Wolves 4 Leeds United 1

It’s not often that a sky full of fireworks greet your arrival into Wolverhampton for the game, but such is the dazzling fare on show at Molineux these days that you’d think they’d been organised especially.

Something to do with the Christmas lights in Queen Square apparently, but if Nuno had have arranged them as a pyrotechnic precursor to the football then you wouldn’t have been surprised. A sign of things to come.

Everything else the great man touches generates similarly explosive results and at times during last night’s 4-1 drubbing – particularly in that first half-an-hour or so – I was more in awe of Cavaleiro and co as I was when the Roman Candles were going off.

Molineux was crackling under the night lights and only a handful of seats remained in the house before kick-off, primarily due to the traffic around Wolverhampton with those lights being switched on. Gunpowder in the air, gridlock around the city and for the first time in years, Wolves and its immediate surroundings feel positively aspirational.

From where we came and all those mind-numbing seasons which seemed to roll into one, the transformation has been quite astounding. Only a year or two back it was a former CEO of Stockport County no less – commissioned by Jez Moxey – to tell us that if we want success, we should think again.

‘We believe in much more than the results on a Saturday afternoon,’ Jez once said. ‘We believe in these young players. It is working. (as we sat somewhere in the region of 13th place).

‘If you say you will not renew your season ticket unless X, Y or Z, then that is not a relationship I would want with supporters.’

I shudder when I think back to those days of managed decline, when expectations were managed as if we were Proles in an Orwellian world. Now we get fireworks before a ball has been kicked!

It is precisely those M&M seasons of doom that this 4-1 victory – and all the others before – feels so difficult to comprehend because after years of footballing abuse, I feel like another kick is on its way. Another slap around the chops to bring me back down to earth. To midtable obscurity.

Like a liberated state, free from the clutches of repression, it feels like we’re breathing, living and dreaming again for the first time in years. Perchance to dream, ay, there’s the rub!

Last night it was Leeds United and an accompanying bag of worry about their spritely front-line and an inevitable good result following a morale boosting win against ‘Boro at the weekend. Before that it was Villa, with a different bag of the same worry, who must surely knock us off our perch as they were so good on paper. And it was Villa, basically.

All attentions turn to Saturday and Bolton now. Maybe I’ll dust down a hessian bag of Trotter angst for their arrival too. They have always had the sign on us, broke my heart in 1995 and are showing signs of a revival under Parkinson.

Old habits die hard, I guess. After last night’s beautiful win – and the sum of Nuno’s drooling parts making a mesmerising whole – I should pack it in. Replace my ingrained pessimism with a more intoxicating brand of feels.

Let myself free. Fly on the wings of Cavaleiro, Jota, Neves and friends and enjoy this ride like the South Bank are doing. Live in the moment like those players last night and think positive thoughts.

No matter how many negative ones I put in the way of this phenomenal side, they keep kicking them away. In style, of course.


  1. Thomas says:

    Great write up mate. As always you’ve perfectly captured the mood.

    Individually and collectively, Wolves were streets ahead again.

    Leeds had their moment at the start of the second half and we did wobble, but as always big players then came to the fore.

    Jota sprinted 50 yards to win back possession before being cut down for the sending off and then nonchalantly put the game to bed with that silky run and finish for the third.

    And that’s been a consistent pattern.

    In the moments where the team aren’t fully firing, an individual produces magic to turn things back in our favour.

    Every single player is capable of making a match winning contribution and how often has that been the case?

    The team performance in the first 45 was again something to behold. The movement and one touch play irresistible. Even when Leeds were attacking, you felt like they were living on a knife edge because Jota and Cav were lying in wait to spring another electric counter.

    We might not beat Bolton because competitive sport doesn’t always go to plan, but something will have to go drastically wrong for us not to get the points because Wolves have got all strategies worked out. Bank up and sit deep, or move forward and press high, it doesn’t make any difference. Eventually you’ll be picked off.

    Keep it going lads.


  2. Bedford Wolf (my wife's a quarter Portugeuse y'know) says:

    I am running out of superlatives – are we all dreaming, is this REALLY happening?

    Thank you Fosun, Nuno, everyone. You are making an old man very happy. With our next three games against teams currently sitting 23rd, 21st and 24th we could be on 50 points after 21 games. And we have now had 15 different goalscorers this season which, I am pretty sure, is currently a record not only in this country or even Europe but the world.

    The only thing I can think of is to say this. I haven’t been sleeping very well recently so went to the doctors. He told me to drink a bottle of wine a night after a hot bath – but I couldn’t even finish the hot bath.



  3. Twixfix says:

    Phenomenal summary Ben …. and I’m pleased you alleduded to some of the dark days of Moxey and Ryan McNight. … you were there at the Fans Parliament that night when those pair spewed that crap at everybody.

    Well they’re gone now thankfully and have been replaced by owners, management, backroom staff, analysts, andQUALITY PLAYERS … NOT WALLACES OR OJO’s …… in turn they’ve tapped into everything we craved for BUT NEVER GOT and now the fruits are there for all to see.

    Let’s make no mistake …this could have so easily been a Five for Clive (although his prediction would still have been wrong) had we not decided to manage the game out and rest our Diamond Geezers ….cruising to a comfortable victory.

    Never before have I seen such quality football … technical skills combined with electric pace, pass and move and a steely grit to add to the mix.

    Everyone to a man stood out so there’s no point naming a few …. BUT SPECIAL MENTION TO HELDA COSTA … cool under pressure to score from the spot … and he’s coming back into it now.

    Praise too for Bonatini …coming onto the pitch before the penalty to encourage Costa and then walking around the touchline to await the refs consent to return to action….. signs to me of huge team spirit.

    I’m beginning to believe again ….. roll on Saturday…..


  4. Jazzwolf says:

    The headline that summed it up beautifully was in The Yorkshire Post ….

    Wolves 4 Leeds United 1 – Exquisite Wolves have too much bite for Leeds

    Exquisite is a word I don’t think I’ve seen on this blog so far – but just how appropriate it is. Thanks TYP for the assessment!

    Onwards and Upwards


  5. theDOOGooder says:

    Does it?…

    Will it?…

    CAN IT?…

    ..Get any better?

    Well, if I’m being hyper-hyper-critical, yes it can.

    For twenty minutes after Leeds scored, probably the best goal of the match, we got all sloppy and panicky.

    But apart from that it was a SUBLIME lesson in Football (with a capital F) from a team that is going to win the league this season to a team who….. well…. isn’t.

    Listing individual performances would be invidious but, to see Big Willy and Conor Coady reign over their defensive domain like two Warlords from the Dark Ages, sent a shiver down the spine.

    Our creative players simply ripped Leeds apart and left them looking like they’d had three men sent off, not just the one.

    And when Costa came on he’d obviously got the ball tied to his boots. Was that little shimmy he did in front of The Billy (not so) Quiet even physically possible?

    I was chatting to some Leeds supporters before the game – The Premier Inn Bar was rammed with them when the PMDG’er and I decided we’d go there for a quiet prematch drink – they were all pretty confident they’d give us a beating.

    Oh! Deary me!

    When you become a football supporter you dream of nights like this. I’ve seen a few but this was as joyfully satisfying as any I can remember. Perhaps because it’s been so long since football this good has graced the green sward of Molineux.

    To add a slightly convoluted seasonal note, Fat and Scouse Scrooges have been truly exorcised by Kindly Jeff, the Ghost of Christmases yet to come..

    … and replaced by our very special Santo Claus.

    PS. A great write up Ben. I’m just a bit concerned about ‘Nuno’s drooling parts’ making a mesmerising whole.


  6. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

    Ben thank you for your report. Positively lyrical.

    I first went to the Molineaux, as a ten year old, sixty years ago and I can’t remember being so excited by the future that beckons our beloved club.

    Under Fosun’s ownership with Mr Shi’s guidance and a coach who approaches genius there is no limit to what can be achieved.


  7. RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

    Great write up Ben – this Blog really is the dogs danglers!

    Posted I could see Costa come on after 60 mins for a cameo and well that was a proper cameo!

    Only a couple of words to add:
    Em- fekin-phatic”
    Great, great, great, great fekin great.
    Then great, great, great, great and WTF great again.
    This is just fekin great.
    GREAT – I kidd you not – it’s fekin GREAT

    I even don’t need to wear my lucky pants any more – the pre-match rituals are no longer needed – mainly because they haven’t worked for most the last 40 plus seasons (yes with a couple of exceptions), but in the now, this is absurdly, unbelievably, exceptionally, brilliant.

    forever WOLVES AYE WE

    PS, Big shout out for Geoff, Laurie and the “behind the scenes” management, this has only been possible with “The Whole of the Pack” doing the business – long may this continue – especially as you’ve already seen the full support from “the family”

    PPS, spare a thought for them inbred stripy twazzers after they lost Mr Constipation (Poo-less) who will be replaced with some useless fukwit (Megson?) that’ll take them into relegation zone by end of Nov and bottom by end of year – looking forward to May 2018 – FOwb

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Wolves’mas 🙂


  8. DancesWithWolves says:

    Better keep believing Ben. Like the song says: Yesterday’s Gone.

    Reading your match report Ben I can sense you’re probably still suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder. Moxeyitis Syndrome, I think the shrinks would call it. A few of us still have it but we’re a dwindling number. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy might help, consult your GP initially and don’t even think of self-medicating with loads of beer. Ultimately I think a specialist would prescribe winning the championship title in style.

    Onto last night. I did my usual 2-0 forecast and was very pleased to gain another goal on top for the good old goal difference column. I wanted Nuno to give Costa a bigger part and he did. Last season’s best man is galloping fast on the heels of this season’s best men, as in plural. We have an embarrassment of riches, and must be the finest side ever in this division. The title is ours to lose.


  9. Clive from Houston ( We are all with you, Carl) says:

    A Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    Picture if you will, my current computer set up, on top of a bunk bed in a tiny caravan, with me perched on a wooden stool, atop a step, trying to maintain my balance whilst watching sublimeness at its best.
    Then, not once or twice but three times, smashing my fists against the ceiling in sheer joy and delight as we scored three of the most glorious goals ever.
    How I didn’t have to go to the emergency room with broken knuckles I will never know.
    I didn’t have to go so ballistic after the penalty went in, it was a game already won by then.
    There are stuffy goals, own goals, routine goals and good goals, and they all count the same.
    But those first three last night were fuckin’ superb, and they will live in our memory for ever.
    That was not just a three point win, it was a complete annihilation of another team, a drubbing, a thrashing, a creaming of the first order.
    They couldn’t get over the half way line for big parts of the first half, had a purple patch for a few minutes at the start of the second, and then we just crushed them.
    In some ways I preferred this to stuffing the shit, as they have never had any reason to be as arrogant as them from Yorkshire.
    It sent out the biggest possible message to the rest of the division that we are gonna get you, and no matter what tarted up blonde poncy hairstyle ( cheers, Bedders ) you throw at us, there is no way past us, and this league is going to be steam rollered as never before.
    Christmas came early for us, in the summer in fact.
    How no one snapped up Nuno is unbelievable, but our gain.
    Hope my knuckles recover by Saturday!
    Floating on that cloud cuckoo thingy again!


  10. Newark Wolves (There's only one Carl Ikeme) says:

    It was Burton Albion and not Leeds so let’s not get carried away just yet!…………………………..

    The above sentence was the reply I got to my post about the excellent 4-0 defeat of Burton Albion a few weeks ago. So, after last night excuse me but I am getting carried away just now because it WAS Leeds ! Loving all things Wolves at the minute and can’t wait to be back at Molineux on Saturday for the next installment. And if McCarthy’s lot hadn’t conceded in the bloody 94th minute last night my accumulator would have paid for quite a few drinks.


    • StuWolf says:

      Revenge is a dish, best served warm, nah sizzling, nah fuck it, served with gusto. Well said Newark, get in there fat kid.


  11. Sea Pigeon says:

    Aswell as the recent apology to Conor Coady, I feel that I and maybe a few others owe one to Romain Saiss as he is becoming increasingly effective. I thought last night’s was his best performance so far.
    An excellent team performance but it would have been nice to see them go for the jugular when 4-1 up rather than the keep ball we were treated to.
    Looking ahead, I think we definitely need another ball playing central defender as Bennett’s distribution is in the Danny Batth mould I’m afraid and Miranda is too error prone.
    Finally what an absolute tosser that Leeds no.10 Alioki is moaning and bitching to the officials all night. Should have been shown the red card so that he can sod off back to Macedonia or more preferably Albania where he’s really from.


    • I disagree with regards to your comments about Bennett.

      Think back just 12 months. At that time we were weekly watching the pathetic defending of DB and Stearman et al, resulting in the endless concession of stupid goals, and with most of us crying out for a solid central defender to steady the ship. Well Bennett is just that man. What would we have given for him back then ?

      Bennett may not be a pretty footballer, and certainly his distribution is not be up to the standard of the magnificent Boly. But, his no nonsense style, and his combative commitment is just what every successful team has at the heart of its defense. Guided by Nuno, I believe Bennett will go on to make a first rate defender in the Premiership


  12. BARDWolf (Like Cream - Always rises to the top) says:

    Ben excellent write up and references to the sayings of the bard.
    The best reference on the match I have seen so far is the Excess and Star:-
    “Jota chips are better than Harry Ramsdens”


  13. ExiledWolf (we're all with you Carl) says:

    Thanks for the write-up Ben. I also have a remnant of that instinct, a legacy of the M&M years, that keeps saying that this is too good to be true. So each win is greeted with a mixture of joy and relief. But what is currently happening at Wolves is making it so difficult to stay grounded.

    Oh yes, I do like the video the club unleashed last night


  14. The brilliance of Nuno is that he seems readily able to unlock the unrealized potential in so many players.

    Examples. Coady has been turned into a Premiership class sweeper; Saiss has been converted from a very moody, inconsistent performer into an outstanding, reliable midfield enforcer: Cav, so obviously talented yet seemingly indifferent last season, has become a truly magnificent, exciting forward who would walk into most Premiership sides — if we paid fifteen million for Helda last season what must Cav be worth now ?

    Yet even more astounding, these same guys have become fully committed team players, understanding their respective roles in the whole package, and working their socks off in support of colleagues. Never have I seen anything like this at Wolves in over 65 years of support.

    Thank you Nuno.


  15. Great Bog Ben.

    What can I say about our fabulous team and manager and his staff and also the squad as a hole. We are a TEAM not just on the pitch off it as well something Morgan and his henchman Moxey could and didn’t want to achieve in a ZILLION years.

    A colleague pointed something out to me I didn’t know before last night, Nuno has all the players meet up before the game and then they all get the coach and arrive together at Molinuex why……because there a TEAM and a fantastic TEAM at that.

    Well done boys you’ve fill my heart with pride for the first time in a long time…..thanks to everyone owners coach, staff, players tea lady……you know who you are…!


  16. The Witley Wanderer says:

    Well done Basherbaz for being only one of two bloggers to predict the correct score, brilliant. Roll on Bolton.


  17. Mark G Davies says:

    For me the only decent thing our recent ex Scottish manager did was to sign Bennett on a free transfer early in the summer, as a defender in the championship he is immense, and the results since he`s been in the side say it all. I agree far more dominant and effective than Miranda and Danny boy.
    Leeds had their moments last night, scored a very good goal, but were too ready to concede silly fouls on too many occasions, and the sending off was inevitable.
    Exceptional team performance over the 90 minutes, maybe the local council should have saved their entertainment for after the game for the departing fans to enjoy, following the fireworks on the pitch by the lads in gold & black.
    Every defeated manager says it – we are the best side in the division. Lots of ammunition for the coaching of your boys team Ben, spot on report as always.


  18. The Newt says:

    I know exactly where Ben is coming from. After 2002 when promotion was a foregone conclusion only to lose out on both automatic and the play offs to our two neighbours I said I would never take anything for granted until I see that little P by the side of our name in the table.

    But this season just keeps on getting better and better. I admit I was a cynic in the summer but I have been completely won over by Nuno, the players and the whole club. Even I believe that the only thing that can stop us now is complacency. Happy days indeed.

    After awful Novembers of the past if we beat Bolton (which as Thomas says nothing always goes to plan in sport) then we’ll have won all of our games this month! If that happens I will always refer to the 11th month as Nunovember.



  19. basherbaz says:

    First of all Witley thanks for that, when the fourth went in I thought of Clive and his 5 and then realised he went for 5 -0 for some reason.
    Brilliant write up by Ben.
    Agree that Saiss had a great game as well last night – had read the reported interest from Liverpool for £15mill and fair credit to my Liverpool supporting son ( do not ask why – we all have funny family) who said he would be a good buy for them and it showed last night.
    That costa twist in front of the Billy Wright was a joy but at the moment all things Wolves are a joy – Except;…….
    Redrow (shitty red signs) Down as soon as we can
    Money Shop – Out
    Plaque on ball say’s it all.


  20. StuWolf says:

    I do believe Nuno is deadly serious on his assessment of us fans, he is glad we are behind the team and truly values us, (take note Moxey you Count). Well he must have taken all our pain, angst and hatered of all things Leeds and produced one helluva pre match team talk.
    We battered the oiks from dawn till dusk, with the exception of a brilliantly taken, well excecuted goal we were outstanding all night. Boly FFS, my missus thinks he was sleeping he is so cool, calm and collected, what a talent for such a tall muscular frame, he is an outstanding defender the likes we’ve not seen for many a year.

    Jota, what can I say, Cav took all the plaudits from the game, but Jota upped his game to a whole new level last night and he simply blew me away with his effort, committment and sheer filthy, sexy talent.

    This season is turning out to be incredible, if it all aligns with the stars as we are hoping, then what does next season hold for us meer mortals. New ground, new players taking us to the next level, spending on the scale of Man U, Man City and WBA.Turning up to play premier league teams with a confidence that is unheard of in and around Molineux for so long, a level playing field indeed.

    This is how serious the club are, they have told the Wolves Disabled Supporters Association, when we look at the new ground we will be consulted on where we should accommodate wheelchair and disabled fans. Bully told a group this week, “ if we make the PL then our spending will be on the same level as the Man City’s”.

    Nurse pass me another tena man, Ive only gone and wet me pants again.

    Leeds are falling apart, again.


    • RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

      “spending on the scale of Man U, Man City and WBA” – WBA FFS – have you gone maddddddd
      Ok they spend net £43M last year but they still have a shite infrastructure, fans, colours, players, fans, name, ground (or shed), fans & a fully fekt up family tree of inbreds


      • StuWolf says:

        Soz RicRak.
        It WAS a piss take, but I didn’t put a smiley face after them, perhaps a good job too given their shit performances of late.


    • Filthy sexy outrageous Stu…..reminds me of an old girlfriend…..those to we’re exciting times…!


  21. Wolfman Jack says:

    An impressive performance and result. Like most others I was a little apprehensive after Leeds scored (an excellent goal) mainly because this is still Wolves and we’ve all become used to things going pear-shaped. But Leeds lacked the one thing that Nuno has ingrained into his squad – bravery. I’m not talking about going into the 50-50 challenges, but having the courage to take risks all over the park. Leeds had plenty of the ball for that little period, but they were all too scared to take any chances with it. Wolves, on the other hand, are prepared to play their way out of their own box, will happily swing 40 metre passes out to the far touchline and will seek out better positioned colleagues all over the pitch. And when it goes wrong, they simply try again. Long may it continue.


  22. Bedfordshire Old Gold says:

    The journey from hell was the only way to describe the drive to Wolverhampton from Bedford yesterday afternoon.
    The journey from heaven was the only way to describe the drive home.

    We left Bedford at 3pm sharp and arrived in the centre of Wolverhampton at around 6.45pm – fortunately still in time to grab a quick bite in the Thai before scurrying to the Molineux.

    At around 9.45 last night I would have driven to Beijing and back to watch that performance. Like some of my fellow bloggers I cannot quite believe the scintillating football churned out by Nuno’s boys, particularly in the first half, and the quality of the goals.

    The team answered my prayers to wallop Leeds big time and for that I am truly grateful.

    Despite only having a few hours sleep due to the adrenalin still pumping through every orifice, I awoke at 6 o’clock to watch the Ashes from Brisbane (Cook was already out when I arrived home a few hours earlier).

    It was then off to Robinsons pool at 8 o’clock on a high which a tonne of Cadburys could not match. With Wolves tracksuit top and shorts sitting proud even some of the local diehard sceptics acknowledged the victory – you know the “see you won last night” and “is this the season” remarks etc. I smiled and said nowt.

    It was very special to be at The Mol last night and I would not have missed it for a kings ransom. And yet bloggers Nuno has been in charge for only 18 league games and the transformation is incredible so imagine how good we could be after a full season! I loved his interview on Sky this morning where in essence he intimated we have won nothing and plenty of scope to get better.

    See you all Saturday guys for another installment in what is rapidly turning out to be the most amazing of seasons.



  23. Sleachy says:

    Helder Costa gets the ball over by the Billy Wright. One of the lads behind (who, for context, were having such a great time that they cheered the traffic announcements near the end of the game) shouts “Do the dance Costa! Do the dance!”

    And do the dance is what Costa did.

    What happened next is a mystery to everyone. I felt dizzy just watching from the stands. Spare a thought for that poor Leeds goon who ended up sat on the floor, probably crying for his mother.

    Me and the bloke next door looked at each other with faces like kids who’ve just found out the tuck shop has been left unlocked and unattended.

    And that was just about 10 seconds out of 90 wonderful minutes.

    What a time to be a Wolf.


  24. Clive from Houston says:

    Think John Ruddy should take the next penalty, especially if we are 3-1 up.


  25. Sleachy says:

    “We’re Wolverhampton, we’re taking the piss”


  26. Sleachy says:

    Cue the chant:

    “We’re Wolverhampton, we’re taking the piss”


  27. Brompton Wolf says:

    Great write up Ben – said it exactly as it was.

    I left home at 1350 hrs and got into Wolverhampton at 1815. Fecking traffic was horrendous, and I thought “here we go” hoping the evening was not going to be as bad as my journey. With a Leeds fan pal in my passenger seat, who was going to sit in the Steve Bull with me, only one of us was going to have a smile as wide as Clive’s.

    Well …… it was me. But my mate was quite taken with how we played and he also thought that promotion was ours to lose.

    What a game, it has all been said so I do not need to reiterate. Just say that the journey back saw me arriving at 0200 hrs and I was smiling all the way home.

    Good to meet up with Steve (Wolfstroker), Sean and Stuwolf in the North Bank Bar before the game, and shame to have missed Mark (theDOOGooder) and Sue.

    Unfortunately I am not able to get down for the Bolton game on Saturday as I have family commitments in Linlithgow, but I am sure we will see a 5 for Clive very, very soon if we continue to play the extremely beautiful and delicate (EXQUISITE) football we are playing.


  28. Dust down a hessian bag of Trotters angst! Lol, wish I’d written it


  29. Of course I missed the 2nd and 3rd goals due to internet issues.
    You know why I believe the rumours of how much will be spent this summer if we get promoted?
    Because, as Nuno said when he got here, “I had other offers”.
    Nuno didn’t come here to coach in the Championship and the bottom half of the Premier League.
    He came here to coach a top 6 team.
    The only way that will happen is if a lot of money is spent every season.


    • Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl) says:

      Is it possible Tim they are already scouting and lining up players for next season in the Premiership?


  30. I shall not repeat what the others have already said. Suffice to say, I agree with most of it and I left my seat in the Steve Bull with a grin like a Cheshire cat. Particularly good to see the magnificent Helder Costa take another huge stride towards returning to the player who graced our team last year. On his day, he’s as good as any we have.
    Before heading off to the luxury of the back of my ole van for a well deserved kip, I ventured into the Combemere in Chapel Ash for a little nightcap. Like I do. After the celebrating hordes had cleared, there were just five of us hardy souls remaining in the bar. All Wolves fans. Of the five, three of us had come up from Devon. One of the guys from Devon had lived a couple of hundred yards from me in Plymouth and recalled meeting me in our joint local 30 years ago. Although the memory, to be honest, has faded from my frequently addled mind. But the point is, as they say, small world innit.
    Coming up again on Saturday, with other Devon based members of the pack. If the fare on offer is anything resembling this magnificent performance, the trip will be very worthwhile.


  31. theDOOGooder says:

    A couple of things to say about the Leeds No 10.

    Yes, he looks a tart with his blonde hair, yes he moaned and bitched all night – but he ran his socks off, scored a super goal and at the end of the game came across to the Steve Bull lower and gave his shirt to a disabled Leeds fan in a wheelchair.

    Fair play to the bloke for that.

    Also, fair play to Clive for the T shirts he sent me and the PMDG’er.

    Mine got an airing last night, her’s will in the near future.

    Cheers mate!


  32. theDOOGooder says:

    As Colombo used to say:-

    “Oh! There’s just one more thing”.

    Took a trip to Brum Art Gallery this afternoon and on the way out had a browse round the shop for some postcards.

    Found this one which must have come from their ‘Exhibition of Extreme Irony and General Bad Taste’.


  33. I started supporting Wolves in 1960 as a young child in Oxfordshire.
    In 1966 we moved to near Kidderminster, which meant I got to see Wolves for the 3 years I remained, in the Midlands.
    Never in my wildest dreams, during my unpredictable journey through life, did I believe that, toward the end of it, I would witness Wolves emerge into the light.
    One can sense that Fosun are regenerating, not only a great football team, but also a region, which for years has lived with obscurity & pessimism.
    It is as if the people of Staffordshire, as a whole, are no longer subject to a ‘Moxey’ reality.
    The blinkers have been removed & the Nuno/Mendes transcendental, almost psychedelic vision, as performed yesterday, by the best Wolves team of my life, is revealed on a weekly basis.
    Or to quote Bob Marley:
    “Is this love, is this love that I’m feeling?”


  34. danny velinski says:

    It was beautiful


  35. Steve showcase says:

    Am I dreaming syndrome again..
    what a result..I nonchalantly looked at the score on my phone expecting 1-0 would be nice but 2-0 meant that we were really getting it together…4-1 is just exquisite …

    For the record low conceding means we’ve built from the back!!!!

    I agree Ben we are used to doom or at least a kick in the gonads often..
    Is it Nuno or is it the Mendes players..?

    The PL can only be our destiny who could blame any of us for now thinking it..and to see Nuno V Mourinho at old Trafford would be nice too..
    Champions league…

    Wake up…oh yeah I am awake and it’s all true…


  36. Gary Kemp says:

    Wolves, my babbies,
    Oh but I’m proud of you, but I’m proud of you
    Nothing left to make me feel small
    Luck has left me standing so tall
    You’ve got the power to know
    You’re indestructible
    Always believe in, because you are


    Glad that you’re bound to return
    There’s something I could have learned
    You’re indestructible, always believing

    You are gold.



    Bring on ‘THE FAT BASTARD MCGINLAYS’ and let’s give another bunch of tossers (should I say Trotters) I despise a damn good thrashing. You can stick your ‘we are the one and only Wanderers’ up your big fat Peter Kay arses.Following that I would like to see the hapless Blouse and their decrepit old Shit thug at left back another good smashing in the beautiful surroundings of Small Heath. As for last night. All been said. 50 more points please ASAP. On current form we should be there with 5 or 6 games to spare. We are gonna have one big party in April and May. Saturday next and my message to John McGinlay is ‘fuck off you fat bastard’.


    • RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

      Do wrap it up?
      Brilliant…… WAW


  38. Cotswold Wolf (stay strong Carl), I’m sure Nuno and Jorge have gone over a list of players at might be available, whether or not Nuno thinks they would fit into what his “ideas” require and what the priorities are position wise. If they are given 100 million pounds, what group of players would give the most bang for the buck. And should they get the best players available or the best combination of players, since you might have to upgrade sooner if you go for the latter and we want to continually improve.
    I was thinking that it might be interesting, but also cruel, for us to guess what positions and what players might be affected.
    Will Conor Ronan remain? What about Roderick Miranda?


  39. sevlow says:

    So glad that Wolves proved me to be a tit after predicting a Leeds win 🙂
    Of course I employed reverse psychology and the players obviously read my comments and obliged with the win.
    So you can all thank me for last night’s win.


    • RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

      Personally I think you’re dreaming, probably along with 1,000,000 ode gold fans around this wonderful globe.
      However, I’m happy to oblige:



  40. sevlow says:

    Oh, check out my new Wolves light, you can change the colour but there is no Old Gold to pick


  41. Paulcooksleftpeg says:

    Brilliant write up lads is it me or even though we are playing superb this season but I can’t enjoy it on match days caus I’m always crapping it that we will fuck it up caus we are wolves and I’ve been supporting them since about 87 properly anyway lots of false dawns
    Don’t get me wrong I’d rather be in this position but I think it will take a while to digest just how well we are playing at the moment
    I’m just so proud to be a wolf


    • RickRack (Carlo you're still our No.1) Wolves says:

      I think that sums up how most wolves fans either feel in the now, a few weeks ago or soon to be there in the near future.
      On Wed I said at half time to my bro-in-law “I genuinely keep thinking, is this a dream? We can’t be playing like this in real life! WTF am I gonna do if I wake up & find M&M&M, clipboard and Tony Daley are still hear? – he said and I quote “fek off RickRack! I told you to take it easy on the Banks’s tonight! you know it can pickle your brain” “you ain’t gonna wake up cus this is real and now!” then the twat pinched me to prove it! Bell-end…..


  42. Brompton Wolf says:

    Guess I am now coming down for the Bolton match on Saturday as no longer off to Scotland.

    See a few of you around no doubt.


  43. Brompton Wolf says:

    Bloody hell. Could not get a seat in Steve Bull Upper on Saturday as all sold out. Am now sat in the Billy Quiet and not many left there too.

    Going to be a packed one again.


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