Wolves Vs Swansea City Preview

For years I’ve bleated on about putting together a cup run to see Wolves play at Wembley.

But that was before the age of Nuno.

Now the easiest route is finishing the job in the league and waiting for Chelsea to take up temporary residence in the national stadium.

It would be nice to get there the old fashioned way of course. However, our promotion push is so intoxicating I’m struggling to summon the appetite for anything else.

This will be battle of the reserves and I doubt either set of fans will be too distraught whatever the result, beyond the 20,000 or so who are going along.


I liked Carlos Carvalhal’s thoughts on their January transfer business – ‘We have money for sardines and I’m thinking lobster. I will look to the lobsters and sea bass, but if not we must buy sardines. But sometimes the sardines can win games.’

The sardines he inherited after replacing Paul Clement won him his first game at Vicarage Road to temporarily lift them off the bottom of the table.

They were then comfortably beaten by Tottenham, but I doubt that fixture was part of his master escape plan.

Scoring goals has been their problem. With only 13 in 22 matches, it’s little surprise they’ve only managed 4 victories.

Losing Llorente and Sigurdsson was the catalyst for another tough campaign. They brought in the highly rated Renato Sanches from Bayern Munich (who should have been a lobster) but the youngster simply hasn’t performed.


I was trying to put together a completely different eleven to the win over Brentford, but I think Batth’s suspension might have scuppered that.

Someone has to play at the back. It might as well be Coady as he looks like he’s coasting through every game.

I’m also assuming new signing Rafael Mir is eligible. If he is, he might as well play and get a soft introduction.

Price, Marshall and Hause have been out in the wilderness lately but are all very handy. It’s not impossible to imagine they could all leave in January depending on who else comes in.

I think Costa has been lucky to get the minutes he’s been given lately. Bright should have shared some of those opportunities. Both should get a start this time.


No PL points up for grabs in the cup, so all just for fun.

I’m assuming both teams will play the second string and I think our second string is pretty useful.

Swansea left players like Routledge, Fer and Bartley out of their team against Spurs so they’ve also got a bit in reserve.

But as we’re at home and tails are up, I think we might dig it out.


Up The Wolves!


  1. Val hever says:

    Easy win 4-0 wolves


  2. Mark pritchard says:

    Taking my kids to there first ever game. Be nice to see a few first trainers but it has to be said we are spoilt for choice these days.


  3. The Witley Wanderer says:

    Strength in depth or what, 3-1 to the mighty Wolves.
    NBB usual place and time.


    • London wolves loyal says:

      See you in witley s corner to talk about a premier league side being the underdogs
      Even with our reserves we ll smash them old taffy boys
      3 nil wolves


  4. Larry Talbot says:

    I’m being pressured in the prediction league by you lot and it’s flippin close, so I’m inclined to sit back and see what my closest competitors come up with before throwing my own hat into the ring….

    But sod that.

    I have massive confidence in whatever team Nuno puts out for our Saturday afternoon matinee of marauding menace, and hereby state that the score will be somewhere in the region of Wolves 3, Swansea…not.

    I don’t want us to humiliate the taffs cos I knew one from there called Tony Williams and he was a good business ‘mate’ to me…but I hope he’s got something else to occupy his mind on Saturday cos Wolves devour swans…

    It’s gonna be good.




    • Brompton Wolf says:

      This game does not count on the PL, so it is irrelevant lol.


      • Larry Talbot says:

        Brompton, I figured that out when I went to post the score and just couldn’t be arsed to change/delete and start all over again. Lol.

        I get another week joint top of the league at least!

        Are you going with Miss Lovely tomorrow? I’m narked that I’m going to miss this one and can’t pass her my number.


  5. GoWolves says:

    I have a different perspective on this Thomas. I think with so much daylight between us and 2nd place in the league, I’d be tempted to field strong teams in the cup and try to go all the way. Rest some tired key players by all means, but not sure I’d go out of my way to just field the reserves. Let’s go for the double!

    Wolves 2-0 Swansea

    Totally carried away.
    Go Wolves


    • Old and Wise (JHP) says:

      I agree entirely GoWolves.. We want to win every game, and a FA Cup run is perfectly feasible, given our quality and strength in depth. Playing a team of reserves is usually a sign that says, ‘this match is not important to us’. Actually Swansea are surely needing to ‘concentrate on the league’.
      I expect Nuno to put out a side to win, not sure myself about throwing Mir on so soon, but looking forward to a good match.



    When Swansea lose it will be the usual ‘we can concentrate on the league now’ so we may as well put the 2nd team out for a run about…WOLVES TO WIN 2-1


  7. StuWolf says:

    So if the score is immaterial.

    Wolves 6- 0 Swansea, got to go one better than Clive so added his score together.

    Nice to see Rafa have a run out, so I’d be tempted to surround him with his fellow first team mates and let the dogs off the leash. They then have a week to rest, (luxury of late)


  8. I will be there in my own seat, got my ticket day 1, don’t make predictions I just go to support my team win, lose or draw like I have been since 1953 aged four.
    Wolves aywe.


  9. Marian Wolf says:

    My attempts to indoctrinate my then 4 year old to the old gold started inauspiciously last pre-season when his very first match was a very comfortable 0-4 to these lot.

    Can’t see the same result this time round. Nuno’s talk of the wolf pack means the reserves should be raring to impress.

    4-0 for symmetry’s sake.


  10. Will be Nuno’s chance to see in a competitive game who to keep and who to get out so I expect lots of the fringe players to get a run out but think we will have too much for the Swansea reserves .I also hope he will have the odd gem on the bench from the first team to get us the result if needed .Why not have a good cup run for confidence income and to give the fringe players a reason to stay tuned in .


  11. Bedford Wolf says:

    Think Mir will be on the bench – if at all – and can’t see him starting. Bright up top and Gibbs-White on the left – the rest exactly as Thomas has put.

    How amazing that our second string look so good and too strong for the Swansea sardines. The world is our lobster.

    Wolves 3 Swansea 0

    Bright to get two.

    Will be there accompanied by Rhys Lightning and his lad Tom. Will pop into the NBB hopefully to see Witley and no doubt several other bloggers including StuWolf who has my Barnsley tickets.



  12. Thomas,
    I think NES will see a similar line up to yours, but I know that whoever plays it’s a fekin great team NOT the 2nd team
    I reckon we could even see MGW out for some more experience.
    80/1 on BET 365 with £10 to win & £5 e/w.
    Cum on let’s spank the bookies.


  13. Vladimir says:

    I’d like both Bright and Costa to score, good for their confidence and all.

    Another 3-1 prediction here. Let’s see a cup run I say!


  14. SOIAW says:

    1-0 to Wolves, a tale of wasted chances


  15. vicsmith says:

    I wonder if Cav is up to a full game seeing he only played bit parts in the last 3 games. In which case a front 3 of Cav, Costa and Mir would be something to really look forward to. And I won’t be surprised to see a couple of the big boys on the bench just in case seeing there is a week’s gap till the next game anyway. Our boys should be able to deal with it though as I can see Swansea resting their A team to survive. Just for fun prediction of a 3-0 win to the Mighty Wolves.


  16. Steve showcase says:

    Never has there been a more important time than to straight line think league only and side track the FA cup imo ..
    Indeed Nuno won’t even think league position he is such a one way thinker to the nxt league match..

    It’s so important that we get to the PL and not slip up… so….
    as much as it would be amazing to tackle both I can’t get excited ..I’m too paranoid..

    Then there is the injuries…as in golden boy Neves
    to protect..It doesn’t bare thinking about..

    Courtney Hause and co for me and a complete reserve
    and youth effort..
    (Come on the league only with no opologies)


  17. Steve showcase says:

    Forgot the score
    Wolves 3
    Swansea 1


  18. Ferris says:

    I’ll be really disappointed if we’re not in the 4th round draw. Given our success in the league I’ve been looking forward to the FA Cup because I fancy us against anyone at the moment. Had we managed to win the shootout at the Etihad I think we could have been planning trip to Wembley next month, but it wasn’t to be. Still onto the FA Cup and Swansea stand in our way! I don’t think it would be an upset if we won because I think we’re favourites anyway. Carlos Carvalhal was put in charge for next season’s promotion push in my opinion so I think in their minds their already down. Wolves to win 2 – 0 and into the 4th round we go


  19. Hong Kong wolf says:

    Before COH gets on here , I’ll go for 5-1.

    Second string looking to impress to get in on the first team action.


  20. As much as I enjoy the cup and would love a cup run, I must concur that the league comes first, this year at least. Some of our players look leggy, despite their continuing superb performances, and need and deserve a week off.
    So in come the reserves and for many other clubs at our current level, these reserves would be a pretty good first eleven. I’d love to see Mir make an appearance and Price, Hause, Marshall et al will be itching to show what they can do. Also be nice to see MGW take the stage.
    Swansea will play their reserves for sure. They have much bigger fish to fry but I feel, like their fish, they’re in for a battering.

    Wolves 3 v 0 Swansea


  21. Wolfman Jack says:

    Looking forward to seeing how our squad measures up against an under-performing Prem club.
    Think they may make themselves difficult to break down, so a draw and us to go through after a replay. (They do still have replays don’t they…?)



  22. Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portugeuse y'know) says:

    Saw this article on a Villa fans site yesterday. The said ‘journalist’ Steve Wollaston from the Birmingham Mail, who is allegedly a Sandwell Shadow Dweller, is apparently sounding off about what Villa need to do and someone recalled this article the same journalist wrote about Wolves just after the end of last season. It is priceless. Shows just how wrong someone can be if they try hard enough!

    The rumours that Paul Lambert is considering his position at Molineux should have every Wolves fans scratching their heads in disbelief.

    If it happens, it is a disaster for a club trying to regain some composure after yet another period of erratic instability.

    His troubled and well-documented spell at Villa was a marriage made in hell, and he was forced at times to take the fall for a hierarchy who were steering the club in all kinds of wrong directions.

    Lambert is willing to work with Jorge Mendes, make no mistake about that, this is a man who can bring in players like Helder Costa.

    He is also a man who can bring in the array of dross, players that Lambert is having to try and ship out.

    Is that enough though to justify the obvious damage that the foreign implosion actually did at Molineux?

    Lambert knows the value of Ben Marshall and Andi Weimann, he knows more of these players are needed throughout the team in order to slowly rebuild this Wolves team.

    Another batch would destabilize the progress Lambert has made since taking over.

    Wolves don’t have a team anywhere near capable of competing for Championship honours.

    Now I am saying that it would be tantamount to disaster if they let him [Paul Lambert] leave now.

    There is no doubt in my mind that when the 2017-2018 season kicks off, Wolves will be in a very strong position to challenge for promotion.

    That will only happen with, Paul Lambert.

    Not with a yes man with no Championship credentials.


    • basherbaz says:

      Paul Lambert himself was the most deluded though ” I could have done the same if I had the money” deluded man or what ?
      Rates as one of the jokes of the season comments alongside Robbie Keane coming back.


    • JackoMac says:

      Written from the perspective of a deceitful Baggie/Villa fan this article makes sense. Written from the perspective of an impartial journalist the man is an idiot.


      • Landburgher Gessler 'the amburger guzzler' says:

        Nice one BW

        This Wollaston bloke talks through a hole in his head.


    • Jim (good luck Carl) says:

      I can’t stop loffin’


    • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

      What an arsehole.


  23. theDOOGooder says:

    I saw a magnificent photograph in the press the other day and it made me think.

    Oh yes. It happens occasionally.

    There are a myriad things that go to make a successful football team.

    Players, managers, owners, backroom staff, coaches, tea ladies, supporters, Mendes, Wolfie, stadium, history, not being in sandwell, getting the rub of the green occasionally…..

    I could go on.

    There are times – so rare – but they can happen, when just about all of those disparate parts come together to make a perfect whole. (Not hole – I’ve finished speaking about them down the road).

    For us, that time is now.

    We have to cherish it while it’s here. Who knows how long it will last.

    Football’s a funny old game.

    And the picture that started me thinking?….


  24. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    Don’t care about the cup this season – nothing must come before promotion. However think Wolves will win 2-0.


  25. basherbaz says:

    Hause going no where very good squad member – lower prem teams fishing for bargains.
    Mr keane must surely have wrote the job application himself.
    Squad is surely looking for a good cup run got 100/1 on betfair to win it and 70/1 to be in final.
    Rubens piece in the e & s is good.
    Wolves ay we
    Wolves 4 Swansea 0


  26. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Yes, interesting comments from Carlos Carvalhal. In that vein I think Wolves will field some fringe players, just for the halibut. Cod knows what the final score will be but we should net more than them. 2-1 home win for me.


  27. Brompton Wolf says:

    Wolves will win

    The Welsh team will lose.


  28. Newark Wolves says:

    After being at Southampton and Manchester City this season and watching our “reserves” do us proud I don’t mind which team Nuno puts out as he hasn’t got it wrong yet. Another good cup run would be nice though. 2-0 to the boys and then a good away day in the 4th round. Hope to catch up with some fellow bloggers lunchtime if we can get from Notts in less than 10 hours for a change.


  29. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Home win between to reserves but if it were me I would play a more stronger team we have a week between games get Costa 90 minutes for sharpness and bright ?
    1 nil wolves


  30. Cannock wolf says:

    Would love to see Bright and Helder get goals to boost their confidence. Our reserves will be better than their reserves and I suspect that we will have Cav sitting on the bench in case things get sticky.

    Wolves to win 2-0


  31. Sevlow says:

    I love the FA cup. With that in mind I really hope we can proceed to the next round. We have a squad that is large enough and a determination within the squad to succeed.
    I would not be surprised to see Michal Zyro make an appearance. I think Mira may make the bench but his match fitness may be a little rusty.
    Nuno has a plan, a cunning plan I believe

    2-1 to the Wolves it is.

    Onwards to the final.



  32. Bagsy says:

    I’d love to see Jack Price start and have a corking game (maybe score a screamer?!). The lone Salopian representative since Dangerous Dave left.
    I’ll go 1-0 to Wolves.


  33. Tipton Exile ( Keep the faith for Carl) says:

    Wolves to win at a canter


  34. Clive in St Louis says:

    I think Swansea will field their so called A team, and keep their reserves for the league.
    This is based on the fact that their A team has been shit all season, otherwise they would not be in the basement with the shit.
    Their reserves couldn’t do a worse job, so give them a chance in the league and let the under performing “stars” try and salvage some pride at The Mol.
    Whoever they put out are going to get creamed, anyway, so moot point really.
    I want us to win every game, so 5-1 to me babbeez


  35. The Cullis Dome says:

    I was at that 0-4 friendly drubbing by Swansea at the start of last season, too, Marian. KJ had been given the push the day before and poor old Rob Edwards was trying to pick up the pieces. I remember seeing Jeff and co in the Directors’ box as well as some excessively sharp suits….belonging to Zenga, Mendes and their bag-carriers. Zenga left well before the end. Bit strange when he was presumably assessing the players he’d soon be managing.

    But that’s all history of course. Past pain makes current pleasures all the sweeter.

    Have at ’em, Wolves!


    • DancesWithWolves says:

      Zenga left well before the end? He probably had a plane to catch. The same plane he caught every week when he was managing Wolves. You can’t manage Wolves and stay living in Dubai.


  36. Sleachy says:

    Last time our reserves got a run out they stopped Man City from scoring for 120 minutes, and even nearly won it with several decent chances.

    Irrespective of exactly who wears the Old Gold tomorrow, Nuno has the squad so well drilled that I can’t see this goal-shy Swansea lot breaking down our team too many times, and I’m equally sure we will be able to find a way through their porous defense and into the next round.

    Would love to see the new lad get a run out, but I suppose that will depend on whether Nuno trusts him enough to carry out his instructions, or if he’d rather work with him on the training ground for a couple of weeks till he learns the Wolves way.



  37. Lowves says:

    What a miserable time of the year, Christmas over , depressing weather…….I feel like a good moan…….
    FOSUN….. errrrr……
    Nuno….. errrrr……
    The team……..errrrr…..
    The stadium…… Right there was some bird crap on my seat a couple of weeks ago. It’s just not good enough. FOSUN out…….Nuno out…….Replace the team. I want compensation for my wife’s tissue!
    There that’s better
    Wolves2-0 Swansea


  38. DancesWithWolves says:

    Tricky one. If we were well down the table I would fancy us to win easily. But both teams have identical aims, namely to be in the PL next season. This takes precedence over any cup run. Plus Batth suspended probably buggers up Nuno’s cup line up. I expect both teams to put out half-reserve/half-first team squads. Could be a good time to give Rafa Mir a run-out and share game time with Bright. I expect Costa to have virtually a whole match as he seemed gutted to come off against Brentford, and this could be the opportunity of playing him back into form. With the PL next season uppermost in mind at both clubs, tomorrow it will come down to whose semi-reserve team is the best on the day. For me Wolves at 2-0.

    My local club Chelsea will still be at Stamford Bridge next season. No fresh news on the temporary move to Wembley. I detect a slight softening of plans for a complete rebuild at the Bridge. There is some talk of a piecemeal rebuild without actually moving. There’s also even talk of the Russian owner selling up. Maybe the Chinese are sniffing around?

    Someone in the Chelsea set-up suggested to me that we will need a top level goal keeper for the PL. I’ll trust Nuno to know being an ex-keeper himself.



    Someone at work said they had tickets to see Swan Lake. I said that’s nice is it in Scotland? Never been myself but if I do go near a lake it is always nice to see a few swans. Mind you best be careful not to get too near them if they have young nearby according to Chris Peckham. I mean they might bite your fucking head off. They would knowing my luck. I got stung by a wasp once which was hiding in my shoe. But you just gave to get on with it. Well the Swans role in to the Wolves lair tomorrow and I fear for them. Even the Nuno second eleven will be too much and I see a Bright winner in the second half. Funny really because everyone knows we are shit in the winter. Wolves 2 Swansea 1.


  40. I’d love a cup run in fact I’d love just to go for a run 5 days now and still the flu has me round the throat, head, back, balls, calfs in fact my whole feck in body I’ve swallow that many pills and such I should live for another 1,000 feck in years.

    My hooter has got through 18 toilet rolls I’ve had to change bedding twice me pj’s god knows how many times even the Dogs fed up of seein me lying on HIS settee.

    I cannot wait to get back into the real world I hate day time tv I cannot believe Jeremy Kyle is still plying his own brand of white trash tv love on the dole they all need a kick up there hole and that goes for Kyle as well.

    I’d like a run so we could go mental at old Trafford or even wembly if we drew Spurs but I understand promotion is the main aim and with the fantastic position were are in quite right….!


  41. Dave Vincent says:

    I’d like to see Donovan Wilson get a look in. It’s a shame Ronan has gone off on loan, he is an excellent prospect and would have loved to see him get another game for us


  42. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    4th round draw here we come

    Wolves 2

    Swansea 0

    Easy does it


  43. kiwiwolf says:

    Team selection will be interesting, lets hope we get on another cup run.

    Wolves 2

    Swansea 0


  44. Matt Cook says:

    Our first team is better than theirs and I suspect our reverse team will be better than theirs tomorrow. Expect changes all over the pitch only question would be the back 3 with Batth suspension and Mirandas situation so I expect Bennett & Coady to retain their places.

    Really hope Costa gets the full 90 mins and produces something near his best and would also be great to see Bright get amongst the goals.

    Wolves 3

    Swansea 0


  45. Johnok says:

    Depending what team Nuno puts out, I think it could be a decent cup match against a side who are on a slide at the moment ,where we are on the ascendancy.
    It could be a good test to see how we perform against some good prem players.

    Having said that I think both teams will field a second string for obvious reasons.

    I’m going for a 2-1 to me babbies.


  46. Marney says:

    Hey stu , Iv literally just dropped my bags after 18 hours non stop , I should be in the nbb from around 2 15
    What time is best for you to pick up Barnsley tickets!
    If I don’t reply this evening it’s because I’m already asleep


  47. StuWolf says:

    Hi mate.
    No worries.
    Outside NBB at 2-15pm if you can, won’t find you in there, it will be heaving.
    I will wait by the Stan Cullis statue, right out side the NBB door. Then straight back into NBB.



  48. StuWolf says:

    How about this feckin numpty, Scousers don’t you just love em. That’s his benefits gone for sure.



  49. robin says:

    I am not bothered as to the result.
    We are on a bit of roll so find it difficult to imagine us losing.
    For me the priority is ensuring we reach the Premiership.
    I hope Gibbs White plays & MIr.
    Wolves 4 Swansea 0


  50. Twixfix says:

    Unfortunately cant make today as I’ll be in the land of Guinness and music…. but am hoping for another “ I was there” away day in the 4th round…

    Enjoy the game Bloggers …. COMB

    Wolves 2 v 1 Swansea


  51. StuWolf says:

    Latest News doing the rounds and very believable too.

    Wolves looking at new sites in and around Wolverhampton for a 50,000- 60,000 state of the art stadium.

    Loads of forums and blogs debating it, strangely, no one is up in arms and a lot of folk seem to have accepted the idea.

    Look how far we’ve come as a club in 18 Months.

    They trully are taking the whole club apart and starting again.


    • spikeyboy says:

      They most certainly are stu.
      This is no game to Fosun this is a full on assault at producing a truly world class football club and we have to have a state of the art proper stadium to do it in.
      The main factor though will be cost. Its far too expensive to rebuild places , loose revenue while doing it and at the end still have something that isn’t good enough.
      Just down the Stafford road no great distance away are acres of waste land that could be used for that very purpose and as we all walk past the old MOLINEUX to the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GAME at the NEW MOLINEUX we can doff our caps in respect and remember the good old days.


  52. StuWolf says:

    I was told this news a few weeks ago but obviously had to stay silent, but, now every man and his dog are giving it large on other blogs, so it’s not such a secret.

    There are many places that would suit a new stadium, indeed the Goodyear site is enormous, there is also land out in Steelhouse lane that is huge, it has access to the tram and a few main road links with the Birmingham New road and the Bilston road, it is as close to the railway as Molineux if I’m honest.
    These things are not drawn up on the back of a fag packet and you can bet the Council have already been involved, the fact that the Metro is being extended to the Station speaks volumns to me.
    “The New Molineux” didn’t Lorrie van Pimple say, “if we moved the name would be important as the history because of has with it”

    FFS, the PL Dons will be crapping themselves, we’re breaking up the stranglehold.


  53. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    For me one of the great things about Wolves is that their historic ground is where football grounds should be: in the heart of the city. A walk from rail and bus stations, shopping centre, pubs and restaurants. Not some soulless retail/industrial park. Named for whichever corporation is currently putting up the most money. Never must the Wolves home be moved and Fosun need to know this. We need to respectfully let them know.


  54. Dalmatian Wolf says:

    The New Molineux has got to be better than The Fosun Stadium. As disturbing as it may seem at first reading I suppose I’ll eventually get used to the idea of a new footy mecca. But it’s semding shivers down the spine at the moment.
    As for this afternoon, got to go for a win though it’s going to be tight. 3-2.


  55. What is wrong with Morgan’s plan?


    • Brompton Wolf says:

      Pmsl. …………….


    • The Witley Wanderer says:

      Morgans Plans were shite and still are. Morgans north bank is completely deviod of atmosphere, two tear stands are a no no. The new Mol’ sounds a good name for me and all the big clubs are moving or got plans to move. To the future and beyond !!


  56. Steve showcase says:

    We have to face the future.. if we are to be a mainstay PL team then we need the appropriate stadium..
    Good Access road and rail links means more attendance
    and state of the art ground can only be good for the future.

    If it’s the Fosun stadium so be it they have rescued us from


    • Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

      Spot on Steve Show……

      Without their overall input and undoubted influence Wolves would have continued to flounder. Yes it would be nice to stay at a redeveloped Molineux but……

      Whatever is decided in terms of our future home is fine by me….I could not care less whether it is at Molineux or another location. Real world and all that.

      After years of utter dross on the pitch and dreadful management off the pitch and apathy throughout the club our beloved Wolves are hitting the headlines and that is music to my ears and candy to my eyes.

      Long may it continue.



      • Steve showcase says:

        Yep let this dream live on ….if there are parrellel universes we’ve switched..quite extraordinary and I guess we are still in first gear ..

        To the future….


  57. Larry Talbot says:

    New ground.

    I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    If I have any fond memories, they’d be for the old wooden ground. I don’t know if it’s because I used to sell the stuff but steel (and certainly concrete) doesn’t quite invoke the same sentiments as the old Waterloo road stand.

    I just hope it’s not so poorly designed this time. The amount of times I had to explain why they couldn’t build on what was already standing or why they’d never ‘fill in the corners’….drove me to drink (well, any old excuse)

    So, if Fosun are up for it, why not? Hopefully they’ll allow for standing areas like the Germans do and build a proper arena or colluseum where we can sacrifice teams from sandwell on a two year cycle.

    Just heard that ruby vinegre has had his chips….I’ve been waiting ages to get that in! Bloody refs have got it in for us at the moment.

    We’ll still flippin win!


  58. New ground.

    Next to motorway must me favourite logistically.
    New railway station(s) allow home and away fans quick/easy access in & out – no trouble. Even segregate car parks.


  59. StuWolf says:

    Latest today from my mate, Asda are unhappy because they want to expand and there’s no room. Wolves in talks with them, so we could expand out that way, plans to build hotel and leisure facility at the same site like all other clubs.
    I like that plan, don’t know about the arena for slaughtering Shite fans, they’ve always been persecuted maybe we’d get in trouble, FFP and all that crap. I believe there is to be a naughty step and a lonely corner for bad boys though, so that’s Millwall dealt with if we get them in the cup in the future.


  60. theDOOGooder says:

    Well, we should have won.

    Having said that, isn’t it a pleasure to watch Wolves at the moment.

    0-0, or 5-1, it’s still entertaining stuff.

    Didn’t really see Vinegre’s red card offence at the time but watching the highlights, I can’t really argue with it.


  61. First I’ve heard of this New Stadium then again I’ve been confined to the house for the last week. I’m torn I can see why a new build would be attractive to Fosun but throwing away over a hundred years of history.

    If you think it’s a logical step for Fosun Molinuex is so ingle de pickle dee Steve Bull stand built 1979, South Bank and Billy Wright around 2000 on wards and then the Stan Cullis 2013 it’s all a bitt of a mish mash.

    The thing that I would miss would be seeing St Peters Church in the back ground which it has done since Wolves moved there…….but to stand still is to regress and we’ve stood still for to many years..!


  62. Bedford Wolf says:

    Not too disappointed. Swansea played a side much closer to their strongest team than we did and yet we were by far the better team and could have been 3-0 up inside the opening 25 minutes but for their keeper. We will win the replay for sure.

    I thought N’Diaye was outstanding and our MoTM.

    Interesting no room for Zyro, Marshall or Price even on the bench which suggests all three may be shipped out soon?

    Nice to meet up with StuWolf, Witley & Son (Barry & Sean), London Wolves Loyal (Matt) and Newark Wolves (Ian & Sue) in the NBB before the game. Sounds like our mini-away day to Sunderland on 5/6 May might have two more members in Barry & Matt.

    Ian – post that picture of Nuno you took at the Novotel.

    Looking forward to Barnsley next Saturday when 12 or so Bloggers are descending on Yorkshire for another great away day.



  63. StuWolf says:

    3 more booked in from our Wolves DSA, two really guys who’s disabled father died in the summer and a great guy in a wherlchair who takes himself to every game home and away from Oxford. Loks like te hotel is going to be ours for the night.


  64. Old and Wise (JHP) says:

    results all over the third round just show it’s ours for the taking ! when clubs play weakened teams they’re so vulnerable, and don’t even seem to care. Our team wasn’t much weakened – until Vinagre got sent off, and then we held our own, just like last time.

    the replay should be a cracker, and let’s hope for a nice draw in the Fourth round.


  65. StuWolf says:

    Jack Price in talks withMLS side Colorado Rapids, (Tim Spiers)


  66. StuWolf says:

    Mark Hughes for free 🙂


  67. StuWolf says:

    I don’t use the train, always tbe coaches now.
    As Dave said, “the Hilton, Garden Inn Hotel”



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