Wolves 0 Nottingham Forest 2

Perspective is often the hardest thing to keep in football, particularly after you’ve enduring an afternoon as galling as this.

But it’s the one thing we should all be keeping a firm handle on in the wake of Wolves’ first league defeat since October.

Poor performances can never be entirely excused but after providing us with six months of some of the best football seen in old gold, this team deserve to be cut some slack.

Credit ought to go to Forest for the shut-out too, Aitor Karanka has got them well drilled at the back.

That being said, it’s important we don’t mask our disappointment completely.

This was the poorest Wolves have been all season, and raises some urgent questions at the mid-way point of the January transfer window.

Do we need another striker?

Can our wing-backs make it through the second half of the season?

Are we creative enough in midfield?

All relevant queries that Nuno will no doubt be mulling behind the scenes.

The first conundrum will of course hinder on the impact Rafa Mir makes when brought up to speed, but it’s fair to say that Leo Bonatini isn’t having the best of times at present.

After a prolific start to his Wolves career the Brazilian is cutting a forlorn figure that offers little to the team, so much so that it’s certainly worth questioning whether he’s worth shelling out a transfer fee for.

Whether the solution already lies within our ranks or must be recruited is a nut the management team need to crack sooner rather than later, as we scarcely landed a punch on Forest despite our dominance in possession.

The stark decline of Helder Costa is a concern that only exacerbates this conundrum, with his dire cameo no doubt leaving everyone wondering where the thrilling player of last season has gone.

Matt Doherty and Barry Douglas’ burdensome afternoons are perhaps not so much of a worry, given their general excellence throughout the campaign thus far.

But it’s hard to dispel the fear that Doherty is at risk of being burned out, especially with there being no obvious cover for him within the senior ranks.

Likewise, the travails of Rueben Neves and Romain Saiss ought to be looked upon as something of a minor blip.

Neither were especially poor yesterday, and Alfred N’Diaye and Morgan Gibbs-White are no slouches. Indeed, a case can be made for the latter being our best performer in this game.

Nonetheless, our passing has been worryingly predictable as of late and this will no doubt be addressed on the training field over the next week.

Like the majority of Wolves fans, I have complete faith in Nuno’s ability to tackle these issues and trust the team to adapt to the solutions he provides.

One quick glance at the league table will show that this is no time for sirens, but rather calm contemplation. As the gaffer has no doubt already said, we go again at Ipswich.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Firstly, fair play to Forest. They forced the issue and got themselves ahead, albeit with a slice of good fortune. And when they sensed vulnerability they went in for the kill. The second goal was crucial. Without that I don’t think Nuno makes that drastic double change at half-time and things pan out differently.

    I did think the gaffer played his hand a bit prematurely. Yes, neither Douglas or Doherty were at the races, but they weren’t the only guilty parties. And losing Doherty’s ability to ghost in behind and Douglas’ dead ball expertise restricted the number of ways we could get back into the game. All the crosses into the box second half were awful.

    Bonatini is definitely struggling. He was scoring tap-ins for fun earlier in the season, but hardly ever enters the six yard box these days. Just put yourself in there son. He probably needs the vitamin D more than anyone. I haven’t given up on him yet though.

    I remain confident but this defeat and some tough looking games to come certainly present the possibility of the much feared ‘sticky patch’.

    Fortunately, Derby and Cardiff both dropped points so the blow is softened. I watched both of their games over the weekend and neither are giving me sleepless nights. Derby have a lot of firepower and Championship pedigree but I don’t think they’re impregnable. Cardiff, who I’ve seen a few times now, look very average to me. They’re a physically imposing side but don’t look all that cohesive going forward. Villa might end up being the team to watch, but even they have proven they can crumble when the going gets tough.

    No, I’m still full of beans about what’s to come. Onwards and upwards.


  2. theDOOGooder says:

    Can’t do calm contemplation I’m afraid Ben.

    My permanent tinnitus (thanks to The Who, Led Zep, South Bank etc) has turned from an annoying, but just about bearable, whistling to an alarming Klaxon-like din.

    I know it’s going to be alright, but I also know that we’re going to take it right down to the wire.

    It wouldn’t be Wolves if we didn’t.

    I don’t think it’s that teams have ‘found us out’ because, when we pass and move the way we have been, it doesn’t matter if they know all about what we’re doing – it’s too late to do anything about it.

    Our standards have slipped quite dramatically over the last couple of weeks and this is when Nuno will REALLY earn his money because he has to rectify this decline.

    I, like a lot of bloggers, think that we are in need of a proven championship striker. If whoever we get stays only until the end of the season, that will do for me.

    Let’s get promotion in the bag.

    Then we look for a proven Premier League striker.

    It’s easy this punditry business, isn’t it?


  3. Bedford Wolf says:

    For 40 minutes we were by far the better team, all over them and it seemed only a matter of time before scored and went on to win the game comfortably.

    During that time though we hadn’t made their keeper make a save which was slightly wirrying.

    We had also fallen foul of yet another bog-useless referee who failed to red card Forest’s big lumbering defender for his horrific late leg-breaker of a tackle on Jota. I should have seen the signs earlier when Forest’s Lichaj won four free kicks in the opening ten minutes and all by the same tactic – start to go to ground before your opponent gets to you, make contact with him as you fall and hey presto, free kick!

    Then out of the blue they scored. Twice. After that it wasn’t very good despite the early introductions of Gibbs-White and Costa. Even when we brought the big lad Mir we couldn’t seem to control any crosses into the box with most either failing to beat the first man or being ballooned over everyone’s heads.

    At least the referee was consistent in his awfulness. Towards the end the same Lichaj went down and stayed down. Lengthy treatment followed – three and a half minutes on my watch – before the referee played on with Lichaj not leaving the field of play at any time! What? Then despite the Forest time wasting, other treatments, substitutions and so on we got just four minutes of stoppage time. How?

    Oh well as I said to BOG and Rhys Lightning as I clambered out of the car at 7.30pm last night – if at the start of the season we’d have been offered being top of the table with a 9 point lead over 2nd place and an 11 point lead over 3rd place with just 28 games to go we’d have bitten their hands off so smile and be happy. The Wolves ARE going up!

    P.S. buy a striker!

    P.P.S. but not Chris Martin – someone good!



  4. Bedford Wolf says:

    Sorry obviously that was meant to be 18 games not 28.



    My glass is still half full. One defeat in 14 games. The ebb and flow of this God awful championship dictates a fall will come sooner or later. Agree about the Ref. Never too slow to send our blokes off at Bristol and at home to Swansea yet seemingly happy to be lenient when our bloke gets wiped out with some violent thuggery. Putting this down to a wake up call. Forest were not any great shakes themselves. Just well drilled. Hard to beat. The usual shite we come up against. It is a blip. Normal service to resume at Tractor Town. My latest calculations have been fed in to the promotion predictor and our defeat/Cardiff point now shifts us to a humdinger away at Cardiff 7 April. Of course, if we beat Tractors Saturday and Cardiff lose it could all change again back to Hull at home 2nd April. The other thing to watch is someone like Villa emerging in to third place. The situation is fluid and no doubt will keep changing after every set of matches. Strap on the seat belts as we decend in to the final stretch.


  6. a1wolfMalta says:

    well written as always…..re Costa………..slowly I think he is getting his confidence back…..at least yesterday he was trying to run at the defenders….so i really hope…..that maybe slowly he will come back to being the player he was……..we need a striker and fast…..we have to admit… Forest although playing well did not have so many opportunities to score .but they took them…..we miss the easiest of chances….mostly central shots which go way too high ! …..we need a striker and fast….other than that…i do not panic….we will be ok soon…..every team has a dip…we were lucky with the results ….come on wolves


  7. We do seem to have lost the ‘zipp’ we displayed so regularly earlier in the season. We didn’t seem to have the movement off the ball that makes our passing appear so simple. We didn’t have enough people in the box when the ball was coming in to capitalise on the possession we had in the final third. The ref was rubbish, the substitutions didn’t work and to add insult to injury, there was a man sat in front of me with a pointy hat.
    Not a great day out then.
    Our lads are off to Marbella for some ‘warm weather training’ as they call sitting on the beach nowadays. Let’s hope some Vit D can help bring back the irresistible force we know lurks within.


  8. RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

    This game was not so much a worry more: “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” as said above for 40 minutes I couldn’t see Forest scoring once let alone twice in 2 minutes, but you just know you won’t get much when their Klumux of a Ctr half (No.42 WTF) laid Joto out for a yellow! Ref’s are consistently inconsistent!
    Part of our (the 12th man’s) problem lies in the fact we have been excellent in the previous 28 games (yes apart from a couple) and we (the 12th man) has become expectant of such highs all the time. Well that ain’t gonna happen. We’re gonna have an off day and that was it.
    As for a striker, I’d love to see a 25 goal a season lad turn out for us, but in the last couple of games we could have played 2 x No.9 and if we don’t feed em, they ain’t gonna score!
    Bonitini spends a lot of time outside the box and tracks back to support and old up the ball and that’s part of the reason we’ve scored 50 goals (thats 4 more than any other team).
    The no loose wheels, there’s not even a wagon to worry about.
    Normal service will be resumed at Ipshit followed by a convincing performance against the blades.
    Fek the Cup – good-riddance
    Fek the Shite – (singing Wolves are falling apart again – he who laughs longest, last & loudest!)
    Fek em all bar one!
    Have faith, give them all your support and if you boo this team and management after what they’ve given us thus far then fekin stay away…



      Sandwell shit are going down any way. In bred twats. If that ARSE hole Jordan had been sent off as he should have been In 2002 they would not have gone up. Always felt the refs gave them everything thing. Lee hughes penalty. Not. Matt carbon ending George Ndah career. No red card. Their injury time ‘penalty’ at Bradford. Just makes me sick and still does. Not that I am bitter or anything.


  9. RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

    Pleased we have a manager that will try a sub before the 81st minute – it didn’t work out yesterday, but he’s got it right more times than he’s got it wrong! Keep it up NES
    Costa is getting better by the game – still some way away but hope he scores the goal that seals promotion……

    In NUNO and wolves 2018 we trust……………


  10. StuWolf says:

    Pele is in hospital, he’s usually perfectly well presented, finely groomed looks fit as a butchers dog, but even he has had a blip, he’s in hospital as a result of exhaustion, Nuno should phone up and get a bed booked ready for Doherty. He’s taken part in every single game this season at some point or other, he must be absolutely Pele’d.

    I have watched all the footy this weekend on Sky tv box and all the teams are showing signs of mid season heavy legs, this weather (not the cold) but the wet dismal heavy pitches are taking their toll on everyone.

    I heard tonight we may well see the cheque book being flashed this week after all, I wouldn’t be surprised at a change of heart as like all on this blog and everywhere else, it’s plain to see Leo’s goals are drying up. but, (when was the last time Leon Clarke slotted one in)

    Listening to Nuno, if he’s calm, then so will I be, he’s obviously concerned enough to drag them off to warmer climes to recharge the Duracell’s, ready for the long push to the finish line. Listen to how few pundits, critics, Wolves haters and complete numpties are putting us down, their own teams are feeling it too. As Bedders said above, we were the best team in the first half although they stung us with two goals, we could have won, this will happen, it will happen again, but we have to learn and grow.

    Two players coming in should cover the shortcomings and give Nuno the opportunity to rest crucial players.
    We are all in the same race, with the same hurdles, we will all struggle periodically. But, we will get there, we are too good not to.

    Keep the faith, get behind the boys, back Nuno to get it right.

    Never say Never.


    • Larry Talbot says:

      Some good points there, Stu. I know they’re young guys and they get paid a fortune..but if they’re knackered, they are knackered!

      Docherty and Douglas had the delightful swansea pitch the other night and as some old hippie I knew used to drone; it was seriously heavy man!

      Bonatini does so much work connecting midfield and the forwards…alone. with the best will in the world, he needs some help. This is a pivotal position the way we are set up and he needs an understudy, and PDQ….

      Costa must be reaching the point where Nuno kicks his arse, cos it ain’t fair on the other lads carrying a player when they’re having to push themselves through the winter.

      The good thing is that EVERY team is feeling it and that we’re playing weekly for a good long while now., which will help the lads recharge the batteries and see out the rest of the season.

      It WILL be overcome. We have too good a squad to foul up this time, so worry thee not and sing and cheer like mental banshees to get the lads over the line!



  11. Steve showcase says:

    Shit result against an old enemy with shit play and shit tactics..WTF..

    But this has been coming Imo due to relying on stratagy using our wing backs (Doherty seems tired) an inconsistent midfield therefor creating a reduction of chances and when we do – a can’t score striker situation..

    Bonatini has lost confidence I said early Mir won’t cut it (possibly could do but we haven’t the time to wait) Bright is a gonner ..We need an on form shit hot striker who can put the goals away.

    Fosun has manufactured an overkill team the first half of the season but now needs to insure the 2nd half so If I was them I’d make sure and buy that striker and more if we need to.

    Perhaps they are trying to but we have lost momentum and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we are starting to loose the impetus to finish the job.

    I didn’t think that this result was possible but if you analyse
    The last 5 games then the writing was on the wall..

    Fosun please note ..We know as fans.. we’ve been there and traditionally Wolves has given it all away before ..this time we have the resources to buy away the problem which is creeping in.

    I’m not panicking yet but I’m a Wolves realist ..so PLEASE
    BUY and give Mendes another bung ..re that- it’s worth it for the £200M when we go up.

    I’m not saying’ if we’ either….


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Analyse the last 5 games? Drew 2 Won 3. How was the writing on the wall? This is only the first league defeat since 28 October. I am not flapping. I do believe we need another striker though.


  12. It’s a blip we all very much hope. What I’ve seen thus far this poor performance was something of a shock.

    Douglas looked lacking in confidence on the left as he didn’t seem to want to run at people. Doherty got a lot of the ball and did as well as anyone. Didn’t quite see the value Nuno made. But hey it’s one game, & I’m sure a belter of a sun soaked week should help.

    Bonatini seems to be getting most of the flak! He doesn’t seem to get in the right positions to score. But we don’t seem to get enough bodies in the box.

    Teams defend deep against us, & have numbers behind the ball. We’ve got to return to getting around them. This requires both wing backs getting down the wing & crossing!

    But no more moaning, up the Wolves & what a great season it’s been thus far. Onwards & upwards.


  13. theDOOGooder says:

    I think I’ve just realised where we’re going wrong.

    The last few interviews with Nuno have shown him to be the same calm, sensible talking and tactically aware man that we have come to know and love.

    But there has been one GLARING difference. There’s a pun there and it will become a lot CLEARER as I go on. There’s another pun there by the way.

    It’s obvious.

    I’m surprised nobody has SEEN it before now. (Another pun).

    It’s the glasses!

    Unlucky glasses!

    Glasses half full or empty, I don’t care.

    Lose them please Nuno.

    That’ll see us all right until the end of the season.

    I’m going for a lie down now.


  14. PeteRobbo says:

    Well it seemed like such a shock, but I do think that there’s been something not right for a while now. We’ve been struggling to score goals for quite a number of games, in stark contrast to how easy that seemed to be for so long beforehand.

    Another curious and concerning aspect is how we have players who once seemed to be absolutely top drawer but who have now fallen off their perches somewhat.

    First of all and most obviously, there’s Helder Costa. Last season most Wolves fans were saying that he was the best player they’d ever seen playing for the club. Then he got injured and he’s never ever got back to that level again. He had a long lay off and when he did eventually return he was just not the same player at all and, despite the odd flash here and there, he still isn’t.

    What helped was that Costa’s decline was amply compensated for by the arrival of Jota. For a long time this season he was just unstoppable and he effortlessly replaced Costa as most fans number 1 Wolves player ever. He was ably supported by Bonatini too, who was not as talented as Jota, but complimented him perfectly.

    But now both of them have gone off the boil as well for a good while now. Jota has shown some glimpses here and there just lately, but he’s not been anything like the player he was earlier and Bonatini has practically gone into hibernation.

    So why is this? Why have we had these players who looked really top drawer and Premier League ready but are now mere shadows of their former selves? Like I say, it’s not just one, it’s something of a pattern – first Costa and now Jota and Bonatini.

    Most fans, along with Tim Spiers, think that it’s nothing to worry about ‘cos we’ve such a big lead at the top. I’m not so sure. I constantly hear Nuno repeating his mantra about the importance of focusing on the work on the training ground and so on, but this downturn has become something of a concern to me and I thought the manager pressed the panic button somewhat when he took off both wing backs somewhat prematurely on Saturday.

    Anyone else got any ideas about what reason(s) there might be for our most talented players slipping from their previous high standards?


    • To me it’s about confidence, great as Neves is he’s far too often our only out. He is almost the starter of every attack. Well this was apparently the case yesterday!

      Douglas, Doherty need to be banging the crosses in relentlessly. We miss chances I only listened to the Barnsley game on WM but it was clear a couple of chances went begging, we should have won that one.

      If chances are missed it seems the confidence drains a bit, when as yesterday Forest go one up we’re on the back foot.

      So take the chances & make more of them. Get in the box, don’t know what’s happened to Bonatini but he needs to start scoring soon for all of our hopes.


    • In my view Nuno is a great coach. He has created this team around a definite strategy. Build from strength at the back; play to a system that every player understands: keep your shape : patience. On Saturday it seems that these fundamentals were prematurely tossed aside in the second half. For the first time this season we looked like a group of individuals, rather than a TEAM. By the end of the game we were playing five forwards, who individually and combined showed no threat . They were in fact almost falling over each other.

      This is completely un Nuno like. It is to be hoped that this abandonment of proven method is not repeated, whoever is selected to play


      • PeteRobbo says:

        This I also agree with Mike. We went 2 down and Nuno seemed to overreact to me. Taking off both wingbacks like that and ending up with 5 forwards and no coherent strategy?

        Yes, I too hope that this was a one-off and not an indication of anything more worrying.


  15. I meant Nuno’s substitutions at half-time! Thought the team seemed perplexed by this tactical shift.

    Also although not a superstitious blogger. I think the fireworks & the brouhaha around them, & the centre circle ululating Wolves flag seemed a tad OTT, let’s leave the celebrations until it’s all in the bag.

    I’d rather to take attention away from us while we’re on the difficult & tricky road out of this league. So let’s just leave it at Hi Ho etc, & save the fireworks when the fat lady sings!


  16. The Newt says:

    No team ever goes a whole season without a blip and perhaps the time has come for ours with a tricky visit to Ipswich coming up.

    Everyone looked flat apart from Neves and MGW.

    At least Derby and Cardiff only drew.

    I’m sure there will be some more ups and downs between now and the end of the season.



    Everyone’s panicking. One defeat in 14. Enjoy.


    • PeteRobbo says:

      Yes, only 1 defeat in 14, but the performances have been stuttering for about 6 or so games now and we’ve been consistently struggling to score, whereas previously we were banging them in for fun.



        Don’t agree with that mate. Before forest we had an acceptable draw at Barnsley. Smashed Brentford at home. And produced an heroic win at Bristol city. Doe understand the negativity. If you want shit. Wigan at home last February will do it.


      • RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

        Pete, we ain’t scored in 2 league games, that’s all!
        Yesterday was probably our poorest peformance, but was a zillion times better that the 1:0 win we had against Rotherham last year under Lambut
        Jota put one over the bar from 1 yard out at barnsley and nearly broke the bar with another shot – a very close margin between winning/scoring…
        Before that we put 3 past Brentwood and scored 2 of the goals of the season against Brizzle!
        Don’t look for any wagons or loose wheel nuts IMO


        • PeteRobbo says:

          Fair enough, but comparing our current malaise with performances from the past under Lambert or anyone else is missing the point a bit methinks. Of course I agree that what we’ve had so far has been magnifico, but we’re not playing like we were earlier and I am genuinely confused about why some real stars are now not doing it anymore.

          Nevertheless, bottom line is mate I hope you and others who agree with you are 100% right and I’m worrying needlessly of course.


  18. chilts1 says:

    I have a theory re : Bonatini – he was unstoppable till last month or so – then the wheels came off !

    My theory and just a thought – I remember quite clearly when Leo was flying awhile back – there was talk ‘ we must have another striker or even two ‘ and bear in mind at the time he was the main man and could do nothing wrong !

    I’m of the opinion – it could just be he’s a ‘ sensitive soul ‘ and all this talk about getting a couple of new strikers in when he was flying unsettled him, ‘ big -time ‘ – pure and simple – that’s my theory and I think inadvertently it’s shot his confidence !!

    Just a simple reassurance from Nuno is all that’s required….


  19. Bedford Wolf says:

    Michal Zyro off to Charlton on loan apparently. Surprised as think he’s better than League 1 but I guess game time is game time.


  20. My take is that at least two key members of this team are knackered., resulting in serious adverse consequences for the team

    Bonatini has carried a very large work load. Game by game he has foraged endlessly to hold up the ball and to effectively bring others into play. His effort, and his significant contribution to the team`s success, has been under rated by many. I believe that Leo has much to offer us long term. But for now, he urgently needs support. There is no back up. . Bright and [ at first sight ] Mir are simply not ready. We urgently need added fire power from a proven striker.

    Doherty has I think played in every game this season. His is a very demanding physical position within Nuno`s system, and it is unrealistic to expect that he can go a full season without some injury or dip in form. As a matter of urgency we surely need to get quality cover for this key position.

    What is certain is that we cannot endlessly expect to rely on the keeping of clean sheets to grind out results. We quickly have to find a way to restore the up front potency which was so evident throughout the earlier part of the season


    • PeteRobbo says:

      Good stuff Mike. Agree completely.



      My god.one defeat and everyone is fucked. I am really struggling with this. Is it me or am I just being a twat? 33 points from the last 14 games. It is beyond comprehension that people are moaning. I give up.


      • Do gi up mate!
        Do gi up as NES will put this season into the annals of history for our return to greatness.
        My Dad used to tell me how good we were in the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s the crowds, the silverware et all.
        Well hang on in there Cheesie, as we’ll create history, swap places with “the unwashed in-breds” & then repeat the growth of Citie over the next 5 years.
        It’s gonna be one he’ll of a ride.


      • Hi Cheeseburger,

        Sorry mate, but this is not moaning. We are a great well coached team. Results speak for themselves. and I, like you ,am over the moon at our degree of success and very proud to be a Wolves supporter

        However, the purpose of this site is surely to enable genuine supporters like us to exchange opinions in a constructive manner. My intent in my blog was to express considerable appreciation of the talents, efforts and commitment of Bolatini and Doherty, but to also point that theses guys seem very jaded, and in need of support. I think that the majority of us would agree that this support is presently not available to them.



          Apologies to you Mike. I am not having a go at anyone. We are all entitled to our opinions. This is the Wolves and we are all on an emotional roller coaster. Praying it doesn’t go tits up. Desperate to get the job done. All the best.


      • Brompton Wolf says:

        Hee hee. It is baffling mate isn’t it. We have to wait for the Ipswich game and then the Sheff Utd match to see how we react from this defeat. I am as baffled as you as to how many people are flapping after one defeat in 14 matches.


    • Maybe he’s not knackered. Maybe his family has gone back to Brazil and he is feeling lonely.


  21. Johnok says:

    Don’t panick! Don’t panick,Dont panick.
    It’s just a blip.Back to winning ways at Ipshite.
    Nuno will have them ready after a warm up in the Sun,and a couple of players under his arm to inject some much needed oomph to our squad I hope.


  22. wwwebs says:

    The best team lost. Forest fans were singing (at the very end) but they can’t have been under any illusions. Even at our sloppiest we only conceded 4 shots on target. One lucky deflection and one decent goal as a result of that. That’s football. They were well organised but they were not good value for 1 goal let alone 2. On the flipside, this wasn’t a game for Bonatini. The substitutions were bold but our plan B needed a striker we don’t currently possess. It’s hard to take a defeat but we shouldn’t lose perspective. This should have been another disappointing 0-0 and, in any case, our conclusions would have been the same as they were the day Dicko was sold. 9 points clear with 18 games to finish the job means we might get away with it but we all know the signing of a proven goalscorer would settle the nerves. The one thing Fosun may underestimate is how badly a nervous Molineux can undermine the collective efforts of the Wolves. But you know what? There is something WE can do about that. COYW.



    We have our ups and downs, this season more ups than downs, now on the last lap for the biggest up of all…to the Premiership…keep the faith. COYW.


    • spikeyboy says:

      im disappointed wheres the boobs ?


    • Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

      Like it Mildenhall. Sums up everything. A single picture says more than a thousand words.


    • Larry Talbot says:

      You speak for yourself on this one Mildenhall…and please don’t tell me the PC brigade have got to you. If ever a fix of totty waa needed, it’s certainly after Saturdays game!


  24. Up at 630am to be ready for wolves tv
    I’ve subscribed to season long commentary as well
    So I open that and then another window to see the game that comes with no commentary.. and as long as the separate commentary is a second or three behind the pictures ( horrible if commentary comes before pictures!) I get the whole experience from the two inpiuts combined but… as Forest get the free kick the tv picture freezes. Arrrgh!!

    So I’m left hearing the commentary of the goal just as my daughter emerges from bed to tell me that family car she was driving on Friday night got broken into via smashed window

    Various attempts to restart tv picture fail whilst I get continuing commentary that they’ve now got a second Bummer
    And now I’m trying to find car window replacement companies open on a Saturday morning before my wife finds out

    Not the start to my Saturday I had expected

    We weren’t crap but let’s remember this team saw off Arsenal

    Agree with general observations that in last few games we are not looking close to deadly in front of goal… but I’m for toughing it out with the squad we have rather than taking a punt on a ‘striker’ no one else wants at the price… most Teams are looking for a 20 goal man and by definition they are in very limited supply in January ..even the summer

    Let’s get the 90 points to escape the 2nd division we need then stick 100 million of the new money into a couple of ace and I mean ace players that score for fun

    If we intend to be top 6 then we need to score an average of 2 per game or 75-80 per season

    My 2cents as they say here


  25. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    I am not surprised at all by these last few results
    We can’t have it all our way this season, there is a reason why we are top of the league and it’s because we are the best team by far in the league so far, I’m not panicking just a blip
    I would though look at getting a creative centre midfielder in, and cover for full backs, I don’t know why graham was called back and not been in squad unless injured
    Still 9 points clear which is a nice gap


  26. Border Wolf (We’re with you Carl) says:

    We were going to get beaten at some stage, we have so we move on & start winning again. If we lose the next 3 games then I’ll start to panic!

    I agree the cheque book needs to come out, a striker is a must now, Leo looks exhausted. Couple of other new players wouldn’t go amiss. We can’t let this slip away from us.

    Onwards and upwards.


  27. Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portugeuse y'know) says:

    If at the start of the season we’d have been offered being top of the table with a 9 point lead over 2nd place and an 11 point lead over 3rd place with just 18 games to go we’d have bitten their hands off so smile and be happy.

    The Wolves ARE going up!



  28. sevlow says:

    This day was going to come, we all knew it and accepted it. The reality of it is that we are in a fantastic position.

    Nuno has his finger on the pulse. I have the utmost faith in him.

    Let’s pull our big boy pants up and get on with it.

    Onwards we go


  29. StuWolf says:

    RIP Jimmy Armfield,
    I had the pleasure to watch you play, you are a legend.
    Our thoughts are with your family and Blackpool FC


  30. Just a thought would it not be an idea to give Ziro a chane after all up until his injury he was a decent threat up front surprise Nuno doesn’t rate him and is loaning him out……….I’d give Bonnie a rest and pot Ziro in see how he shapes up….


    • Larry Talbot says:

      If he was anywhere close to his pre M K Dirty bastards form I’d have him in the team like a shot.

      I think the fact we’ve not seen anything of him is the main clue there, unfortunately.


  31. Twixfix says:

    Firstly Lasses and Lads …. put Saturdays result out of your head, relax …. and then go on your laptop, computer, ipad or Phone … and look up the ‘Championship Table’.

    It makes fabulous reading don’t you all think … 11 points clear of the 3rd place team.

    Yes we are still TOP and the games for the chasing pack are running out quicker than water from a burst pipe in Winter.

    Of course we’re not at our best and not mullering teams like we were a few weeks ago but are we dominating matters on the pitch …SURE AS HELL WE ARE.

    I believe that we are trying to approach each game with a win mentality and to get in front and then pick off teams to score a few more goals….. and the evidence is certainly there IMO.

    I think now though our approach needs to be tempered a little whereby we ‘Give Nothing Away’ and then take any opportunities that present themselves from say dead ball situations…etc

    Lets face it our defence is usually rock solid …and in early season games we were happy with 1-0’s.

    We’ll be back on track on Saturday …. PLEASE CAN WE SIGN ANOTHER STRIKER THOUGH… lol


  32. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    RIP Jimmy Armfield. Class act on the pitch and behind the microphone.

    Forest came wanting it more and proved it by wiping out players when they were about to break. Seemed as though the referee wanted it too.

    Having got ahead, aided by a bit of luck, they defended stoutly denying Wolves a clear cut chance.

    Wolves seem to have lost the zip of earlier games, the first time passing was missing and the crossing generally poor.

    But apart from being a Wolves supporter for over six decades and therefore by nature a pessimist I see no reason to expect anything less than automatic promotion.


  33. StuWolf says:

    5 reasons @Wolves fans should not panic

    1 – • @Nuno
    2 – • @Nuno
    3 – • @Nuno
    4 – • @Nuno
    5 – • @Nuno


    Not mine, pilfered from Twotter.



    There were times earlier in the season when we weren’t exactly pulling up any trees. Cardiff Millwall barnsley PNE home. Sheffield United QPR away. We were distinctly average in those games. Just the way it goes in this league. Villa have had a couple of bad spells. Cardiff had one over Xmas. Sheffield Utd went off the boil November time. We will be OK. Can’t see two teams overhauling us. I’d we took 1 point per game over the next ten. Cardiff would have to win 8 of 10 to overtake. Is that realistically going to happen? It will take a spectacular collapse in form for us and a mega boost in form from those below. KEEP CALM. WOLVES AY WE.


  35. wolfman jack says:

    Ironically, just as Wolves were flying out to Spain for their warm-weather training I was flying back in the opposite direction. This caused me to miss the last two outings, both defeats, but I’m not particularly disheartened. The squad is the one that has got us to the top of the table, 9 points clear and has in it players who are a class apart from anything else in this division. OK – they may be finding it a bit tougher on wet and windy days when our passing game is more difficult to produce, and more so when the referee offers them no protection whatsoever (unlike the opposition who are allowed to foul and waste time at will). Yes, we are fighting on all fronts, but we are a class apart. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Having said all that, yes, we need more cover. For Doherty, for Bonatini, and an attacking midfielder to make the opposition think a little bit harder than they need to at the moment about what we will come up with.


  36. StuWolf says:

    Well, Michal Zyro has gone out on loan, I for one wish him well. He was looking a class act up to getting scythed in a terrible tackle. I was talking to the Wolves disabled guys right at that moment and they were further round the ground, meaning closer to the dastardly deed. It truly looked horrific. So the guy deserves a load of luck, I wish he could find his form again, I believe he’s the guy that may provide us with a in the box preditor, (easy Clive, not that box)
    Good luck Michal


  37. GoWolves says:

    Anyone else think the trip to Spain is more than just a “vitamin D” supplement? Wondering if Nuno and staff are also trying to bag a couple of prospective signings on the quiet while they are there … 🙂


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