Ruddy early in the game regardless that it was offside. Fair play – he looked solid last night..

    Gibbs-White added to the proof that he has developed the core strength to perform a full role for us. Of course he has, Nuno wouldn’t have him on the pitch otherwise. I just needed to see it for myself, everybody knows he has the ability.

    Regarding my opinion on selection, only one observation. When Benik states so assertively that he has really applied himself in training and now gets the Nuno approach. When he stresses the he understands the shape and focus required and has worked hard to integrate himself into the group. Well that has to be enough for me. Given that there has been a dip in our cutting edge, Benik needs to start the next three games.


  12. AmberWolf says:

    Yes it should have been 6 or 7 not 3, we did play well and created more chances than in the previous month or so, but Jota has missed a few sitters though his general performance was great we seem to be lacking that little bit of arrogance / confidence we had in front of goal. Let’s hope that this victory has settled those nerves and it makes a difference against Villa.

    They didn’t really create many chances against us, but at odd times there were scares in the defence, we just need to keep calm and focus on moving the ball find the spaces and attacking with speed. As I have said I’d prefer Bennett in the back 3 as he is less of a liability and doesn’t tug shirts or lean in on the opposition as much as Danny does, that makes him a safer bet when the Holt End cheats scream blue murder for nothing. How many times does he need to cost us games to learn this lesson, don’t give the Ref a chance to think about a penalty just don’t do it.

    For me I’d put Neves back in the team as he is the beating heart of our team, but N’Diaye has been good these past few weeks with a run of games, and I’d keep him and drop Saiss.

    I think Bonatini is best to start the game as his holding up of possession and bring others into the game is second to none. Afobe is better in the last 30mins when the opposition are chasing the game as they’re behind and there is more space to exploit and we can use his pace on the break.

    All that said my bet is Nuno will stick with a winning team, and he knows best.

    Looking forward to Villa and doing the double over my idiot younger brother, funny how quiet it is when they’re not doing the business.


    • theDOOGooder says:

      Totally agree with you regarding Danny Batth’s habit of shirt tugging and leaning in to forwards in and around the box.

      It only needs a fussy, less than competent, referee (What! In the Championship? I hear you ask) and we’ve conceded a penalty.

      I love the man for his enthusiasm and his general all round good eggness (?!) but Bennett is a safer bet on the football field.


      • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

        DG – any idea why Bennett was dropped – seems a bit harsh if Nuno made him scapegoat for the Fulham loss, as we couldn’t seem to control the pace of the game or pass accurately without Ruben’s calming influence, particularly in the second half.


  13. Marney says:

    Just watched the game again in peace and quiet with a large glass of Malbec and no tension, a couple of things, can anybody imagine lambert being 2 up away from home in a big game and bringing on two attackers with 15 mins to go ? Me neither . Secondly, did the guys who designed Leeds home kit , also work on Hugh Hefner’s summer pjs?


  14. To all those clubs telling tales you can go and crawl back under your rocks, if this had gone tits up ie if Wolves were at the bottom or mid table would they have gone running to teacher telling tales…….one word springs to mind JEALOUSY.

    Derby, Leeds and Villa it’s no coincidence that they are trying to catch us up…….Tossers


    • I hope Wolves fight this tooth and nails after all the Football League sanctioned the transfers. With a billionaire owner I can see us getting a decent lawyer ……..I suppose they’ll mon about that as well…!

      Sorry folks but I hate tell tales and bullies……..not all BULLY’S still love you Stevie……!


  15. London wolves loyal says:

    I am really proud of the Wolves , after a shitty couple of weeks and under pressure , we pulled a fantastic
    Intense, clean , football display and a resounding victory out of the hat when everyone else was wanting us to fail .
    Well for all you jealous bastards out there , that shows CHARACTER and you can’t BUY
    that !
    Some of the praise however must go to me as that is the first game we have played since I cancelled my Sunderland booking and the first time I have predicted a defeat in the prediction league
    The football gods have told me this is what must be done to help the cause


  16. London wolves loyal says:

    Oh and where I came from , being a grass was only one step up from being a nonce


  17. GoWolves says:

    I regretfully couldn’t watch or listen to the game yesterday due to work, so had to settle for the sporadic, supposedly live, updates on my phone from Laurel and Hardy at the Express and Star.

    What a great result! Another 3 points and another +3 for our goal difference. Don’t underestimate the latter. I know we’re 6 point above 2nd place, but in all practicality, it really is more like 7 pts because of the goal difference. Anyone trying to overtake us will need at least an extra point on top of the 6. Villa practically need to win 4 more than us to pass us now. Dream on Brucey!

    We are looking good!!!

    Last year Newcastle won the league in the last game, coming from behind, swapping 1st and 2nd places all the way through the year. We’re a darn bit more comfortable than that this year! We are in a great lead and position.

    Great to see the players react the way they did and show their hunger and ambition. Another great performance at Villa now and we are almost there.

    Come on Wolves! We’re on the home stretch now!

    Go Wolves!!!


  18. StuWolf says:

    An EFL statement read:
    “At it’s meeting today, the EFL board considered at length the matter of the relationship between Wolverhampton Wanderers, majority shareholder of the club, Fosun and Jorge Mendes. In light of recent concerns raised by a number of clubs.
    “It was agreed that the EFL executive will meet with the management of the club to reiterate the requirements of our regulations and those of the FA and will report back to the board in due course.
    “It should be noted that the club was explicitly informed in July 2016 of all the requirements it was expected to meet as part of the change of control, and appropriate arrangements were put in place to ensure compliance.
    “The club has confirmed the that undertakings given at the time remain in place and are being complied with”

    Stick that in your pipe and suck on it Leeds, Veela and Derby wankers…..


  19. Border Wolf says:

    Brilliant game – more of the same please lads!

    As pointed out amazing the moaning & back stabbing coming out. Yet last season (same owners, same agent) nothing was mentioned at all!! Funny that!!!

    Jealously, envy & bitterness! I suggest the boards of these clubs concentrate on their own business & stop sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong!


  20. StuWolf says:

    ? The ticket office is currently experiencing issues with their phone lines. The problem is being investigated. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. #WWFC

    Owners of two unnamed Championship clubs spotted cutting telephone wires in Wolverhampton 30 minutes ago, Tim Spiers….


  21. Steve showcase says:

    A true statement which epitomises our league position and ability…. it was needed to remind everyone what we are all about..
    I was thinking of the old Wolves DNA and giving it away.. in this case our points lead
    but I’m reflecting on the Nuno factor and how things are so different…ie we seem to be able to respond back to form..
    So ..fantastic result.. Afobe on the score sheet too ..
    With Neves back then I can see Villa
    If Cardiff loose just once at the right time then we stretch our position…

    I’m Believing again… about Man U Liverpool Chelsea you know those away games we are going to have in the premier soon…



    Looking forward very much to the potato head exploding all over the dugout as Diogo runs Old fart Terry in to the ground. He will be on his ARSE more times than Bradley Fuckin Wiggins on a 800 mile bike ride. Mind you, at least the Holte end will see some football. They ay sin none for years. If we turn up with our A game no one will stop us.


  23. theDOOGooder says:


    • GoWolves says:

      I really don’t know which fly got into his ointment. Wtf is he on about? I don’t think he’s getting any from his missus! 🙂

      Cardiff still have to play Brentford, Derby, Sheffield U, Villa, Norwich and Hull AWAY, and us at home. Those are some tough fixtures. Does he really think they’re going to win them all?

      I personally don’t think Cardiff will even go up. My prediction is Wolves will be champs, Villa will go up 2nd and Fulham will win the play-offs. But what do I know.

      Wolves for champions and I don’t care about the rest.

      Go Wolves!



    Nathan is obviously concerned by our terrible run of 2 defeats in 21 games since October when our Johnny Foreigners have succumbed to the rigours of winter and the Beast from the East. Only 47 points taken in those games. Difference is Nathan that this team is light years ahead of the Dave Jones side you were in and we can play the type of football you can only dream of.


    • Twixfix says:

      Off the subject of our magnificent win cheesey…tomorrow’s the crunch day at Hagley Park … are you still wanting a programme?
      I’m guessing so ..?



        Yes please Twix. That will be great. I will catch up with you probably last home match when a few beers may well be consumed in a bar somewhere in Wolverhampton. I guess you will be back in the Uk when we arrive in Auckland,NZ on 19th March for the 2 test matches.


        • Twixfix says:

          We cross over on route somewhere Cheesey . But yes we’ll take a few beers before the season end …celebratory of course ..!


  25. London wolves loyal says:

    Oh and MARNEY .. I’ve done what you done but with a good gin …..I know this Leeds team ain’t their usual caliber but fucking hell we are good ain’t we !


  26. Marney says:

    Lwl we are mate , I may try it again tomorrow with a big scotch


  27. Johnok says:

    Nuno Thankyou,Wolves Thankyou.Fosun Thankyou.Great to get back to winning ways.
    To LousyLeeds,Vile Villa,and lastly Dirty Derby.
    Get real just look to your own door for what you’ve fiddled over the years.
    Jealousy springs to mind.UTW.


  28. RickRack (Keep calm & drink Banks's) Wolves says:

    Took a mate to Elland Road for his first away game ever – well what a fekin 1st game to go to.
    We played the way we know we can, which was a joy to behold.
    Chuffed for young Benik and when was the last time we saw a team so “together”
    But what’s this I’m reading? According to it “we’ve had a bit of a wobble recently” – well fekin woppie doo – if this is a wobble lets wobble our way into the prem…..
    Nuno, you might have had a dream, but you have most certainly made mine come true so far this year – now officially the best season ever in 40 + years…

    FOwb, veela, john terry, colins cloggers & the hinds of the Championshit


  29. StuWolf says:

    Song for the tit at Veela on Saturday doing the rounds.

    We’ve got Mendes
    Super Jorge Mendes
    Your just to thick to understand
    His Nuno Santoes man
    His got a lovely tan
    Oh we’ve got super Jorge Mendes


  30. Brompton Wolf says:

    Sorry it’s taken this long to post but I have been busy. What a game.
    …. 1.15 a.m kick off here though.

    Same again Saturday and it won’t be long before we celebrate.


  31. London wolves loyal says:

    Don’t know if anyone has read this but it’s good http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/927803710?-300:786:3


    • Tipton Exile ( Keep the faith for Carl) says:

      Read it earlier. Brilliant article by a very astute commentator.


  32. sevlow says:

    Wow! Outstanding performance from the Wolves. At times the football was mesmerising.
    Pre match twitter was awash with people moaning about Danny Batth in the starting line up. He certainly showed them the two finger salute!

    Brilliant display from the Wolves 🙂


  33. Spikeyboy says:

    Fantastic article in the mail lambasting the club’s who are stamping their feet claiming it’s not fair.
    Basically telling them to shut up and find their own way out of the championship .
    They haven’t the wit or intelligence that wolves have and should be looking at their own house not moaning because someone else is cleverer than they are .


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