Wolves 2 Norwich City 2

Like many of you doubtlessly were, I was seething at full time.

I imagine the subject of most attendees’ ire will be at referee James Linington and fourth official Andy Woolmer for their timekeeping, but in truth neither can be accused of influencing this result.

Sure, the former was a little on the whistle happy side but when two teams move the ball with the sort of pace that Wolves and Norwich do, fouls will always be conceded.

Unlike many of those sat around me in the North Bank, I didn’t really begrudge any of the decisions that went the way of the visitors.

On tonight’s evidence, Daniel Farke is building a very decent side that should contend for promotion next year.

Their chances will of course hinder on whether they keep James Maddison, who is without doubt the best opposition player I’ve seen play live this season.

I thought he was tremendous this evening, and will be keeping my fingers crossed that the rumours of our interest in signing him are true.

But that’s enough about Norwich. The real reason we slipped up tonight, a potentially unpopular opinion though it may be, is because Nuno got his substitutions horribly (and uncharacteristically) wrong.

In the first half, Costa and Cavaleiro were enjoying the freedom of Molineux against the Canaries’ full backs.

Both were instrumental in creating the space needed to craft the opener, with their direct running also contributing to the healthy tally of dead ball situations we racked up in the early throes of the game.

The second goal was conjured from one of those exact situations, Douglas again delivering the goods and allowing N’Diaye to net his second goal in three games.

Our dreams of a Molineux rout to match the recent Sheffield United game were dashed, however, by a quick Norwich response served up by Maddison and scored by the imposing Christoph Zimmermann.

This led to a typically nervy end to the first half, though few would be fearing a second half quite as arduous as the one we were made to endure.

Costa’s removal at the break was seemingly down to a knock sustained during the first 45, one which had admittedly slowed him down.

But the decision to hook Cavaleiro – arguably our best player as of late – when Norwich were in the ascendancy was baffling.

I’m not going to dig Benik Afobe out too much given he is still in the early throes of his feted Molineux return, but his signing looks a gesture of pure romanticism at present.

Contributing precisely nothing to our performance, he was more a hinderance tonight than anything else.

Let’s hope we’ll be able to put this down to stage fright in the near future, but Leo Bonatini and Rafa Mir must be feeling slighted whilst twiddling their thumbs.

The lack of width caused by Costa and Cavaleiro’s removal left the opposition with plenty of space to play with and, though few shots on goal were resultantly mustered, an equaliser began to feel more and more of an inevitability as the game dragged on due to their possessional dominance.

After Morgan Gibbs-White, mightily impressive once again, spurned a great chance to put the game to bed it felt as if the ink had dried on a grisly script and, sure enough, the scores were level at the death thanks to Nelson Oliviera’s speculative piledriver.

With Cardiff increasingly breathing down our necks, things are about as close to squeaky bum time as they’ve been all campaign.

Alas, we’ve done enough so far to suggest that there’s no cause for anything other than slight concern. Saturday’s game against a flying Fulham side will no doubt prove difficult, but we’ve said that before plenty of big games this season and come out smiling.

Let’s hope we do again.


  1. theDOOGooder says:

    Ruddy Hell!

    Two points, that hopefully won’t cost us at the end of the season, chucked away into his own net by a goalkeeper who has been showing a few signs of frailty over the last couple of weeks.

    It must be so difficult to be a virtual spectator for the vast majority of the time and keep your concentration pin sharp.

    He will be having nightmares about that for a long time.

    That’s the joy of being a goalkeeper, every mistake you make costs the team.

    You can blame Nuno for the negative substitutions – and I thought they were the wrong ones at the wrong time – but it would have all been fine, we’d have been talking about another three points in the bag, if only…. if only.

    But there’s no ‘ifs’ in positifity. Well there are if you spell it wrong.

    We have got to remain positive. Other sides are slipping up as well and as the pressure mounts these slips will become more frequent… and more costly.

    Onwards and eastwards to Fulham!

    PS. Nuno, please cut your hair. You look a damn sight cooler and exude a heap more authority after a good razering.

    PPS. John Ruddy, I’m not having a go, it happens mate. You’ve saved us many times over the season and you will again.


  2. Thomas says:

    Seething is a good word mate.

    I do agree that Nuno should carry the can to a certain extent as I wouldn’t have made the same changes. I felt Norwich would surrender at least another goal if we’d carried on from the first half. If Costa was injured fair enough, but Cav should have stayed on longer.

    But the failure to win is, in my opinion anyway, down to nothing more than a catalogue of individual mistakes, namely:

    – Neves giving away the stupidest free kick for their first goal. If we don’t gift them that route back into the game via a set piece the second half would have been training ground stuff.

    – Gibbs-White failure to score when clean through and subsequently in the dying seconds not doing better in the corner. Even if he’d just kicked it out for a throw or goal kick, there is no way Norwich would have had the opportunity. He played well when he came on overall, but the bald facts are his inexperience cost us dearly.

    – Ruddy should have saved Oliveira’s shot. He knows it (see above picture). I was sat right behind it and have waited to see it back before commenting, but no way should that be getting through. He’s miles out and Ruddy had a clear view. Yes it bounced and moved a bit, but he should have kept it out.

    Anyway, ho-hum, i don’t think we should be panicking just yet. Fulham will be a tough game and all the more difficult without Neves, but the lead over third remains the same with a game less, so in terms of promotion we’re in a better position than before this round of games.

    Cardiff have edged closer but with Bristol City and Brentford in their next two, they’ll have to play very well to keep up the chase. Plus they’ve still got to get through fixtures against Wolves, Villa, Derby and Sheff Utd. That’s not an easy finish. The same for us of course, but with a 9 point head start, I’m not going to get a sweat on just yet.


  3. wolfman jack says:

    Football is all about opinions and, whilst I can see where you are coming from Rasmin, I saw things a little differently (albeit via a shaky stream).
    True, the ref didn’t influence the result directly, but his inconsistency in decision making must have been driving the players mad. Whilst Norwich were by no means physical or dirty they chose their fouls quite selectively – particularly when we looked to counter attack quickly. But we were the ones who collected 3 yellow cards to their 0.
    I agree that Nuno (again, for me) got his substitutions wrong, but it seems Costa was injured and, for me, Cavaleiro had struggled to get into the game. Certainly he wasn’t as influential as he has been recently. But the personnel brought on didn’t allow us to retain our shape and our system. Again, we were crying out for Bonatini’s link-up play. On the other hand, it was the first time I have seen Gibbs-White for an extended period and I was hugely impressed. He was at the heart of many of our counter-attacks which, with a little more discipline, would have brought a 3rd goal and secured all 3 points.
    Norwich moved the ball nicely and had a lot of possession but I felt that Nuno’s philosophy of ‘controlling the game without the ball’ was working ok. They hardly had any shots on goal and those they did have were from outside the box. But you simply can’t legislate for long-range last minute strikes.
    I have been calling for a long time now for us to have a ‘plan B’, but perhaps now is the time for us to stick to what we know best and what has got us to the top of the table; 3-4-3 with Bonatini the ‘glue’ up front ?


  4. RICHARD HOARE says:



  5. Managers and players are human beings, human beings, by nature, make mistakes. Nuno will learn from this – don’t forget its NUNO’S FIRST SEASON IN ENGLISH FOOTBALL, as many of our squad’s. I’m not one for kneejerk reaations, and some comments on twitter are just crazy in terms of blaming people.. we all know where we want to be, but to act like children with “I love you” , now “I hate you” schizophrenic “support” does no-one any favours, and makes the tweeters look like fools. As with Costa, who with no pre-season is finally getting sharp again, Afobe needs game time to get his mojo back.. I expect he had to change his game at Bournemouth and this has lost him his edge, but form is temporary and class permanent so I’m confident once he gets one many will follow. The division by nature is a tough slog, and while we are dropping points so are most around us.. all we need do is finish in the top two and we are THIRTEEN POINTS CLEAR of third place this morning…
    My only thought is that I would put Ruddy in extra training or in a reserve game in midweek so he can actually experience having a few more shots at him in a real game situation, he hasn’t been regularly tested as we usually defend well and to maintain concentration without goalmouth action week in week out for long spans won’t keep him sharp….
    What happens next? We go to Fulham and win 2-1 and “I love yous” appear again on twitter.. pfft


    • Rasmin says:

      SOIAW, I agree with you entirely about the need to be consistent in our support for the team. This is just a whistle stop review of last night’s game, not a reflection on Nuno or the players’ performance overall. I know your comment wasn’t aimed at me, just wanted to clarify that I wasn’t digging out anybody in particular. I fancy us to nick three points at Fulham too, as we’ve bounced back from a setback well all season.



      • Yep, I just find it exasperating when I look on social media and people aren’t cutting slack and providing kneejerk opinion , it is impossible to win 46 matches in a league season and the team we have has done brilliantly.. credit to Norwich last night is due


        • peterobbo says:

          Yes, but this wasn’t the first time during the recent period that we underperformed. I’ve just listed to Tim Spears trot out the oldest cliche in the book – “if we’d have been offered this position at the start of the season we’d have bitten someone’s hand off”. Yeh, yeh, yeh, it’s as old as the hills and it’s completely irrelevant. It may be true that we’d have taken that offer at the start of the season, but if, after a stellar run of incredible consistency a team arrives at the position at the top of the league and the team then starts to stutter and fail to beat teams who are clearly far inferior, then it’s quite appropriate to point out the change of form and change in results.

          Any half-experienced horse-racing analyst will tell you that it’s vital to separate overall form from recent form when looking at a horse’s well-being and future prospects and the same approach should be taken with football teams. The fact is we’ve been stuttering and falling short off and on for a few games now and it is concerning.

          Another thing that’s concerning is Nuno’s actions when things stat to fail to go to plan in a game. The Norwich game is not the only example in which he made some bizarre substitutions and threw players on without seeming to give them any clear instructions concerning the role they should play or any advice with respect to re-shaping the team. It’s in complete contrast to the very measured and studious comments he makes before games and I’d like to see more evidence that he has the capability to come up consistently with a plan B when plan A has fallen by the wayside.

          Yes, we’re still 9 points clear, but we should be really focussed about not taking things for granted and staying very alert to any indications of the slightest decline. We have some very tough, physical away fixtures coming up and I’d like to see us getting back to our imperious persona earlier in the season when we play them. Hopefully Nuno is also aware of how crucial it is to assure that and I’m sure he is.

          Meanwhile, let’s hear no more of “we’d have bitten you hand off if” etc etc. The time to be alert is now. Suppose we lose at Fulham and then at Cardiff? Will people still be so sanguine then?


    • Alistair says:

      Couldn’t agree more …. We must all remember where we were and where we are now…… Blips happen and this is what Wednesday was…stay positive…let’s get behind the boys! UTW?


  6. Hugh Sanderson says:

    Wolves are a good side and will be promoted to the Premiership, Norwich are determined side who don’t give up as we saw against Ipswich on Sunday. Nuno made bad substitions but overall he will get you promoted. Wolves are the best side we have played this season and were in a different class when they played Norwich at Carrow Road- Enjoy the Premiership!!


    • Rasmin says:

      Hi Hugh, great to hear from an opposition fan. As you can tell, I was mightily impressed with Norwich (particular in the second half) and fancy you to do well next season under Farke. All the best for the rest of the season!


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Thanks Hugh. It is what happens next that counts. Our reaction to dropping two points will be ineresting.

      I appreciate your views.


      • StuWolf says:

        Thanks for taking the time to come on the blog, a goal conceded in the last seconds of any game is always a bitter pill, but hey, we’ve inflicted such things on other teams this season so swings and roundabouts. Commenting on a game 60 minutes after you left the ground after a late equalizer is never going to be a rational appraisal.

        Again, thank you for the comments.

        I have to say mate, you are going to have one hell of a time holding onto James Maddison in the Summer, I absolutely love the kid and he would fit straight into our team today. What an absolute treasure, I watched him the whole game and he is a firecracker. Good luck to you guys too, you made it a great game last night.


  7. lt happens Ruddy will be disappointed but I agree with comments already made Nuno made the wrong decision with the subs, onwards and upwards thanks for the kind comments Mr Sanderson.


  8. Disappointed, but not dismayed. I was expecting more so I feel somewhat deflated this morning. Perhaps a week in the sun would pick me up. Perhaps our heroes could draw benefit from the same thing.
    Onwards to Flum.


  9. He's called Nevz says:

    For purely selfish reasons,l want us to be Champions,and l don’t know what has annoyed me more.Conceeding late,not seeing the game out,dropping 2points,or Mad Mick making 6 changes to his team,who didn’t put a shift in,against his old pal.


  10. Paul Featherstone.AD1967 says:

    Agree totally regards Subs especially Cav why Nuno took him off and N’Diayn off that gave Norwich the space and possession to put pressure on us which resulted in there 2nd goal

    I hope Nuno’s learnt from this.


  11. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the delicious steak beforehand, washed down with copious amounts of red, in Rosso and Nero Italian along Darlington Street.

    Great journey home with 2 hours of 60’s music from Dusty, Small Faces, Ben E King, Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, Traffic, Move et al and a sing song.

    The bit in between – ah yes the football match. Disappointing? Of course! Nobody likes conceding a goal with barely 15 seconds on the clock but its no more than Norwich deserved.

    Once we raced into a two goal lead and inexplicably sat back and invited trouble Norwich were the better team – especially in the second half when they not only nullified our midfield and cut out the wing back route but had most of the game. I find it staggering Norwich are in mid table; surely they will be there or thereabouts next term.

    The game had similarities to QPR except Norwich looked a far more polished team than the Peaky Blinders outfit but hey as BW has pointed out, back in August we could only dream of being in this position as the Winter turns into Spring.

    We are witnessing what could be the start of a wonderful chapter in the illustrious history of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club and there are bound to be a few “set back” along the way – that’s football.

    At the final whistle I would like to think the jeers from a few in the Billy Quiet were aimed at the officials who were dreadful. However if these jeers were aimed at the players/manager then you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.



    • Marney says:

      Great post as always bog , well said regarding the jeers too , incidentally next time I’m in blighty I shall be consulting you regarding all the best nosheries in and around football grounds , are you a gold thingy on trip advisor!!


      • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

        More than happy to meet up Marney although I am far from an expert on nosheries at football stadiums.
        When you are next in good old Blighty give me a call with pleasure.
        My number is 07792 – 260228.
        Incidentally where do you currently reside?


        • Marney says:

          Cheers old gold , I’m in Perth west Australia and have been for over 27 years so don’t get back too often, although when we start competing with the top 6 next year the pull will get greater , will share a beer with you then


  12. Ferris says:

    Everything mentioned in this write up is absolutely spot on. I was baffled at the start of the 2nd half when I saw the changes to personnel and shape. Wolves never recovered from Nunos half time error and we paid the price for it. If Costa needed to go off he should have brought Bonatini on, then we could have kept caviliero on and not played whatever formation we ended up in. Back to what we’ve built our success on this season Saturday I think with Leo back up front, we’ll miss Neves though.


  13. Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portugeuse y'know) says:

    To the CRETINS near me who were berating Ruddy at the end and calling him useless please feel free to go forth and multiply or whatever else pathetic scum like you do for pleasure but definitely don’t come back to Molineux or dare call yourselves Wolves supporters because you are not.

    To the BRAIN-DEAD MORONS near me who decided to jeer and boo the team at the final whistle please take your rightful place alongside the CRETINS (see above).

    To the abject apology for a referee I only have three (polite) words – appalling, atrocious, disgraceful. How you have the nerve to even call yourself a referee is beyond me.

    To anyone stupid enough to doubt our quality, our players, our manager or our promotion/title winning credentials – “ooh, it’s 2002 all over again isn’t it?” – your good mates the cretins and the brain-dead morons are waiting for you. Or perhaps you could become a Championship ‘referee’.

    There. I feel better now!



    • Bedders,
      I hope you feel better.
      But I have to agree wholeheartedly.
      I don’t understand what some so called fans want? We are the best team in this league by a country mile.
      We have the best players throughout the team & a bench that’s capable of playing in the Prem let alone our starting 11
      We have the backing of one of the worlds largest conglomerate & they’ve invested in the Very Best Manager I’ve seen in 40 + years
      I agree with most bloggers that the subs weren’t as expected but hey fekin hoo.
      We’re now closer to the Prem after one less game & still a 13 point gap to third.

      It’s about time we reassessed what this season is about.

      Fekin Wolves Ay We


  14. In both of the last two home games, Nuno appears to got his tactical changes and his substitutions very wrong. Defending deeply, and hading the initiative to the opposition, when playing at home in front of near capacity crowds is surely not the way. In bot cases, teams of lesser quality than us were given an unnecessary life line back into games they must have thought they has lost.

    And why do we keep on taking off Cav so early in games ? The guy always carries a potency, and an ability to do the unexpected which can cause devastation to any opposing defence, and his work rate is now outstanding.

    As for Afobe, it is now very evident just why Eddie Howe was so anxious to offload him permanently. He offers absolutely nothing for our side. Leo holds the ball up. He brings others around him into the game. The very attributes that we so urgently needed last night. In my view it is a big mistake to leave him on the bench.


  15. Marney says:

    Not lucky enough to have been at the game but as the dust settles, I’d be interested in knowing how most people feel Gibbs white is going ! Personally I’d like to see him get five or six games before the end of the season whilst we are in such a strong position as next year will be much harder in the premier, Norwich are reaping the rewards now with sessonong ( sorry , can’t spell ) and he isn’t 19 yet which is hard to believe


  16. Marney says:

    That should be Fulham sessenong ( still can’t spell) of course


  17. Larry Talbot says:

    I had a quick look at what I posted last night when I was bloody livid at losing a two goal, cruise control match where we flipped the record over and turned into our team of yore.

    On the positive side, I reckon Nuno is shrewd enough NEVER to make the same changes to the team that he did last night.

    On the not so positive side and which I get no pleasure from, are the dismal, cumbersome performances of Afobe. Now I know I said plenty of times that I didn’t want him back (if he can’t get in the Bournemouth team…etc) but how in the name of God is he getting in the side befoe Leo? I mean, it beggars belief!

    Last night’s game was made for Bonnatini to link between Jota and Cav after Costa was withdrawn. With afobe lumbering around we just got deeper and deeper like a frikkin Mark Mcgee team until the inevitable happened.

    And I’m still pissed off about it!

    So, let’s put this down to experience, eh? One thing I am looking forward to, is if Gibbs White can step into the boots of Ruby Neves. I expect some will say “but he’s only a kid”…to which I can only point out; he’s a kid with a World Cup! And he’s confident and easy on the eye. Sometimes a problem foisted upon the team can reap unexpected dividends!

    Right, that’s me done….I’m still bloody annoyed though..

    Oh, one last thing, anybody who feels the need to boo the team off when they’re top of the league, I suggest you attend matches at the poorthorns in future, where you’ll never have to bother.



    • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

      Agree on all your points Larry particularly Afobe/Leo – a no brainer for me, but Nuno obviously sees it differently, so what do I know?

      i think its a big ask for Morgan to step into Ruben’s boots, but the kid has got definite promise – can twist turn, pick a pass and bring others into play – he needs to have a pop when the chance arrives, but his potential is far higher than that of Bright (sorry, Stu!), who has had quite a few chances under Nuno and imo has yet to deliver.

      I’m also still annoyed at how we surrendered the initiative after the subs were made, particularly Cav being hooked once Helda had left the field – maybe they both had a knock?

      I too had to put up with some loud mouth behind me in the South Bank SL5, who spent the whole game slagging off our lads even when we were 2 nil up and playing some great stuff – the offer of attendance at Sandwell is most welcome for that particular gentleman!

      Onwards and upwards to The Cottage on Saturday tea time!



      • StuWolf says:

        I’m a huge Conor Ronan fan, not a fan of Bright.

        Not me Govenor not guilty.

        On the way out Jen de Wolf heard some numpty sayin, “that’s it my dad says he’s never coming again” FFS what does he usually watch?


        • Wokingham Welsh Wolf says:

          Hi Stu how could I have forgotten that you love young Conor to bits- so do I. Fingers crossed that his loan spell goes well! He like Morgan has enormous potential. Don’t know why I thought that you are a Bright fan!
          Keep the faith buddy.


  18. Clive from Houston says:

    I paid my fiver, and then didn’t watch the game coz I was building my kitchen, finally!

    So two points not gained.
    Not two points dropped, we are still one point better off, and another game crossed off the wall, than we were on Wednesday morning.
    STILL thirteen points clear of third place.
    Who’d a thunk it in August?
    Not me, I was too fuckin’ busy swimming in my house!!

    My over riding question is what mid field line up will start since Neves is having a two game holiday?

    Ruddy made a mistake.
    Big deal.
    Reminds me of the very old (Bedders age) joke about Jesus coming upon a stoning, and him asking who amongst you has not made mistakes and are perfect, cast the first stone, and this old woman proceeds to chuck rocks at the hapless victim.
    J.C. says ” sometimes, Mother I just hate you”!

    Get over yourselves, last season we would have lost our last two games easily.

    This time last year we were still worried about relegation, and now we are worried that we might not finish as Champions.
    Which is better?
    Jeez, that’s a difficult one!
    We knew it was going to be a roller coaster ride, but I ain’t never not seen a roller coaster with so few down sides!!
    Watch out Fool ’em, we’re coming fer you!



  19. Old and Wise (JHP) says:

    I reckon Afobe’s signing was the work of Thelwell, in response to the general call for an alternative striker, and he was rather foisted on Nuno, who’s now expected to give him a run out to the detriment of the whole team. We would have done better to stick with Bonatini, and no worse even with Bright or Mir. Afobe’s goals were scored in a trio of Dicko and Sako, against lesser opposition.
    I doubt if he’ll ever be capable of running with our flair players, although I assume that they’re trying to find a way of working together in training. We’re a different kind of team now, better attacking with that flexible interchange of quick one two passing and movement.
    And yes, being so many points ahead, and aware of their superior talents, I think some of our players have inevitably become a bit complacent.
    Wake up call time, lets see a big improvement on Saturday.


    • There were plenty of fans calling for the return of Benik, before he arrived back at the Mol. Of which I wasn’t one, I might add. But I don’t think he’s had enough time to say conclusively he ain’t up to it, and it seems a bit presumptuous to say it’s all Thelwell’s fault just ’cause he doesn’t seem to be working out yet. Give a dog a bad name.
      I also don’t think NES will be told who he should play, just for political reasons. Promotion is the number 1 priority and Fosun won’t allow anything to stand in the way of that. Least of all, the reputation of a player or other member of staff.
      Having said that, I think Leo is twice the player in the system we employ.


    • kiwiwolf says:

      Afobe is a fish out of the water, there is no way he will ever fit in to the current style of play. Players like him rely entirely on being fed by the likes of Jota, Costa and Cavaleiro but to get him on the field we have to pull one of them off which virtually stifles our style. He is unable to offer anything other than goals and they are never going to come. As for allowing him time on the pitch, who do you leave out and can we afford to do that, on the evidence of this game NO.

      I wish I had the confidence of others on the forum, our form at present is not good, too many errors on and off the field for my liking. I would rather we progressed on our own performances than benefit from other teams failings.


  20. Last second goal was hard to swallow, but it was coming because we didn’t convert a couple of good chances & sat back 2nd half.

    In the Billy Wright there were boos but they were squarely aimed at the officials.

    I thought Morgan Gibbs-White had a good shout for a penalty as surely the Norwich defender handled the ball deliberately when he was on the deck?

    The England World Cup hero looks a real player. But think his best position is just behind a front two, similar to where the excellent James Madison played for them. He’s ex Coventry City, shame we didn’t spot him before Norwich.

    Neves’s booking is a blow & Saiss is also 1 off a 2 match ban I think. So maybe Morgan Gibbs White will get his chance sooner rather than later.

    No need to panic just as yet, but last nights result did fill me with angst. It’s still all to be done & won but how well we’ve done so far on this tough journey. Forget the dying moments of last night now & win the next 13, with aplomb & style & keep Cavaleiro & Costa on for longer.


  21. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    Not long back after a great time in Wolverhampton as always. Firstly, and apologies for the expletives but if you booed at the final whistle last night (and there were a fair few as we heard you from the top tier of The Steve Bull) then fuck off ! When visiting fans sing “where were you when you were shit” it is aimed at the likes of YOU. True fans don’t boo their own team. I remember Notts County away in League 1, the twat next to me was slating Jake Cassidy so I lost it with him. Okay, Jake wasn’t the greatest player to don the old gold and black but he was trying and he was a Wolves player – end of. And take your sad little minds back to this time last year, Wigan at home on the 14th of February – were you there ? No, thought not, I was, we lost 1-0 in front of just 17,000 and dropped down to 18th in the table – just 6 points above relegation, one of the worst games I have ever seen (and I have seen a few) but did I boo, oh no.
    These lads are something else. I think the trouble is, and I am guilty of it, is the fact that we have been SO good this season that we just expect to win every single game by 3 or 4 and when we don’t it is a bit of a shock to the system. We will win this League by a country mile, whatever that means and I am proud to say that Newark Wolves will be on the rollercoaster all the way. Look forward to seeing the glory seeking boo boys at Anfield, Old Trafford, The Etihad, The Emirates, Stamford Bridge et al , can’t think that you were at Rochdale, Aldershot, Torquay, Tranmere, Exeter, Lincoln etc in the 80’s but hey, you just keep booing when we don’t win.
    Rant over, a great meal in The Sunbeam, then braved the NBB. It was rammed but Witley Wanderer kept his promise and sorted me a drink, top bloke and it was good to see you again mate. Didn’t see any other bloggers unfortunately. Post match had a very enjoyable time in the hotel bar with ExiledWolf and Barbara, our Norwich supporting friends from Newark and my lovely wife. Upwards and onwards because this IS the year and I love everything that is Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.



      Newark. I wasn’t gonna say anything but being as you brought it up. I posted on here a few weeks back about the glory hunters. Not aimed at anyone in particular. I said they are the first to boo and moan. The first to fuck off. I too thought just as you did. If this fixture had been this time last year there would have been 17000 there. The extra 12000 seem to get swept away by the glamour. The wins. The stylish play. Fine but don’t expect to win every game 5-0.Not gonna happen. Sometimes you just have to scrap it out. Take what you can. I bet a load of those who got tickets for Villa away never went to an away game last year when we were shit. I take your point Newark. I too never boo the team. No matter what division or how crap we are.


  22. Twixfix says:

    A message to all of the doom and gloom merchants ..

    STOP .. LOOK .. AND LISTEN…… and I’m not referring to the green cross code

    STOP … clinically dissecting the coaching staff’s decisions if they don’t always work. Hindsight is too easy a trap to fall into…. Nuno is a better coach and manager than we’ve had in the past 40 years….. for sure true there will be reasons for actions but if they seemingly don’t work …. get over it.

    LOOK …. just look at the League Table and ask yourself …. at the beginning of the season where would I like Wolves FC to be….and I bet the answer then is the same answer as of today….!!…. TOP by a country mile..(however that’s measured)

    LISTEN …. can anyone hear Steve Bruce breathing down our necks … NO …. the Vile are that far behind …. all this ‘we’re coming to get you’ stuff is just Bollox, rhetoric.

    Relax …..


  23. spikeyboy says:

    Very very frustrating way to end a game . A speculative one off wallop from 35 yds and the jammy bastards got it in only because ruddy had already taken his gloves off to get in the showers first.
    Nuno is a God to me but I am struggling to understand his thoughts last night.
    Bonatini is badly required in order to restore order.
    This 3 up front thing with jota cav and Costa is ok at the start to scare the crap out the opposition but it isnt working much after the first 45.
    That’s when we need stability so bring on the bon and get back to basics or start with the bon and play the way that has got us most of our points this season then replace cav or jota with Costa when knackered.
    Oh well can’t win them all and at lest we aren’t losing.
    Having a nice gamble on us beating Fulham cause that’s what we do ain’t it.


  24. StuWolf says:

    A win on Saturday night against Flum of whatever score (it matters not) and we shall be 12 points clear of the league. This will put pressure on Cardiff who will be playing Brizzle one of their close neighbours and not too shabby a side.

    If you read the report of Cardiff’s game last night then you will agree they have been a tad lucky to be sitting with all 3 points from last night, grim, dull dreary are words Iv’e seen printed of their game and the goal was described as a scrappy goal in an equally scrappy game.

    So let’s get back to the game in hand on Saturday restore the points tally and get ready for “the next game Nuno”

    Spare a thought for poor old Jack Price, he left chilly Shrewsbury and traded it for the warmth of the USA, played last night for Colorado Rapids in -16*C.


  25. RickRack (keep the faith) Wolves says:

    A couple of thoughts going forward.
    We can’t win every game.
    We’re currently on 73 points from 33 games = 2.2121 points per game
    We’re STILL the best team playing the best football – check out notes from other teams fans!
    We have 13 games left = 13 x 2.2121 = 28.6 points = target of 73 + 28 = 101 points total
    No Neves for 2 games but Saisse is back.
    MGW had a great cameo & should have had a pen. I was convinced the ref had played advantage to see if would turn into anything before calling back for pen, but nothing. I think he also made the correct decision to take the ball into the corner but he needed support or to launch it into row zz but hey he’ll learn from last night.
    “Ruddy to be dropped” are you fekin joking me!
    I also think Cav & Costa off & Afobe & Siasse on wasn’t the best decision but that’s with fekin hind-site.
    Felt the 12th man was quite by our “normal” standards last night but the away contingent WILL be worth a number if points in the remaining 7 away games.
    So far we bounced back from every little blip, Fulham are a good team but we still have to play Bolton, Blouses, Sunderland & we wont play Citee, Utd, Arsenal or the ‘pool until Aug 2018 so chill your fekin beans.
    92 points should get us to the promised land & that means 19 points from 13 games – I still think we’ll absolutely piss it.
    Cardiff is going to be the proverbial 6 pointer but we ain’t gonna loose any wheels off any wagon & if we get promoted there I reckon it’s be a better away-day than Cardiff on 26th May 2003
    So keep the faith, support like the club like we only need a point to be crowned champions for the remaining games & lets be joyous when the Clog Dancing Colin finally admits we are “the greatest team the world has ever seen”
    So FOwb, naysayers, boo boys & Colin the scrotum faced clogger


  26. sherwood wolf says:

    james maddison best player on pitch by a mile,he ran the game and we coudent get near him, i beleive nuno made half time change to get more numbers in midfield to stifle maddison ,there were times he had 3 players around him yet they coudent stop him,he was pulling players out of position all night,i hop if we go up we try and sign him he would be a major coup for us.
    wolves were far to stand offish all night surrendering possession and as game drew to a close you could sense norwich scoring.
    i woul like to repeat this again where was the twelth man last night ,way too quiet again at mol and those fans that keep leaving 10 mins b4 game ,y bother going you should b staying behind to clap this fine teamoff,to many plastic fans jumping on bandwagon expectin to turn up and waste teams go away we dont need you .



    After 33 games last season Newcastle had 70 points and went on to get 94. Reading finished 3rd on 85 points so 86 points would have been enough. Reading averaged approx 1.85 points per game over the season. Villa in 3rd place now are averaging approx 1.82 points per game so may finish with less than Reading. About 84 points. 86 points could well be enough this year.



    All this disagreement, respect other peoples point of view. ” IT IS O.K. FOR YOU TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE, IT IS NOT O.K. FOR YOU TO INSIST THAT EVERYONE ELSE BELIEVE THE SAME AS YOU”


  29. LedburyLupus says:

    Not had that nervous feeling since last season, knowing something bad is likely going to happen. Still confident of promotion but we’ll only be in the Prem for one season if we play like we did in the second half.
    This is bound to knock Ruddy’s confidence, he will need plenty of support on Saturday.
    Just my opinion, there are no Fan Standards; you don’t have to go to every match, you can cheer or you can boo; seeing people is so much better than viewing empty seats


  30. sevlow says:

    That was hard to take. It did feel like a kick in the royal jewels. However painful it was I will recover.

    I mean, when will I every get the chance again to be on a hat-rick of correct predictions?


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