Back in the pack

In the pantheon of great contemporary Wolves strikers, Benik Afobe would certainly rank in my top three.

If you discount the godlike Steve Bull on the grounds that this is for mere-mortals, Benik would probably sit between Dean Sturridge and Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, with Steven Fletcher somewhere further behind.

The methodology used here was simple: When presented with a chance, you just knew that these players would score. Pound for pound, Sturridge was arguably the most unerring.

That tantalising air of inevitability – be it sidefoot, dink, lob or laces – seemed to envelop these players in a golden hue where it mattered most, where all others would fail to convince. For once, a YouTube montage would probably do justice.

With all this in mind, having Benik Afobe back in a Wolves shirt can only be a fantastic bit of business and one worth stopping up until midnight to savour with the insufferable Jim White.

Just like when Benik would be played through on goal, I just sensed that the Sky Sports reporter down at Bournemouth would utter the words that we’ve all been waiting for – and so it proved in a brief moment to encapsulate a season.

The success our new no19 enjoyed in Jackett’s 4-2-3-1 system will surely stand a chance of being trumped by an even greater yield when operating in Nuno’s 3-4-3, as he’ll function at the very fulcrum of the formation, in way more meaningful areas of the pitch. At times during his first stint, I felt that an obvious goalscoring talent was slightly peripheral as he worked in a less threatening role behind Dicko, making his fantastic goal return ever more impressive. (By the end of that 78pt season, I actually felt Kenny should have played in tandem in a 4-4-2 in a bingo-or-bollocks assault, but I digress).

Shorn of Sako, van la Parra and Dicko for his second season, it was a wonder he scored 10 goals, with a dark cloud hanging over his exit.

For the here and now, I can’t see how Afobe can’t be a success if the likes of Jota, Cavaleiro, Costa and co stay fit. In fact, he should absolutely feast on the service, on the presumption that he’s still the same player we remember so fondly before he left.

But back to his initial exit before we all check that YouTube montage and salivate over the weekend…

…Am I alone in feeling like Afobe deserves a chance to set the record straight, having incurred the wrath of Moxey and Thelwell when leaving? Ok, so Fosun have righted a lot of wrongs since the asset-stripping regime of Morgan, but does this vindicate their attempts to rewrite history?

Like Matt Jarvis and even Robbie Keane before him, Jez Moxey was all too quick to paint a picture of a mercenary money-grabber to create a narrative to pacify the masses.

Speaking to an apathetic fans’ parliament, which I distinctly remember with bitterness, Thelwell said: “Benik was no longer trying to play for us. That was undermining everything we were trying to achieve.”

Afobe responded: “I wasn’t going to comment but this is too shocking and very hurtful. I did my best.”

Most will say it’s water under the bridge and lap up Benik’s second debut on Saturday. But before we all sing his name, a chance to have his say is just the right and proper thing to do, is it not?

Irrespective, I welcome him back with open arms in a deal that can only be seen as a win-win for all concerned.


  1. Thomas says:

    Glad he’s back. Never blamed him for leaving. Lets get on with the job in hand.

    Good post mate. Agreed, he is up there in the ‘I know he’ll score’ stakes. Missed a few too of course, but always puts himself in there.

    If he was putting in anything less than full commitment prior to his departure (only he will ever know if this is true, everything else is hearsay) and netted 10 goals in half a season, that bodes well for what’s to come.

    Ultimately, the club failed to build after that first half season when he excelled. The owner lost ambition to do anything and the scant money invested was squandered. When you’ve then got a great Championship player at an average Championship club, there’s one inevitable conclusion.

    Regardless of his form at Bournemouth, this is a coup for Wolves and another big show of intent from the owners.

    Onwards and upwards.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      10 goals in half a season when he was reliant on James Henry and Dave Edwards to create chances for him! Imagine what he might do with Neves and Jota pulling the strings.


      • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

        And now we have strikers which can come in from the bench and change matches – not only wingers. Important.


  2. theDOOGooder says:

    I think that this is a brilliant coup for Wolves, and all power to the negotiator’s elbow (whoever he/she/it/them were) for not blinking when Bournemouth tried to call our bluff.

    How many cliches can you get into one sentence?

    We all know that Afobe is a top goal scorer at this level.

    Just looking back at some of his goals on Youtube and I think he will work really well with passers of the ability of Neves & Co. who can ping a 30 yard ball over the top of a defence for him to run on to, and crossers like Douglas who can drop a ball on to his head with pinpoint accuracy.

    And we got him with a minimal outlay and the OPTION to buy at the end of the season.

    What we have lacked this season is a striker with blinding pace and Benik can certainly provide that.

    If things don’t work out, we’re not saddled with a £10m bill.

    If they do, he’ll be worth every penny.

    Well done Jeff Shi and Nuno!


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      At the end of the day when all’s said and done in my humble opinion actions always speak louder than words. Proves the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the hill but you can’t please everyone and whilst love is blind it’s better to be safe than sorry and anyway as I always say – there’s no time like the present.


      • Clive from Houston says:

        And you should never look two glass gift horses in the bush, while throwing glass stones at windmills.


  3. StuWolf says:
  4. theDOOGooder says:

    By the way Ben, I’m totally in agreement with your summing up of the statements from Thelwell and, particularly, Moxey (God, it gives me a pain in the arse just to type his name).

    Their comments on any player leaving of their own volition should be taken with several thousand pinches of salt.


    • Yes Doog. I shudder thinking back to the old regime. I think I should probably let it lie for the sake of my sanity, but there was a lot of ‘fake news’ pedalled back then, that seemed to go unchallenged. I can think of a lot more, including Robbie Keane being too obsessed by money to resign for us, opting for Celtic on loan instead. It prompted Keane to say that Moxey had never picked up the phone.
      I could go on…Jesus! Enjoy it Smallman, let it go!!!!


      • Brompton Wolf says:

        I have to chuckle when I look back. What we had to put up with, in fact what we did put up with, is beyond belief really.

        I have never, ever felt so good about our club and I have been supporting them since 1969.


  5. The thing is when Benik arrived from Arsenal he was promised the world and given an AA atlas. We will build a team around you blar…….blar…….blar.

    How many Wolves signing over the Morgan years were sold the dream only to endure the nightmare along with the rest of us.

    Towards the end yes his body language suggested he didn’t want to play for us, BUT look abit deeper and you’ ll find a player who has watch as the best players around him were sold Sako but to mention one and being play as a lone striker with no one ounce of support and service he will get this time around and yeah probably a thought of why bother I cannot do it all on my own and anyway I’m next to be flogged .

    He back he’s got a point to prove not just to Wolves but Bournmouth as well he still only 24 to me it’s excellent business by Wolve who were magnicent in there stance with Bournmouth…………..Welcome back Benny…!


  6. Excellent piece of business for Wolves. We urgently needed support up front, and we now have it in the form of a striker well proven at this level.


  7. chilts1 says:

    I’m 50/50 about Afobe coming back – do we really need him, what must Mir be thinking – 1st plane back to Valencia ? I still remember how he forced his move away from Molineux – left a sour taste. – so hope he dosen’t rock the boat in any shape or form.
    Obviously its good business from Wolves point of view, a loan deal with no permanent offer attached, as far Benik is concerned he’s got it all to do – hit the ground running and score goals from the off to earn a permanent deal.
    I’ll give him the benefit of doubt, as loved him to bits before the big sulk got him his move away..
    Let’s see


    • I think that Afobe was on the end of a very poor deal first time around. He came here on the basis of being persuaded by Morgan and Moxey that this was club ambitiously seeking promotion. In his first half of a season Benik came up with the goods — goals galore, perhaps in excess of anything that was expected.

      Then came the second season. Sako was gone, and – surprise surprise — Moxey`s promise of quality replacements proved nothing more than usual. Empty. It immediately became clear that Morgan and Moxey had no serious intent to invest in the team, but rather they were content to increase their respective piles, happy to leave the team muddling around in the middle of the table. Are we to believe that ALF was an adequate replacement for Sako ?. In my view Benik`s disenchantment sprang entirely from the fact that he had been lied to. He did not fall out with Wolves or their fans: he simply did not want to play for Morgan and Moxey. And who can blame him.

      Now he is back, but this time surrounded by quality players and within a club seriously bent on promotion, just as a first step Let`s all get right behind him. I for one believe that his signing will prove to be a very astute move


  8. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    Only one way to prove the doubters wrong and that is to do the business on the pitch. I for one can’t wait to see him in a Wolves shirt again. This could be the final piece in our promotion jigsaw.
    Onwards and upwards because this IS the year.


  9. StuWolf says:

    We will never find out the true chain of events, some people in life can admit they’re wrong, apologise and move on, others can bluff it out, hurt the feelings of others and just carry on as if nothing has happened.

    Afobe will have to prove himself in front of bigger crowds now, but, his task has been made all that easier now as he’s not recieving balls from players who hoof and hope. These new colleagues of his can Kenny Hibbett a ball from 100 metres away right to his feet, they can jink a ball into spaces like Dave Wagstaffe and make runs to draw players off him like Andy Mutch.

    I was never a fan of his after his departure, but he is back in the Old Gold & Black so he’s one of ours and I shall get behind him, I watch events unfold last night and I was genuinely excited at the prospect, because lets be fair, without shelling out bucket loads of Wonga, who else was better.

    I have to agree, what a Coup. What a shocker for the rest of the Chumpionship, those thugs down in Cardiff won’t be able to catch him, let alone kick him. Fans of other clubs are on various sites saying, “best deal of rhe day in our league and we are certs for promotion”.

    Scarey, just got a little bit scarier.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Young, impatient players will almost always choose premier, especially if promotion isn’t very likely. Now he’s back having tasted the terrible style of Bournemouth’s football. With Afobe getting more support from wingers and midfield, I think we’ll end up scoring more goals in the second part of the campaign than the first.


  10. Bedford Wolf says:

    Fantastic. Brilliant. Over the moon Jim.

    Can’t wait to see Benny play for us again. What was it before? 23 goals in 48 games? This time he’s got 17 games so that should mean about 8 goals but I’d back him to get double figures.

    Still sticking with 3rd April as PC Day (promotion/champions) but can now see us winning the league by at least 16 points and maybe even 20.

    So happy this morning when I heard the news. On cloud 9.

    Oh Benik Afobe, Oh Benik Afobe.

    Did I mention that I am delighted and deliriously happy about this signing?



  11. DancesWithWolves says:

    The Return of the Prodigal Son? The Incredible Sulk? Or a master-stroke?

    You’re not alone Ben. I fully agree with your brilliant summary. For a player who allegedly didn’t want to play for us, he did bloody well for us! And this time round he will have superb on-pitch service. When Afobe joined us half-way through a season our points ratio for the remainder of the season was automatic promotion level. We no longer have Sako or Dicko to partner with him, but we have better.

    Afobe was found wanting at PL level but we know he’s lethal in the championship. He will help fire us over the line to the PL. And, guess what, with Nuno’s amazing coaching skills, Afobe may yet become as good in the PL. What a prize that will be for us, with the option to buy, presumably at about £10mil.

    There’s as much in this for Afobe as there is for us. This is his big chance to prove he is a contender.

    Time to draw a line under the past and give a free pardon or whatever, wipe the slate clean, and watch the goals go in..


    • Well put dances……the past is the past lets look forward……….omg where has all this positivity come from this is not like me…….ah I know it’s come from St Nuno patron saint of long suffering Wolves fans….Hal lay Ullya praise The Lord………!


      • DancesWithWolves says:

        Couldn’t agree more Paul obviously.

        I have a feeling, in Wolves terms, that we’re on the brink of a serious return to top flight safety and respectability. Beyond that, who knows? Fosun have the means and the connections to take us further. They will cross that bridge when they come to it. In the meantime I’m basking in the limelight with mates who support the usual top six suspects, asking me about some of our players, and telling me how impressed they are.


  12. Clive from Houston says:

    I would love to be on here, in May, eating a big dose of humble pie and scraping the egg off me face.
    Time will tell.
    I need a lot of convincing, and it will be interesting to see if he gets picked on Saturday, how match fit he is, and if he hits the ground running.
    We cannot afford him not to be ready, and any hesitation cannot be tolerated, we are down to the wire, and if he’s wanting to be a big part of our Prem gravy train, he needs to be on board immediately.



  13. Sea Pigeon says:

    Back up for Leo etc that’s all. Yes he can do a job in the championship but he’s certainly not lightening quick like some are suggesting. Goodbye in the summer I think.


    • robin says:

      I am with the doubters here.
      Yes, back up for Leo primarily.
      However am not convinced about his attitude.
      Anyway, actions speak louder than words, & hope he scores a hatful!


  14. Benik did appear, to me, to lose interest as his time here drew to a close. I put it down at the time to getting too big for his boots and wanting to play in the Premier League. It’s true, however, that all our best at the time were being moved on and investment in the team was non-existent. Support on the pitch for Benik was non-existent too and he seemed to cut a forlorn and lonely figure up front, chasing hit and hope balls from deep which gave him little chance.
    However, his Premier League dream turned sour and more often than not he’s warmed his bum on the bench, or even in the dressing room, rather than displayed his skills on the pitch. So he returns to the fold with a massive point to prove to the football world and much to gain from persuading us to take the permanent plunge in the summer. From Stu’s video above, he seems genuinely pleased to be back and I agree that when integrated into our current team, he could prove devastating.
    So, despite a few misgivings regarding ‘you should never go back’ and ‘he can’t cut it in the Prem’, I am overall glad he’s come ‘home’ and shall watch his progress and performances with great excitement and anticipation. There’s no doubt he has it within to make a massive impression.


  15. Paul Timmis says:

    I wasn’t that excited when a return for Benik was first rumoured but when I woke to the news this morning, I found myself grinning inanely and feeling very excited indeed. You can see in the interview with him on Wolves TV how thrilled he is to be back and I’m delighted to see how much it clearly means to him.
    His first season with Sako and Dicko was a joy to behold. When Sako left and Dicko got injured, the joy departed for all of us. I think Benik had been sold a dream and, like the rest of us, struggled to accept the reality brought about by the lack of ambition that surrounded the club then. I wasn’t thrilled with him at the time but I can understand how disheartening it must’ve been for him.

    By the time he left he was struggling for confidence, form and goals. That was the Afobe that Bournemouth got – and not giving him any kind of run in the side hasn’t helped him. I still believe he can be a Premier League player. I also believe that the players we now have will give him the service to get him up and running very quickly. But he doesn’t need to try too hard – he needs to return to being the instinctive finisher of his early days with us. So stick with him everyone and, if the first chance doesn’t go in, don’t groan too loudly – just chant his name.


  16. Mark G Davies says:

    At the City ground couple of seasons ago or so, on the half way line, Afobe turned the centre half leaving him for dead, sprinted into the penalty area, and side footed passed the Forest keeper. This guy is a real natural goal scorer, and we have no-one currently with the physicality and pace to do that right now.
    Any striker worth his salt would pray for service from Cavaleiro, Costa, Neves and many on this blog were clamering for Bonatini to be signed up when he was scoring for fun. We`ve got away with being very light on strikers, and we aren`t scoring the goals that we managed earlier this season. The goals were coming due to our wingers, and frankly for me Bonatini isn`t good enough and won`t get signed even if we go to the prem.
    Maybe Afobe won`t get signed either at the end of the loan period, but the rest of this division must be really pissed with this deal, its filled a position we have been clamouring for since pre-season, so everything to gain and nothing to lose.


  17. sevlow says:

    I was critical of Afobe on his departure like a lot of people were. I hope he can do a job for us.
    After all, some people deserve a second chance.

    I hope he takes it and shows me that I was wrong.


  18. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Well pleased he is back, proper goal scorer what we have been crying out for not link up play but goal scorer, u can just thread a ball through and he will probably finish it
    It’s win win for us if he performs for us we might buy him of not get someone else in simple really, buy I have a feeling he will bulldoz defenders up until may ?


  19. Marney says:

    Great bit of business, he’s had a couple of years rest and recreation on the Saaf coast at a little seaside club and is now ready to realise his potential at a proper club , I think he’s chomping at the bit and will be a huge asset with a big smile on his face , hope he is on the bench Saturday as it’s on live ,
    Get on it Benny


  20. Marney says:

    I am a tad concerned about Doherty getting injured though, is there a emergency loan thingy still! Or maybe Nuno will switch Douglas and bring In Vinagre ? I thought Marshall could have been decent cover there but what do I know ?


  21. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    Like most of us I don’t know what really happened when Benik left us. His body language was n’t great at times but he was a young man and saw those players he’d combined with so well sold or injured so it’s no surprise he was fed up. OK maybe he could have stuck it out but how many of us offered a chance to perform in the world’s best league wouldn’t have taken it. ,

    It didn’t go well for him but now he’s back in the Wolves family. So let’s give him love and the chance to do well for us and himself.





  23. The Cullis Dome says:

    A nice historical parallel which I hope will appeal to Texan Clive!

    You were there in ’67…..we were riding high in the old 2nd Division and with something like 11 games to go good old Ronnie Allen signs a striker freighted with no little baggage despite his undoubted gifts, from top flight Leicester. Yes, the Doog, of course, and what an impact he made, a hat trick in his first home game, then that great equaliser at Millwall, for which he was kicked on the shin by one of their hooligans. Naturally we went up and so began a resurgence which saw us win the League Cup twice and make the UEFA Cup final.

    Let’s hope Benik will take his cue from the Doog. I saw Benik’s first game for Wolves when he was gifted his first goal. Wouldn’t mind seeing a hat trick from him on Saturday. I think he’ll relish Nuno’s man-management. There’s a good bit of evidence to suggest that Kenny could be punitive when he took against a player. And no doubt Benik was demoralised at the end.

    Welcome home, Benik!


    • Clive from Houston says:

      The comparison isn’t quite fair, coz Doog was not returning, just finding his final football home.

      I agree it will be wonderful if Afobe gets a hat trick on Saturday, pity it’s not Hull, as with The Doog.


  24. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    This is ‘win win’ for Wolves whichever way you look at it. Likewise for Afobe as he needs to sell himself to Wolves and any other suitors that may come calling. It might take a couple of weeks for him to get up to speed.

    I do have some sympathy for him as regards what went on with him previously and I remember commenting on this site that he was left to plough a lonely furrow upfront. I also remember Barbara turning round to me during one game and saying the only two decent players on show were Afobe and Dicko.


  25. Old and Wise (JHP) says:

    I wasn’t too fussed whether we signed anyone in the window, but actually delighted when the news came through. And with his exit being understandable in the circumstances, he did score a few for Bournemouth. and will certainly be keen to prove himself back at the Mol.
    And he’ll have greatly increased his wages in the process.
    Our lack of goals was beginning to be a worry, so ‘Welcome back to the pack, Benik’.


  26. basherbaz says:

    We cannot lose really and Benik has a great chance to get back playing in the Prem
    Different styles suit different players and with Jota/costa/cavaleiro/neves etc etc if he retains his ability he should not fail to be a success.
    Who is deciding all this on player recruitment ? because whoever it is they are very very clever IMO is it Shi, Nuno, doubt its Thelwell – Fosun Thanks again what a time to be a Wolves supporter.


  27. Brompton Wolf says:

    Got to be better than what we used to buy before Fosun


  28. Is he going to be able to play right away? Will he need a few weeks to learn Nuno’s ideas?
    Does he hold up the ball well, like Bonatini?
    Certainly wouldn’t hurt to put him in late in the game if we are behind, at least as a start.
    One of the other loanies is probably going to be dropped from the game day team and I wonder if it is going to be Leo.
    Anyway, hopefully he will be more clinical in front of the net.


    • Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson says:

      Good question. Bonatini doesn’t play as deep as Afobe did, and it will be interesting to see if he plays the same role in the same way, or if he falls deeper. Afobe played both as a 9 and a 10, but I think he liked to be involved pretty deep in both roles, if I remember right. And would he be allowed to by the coach? Some coaches have a more strict mindset than others when it comes to roles in their tactics.


      • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portugeuse y'know) says:

        When Afobe was with us before we played the 4231 system loved by Jackett. In that system there was a ‘number 10’ role to fill. Afobe tended to play there when both he and Dicko played together. However Nuno plays a set 343 which doesn’t have that role so Afobe will have to be the central one of the front 3 or nothing I would have thought.


    • I can’t see Benik and Leo being on the pitch together.
      Does the 5 loanees rule apply to the eleven on the pitch, or the matchday squad?


      • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portugeuse y'know) says:

        You are allowed 8 loanees but can only have 5 on the pitch at a time I believe.


  29. I am happy he is back for the rest of the season .He failed in the PL and not convinced he is good enough in that league so unless he proves exceptional in the remaining games I would not take him permanently and try to fine a bette option for the PL next year .


  30. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    A number of us missed that goal at the City Ground – ain’t that right Bedford Wolf?
    Sitting in the Forest End after a sumptuous meal some of us consumed 6 yes 6 brandies at half time (I still have the bill somewhere).
    Others supped wine and beer – the alcohol bill came to £139.00. Yes folks £139.00.
    We were rat arsed and appeared 2 minutes after half time whereupon a Forest supporter remarked “you must be happy”. What? How? When? If?
    Afobe had scored and we all missed it!!!
    Because we were PISSED!
    I won’t dwell on the matter but after the match…,bloody hell


    • Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

      Getting pissed in The Castle Club at Forest ? Disgraceful 🙂


      • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

        We were all parked in the Legends Lounge or it could have been the Robin Hood Lounge Ian – can’t quite recall – it is to the right as you peer from the Castle Club. BW and I were absolutely bladdered – and I mean bladdered. As was my nephew who had consumed AT LEAST two bottles of wine plus pint after pint after pint – until he virtually passed out after the game. Nothing to be proud at all of but oh boy what a day out


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      Pished? Me? What do you mean occifer? Hic.

      Almost as bad as that time we played Aldershot in the League Cup the day the new Stan Cullis Stand was opened and we went in the WV1 bar. Only one of us (me) made it back to their seat for the start of the second half to see us take the lead in the 47th minute. The others were still ‘finishing their drinks’. Aldershot scored late on (to equalise) but at the final whistle all my fellow Bedford Wolves stood up to leave and started filing out.They hadn’t realised it was 1-1 and thought we’d lost! Eventually I convinced them and so we stayed to see us win on penalties.


  31. London wolves loyal says:

    I don’t know if Jeff Shi reads any of this stuff , or indeed if any people around him do , but if they do or you do. Mr Shi
    I am a 52 year old life long wolves fan who has spent his lifetime dedicated to supporting wolves , some years back when we were climbing out of the doldrums , club legend John Richards took the position of CE O Even though he had no prior experience, he cared about wolves , so he did as good a job as possible until someone more experienced took the reigns ( he actually did a good job by all accounts ) arbeit for only a short time
    I opened my eyes at 5 this morning, switched on the internet, there was a comment….
    Jeff Shi says ” welcome home Benick Afobe ‘
    I know we havent got Fosun for ever , but you Mr Shi are the best CEO to ever grace Wolves fc




    Whatever happened before happened. He is here now. For 17 games. Let’s get cracking Benik.Plus he is back at a proper football club. Not some tin pot League Two outfit who will undoubtedly return to where they belong given time. Now he can feel the real passion of the Black Country instead of some middle class twats with beards called Tarvin. Rant over. WELCOME BACK BENICK.


  33. DancesWithWolves says:

    I’d love to have seen Moxey’s smarmy face when the Afobe return was announced.


  34. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    Is it me or has the signing of Afobe created a real feel good factor on the blog today ?


    • Jackomac says:

      Word on the street is Morey rang Jeff Shi to check if he was entitled to a portion of the loan fee under the previous sell on clause. Whilst he was on he also checked if he had left half a pork pie and a bottle of vitalis in the bottom drawer of his desk.


      • Jackomac says:

        Of course his real name is Moxey. Morey is the nickname we gave him when I was working in the staff canteen at the Mol.


    • Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portugeuse y'know) says:

      Ian – it’s you.



    • StuWolf says:

      No Ian, it’s definitely you, I’d recognise tnat flag anywhere.


  35. Border Wolf (We’re with you Carl) says:

    I was in 2 minds about the rumours re this deal but when I saw Sky announce it late last night I was sat here grinning.

    We know what Afobe can do at this level, we also know that Nuno has the ability to take a player & bring out the best in them, plus a bit more.

    Afobe seems genuinely pleased to be back & eager to prove himself to the fans. If he pulls on the shirt & gives it his all then what have we got to lose? Good deal for Wolves.

    Onwards & upwards!


  36. kiwiwolf says:

    Like it or not he is here now and we need to get behind him. Our scoring record over the last 12 games is abysmal and at Championship level he has done the business in the past. I personally do not think he is good enough for the Prem and his record at Bournmouth shows that but hopefully he will do the job and help us in the final push for the title.


  37. There are some games where we get chance after chance to score but just can’t.
    I think he would be ideal in those games.


  38. Last time he came to Wolves, Afobe’s value increased x5 in a year. If the same happens again, we would have a 50m pound striker on our books.


    • Bedford Wolf says:

      That’s right. Bought for £2m and sold 12 months later for £10m. And we all know where that £8m profit went don’t we – eh Mr Morgan?


  39. spikeyboy says:

    Top Strikers are a rare and very spoilt extravagance for most clubs .
    The team they play for has beyond any shadow of doubt to pander to their every need regarding pattern and style .
    In a strikers world they are all that matters and their team mates should die to give them the chance to score.
    Few will make their own chances
    BUT if the lucky ones somehow manage to find themselves in the right side who play the right football that suits their style then bingo they shine.
    Benik Afobe is Taylor made for this wolves side s style and quality .
    He is the out and out striker we have been missing regardless of where we are and how many goals we have already scored.
    With him from the start of this campaign we would already be out of sight
    As great as we have been there has always been something you felt was missing and that was someone to be on the end of the multitude of chances we have created.
    He will prove to be the final piece in this amazing jigsaw that Nuno has been putting together
    I for one couldn’t give a flying Shiite about the past it’s now that matters and the rest of this division will be crapping their pants about playing us again
    Long live Jeff Shi long live Nuno


  40. wwwebs says:

    I was sorry to see Afobe go and I’m absolutely delighted he’s back. I don’t quite buy the badge-tapping, all-smiling, home-coming Benik Afobe the Wolves PR team are trying to sell us. To be fair to them it was probably the best they could cobble together in 30 minutes but to (mis)quote him on the official site and in the papers is unhelpful. The quote should be: “Mikey Burrows suggests Benik Afobe has unfinshed business and Benik doesn’t disagree” [44 seconds in… I’m in the majority who are glad to see him back but don’t need my intelligence insulted to suggest that HE is glad to be back so doog knows how that plays to the haters. He left us for the mighty Bournemouth. That they were (technically still are) above us is a travesty we shouldn’t hold against him. Any footballer in his prime should want to play at the highest level they can for as long as possible. He’s back now with his tail between his legs (do me a favour Mikey) but with a point to prove. I believe he’ll score goals for fun in this team and if and when he does none of us will give a shit about a seaside town with varifocal shop windows. It will be like he’s never been away. UTW.


  41. Rick Rack Wolves says:

    In 40 years of watching our beloved Wolves I’d put Benik 2nd in line to the top No 9 I’ve ever seen at the Mol behind SGB
    Whilst I agree he cut a sad figure in the last few games for us, was that because he ‘had to leave’? We’ll never get the truth from Attila the Scouse or The Fat Cuntroller!!!!
    So now he’s back let’s give him a chance & back him & our team to get us back where we belong ASAP
    A couple of observations to consider:
    Under AtS & TFC we were promised “a premier league manager” after Mad Mick was fect off – they gave us Clipboard – liars
    The same pairing sold Benik, Jarvo, Sako & said they would replace with “premier quality” – liars
    Now we have St NUNO of the Waterloo Road, Jeff & Fosun – record signing broken, backing OUR club, manager & fans
    Providing Free Transport to away games – every thing they say, they do – & we,re once again proud to be part of the WWFC Family
    Last point – Given a choice – Benik Afobe or Danielle Stumpage – answers on a postcode, letter, text or blog
    Fekin proper Wolves At We


    • Clive from Houston says:

      There is only one reason to remotely consider Sturridge, and that would be to let our medical staff practise on him.
      To date they have done a wonderful job of keeping our squad pretty much fully fit all season, so Sturridge would be a huge challenge for them!!


      • Clive,
        Another reason to thank Fosun, Jeff & the new management for tearing the whole of the back staff book up & starting again.
        When was the last time we had such a injury free squad?
        That IMO is down to the skill of the players but also the fitness coaches & medical staff.
        Fekin Wolves Ay We


  42. Steve showcase says:

    Late on parade..
    Well I harped on about him coming back continuously I thought that he was a Wolves piece of silver … I understood that Morgan thought he undersold the club and therefor grabbed most of the £10M back as a top up..

    He must of been contracted not to comment as part of the deal hence the full story isn’t out but it was plain to me that
    he was Wolves through and through ..indeed his reaction to being back says it all..

    His Bournmouth experience was pretty crap
    He looked a fraction of the player we sold and I’m betting that because he needs feeding we will see the goals coming in..imo Mir is a gonner but paired with Bonitini must put the shits up any Championship club give or take being kicked off the park – a current (serious) problem..

    I’m ecstatic ..he was waiting to be put back into a changed
    and comparative turbo charged team compared to the last time..

    I look forward to Demi god Neves passing him the odd wonder ball and giving him chances on a plate.

    Fosun Shi Mendes even Thellwell take a bow..
    It was a perfect move for a perfectly managed season so far.


  43. someblokeontinterweb says:

    A couple of things stand out for me in all these posts, Asset stripping, Fake news and so on. I was unfortunate enough to be working at a bigish company that were taken over by asset strippers, it was no a nice experience. I was a skinny lanky kid in the mid 1960’s by the end of 1967 I was that proverbial Bilson out building. In the 1980’s rumours were rife about clousuers etc, So I confronted the financial director on a Wednesday afternoon and he denied everything. Fake news was not even a saying back then. On the following Friday I was down the road with my redundancy cheque and he was on his way to A & E after I hit him 4 square on the bridge of his nose when he shook my hand. His face was a picture, except for the blood. So Benny welcome back and the only back you are concerned with is the back of that net. Get in son, you have a great opportunity laid at your feet, grab it.


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